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Julia Gillard

Julia Eileen Gillard (born 29 September 1961) is the 27th and current Prime Minister of Australia, in office since 24 June 2010.

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All Julia Gillard promised was no carbon tax, and even though she went back on it, the carbon tax was at least positive for the environment. Abbot, you are just a ***
Imagine, if you will, that Julia Gillard was said to have admitted scheduling official business to justify travel for a fundraiser.
Read This Book : My StoryJulia Gillard (Author)1 used & new from $17.62. (...
Julia Gillard backs down on plans to vote against improving Palestine's status in the UN |
- it with our former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
They saw weakness and that aroused them. They were feral but Julia Gillard pandered to them.
I don't think we will see again in our lifetimes, the kind of ferocious attack we saw from the conservative press against Julia Gillard
Gosh, you seem to have forgotten that it was Labor's Julia Gillard who re-instituted offshore detention.
Yes, but Julia Gillard said "John" should just keep living off the credit card & keep adding debt to maintain his lifestyle...
D boss! Is that D faceless men & D leader! Was Julia Gillard now Tony Abbott ? What we have in parliament these days ??Tung & cheek
Imagine if Julia Gillard had come up with
and I was saying that no one suggested that it was okay that Julia Gillard was subject to sexism because she could hold her own
so what's your beef with Julia Gillard?
.Imagine the screaming outrage if it was Julia Gillard's face on this. The left are truly ugly, vicious people.
Hey, Paul Kelly! You love to use polls against Julia Gillard. What say you of Abbott/Libs/Hockey's polling today? 😜
Well, as Anal Jones said to Julia Gillard on her late arrival at 2gb "We're all busy". Naughty boy Tony!
What a really charming man. Spent years insulting Julia Gillard so I'm not surprised.
Yep we sure did. Here they are can you see them?
If anyone wondering why I tell the bishop facts, May I remind you what & how she served it to PM Julia Gillard?
He lost me when he said Julia Gillard was worst PM in 100yrs. 100% Murdoch/Abbott stooge.
I just invited Julia Gillard to come to a uni event coz she'll be here the day before what is wrong with me
I liked a video Julia Gillard's misogyny speech
"Kelly chronicles Labor in power under Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, and the ascendancy of Tony Abbott." This is PURE PR.
Remember all those international news stories about how incompetent Julia Gillard was ? No? Neither do I.
Will you be selling Julia Gillard's book & will there be signings at stores? Do you have a waiting list for the book?
Social media reacts to Julia Gillard's letter via
She Did It Again !!! W O W !. Australia says NO -- This will be the second Time Julia Gillard has done this!. She...
1/2 million children in Gaza denied education due to conflict: Our statement:
Don't forget tickets for the Julia Gillard - My Story - Second Session go on sale THIS WEDNESDAY 27th AUGUST at...
Paul Kelly has a visceral hatred for Julia Gillard-says she was worst PM in 100 years.How can anyone take this tosser seri…
hmmm maybe I should nominate Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd in no state to rule: Julia Gillard
The winner of the School of Social and Policy Studies Open Day Mock Ballot is Ben Curtin! The poll results were: Hugh Jackman - 37 votes (Winner) Kylie Minogue - 10 votes Julia Gillard - 9 votes Alexander Downer - 7 votes Barry Humphrys - 5 votes Congratulations to Ben who will received a copy of the BBC's House of Cards Trilogy on DVD.
Former PM Julia Gillard on the importance of Education in conflict via
W-a-r-n-i-n-g!!! "LEAVE THIS COUNTRY IF YOU WANT TO LIVE UNDER SHARIA LAW". "Take It Or Leave It" Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard Tell Muslims This is our country is our land, enjoy it. If you complain or whine about our our Flag, our Pledge, our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, You should take the advantage of leaving the country. **Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. **our language, culture has been developed over 2 centuries of struggles, trials and victories, learn or leave the country. Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Australia has argued Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law in her country to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks. Separately, Gillard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying she supported spy agencies monitoring the nation's mosques. Quote: 'Immigrants, Not Australians, Must Adapt... Take It Or Leave It. I am tired ...
Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott aren't Australians, right? — Tony isn't, I dunno about Julia but idgaf. I don't c...
oh dear so what about the salacious comments to Julia Gillard from the likes of pyne and co double standards
I think Bronwyn Bishop should do a grovelling apology to Julia Gillard for her venal comments and supporting TA in attacks on her.
Thanks for that. I would like to see a woman lead the Coalition. They gave it to Julia Gillard.
Have you Booked your Julia Gillard Event tickets? Wednesday 15th October 6pm at the Brisbane CIty Hall. $15 book in store on 07 30072800.
Boy. Good talk by Tim Goldsmith of PwC until he put a picture up of Julia Gillard and labelled it "cheap". That was a cheap shot
"Education is a critical element of a humanitarian response." Do you agree?
Some good news: How -- And Why -- The International Community Is Rallying to Educate More of the World's Children
The Jerusalem Prize is proudly awarded by the Zionist Council of Victoria, the Zionist Federation of Australia and...
President of the ZCV, Sam Tatarka said:. Julia Gillard is an outstanding friend to the Jewish people & State of Israel.
Ms Gillard recognised for staunch commitment and loyalty to Israel. September 30, 2013.
Update your maps at Navteq
The Zionist Council of Victoria is delighted to announce that the recipient of the 2013 Jerusalem Prize is The Honourable Julia Gillard...
Clinton condemns 'sexist' treatment of Julia Gillard via
Julia Gillard calls leadership spill amid push for Kevin Rudd to return as PM..
Julia Gillard's insidious legacy is union restoration
Solidarity with union movement makes Julia Gillard weaker
Clive Palmer is beginning to look a lot like Julia Gillard immediately after the 2010 election.
Office kept Julia Gillard in dark over jobs deal
Believe YOU, Julia GILLARD, former Prime Minister of Australia - before any scurrilous reporting from The Australian/News Ltd!
Climate change needed a better salesperson than Julia Gillard to stop these outlying views getting traction
Julia Gillard loved going to schools. She got free vegemite sandwiches.
Nicole wrote letters to Julia Gillard, subway, the Western Australian health minister and whoever is in charge of the journey planner.
A FORMER top criminal defence lawyer has reviewed reams of evidence about the AWU slush fund scandal at the ongoing Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption, resulting in his legal opinion that Julia Gillard has problems best resolved by a jury.
I'd like to see the Metadata of Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd
Remember the time Julia Gillard was going to give the keynote speech at the Australian Christian Lobby annual conference?
Would Julia Gillard want to go on is more the question
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Julia Gillard predicted this attack on abortion rights. She's our national Cassandra at the moment
Greg Combet, the man who Julia Gillard wanted to be PM
The Child Abuse Royal Commission will be a legacy of Julia Gillard that will outlast many others. LNP govts wouldn't do it.
ASADA: Australia’s blackest day in sport was a dark day for Julia Gillard! Labor, how LOW can you go??
If you want someone to thank for the thank journalist Joanne McCarthy - even Julia Gillard did
I love Julia Gillard she's my everything my true love I wish her with me now ok
I love Julia Gillard my true love my everything she's so special to me Julia is amazing and beautiful I wish she was with me now I love her
I'm a beautiful girl for a beautiful soul mate Julia Gillard see how beautiful we look I love Julia she my true love
I love Julia Gillard she's the world to me she's beautiful attractive my everything cute I dream about her always xo
Did Greg Combet offer to step aside for Julia Gillard to appear on tonight's episode of
Julia Gillard produced wonderful results for all Australians. Her achievements have not been reached or matched by any Oz P…
I love Julia Gillard forever my true love my everything I'm so happy
Julia Gillard fever waho she my wife I love her so much she my everything my special soul mate I really love you your special to me
Still hoping he will destroy Julia Gillard & wanting to protect his abuser mates.
I'm always thinking of you Julia and you know I wish u were with me everyday I'm always thinking of you i love you so much Julia Gillard
Julia Gillard is so beautiful and sweet I love her so much she means a lot to me I'm always thinking about her Always
Julia Gillard and I have a special connection I love her so much she's the world Julia Gillard is my angel she's so amazing And cute
Tony and Kevin and Denis have to be friends with with my wife Julia Gillard then ill be friends I hope everything is ok I love Julia so much
Denis napthine is a friend and tony I'm he friend only if he is friends with my wife Julia Gillard same rule for rudd
ABC's Sarah Ferguson working on documentary of Kevin Rudd-Julia Gillard years via
I love the way Julia has forced to wear only blue ties. I wonder if she too gets a laugh out of it?
Julia Gillard is in big fraud trouble.
Marketing ramp-up for Julia Gillard's book - Michael Smith News: This is Julia Gillard's chronicle of that tur...
Julia Gillard & Stephen Conroy’s reckless attempt to muzzle the press, particularly News Corp titles, which had exposed Labor’s dysfunction
Julia Gillard, Tony Windsor, Paul Keating and nanso44 - we all knew tony was unworthy & incapable of being a decent P.M.
like it did under Labor pollies Peter Beattie, Anna Bligh, Julia Gillard & Kevin Rudd. PM Gillard blatantly lied to me at both
Julia Gillard has been struck by fraud lightening three times: an ex boyfriend, her key vote Craig Thomson, and now her ex Speaker.
The boy has his own version of ABC News Breakfast. In it, Julia Gillard is PM for life. Not Kevin Rudd and not Tony Abbott.
Julia Gillard offered secret deal for Greg Combet to become Prime Minister to fend off Kevin Rudd via
Julia Gillard wanted to resign for former boyfriend Greg Combet as PM. Nah, no one would find that suspicious.
as Prime Minister...I thought Julia Gillard & Kevin Rudd was bottom of the barrel
Greg Combet says Julia Gillard offered to stand aside for him in 2013 Labor spill against Kevin Rudd - She was ACTUALLY Prime Minister?
Julia Gillard offered to stand down for Greg Combet?.
Greg Combet told us he was approached by Julia Gillard to become Prime Minister to try and fend off Kevin Rudd.
Julia Gillard said she'd stand down to make me Prime Minister: Greg Combet . Me or the Drover's Dog. via
Oh why not this rather than Krudd??!! "Julia Gillard offered to step aside as PM for Greg Combet
Big IV coming up on Greg Combet tells us Julia Gillard implored him to become Prime Minister,just before Kevin Ru…
Full details of Greg Combet's shock revelation Julia Gillard said she would quit as PM and let him take over
Julia Gillard offered to step aside as Prime Minister for Greg Combet
Julia Gillard promised Greg Combet Prime Ministership to keep Kevin Rudd out.
We just found a claw machine with Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd & Tony Abbot toys. What the *** !
Ray Martin and Julia Gillard in "tell all" interview - Channel Nine nervous about ratings stinker
All with the help of Michael Vartan, Jen Garner, Matt Damon, Jeremy Renner, Dr D, Peter Cosgrove and Julia Gillard. We realised that Queen Mary of Denmark, Our Duchess of Cambridge and Katy Perry are all Angels just like me and Pink is our white light Angel and the world started to see that Angels are valuable and our work is worth being paid for and we are the type of girls people listen to so that we can help all the other girls. Us Angels are for the boys and girls and we caused a lot of Global Cultural reform so to reduce the incidences of sexism and to make sure that people heal their own worlds first.
'Labor women came to Gillard's aid too late'
'Labor women came to Gillard's aid too late' (News)
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Tanya Plibersek says Labor women came to Gillard's defence too late
Labor women were too slow to come to Gillard's defence against sexist attacks, concedes
Labor women came to Julia Gillard's defence too late, says Tanya Plibersek
Labor women were too slow to rally round and help former PM Julia Gillard, Tanya Plibersek says.
Wisdom from Oz journo Mary Delahunty in Q&A interview about her must-read book on Julia Gillard.
Abbott is less popular than Julia Gillard at her polling worst Rub his nose in it!
History will be kind to Julia Gillard. Her tormentor will be remembered for deceit & being dumber than McMahon.
We chat to journalist Mary Delahunty about her inside account of Julia Gillard’s tenure as Prime Minister:
As indeed he should be. Frankly it's like comparing apples with oranges.
TWU make Julia Gillard look like an Amateur.
Can women lead? Australians think so: . Comments by Hillary Clinton and Julia Gillard this week have invigorate...
Bahl, the treatment of Julia Gillard was extreme. She was and is a good woman should tried her hardest to reform...
I got a bit wet with the rain. I blame Julia Gillard. Time for a Royal Commision
It's Canada Day, so I'm going to eat American Ice Cream, drink Scotch Whisky, and make Julia Gillard GIFs.
Julia Gillard and the magical renovation
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Gillard set up slush fund in 1996 for female politicians while police investigated other slush f...
Gillard needn't look far for causes of ALP woes
Do backbencher want to keep their jobs? Best they start considering their futures.
Educating girls is central to any nation’s effort to transform itself | Julia Gillard vía
FOLLOWING the 2007 election I had always said that Julia [Gillard] would be the next Labor PM af...
Kevin Rudd congratulates Julia Gillard for introducing the Carbon Tax
An airplane was about to crash; there were 5 passengers on board, but only 4 parachutes. The first passenger said, “I am President Obama, the chosen one. The world needs me, I can’t afford to die.” So he took the first parachute and left the plane. The second passenger, Julia Gillard, said, “I am the Prime Minister of Australia and I am the smartest woman in Australian history, so Australia’s people don’t want me to die.” She took the second parachute and jumped out of the plane. The third passenger, John Kerry, said ... Continue reading at :
When we let them beat up Julia Gillard we abandoned thevlast vestiges of decency in this country,
Not necessarily; single sex public schools exist too. Didn't Julia Gillard go to Mitcham in Adelaide? Could be wrong.
Julia Gillard: Power is relentlessly pursued in both worlds. And who hasn't wanted a few dragons when they were in a tight spot?
Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s popularity plummets to depths that saw Julia Gillard ousted
Bring back Julia Gillard to clean up the mess and return to adult government. It's far too big a job for the present lot
Tony Abbott is now less popular than Julia Gillard was via
While the Libs celebrate the carbon price repeal, congratulations to Julia Gillard on 1 year since the
Abbott 10% less popular than Julia Gillard when removed. Must stop this hated man hurting our community.
IN stunningly quick time, Tony Abbott’s popularity has plummeted to the depths that saw Jul. .via
Julia Gillard admits political war with Kevin Rudd was 'all about ego'
props to the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, for sticking up for the Christian faith. 👊💥
Today, in 2013 - Kevin Rudd returns as Australia's 33rd Prime Minister after challenging Julia Gillard as leader (18th September, 2013)
The GPE is chaired by Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia.
Thinking about this time a year ago, when we still had Julia Gillard as our Prime Minister...
Julia Gillard's new challenge: Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard talks about her new role as Chai...
Her excellency, Ms. Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia and now the Chair of Global…
Thoughts of dad sparked tears in former Prime Minister Julia Gillard after she ... - The Australian...
Thoughts of dad brought tears to ousted Julia Gillard
why was it "Julia Gillard" but "Prime Minister Tony Abbott"? I'm waiting for a discrimination case against the media
A re-edit of Julia Gillard's speech in the Australian Parliament, focussing on Tony Abbott's face & his aggression as our Prime Minister calls him out on his...
On this day four years ago Julia Gillard because why... Became Australia's Prime Minister
On this day four years ago, Julia Gillard became the first female Prime Minister. I was so close.
Imagine if Julia Gillard had had a dirty shovel thrown at her house! Or had she been spat on and called a 'dog'
So I suppose you are one of the ones who thought any tinge of criticism towards Julia Gillard was?
But Julia Gillard promised to price Carbon and she did and it worked.
Julia Gillard offered abbott a lift to London, I think, when she was p.m. - abbott declined (on some flimsy excuse)
How Julia Gillard was ready to censor our free media.
2010 Julia Gillard becomes the first female PM of Australia ousting Kevin Rudd just 2 years into government
2010: Julia Gillard became Australia's 27th Prime Minister, and the first woman to hold the office.
Today in 2010, Australia's first female PM, Julia Gillard, is sworn in.
Saw homemade sign: "Brisbane coal exports = climate change". Was on the back of a Julia Gillard yard sign. Labor really is anti-exports.
While we & the govt bemoan Greste's Egyptian verdict, remember the witch hunt they are carrying out on Julia Gillard at the Royal Commission
I think we have all had enough of Julia Gillard and her dreadful ex boyfriends. We are all better than this, even if sh…
Have Aussies forgotten already ineptitude of Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard & back again. The wrecking of our country's eco…
2010 - Julia Gillard, Australia's first female Prime Minister, is sworn in.
"Our future relies on competitiveness, skills and Gillard.
PM Julia Gillard: We are serving our national interest in Afghanistan ASPI
SHAFTED Labor Senator Trish Crossin is unlikely to get a farewell event from Julia Gillard
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Former Prime Minister and first FEMALE Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard speaking. Let's replenish the GPE!
In session with Julia Gillard former Prime Minister of Australia at in Washington DC
"Education is the thing that transforms lives...[leads to empowerment]" -Julia Gillard (former Australian Prime Minister)
Julia Gillard - Australia's Former Prime Minister speaking at the .
First of all i believe, today a person must know at least 3-4 international language for better communication, But if India is promoting Hindi and its culture, there is nothing wrong in it. My question to those narrow minded people, who lives in India and getting more benefits than, so called its majority community people, that why they always oppose India and its sentiments? Recently, when Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said, Australia is Christian country and those who want to stay in Australia, they must respect its culture and must speak English, And British Prime Minister David Cameron followed her with the same statement for UK, why you all people were silent at their statement.? And i believe also, there is nothing wrong in David Cameron's and Julia Gillard's statement by stating so. But why all those narrow minded mongers, opposing Indian culture and Hindi language.? What is wrong in it.? Naveen Patnaik Banned Hindi in Orissa.? But Orrisa locals says, Naveen Patnaik can't speak any ...
Out of all Australian politicians I place Paul Keating 1st, Gough Whitlam 2nd and then Julia Gillard.
Shame on Our Politicians and Business Leaders I have emailed Julia Gillard automated response Kevin Rudd ( Department responded on his behalf) Warren Snowden (Responded see Ministers Response) Tony Abbott automated response Andrew Wilkie(Asked the Prime Minister a Question in Parliament see Gillard’s Response) Bob Katter Contacted twice, twice ignored Tony Windsor Ignored Rob Oakshot Ignored Bob Brown (Thank you for sharing from a staff member) Malcolm Turnbull (Responded and has acted but no real action) Stewart Robert (responded ,accepts Warren Snowdon’s explanation without any investigation) DVA (have responded but denied it is happening) *** Smith No Response Geoff Cousins (responded but declined to help) Kerry Stokes (referred to Corporate Affairs who referred me to the Australian War Museum ) Alan Jones (approached twice twice ignored) Ray Hadley (approached twice twice ignored) All TV stations RSLs in each state (two have acknowledged Tasmania has supported) I am astounded that the majorit ...
Akerman: The ABC’s "principal goal is to protect former Prime Minister Julia Gillard from any fallout" and Labor.
Gillard says she needed to 'shine light on sexism': Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has revealed...
Great conversation today on The Diane Rehm Show with Julia Gillard...
Julia Gillard, the former Prime Minister of Australia joins The Diane Rehm Show. A conversation about being the...
Our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard lost her dad (John Gillard) 2day. Our thoughts and prayers with rest of the family. Peace!!!
Julia Gillard on investing in a child's right to learn - Highlights: Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gi...
1: Julia Gillard, Australia's first woman Prime Minister, was pilloried for being female, unmarried and childless.
Holy moly! Australia’s former Prime Minister Julia Gillard is sitting ten feet away from me as she talks to
A Conversation with Julia Gillard, Australia's former Prime Minister Australians, do your duty.
You were there as a Senior Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard ?.
Julia Gillard's scathing description of Tony Abbott as a misogynist garners international attention.
Hillary Clinton assesses the situation in Iraq, China's growth and its army, and troubles in Ukraine, but also reflects on Julia Gillard's misogyny speech saying sexism in politics should not be tolerated.
Bruce Wilson former boyfriend of Julia Gillard arrives at the Royal Commission ... - Herald Sun
Ex-union official was told to deposit $5k into Julia Gillard's bank account, Royal Commission hears:
Hedley Thomas calling Jon Faine for the scum that he is! 'A usefull *** running a protection for Julia Gillard'.
Julia Gillard's house: union man says he was offered money for statements via
Memo to Paul Murray: You're jumping up and down on the telly tonight about Clive Palmer's 'fertility' comments about Peta Credlin. And very rightly so. But what about when Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan criticized Julia Gillard for being 'deliberately barren'. And when Christopher Pyne referred to Gillard as being 'eaten out like a fly blown sheep'. And when Alan Jones referred to Gillard's father recent passing away as 'dying of shame'? You and your Murdoch media mates were all very quiet then. Me thinks you have got to purchase a dictionary. And look up the meaning of the word 'consistency'.
Great pic of Julia Gillard and Tim Mathieson from Rob Oakeshott's new memoir, The Independent Member for Lyne.
Over the past week I have travelled the coast South to Taree working through Port Macquarie , Kempsey, Macksville and back to Coffs Harbour every single person I have spoken with is either totally disgusted with the PM or very disappointed that he has been so dis honest with the public , one big point to make I asked who they voted for and 70% declared the wrong party as they voted National and the reason 60% of those because they said Julia Gillard lied about the carbon Tax, What does this say to the politicians ? Stop taking the community for granted, people are sick of liars sick of been treated like fools , time to get back to the reality of making the decisions that affect people day-to-day, we know with out any doubt that Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey have totally misrepresented the state of Australia's finances and used this as a catalyst for the worst most degrading budget that even the Former PM John Howard told them not to go ahead with. I understand the political divide between parties however thi ...
The Stalking of Julia Gillard named best non-fiction book of the year. Well done KA, well done Allen and Unwin.
That's for sure. Julia Gillard is sorely missed.
Maybe a lunch should be had between Jill Abramson and the former Prime Minister of Australia?
Satirical fashion blog LadyPockets shows you how to get Julia Gillard's look - Daily Life
Wondering if Jill Abramson has had a discussion yet with Julia Gillard about the glass ceiling?
A new survey has revealed that Prime Minister Julia Gillard is one of the two most admired individuals of 2013. Seriously Australia- NOW you're missing her?
Hello, Here is the latest from the World Bank INT Integrity Vice President, Washington DC in regards to my complaint about the appoint of Gillard as Chair to the Global Partnerdhip for Education: Dear Mr. Jones, I am writing to you in response to the series of communications you have sent to a member of my staff in the Integrity Vice Presidency (INT) of the World Bank Group, regarding your complaints surrounding Ms. Julia Gillard, Board Chair of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). I would like to clarify that: 1. The complaints you raised regarding Ms. Gillard are not within INT's (nor any other unit of the World Bank Group's) jurisdiction to investigate, as Ms. Gillard is not a World Bank Group staff member. 2. We have therefore referred your original complaint to the GPE officials pursuant to our practice to refer complaints that fall outside our mandate to bodies with the relevant jurisdiction. I expect that they will be responding to you directly. I also would like to clarify the basis for ...
Education is the answer. To nearly everything.
"Julia gillard i know you can see this"
In September 2012, Alan Jones infamously claimed that Julia Gillard’s father “died of shame” over the “lies” she told every time she ran for parliament, particularly around claims Gillard had strong associations with union bag men. One wonders if Alan Jones’ father would have turned in his grave in…
Comments fair but treatment of Julia Gillard over something she was supposed to have done 18 years ago not fair
JULIA Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Peter Slipper … some of their more virulent critics might say hanging is too good for them.
THE Gillard government faces days of uncertainty until Kevin Rudd declares whether he will challenge Julia Gillard for the Labor leadership, go to the parliamentary backbench or even resign from his Brisbane seat and force a by-election.
A prize for the person who sees even one of these mentioned in the Main Stream Media! Oh what short memories the Oz public have Subject: Labors long record of broken promises. Need to pass this around... 7th September, 2013 PROMISE – “I am an economic conservative, I am committed to balancing the budget” - Kevin Rudd 2007 election BROKEN – Labor’s first budget produced a $27.1 billion deficit (double the previous highest ever deficit). The 2009-10 budget deficit was $54.8 billion. The 2010-11 budget deficit was $47.7 billion. The 2011-12 budget deficit was $49.4 billion, in 2012-13 it reached $18.8 billion and on leaving office the 2012-13 budget was heading for a $47 billion deficit Net debt predicted to reach $107 billion in 2011-12. Labor increases its debt ceiling from $75 billion to $200 billion in 2009, to $250 billion in 2011, and $300 billion in 2013. That figure was exceeded in 2013 and is now headed for $667 billion over the next ten years. PROMISE - Parliament will resume before Chris ...
This really astonishes me. Julia Gillard was a great PM, and now with this bunch of lying *** in govt, I sometimes weep.
just to clarify, I was being very sarcastic. Julia Gillard's piece was excellent.
ICYMI: Great piece from -- "Julia Gillard: invest in education to tackle terror"
The way Julia Gillard was treated by the then Opposition, by the press & in turn, by much of the Oz public was humiliating & disgraceful
Now, we decide we admire Julia Gillard? NOW?. It's a little late now people .. look who we've got as the replacement PM a mad man
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Still one of the best things out there. Julia Gillard's misogyny speech: via
politicalowl: Julia Gillard leaves the list of the world's powerful ...: Julia Gillard leaves the list of the ...
TOM ELLIOTT: "I know how to cut government waste. $40,000 to paint a portrait of Julia Gillard? Just take a photo!"
Australia treated Julia Gillard abominably. And now? It looks like we've totally changed our minds.
You see Australia, she was really genuine➡ Julia Gillard: invest in education to tackle terror
Julia Gillard: invest in education to tackle terror
Barack Obama & Julia Gillard are the two most admired politicians by Australians. Suck on that Tony Abbott & John Howard!!.
Is this the first use of the term "embattled Prime Minister, Tony Abbott"? …
Julia Gillard, Barack Obama head list of people Australians most admire
Here's 27th Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, writing about our campaign in htt…
BBC News - Julia Gillard: invest in education to tackle terror
FINALLY, people realise how good we had it with Julia Gillard. Too little too late unfortunately.
Here's Julia Gillard, writing about our campaign in
Funny isn't it John Howard is an AUSTRALIAN, Julia Gillard is BRITISH hmmmn
Things that we do in media. The julia gillard and osama and obama and hitler I made all by myself
Week 22 eyes, an attempt at Julia Gillard doing serious. Not quite got the likeness yet. Pen.
Your daily laugh. Lemon picker wanted The woman applying for a job in a lemon orchard in Orange, seemed to be far too qualified for the job; given her arts and education degrees from Sydney University and her job as a social worker and school teacher. The foreman frowned and said, I have to ask you this: "Have you had any actual experience in picking lemons?" "Well, as a matter of fact, I have!" "I've been divorced three times, owned two Fords, supported the Wallabies, and I voted for Julia Gillard."
World leaders are to be asked for $3.5bn to support education in developing countries, which Julia Gillard says is a good investment.
Listening to the Swans vs Cats on the ABC. It sounds very much like Julia Gillard has finally found another job!
No longer will I belive ANYTHING this government ever has to say! Every move these people make is deceitful. They treat us all as mugs. Everyone tore the crap out of Julia Gillard for one lie. Look what we have now!
He's such a TURD. “If he wants to know what misogyny looks like in modern Australia, he doesn't need a motion in the House of Representatives, he needs a mirror.” Julia Gillard
Embattled Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott would likely be eating his heart out to know that his political nemesis, former PM Julia Gillard, whom he often used to beat in political surveys, is the second most admired figure in 2013.
an interesting Question has been asked ! who is my favorite politician. My answer is that there are three of them. One serving in Barak Obama, one former, Julia Gillard and you would be surprised the number of people who said they want her back and the next American president in my opinion, Hillary Clinton.. All obvious when you have a look at the question. Do you have a choice of your own.?
Flicking through video clips on youtube and I come across one of Julia Gillard and Tony Abott. I am highly offened on how sexist our Prime Minister is, Tony Abott your a *** right pig! I take my hat off to Julia Gillard, I dont like the chick but she has more balls to stand up for our country then what this stuttering lunatic we all call a Prime Minister does! 👊
Julia Gillard has delivered a rallying call to the community and charity sector to take up the fight of social justice and inclusion.
Media leak/ media watch. 28/5/2014, I heard on the radio while in a shop yesterday. Latest ABC media survey has Ex-PM Julia Gillard, U.S. President Barack Obama and the deceased South African President Nelson Mandela the most popular leaders in the world, Ha,ha. Lol How incredibly bias is that. Pathetic! Obama and Gillard are now popular, like a hole in the head these days.
Tony Abbot and Julia Gillard star in an all new comedy flick, 'How to Ruin a Country in 10 days'.
AUSTRALIANS have rated US President Barack Obama and Julia Gillard the top two most admired figures of 2013.
Julia Gillard on Radio National now! What a treat!
Never going to a new hairdresser again. Just paid $70 to look like Julia Gillard
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Julia Gillard 2nd most popular leader next to Barack Obama.and we made fun of's only after the event when we witness the Parliament and Julia's outburst at Tony Abbott do we realise how smart this woman is and how we lost a great leader through a sexist nation.she will be always be up there with the best.Gough Whitlam...Bob Hawke.and Paul Keating.
you got to love Tony Abbott and his merry band of libertards . they are that desperate to get something on Kevin Rudd ,julia gillard and the labour party that they have taken $4000 000 from the inquiry into child sex offenses by the clergy and earmarked it for the inquiry into the insulation debacle.what a bunch of wankers this current government is .seriously can we hire a hitman to shoot Tony Abbott ? it would be quicker and cheaper for AUSTRALIA .
Hi this morning I heard bout Jordan Tyson the 13 year old who died along wirh his mother in the Toowomba floods. He asked the man who was trying to rescue them to take his brother 1st. Jordan could not swim. Sadly he & his mother were swept away. Jordan's dad is trying to get him the highest of awards for bravery. Jordan was promised this by Julia Gillard & Tony Abbott. To date nothing been offered. There is a web site called there u will find a petition fm Jordan's dad to Tony Abbott. If you believe Jordan deserves this award plz go 2 the site n register your details. Jordan was brave beyond his 13 years n I feel for his dad n brother that 3 years later yet again both governments have failed to keep a promise. Both parties could learn a lot fm Jordan. Hope u will support.
A new survey shows US President Barack Obama is Australia's most admired public figure, ahead of Julia Gillard and Nelson Mandela.
WikiLeaks is a gift to History. We now have, for the first time, the ability to write history not only through the eyes of the victors.  WikiLeaks has become a leveler between people and Govt.  They have ushered in an age where we, the people, have access to information once deemed for their eyes only. For years Australia has wantonly participated in brutal, unnecessary wars in the name of freedom and democracy, as successive Governments can’t seem to say no to the US.  Thanks to the courageous work of WikiLeaks we have an in depth resource enabling us to put these wars into perspective and make informed decisions as to whether, we the Australian people, think our involvement is wise and in our National interest.  Both the Afghan and Iraq War releases tell a different story than our Govt. and the MSM would have us believe.  It is becoming more apparent that the Government’s idea of the national interest is in conflict with our own. We have learned that the dire situation that people seeking asylu ...
I’m speaking as a Peace Activist and representative of the Support Assange and WikiLeaks Coalition in Sydney. As a grass roots supporter, I hope my presence here will help to encourage others, who feel powerless in these troubled times to realise their potential and the necessity to use their voice. I’m no different to you, I have no public profile, I am a Grandmother, wanting to leave a better world for my grandchildren to grow in. You CAN foment change; grassroots action has always enabled it. Our fight is a numbers game, so every one of you, every last one of you is needed, you are important in the struggle for truth and transparency, don’t underestimate your power in our diminishing democracy, we may only have a small window of opportunity left for us to voice our opinions in freedom. When we hear our Government officials spruiking the company line on Julian Assange, we need to realize they are not speaking to the informed. Their rhetoric is for the uninformed, or the misinformed, we can al ...
Put your hands together for Barack Obama! In 2013, the US President was named by 12.7% of Australians aged 14+ as one of the public figures they most admire. In fact, of the five people whose names came up most often, only two were Australian: former Prime Ministers Julia Gillard (12.3%) and John Howard (7.7%). Nelson Mandela and the Queen also made the top five
Abbottoir Govt Plumbing New Depths Earlier this year Judith Brett observed the spirit of triumphalism the Coalition appeared to bring with their return to the front benches. "It all feels a bit like student politics", she wrote, referring to the sense of point-scoring and revenge that seemed to guide much of their activity. She pointed to the speed with which the new Prime Minister established Royal Commissions, chiefed by ideological friends, into union corruption and the home insulation disasters. Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd would inevitably be caught in their respective nets. Now we learn from the attorney-general, George Brandis, who corrected an earlier denial on this point, that the government has redirected $6.7 million to the insulation commission from the existing Royal Commission into institutional child sexual abuse. Just as there were arguments in favour of the inquiries announced by the Coalition government, there are also reasons for the reallocation of funds: Brandis said the $6.7 million ...
I still think it was Julia Gillard trying to get Craig Thompson off the front page
Julia Gillard should knit Tony Abbott a straight-jacket.
'Tony Abbot wants $245 million worth of anti *** chaplains in schools' HAS THIS MAN SIGNED A DEATH WISH?! I thought I'd never say it but we NEED Julia Gillard!
Tony Watch our intrepid PM has been laying low today. The day began with a quick cabinet meeting followed by a chat with the drawers and a chinwag with the table (a really OLD Two Ronnies joke) Smarting over criticisms of yesterday's inappropriate wink while talking to a phone sex worker the PM claimed it wasn't a wink at all, he was trying to prevent himself from breaking wind on air so it was okay. Meanwhile at a $500,000 lunch at a McDonalds in Sydney Treasurer Joe Hockey snapped at photographers who were snapping him. Hockey spat his cigar out and screamed "just google me you *** and Photoshop it!" Having been bruised by his claims of our AAA credit rating being downgraded when it wasn't, the PM then explained he thought AAA stood for Automobile Association of America, whose credit rating HAS gone down. He blamed the error on a faulty dictionary left behind in the PMs Office by Julia Gillard. The PM finished his day on the back foot. But as he was already there it must have been the BACK back foot. .. ...
Julia Gillard - Educate our Children for the Most Long-term Difference in Fate of Our World | Brookings Institution http…
Dorothy Parker... "On the weekend, Annabel Crabb kindly and thoughtfully drew attention to a whole collateral world of pain, with Whatever happened to 'without fear or favour'? She could have been childish, she could have rubbed salt into raw, open, exposed, ulcerating wounds, but she showed she understood the new world of pain: '...News columnist Andrew Bolt urged Prime Minister Tony Abbott to issue a general public apology for even entertaining the idea of breaking his ''no new taxes'' campaign promise. But when the dreadful truth was confirmed, Mr Bolt dashed off a column at 6.30am moodily commending the overall direction of the budget, then spent the rest of the day attacking the ABC, Manus Island refugees, Julia Gillard, Adam Goodes, Kevin Rudd's insulation scheme, and demanding to know exactly where Barack Obama was when the diplomatic compound at Benghazi was attacked. Once upon a time, a budget that sprung not only petrol price increases but also a new tax on rich voters would have been an opportu ...
Stuart Hetherington for Bernard Murphy - Paul Galbally for Julia Gillard at the Royal Commission
I remember this time that old mate PM Julia Gillard wore a bright blue navy blazer over the top of a hot pink top & it made me sad bc why???
Julia Gillard's fmr Comms Director has a dig at press secretaries who get "shirty or shouty"
Sickening. Chris Kenny on 'Friday Night Live' on Sky News tonight editorialising about (and condemning) the student protest against Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. And stating (and I quote) "she should be shown respect". Yet just before the ad break - in a sniggering way somewhat channelling a school boy who's just let a fart out during a mass service - he refers to Bruce Wilson at the Union Royal Commission as "Julia Gillard's ex boyfriend". Um, where's the respect to a person (Gillard) who has held the highest elected office in the land? And why over the years - despite their full knowledge - did the media not refer to Bob Hawke when he was PM as "Blanche D'Alpuget's lover", and Andrew Peacock when he was Foreign Minister as "Shirley McLaine's lover" and Joh Bjelke Petersen when he was Qld Premier as "Beryl Young's lover". The double standards of the media, and their treatment of women in politics, is absolutely appalling.
Craig Emerson, Julia Gillard and Bill Shorten initiated cuts to universities! The Australian Labor Party is the laughing stock of the nation
Is it just me or does anyone else feel that the negativity towards what I believe is a good budget is being hammered into us by some media outlets when Julia Gillard is being investigated by icac in relation to union slush funds. Kevin Rudd/ Peter Garret are giving evidence at the Royal Commission into the pink batts farce and to top it of Craig Thompson was recently found guilty of stealing from the Hsu. The Labor/ Greens alliance should hang their heads in shame. Just saying. Lol
Royal Commission: Union slush fund cash paid to builders renovating the home of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard. ht…
THE Queensland union and ALP “godfather” Bill Ludwig has been accused of receiving a secret slush fund cash payment of $50,000 from the former boyfriend of ex-Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
Julia Gillard's ex Bruce Wilson has Dr Hanscombe QC from Victoria representing him at the Royal Commission into unions
Greetings, Julia Gillard here! Thanks to The Guardian for allowing me to take over & talk about an issue dear to me - …
Bob Hawke: "No child will live in poverty by 1990." Julia Gillard: "There will be no mining tax." Kevin Rudd: "I will not be challenging for the Leadership." George Bush: "Read my lips: No new taxes." Let the person who has never broken a promise cast the first stone.
Abbott’s job now to sell his brand of best and fairest PHILLIP HUDSON THE AUSTRALIAN MAY 05, 2014 THE next two weeks are shaping up as the most important of Tony Abbott’s Prime Ministership. Abbott said he would lead a government of “no surprises and no excuses”. He should add to that no hypocrisy and no weasel words. The one overriding theme of his message to voters last September was that, if elected, he would restore the public’s trust in politicians and their promises. No one did more than Abbott to relentlessly attack Julia Gillard for breaking her “no carbon tax” promise. The Coalition knew before the last election about the state of the nation’s finances because it claimed there was a “budget emergency”. As Abbott, Joe Hockey and senior ministers meet on Wednesday to sign off their first budget and send it to the printers, the juggle for the Prime Minister is that the public are ready for a tough-love budget with painful decisions, but not if they think it is a betrayal of his s ...
I just realised how much of a dramatic English writer I am omg. "during the reign of Julia Gillard" *** brain
Where are all these people who castigated Julia Gillard for lying about the carbon tax. Abbot promised no new taxes but is going to raise one anyway. Come on you brainless gutless *** stand up and make a comment.
If Julia Gillard was crucified for her position on 'new' taxes, so should Tony Abbott.
Really? Australia just remembers what you provided for them, not 'broken promises'? Tell Julia Gillard that
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This broken promise by PM is far worse than Julia Gillard. Gillard had to deal with a minority government. Changed circumstance.
Christopher Pyne says the deficit levy is not 'Tony Abbott's Julia Gillard moment'.
Is this Tony Abbott's Julia Gillard moment? "Well, no it's not," says Pyne
Compared to Abbott the *** Julia Gillard was a saint when it came to lying, this scum bag PM is the biggest liar of all and can never again be trusted. He needs to go
Julia Gillard didn't spend 25 odd billion on fighter jets to make up for things. Perhaps therapy for some leaders might help the economy.
How come if Mr. Abbott brings in a new tax to help Australia to continue paying for all we have now and what we need in the future, it is a broken promise, and they then want to vote him out, but when Julia Gillard said " There will no Carbon Tax under my Government" then bought it in and then Labor also bought in the Mining Tax no-one says anything seems to me a bit one sided don't you think. My opinion is scrap bringing anything new in, changing anything at all and put the GST up to 20% would fix everything! but I agree with the tax that Mr. Abbott wants to bring in as then the rich have to pay more, which in my opinion they should do. As for the paid parental leave agree with it as working mothers who will get this, generate the most money to the economy, without them we would be worse off.same as we need the rich as they also generate a lot to our economy so have to look after them too. The majority of disabled and aged do not generate as much to the economy this is why the top gets the cream and the ...
Because of course Julia Gillard fits the profile of a plane bomber.
Avoided airport bomb swab screening with obvious time wasting tactics, next in line, Julia Gillard stopped. She was stoked.
I stand with the Governor, a decent man who dared to speak straight to us, he takes the leadership position of point us to a place, where we honour our lost loves and claim the right to have a say in this grave business of going to war. Please, get a second opinion about this from those who should know. Ask the widows and the wives and divorced war wives who share their own PTSD as the price they paid. Ask them if it is time we thought deeply before such a decision is made. Not just allow some self centred *** of the likes of Hawke, Howard, and god forbid Abbott to make that decision for us. I wrote to PM Julia Gillard, I doubt she actually replied, I wrote asking that the Parliament, that is the House of Representatives and the Senate plus the Governor General representing the Queen in a joint sitting make the decision. International law is moving closer and closer to the point where national leaders like Tony Blair are coming under forensic scrutiny and it would certainly be prudent to put our house i . ...
Julia Gillard is an atheist can you imagine an USA president atheist?
SAVING THE :- While Julia Gillard stands in line at Rooty Hill RSL’s Zest Wok ‘n’ Grill and contemplates the options of chips.
Ideally, I'd like to go on a night out with Shakespeare, Gandhi and Julia Gillard. Then invite Miley Cyrus and watch the mutual reactions.
Hana she's like a blonde julia gillard
I liked a video John Jarratt's Xmas Carol for Schapelle Corby to Julia Gillard and Australia
Further to my decision last night to only refer to our current P.M. As "ABBLIER" due to his many consistent and GREAT BIG LIES.I have today to spotlight his lie in the broken promise of him regarding No Taxes And now signalling that he will introduce an Income tax of sort disguishing it as a levy.Seeing that i feel the people deserve to know the truthlease dont be surprised if i spontaniously burst out with a truth post something like..GREAT BIG. NEW TAX..or A BROKEN PROMISE IS A BROKEN PROMISE IS A BROKEN PROMISE kind of thing.. Not that i want to be like a con heaven forbid but this is the kind of tactic they used against our Julia Gillard,and i figured if it works for them..? well now i would not suggest that you take up my idea or a similar one of your own but if you do? . Who am I to stop you??
. I guess Julia Gillard set the standard.
Is everyone aware Joe Hockey gets suits made in Brisbane by same blokes who created the Julia Gillard menu ? Sweat Joe. You're next.
Yes, she who laughs last, laughs longest. Go break out the Grangers Julia Gillard LOL
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