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Julia Gillard

Julia Eileen Gillard (born 29 September 1961) is the 27th and current Prime Minister of Australia, in office since 24 June 2010.

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Would you say the same to Julia Gillard when she was PM if she went to a by invitation only all women's club?
Seven things taught me at the previous leadership luncheon.
as if Julia Gillard would know, she is the one responsible for the economic mess this country is in!
respect grows for Julia Gillard looking all these leaders who have lost direction & heading nowhere
Start your convo with Julia Gillard suggested- Dr Foley
How to ask for help - "I was talking to Julia Gillard, and she suggested I ask you..." Cathy Foley
So proud of our Head of Growth for winning an MBA scholarship and securing Julia Gillard as her new BFF.
Career goal unlocked - being the opening speaker for Julia Gillard and Layne Beachley ❤️
Hearing from two inspirational women in Julia Gillard and Katrina Sedgewick at special luncheon. What a wonderful organisation.
feeling inspired at women's leadership forum. Julia Gillard speech was incredible.
Julia Gillard on being a golden child - 'the problem being on a pedestal, it's a *** of a long way to fall'
"Shorten says Labor won’t do a deal with Greens in a hung parliament but Julia Gillard said the same & look how that turned out!"
Did any of the right wing commentators who threatened to kill Julia Gillard ever get charged?
Great event speakers Julia Gillard & thanks for the invitation
Loving listening to Julia Gillard at the Women's Leadership Forum run by Aim For The Stars
Julia Gillard's 3 lessons on leadersip: . 1. Have a sense of purpose 2. Make time for deep thinking 3. Nurture a strong sense of self
Keynote speaker Julia Gillard about to take the stand; stay posted for quotes!
On our seats ready to hear from Julia Gillard and some amazing speakers
Yep look how they went after Julia Gillard for absolutely nothing!
I had the pleasure of spending one on one time with Julia Gillard today thanks to ARN and Ally Rainey. My...
The Honourable Dr Julia Gillard. I am truly your number one fan. How can I meet you. It will be a dream.
It's not an average Friday today - I'm popping out at lunchtime to give a little speech prior to Julia Gillard,...
Julia Gillard or lady from the old Ronda and Katut ad?
An "allegation 20 years ago", seemed to matter for the Liberals when they were trying to smear Julia Gillard?. Double Standar…
Julia Gillard was a great PM and an even better negotiator, LNP should take note :)
How long did the coalition flog Julia Gillard over a bunch of nothing?
australia: Crumbs and all: Prince Harry, Hillary Clinton and Julia Gillard have cutlery swiped for exhibition
I was angry about this when I went to sleep. I've woken enraged. They did it to Julia Gillard. I'm as angry now as I was then.
America has always understood this principle of the economy - that everyone...
I seem to recall relentless pursuit of Julia Gillard over her involvement in setting up a bank account for a...
Julia Gillard caught eating skin off foot on public transport.
20-year-old matters didn't seem to be a problem when PM Julia Gillard was a Coalition target, di…
Just imagine what would be happening to Turnbull now re Panama if he were Julia Gillard or Bill Shorten instead
2012: A delighted Julia Gillard, with Craig Emerson, signs agreement with PNG to re-open (Photo: AAP)
"Road rort Labor’s gift to mates" Judith Sloan on another of Julia Gillard's ruinous regulatory legacies.
. Mining tax undermined by Wayne Swan. ETS destroyed by Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan
Former prime minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, says is her ultimate goal. Let's talk
A copy of Julia Gillard...the Prime Minister who totally TOTALLY stuffed Australia.
Julia Gillard celebrates Greek independence day in Sydney. Picture: Sam M..
Julia Gillard former Australian Prime Minister on misogyny in politics - BBC Newsnight
You don't think Michelle was biased against Julia Gillard, Katherine?Never called her 'Prime Minister'
Julia Gillard was Australias' First Two Half Term Female Prime Minister. I wrote to her about corruption and...
Peter Dutton: "Why would you go back to somebody that kept Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd in government?"
The discussion of Lindy Chamberlain and Julia Gillard in this "The Women We Love To Hate" panel has given me goosebumps.
Private life of Julia Gillard, Peter Slipper & Craig Thomson were fair game for Tony Abbott when it suited him. His affair does not suit
So, Tony Abbott who relentlessly pursued Julia Gillard, Peter Slipper & Craig Thomson, won't talk about his "relations…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Let us give thanks for the compassionate courage of Julia Gillard who set up this life changing Royal Commission. .
A big well done to Nicola Roxon & Julia Gillard. It would never have happened under Big Tobaccos LNP's bes…
Julia Gillard taking Tony Abbot to the cleaners
Julia Gillard exclusive interview: the timid ABC is rewarding Tony Abbott | World news | The Guardian.
Today at 5pm Gordon Brown talks to Julia Gillard about funding education for Syrian child refugees
Are you laughing in the face of victims of child abuse? --> PM Julia Gillard set up RC into child abuse.
It was the same with Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd too
Ruddmentum continues to be a part of the Abbott life He is still in the shadows of Kevin Rudd & Julia Gillard
Re AUS notes, why not people like Rosie Batty, Julia Gillard, Margaret Olle, Ron Clarke, Fred Burrows? But Karl Stefanovic? NO 😳
After comments Re: Julia Gillard in 2007 This is very hypocritical
Julia Gillard didn't have to discipline or dismiss a single Minister.. has already lost TWO!..
PREVIEW: Watch me challenge ex-Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard over her treatment of refugees on https…
How did Kevin & his Family made $2Billion. Julia Gillard is Documented, Beatie, Anna Bligh
Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd demand bigger perks for former Prime Ministers
Salmond's dig at Hilary Benn over his dead father recalls Alan Jones' hateful remarks about Julia Gillard's father
Having met The Hon.Julia Gillard 27th Prime Minister of Australia - only female PM to date in person today,she is one amazing lady!
that is effectively what Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia said
Remember when Alan Jones was raging at Abbott & the LNP cabinet just like he did with Julia Gillard for breaking a promise? Neither do I...
"Where are the Destroy The Jointers trying to get Bills sacked like they did when Alan Jones sad Julia Gillard should be thrown out to sea?"
Brilliant statement by Aussie Prime Minister -. Australian PM Julia Gillard should be made Queen of the world.
My answer to How good was Julia Gillard as the Prime Minister of Australia? Please can any Australian's (or …
People keep asking Julia Gillard, who entered Parliament 5 years after Hilary Clinton became a national political figure, for advice to her.
Julia Gillard: from Australia's first female prime minister & one of the most successful to international superstar
Almost unbelievable: Tony Abbott has phoned Julia Gillard several times since being dumped via
Julia Gillard has “mixed feelings” about return to Canberra, after accepting honorary degree
Conversation with Sean Kelly, former adviser to Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, Politics Editor at The Monthly
Julia Gillard: from Australia's prime minister to international superstar -
. FORMER prime minister Julia Gillard has left taxpayers with a $454,412 bill.
SUDDENLY: . Julia Gillard on a post-it note. Australia's 27th Prime Minister.
It is often forgotten that Joel Fitzgibbon was for most of his career a loyal member of Julia Gillard's praetorian guard.
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Alan Jones suggests throwing Julia Gillard "out to sea in a chaff bag" via
Julia Gillard's 'small breasts' served up on Liberal party dinner menu
.says Australia's 'worth looking at'. Watch our interview with former PM
he probably tried to have a go on the Aussie pm till he realised it wasn't Julia Gillard any more
I still remember his white anting of Julia Gillard.making a mockery of her gov. Talking points on TV. Bye Bye
Bit like the Liberals with their relentless attacks on Julia Gillard
TB muck up day 2011 when I met Julia Gillard
why do all our prime ministers have double letters in their last name? i mean, Kevin Rudd, julia giLLard, Tony Abbott, and malcolm turnbuLL.
Got myself a Julia Gillard postcard. (What would Julia do, obviously).
And you have to understand that your lovely Julia Gillard did this by stripping all human rights from the law.
Julia Gillard with a net wealth of $2mil forgot to share her wealth it seems.
LNP are Hypocrites, what abt thier own smearing Julia Gillard, They R still mysoginists, appointments R Just appeasement
Laborites suffer from the envy of the rich. Oh wait a second half of them are millionaires
I disagree Australia didn't give Julia Gillard a fair go. Perhaps she should have been in Liberal party instead?
Thanks goes to Julia Gillard , called ,the Royal Commision on Sexual Assult on our children, Julia one of many legacies, she was successful.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
And I suppose the treatment of Julia Gillard wasn't 'Base' at all Barrie - It's a MANS world isn't it : /.
. I often laugh at people who say they didn't vote for Julia Gillard. I tried to explain they didn't live in Lalor. 😊
o. That's a bit low. At least use julia gillard not this tosspot. Unless you have one of him winking at old ladies.
Julia Gillard steers important discussion on future vision and mission of GPE
yeah and then I'll Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott you, aka steal ur position
@ cooktragic Julia Gillard the one who screamed across our Parliament to LOTO "misogynist" & he only man in family.
Malcolm says a smear campaign, LNP would never stoop so low would they?. Just ask Julia Gillard
another instance Julia Gillard,when PM, telling asylum-seekers who'd sewn their lips together in protest the action would 'get them nowhere'
Julia Gillard is flying high after her scare with Commission. Some people manage to escape justice.
What is the key to all Global Development goals? Julia Gillard says,it's Education! Read more
You were playing Julia Gillard to Kevin Rudd, were you?
as I said before, no different from when went after Julia Gillard in regards to Unions! has huge weath
It's not just me that thinks so. Why Julia Gillard's smackdown speech was brilliant. via
and what the difference smearing Julia Gillard with unions and wealth?
Even Julia Gillard has one which is kind of terrifying
Julia Gillard started the process by raising it to 67 over time. Both sides want to work us to death spoil
$50 million taxpayers’ money goes up in smoke. Tobacco Company Philip Morris is feeling the pinch by Julia Gillard.
: Abbott: For the sake of Australia, go! Tony Abbott would do well to take a leaf out of Julia Gillard'…
Got a run at Estimates. As of May this year, neither had commissioned an artist
Julia Gillard did brilliant job disemboweling the church via the CARC..Abbott, Pell, Murdoch etc despise her for that..
For deeper insights Watch is the opportunity
Ex PM Julia Gillard of Australia tells " If you don't like our laws of Australia !
& this model of automated learning & accountability appealed to much to Julia Gillard... (sigh)...
The was thrilled to have stop by the office today!
Last night I dreamt I took a selfie with Julia Gillard lol
Chris Berg prefers to blame Julia Gillard for destabilisation of Australian Prime Ministers. History will be least kind to Ab…
Tony Abbott whinges into Ray Hadley's microphone. Julia Gillard hangs out with Michelle Obama. And there it is.
lets us all face it, John Howard, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard were never as good leaders as Bob Hawke and Paul Keating.
Paul Keating: "I was changing the country, who else was?" John Howard: fail. Kevin Rudd: fail. Julia Gillard: to some extent.
BTW, my sons never understood the disrespect for Julia Gillard, nor the worship of Kevin Rudd.
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Who were John Hattie's and Julia Gillard's most inspirational teachers? Stay tuned for a new video.
Quite galling to hear Kevin Rudd calling for kinder and gentler politics after knifing Julia Gillard between the shoulder…
Ruddmentum because everything abject failure Tony Abbott does is in the shadow of Julia Gillard & Kevin Rudd
Julia Gillard joined a panel of famous women in New York on Monday, including First Lady Michelle Obama and Hollywood star Charlize
on 1961 Julia Gillard, Welsh-Australian politician, 27th Prime Minister of Australia
what rock where you hiding under when Julia Gillard was Prime Minister of Australia ?
via Great to see former Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, visit our New York office to di…
It's sometimes like Julia Gillard has absolutely no reflexive skills at all.
Panel Discussion with the First Lady, Julia Gillard, Former Prime Minister of Australia, Charlize Theron, Actress and Activist, and Nurfaha…
Mr Uhlmann was the frontman for the ABC attack on Julia Gillard. Took ABC730 from top notch under KOB to Today Tonight Curre…
As far as I can recall,Julia Gillard was in the Cabinet.
Julia Bishop, Julia Gillard & *** Smith.. now i would vote for a party with those 3 people init..
Climate Change Authority chief, and Julia Gillard appointee, quits in surprise move.
"baby now we got bad blood, it used to be mad love" - Kevin Rudd & Julia Gillard.
I blame Kevin Rudd for all the garbage that went on. Julia Gillard was a great PM despite Kevin's white-anting.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Unless that PM is Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd right?
Senator George Brandis has accused Unions and Labor of Smearing Forgot about Julia Gillard.
Diary of a Foreign Minister: "Marty Natalegawa who, Julia Gillard says, reminds her of Johnny Depp" (!)
Dave, you wont believe this! Paul Murray's filling in on an another sky news show... and he's talking about Julia Gillard again.
Ex-Australian PM Julia Gillard reverses *** marriage stance. All a bit late, really, but, still..
It's a bit late now, Julia Gillard: “As I'm sure you're aware, the Gillard Labor Government has a proud record...
Julia Gillard changes her mind to back and lambasts Abbott plan
New post: Julia Gillard: there will be no *** marriage under a government I lead 
Here's a link to Julia Gillard's full speech where she explains why she's now in favour of same-sex marriage
Julia Gillard comes out in support of contrary to her views during he previous Government.
A country who voted in an Abbott government because "Julia Gillard lied about the carbon tax" cannot have a mature debate about anything
Thanks Su - I share your outrage! His treatment of Julia Gillard, Abbott should have been GONE forever.
omg get over yourselves. Perfectly fine for your government to seriously demean Julia Gillard though.
I've never seen a man woman or animal subjected2what Julia Gillard was. Extraordinary abuses 2 destabilise the government, sai…
Could you imagine if Alan Jones allowed one of his callers to say Julia Gillard loves anal sex?
Hastie said Julia Gillard had never been to Afghanistan He is an unreliable witness
.Where were you when Alan Jones/Abbott & J Bishop were attacking Julia Gillard..?.
Heydon attacked Julia Gillard for not reading documents carefully. Double & biased standards Gotta go http…
Julia Gillard - cites Tony Blair 'the leader who decides also divides' - the necessity and the cost of decision-making.
Short Memory... Must have a... Taxpayers spend $450,000 on establishing Adelaide office for former PM Julia Gillard.
Barrie why didn't you question Julia Gillard's loyalty to Craig Thompson?
Former Prime minister Julia Gillard with tennis great Martina Navratilova at the Women's Initiative…
: Julia Gillard says women still have to overcome cultural stereotypes Former Prime Minister Julia Gill…
would definitely be a good idea - but when you see how Julia Gillard was treated as prime minister - where's the incentive?
An absolute pleasure to meet our former Prime Minister the Hon. Julia Gillard this evening. She is incredible.
The idea of John McTernan advising against Jeremy Corbyn 😂 He did such a great job with Julia Gillard and the ALP...
Oh. So he has met our ex prime minister Julia Gillard then?
One in three women who see this video are experts on this topic. Julia Gillard, the Australian Prime Minister who...
I mean, look at the treatment of Julia Gillard. The former Prime Minister of Australia. Even that didn't protect her.
Stalking of Julia Gillard: How the media and Team Rudd contrived to bring down the Prime Minister
TonY Abbot 2012."It is very important that the prime minister [Julia Gillard] act swiftly to require the speaker to step aside…
Julia Gillard's famous speech in parliament calling opposition leader Tony Abbott out on misogyny and sexism.Golden 🙌
sigh. Waleed Aly comes out with his monthly "Julia Gillard lied & introduced a carbon tax" - i guess opinion pieces dont need to be true
Seriously. Bill Shorten and Wayne Swan are selling Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard memorabilia:…
It would be great to see a mix of old & new faces ... Jason Clare, Robert Di Natale, John Hewson, Paul Keating, Julia Gillard
as a closeted fan, I'd get giddy if John Howard, Julia Gillard, Paul Keating and Anna Bligh were dessert-ed
also Grahame Morris was panel member: what about his “kick Julia Gillard to death”?
Imagine the outcry if Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd or Wayne Swan had sued Newscorp.
Note that Grahame Morris once suggested Julia Gillard should be kicked to death. Nobody questions his presence on the p…
Mr Morris, Mr Ciobo & Alan Jones have incited violence against Julia Gillard & have appeared on
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