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Julia Gillard

Julia Eileen Gillard (born 29 September 1961) is the 27th and current Prime Minister of Australia, in office since 24 June 2010.

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Good education helps girls to grow into strong women . - by Julia Gillard
Tony Abbott, Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd have all suffered from PMT.Prime Minister the back benchers sharpen knives.
Who removed Gough Whitlam, Kevin Rudd & Julia Gillard? Is he really so stupid?!
Weirder things have happened, Jeff Kennett appointing Julia Gillard to teh Board of Beyond Blue!
I think most of us are far more creative about "political argy bargy" than was towards Julia Gillard and carbon tax.
John McTernan, former spin doctor to Julia Gillard, has done more harm than good to the ALP
Deeply disappointed that Julia Gillard chose to hold the election on Yom Kippur - the most solemn and sacred day of th…
Tony Abbott happy to have a Royal Commission to 'get' Julia Gillard, but not to investigate the torture of children by his…
the new defn of hypocrisy is Alan Jones calling for respect for PM given his comments on Julia Gillard, chaff bags, shamed Dad and all that
We should all support the PM? Like the way Alan Jones supported Julia Gillard?
To be fair, Kevin Andrews was half right about Julia Gillard & Tony Abbott being best leadership team
You can't blame Kevin Andrews for the Julia Gillard slip. They're both women. Same diff.
Julia Gillard's first leadership spill press conference lasted half an hour
Mark Riley at the National Press Club with Julia Gillard - and Tony Abbott - Michael Smith News
Wonder how the obituary's shall read for inspiring Aust. women such as Julia Gillard, Quentin Bryce, Sally Pearson, Penny Wong...
Greg Combet & Julia Gillard at Greggy's book launch. I want them back.
Fortunately or unfortunately, if GMB becomes our next president, he would be a comfortable member of the exclusive Very Old African Leaders' club. Other members of the club would be Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe (86 years), Abdulai Wade of Senegal (83), Paul Biya of Cameroon (77), Bingu Wa Mtalika of Malawi (76), Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia (75), Hifikepunye Pohamba of Namibia (74), Algeria's Abdelaziz Bouteflika (74), Rupiah Banda of Zambia (73), Jos? Eduardo Dos Santos of Angola (69), and Jacob Zuma of South Africa (69). The average age of the ten African presidents listed above is 75.6 years Let's compare the ages of these African leaders with the ages of the leaders of the most developed countries. Angela Merkel ( Germany ) age 56, Nicolas Sarkozy ( France ) age 55, Jose Socrates ( Portugal ) age 53, Jens Stoltenberg (Norway), 52, Stephen Harper ( Canada ) age 51, Julia Gillard ( Australia ) age 49, Luis Zapatero ( Spain ) age 49, Barrack Obama ( USA ) age 48, Dimitri Medvedev ( Russia ) age 45, Davi ...
Julia Gillard and Cate Blanchett: We both grew up in Australia, where our education provided strong foundations to meet our potential as female leaders. Millions of girls throughout the world deserve the same chance
This is not my status but I think this is far more than being a status Australian PM Julia Gillard should be made Queen of the world. What she has said requires a lot of courage and confidence. All the countries in the world should have leaders like her. She says "Muslims, who are demanding Sharia law have been asked to leave Australia by wednesday because Australia sees fanatic muslims as terrorists. Each and every mosque will be searched and muslims will cooperate with us in this process. All the muslims who have migrated from other countries to Australia will have to adept and change themselves as per our country and not expect us to change as per them. If they are unable to do so, they are most welcome to leave Australia. A lot of Australian are worried that we may be insulting a particular religion.but I assure the people of Australia that whatever is being done is for the betterment of Australia and its people. We speak English here and not Arabic or urdu or any othe islamic language so if you wan . ...
Julia Gillard joins board of depression initiative beyondblue
Piers Akerman sets the record straight on Royal Commision's findings against Julia Gillard
to Julia Gillard for your failed smear campaign.
For anyone who knows politics, releasing the RC into Julia Gillard the week b4 Xmas, following a tragic week like this o…
Today the GPE Board approved grants totaling US$260 million for six low-income countries. Julia Gillard explains which countries will receive the grants and how we will help them to improve education outcomes. Read the full press release:
If Labor had ‘lost its way’ under Kevin Rudd. as Julia Gillard stated in parliament the day she became Prime Minister, then what can we say of the Liberals under Tony Abbott, today? Abbott’s quite pathetic suggestion that criticism of his chief of staff, Peta Credlin was about gender has infuriated…
Was that Paula Bennett's Julia Gillard moment? "I'd like to see you do that to a man in the House" as Phil Twyford mimes claws
John Howard vs Tony Abbott vs Kevin Rudd vs Julia Gillard. We all know Julia will win because you can't hit a girl.
Julia Gillard did not lie. She actually said, following her comment about there being "no carbon tax under the government she led";
You have form on backing losers. Spin doctor for Julia Gillard until you were booted out, and now trying to spin Ed Miliband.
.In many ways Julia Gillard's govt (then Rudd's) paved the way for the Coalition, which carries to new extreme the same agenda
people who hated Julia Gillard with a passion are now equally if not more disillusioned after only 12 months of Abbott government
newsflash: Julia Gillard has left politics, the L-Platers are in government now. Do try to keep up, there's a good little sheeple.
I was at a function tonight where Julia Gillard complained about her SA ESL bill during her speech.
In keeping theme with the way Julia Gillard was hounded, why isn't there national coverage of Tony Abbott's slick new chestn…
Met five Prime Ministers in little over one month... Julia Gillard, Malcolm Fraser, Geoffrey Palmer, John Key & Jim Bolger. Not bad going.
| Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and Julia Gillard got standing ovations, John Howard and Tony Abbott were booed:
Julia Gillard says she will address conduct claims with union inquiry via This she should never have to do
Amidst evil slander of Julia Gillard was Julie Bishop.Time she apologised. Seething hate for a superior.
Leigh: 'it might be appropriate for Julie Bishop, who had accused Julia Gillard of criminality, now to issue a formal apolog…
Julie Bishop has slandered and defamed Julia Gillard.
Julie Bishop owes Julia Gillard an apology, she accused her of criminal behaviour
Firstly, Julia Gillard has nothing to answer for, despite all of the antics and smear, Gillard has come out of...
Julia Gillard's captain's pick!!. confirms again why it is Australia's finest newspaper.
AWU Scandal - UPDATED bombshell from Ben Fordham of 2GB - Julia Gillard is being investigated by...
Julia Gillard denies radio host Ben Fordham's claims she was being investigated by police over t...
Hedley Thomas, Larry Pickering, Michael Smith & the sex tourist all in line for for writing crap about Julia Gillard.
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Women and their community? Hear what Julia Gillard, Australia’s 27th Prime Minister and Cate Blanchett have to say:
MS Mirabella .Led the pack on the disgusting attacks on Julia Gillard. One of Abbott's bottom feeders
"We won't be lectured by Labor; not now, not ever" - Stuart Robert adapts Julia Gillard misogyny speech in answering re ADF spin doctors
Julia Gillard on Kevin Rudd is so immensely mature. Oh that we could have this quality in New Zealand
Julia Gillard - what does she think of Australia's war effort? Of Kevin Rudd? Of her treatment as a woman PM? Are Aussies more sexist?
Tony Abbott has done more damage to freedom in Australia than either Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard. Deal with it, liberal party shills.
Julia Gillard: Australia's first female PM reveals the sexism and misogyny she faced on her rise to the top
An airplane was about to crash; there were 5 passengers on board, but only 4 parachutes. The first passenger said, “I am President Obama, and I am the CHOSEN ONE! The world needs me, I can’t afford to die.” So he took the first parachute and jumped. The second passenger, Julia Gillard, said, “I was the Prime Minister of Australia and I am the smartest woman in Australian history, so Australia’s people don’t want me to die.” She took the second parachute and jumped. The third passenger, John Kerry, said, “I’m the U.S. Secretary of State, and I am a decorated war hero.” So he grabbed the third parachute and jumped. The fourth passenger, former President George W Bush, said to the fifth passenger, a 10-year-old schoolgirl, “I have lived a full life, and served my country the best I could. I will sacrifice my life and let you have the last parachute.” The little girl said, “That’s okay, Mr. President. There’s still one parachute left for you. The CHOSEN ONE took my backpack.”
One thing could swing this. Mark Latham could shake Putins hand before the fight and Julia Gillard apply the vaseline. Team Australia.
I stopped listening to Mark Latham when he said that Julia Gillard didn't have empathy because she didn't have children. Then, she was PM.
Julia Gillard says Kevin Rudd was deeply flawed due to a difficult childhood.
Speculation growing that Australian leader Julia Gillard may be deposed - GlobalP..
So Bill Shorten helped with the removal of Kevin Rudd and then Julia Gillard. He is now the leader of the Party. WHAT IS GOING ON!!
Kate Langbroek, Julia Gillard and Mark Rubbo backstage at the Regent Theatre
Waiting for Julia Gillard in conversation with Kate Langbroek at Regent Theatre
Super excited to see Julia Gillard tonight at the Regent Theatre. Has anyone read 'My Story' yet?
Lots of love for Julia Gillard at Melbourne's Regent Theatre.
Educate women and their community will prosper. Deny them education and the world will suffer | Julia Gillard and Cate Blan…
2OIO 'Campaign from *** ' Julia Gillard having big trouble explaining why she rewarded disloyal Rudd with the Foreign Ministry
The dangerous sanctimony of the apparatchik. Example one: Julia Gillard | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
John Howard has called on Julia Gillard to correct a “false” claim that he used the September 11 terror attacks to take a “hairy-chested political ­approach” on asylum-seekers and send SAS troops on to the Norwegian freighter, Tampa.
Julia Gillard has made a fundamental error in her book, and used it as the basis of a highly defamatory attack on...
Oh yeah, gave real good advice to Mark Latham, Kim Beazley and Julia Gillard. ***
Julia Gillard's book does an absolutely smashing job of describing what a *** Kevin Rudd was. Well worth the price of admission
Good morning Don't suppose you're ready to confirm if you've switched camps from Julia Gillard to Kevin Rudd ?
"Julia Gillard descends into sophistry in justifying her execution of Kevin Rudd"!
If Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard left a " bloody mess", Leo Vilensky, then Tony Abbott is burning down the house. Letters
Julia Gillard talks *** marriage, Kevin Rudd and 'that' speech in exclusive ... - SBS
Labor heavyweights join Julia Gillard in launching her book My Story. Not surprisingly Kevin Rudd did not attend.
News in Brief: Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd agree to settle their differences over a quiet cup of cyanide .
I think you need to call Dan Akroyd...Need to get Ghostbusters for PMs Past to Australia to sort out Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd
The Murdoch press aided Kevin Rudd in attempting to destroy Julia Gillard by spewing lies
yes, Kevin Rudd undermined Julia Gillard by being more popular than her while she wa…
Kevin Rudd fires back at Julia Gillard, calling My Story book a 'fiction' and a 'justification' - -
Highlights from today's events at the United Nations General Assembly. Watch Wednesday's live webcasts featuring Michelle Obama and Julia Gillard:
AWU slush fund documents handed over : Two weeks after many journalists of the Left announced Julia Gillard ha... http…
PS world: Of course John Howard was going to attack Julia Gillard's misogyny speech. HE IS A WHITE, LIBERAL, MALE AKA an older Tony Abbott.
Julia Gillard's misogyny speech was 'nonsense': John Howard. From a' man who never made a speech of any significance
How true: "The most important quality as Prime Minister is authority not popularity": John Howard on Julia Gillard
John Howard: I lost my nerve - Yahoo!7 via What a surprise, Mr Howard is not a fan of Julia Gillard!
Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia, came to the Did you go to her talk?
A great giveaway for Gallery members— Julia Gillard in Geelong A Deakin University and Wheeler Centre event Monday 6 October at 7.15pm Costa Hall, Deakin University, Geelong Waterfront campus 1 Gheringhap Street, Geelong Thanks to our good friends at the Wheeler Centre we are thrilled to offer one lucky Geelong Gallery member a double pass to hear former Prime Minister Julia Gillard discuss her memoir 'My Story' with Dr Andrew Scott, Associate Professor in Politics and Policy at Deakin University. To win a double pass to this special event, simply email us at marketingwith the subject title: 'Julia Gillard double pass' and provide your name, email address and phone number. Only the winner will be notified. For more details or to book tickets to this special event, visit:
Had to reply to a letter writer in today's SMH. Leo is a huge Dolt fan and couldn't help myself. "Julia Gillard is using the same lame excuse first used by an ALP politician Carmel Lawrence (former Premier of Western Australia) when she uttered, "I cannot recall". I believe that the Australian public have made up their minds on the issues that were raised at the Royal Commission. Leo Vilensky Castle Cove (letter smh 12/09/2014)." Yep another bloody politician using the same old 'I can't recall' defence. Like John Howard, Alexander Downer, Chrissy Pyne, Tony Abbort, Joe Hockey, Arthur Sinodinos, Peter Reith. Good to see you only singled out two ALP women to prove your point. Can't wait until ALP gets back in power so we can have Royal Commisions into the AWB, Iraq war, human rights abuses, stopping the boats, *** orgies in Peter Slippers office, the rorting by LNP poltiicians, the blatant corruption of LNP pollies as exposed by ICAC etc etc. There is a very real threat of terrorism in Australia. And th ...
Another failed witch trial as Julia Gillard testifies at TURC: Next up Elvis Presley and Big Foot
Michael Smith editorial after Julia Gillard's appearance at the Royal Commission
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
As well as about Abbott 'getting' Julia Gillard with Kathy Jackson's help, which ultimately backfired.
Julia Gillard has denied prior knowledge of a slush fund set up by her former partner, union official Bruce Wilson.
Julia Gillard fails to incriminate herself at Royal Commission. Coalition blames Labor.
FORMER Prime Minister Julia Gillard is set to appear as a witness before the Royal Commission int... via
The lies and deception of Media Watch and host Jonathan Holmes in defence of Julia Gillard. via
Deakin University in partnership with The Wheeler Centre present. Julia Gillard
5 of 5 stars to The Stalking of Julia Gillard by Kerry-Anne Walsh
has Kerry-Anne Walsh talked about the misquote from 'The Stalking of Julia Gillard'?
All Julia Gillard promised was no carbon tax, and even though she went back on it, the carbon tax was at least positive for the environment. Abbot, you are just a ***
Imagine, if you will, that Julia Gillard was said to have admitted scheduling official business to justify travel for a fundraiser.
Read This Book : My StoryJulia Gillard (Author)1 used & new from $17.62. (...
Julia Gillard backs down on plans to vote against improving Palestine's status in the UN |
- it with our former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
They saw weakness and that aroused them. They were feral but Julia Gillard pandered to them.
I don't think we will see again in our lifetimes, the kind of ferocious attack we saw from the conservative press against Julia Gillard
Gosh, you seem to have forgotten that it was Labor's Julia Gillard who re-instituted offshore detention.
Yes, but Julia Gillard said "John" should just keep living off the credit card & keep adding debt to maintain his lifestyle...
D boss! Is that D faceless men & D leader! Was Julia Gillard now Tony Abbott ? What we have in parliament these days ??Tung & cheek
Imagine if Julia Gillard had come up with
and I was saying that no one suggested that it was okay that Julia Gillard was subject to sexism because she could hold her own
so what's your beef with Julia Gillard?
.Imagine the screaming outrage if it was Julia Gillard's face on this. The left are truly ugly, vicious people.
Hey, Paul Kelly! You love to use polls against Julia Gillard. What say you of Abbott/Libs/Hockey's polling today? 😜
Well, as Anal Jones said to Julia Gillard on her late arrival at 2gb "We're all busy". Naughty boy Tony!
What a really charming man. Spent years insulting Julia Gillard so I'm not surprised.
Yep we sure did. Here they are can you see them?
If anyone wondering why I tell the bishop facts, May I remind you what & how she served it to PM Julia Gillard?
He lost me when he said Julia Gillard was worst PM in 100yrs. 100% Murdoch/Abbott stooge.
I just invited Julia Gillard to come to a uni event coz she'll be here the day before what is wrong with me
I liked a video Julia Gillard's misogyny speech
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"Kelly chronicles Labor in power under Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, and the ascendancy of Tony Abbott." This is PURE PR.
Remember all those international news stories about how incompetent Julia Gillard was ? No? Neither do I.
Will you be selling Julia Gillard's book & will there be signings at stores? Do you have a waiting list for the book?
Social media reacts to Julia Gillard's letter via
She Did It Again !!! W O W !. Australia says NO -- This will be the second Time Julia Gillard has done this!. She...
1/2 million children in Gaza denied education due to conflict: Our statement:
Don't forget tickets for the Julia Gillard - My Story - Second Session go on sale THIS WEDNESDAY 27th AUGUST at...
Paul Kelly has a visceral hatred for Julia Gillard-says she was worst PM in 100 years.How can anyone take this tosser seri…
hmmm maybe I should nominate Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd in no state to rule: Julia Gillard
The winner of the School of Social and Policy Studies Open Day Mock Ballot is Ben Curtin! The poll results were: Hugh Jackman - 37 votes (Winner) Kylie Minogue - 10 votes Julia Gillard - 9 votes Alexander Downer - 7 votes Barry Humphrys - 5 votes Congratulations to Ben who will received a copy of the BBC's House of Cards Trilogy on DVD.
Former PM Julia Gillard on the importance of Education in conflict via
W-a-r-n-i-n-g!!! "LEAVE THIS COUNTRY IF YOU WANT TO LIVE UNDER SHARIA LAW". "Take It Or Leave It" Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard Tell Muslims This is our country is our land, enjoy it. If you complain or whine about our our Flag, our Pledge, our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, You should take the advantage of leaving the country. **Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. **our language, culture has been developed over 2 centuries of struggles, trials and victories, learn or leave the country. Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Australia has argued Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law in her country to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks. Separately, Gillard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying she supported spy agencies monitoring the nation's mosques. Quote: 'Immigrants, Not Australians, Must Adapt... Take It Or Leave It. I am tired ...
Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott aren't Australians, right? — Tony isn't, I dunno about Julia but idgaf. I don't c...
oh dear so what about the salacious comments to Julia Gillard from the likes of pyne and co double standards
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I think Bronwyn Bishop should do a grovelling apology to Julia Gillard for her venal comments and supporting TA in attacks on her.
Thanks for that. I would like to see a woman lead the Coalition. They gave it to Julia Gillard.
Have you Booked your Julia Gillard Event tickets? Wednesday 15th October 6pm at the Brisbane CIty Hall. $15 book in store on 07 30072800.
Boy. Good talk by Tim Goldsmith of PwC until he put a picture up of Julia Gillard and labelled it "cheap". That was a cheap shot
"Education is a critical element of a humanitarian response." Do you agree?
Some good news: How -- And Why -- The International Community Is Rallying to Educate More of the World's Children
The Jerusalem Prize is proudly awarded by the Zionist Council of Victoria, the Zionist Federation of Australia and...
President of the ZCV, Sam Tatarka said:. Julia Gillard is an outstanding friend to the Jewish people & State of Israel.
Ms Gillard recognised for staunch commitment and loyalty to Israel. September 30, 2013.
The Zionist Council of Victoria is delighted to announce that the recipient of the 2013 Jerusalem Prize is The Honourable Julia Gillard...
Clinton condemns 'sexist' treatment of Julia Gillard via
Julia Gillard calls leadership spill amid push for Kevin Rudd to return as PM..
Julia Gillard's insidious legacy is union restoration
Solidarity with union movement makes Julia Gillard weaker
Clive Palmer is beginning to look a lot like Julia Gillard immediately after the 2010 election.
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Office kept Julia Gillard in dark over jobs deal
Believe YOU, Julia GILLARD, former Prime Minister of Australia - before any scurrilous reporting from The Australian/News Ltd!
Climate change needed a better salesperson than Julia Gillard to stop these outlying views getting traction
Julia Gillard loved going to schools. She got free vegemite sandwiches.
Nicole wrote letters to Julia Gillard, subway, the Western Australian health minister and whoever is in charge of the journey planner.
A FORMER top criminal defence lawyer has reviewed reams of evidence about the AWU slush fund scandal at the ongoing Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption, resulting in his legal opinion that Julia Gillard has problems best resolved by a jury.
I'd like to see the Metadata of Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd
Remember the time Julia Gillard was going to give the keynote speech at the Australian Christian Lobby annual conference?
Would Julia Gillard want to go on is more the question
Julia Gillard predicted this attack on abortion rights. She's our national Cassandra at the moment
Greg Combet, the man who Julia Gillard wanted to be PM
The Child Abuse Royal Commission will be a legacy of Julia Gillard that will outlast many others. LNP govts wouldn't do it.
ASADA: Australia’s blackest day in sport was a dark day for Julia Gillard! Labor, how LOW can you go??
If you want someone to thank for the thank journalist Joanne McCarthy - even Julia Gillard did
I love Julia Gillard she's my everything my true love I wish her with me now ok
I love Julia Gillard my true love my everything she's so special to me Julia is amazing and beautiful I wish she was with me now I love her
I'm a beautiful girl for a beautiful soul mate Julia Gillard see how beautiful we look I love Julia she my true love
I love Julia Gillard she's the world to me she's beautiful attractive my everything cute I dream about her always xo
Did Greg Combet offer to step aside for Julia Gillard to appear on tonight's episode of
Julia Gillard produced wonderful results for all Australians. Her achievements have not been reached or matched by any Oz P…
I love Julia Gillard forever my true love my everything I'm so happy
Julia Gillard fever waho she my wife I love her so much she my everything my special soul mate I really love you your special to me
Still hoping he will destroy Julia Gillard & wanting to protect his abuser mates.
I'm always thinking of you Julia and you know I wish u were with me everyday I'm always thinking of you i love you so much Julia Gillard
Julia Gillard is so beautiful and sweet I love her so much she means a lot to me I'm always thinking about her Always
Julia Gillard and I have a special connection I love her so much she's the world Julia Gillard is my angel she's so amazing And cute
Tony and Kevin and Denis have to be friends with with my wife Julia Gillard then ill be friends I hope everything is ok I love Julia so much
Denis napthine is a friend and tony I'm he friend only if he is friends with my wife Julia Gillard same rule for rudd
ABC's Sarah Ferguson working on documentary of Kevin Rudd-Julia Gillard years via
I love the way Julia has forced to wear only blue ties. I wonder if she too gets a laugh out of it?
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Julia Gillard is in big fraud trouble.
Marketing ramp-up for Julia Gillard's book - Michael Smith News: This is Julia Gillard's chronicle of that tur...
Julia Gillard & Stephen Conroy’s reckless attempt to muzzle the press, particularly News Corp titles, which had exposed Labor’s dysfunction
Julia Gillard, Tony Windsor, Paul Keating and nanso44 - we all knew tony was unworthy & incapable of being a decent P.M.
like it did under Labor pollies Peter Beattie, Anna Bligh, Julia Gillard & Kevin Rudd. PM Gillard blatantly lied to me at both
Julia Gillard has been struck by fraud lightening three times: an ex boyfriend, her key vote Craig Thomson, and now her ex Speaker.
The boy has his own version of ABC News Breakfast. In it, Julia Gillard is PM for life. Not Kevin Rudd and not Tony Abbott.
Julia Gillard offered secret deal for Greg Combet to become Prime Minister to fend off Kevin Rudd via
Julia Gillard wanted to resign for former boyfriend Greg Combet as PM. Nah, no one would find that suspicious.
as Prime Minister...I thought Julia Gillard & Kevin Rudd was bottom of the barrel
Greg Combet says Julia Gillard offered to stand aside for him in 2013 Labor spill against Kevin Rudd - She was ACTUALLY Prime Minister?
Julia Gillard offered to stand down for Greg Combet?.
Greg Combet told us he was approached by Julia Gillard to become Prime Minister to try and fend off Kevin Rudd.
Julia Gillard said she'd stand down to make me Prime Minister: Greg Combet . Me or the Drover's Dog. via
Oh why not this rather than Krudd??!! "Julia Gillard offered to step aside as PM for Greg Combet
Big IV coming up on Greg Combet tells us Julia Gillard implored him to become Prime Minister,just before Kevin Ru…
Full details of Greg Combet's shock revelation Julia Gillard said she would quit as PM and let him take over
Julia Gillard offered to step aside as Prime Minister for Greg Combet
Julia Gillard promised Greg Combet Prime Ministership to keep Kevin Rudd out.
We just found a claw machine with Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd & Tony Abbot toys. What the *** !
Ray Martin and Julia Gillard in "tell all" interview - Channel Nine nervous about ratings stinker
All with the help of Michael Vartan, Jen Garner, Matt Damon, Jeremy Renner, Dr D, Peter Cosgrove and Julia Gillard. We realised that Queen Mary of Denmark, Our Duchess of Cambridge and Katy Perry are all Angels just like me and Pink is our white light Angel and the world started to see that Angels are valuable and our work is worth being paid for and we are the type of girls people listen to so that we can help all the other girls. Us Angels are for the boys and girls and we caused a lot of Global Cultural reform so to reduce the incidences of sexism and to make sure that people heal their own worlds first.
'Labor women came to Gillard's aid too late'
'Labor women came to Gillard's aid too late' (News)
Tanya Plibersek says Labor women came to Gillard's defence too late
Labor women were too slow to come to Gillard's defence against sexist attacks, concedes
Labor women came to Julia Gillard's defence too late, says Tanya Plibersek
Labor women were too slow to rally round and help former PM Julia Gillard, Tanya Plibersek says.
Wisdom from Oz journo Mary Delahunty in Q&A interview about her must-read book on Julia Gillard.
Abbott is less popular than Julia Gillard at her polling worst Rub his nose in it!
History will be kind to Julia Gillard. Her tormentor will be remembered for deceit & being dumber than McMahon.
We chat to journalist Mary Delahunty about her inside account of Julia Gillard’s tenure as Prime Minister:
As indeed he should be. Frankly it's like comparing apples with oranges.
TWU make Julia Gillard look like an Amateur.
Can women lead? Australians think so: . Comments by Hillary Clinton and Julia Gillard this week have invigorate...
Bahl, the treatment of Julia Gillard was extreme. She was and is a good woman should tried her hardest to reform...
I got a bit wet with the rain. I blame Julia Gillard. Time for a Royal Commision
It's Canada Day, so I'm going to eat American Ice Cream, drink Scotch Whisky, and make Julia Gillard GIFs.
Julia Gillard and the magical renovation
Gillard set up slush fund in 1996 for female politicians while police investigated other slush f...
Gillard needn't look far for causes of ALP woes
Do backbencher want to keep their jobs? Best they start considering their futures.
Educating girls is central to any nation’s effort to transform itself | Julia Gillard vía
FOLLOWING the 2007 election I had always said that Julia [Gillard] would be the next Labor PM af...
Kevin Rudd congratulates Julia Gillard for introducing the Carbon Tax
When we let them beat up Julia Gillard we abandoned thevlast vestiges of decency in this country,
Not necessarily; single sex public schools exist too. Didn't Julia Gillard go to Mitcham in Adelaide? Could be wrong.
Julia Gillard: Power is relentlessly pursued in both worlds. And who hasn't wanted a few dragons when they were in a tight spot?
Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s popularity plummets to depths that saw Julia Gillard ousted
Bring back Julia Gillard to clean up the mess and return to adult government. It's far too big a job for the present lot
Tony Abbott is now less popular than Julia Gillard was via
While the Libs celebrate the carbon price repeal, congratulations to Julia Gillard on 1 year since the
Abbott 10% less popular than Julia Gillard when removed. Must stop this hated man hurting our community.
IN stunningly quick time, Tony Abbott’s popularity has plummeted to the depths that saw Jul. .via
Julia Gillard admits political war with Kevin Rudd was 'all about ego'
props to the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, for sticking up for the Christian faith. 👊💥
Today, in 2013 - Kevin Rudd returns as Australia's 33rd Prime Minister after challenging Julia Gillard as leader (18th September, 2013)
The GPE is chaired by Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia.
Thinking about this time a year ago, when we still had Julia Gillard as our Prime Minister...
Julia Gillard's new challenge: Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard talks about her new role as Chai...
Her excellency, Ms. Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia and now the Chair of Global…
Thoughts of dad sparked tears in former Prime Minister Julia Gillard after she ... - The Australian...
Thoughts of dad brought tears to ousted Julia Gillard
why was it "Julia Gillard" but "Prime Minister Tony Abbott"? I'm waiting for a discrimination case against the media
A re-edit of Julia Gillard's speech in the Australian Parliament, focussing on Tony Abbott's face & his aggression as our Prime Minister calls him out on his...
On this day four years ago Julia Gillard because why... Became Australia's Prime Minister
On this day four years ago, Julia Gillard became the first female Prime Minister. I was so close.
Imagine if Julia Gillard had had a dirty shovel thrown at her house! Or had she been spat on and called a 'dog'
So I suppose you are one of the ones who thought any tinge of criticism towards Julia Gillard was?
But Julia Gillard promised to price Carbon and she did and it worked.
Julia Gillard offered abbott a lift to London, I think, when she was p.m. - abbott declined (on some flimsy excuse)
How Julia Gillard was ready to censor our free media.
2010 Julia Gillard becomes the first female PM of Australia ousting Kevin Rudd just 2 years into government
2010: Julia Gillard became Australia's 27th Prime Minister, and the first woman to hold the office.
Today in 2010, Australia's first female PM, Julia Gillard, is sworn in.
Saw homemade sign: "Brisbane coal exports = climate change". Was on the back of a Julia Gillard yard sign. Labor really is anti-exports.
While we & the govt bemoan Greste's Egyptian verdict, remember the witch hunt they are carrying out on Julia Gillard at the Royal Commission
I think we have all had enough of Julia Gillard and her dreadful ex boyfriends. We are all better than this, even if sh…
Have Aussies forgotten already ineptitude of Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard & back again. The wrecking of our country's eco…
2010 - Julia Gillard, Australia's first female Prime Minister, is sworn in.
"Our future relies on competitiveness, skills and Gillard.
PM Julia Gillard: We are serving our national interest in Afghanistan ASPI
SHAFTED Labor Senator Trish Crossin is unlikely to get a farewell event from Julia Gillard
Former Prime Minister and first FEMALE Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard speaking. Let's replenish the GPE!
In session with Julia Gillard former Prime Minister of Australia at in Washington DC
"Education is the thing that transforms lives...[leads to empowerment]" -Julia Gillard (former Australian Prime Minister)
Julia Gillard - Australia's Former Prime Minister speaking at the .
First of all i believe, today a person must know at least 3-4 international language for better communication, But if India is promoting Hindi and its culture, there is nothing wrong in it. My question to those narrow minded people, who lives in India and getting more benefits than, so called its majority community people, that why they always oppose India and its sentiments? Recently, when former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said, Australia is Christian country and those who want to stay in Australia, they must respect its culture and must speak English, And British Prime Minister David Cameron followed her with the same statement for UK, why you all people were silent at their statement.? And i believe also, there is nothing wrong in David Cameron's and Julia Gillard's statement by stating so. But why all those narrow minded mongers, opposing Indian culture and Hindi language.? What is wrong in it.? Naveen Patnaik Banned Hindi in Orissa.? But Orrisa locals says, Naveen Patnaik can't speak any ...
Out of all Australian politicians I place Paul Keating 1st, Gough Whitlam 2nd and then Julia Gillard.
Shame on Our Politicians and Business Leaders I have emailed Julia Gillard automated response Kevin Rudd ( Department responded on his behalf) Warren Snowden (Responded see Ministers Response) Tony Abbott automated response Andrew Wilkie(Asked the Prime Minister a Question in Parliament see Gillard’s Response) Bob Katter Contacted twice, twice ignored Tony Windsor Ignored Rob Oakshot Ignored Bob Brown (Thank you for sharing from a staff member) Malcolm Turnbull (Responded and has acted but no real action) Stewart Robert (responded ,accepts Warren Snowdon’s explanation without any investigation) DVA (have responded but denied it is happening) *** Smith No Response Geoff Cousins (responded but declined to help) Kerry Stokes (referred to Corporate Affairs who referred me to the Australian War Museum ) Alan Jones (approached twice twice ignored) Ray Hadley (approached twice twice ignored) All TV stations RSLs in each state (two have acknowledged Tasmania has supported) I am astounded that the majorit ...
Akerman: The ABC’s "principal goal is to protect former Prime Minister Julia Gillard from any fallout" and Labor.
Gillard says she needed to 'shine light on sexism': Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has revealed...
Great conversation today on The Diane Rehm Show with Julia Gillard...
Julia Gillard, the former Prime Minister of Australia joins The Diane Rehm Show. A conversation about being the...
Our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard lost her dad (John Gillard) 2day. Our thoughts and prayers with rest of the family. Peace!!!
Julia Gillard on investing in a child's right to learn - Highlights: Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gi...
1: Julia Gillard, Australia's first woman Prime Minister, was pilloried for being female, unmarried and childless.
Holy moly! Australia’s former Prime Minister Julia Gillard is sitting ten feet away from me as she talks to
A Conversation with Julia Gillard, Australia's former Prime Minister Australians, do your duty.
You were there as a Senior Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard ?.
Julia Gillard's scathing description of Tony Abbott as a misogynist garners international attention.
Hillary Clinton assesses the situation in Iraq, China's growth and its army, and troubles in Ukraine, but also reflects on Julia Gillard's misogyny speech saying sexism in politics should not be tolerated.
Bruce Wilson former boyfriend of Julia Gillard arrives at the Royal Commission ... - Herald Sun
Ex-union official was told to deposit $5k into Julia Gillard's bank account, Royal Commission hears:
Hedley Thomas calling Jon Faine for the scum that he is! 'A usefull *** running a protection for Julia Gillard'.
Julia Gillard's house: union man says he was offered money for statements via
Memo to Paul Murray: You're jumping up and down on the telly tonight about Clive Palmer's 'fertility' comments about Peta Credlin. And very rightly so. But what about when Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan criticized Julia Gillard for being 'deliberately barren'. And when Christopher Pyne referred to Gillard as being 'eaten out like a fly blown sheep'. And when Alan Jones referred to Gillard's father recent passing away as 'dying of shame'? You and your Murdoch media mates were all very quiet then. Me thinks you have got to purchase a dictionary. And look up the meaning of the word 'consistency'.
Great pic of Julia Gillard and Tim Mathieson from Rob Oakeshott's new memoir, The Independent Member for Lyne.
Over the past week I have travelled the coast South to Taree working through Port Macquarie , Kempsey, Macksville and back to Coffs Harbour every single person I have spoken with is either totally disgusted with the PM or very disappointed that he has been so dis honest with the public , one big point to make I asked who they voted for and 70% declared the wrong party as they voted National and the reason 60% of those because they said Julia Gillard lied about the carbon Tax, What does this say to the politicians ? Stop taking the community for granted, people are sick of liars sick of been treated like fools , time to get back to the reality of making the decisions that affect people day-to-day, we know with out any doubt that Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey have totally misrepresented the state of Australia's finances and used this as a catalyst for the worst most degrading budget that even the Former PM John Howard told them not to go ahead with. I understand the political divide between parties however thi ...
The Stalking of Julia Gillard named best non-fiction book of the year. Well done KA, well done Allen and Unwin.
That's for sure. Julia Gillard is sorely missed.
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