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Julia Montes

Mara Hautea Schnittka , better known by her stage name Julia Montes (born March 19, 1995 in Pandacan, Manila, Philippines), is a Filipina actress and commercial model of German-Filipino descent.

Coco Martin Kathryn Bernardo Enrique Gil Angel Locsin Gerald Anderson Liza Soberano Claudine Barretto Jane Oineza Judy Ann Santos Nadine Lustre Bea Alonzo Kim Chiu Enchong Dee Walang Hanggan Nash Aguas Maja Salvador Julia Barretto

I don't see anybody portraying Darna except Julia Montes or Nadine Lustre. For sure they'll totally slay! 💅
Julia Montes is still mg girl crush. ♥
Here is Julia Montes' Darna pose. I can already see her flying high as Darna.
If I were I'll go for either Julia Montes or Maja Salvador.
I'd go for Julia Montes as the next darna
I'l go for Julia Montes. Given the intensity and variety of the roles she has played, she's a versatile actre…
Look at all the love Julia Montes received on her birthday! SEE PHOTOS HERE:
Why Angelica Panganiban is excited to work with Julia Montes
Julia Montes on new TV series: Seryoso po?
Julia Montes recieves flowers from Angel Locsin + more on her birthday SEE PHOTOS HERE:
BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIA! Julia Montes turned 22 last March 19. Hope you had a blast celebrating your birthday! | P…
FANS SPEAK: Which of these Dual Roles Is more Real and Convincing?. •Bea Alonzo as Emmanuel and Rose. •Julia Montes...
please another movie for Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes . Thank you so much.
Julia Montes gets Valentine's Day message from dad
Julia Montes gets Valentine's Day message from dad -
I liked a video from GGV: Is Julia Montes in love?
Kathryn Bernardo on Julia Montes' instagram story. Bestfriends for life. ❤️
Julia Montes has finally revealed the special gift that she received from Coco Martin! Che…
: Julia Montes says there’s no misunderstanding between her and Coco Martin... by via
Julia Montes' dad apologizes for leaving her: report
"Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this 🎶🎶". Some photos of Julia Montes with her biological father 💕 https:…
Julia Montes goes on vacation with German dad
Whenever i watch Doble Kara, julia Montes always gives me goosebumps♥
Julia Montes my CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR's WISH is please do a remake of "SAAN KA MAN NAROON".
Romcom movies and action drama teleserye for Julia Montes.
Best of 2016 : When Julia Montes was crowned as Daytime Drama Queen.
For Julia Montes, 2016 is sure one of the best years.
Sana this 2017, more projects for Julia Montes because she deserves it! 👍🙏.
I hope that Julia Montes will be given a lot of projects this 2017!! New Movie & series please 🙏💯
I'm still hoping for a Julia Montes-John Lloyd Cruz project this coming 2017!! Please make this happen 🙏🙈
Julia Montes shares on Instagram her bonding moment with real father Martin Schnittka. WATCH HERE: http…   10% Off
The day that Julia Montes has been dreaming of has finally come SEE PHOTO HERE:
Before, we have Judy Ann Santos and Claudine Barretto. Now we have Julia Montes who is a mix of both.
Followed by a soap opera, Mara-Clara with best friend Julia Montes.
I can see the next julia montes and Kathryn Bernardo at those two bidas galing! 👏👏
“FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” maintains top spot; Julia Montes keeps reign in afternoon TV with “Doble Kara”
Julia Montes enjoys vacation at the beach -
regrann from - SO REGAL! ✨. Julia Montes was so dashing in her custom ball…
Julia Montes is honoured that Coco Martin has expressed interest in working with her again.
Julia Montes wants to work with Coco Martin again
MANILA – Coco Martin hopes to reunite with former leading lady Julia Montes either in a television or big screen...
Julia Montes set to reunite with Coco?
Julia Montes set to reunite with Coco? -
ur career should have been relaunched by Julia montes,pero walang nangyari.people r watching DK coz of her not u. Wawa ka naman
I added a video to a playlist Sam Milby on Julia Montes: "She will be one of the most-important
JUST IN: Sam Milby surprised w/ co-star Julia Montes' decision to move out of StarMagic "I didnt have a hand on it,…
Where TF is Julia Montes??? 🖕🏻 this! But at least there's a Kathreid feels!
Visit Patrick Hautea II's fb for some Julia Montes' items. For charity ito, go na! :)
FANS SPEAK: AFOPT Fans Which of these two Teamup, have the Most Romantic Chemistry. Coco Martin and Julia Montes...
Yung galing ni Julia Montes reminds me of Claudine Baretto. . She's really a very good actress.
No doubt, Julia Montes deserve to have a title, an award and more projects
Okay with all these Kathryn-Nadine show-offs, can we just appreciate Julia Montes' acting skills? Kudos to Doble Kara Team…
Julia Montes is hands down the best actress of her generation.
TUMPAK! Julia Montes is one of my fave actress and truly one of the best actress of this generation.
i like Julia Montes too ... good head above her shoulders
The real queen would probably be Julia Montes. Look how she can stand even without using the loveteam card.
Two sides of Julia Montes is being portrayed again. Yeees! Galing mo talaga. 😍
The royal drama princes id proving she's on her way to take the throne of the queen Julia Montes so amazing.
Not from another planet or senile, but would love to. see K&Daniel Padilla & X&Angel Locsin or Julia Montes in a series.
yah! Julia montes is one of a kind. Someday talaga she will have a big break out moment.
Julia Montes deserves so much attention. I am not gonna stop telling how good she is until she gets the proper spotlight.…
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Bagay kay Julia montes blond she looks like a barbie
JULIA MONTES is ready to receive her today in a custom dress and…
from - Ms.Julia Montes in for BEST DAYTIME...
I'm expecting for the appearance of Julia Montes on FPJs Ang Probinsyano tbh
from - Julia Montes during the . Alta Media Icon Awarding Ceremony receiving Doble...
40accounts voted for today😊keep on voting sa push awards guys,let us support Julia Montes and Enrique Gil😍
Julia Montes talks about the challenges of doing dual roles in “Doble Kara”. by Archie Liao. ...
Kapamilya actress Julia Montes is very happy with the positive feedback that her afternoon…
from - Julia Montes talks about friendship with Angel Locsin,…
Julia Montes talks about friendship with Angel Locsin, Dimples Romana | via PUSH©
Tbh. I love Julia montes in doble Kara. But seriously, it will only get worst if it's until 2017. Masyado ng cliche.
By ABSCBN "Why so pretty po?". 6 photos of Julia Montes that prove she's the ultimate girl crush…
Julia Montes is being linked to the Kapamilya Primetime King Coco Martin eversince their first teleserye in 2012...
Posted by Julia Montes on her Instagram. We love you and Happy 1.7M followers on IG pala. 😍
LOOK: Julia Montes takes quick trip to New York
When it comes to Drama anthology,. There's only one Julia Montes.
Julia Montes is such a sweet, bubbly, beautiful, amazing, talented and unproblematic chub so stan worthy my queen
The different faces of Julia Montes. download a copy at out fb page! https:…
Becca bow! Jane Oineza and Julia Montes are among the best young stars of Kapamilya Network.
2016 Fiesta In America featuring Julia Montes and Paulo Avelino this August 13-14 in Meadowland Expo Centre...
Julia Montes looks and sounds like Scarlet Johansson. YLONAsAlbum ThisJuly
"hey Julia, does Lindsey use snapchat?" "Uhhh, I mean she has one but hasn't used it in a while.. Doesn't have any bffs tho"
If there's a black widow movie and they're looking for a young adult Natasha Romanoff, They should cast Julia Montes!
Julia Montes flaunts her new look x campaign shoot 😻. © IG
Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo are reunited for an endorsement. Please help us spread the word 😀 https…
This generation's Philippine Television Royal Princess of Drama. Julia Montes. Describe her in One Word!...
Angel Locsin and Julia Montes in one project please !! :)
PART 2: Kath's message to Julia Montes 👯 "I'm always here for you.. I love you." ❤️ https:/…
Despite rivalry, Julia Montes still considers Kathryn her 'sister'
if you agree that Julia Montes can be the next darna! . JULIA MONTES For StarStylePH
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Julia montes got harry water bottle 😲
Who do you think in your opinion is the Best Leading Man for Julia Montes??. (a)Enrique Gil. (b)Coco Martin. Vote...
Julia Montes is more than just the "Royal Prinsesa ng Drama"; at the young age of 21, she has already purchased... https…
A look at Kathryn and Julia’s strong friendship through the years READ HERE:
Julia Montes will be in SM CITY SAN JOSE DEL MONTE on APRIL 29,2016 at 1PM . Let's Support Julia Montes :)
Julia Montes in SM San Jose Del Monte. It's your chance to meet Sara and Kara. This April 29 na…
Who among the two is he most versatile actress? (A)Maja Salvador. (B)Julia Montes
Julia Montes got Harry Styles' bottled water after he threw it.So lucky. https:/…
Ok ADN chill I have ABS stars that I like too. They r Julia Montes, JaDine, Ejay Falcon, Nash Aguas and Sarah Geronimo.
Sending the best of birthday wishes to Julia Montes from Kenyan Fans. 🎂🎂. https…
Why is Julia Montes so happy these days?: Since she is hard-pressed to describe the happiness she is feeling r...
Why is Julia Montes so happy these days?
Why is Julia Montes so happy these days? | via ABS-CBN
Why is Julia Montes so happy these days? -
Only him can make her feel and act this way. Hi baby . JULIA MONTES ASAPBdayBash
What famous person do people tell you that you most res… — Julia Montes bc of our chubby cheeks. but julia's sexy …
she looks more Scarlett Johansson today. Her screen name is just Julia Montes and btw she's half German and half Filipino
pinay natasha romanoff fancast: . JULIA MONTES. LOOK AT HER *** and she has the acting cmon
I like Julia Montes' acting better than Kathryn's. Hope mas sumikat pa si Julia. 👍🏽
Now watching: Padre De Pamilya starring Julia Montes, Coco Martin and miss Nora Aunor.
-- 8. In 2015, Julia Montes starred in her own teleserye playing a dual role…
Oh so my bae's turning 21 tomorrow!! 🎉🎊 keep slaying my queen julia montes 💕 what gift do you want?! 😭 pus…
Since it's drama I'll choose between Jane Oineza or Julia Montes. As for Loisa, RomCom fits her age & …
Styling Julia Montes for a shoot tomorrow!
That priceless smile. Julia Montes is indeed confidently beautiful with a heart! 💯💕
Julia Montes will forever be my bae! Keep slaying my queen 💕 love you!! Can't wait for this!!
That moment when i thought Julia montes followed me im ASGGGDJKKDFLFLG WHY
Halik sa hangin has the same concept with the claudine and diether movie that I saw. But Julia Montes is something hey We have the same age
Halik sa Hangin on screen. Yeah. Slowclap to Julia Montes. 👏👏💋
Did Julia Montes just had sex with a ghost? Man, thats dope.
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Coco Martin and Julia montes next primetime soap pls
Thankyou for choosing Maine as your newest endorser. Looking forward for Julia Montes, Ayra and Maine in one TVC!
My wish for Julia Montes this 2016. •Primetime Teleserye( hopefully ROMCOM). •Movies. •To be covers of many magazines. •T…
Julia Montes In order to stand tall when the world tries to knock you down,…
Julia Montes, on the other hand, has a long way to a Queen who will silently reign in her own throne for the long…
Let's take some time to appreciate Julia Montes' immaculate beauty 😍
hopefully next year comeback serye for Coco and Julia Montes as intense as Walang Hanggan ty
- watch how Julia Montes took full swing to look like Claudine Barretto this year in Doble Kara. >
"Nice to see you. And I hope it will be the last..." Julia Montes, A moment in time.
"You made me fall in love with you tapos ganito nalang?!" Julia Montes, A moment in time.
I prefer Julia Montes as Yna hehe. I can see Quen as Angelo though. But Kath has proven naman na she deserves the role.
Julia Montes has a Gawad Tanglaw award, something that Kathryn Bernardo has yet to achieve. https:…
Julia Montes on the allegations of a freelance talent: ‘I’m sorry, pero I’m just doing my job.’
it's so obvious already it's Julia montes.
anjo is such a qt bc he likes Julia montes and he's too shy to ask for her number even though they're co workers
Primetime ROMCOM Teleserye for Julia Montes this 2016! Who agrees with me?RT.
Beautiful Julia Montes last night at the . Beauty by
I added a video to a playlist TWBA: Julia Montes on being maldita to a talent
Julia Montes last night at the . 2015. Beauty by...
TWBA : Julia Montes speaks up about the issue on being "maldita" to a talent . Credit to ABS CBN
Fact: Julia Montes paid her own tuition at the age of 9. Oh diba, napaka responsable? 👍👏
A personal grudge? Julia Montes explains what happened.
We all know how humble, nice, kind and a loving person Julia Montes is.
Julia Montes part in CSID makes me cry hard. I can feel so much happiness .
Hay Julia Montes part in abscbn csid makes me cry hard everytime.i can feel so much honesty&happiness at the same time.
“Who's the teen actress that you want to follow the steps?! Julia montes. 😊
Julia Montes, Nadine Lustre and Kathryn Bernardo in one movie please! Make this happen :(
Philippine Edition Networks 4th Readers Choice Movie 2015.. Lets all vote Julia Montes as Actress of the Year in... http…
“open ksa POSSIBILITY mka trabaho c Julia Montes? opo that would be a dream com…
Julia Montes deserves another best actress award! She's indeed one of the most important actresses in the business
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MAXENE MAGALONA to be part of Kapamilya Gold afternoon series DOBLE KARA. Works with JULIA MONTES for the first time.
Saw Julia Montes on the station ID of abs. I just want to say that I love her,she's REAL.You can see how sincere she was
I thought they will stop when Julia Montes pose with Quen and Liza sa showtime✌ confuse👎
I searched up Julia Montes and all I saw was hatred comments.Bakit ganon ang mga fans?I just don't get it.JulQuens stop bashing Liza!
Wag nman ganyan It's not Julia Montes fans obviously LQ fan ka,wag mo kaming idamay I think you're referring to JQ's
Julia Montes is the only young actress who can portray two roles in one show & can portray both bida & kontrabida.
Watched yesterday's episode of Doble Kara. Superb! Don't ever tell me that Julia Montes is not receiving any best actres…
DOBLE KARA should have been pushed to Primetime Bida. This show deserves a pimetime slot. The acting of JULIA MONTES is …
The best part of Kapamilya Station ID was that of Julia Montes hugging old lady. So real and touching! 😂
Many were touched on Julia Montes' scene with lola. We saw how genuine was Julia and lola through their smiles ❤️
I'm still beastmode about that rude Julia Montes fantard! Suck it up & accept that Coco Martin is her boyfriend 😊 Casa M…
Real talk: Julia Montes deserves another best actress award!.
Julia Montes shoots for a Magazine. Another blessing. Thank you, Lord!
Back to back performance with Aaron Villaflor and Yen Santos with Julia Montes and EA Guzman
This MMK girl Jane has turned into a complete actress. Reminds me of Julia Montes. A primetime shot should be next
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Julia Barretto, Kim Chiu, Coleen Garcia and Julia Montes for me! Love their gowns!
Kissing scene of Coco Martin and Julia Montes more please do watch ht…
With all fairness is Julia Montes best performance to date! I like how she is delivering now!
I Love you julia montes , why youre so beautiful
Pasilip sa gown Julia Montes Simple but classy and elegant . . .
Julia Montes is beautiful inside and out!
Miss Julia Montes, see you at the SMB!. well, not personally, but on TV hehehe.
Claudine Barretto and Julia montes.
coordinate with the JULIA MONTES admins!.
Wattpad adaptation movie for Julia Montes, Anjo Damiles and Edgar Allan Guzman please? :)
for Julia Montes Pink dress FAVE for Liza Soberano 's Yellow dress.
The fact that Julia Montes and Coco Martin have separate projects but ABSCBN media always pair them up in their news 😝
Julia Montes on Tv Patrol for the unang pasilip of her gown. :))
I'm abandoning ds account if anyone is interested create a new email add then pm me pra mchange q email add into 4 GENUINE JULIA MONTES ONLY
Julia Montes is ridin' solo this Are you all excited to see what our teen goddess will wear? I am beyond! 💃
Julia Montes' Walang Hanggan co-star Ms. Susan Roces is also here at the
Maine is more like the combination of Pops Fernandez, Shaina Magdayao, and Julia Montes.
Nadine being compared to Kathryn and Julia Montes. Know what had to say. http:…
Kathryn tapos Nadine tapos Julia Montes is coming back to din. Welcome to the new generation of primetime television po.
Calling Julia Montes fans! Please follow It is now up and running! Pls spread & RT
No.. You can't imitate someone with make up. - Nadine referring to Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes.
Julia Montes vs. Julia Montes on DOBLE KARA, Soon on ABS-CBN! 😍😚 Excited! Love you babe!
To all Julia Montes',Anjo and EA fans out there. WE NEED TO DO OUR PART IN PROMOTING
Coco Martin believes he is "compatible" with Julia Montes; describes leading lady Ellen Adarna as "beautiful"
Finally, Julia Montes will lead star in a teleserye minus the more famous leading men like Enrique Gil and Coco... http:…
she is Judy Ann Santos and Claudine Barreto combined as evidenced by her work - Cornelia Angge to Julia Montes via Inst…
Julia Montes is like the Claudine Barretto . Liza Soberano is like the Kristine Hermosa 😍. Kathryn Bernardo is like the Judy Ann Santos today
I would love to see Bea Alonzo & Julia Montes in one movie. The sincerity in the roles they play resonates on screen 🙌🏼 Paging
Favorite young actress of today's generation: Jane Oineza, Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo. Tatak bulilit!!!
Kathryn Bernardo & Julia Montes are more beautiful without make up😍 Queens, indeed 👸👸 💕
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When I saw Julia Montes on TV. I was like: AH! I miss you Julia.
on ... Best show at the moment, staring Kim Chiu, Coco Martin, Jake Cuenca, Julia Montes... 😊😊😊😊
I admire Julia Montes and Liza Soberano for reminding their fans to be nice and not to bash anyone. These girls really lo…
Hirap kayang maging fangirl but If you're a fan of Julia Montes, nah it's worth it.😍💓💞
Catch Julia Montes later on the Bench Universe, The 2012 Demin and Underwear Show at SM Mall of Asia Arena, 8 PM!
I remembered I had 17 Julia Montes accounts before lol.
.. the ever blooming Beauty of Julia Montes, ever radiating, always attracting!
Julia Montes with Joem Bascon (not sure of the surname) 🙈 {,juliamontes ,teengoddess ,queenofthegil ,julquen ,enriq…
Julia Montes today ugh i miss her so much 😍💕
Repost from Beautiful Julia Montes photographed by markednicdao Makeup by
Julia Montes and Enchong Dee reunite in new series.
Primetime Princess Julia Montes is set to do a reunion project with Enchong Dee. Doble Kara na this!
Watch out for the Primetime Princess Julia Montes as she reigns the Primetime again. SOON
I'm still hoping that Julia Montes will be at ASAP tomorrow. 😁
Julia Montes with Melissa Ricks' daughter ... So cute!! . ctto
Julia Montes and Coco Martin. Not just on big screen but on TV as well. Thank you.
Night out nila Julia Montes, Nash Aguas, Ella Cruz and Kobi Vidanes. Repost from "Nice to…
Late post: credit to Julia Montes is so gorgeous...catch up with Julia ...
Gusto ko yung "A home owner at the age of seventeen" para kay Julia Montes. 🙌 We love you Queen! 😘💕
Someone said that my baby is "retokada", 😂 I was laughing so hard. Beyond perfection is a fact to Julia Montes 😍😍
Wait, can I ask LizQuen fans first? If you guys know the Cyber bullying, why you are still bashing Julia Montes ang Kathryn?! 👊👎
Oh and is it just me or tahlia really looks like julia montes?
Queen, my mom's really worried at you. She's a fan of yours way back 'Walang Hanggan' days. GetWellNow Julia Montes
Who was your idol when you were growing up? — julia montes
Simple yet gorgeous. Julia Montes is love. 💗😍
Do you want to work with Julia Montes? 😉
Can I be Julia Montes kahit one day lang? 😂 gahhd julia montes gaming too strong 😍💗
Julia Montes looks so flawless and crushable here! And she's so sweet in person too! Alam niyo yan.…
JULQUEN Lt sir :) Julia Montes and Enrique Gil, thank you very much sir ;)
Hello..Can You feature Julia Montes and Enrique Gil in your show..I am a fans of JulQuen...Please..thank you
Hello po :) Can you feature also Julia Montes and Enrique Gil in ur show?:) Im very sure that JulQuen fans will be happy:) t.y
ang confirmed lang ay Julia Montes will have a new teleserye entitled DobleKara 😱😆🙏👈
At Wang Fu's grand opening. Of course we have along with very familiar faces, Gerald and Julia! htt…
Julia Montes will be in World Trade tomorrow at 12noon for
For me, Julia Montes does not need a permanent loveteam now. Don't make her look like she is after Enrique Gil which is not really the case.
FACT: Julia Montes and Enrique Gil loves their fans so much. JULQUENPapparap ParaSaMcDo
Okay. Fan war against Liza Soberano and Julia Montes? What the F?
We hope to see Julia Montes and Enrique Gil for Mcdo 💋💋. JulQuenTogether ForMcDo
Why should YOU get JULIA MONTES as one of the endorsers? Coz in the first place JULIA herself loves MCDO!
Hello hope you'll get Julia Montes as one of your endorsers! Julia with Quen in a TVC would be so perfect!
stylizedstudio. ・・・. BTS. Tall and pretty Julia Montes in for Sunsilk 💁…
Julia montes shared this. Is this even real? :v
Enchong is a nice guy for Julia Montes. WeWantChongLia for Doble Kara
"Enchong Dee a guy who stood up and confess his feelings to Julia Montes." (C) Indeed real man. 😊👍 Yan ang tunay na lalaki.
Which famous person have you met or been close to? — I've met Julia Montes, Kathryn Bernardo, Ivan Dorschner, Al...
oh we too, we wud choose Erich than Julia Montes, the last time Quen kissed Julia Montes he almost lost his career... 🙊
*pumasok si Julia Montes* gumamit ka maxipeel cleaning lotion! It prevents skin from acne and black heads!
“FACT: YES Magazine considered Julia Montes as one of The Beautiful Actress since 2011”
With out without loveteam. JULIA MONTES can stand out! ☺ Remeber she's a versatile actress. Kaya ang mga bitter jan. MAN…
FACT: Julia Montes is the youngest and the first below 18 who have been added on the list of FHM Sexiest Women (Philip…
Beautiful Julia Montes at the event tonight.
We are hoping that Julia Montes will be given a wattpad movie adaptation and new primetime s…
Actors who are interesting to Watch for: Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, Gerald Anderson, Bea Alonzo, Julia Montes, ZaiJan Jarani…
OVERHEARD: Kim Chiu, Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes, Julia Barretto, Nadine Lustre are all excited for Judy Ann Santos'
A big round of applause to Julia Montes, Gerald Anderson, Jc devera And to all the cast of ANG GALINGGG…
Julia Montes on her dance performance with Gerald Anderson is so graceful and light to lift even when she is big!…
I will be very happy if they'll make another movie for Julia Montes & Gerald Anderson. I love their chemistry 💘
just watched last night nice mysterious & scary but i got kilig with Gerald Anderson & Julia Montes lakas …
Original and SUPPOSED to be IG Girls:. Julia Montes. Kathryn Bernardo. Jane Oineza . Miles Ocampo. End of story.
Ano ba 😭 Watching The Reunion again makes me miss my ship of all ships Julia Montes and Enrique Gil 💔
Maja, Julia Montes, Angel Aquino, Angel Locsin, Denise Laurel and THE Claudine Barretto are my best actresses :)
THROWBACK: Do you remember the Summer Station ID back in 2012 where Coco Martin and Julia Montes, Kim Chiu and...
Coco Martin admits Julia Montes is ‘girlfriend material’
SARAH GERONIMO with Julia Montes and Jasmine Curtis cover of CHALK magazine, April 2015 issue. Grab your copy…
Do you love Liza Soberano more than Julia Montes? 😊
Get your skin ready for summer like Toni, Julia Montes, Xian, Julia. Barretto, Chesca and Gretchen!
Coco Martin says Julia Montes is ideal wife material. Apart from filming his upcoming Star Cinema movie, Coco...
“Why does Julia Montes consider Coco Martin as her ideal guy? View: via yun…
Have you seen the station ID of unilever products with Julia Montes and Xian Liam? It was aired alrea…
Yey! Julia Montes will be on Asap tomorrow 💕 Thank you
Don't worry, you can watch Julia Montes's birthday bash through online streaming sites
Gorgeous Julia Montes. at Robinsons BF Ruins. Credits to the respective owners of the pictures.
Julia Montes will be on ASAP 20 tommorow for her birthday bash! (via
Julia Montes will be on ASAP tomorrow for her Birthday Prod. ©
Is Julia Montes already in love with Coco Martin? Read this and you might agree!
By Robinsons BF Mall . Just in!. Julia Montes meet and greet at Robinsons BF Paranaque.
Lovin' your sweet sexy top today Julia Montes! Bagay na bagay. :) Repost from
Update: Julia Montes will be on tomorrow for her Birthday Prod!. 😍🎉
is it true?. Julia Montes and Enrique Gil (JulQuen) is supposed to be the casts of the remake of PANGAKO SAYO but...
Remember the Diego Loyzaga and Julia Montes love team? 😂💗
Julia Montes earlier today at the Whisper Meet & Greet.
Its Julia Montes. My first time to saw her earlier.
What celebrity annoys you the most? — all teen girls except for Kathryn Bernardo, julia montes & Miles Ocampo.
We want to see more of the beautiful Julia Montes! Love her leaner look. Repost from
lalaflores16 Fresh makeup today for so payat & beautiful Julia Montes Styling...
12 days to go before Julia's birthday. What's your birthday wish for her?
Julia Montes was out of the picture, yet Kath, being the good friend, brought her up. Kath still remember the person b…
Julia Montes / Clara of Mara Clara and Katerina of My Eternal has a new show. Who miss her?
Julia Montes's side view mirror selfie. Galing! Repost from "Refreshed by this cup of…
Julia montes and Coco Martin is hart hart.
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I just want Jane to be the great actress that she can be like Julia Montes ang dami nyang naging leading man that's y …
Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo, so simple. No make up and they are promoting KingOfTheGil concert in that photo.❤ http:…
We're so happy to see Julia Montes and Coco Martin back on the same set again!! Repost from…
Coco Martin and Julia Montes ❤ Scared To Death ❤ CocoJul: missing this kind of tragedy of their romanc…
wansapanatym coco and julia montes. Cant wait to see them again. Thank u dreamscape and coco for requesting jul
WATCH: Coco and Julia's 'kilig' reunion number: Coco Martin and Julia Montes drew shrieks on Tuesday as they p... http:/…
i wish n hope that julia montes will be working in MMK soon... :)) please make it happen :)
sir ej, hope to see julia montes working with Gerald Anderson/paulo avelino/Sam Milby/matteo G in her next tv project. TQ:)
julia montes in MMk please.. :)) hope u will consider fans request:))
Ate Aina! 😭😭 Thank you for being a good Ate to Joshua and Loisa. I will miss you our very own Julia Montes.Goodbye 😔😭 h…
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