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Julia Mancuso

Julia Mancuso (born March 9, 1984) is a World Cup alpine ski racer with the U.S. Ski Team. Born in in Reno, Nevada, she was the gold medalist in the giant slalom at the 2006 Winter Olympics and the silver medalist in both downhill and combined at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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I'm excited to watch slope style and halfpipe. And then, of course...
What has helped me prevent injuries is being connected and having...
I don't really believe in lucky things, but I wear lucky underwear as ...
It's been three years and I still remember this exact moment
Bummed that Julia Mancuso got married ("so you're telling me there's a chance"), lol,but I'm happy for her...No. really
Aquatic therapy and surgery for hip dysplasia.
Aquatic therapy helps decorated Alpine skier recover from surgery for hip dysplasia.
Apply before hitting the slopes this winter! Sunlight is stronger at higher elevations.
I come to Maui and go surfing, standup paddling, slacklining, swim...
Even in the colder months, it’s important to protect your from the sun’s damaging UV rays:
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The best part about Maui is that I can spend a lot of time outside...
Julia Mancuso talks medals, dogs, and surfing in Sochi: American Olympian, Julia Mancuso discusses her bronze...
American Olympian, Julia Mancuso discusses her bronze medal win, her time in Sochi, and her tiara on Crowd Go...
VR: Skiing in Chile with Chris Davenport and Julia Mancuso via You must watch in google chrome
I liked a video GoPro VR: Skiing in Portillo, Chile with Chris Davenport and Julia Mancuso
The only thing that matters is believing in yourself, kicking out of the start gate and leaving everything else behind. Julia Mancuso
This is probably favorite photo on the internet
How great is this? One of skiing' best, Julia Mancuso, along with another Olympic athlete (Torah Bright) have...
It's actually incredibly sad that the majority of the teachers in the history department are complete jokes.
"I expect this to be your wallpaper now."
Grandma: Julia! You ate seven cookies?. Me: I mean yeah but they're small so really it's like eating three regular sized ones.
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"Focus on what you love about yourself." -
Her's Girl: Julia Mancuso. Four-time Olympic medalist, five-time World Championship medalist, and the most decorat…
I hate passive aggressive people. Like please just tell me what your problem is.
Lindsey Vonn, Julia Mancuso, Bode Miller, Ted Ligety all sidelined from World Cup tour simultaneously for the first time in …
Well wishes from the folks at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows to Julia Mancuso as she recovers from hip surgery,...
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I liked a video from Outlook: Julia Mancuso on Maui
I'm very excited to announce that I am joining my teammate Julia Mancuso on Stoc... Stace…
Stacey Cook arrives at and leaves Rossignol Stckli: After Julia Mancuso a & rsquo; other Californian born in 1984…
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Learning how Olympic Gold Medalist Julia Mancuso strengthens her legs for her Alpine Skiing.
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Julia Mancuso having Fun with her Hero 4 Once again we follow Julia Mancuso in what she
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Check out this article: Julia Mancuso leaves or returns? -
Last week's top and web stories included Julia Mancuso's letter to the editor in support of her...
U.S. skier Julia Mancuso surfs in the Black Sea
Girl who was paralyzed surprises her favorite nurse 😩🙏 beautiful moment 💙
I liked a video Julia Mancuso with GoPro
Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows skier Julia Mancuso is among several U.S. Ski Team women who say they are feeling at...
Von Julia Mancuso. It's snowing in Soelden!!! Just in time for the races:) gonna taste some of this tomorrow!...
I think I'm dreaming. 3..2..1. Almost time for Soelden!!! Julia Mancuso
Check out riding in Fiji. She is definitely not a one-sport athlete:
With winter on it's way, find out the gear that top skier Julia Mancuso recommends.
Julia Mancuso just pushed me all the way with Nike+ Training Club. w/
It's no secret can ski. But surf giant Cloudbreak? The Olympian's got it wired.
What a beautiful day on the glacier!! Feeling blessed 󾍌 Julia Mancuso
When world-class alpine skier Julia Mancuso isn’t on the slopes, she’s surfing major swells »
Tina Maze, Dominique Gisin tie for gold; no magic for Julia Mancuso - USA TODAY
No magic for Julia Mancuso; Tina Maze, Dominique Gisin tie for gold - USA TODAY
Today's podcast with Julia Mancuso, Pete Holmes, Ben Kingsley, Aziz Ansari, Loquecia, Jim Jefferies and more is now available to download.
Congratulations Julia! America cheered early last week when Olympic Valley, CA-based skier Julia Mancuso took the Bronze in the women's super-combined. In 2006 at Vancouver, after winning her first Olympic Gold, the self-described "underdog" discussed with the Today Show the obstacles she overcame to win. One of these was a debilitating back injury. "I had to get my body really in tune," said Mancuso, "so I spent a lot of time doing Pilates and going to the Chiropractor and taking care of my whole body." Mancuso is one of a growing legion of athletes and active people who are turning to drug-free, natural Chiropractic to stay on top of their game. Six Chiropractors traveled with Team U.S.A to Sochi and all of the 32 teams in the National Football League (NFL) utilize Chiropractic services, according to The Professional Football Chiropractic Society (PFCS). And Chiropractic is not just for injury anymore, as we know. Evidence shows that Chiropractic can be an important element of preventive care and per .. ...
The gold medals won by Jamie Anderson and David Wise, along with the bronze won by Julia Mancuso have put the Lake Tahoe medal count above those won by Great Britain and Finland, and the same as Australia and Latvia.
Sochi Olympics 2014: Day 12 Pulling yet another podium sweep -- 60% of their medals in these games have been earned in that fashion -- the Dutch leapt to the top of the leaderboard temporarily. The second USA medal of the day forced a tie at the top. Russia picked up one, and Canada a pair, but our friends to the north slipped a spot thanks to three Norwegian podium spots. Germany also added a pair, but the surfeit of medals above them leave Deutchland at the bottom of today's top six: COUNTRY G S B TOTAL Netherlands 6 6 8 20 United States 6 4 10 20 Russia 5 8 6 19 Norway 7 4 7 18 Canada 4 9 4 17 Germany 8 3 4 15 Results: Alpine Skiing: WOMEN'S GIANT SLALOM GOLD Tina Maze Slovenia 2:36.87 SILVER Anna Fenninger Austria 2:36.94 BRONZE Viktoria Rebensburg Germany 2:37.14 Mikaela Shiffrin was 5th for the best USA finish. Resi Stiegler was 29th, Megan McJames 30th; Julia Mancuso did not finish the first of the two runs. Biathlon: MEN'S 15k MASS START GOLD Emil Hegle Svendsen Norway 42:29.1 SILVER Martin Fourca ...
Disappointing Winter Olympics. Only one medal for Body Miller in downhill skiing. Shaun White off the podium. Lindsey Jacobellis falls after building a huge lead. Julia Mancuso gets bronze. Lindsey Vonn blows out her knee. Something is not right.
The Olympics grind on. There are flashes of genuine excitement; but the feeling I’m watching people have peak moments in their lives while huddled on a couch in a darkened room fed intravenously with the repetitive and soul numbing commercials is turning the experience into a marathon of endurance in which spikes of pure pleasure are difficult to come by. The USA seems long in the tooth at these games - heroes from four years ago have become also-runs and dropped down the standings: Shaun White, Shani Davis, Bode Miller, Julia Mancuso – Bob Costas has pink eye, the under armour speed skating suits don’t work, the snow is melting in the mountains and even the terrorists haven’t shown up. In order not to see results in contests that have been decided in a time zone nine hours earlier than eastern America I avert my head from the rest of the worlds news. If the NYTimes must post the results on the front page then I will cancel my subscription. Rival television channels take impish delight in pricking ...
pick up your game. So many fav. going down. Shaun White, Bode Miller, Julia Mancuso and Shani Davis. Several missed Gold medals.
American favorites -- Bode Miller, Shani Davis, Shaun White, Julia Mancuso, Kelly Clark -- are having rough sledding in Sochi, as they fall short of their medals goals. But room at the top is being made for new faces -- like Kaitlyn Farrington and her surprise gold in the women's halfpipe yesterday. She did a great job of navigating the difficulties of the controversial pipe.
Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today: 1. ARMY OF UTILITY WORKERS LABORING IN THE SOUTH A half-million homes and businesses lost power to the storm now sweeping up I-95 corridor to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. 2. COMCAST TO BUY TIME WARNER CABLE FOR $45 BILLION AP sources confirm deal that would combine two largest U.S. cable companies. Announcement expected this morning. 3. AFGHANISTAN FREES DETAINEES U.S. CALLS 'DANGEROUS' The release of 65 accused militants from a former U.S. prison further strains relations between Washington and Karzai. 4. AMERICAN STARS WIPING OUT IN SUNNY SOCHI From Bode Miller and Julia Mancuso to Shaun White and Shani Davis, athletes expected to win gold have stumbled. 5. TEA PARTY TEEING OFF ON SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADER After Mitch McConnell helped advance the bill to raise the debt ceiling, conservative groups signal they'll make his vote an issue in November. 6. ABOUT ONE MILLION SIGN UP FOR 'OBAMACARE' IN JANU ...
olympic update: disappointing for pairs figure skating - Russians took Gold and Silver with the Swiss getting Bronze. USA ended up 9th and 14th!! Also disappointment for the 1000 meter run in speed skating...Shane Davis, said to be the one to *** the Gold finished a disappointing race. Julia Mancuso also disappointing in that makes four athletes who were said to win Gold that finished in disappointing standings...Bodie Miller, Shane Davis, Julia Mancuso and Shaun White. Too much pressure put on these athletes!! On the other hand, good for USA in Halfpipe where Kaitlyn Farrington snatched the Gold and Kelly Clark got the Bronze. Seems to be a sport that our American athletes really enjoy and do well in! The downhill was won by Slovenia native, Tina Maze, who is a rock star in her country!! Ok, that's it folks for today!!
OLYMPIC OVERVIEW: MEDALING IN SOCHI’S AFFAIRS The United States amassed more hardware at the Sochi Winter Olympics on Wednesday; here are some of the winners and unfortunate lugers, err, losers: Kaitlyn Farrington struck gold in the Women’s Halfpipe, edging defending champion Torah Bright of Australia who picked up the silver, while American Kelly Clark captured bronze; Julia Mancuso finished a frustrating eighth in the Women’s Downhill; Russia earned gold and silver and Germany garnered bronze in Mixed pairs Figure Skating (USA’s Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir settled for ninth place); the German pair picked up the gold medal in Men’s Open Double Luge with America’s tandem finishing in 11th place; Canada slipped past Team USA 3-2 in preliminary round Women’s Hockey; and the Netherlands won gold and bronze and Canada collected silver in Men’s 1000M Speedskating as Americans Shani Davis and Brian Hansen finished 8th and 9th, respectively; For more results and schedules, visit www.nbcoly ...
Julia Mancuso: Past Perfect [VHS]: A cop (Roberts) tries to bust a gang of teenage gun dealers. In the process he cat
Julia Mancuso, Shaun White, Shani Davis, and Bode Miller all have been disappointments in the step it up
Dismal showing for the USA this time around. No Gold Medals for Shaun White, Shani Davis, Julia Mancuso or Bode Miller...
Gold for the US in women's half pipe as Kaitlyn Farrington wins an extremely tight event over Australia's Torah Bright with American Kelly Clark taking the bronze. On the other hand, Shani Davis went into the 1000m spedskating event looking for his third straight gold and put up an 8th place effort with the Dutch taking gold yet again, this was a different one so they have at least 5 guys capable of taking gold on any given day. Gold medal favorite Julia Mancuso also came up short in the downhill skiing event, finishing 8th after winning the downhill portion of the super combined. More tanking by US athletes. The event featured the first tie for the gold in history for Dominique Gisin and Tina Maze. The Germans sweep the luge events with Tobias Wendl and Tobias Arlt flattening all competition. German Eric Frenzel took gold in the Nordic combined as well. The Russians go 1-2 in pairs figure skating. Norway still leads the medal count with 12, then Canada and the Netherlands with 10 and the US and Ru ...
I love the Winter Olympics!!! Perfect for a DVR! Although I am not sure what's going on with the U.S. athletes...they are winning medals at a decent clip compared to previous Winter Games but yet nearly everyone that is expected to win gold falters big time! Bode Miller, Shawn White, Julia Mancuso (in downhill), and Shani Davis come to mind - and we aren't even a week in yet! Maybe the historic success at Vancouver 4 years ago has clouded my judgement?
I watch Shani Davis and Julia Mancuso lose, then have to watch what felt like hours of pairs figure skating, all while enduring a second straight night of Matt Lauer as host. Then an American (Katelyn Farrington) finally wins gold and NBC SKIPS the medal ceremony. At least give me the patriotic moment, NBC!
First Lindsey Vonn (Tiger's Girl) gets hurt weeks before, Julia Mancuso gets a Bronze & Shaun White and Shoni Davis go home with NO medals!!! 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are trash!!!
ROSA KHUTOR, Russia (Feb. 12) - Super combined bronze medalist Julia Mancuso (Squaw Valley, CA) led the U.S. Ski Team with eighth in Thursday's Olympic downhill as Dominique Gisin of Switzerland and Tina Maze of Slovenia made history with a tie for gold. An Olympic medal tie has happened four times…
I'm really interested in what different athletes are eating as they prepare for the eats healthy, indulging now and then. eats and non-processed foods. Julia Mancuso replenishes with Coconut water, Lola Jones ate bacon cheeseburgers to gain weight for Shaun White loves steak and Chinese food. Hmm, wonder which diets will provide the most fuel for their Olympic Dreams?
Here is your Olympics report for Tuesday. In the medal count, Canada, Norway and the Netherlands all lead with 7 medals, while the United States 5th with 5 medals as of Monday’s events. Maria Hoefl-Riesch of Germany won another Olympic Gold in the super-combined. Just as she did four years ago at the Vancouver Games, Hoefl-Riesch found herself trailing an American after the downhill leg before using her slalom skills to vault into first place and successfully defend her Olympic title in the dual-run event. The German finished less than a second ahead of both silver medalist Nicole Hosp of Austria and Julia Mancuso of the United States, who won the bronze. Mancuso won silver in the event in Vancouver. Charles Hamelin of Canada won the 1,500-meter Olympic short track gold medal. He raised his arms in triumph after crossing the finish line Monday at the Iceberg Skating Palace. Han Tianyu of China took silver. Viktor Ahn earned the bronze, giving Russia its first-ever short track medal. J.R. Celsi, ...
Julia Mancuso is a 29 year old alpine ski racer from Nevada participating in the Sochi Olympics. So far she’s taken home a bronze medal in the super-combine which makes it her fourth career Olympic medal in Alpine Skiing. No woman has ever won more than two. As if that isn’t enough, she’s super cute...
Julia Mancuso won the United States its first Alpine Skiing medal at the Sochi Games on Monday, taking bronze in women's super combined and underscoring her status as a versatile racer who comes through when the stakes are highest.
Julia Mancuso's reaction to winning bronze is how people should react. Not like Hannah Kearney who cried about not getting g…
Hey, Hannah Kearney, did you see Julia Mancuso win that bronze? Because that's how you win a bronze.
so interesting to see how excited Julia Mancuso was to get bronze and how disappointed Hannah Kearney was.
Julia Mancuso knows how to celebrate a bronze medal, Hannah Kearney should take notes and not be such a sore loser.
Let's compare the reactions of Hannah Kearney and Julia Mancuso to winning bronze
Props to Julia Mancuso for displaying the true Olympic spirit unlike Hannah Kearney.
Hannah Kearney could sure take some sportsmanship lessons from Julia Mancuso!
Congrats to Julia Mancuso on yet ANOTHER olympic medal today in the women's alpine super combined (her 4th medal in 3 olympic visits)!!! Very fun to watch and see the whole family there rooting her on including her mother (one of our agents) and step father (the owner of Fuller Sotheby's International Realty)!!!
Day 4 is coming to an end at the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Team USA gained only one medal in competition today. Julia Mancuso skied a great program during the finals of the Women's Super Combined, however, she was outdone by German Maria Hoefl-Riesch, who got the gold, and Nicole Hosp of Austria who earned the silver. Alpine Skier Bode Miller missed the podium in the finals of the Men's Downhill by just .42 seconds. Short Track Heats began today and Vancouver Bronze Medalist J.R. Celski once again hit the ice, hoping to earn himself another medal at these Sochi Games. With a time of 2:15.675, Celski qualified to move on in the 1500m. However, he lost out on gaining a medal by just .5 seconds. He next hits the ice Thursday for opening heats of the Men's 1000m. Other Events of note today included the finals of the Men's 500m Speed Skating Event. The Dutch swept the podium, gaining all three medals in the event, with twin brothers, Michel and Ronald Mulder earning Gold and Bronze respectively, wi . ...
Julia Mancuso, Lake Tahoe Olympian winner! She's taking home the Bronze! Yay!
Come watch The Games at Sochi tonight at Sunnyside Restaurant and Lodge! Starting at 8pm we will show the Women's Alpine Skiing with Tahoe local Julia Mancuso and Men's Moguls Freestyle Skiing!
Leanne Smith skis out in slalom, Julia Mancuso earns super combined bronze
I went to school with Olympians Travis Ganong, Julia Mancuso and Scotty Bahrke.
Bring a Friend in February - Help A Newcomer Learn To Ski - U.S. Ski Team member Mikaela Shiffrin started skiing in her parents' driveway, thanks to their encouragement. Team member Julia Mancuso was introduced to skiing by her babysitter. These Olympians, who are competing in the 2014 Winter Games - are just two examples of world-class skiers who were introduced to the sport by a friend, acquaintance or family member - the typical scenario for most of the 13 million p...
The Olympics are here and have my predictions for the Olympics and here are Mikaela Shiffrin and Julia Mancuso will win at least one medal each in Alpine Skiing and Nate Holland will win a medal for snowboarding!
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Can't wait to watch Julia Mancuso, Ted Ligety, Aksel Lund Svindal, Petter Northug, and Lolo Jones rip up their competition in
Good luck to all of my friends competing at the Winter Games! Alpine Skiing - Speed: Julia Mancuso (USA) Laurenne Ross (USA) Leanne Smith (USA) Alpine Skiing - Tech: Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) Resi Stiegler (USA) Snowboarding: Kaitlyn Farrington (USA) Arielle Gold (USA) Taylor Gold (USA) Karly Shorr (USA) Steph Magiros (AUS) It's been an honor working with you these past few years at World Cup events, snowboarding events and championships, training camps, and over the course of past few (alpine World Cup) seasons.
Another Olympic journey for Squaw Valley's Julia Mancuso. Joined by three others from Squaw.
Not quite the training you'd expect from a Winter Olympian, but as the most decorated woman in U.S. Olympic alpine history, Julia Mancuso knows what she's doing!
POC Retina Julia Mancuso Signature Womens Goggles 2014 - The Retina Julia Mancuso Signature model is a goggle with a double lens designed for good ventilation and a wide angle of view to improve reaction time and over active safety. It comes with a high quality Polycarbonate lens with excellent anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment. The Retina will give you a classic look with high performance features. With this...
Check out 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic skier Julia Mancuso's sexy GQ photos and interview about ... -
Now this is what we call strong and sexy! Gold medalist Julia Mancuso showed off her toned body i...
Slimmer, Fitter, Prettier Tips from the athletes who know: Julia Mancuso, Alpine Skiing says to get a little ballsy at the gym. "The BOSU is my go to training tool to improve balance and strength. My favorite butt toner: a one-leg deadlift. Stand with right foot on the BOSU, right knee slightly bent. Lean forward slowly lifting your left foot behind you. Come back up to standing and switch legs. I will do 3 sets of 15 reps" SELF Magazine - Olympic Special
Julia Mancuso is in the best shape of her life, not only because of her skills on the slopes, but also by what she does off her skis. Find out how this Olympian stays fit!
Can Mancuso take Sochi by storm? - While U.S. sports fans were coming to terms with the news that glamor girl Lind...
870+ high quality photos of Julia Mancuso.
Olympic Skier Julia Mancuso Poses for GQ I'll be throwing some "sammiches" on her just, because...
Check it out! You could win a trip for 2 to Lake Tahoe to meet Olympic Gold medalist Julia Mancuso. Enter now!
Super-solid effort by 21-year-old American Jackie Wiles: 12th place, +1.22 back, just behind Julia Mancuso and Maria Hoefl-Riesch.
The Olympics are here, and I love watching! Tonight I was looking at information on the US Lady Ski Team. Specifically I was researching Lindsay Vonn, Mikaela Shiffrin (the new chick) and Julia Mancuso. Vonn's dad: Litigation attorney Shiffrin's Dad: Anesthesiologist (Overbearing dude, blood doping past) Mancuso"s Dad: Convicted drug smuggler that was allowed to keep 5 million dollars of his ill gotten gains because he cooperated with authorities Ah.affluence sure helps! Oh... No disrespect to the ladies. Just an observation by one old dude. BRING HOME THE GOLD
Julia Mancuso suggesting yet again that the Olympics are her time for big-game racing: 4th, +0.93 back.
Cheers to the most decorated U.S. female Alpine Skier So proud you’re on via
Julia Mancuso has been speedy on the Sochi Olympic track before, earning a sixth-place finish in the World Cup test event on this course two years ag...
hmm, I'm like an hour behind with my DVR, might be Julia Mancuso or Mikaela Shiffrin. Thanks for the cuteness alert!
Olympics: Julia Mancuso of the U.S. speeds down the course in the - See more at:
Julia Mancuso (born March 9, 1984) is a World Cupalpine ski racer with the U.S. Ski Team. Born in Reno, Nevada, she was the gold medalist in the giant slalom at the 2006 Winter Olympics and the silver medalist in both downhill and combined at the 2010 Winter Olympics. She has also won five medals (t...
Olympic-medal winner Julia Mancuso strips down to her lucky underwear (includes super hot, and kind of NSFW, photos)
Julia Mancuso is the most decorated female alpine skier in U.S. Olympic history, but her training regimen isn't what you'd expect. Here's a look at her life in the off-season, strummed to the chords of a ukulele:
def watch for my girl Julia Mancuso!
Julia Mancuso, Bode Miller and Team USA! Can't wait for Alpine Skiing to start.
Skier Julia Mancuso poses for GQ, tries to make everyone forget about Lindsey Vonn
As she prepares for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, Alpine skier Julia Mancuso reveals the core moves that get her in racing shape.
Julia Mancuso Mancuso has more Olympic medals than any other U.S. female alpine skier (3).Known for rising to the occasion in big events, she will look to add to her total in Sochi. She is poised to be a favorite in downhill, super-G, super combined and giant slalom at the Sochi Games.
Julia Mancuso finished third in the first Olympic downhill training run at Rosa Khutor, Sochi on Thursday. The American, who won downhill silver in Vancouver
2.6.14. Downhill Training Runs with Julia Mancuso , Bode, and coaches Patrick Riml and Andreas Evers - GO USA!~
The odds are ever in her favor. Meet Olympic skier
Squaw Valley ski resort athletes Julia Mancuso, Travis Ganong, Nate Holland, Marco Sullivan are all in Sochi and representing the U.S. Winter Olympic team.
Just kidding guys about Julia... I love her more than she loves me probably.. But we actually both really love eachother
Honestly, all does is beg me to hangout with her... Like don't you have any other friends... 💩
Pretty amazing!!! I just realized that not only do I live in what USA Today calls one of the most beautiful places to live (Yea be jeli...) but it is also the home to a good many of our Olympians!! as they land in and get ready for the Games. Good Luck!!! Jamie Anderson Maddie Bowman Stacey Cook Danny Davis, Travis Ganong, CHAS GULDEMOND Nate Holland Tim Jitloff Julia Mancuso Brita Sigourney Marco Sullivan Hannah Teter Shaun White and David Wise. GO Check them out and show them some love and support!!! Im sure there are even more from this area.So if you know of any please let me know!!
Julia Mancuso is a solid replacment for Lindsey Vonn in the eye candy department .
a note from what I used to call home: 28 athletes have come up through Squaw Valley's ranks to become Olympians. Cheering on Julia Mancuso, Marco Sullivan, Nate Holland and Travis Ganong in Sochi!
Living in a world without walls is Julia Mancuso’s Imagine yours.
Check out Julia Mancuso's full interview on our page
Team USA skiier Julia Mancuso joins Matt Lauer in Sochi’s Olympic Park to discuss her preparation for the upcoming Games and the absence of Lindsey Vonn.
Julia Mancuso 3rd in training today! Coming on strong when it counts!
Olympic alpine skier Julia Mancuso does Pilates in ski boots to prepare for competition
Three-time Olympic medalist Julia Mancuso, doesn't spend her off-season locked in a dank gym. Instead, she heads to Hawaii, where surfing, free diving and outdoor workouts are staples in getting her prepared for the rigors of the Alpine Skiing season.
U.S. Olympians Julia Mancuso, Shaun White & more athletes are gearing up for Sochi!
Don't forget to follow our favorite winter Olympian, Julia Mancuso as she goes for gold in Sochi! Go team
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Julia Mancuso appeared live from her fourth Olympic Games in Sochi on NBC’s “TODAY” during the Wednesday morning (Feb. 5) broadcast, telling viewers that...
A Rude guide to Olympic Athletes worth watching. Meet Julia Mancuso. Skiing
Every 4 yrs Julia Mancuso is overlooked. Every 4 yrs she wins Olympic medals. My story on
Under-the-radar Julia Mancuso ready to shine on biggest stage again: (via
It certainly appears that USA downhill skier Julia Mancuso is *** bend on ensuring that her hind-end is a much-discussed topic during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Steamy images from a provocative photo shoot Mancuso did for GQ hit the …… [ 56 more words. ]
OLYMPIC VALLEY, Calif. — When Julia Mancuso stepped onto the podium to receive gold at the 2006 Olympic Games in Torino, her childhood coach, *** Banfield, watched from the
Learn more about Julia Mancuso's story at
Julia Mancuso has captured more major championship medals than any other American woman with eight – three Olympic and five World Championship.
So Lindsey Vonn is out for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi but who needs Lindsey when you got the beautiful 29 year old skier Julia Mancuso. Where some recent photos from her photoshoot with GQ that will make you before about Lindsey Vonn!
Seems for every Olympics find myself having a lil crush on one of the athletes, but Julia Mancuso has been on a Winter Olympics Crush streak for me for a few consecutive ones now! (Sochi is her 4th I believe.) She embodies 2 of my fav things on Earth... fast skiing & a wild crazy woman! Lmao!
Olympic alpine skier Julia Mancuso may compete on the slopes, but she gets her Oomph from the tropics. That's why she loves ZICO Pure Premium Coconut ...
Julia Mancuso pushed me all the way with
No American woman has won more Olympic Alpine medals than Julia Mancuso. Fast and fun-loving, she's a fresh breeze of mountain speed for Team USA.
Check out the following story from the New York Times sent to us by Erin Barrett. US Olympic Skier Julia Mancuso gets in shape for the 2014 Olympic Games by doing Pilates 5x/week!
Here's Team USA downhill skier Julia Mancuso trying to get America hooked on crack ... and it's working. The 29-year-old Olympian -- who chalked up a gold…
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2010 Winter Olympics silver medalist Julia Mancuso was recently profiled in GQ Magazine, showing how the favorite to win the gold in women's downhill and combined at the 2014 events in Sochi can also have a sexy side. In fact, the Olympian credits her success on luck. Luck in the form of underwear!
US Olympic skier Julia Mancuso recently did a photo shoot for GQ Magazine along with an accompanying article. The main theme of the photos and words...forget about Lindsey Vonn, I'm Julia Mancuso.
American skier Julia Mancuso wants you to forget all about Lindsey Vonn
This is why I love winter sports... and Julia Mancuso
After a delay to modify the course, American Julia Mancuso finished third in the opening women's downhill training at the Sochi Olympics.
Julia Mancuso ~ 3rd fastest in Downhill Training in Sochi
I just have a gut feeling that Julia Mancuso is going to really clean house this Olympics! In addition to Mikaela Shiffrin . Beyond excited to watch the US SKI TEAM rake in some medals.
Bombing down a snowy slope at gold-medal-winning speeds of 85 miles per hour isn't just about having a super smooth swoosh. What Olympic alpine skier Julia Mancuso does off her skis is just as
For alpine skiers Heath Calhoun and Julia Mancuso the engineering and design of their skis will be critical to success at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, especially when it comes to hard packed snow surfaces where vibrations on the slope impact speed and performance. “Science and Engineering of the 2...
Our next "Skiing to Sochi" episode is with U.S. Ski Teams Julia Mancuso. Hear what she had to say about the Sochi 2014 Winter Games in our most exciting v...
We caught up with February cover girl Julia Mancuso before her big shoot.
You betcha we stand behind our local Squaw Valley athletes and will be cheering on Julia Mancuso at Who are you rooting for at the Winter Olympic Games?
The USA, like any country participates in the Olympic Games for one reason and one reason only; to win. This is competition and in competition it is winning that matters. You bring your fastest, strongest, bravest gun slingers to the fight. I, for one, am psyched to have a fierce competitor with daring courage and a hunger to win for his country, himself, and to once again settle the score with the haters, representing the United States of America. No go out there and kick some *** Bode, Julia Mancuso, Mikaela Shiffrin Ted Ligety and Travis Ganong
Congrats to Truckee/Tahoe athletes Julia Mancuso, Marco Sullivan, Stacey Cook, Travis Ganong and Tim Jitloff for...
Back in Stockholm and working at the clinic! Happy after a great week with Julia Mancuso
Over the next 8 weeks, we’ll look at some of your favorite Winter Olympic athletes ahead of the Sochi Games. This week, 3-time medalist and downhill skier, Julia Mancuso.
What three-time Olympic medalist Julia Mancuso has to say about workouts, eats and the threat of skin cancer, even in the winter.
Not far from the finish line she crossed minutes earlier in World Cup downhill training, Lindsey Vonn smiled as she chatted with US teammates Julia Mancuso, Stacey Cook, and Leanne ...
Laura Gut, Swiss National Womens Downhill Champ wins at Beaver Creek! At a tiny five foot five Switzerland's Laura Gut won the season opener at BC CO. She put down an ideal technical run and flat out turned all the big girls from Austria, Germany, France & Italy USA was non-competitive w/ Lindsay Vonn out. Julia Mancuso played the major fool again w/ her crazy hair doo. It'd be funny if u could actually win something Julia! Talk about not living up to one's potential! Go Swiss World Cup Team!! Sochi 2014!!
We're with you, Julia Mancuso. Sending +++ vibes to Lindsey Vonn!
Julia Mancuso is a much cooler human being than Lindsey Vonn.
Sandusky Mall has a rapist aura written all over it We were scared for our lives
if ur a 51 year old indian man named Sanjé
Last night on The Fosters when they got married, I started crying and my mom judged me.
Julia Mancuso Training Slalom in New Zealand. Coach Chris with the insane angle brought to you by GoPro
Slalom Training with Julia Mancuso...birds eye view video from her coach and a GoPro!
Got my calculator for Algebra ll. Brb dying. :(
Is Justin Bieber really worth getting that defensive and mad over? I think not lol
I seriously love the Step Up movies.
well maybe I should take off my costume than 😏
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Today we stopped at Brian's lake house, and he hit his neighbors house with a golf cart. It was so incredibly funny.
Why do girls think this is attractive? Look at his pants. Just look.
I seriously love this song. Sorry. Just had to say it. :p
I love you smile think of the giraffes and have sweet dreams. :)
There is no proper response to this.
Never thought I'd say this but.trumpets need to step it up. The low brass is gonna kick our ***
Sometimes I like to randomly share my life stories. For example..
GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany - Tina Maze set the fastest time Thursday in the second training run for a womens World Cup downhill, one of three races being held this week in the German resort. Charles Mann Jersey . Maze, who has already clinched the overall World Cup title, covered the Kandahar course in 1 minute, 40.42 seconds, 0.26 seconds ahead of Daniela Merighetti of Italy. Regina Sterz of Austria was third, 0.29 behind. Maze, who has 1,844 points overall, hopes to become the first skier to top 2,000 in a season. Maria Hoefl-Riesch was seventh, ahead of Julia Mancuso of the United States. Racing starts Friday with a super-G that replaces a race that was called off in Val dIsere, France, earlier this season due to bad weather. The downhill follows on Saturday with another super-G on Sunday. Alfred Morris Jersey . After 14 years, Reid found it hard to walk away. Owner Jeffrey Lurie understood. "He had the love and respect of every individual in this organization," he said at his news conference ...
If you're not even gonna pretend to care then why should I try?
Had a great time tonight. Thank you and Evan ☺
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Wow. Having a great time at Brian's tonight 😊
Julia Mancuso shows. her training day Jurjurjur
Why can't I just smile like everybody else?
Awh & looked so cute at their car wash c:
Can somebody just come hold me and make the pain go away?
No but seriously I just dropped frosty down my face because I can't feel my mouth.
If anybody would like to come over tonight and do nothing but watch movies, let me know.
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I have mouth surgery tomorrow. Ugh.
I love having guy best friends. They are so great. ❤
I feel like Danielle and I flirt too much for this to be called a friendship...awk...
You wanna play this game Kaylani? I have way more pictures of you than you do of me. 😏
alright, car wash Saturday then we go to the beach later. Sounds good? Ok. 😊
I love blasting my music when nobody's home. I just dance around with the dogs.
I think Kaylani has finally learned not to question me but just to roll with it.
I was going through Macie's texts and she called me "A 15 year old puppy that nobody gets excited to see."
I think I'm suffering from best friend withdrawal.
I prefer to be sad around my dog Aiden because he gets all up in my face, licks my tears and makes me smile.
How am I having writers block? I'm writing about my own freaking life.
Well you see, I'm writing. And I can't write around others because then they get nosey. I'll be okay. Text me though, I'm bored.
girl you better find shelter! Us Bacik's have our purses, candles, flashlights, our kitties& shoes with us ;)
Lol I'm in my room and there's a big tree outside my window, plus I'm upstairs. Weather can gtfo.
that's so sad :( but ok! I'll text you bc idk when I'll be training& stuff next week :p
Sounds good. Because they won't be back then yet :(
I'm about to go to bed cuz I'm old& tired... but we can cry together when we see the Purge!
No. You wanna come over and cry with me right now? You don't have to but the invites there :'(
they won't be home till Febes party?! :(
9 days until Missy and Febe come home. My life is so sad :(
I need a new way to let out how I feel, because sending desperate texts isn't cutting it anymore.
I need to start a website and put videos of my mom on it. I swear she'd get over a million hits. 😂😂😂
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okay! We'll figure something out! Maybe next Tuesday at cobblestone when it's only $6!
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I can't sleep. So I write. Writing hurts. Writing is also a lot of work. So by the transitive property, work hurts.
If anybody saw the faces a snap chat to Kaylani, I would have no friends 😂
but I still am reading like 50 online ones so my life rules
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I forgive because I know what it feels like to be that sorry.
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My doctor: "I hated working with teen anorexics but I love schizophrenic adults. They're so great."
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Grandma: "This has to end somewhere. We'll bury her in the sewer."
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You hurt me so much but I can't live without you.
It's sad when you can't have the person you want.
The loneliest moment in someone's life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is s…
Ticket to Ride athlete Julia Mancuso has a pretty amazing training regiment during the off-season. Tell us how you stay active when there's no snow on the ground. Click here to see photos of Julia filming for Ticket to Ride in Iceland with Sierra Quitiquit, and Jess McMillan:
I wish I could unfollow people from life.
I love Danielle so much, like it's not even funny.
“The reason I can't go to bonfires is because I'm a pyromaniac and fire fascinates me to no end.”
“I wonder what it's like to be flawless.” Omg same.
The USADA finally tracked down , way down, Julia Mancuso for her drug testing. From the look on her face.
On the Blickbild's Blogspot page we can see the words that people use on Google to find our articles. It seems like this week one of the most popular search phrases is, "Lindsey Vonn *** " If you do a Google search with that phrase, our story about Tiger cheating on Lindsey is the very first one. The same goes for the phrase, "Tina Maze *** affair." Huh? Maybe our readers just like love and romance because the Blickbild's interview with Aksel and Julia is on Google when you type, "Aksel Lund Svindal and Julia Mancuso." The Aksel and Julia interview has been our most viewed story by far.
Miller Entertainment has released the title for their upcoming film! Ticket to Ride will take us on a trip through Kasakhstan, Iceland and beyond featuring epic lines with athletes like Seth Westcott and Julia Mancuso. Warren Miller's 64th film sure to be a must-see!
Julia Mancuso isn't afraid of hurtling down alpine ice at 80 mph, but seeing a shark while free diving in Hawaii is a different story...Sshark!
When your best friend is doing a presentation in class
It's okay brown. She just doesn't understand yet. She has to work her way into Ridgeville society.
Ryan stop creeping on innocent freshman :)
"Come on Jules. Lets hizzle it out of here." lol
Don't ask me to help you, change the plans last minute, then get mad when I can't help anymore. I'm not your slave.
I'm so sick of people complaining about the freshmen. Don't label the whole class. Some of us aren't that bad.
Don't ask me why I do things. Usually I'm surprising myself too.
Yes I just put my underwear on backwards. Yes I fixed it. No I don't care if you care. Yes you can judge me.
is probably one of the nicest people I've ever met. I love him so much. He's such a great friend.
The sheer amount of times I say 'I'm so done' in one day cannot be healthy.
My mom and I are like the same person it's scary.
I don't wanna ask for help or anything. It makes me feel like a nuisance. I just want you to hug me sometimes & tell me it'll be okay.
I don't deserve somebody as great as you to be my best friend.
That moment you like someone but realize you'd never have a chance..
Kinda looks like you're killing him...
Awe. Bowsh is like a supportive best friend ❤
I don't know how you accept me after all I've done.
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