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Julia Montes

Mara Hautea Schnittka , better known by her stage name Julia Montes (born March 19, 1995 in Pandacan, Manila, Philippines), is a Filipina actress and commercial model of German-Filipino descent.

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Congrats Coco Martin and Julia Montes for winning The 13th Gawad Tanglaw Award for Best Actor and Best Actress in Ikaw…
We saw Julia Montes and Gerald Anderson shooting in Baguio today~
I hope will support Julia Montes upcoming Film with Gerald Anderson and JC de Vera!
Gerald Anderson, Julia Montes, and JC de Vera in January 28 in theaters nationwide.
Have you seen the teaser of Gerald Anderson-Julia Montes movie - Halik sa Hangin? Catch it here. It will give you... ht…
movie that you been waiting for... watch this January ...Starring:Julia Montes, Gerald...
hopefully, in 2015, our perception to d management towards d unfair treatment to julia montes will be change.. TQ:)
There is nothing that Enrique Gil wouldn't like to Julia Montes because he loves her according to my vision, he really loves h…
Every time Julia Montes wears a character’s hat, she makes sure that she gets affected by it, latching…
to All the Fans & Supporters of Julia Montes and Enrique Gil Love Team ♡ :-)
“Happening now: Pictorial for - starring Gerald Anderson, Julia Montes, & JC De Vera
in cinemas nationwide this January 28, 2015! 😊💞 Romantic-Horror movie starring Julia Montes, Gerald And…
Am i the only one who thinks that Jane Oineza looks like a mixture of Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes
And I really am waiting for a JULIA MONTES and JC DE VERA pics. huhuhu.
Soon in Cinemas this 2015! Starring Julia Montes, Gerald Anderson and JC de Vera!
HalikSaHangin this January na po :) . Starring Julia Montes with JC and Gerald :))
"Julia Montes with Direk Manny Palo at pictorial. :) - z
Julia montes ur the best among the rest go go
Julia Montes rockin' the stage at ABSCBN Christmas Special. 💋💕
Thank You Julia Montes for being a good inspiration to us. We love you! May God conitnue to bless you, http…
Gerald Anderson and Julia Montes pictorial for today! Soon in cinemas nationwide.
Wow I have been out of here for a while well, loving all the update on julia montes and Coco Martin
Julia Montes and Gerald Anderson for SOON 🎥 OMG cant wait 😂😂 {
How about, Julia Montes for Saan Ka Man Naroon Remake? What do you think guys?
I think the role of Bea Bianca in Pangako Sa 'Yo would probably be more tolerable to watch if Julia Montes were to play it, ha…
Airport comfort by our beloved Comfit girl, Julia Montes! :)
Kathryn and Julia Montes saw each other again 💖 That kind of therapy money can't buy 👭 FRIENDSHIP 💋 © - 🌻
Julia Montes with the owners of Juan Carlo The Caterer, Inc., Engr. Alex Michael and Mrs, Teresita Del Rosario. http:/…
Juan Carlo Del Rosario with the beautiful and dashing Debutant, Ms. Julia Montes. :) It's our honor and pleasure... http:/…
I beg to disagree, if there is someone who can be the " next Claudine " when it comes to acting... Julia Montes is more deser…
i think julia montes would fit kristine Hermosa's role in PSY
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Julia montes ur so beautiful . We Want JulQuen for 2015. We Want JulQuen for 2015
Sam Concepcion with Julia Montes Credits to the owner.
I liked a video A Moment in Time Full Movie Tagalog 2013 (Coco Martin and Julia Montes) - E…
Enchong Dee reveals gift for Julia Montes: feels..
I voted for Julia Montes in the PEx BEST OF 2014 via
With or Without ALBUM I will be your forever Supporter! | We Want An Album For Julia Montes
Show them that we are here 2 support our TEEN GODDESS | We Want An Album For Julia Montes
"I really want this to trend let's go guys | We Want An Album For Julia Montes" RT
Julia Montes will be in Gaisano Grand Mall, Bacolod City for Meet and Greet later, Nov.29, 2014 @ 1:30pm...
She knows Julia Montes so obviously she already watched Walang Hanggan drama. Shet
Enrique Gil was thinking of Julia Montes and your argument is invalid 😂
Jake Cuenca and Julia Montes yun for me. Pero i have nothing to complain, they are all part of my fave Ikaw Lamang series. So just be happy.
So much to be thankful for!. 1. MOVIE . * Gerald Anderson with Julia Montes . * Maja Salvador with Dennis …
JulQuens are here and united all the way to support Julia Montes and Enrique Gil as an LT Whatever you throw on us it will comeback to you!
Yes, Enrique Gil has a crush on Julia Montes which he admitted when he was still new in Showbiz, and that's the truth. 😊
Enrique Gil reminds me of Julia Montes there is what you call resemblance ! So forever JulQuen ako OK! OK good karma!
This generation is Julia Montes & Kathryn Bernardo. Julia's heavy drama. Kath is a mix of all 😍😍😍.
Stunning pictures of Julia Montes (Clara) of Mara and Clara: Julia Montes that acted Clara in Mara and Clara r...
Help us reach 2M likes for Julia Montes
Help us reach 2M likes for Julia Montes ❤️
“Julia Montes wearing Pepsi Herrera at the More photos at: http…
Joseph Marco and Julia Montes on the runway peeps. I love you Julia Montes
Full of Julia Montes in my newsfeed :( :)
You're really a Goddess. Aww. Such a beautiful young lady. Ang hot mo. ♥ love you Julia Montes.
Julia Montes and Joseph Marco's ramp scene at The Naked Truth 🎇.
Taas ng heels ni Julia Montes (as always) and she's killing the runway with her seductive walk. Joseph Marco must having a ha…
All models came out , I was like need to find Julia Montes!!! And boom saw her! Pretty and hot as ever!
Even Liza and Enrique will have somehing or anything I WILL STILL SHIP JULIA MONTES AND Enrique Gil LOVETEAM. JulQuen ako ever
Saw Julia Montes at Rob Lipa a while ago. She is more than a goddess! (more than perf), words aren't enough. Simple yet gorg
Guys, please watch The Singing Bee. Julia Montes will be there.
Julia Montes says "Stay tune for the next chapter of Face the Day! Read it on Wattpad:
[PHOTO]: Can you guess what's the latest project together of Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo?
“Julia Montes at the fan event yesterday. Makeup by htt…
WATCH: Julia Montes surprises teacher of deaf-mute kids
And on the next episode of Face The Day Julia Montes will appear! Are you excited? Stay tuned! htt…
Okay, so it's Kim Chiu, Julia Montes, Maja Salvador, Angel Locsin and Bea Alonzo for Best Actress for TV.
Ano ang sinagot ni Julia Montes when asked about rumored romance with Coco Martin? Abangan sa The Buzz at 4PM.
I liked a video Julia Montes' fairytale debut
I liked a video Perkins Twins: Ikaw Na ft. Julia Montes and Jane Oineza [Live on ASAP 18]
"Walang Hanggan will be the most beautiful soap for 2012! Dawn Zulueta,Richard Gomez,Coco Martin,Julia Mo…
Please LIKE the official page of Julia Montes!
is to have a Happy Family! And ofcourse with I want to see Julia Montes in Person.😍 http…
Fact: DJ's first partner in showbiz was Julia Montes -BL
Watch out for Julia Montes webisodes (Maybe for ABSCBN Mobile) soon! :) Photo from IG.
if I'm not mistaken that's Julia Montes fans who trended..
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"Thanks JBeauties,Julia montes Spikers,Directioners,5SOS and JoshAne for supporting us :) Respect Nadine…
Andie followback I'm fan of your brother and . Her leading lady Julia montes :)
Trivia: Kathryn's biggest break is Mara Clara with Julia Montes.
Romance Movie Tagalog 2013 Synopsis: Patrick (Coco Martin) stars as a part-time waiter and self-employed artist. He met Jillian (Julia Montes) on a subway an...
I love my club barcelona,and my team mates,they are all fabulos,and 2ndly i love my rold model julia montes,i love Nigeria,i love manila philippines,friends stick to what resembles your calling
Enrique Gil is the Perfect guy for Julia Montes
from with repostapp . —. Julia Montes at Calasiao Pangasinan.. photo taken…
Julia Montes at Calasiao Pangasinan.. photo taken last August 17, 2014... credit to the owner of this…
I love you julia montes,I love ur movies mara and clara,but d best is my eternal I can't stop crying and laughing at d sam…
"He never looked at any woman the way he looks at Julia Montes. . Still JulQuen For 3W8LTheMovie
NOTE: If you consider yourself as a Solid KCMB fan, you gotta vote for her! 😉 Links: AND
Daniel Padilla's first on-screen matchup is Julia Montes in a TV series called "Gimik 2010" -🐷
Honestly. I prefer Julia Montes than the other girls for Enrique Gil.|JulQuen KathNiel Loveteam Royalty
I added a video to a playlist Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo singing Mara Clara
Aside from Julia Montes endorsmnts, I will support her Upcoming movie with Gerald Anderson 😄😃😄
hi direk Manny sana po makapasok ang project nyo sa filmfest this year with Julia Montes and Gerald Anderson! Feel good movie!
Gerald Anderson and Julia Montes in Baguio.Thanks byspeaks for the photo..
The Trial (Julia Montes on Richard Gomez and on The Trial) on
Watching this movie with Coco Martin and Julia Montes and I've guessed what was going to happen next five times already 👀
I want Julia Montes to be back in Philippine television
Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo together with Mr. Bang Pineda in Star Magic Ball years ago. 💚
Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo at the 8th annual Star Magic Ball! Stunning in Black and white! 😍🔲🔳
“Kim Chui, Maja Salvador AND Julia Montes are the most popular princesses today.”
Hourly vote. JANE - JOSHUA -JoshAne -. JoshAne QueensPoll LT of the Year
"We are trying to give Julia Montes the better support, the fiercer, the better! 👊"
I made a new mv for Coco Martin and julia montes
Julia Montes knows that she's not as sexy as the other celebs. But comparing her and mouthing foul words to her because of that? ugh wth
lets trend this guys We Love Julia Montes •
Grabe bashing Julia Montes because she's not as fit as the other celebrities is so unacceptable and pure immaturity.
'': '' Calling all the attention of Julia Montes fans.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo when they first appeared on our cover.
Let's make our fandom stronger,bigger, and better! One love for Julia Montes! ♥
Julia Montes and Gerald Anderson : Guitar Lesson in prep for there upcoming horror movie... Abangan!!! http:…
Yan na po! Upcoming movie ni Julia Montes with Gerald Anderson and JC De Vera from Star Cinema :)
We are one for our one & only Julia Montes. Unbreakable JULIAngels
Head over to to read more about our September issue ...
Will Julia Montes go daring in sensual romantic horror movie with Gerald Anderson?
"A Moment of Truth". You Want to know more about Julia Montes Reveals in Meg Magazines…
"A Moment of truth". You want to know More About Julia Montes Reveals in Meg…
Amazing how Julia Montes killed this simple yet so elegant black gown! Lakas maka hollywood! ❤️
Teen Goddess, Julia Montes, on the cover of Meg Magazine. 😊😍
Julia Montes had crush on Coco Martin sounds lovely. Let the 2 reunited and be loved. I love you COCOJUL.
julia is not julia montes' real name XD
Julia Montes reveals her Moment of Truth... . want to read more?? Go grab your own copy of...
Sent Julia Montes an Instagram Direct and she saw it. :"> but she didn't reply :( being "seen" means a lot! ♡
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Wrecking Bowl interview with the very pretty Julia Montes! Check it out at: soon!
Nobody can ever replace Julia Montes in the tandem 'JULKATH' 😊 Julia MONTES will always be Kath's BFF. Tho Kath gets lots of close friends.
Theirs is a kind of friendship that transcends showbiz. ❤️😍. Read: htt…
Julia Montes is now certifiably a lady! The entire look is just wow!
Julia Montes' preparations for her debut was televised, Kathryn Bernardo's full preparations and actual debut was televised... And then.. 😏
Behind the shoot of star magic catalogue 2015 Ms Julia Montes . So Grab your own…
JULIA MONTES so gorgeous in black at the ♥♥♥ *CTO
Angelina Jolie on the left and Julia Montes on the right! She really killed it!
from with repostapp . —. "Julia Montes ask fans to stop bashing Coco…
Everyone's asking who is my best dressed..It'll be Kathniel, Julia Montes, Greta, Shaina Magdayao and Megan young
PHOTO: Gerald Anderson x Julia Montes in Baguio City for their latest project!
story conference with Gerald Anderson, Julia Montes and JC De Vera.
Gerald Anderson & Julia Montes in one movie. Definitely something to look forward. I love these two great actors.
Gerald Anderson, Julia Montes, JC De Vera to star in a romantic-horror movie under the direction of Manny Palo, soon! ht…
Go behind the scenes of our Sweet Honesty shoot featuring Julia Montes! Behind the scenes video coming up soon!
James Reid is for Nadine Lustre. Enrique Gil is for Julia Montes :"> JADINE x JULQUEN. Nadine Lustre On The Buzz. We Love JaD…
According to some pages, Padre De Pamilya starring Julia Montes and Coco Martin with Nora Aunor is soon to be in Cinem…
Julia Montes & Enrique Gil for 3 Words 8 Letters the movie pls
Julia Montes will always be beautiful in Enrique Gil's heart. Julquen, we love you so much. ❤❤❤
Hello po. I miss seeing you taking pics with Julia Montes. When will I see another again?
Hi po! When will you have a selfie with Julia Montes? :))
Hi What can you say to Julia Montes po?
Quen please pick JULIA MONTES as your STARMAGIC DATE .
Team Julia Montes got your back, Jane! Let's do this guys! BBS JANE!
i will encourage all julia montes fans keep voting ipakita ang supporta Who is the hottest ‘Naked Truth’ female star?
julia montes matapos mag vote back to poll vote again and again Who is the hottest ‘Naked Truth’ female star?
Julia Montes' upcoming movie is a Genre Romance Story and it is under Star Cinema! Wach out for that :)
Watch it people! Julia Montes will grow even better than before...better watch your words because they only define you!
NEW!!. Girls, no more bad hair day. Learn from Julia Montes and Sarah Geronimo HERE .
You will always have my undying support and unconditional love Julia Montes!!
Avon Philippines wrote: Good morning! Do you have your 2014 NASCON tickets ready? Get your tickets now and get to see Julia Montes, Sarah Geronimo, hosted by Luis Manzano!
This Enrique Gil/Julia Montes tandem almost rivals the Gerald Anderson/Kim Chiu match-up in my book...
Enrique Gil is a good and perfect match for Julia Montes, both tall,has Mestiza/o feature
I wonder if Enchong Dee finds it still ok to mention about Julia Montes again, when he himself has already has a GF ?!
Every little things cocojul does gives us so much kilig!Coco Martin and Julia Montes - Every Little Things:
TBT: Remember when Ms. Kathryn Bernardo & Ms. Julia Montes wore Desino Dulce Clothes in the Buscopan Venus Advert...
Bebe girl Trending ka four times ..Philippines & WW "Mona and Julia Montes" It happen all tonight :) http…
Hollywood beauty Ms. Julia Montes in Aquino and Abunda tonight! You are dearly missed Mona…
Kathryn and Julia Montes treat each other more like as sisters! We should not be worried. 😉
"The ONLY for me is you, Julia Montes. No one can ever replace you. 😘❤️
"Julia Montes, the teleserye sweetheart, Best Actress & teen goddes ♥
Ready na set up! Log on to Chat na with Julia Montes!
"For the first time ever, two people shared the top spot. Kath & Julia Montes were named last year's most beautiful." h…
Julia Montes is blessed with looks that allow her to take both young and mature roles. ♥
If Lucy Torres & Julia Montes would have a daughter, it would be you jrac95. I was glad to made you up…
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Ikaw Lamang BOOK 2 KC Concepcion replaces Julia Montes while Joel Torre plays the old character Coco Martin played; Christopher de Leon will play the old Jake Cuenca but will also be seen in flashbacks while Amy Austria plays the old Meryl Soriano. Kim Chiu and Coco Martin will return as new grown up children in the story and their love story continues.
TAPUSIN! Xian Lim for GLOBE Telecon "No more Julia Montes and Jake Cuenca on "Ikaw Lamang" Book 2?
I don't like Julia Montes but I'd rather want her as Samuel's wife compared to Kim Chiu.
I know ! If they kill Julia Montes off that show I ain't watching it.
Hello Ms. we are hoping to watch Julia Montes to be one of ur guest Thankyou! 😍🙏
Stunningly beautiful!!! Julia Montes in her newest TV Commercial... . CTO
The ever gorgeous Miss Julia Montes in her new TV Commercial... . CTTO...
♕ Did you guys already watch Julia's newest sunsilk commercial? ♕Ohh! Julia you're so gorgeous as always 💕 montes...
Coco Martin & Julia Montes are Individually amazing actors but TOGETHER they are UNSTOPPABLE
We' saw "The Julia Montes Acting " in Bk1 . .it's a pity that this will be missed in Book 2 !? .why on earth should Mona die ?
I think it is the network that does not supporting her! So sayang ang loyalty ni Julia Montes sa kanila!
Coco Martin and Julia Montes what a Great Combination in acting !!
I swear if Julia Montes / Mona dies i'll stop watching this teleserye.
Aww are they gonna kill Julia Montes in the serye?
♕ Join the journey of Julia Montes to a life that's paganda nang paganda. Sunsilk newest commercial ♕…
"Julia Montes reveals her peg for daily fashion picks:
link of julia montes sunsilk TVC please :) thank u!
Fan or No Fan, everyone felt what Mona was going through in ..through her superb acting Julia Montes made MonaRoque Very Real !
Julia Montes' eyes expressess great love for Samuel and sadnesss at the same time !! Amazing !!
: Radio Ads Black and White Whitening Lotion with Julia Montes - -
Julia Montes deserve a lead serye...she is very talented.
WHO deserve to be the muse of team black?. RT- Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo. Fav- Julia Barretto and Liza Soberano. C…
Enrique Gil reveals why he gave Julia Montes a bracelet via
Julia Montes for Alys Perez and Enrique Gil for Drake Palma. JulQuen please :)
Julia Montes and Enchong Dee together on ASAP19!! ChongLia feels!!!
event happening now. Habol na! Enchong Dee, Joseph Marco, Julia Montes and other Bench…
Julia Montes and Enchong Dee another walk on the stage. For cocacolaph benchtm
I told dad to watch me on dyesebel last week, so while he was watching he thought I was Julia montes! the *** dad there's a difference!
Julia Montes is nominated for Best Actress from FAMAS Awards for the movie "A Moment In Time"! Congratulations,... http…
Before the day ends, Happiest Birthday, Thanks for appreciating and considering Julia Montes! We appreciate it. God bless!
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with Benchsetters Joseph Marco, Julia Montes and Enchong Dee will be at SM Megamall Fashion Hall on July 12 :)
Congratulations to Mr. Coco Martin and Ms. Julia Montes for being nominated in FAMAS as Best Actor and Best Actress!
Congrats Ms Kim Chiu and Ms Julia Montes for being nominated as 'Best Actress' for Famas Awards. Team Ikaw Lamang
Join the ASAP Fan Swap for the one and only Julia Montes & WIN 2 ASAP passes, her favorite dress, bag & shoes!...
Julia Montes so pretty in short hair.
Ang sarap panoorin ng switch ni Julia Montes from 'mabuting bida' roles back to the 'feisty clara'. Truly a versatille…
Daniel Padilla rumored to have a secret sex scandal with Julia Montes
"Julia Montes looks fab with short hair"
"Barretto was with Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes at the opening of ChicNails Tuazon Branch.
Julia Montes looks fab with short hair
“my supah cool fan art for julia montes Wow! Goodluck! :)))
Kitty MarieLess than a minute ago. Your comment is awaiting moderation. Hi. I'm a no.1 fan of Julia Montes.
"he appeared in a number of new projects such as Muling Buksan Ang Puso, alongside Julia Montes and Enchong Dee.."
Congrats to Julia Montes,Katherine Bernardo,Dimples Romana and to other casts of you did a very good job in m…
"the reason why I watch GU is because of Katherine Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Julia Montes and Diego Loyza…
"Julia Montes is just gorgeous with her short hair in Ikaw Lamang. 😊"
KATHNIEL and JULQUEN forever! Please vote Julia Montes as Enrique Gil's best leading lady!
According to over 800k votes, ThePulse for Enrique's best leading lady is Julia Montes!
happy birthday :) thank u for appreciating our baby Julia Montes, even never cya under sa UNIT nyo. More Candles to blow.:)
I just love Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo. The best teen stars for me!
How about Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Julia Montes, and Enrique Gil on GGV 3rd Anniversary special?
And she is the best leading lady of Enrique Gil! Congrats Julia Montes :) ht…
I have NO Problem of Julia Montes & Enrique Gil,. I Have many PROBLEMs of FANS of Julia Montes & Enrique Gil. http:…
Waaahh.. I go for Julia Montes and Enrique Gil. para sa Seducing Drake Palma movie... Syet!! Super excited na me!! ^.^
Julia Montes and Enrique Gil po ah? Just to make it clear. MRami pa namang assumera
Don't compare Liza Soberano and Janella Salvador to Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo. They're all good friends, aryt.
"Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil for "The Bet" ? omg omg NO! Julia Montes and Enrique Gil dapat... :(
Unlimited Voting for our love Julia Montes refresh lang ng page and u can vote again
I am back guys, magdamagan na ito! Wooo *** !! Vote for Julia Montes Enrique Gil's best leading lady!!!
Vote Julia Montes for best loveteam of Enrique Gil 💖💝💞
Hooray!!! ""Julia Montes really shine in this serye!!! .
"Julia Montes really shine in this serye!!! .
please vote for Julia Montes because KathQuen is winning, we need KNs and JQs! Please!
Julia Montes really shine in this serye!!! .
Julia Montes shares three unique things about herself. Why don’t you tell us three interesting things about your...
JulQuens keep on voting for our Julia Montes click this link
Guys, Please vote Julia Montes for 'Who is the Best leading lady for Enrique Gil' Habol tayo guys!!. -Hannie
Guys we need unity please Vote na for our Queen of the Gil Julia Montes click this link unlimited voting yan
JulQuens, let's vote for JULIA MONTES as Enrique Gil'S best leading lady ❤
"Comfortable and natural talaga ang chemistry ni Mr.Coco Martin at Ms.Julia Montes.
Which animal would you love to be for a day? — julia montes's dog
Who is the best leading lady for Enrique Gil? - Vote For Julia Montes Guys .. malapit Na Tayong Maunahan !!! ..
and he Said Too that he Saw . "Kathryn Bernardo is Beautiful Morena NAPAKAGanda daw but he admires Julia Montes most"
Keep on voting Julia Montes as Enrique Gil's best leading lady! Double time guys! Vote as many as you can!
My Teacher Saw and he Said!. "If Julia Montes is beautiful at TV She is more like a GODDESS on Personal"
KEEP ON VOTING JULIA MONTES HERE--> … You can vote as many times as you can!
Hi, can you help us? Pls. Vote Julia Montes Here: Thanks a lot! :))
power vot for Julia Montes Kathryn is leading again!!!
sis pls help. POWERVOTE for Julia Montes! unlimited voting!!!
Kath is for DJ. Pls POWERVOTE for Julia Montes! unlimited! VOTE then scroll down click "BACK TO VOTE" to vote again
Julia Montes -only girl for Enrique Gil. Daniel Padilla -only guy for Kathryn Bernardo. U agree?VOTE for JULIA MONTES:.
Love to see Julia Montes happy eyes and perfect set of teeth. 😍
That emotional moment,. Katerina: I just feel so dirty and not worthy of your love. Julia_Montes .
let us do powervote for Julia Montes!
Ikaw Lamang (literally Filipino for Only You) is a 2014 Philippine period drama television series starring Coco Martin, Julia Montes, Jake Cuenca and Kim Chiu, directed by Malu Sevilla and Avel... Please visit to get more updates
Catch Coco Martin with Julia Montes and Juris at Market Market this July 5! Kitakits ❤ - Admin J
Samahan sina Coco Martin, Julia Montes at Juris on July 5, Saturday sa Market Market for See...
Calling all CocoJul's in Manila... Coco Martin and Julia Montes will be having their Ikaw Lamang Mall Tour in...
Theres a girl here that looks exactly like Julia Montes. I would take a pic but I don't wanna look like a stalker. lol
are u sure? If u really a fan of Julia Montes, i think u know the word "support"???
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i do not belong to any fandom just a fan of Julia Montes
Could you please give Julia Montes and Bea Alonzo a project together ?? It would be great pleasure watchin…
Teen Queen Kathryn and Jane mentioned Julia Montes! 😄😄 Thank you for appreciating
Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo are the brightest teen stars on their generation and the most sincere celebrity I kn…
Mara Clara starring Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes. The 2010 adaptation of the 1992 series of the same name. - No copyright infringement The mate.
Still hoping and praying for the comeback of Julia Montes and Enrique Gil's loveteam! They will be always my favorite lo…
Julia Montes for all of you guys! This is my another acc xoxojulquen. {mont...
To have a picture with Julia Montes ♥♥♥
Happy Father's Day Mr. Johnny Manahan/ Mr. M thank you for being Julia Montes' dad! We love you!
Julia Montes saves Kathryn Bernardo from a fashion disaster! Check out the Diaries video!
Julia Montes x Swing by our showroom for authentic kicks!
Julia Montes x kickstatik. Swing by our showroom poshmarkboutique for authentic kicks! 👟👟👟 @ Poshmark…
There's Julia Montes, and then there's Maja Salvador. Oh I love these girls.
Julia Montes and Maja Salvador together in a show please. It will gain a lot of viewers and high ratings.
Julia Montes is the apple of my eyes and I do really like her and my admiration to her is unconditional. I like COCO as her partner in movie, etc. If COCO paired with another leading lady I just shut my mouth and sob very bad. I don't want to say any contradiction to anyone because it will start the big row and then fight. If I don't like the girl obviously I don't talk and comment. I like COCO and JULIA only in Philippine movie .And once I admire someone that is forever. Goodnight everyone/
Starring Kim Chiu, Coco Martin, Julia Montes & Jake Cuenca The story begins in the 1960’s, a time when a great wall divided the sugar barons and the sacadas (sugar plantation workers) of Central Philippines. Samuel, a sacada, falls in love with Isabelle, daughter of the landed elite. Both try to defy the odds but fail to bridge their opposing worlds --- forcing them to go their separate ways and eventually build families of their own. Years pass and Samuel becomes the leader of the sacadas fighting against the injustices of their landowners, while Isabelle remains trapped in a world where she has no voice. Samuels’ son and Isabelle’s daughter, who are both spitting images of their parents, meet under serendipitous circumstances, unknowing of their parents’ past. As they begin to fall in love, the secrets of yesteryears are unraveled. Will the love of two souls, seemingly reborn, survive this time?
I Think Jane Oineza,Kathryn Bernardo,Julia Montes,Miles Ocampo are the best to be IG Girls :))
The latest from Julia Montes (I'm just a simple girl trying to make it big in the world!
Julia Montes liked this Instagram post on IG. Hi 😂 Reminder lang! 😄😄
Bakit ’d man lang movie? They don’t need to test Quen with other girls. Julia Montes is more than enough for him. >:(
In behalf of all Julia Montes' fans, congrats to the whole cast of The Legal Wife! Gre…
Julia Montes and Enrique Gil fits perfectly tho. 😝
Julia Montes and JC De Vera soon in the HIV AIDS Symposium.
Love mo ba si Ms. JULIA MONTES?? 😍❤️ Follow for more updates about her shows, guestings. movies & etc 😊
i'll stalk Julia Montes because she's PERFECT
"Don't waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all." Mara hautea schnittka(julia montes)
Some people are meant to fall in love with each other. But not meant to be TOGETHER. Mara hautea schnittka(julia montes)
Being HUMBLE is more important than being WISE. Because GOD doesn't need a PROUD mouth that SPEAKS much, but a KIND heart that LISTENS. Mara hautea schnittka(julia montes)
This Video is for my Story in My Dear Prince featuring Julia Montes and Daniel Padilla together as JulNiel..This Videos are from Marikit07 but th...
∞We Made this Page, solemnly love and support the Philippines' Glam Goddess, JULIA MONTES! We will forever be her supporters...
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“Yes, po. Since I saw her and Julia Montes in Mara Clara, I became a fan of both. 😊😊”
“I miss Enrique Gil. )=” with Julia Montes :( I miss the two of them so so so much :(((
Is Enrique Gil wooing Julia Montes? More importantly, does Coco Martin approve of him and Julia as a couple? For the latest in showbiz, log on to
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