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Julian Assange

Julian Paul Assange (born 3 July 1971) is an Australian computer programmer, political/internet activist, publisher, and journalist.

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I’m sure she did - and probably also KGB, Mossad, MI5 and 6, the French Foreign Legion, Julian Assange and a faction of The Hawks.
There might be a secret indictment of Julian Assange, but no indictment has been made public. Brown…
I don't support many things. Jesus first always! However, I will support wikileaks and Julian Assange regardless of conse…
You jus a James Bond villain type, Julian Assange really white staying up at night bothering with Russian bots and silly sites, city sights.
"What's your favourite Mexican book?". "El Quijote". "Mine too, I love Pancho Sánchez". Hillary Clinton and Julian Assange, likely.
Twenty years ago, the only way you could explain Julian Assange was via the medium of Bond villain.
Reminder: Julian Assange has been detained illegally for 7 years against 2 UN rulings and without sunlight or proper exer…
Michael Moore on Julian Assange an rape in Sweden
An important thing to remember now is that Michael Moore paid for Julian Assange's legal fees for his rape charge.
Reminder of that time Michael Moore spent a year cozying up to Julian Assange and deriding the women accusing Assange…
If you're feeling down, just remind yourself that Michael Moore put up some of Julian Assange's bail money. Beautiful.
Has Michael Moore lost it? He wants to put up bail for Julian Assange. Michael stop sniffing the koolaid as my grand-daugh…
Once was a time when Michael Moore offered to pay Julian Assange's bail upon his arrest. Now Assange is being interviewed…
Also strange that Michael Moore met with Julian Assange the same day as Jr"s Trump Tower mtg with the Rus…
Bet he forgot about this ... Michael Moore: Why I Posted Bail for Julian Assange
June 9, Michael Moore meets with Julian Assange at embassy in London, Bernie s… featured in NBC s Science of Love
The two most significant individuals of the 21st century. Julian Assange. Satoshi Nakamoto.
Daily Beast: The head of Cambridge Analytica says he asked Julian Assange for Clinton's emails.
Yes. I agree, that we all should stand up and speak up for him, Julian Assange!
"... told a third party that he reached out to Assange about his firm somehow helping the WikiLeaks editor..."
Trump campaign data team reached out to Julian Assange in effort to team up against Hillary
A SENTENCE WAY DOWN IN THE ARTICLE: "No one from the Trump campaign was copied on the email, the sources said."  https…
Assange confirms he was approached by Cambridge Analytica, says he rejected their help
WOW --> Trump's data guru (aka the head of Cambridge Analytica) tried to team up w/Julian Assange to get HRC emails
1/ Today of reported Trump data guru Alexander Nix emailed Assange about the emails. http…
Reminder: Cambridge Analytica, Breitbart, and Steve Bannon's production company Glittering Steel all share an address…
Just to be clear: Trump's digital consultants contacted Assange and offered to help release stolen Hillary emails
THREAD: Why does it matter that the head of Trump’s data analytics firm reached out to Julian Assange about Hillary Cl…
JULIAN ASSANGE: I investigated both presidential candidates — Hillary was the only one with corrupt ties to
It’s interesting that Trump’s data maven got 5.8 million. More interesting is that he knew to contact…
On top of Obama DOJ, Uranium One & Fusion GPS, I hear Julian Assange has an October surprise slated for 26th, HRC's bday.…
ICYMI Julian Assange confirms he was approached by Trump's data firm Cambridge Analytica requesting his help. Nuts:
Boom! Team Treason colluded with WikiLeaks. It just keeps gettin' worse for Trump.
BREAKING: Cambridge Analytica boss says he asked Assange for Clinton's emails
NEW: Julian Assange confirms to that he was approached by Trump’s data firm during the campaign
The Trump campaign is scrambling to distance itself from Cambridge Analytica after Assange-Clinton email flap
Trump campaign analytics company contacted WikiLeaks about Clinton emails
Cambridge Analytica's CEO messaged Rebekah Mercer that he emailed Assange seeking access to Clinton's private emails.
I see your Fusion GPS "scandal" and I raise u one Cambridge Analytica. And DJT Jr has the Russian collusion FLUSH. https:/…
Funny how conspiracy with a hostile actor to acquire stolen materials will do that. .
Piece is updated, with confirmation from that Cambridge Analytica reached out and was rebuffed
Oh good, Jonathan Aitken and someone from Novara debating on C4 News. Presumably Neil Hamilton and Julian Assange were unavailable.
Clinton: Wikileaks a 'subsidiary of Russian intelligence', Julian Assange does 'bidding of dictator'.
The tables have been turned on the Swedish journalist who accused Wikileaks founder Julian Assange of Rape.
In case you needed a reminder of what a trash bag he is, Michael Moore posted bail for Julian Assange and mocked his acc…
How's the persecution of Julian Assange working out again?
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Julian Assange has the Goods on Hillary Clinton, Seth Rich.. The House of Cards needs to fall. Will our Government allow…
There's quite a lot wrong with Julian Assange.
Julian Assange-the ONE PERSON on earth that would know of alleged Trump/Russia Collusion. It’s time for Mueller & Justice…
Roger Stone's lawyer says Stone complied w/Russia investigators' request to ID his intermediary with Julian Assange. http…
Roger Stone isn’t complying with a Congressional request for his contacts with Julian Assange. Subpoena forthcoming. h…
A conversation with Julian Assange, the guy from Wikileaks. Annual Conference of the International Bar Association Sydney…
Julian Assange, in hiding from rape charges, passing judgement on women's feminist credentials. Irony is dead but
Congressman tries to broker White House pardon for Julian Assange - New York Daily News
International Bar Association to feature an appearence by Julian Assange in Annual Conference
Here's a photo of two Russian agents visiting a third, Julian Assange. The one on the right is US Representative
Seeing Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Evan Ross get called to the carpet by Julian Assange is not a bad way to start the…
"James Ball, Special Correspondent at BuzzFeed, is leaving later this year..." Jobs to rule out. Spin doctor for Julian Assange?😆
Why does Richard Branson look like Willem Dafoe regenerating into Julian Assange
Julian Assange and Kim Dotcom know Seth Rich was the leaker, or Whistle blower.. It's time for the DOJ to do their jobs…
with Holocaust-denying white supremacist Chuck C. Johnson, as they prepare to meet with Julian Assange.
Congratulations to Julian Assange who has just surpassed Stephen Hendry's Embassy World Championship record.
Julian Assange to join us at Ron Paul Institute Conference 2017! via
Donald Trump Jr gets himself tangled with Julian Assange and Russia
WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange meets with Republican lawmaker, promises specific details on DNC leak soon
Julian Assange explains how WikiLeaks used an algorithm to catch the Clinton camp off-guard with email dumps
4/I think Julian is 😡that Dana R revealed his efforts to make deals with Trump that should be🚨 Also:…
Congressman Rohrabacher said he (Julian Assange) had information to share privately with President Donald Trump
"Julian emphatically stated Russians not involved in hacking/disclosure of DNC. emails" ~Congressman *No SexCharges! htt…
GOP Rep meets with Wikileaks' Julian Assange to strike deal with U.S. -
Thanx Rep. Rohrabacher for meeting w/ Julian Assange today & for the report. And don't forget this:
Why do you think America First Media was calling out Julian Assange last night? Now you know America :-)
New: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, otherwise known as Putin's favorite Congressman, met with Julian Assange today
Sure looks as though Julian Assange got Doxxed folks... Ruh Roh Shaggy..
TODAY: WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange granted political asylum 5 years ago—blocked by the UK, hunted by the US: https:/…
Julian Assange doesn't truly know where those emails came from. He can't. It's clear he b…
JULIAN ASSANGE: ***VOWS to prove Russia . DID NOT hack the DNC or leak it's emails !!. h…
5 years since Ecuador’s courageous decision to grant asylum to
Who else visits Assange at the embassy beside the Representative from California? Mercer’s buddy, Nigel Farage.
JULIAN ASSANGE: I'm going to prove Russia did not hack the DNC or leak its emails!
1/2 Julian Assange told a U.S. congressman on Tuesday he can prove the leaked Democratic Party documents he published du…
Meeting with Julian Assange?? In the Ecuadorian Embassy in London? Oh, Congress, you CANNOT be serious???
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and Chuck Johnson met with Julian Assange today
Assange: The Wikileaks emails had nothing to do with the Russians
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher meets with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, plans to divulge what he heard to Trump
I knew this was coming the moment that WikiLeaks published Democrat-only emails . Julian Assange wants out of that embassy .
Could things get more absurd? Rohrabacher met with Assange in London to broker his release from criminal liability. https…
Ahem. Cassandra Fairbanks, who works for Sputnik, w/Bernie. Cassandra was a big Bernie + Julian ASSange supporter. http…
So the end result is if Julian Assange tells Trump what he know, he will get to come home and not be prosecuted for…
Dana Rohrabacher, Julian Assange and Donald Trump starring in "Putin's Three Stooges", coming soon to a federal pri…
Julian Assange is still in detention, Peter Greste should help free him.
(l to r) Julian Assange, Tom Brokaw, Peter Graves and Buzz Aldrin
Fired Google memo writer draws scorn, cheers and a job offer from Julian Assange. Find out more: https…
If you didn't know Assange = trash. Julian Assange offers job to fired Google employee who wrote anti-diversity memo
"WhAt iF i ToLd YoU GuYs iM nOt AcTuAlLy JuLiAn aSsAnGe" shut up Julian, we all know it's you
This suddenly made me like Julian Assange a ton more.
I like the bit about Stone having a back channel to Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Hmmm..🤔…
JULIAN ASSANGE He who controls the Internet servers controls mankind; what we think, who we are, what laws we pass ht…
Who could have predicted that Julian Assange would turn out to be a scumbag? Frankly, I'm shocked.
Julian Assange is a genuine modern day hero.
And one more as D Davis says UK will withdraw from European Arrest Warrant which will make crime fighting harder https:/…
How is it that men like this walk free but men like Julian Assange do not?
BREAKING : Julian Assange Drops a RUSSIAN NUKE on the ONLY one with ties to Russia. Details.
Fired Google memo writer draws scorn, but gets job offer from Julian Assange
Julian Assange and Wikileaks haven't been wrong in 11 years America, why start now?
Julian Assange wants to hire the fired Google engineer
Julian Assange wants to hire the Google engineer who got fired for writing the anti-diversity manifesto…
Point taken. Are the rumors that he is now hired by Julian Assange after being fired true?
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to media: You are 'increasingly not very important'
Julian Assange has invited sacked Google employee to join him; what fun!
Guys I was like "who offered the google bro *** a job?" . The answer is Julian Assange. Makes sense.
Ex-Googler James Damore getting public job offers from Julian Assange and
Randy Credico and Dennis J Bernstein explore the war on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange,
Julian Assange was correct about Google, and now we are starting to see for ourselves.
What if I told you guys I'm not actually Julian Assange
Julian Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems. It is an integral part of the Neocon Globalist Fascist Establishment.
When I say being a bigot is politically correct, this is exactly what I mean
Holy crap, it was *Julian Assange* who offered to hire this mediocre *** why am I not even surprised 🤦‍♀️
Julian Assange spoke at the Green Party Convention - they spoke like they were BFF - that's ano…
19/06/2017 - Melinda Taylor in support of Julian Assange
Sarah Harrison gave up the love of her life Julian Assange from Wikileaks to help Snowden seek Asylum. 😢 She took a…
Julian Assange: The CIA director has declared war on media, human rights groups with its new legal doctrine
Eli Lake: Now Julian Assange cares about privacy? - Press by
Given that Julian Assange is of a certain, shall we say, significance to our intel folks, I wonder if there are ...…
It's funny how Julian Assange is now trying to allege a frame job to set up the idea that Don Jr. was framed. He's…
And just blocked Julian Assange & im going to follow her lead. He's creepy, he's a coward & he's not worth…
After Julian Assange said he should publish to Wiki leaks. How is this America? Ppl who voted for Trump, thanks a G…
Julian Assange has Don Jr.'s direct contact?
Flashback: Oct, prior to election Obama/Clinton operatives desperately tried to frame Julian Assange into accepting $1M…
Gang up on Julian Assange all you like.
Maybe because everyone realizes that the real Julian ac…
Wikileaks part of Russia shows Putin is taking everyone down! .
Ok why did I think Julian assange and Pamela Anderson were dating..?
Julian Assange: I told Donald Trump Jr. to release his emails
I love the fact that Julian Assange was privy to this conversation.
Funny how Julian Assange didn't leak these emails from Trump Jr, huh?. Still think he's a hero?
Julian Assange says he urged Donald Trump Jr. to publish emails on WikiLeaks
maybe you just arent the real Julian. 😏
Julian Assange says he tried to publish Trump Jr. emails - NY Daily News
Julian Assange: . I told Trump Jr. to release emails.. Better to be Transparent. BEFORE MEDIA START SPINNING THEIR... ht…
Maybe because everyone realizes that the real Ju…
Julian Assange helped convince to publish emails. Just in case anyone out there thinks Jr.'s "transparency" was honor…
Julian Assange claims he was the one who urged Trump Junior to release emails of his conversations with a Russian…
I sincerely hope the only fresh air Julian Assange ever breathes is outside his Kremlin flat, during his 1-…
Oh boy-if Trump Jr is the one who leaked this anti-Hillary info, provided to him by the Russians, hes in some...
WikiLeaks editor I encouraged Trump Jr to give the public full copies of his "Russia meeting" emails https:/…
The only thing that could make this story more wild is if there was a Julian Assange angle. Oh wait...
williamlegate: Julian Assange let it slip that he has Trump Jr's contact info…. How would he have that if they weren't in contact re: R…
Is it NYT policy to assist Trump's CIA director persecute publishers or your own special little invention? h…
So Julian Assange is in direct conversation with Jr. Wow. Wikileaks got emails from Russians to harm Clinton, help Trum…
please read up before slandering political refugees. Exposing blue does not equal supporting red ht…
Apparently, Julian Assange knows how to contact the Trumps no problem ...
Julian Assange unwittingly admits WikiLeaks has a direct line of communication with Donald Trump Jr.
How long have Julian Assange and the Trump family been communicating with each other?
Because listening to Julian Assange has worked out for lots of folks in the past, like Bradley Manning for example.
Friday: News Conference at DoJ on Threats to WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange by Attorney General Jeff Sessions .
Wikileaks is in the front line trenches fighting for our freedom! Their editor Julian Assange is paying a terrible pric…
Julian Assange: CIA director Mike Pompeo is waging a war on truth-tellers
I've got images of Hunter S. Thompson, Trump, Louise Mensch, Julian Assange, BB, Sabu, and of course Alfred E. Neuman everywhere rn. Help me
Had a dream last night that I had to make small talk with Julian Assange and I asked him if he read NYT Mag's Chelsea Manning profile.
Sitting waiting for to mistake Julian Wolhardt for Julian Assange and start the character assassination
Julian Assange: The CIA director is waging war on truth-tellers like WikiLeaks
Ok Free Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Practice what you preach or it's jus…
B.C.'s Pamela Anderson to launch restaurant in France to help Julian Assange
desperate to end Julian embassy stand-off – FM
Today: our editor Julian Assange has now been detained without charge for five years at the embassy--nearly 7 total https:/…
*Followed by new alternative news blog on Tumblr*. *First post is about Julian Assange*. *Hits back and immediately blocks*
Lookalike suggestions are Dolph Lundgren and Julian Assange so far. Any more?
Really great, textured article on Assange and the Risk documentary here:
Pretty sure if Clinton's were big enough to have "assassins", they would have taken out some big fish! Say…
Pamela Anderson is using food to help Julian Assange
Freedom for Assange? UK 'wants way out' for WIKI founder...d
Assange can finally rest easy and make his Embassy house into a home for at least a little while longer...
Britain wants a way out of Assange standoff, says Ecuador.
Bravery, courage, strength – why Pamela Anderson thinks that Julian Assange is sexy
According to CNN, US officials were plotting "for months" to use Ecuador's election to arrest editor
The sad thing is I remember when his wife represented Julian Assange. ⚖
UK desperate to end Julian Assange five-year embassy stand-off - Ecuadorian FM:
Sweden continues to violate multiple UN rulings to release our editor Julian Assange. https:…
UK desperate to end Julian Assange embassy stand-off – Ecuadorian FM
Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange speaks following Swedish prosecutors dropping their case on him. He's now...
You can help by supporting our legal FundRazr for Julian Assange and other WikiLeaks Staff.
CIA Director Mike Pompeo has a dangerous world view
Britain wants a 'way out' of the Julian Assange standoff says Ecuador
U.K. 'wants a way out' of Julian Assange deadlock, Ecuador says
Editor of [owned by Dan Adrams brother of Obama NY judge Ronnie] pushes for Julian Assange to be droned
“We’ll discuss next with my guests Julian Assange and Kim Dotcom
What the leaks tell us: An interview with Julian
Julian Assange and the perils of making a documentary
More support for from our 'STAND WITH JULIAN' march in So. California! We were able to open some peoples eyes on…
I wrote some words about Julian Assange, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Gulp.
Freedom for Assange? UK ‘wants way out’ for Wikileaks founder after five years at embassy https:…
Assange’s “impulse towards free speech... is only permissible if it adheres to his message.".
PLEASE SHARE!! Written a while back, but relevant TODAY.
PRESS NOTE: Only US & UK now seek to arrest Julian Assange. Sweden dropped its "preliminary investigation" (he was never cha…
I would love to hear more about her position that Julian Assange is a rapist. She claimed this at Roy Thomson Hall.
Julian Assange and Pamela Anderson. Ann Coulter and Jimmy "J. J." Walker. We are indeed in the Last Days.
Pamela Anderson's blogpost in defence of eternal fugitive Julian Assange will not feature in Love Letters of Note. Sorry…
Pamela Anderson's latest ode to Julian Assange is absolutely wild
Journalists against journalism: in horrific piece, Jon Levine argues for the US to drone strike Julian Assange
How Wired Magazine helped to arrest Chelsea Manning and facilitate the prosecution of Julian Assange
JADRA - The Awan Brothers - Coded message from Julian Assange - George Webb and Jason Goodman. .
Dear Michael Moore,. You will never be Julian Assange, no matter how hard you try to be. .
Never forget what Julian Assange did to Democrats and Hillary Clinton in 2016. Never. Forget.
This is a path that has since gained wider attention through leakers like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.
FBI pegs Nigel Farange as a “person of interest” over connections to both the Trump campaign and Julian Assange.
where we're at: Sean Hannity has now invited both Julian Assange and Kim Dotcom to guest host his radio show
.The only network with exclusive access to Julian Assange and the entire crew of Wikileaks, a hostile intelligence…
Here we go. 'CIA created ISIS', says Julian Assange as Wikileaks releases 500k US cables
Depressing how often Julian Assange goes out of his way to defend an administration currently in power. Plea bargain?
Sweden withdraws arrest warrant for Julian Assange, but he still faces serious legal jeopardy by
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UK police obliged to execute warrant for arrest of Julian Assange should he leave embassy - say.
Julian Assange: no ray of sunlight still for Ecuador's ghostly guest - The Australian
No ray of sunlight still for Julian Assange, writes
Peter Sarsgaard needs to be cast as Julian Assange.
Julian Assange looks like he still hasn't forgiven Peter Jackson for not casting him in Lord of the Rings.
Julian Assange looks like that man at Games Workshop who shouts at young people when they paint the models the wrong shade of…
Peter Tatchell speaking about Julian Assange | free of charge what next
I do think Julian Assange should be freed. But, who is Peter Tatchell to speak for Julian…
We're live at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is speaking h…
I've realised Julian Assange has been in the Ecuadorian Embassy for as long as I've been in London but who has achieved more in that time?
Julian Assange says he won't forgive what lead to him spending 5 years inside London's Ecuadorian Embassy
He's booked Julian Assange's room at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.
Julian Assange warns 'the proper war is just commencing' as Sweden drops rape investigation
The Guardian: 'The war has just begun': Julian Assange defiant after Swedes drop investigation.
The legal jeopardy now faces is likely greater than ever. .
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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he will accept arrest by British police
Julian Assange emerges on embassy balcony to say he will not 'forgive or forget' as Swedish rape investigation is dropped ht…
Sweden drops charges against Assange, but Wikileaks founder "does not forgive or forget"
UPDATE: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to appeal for asylum in
Julian Assange's mother calls on to protect WikiLeaks founder's rights, reissue passport.
Nigel Farage is interviewed by Die Zeit about meeting Julian Assange, and Russian money. He does not like it.
Imagine how many rape crisis centres we could have funded with the millions wasted on Julian Assange. And for the record
"Julian Assange is going to be Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare" - Kim Dotcom - YouTube
Julian Assange all but identifies the 27 year old DNC worker as a source and we are to ignore this?
Julian Assange pledges to leave embassy if he loses UN case
Julian Assange poses with staff as he prepares to leave Ecuadorean Embassy
Swedish prosecutors say an FBI agent emailed them about Assange's case in March, but they deleted the email
And WikiLeaks has a history of endangering sources, but Assange doesn't give a…
05/14/15 he predicted Julian Assange would take down Hillary Clinton.
Julian Assange to remain in Ecuadorian Embassy to avoid possible U.S. extradition
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If Julian Assange is convinced of his innocence he should put it to the test in front of a court - like anyone else.
Waiting for Julian from all over the world outside the Ecuadorian Embassy.
Should Julian Assange be pardoned or should he still be considered dangerous?
founder says war is not over after Sweden drops rape charges
Julian Assange after rape case dropped: "7 years without charge... my children grew up without me. That is not something that…
Staff at Embassies around world must be nailing doors shut in case tries to do a Julian Assange & hide out in one for 7 yrs
Congratulations to Julian Assange who will be taking on the role of "Bob" in the Twin Peaks reboot
They are gonna hate you anyway, . Now is the time for boldness. . Pardon Julian Assange / .
Editorial: It is a disgrace that Julian Assange has escaped due legal process
Joe Biden slams Hillary . Sweden drop the case against Julian Assange. Anthony Weiner turned himself in t…
Sweden drops its prosecution against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
Swedish sexual investigation into Julian Assange dropped. There never were any charges, as UN said. A wonderful day. ht…
Newspaper headlines: 'Defiant' Assange and 'Pippa v Meghan' - Julian Assange's rape case being dropped and Pipp...
FACT: What did is rape. . FACT: The case have been grossly mishandled by M Ny. . FACT: Julian Assange have actively evade…
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange who has taken asylum in Ecuador's London embassy has been exonerated by Sweden Govt on c…
English city of London and Renaissance Faires on alert as strangely albino Russian Julian Assange freed to creepily molest…
Julian Assange says 'war far from over' after Sweden drops alle...…
Julian Assange obviously did it. After all he's been accused & in the UK that's considered by some to be as good as a guilty verdict 🙄
UN panel urges UK and Sweden to end Julian Assange's 'deprivation of liberty'
The moral of the Assange story? Wait long enough, and bad stuff goes away | Marina Hyde
Jane claims to have had Julian Assange in her kitchen. It would explain her leakage & her addiction to Wikipedia.
'I cannot forget or forgive' - Julian Assange on Swedish prosecutors’ conduct of rape case
has received no assistance from the Australian government
REMINDER: Obama wanted to throw Julian Assange in prison for publishing the info Chelsea Manning gave him, while releasing Ma…
Also assange's own comments brushing off the accusations were so, so gross
BREAKING: Sweden has dropped its case against Julian Assange and will revoke its arrest warrant. Background:
Furious Nigel Farage halts interview after being pressed on Assange meeting
IQJjG8xqRv:/t.coBreaking News: Prosecutors in Sweden have dropped a rape investigation into Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder. https:
The Trump administration has vowed to prosecute Assange, and the U.K. police still vow to arrest him.
"The proper war is just commencing," Julian Assange says after police say they'd still be obliged to arrest him .
UK refuses to confirm or deny whether it has already received a US extradition warrant for Julian Assange. Focus now moves t…
"Julian Assange" Fella in my local having a pint. Says he has been away a while . Knows a lot of stuff about dark f…
I won't go on about Julian Assange for long but just look at those defending him today. A lot of Trump supporters.
Julian Assange is so innocent he obstructed the investigation against him for years by hiding in an embassy.
Important Note. Sweden is only dropping the investigation because Julian Assange willingly confined himself in the Ecuadorian Embassy.
Julian Assange, Michael Jackson, Chris Eubanks, who's next in the sequence, and who preceded it
Sweden drops rape charges of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
Sweden has dropped its case against truth-teller Julian Assange. Pedophile Anthony Weiner pled guilty for child sexting. W…
Julian Assange's cat looks out the window of Ecuador's embassy in London REUTERS/Peter Nicholls
Julian Assange - Hero - Today on Peter Biddulph and Dr Jim Swire's website.
"I do not forgive or forget" - Julian Assange reacts to news Sweden is dropping rape investigation into him…
Sweden dropped rape allegations against Julian Assange, but that doesn't mean he's clear. He's still facing 8 counts of m…
Peter Tatchell; strong on *** rights, not so strong on the right of women not to be sexually assaulted by his friend, Julian Assange.
"Sweden drops investigation into WikiLeaks' Julian Assange" by Steve Dent via Engadget RSS Feed
Julian Assange posts photo of himself smiling broadly after prosecutors dropped a rape investigation into him
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BREAKING: Swedish prosecutors ask court to drop Julian Assange preliminary rape investigation, withdraw his detention order…
Proven: Julian Assange is Russian agent. Why would Democrats be whitewashing known Russian agent? Why??
As an Australian, I cannot see that Julian Assange is under American jurisdiction in any way. If there  has been...
. I think you should drop the case on Julian Assange because he did a great justice to the American people.
A new documentary gives us an up-close, creepy look at WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
Julian Assange has a $25,000 reward out for information about the murder of Seth Rich implying he is a Wikileaks source.
So he was communicating with Julian Assange Wikileaks?
WAIT! Julian Assange IS one of those million libtards. Therefore- VERIFIED!…
Email hack dead because of this, rip Seth. As Julian Assange Wikileaks stated, no Russians, i…
Julian Assange’s Fate Could Be Decided by Ecuador’s Election [He's really hiding over a Rape charge in Sweden 🇸🇪?]
It’s impossible to threaten without threatening press freedom. explains.
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