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Julia Gillard

Julia Eileen Gillard (born 29 September 1961) is the 27th and current Prime Minister of Australia, in office since 24 June 2010.

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Great moments in Aussie history: "The Prime Minister Julia Gillard was hit with yet another sandwich" https…
I don't recall Julia Gillard banging on about terrorism all the time ...police did their job quietly away from the cameras.
Very proud to lend my support as the new Patron of to the advancement of girls' education-JG
A view on gender and politics in advance of Monday's US presidential debate. My article in Politico today - JG
My tribute in London today to Jo Cox's commitment to women in public life & to her values - JG
Here's the essay on the abuse of Julia Gillard.
Aust's 1st female PM Julia Gillard was treated appallingly by Conservatives.
Julia Gillard said there shall be no carbon tax under a government I lead. We could do this for days. My point is A…
Sheep too ! Margaret Thatcher is the boss of the flock. Julia Gillard and Ghandi follow as…
Can we bring back Julia Gillard. During her time the economy was growing despite a hung parliament
Julia Gillard triggered SA's power failure problems with her "gold plated" poles and wire quote.
Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious by the return of Julia Gillard!!!
I know people are looking at what's happening in Washington and the...
Did the Pyne have the gaul to call Julia Gillard a 'Liar'
obviously business or first class - Julia Gillard or Julia Roberts or my hubby ❤️
. Yes. Thank goodness we don't have Julia Gillard nation-building & passing good legislation anymore.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I believe Julia Gillard has bought a plot there
LOL someone who considers Julia Gillard & Barry Obama 'political heroes' ought to be licking some heavy duty anti…
has never taken responsibility for Julia Gillard's downfall. She & only she was to blame & opportunity missed.
. . He still managed to beat Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.
Ok for LNP but not Julia Gillard apparently. Hypocrites.
2/ Tony Burke going along with Greens to get Votes for Julia Gillard. Tony Burke's response - attending to International Law
Bill Shorten said he was great friends w/Israel & Netanyahu?? Julia Gillard was pro Israel too. Seriously why?
We had one. I believe Julia Gillard was that PM.
Reminds me of Julia Gillard and the land mines she left behind for Tony Abbott.
is it me or Kevin Rudd and julia Gillard just randomly walk everywhere in the parliment non stahp. ***
He's simply doing what our ex PM Julia Gillard did~laying booby traps for the incoming administration.1/2
Waxing political with Australia's first female PM Julia Gillard. @ Madame…
The Anglicans don't get on the ABC much, small mercy! No one admits being 'secular' wait, Julia Gillard & look what happened to her
Julia Gillard will be the New Queen of the new world
Today I am very sick I suffer of melancholy I love Julia Gillard
Happy New year Julia Gillard the greatest President of the new Republic
Still waiting for you to apologise to Julia Gillard Ms Trioli. Grab an aspect of a story and run with it! Nice try!
This NP TOILET ROLL is WORSE than JULIA GILLARD ever was in pushing EVERY FILTHY THEME it can think of - RACE, CLASS, SEX etc
Parrys Raines talks about Australian leadership with reference to Julia Gillard and Layne Beachley.
so is Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Bob Hawke and Paul Keating. Care to cut theirs as well?
People used to complain about Julia Gillard's voice. She has nothing on the high pitched screeching of Michaelia Cash
BREAKING: Julia Gillard & Penny Wong "not invited" to Summernats due to their documented opposition to marriage equ…
. . Curiously, they don't ban Penny Wong or Julia Gillard who both actually OPPOSED marriage equality in office.
The Australian National Broadcaster ABC did the same thing calling PM Julia Gillard "Juliar"
and Julia Gillard have a lot in common & it’s not just the ladylike shoes & matching pearl earrings.
Diplomats help Tony Abbott get around but nowhere near as often as they did for Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.…
The PM is in gridlock this morning because Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard have given us cause for confidence and an example of resolve.
Julia Gillard warns Theresa May about sexist criticism
Ford announcement came in May 2013 when Julia Gillard was Prime Minister. Workers had lots of notice.
You're amazing Margie! I'm gonna see another ex Aussie Prime Minister speak this week. Julia Gillard.
thanks to the former Labor government under Julia Gillard.
I liked a video Julia Gillard former Australian Prime Minister on misogyny in politics - BBC
Julia Gillard ex Aussie Prime Minister is giving a pep talk in favor of HRC on CNN. I assume drinking the cool aid.
. Julia Gillard a failed Prime Minister. .got kicked out...
"what next... they're going to announce that Julia Gillard is Prime Minister again"
. That is what Julia Gillard had to endure as Australian Prime Minister & we had to endure emotional damage with her
on 1961 Julia Gillard, Welsh-Australian lawyer and politician, 27th Prime Minister of Australia
Prime Minister turned professor: Julia Gillard appointed to King's College via . - Cream rises to the top :)
Study shows extensive misogyny in media reporting on Australia's first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.
happy birthday Julia Gillard 27th Prime Minister of Australia
John McTernan, former spin doctor to Julia Gillard, has done more harm than good to the ALP via
.Exactly. Kevin Rudd & first woman PM Julia Gillard among the worst PM's in Australian history.
don't think Shakespere is relevant today, just ask Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull "My kingdom for a vote"
They had tony abbot ones when he was pm⚡️ “Julia Gillard dolls being sold as dog chew toys by RSPCA”.
Mark McGowan failed to stand up to Julia Gillard & Kevin Rudd on the anti-WA, anti-jobs mining & carbon taxes
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In my long memory, the only Prime Minister people like the Gallery’s skid mark have been rude in public to was Julia Gillard.
Australian male politicians threatened our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. with hate speech ever other day.
"He has advised world leaders including Tony Blair and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard".
New One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts has accused Julia Gillard of time travel in order to target Andrew Bolt:
Malcolm Roberts demanded $280,000 from Julia Gillard over the carbon tax, cites anti-Semites in climate conspiracies htt…
Sort of weird to think that just 3 years and 6 weeks ago, Julia Gillard was Prime Minister. Quite a bit has happened since then
and international-law professor Ben Saul, publicly asked Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia,
Alan Jones's vile comments about Julia Gillard exposed his sexism. Now, with Hanson, he reveals his racism.
On the tragedy of Julia Gillard, and how a Prime Minister who won an election can still seem illegitimate. And now?
A Labor Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, who does believe in climate cha...
MTurnbull please note: "As Prime Minister, Julia Gillard was able to pass more legislation with a minority...
Now playing: ""10 past 7 is 10 past 7, isn't it?"" by Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister with shock-jock Alan Jones from ''
cf Australia's first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard :(
Julia Gillard was the most productive Prime Minister in Australia's history.
Julia Gillard the most productive Prime Minister in Australia's history?
Wayne Swan, former Deputy PM for Julia Gillard, has been re-elected. Labor hold.
Quiz: Aussie PM or celeb couple survival?: From Kevin Rudd to Julia Gillard, back to Rudd and then to Tony Ab...
Six years ago tonight: Paul Howes goes on to back Julia Gillard
You forget bully tactics of the LNP against Julia Gillard her looks, speech, figure, partner, dead father. Face Palm.
The right-wing misogyny that used to be directed at Julia Gillard has found a new target with Sarah Hanson-Young
With Craig Thomson riding shotgun and Julia Gillard and Peter Slipper in the backseat. That'd work.
Education can't wait - Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia at Women Deliver
here is one from Wayne Swan - former deputy Prime Minister under Julia Gillard.
Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard enjoying life in Adelaide, new job, and loyalty to Western Bulldogs
In honor of a pic of Sec. Clinton with Australia's first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard: https:…
Malcolm Turnbull is set to have half as many female MPs as Tony Abbott, the Liberal leader Julia Gillard accu...
In which Julia Gillard acted with Integrity, same won't be said about the Tax Dodging Lying Shonk
PLIBERS CANT WAIT TO KNIFE SHORTEN A LA JULIA GILLARD ?!. For many of us Parlt makes no diff anyway?!
Australian Government grants to the Clinton Foundation donated by Julia Gillard. Milions of $. UNREAL!
Jared, Australia's Julia Gillard gave Millions of dollars to HRC. See
Would you say the same to Julia Gillard when she was PM if she went to a by invitation only all women's club?
Seven things taught me at the previous leadership luncheon.
as if Julia Gillard would know, she is the one responsible for the economic mess this country is in!
respect grows for Julia Gillard looking all these leaders who have lost direction & heading nowhere
Start your convo with Julia Gillard suggested- Dr Foley
How to ask for help - "I was talking to Julia Gillard, and she suggested I ask you..." Cathy Foley
So proud of our Head of Growth for winning an MBA scholarship and securing Julia Gillard as her new BFF.
Career goal unlocked - being the opening speaker for Julia Gillard and Layne Beachley ❤️
Hearing from two inspirational women in Julia Gillard and Katrina Sedgewick at special luncheon. What a wonderful organisation.
feeling inspired at women's leadership forum. Julia Gillard speech was incredible.
Julia Gillard on being a golden child - 'the problem being on a pedestal, it's a *** of a long way to fall'
"Shorten says Labor won’t do a deal with Greens in a hung parliament but Julia Gillard said the same & look how that turned out!"
Did any of the right wing commentators who threatened to kill Julia Gillard ever get charged?
Great event speakers Julia Gillard & thanks for the invitation
Loving listening to Julia Gillard at the Women's Leadership Forum run by Aim For The Stars
Julia Gillard's 3 lessons on leadersip: . 1. Have a sense of purpose 2. Make time for deep thinking 3. Nurture a strong sense of self
Keynote speaker Julia Gillard about to take the stand; stay posted for quotes!
On our seats ready to hear from Julia Gillard and some amazing speakers
Yep look how they went after Julia Gillard for absolutely nothing!
I had the pleasure of spending one on one time with Julia Gillard today thanks to ARN and Ally Rainey. My...
The Honourable Dr Julia Gillard. I am truly your number one fan. How can I meet you. It will be a dream.
It's not an average Friday today - I'm popping out at lunchtime to give a little speech prior to Julia Gillard,...
Julia Gillard or lady from the old Ronda and Katut ad?
An "allegation 20 years ago", seemed to matter for the Liberals when they were trying to smear Julia Gillard?. Double Standar…
Julia Gillard was a great PM and an even better negotiator, LNP should take note :)
How long did the coalition flog Julia Gillard over a bunch of nothing?
australia: Crumbs and all: Prince Harry, Hillary Clinton and Julia Gillard have cutlery swiped for exhibition
I was angry about this when I went to sleep. I've woken enraged. They did it to Julia Gillard. I'm as angry now as I was then.
America has always understood this principle of the economy - that everyone...
I seem to recall relentless pursuit of Julia Gillard over her involvement in setting up a bank account for a...
Julia Gillard caught eating skin off foot on public transport.
20-year-old matters didn't seem to be a problem when PM Julia Gillard was a Coalition target, di…
Just imagine what would be happening to Turnbull now re Panama if he were Julia Gillard or Bill Shorten instead
The once upon a time Prime Minister, Ms. Julia Gillard in conversation with my sis, Shruti Nargundkar, three...
Julia Gillard was the most productive PM in Australia's history. A fact lost on revisionists.
Julia Gillard was the most productive Prime Minister in Australian history - despite the mysogene attacks on her.
Julia Gillard most productive Prime Minister Julia Gillard has highest rate of passing legislation ahead of Hawke
Bill Shorten, leader lied to radio host about his intentions then STABBED Julia Gillard in the back.
2012: A delighted Julia Gillard, with Craig Emerson, signs agreement with PNG to re-open (Photo: AAP)
"Road rort Labor’s gift to mates" Judith Sloan on another of Julia Gillard's ruinous regulatory legacies.
. Mining tax undermined by Wayne Swan. ETS destroyed by Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan
Former Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, says is her ultimate goal. Let's talk
A copy of Julia Gillard...the Prime Minister who totally TOTALLY stuffed Australia.
Julia Gillard celebrates Greek independence day in Sydney. Picture: Sam M..
You don't think Michelle was biased against Julia Gillard, Katherine?Never called her 'Prime Minister'
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Julia Gillard was Australias' First Two Half Term Female Prime Minister. I wrote to her about corruption and...
Peter Dutton: "Why would you go back to somebody that kept Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd in government?"
The discussion of Lindy Chamberlain and Julia Gillard in this "The Women We Love To Hate" panel has given me goosebumps.
Private life of Julia Gillard, Peter Slipper & Craig Thomson were fair game for Tony Abbott when it suited him. His affair does not suit
So, Tony Abbott who relentlessly pursued Julia Gillard, Peter Slipper & Craig Thomson, won't talk about his "relations…
Let us give thanks for the compassionate courage of Julia Gillard who set up this life changing Royal Commission. .
A big well done to Nicola Roxon & Julia Gillard. It would never have happened under Big Tobaccos LNP's bes…
Julia Gillard taking Tony Abbot to the cleaners
Julia Gillard exclusive interview: the timid ABC is rewarding Tony Abbott | World news | The Guardian.
Today at 5pm Gordon Brown talks to Julia Gillard about funding education for Syrian child refugees
Are you laughing in the face of victims of child abuse? --> PM Julia Gillard set up RC into child abuse.
It was the same with Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd too
Ruddmentum continues to be a part of the Abbott life He is still in the shadows of Kevin Rudd & Julia Gillard
Re AUS notes, why not people like Rosie Batty, Julia Gillard, Margaret Olle, Ron Clarke, Fred Burrows? But Karl Stefanovic? NO 😳
After comments Re: Julia Gillard in 2007 This is very hypocritical
Julia Gillard didn't have to discipline or dismiss a single Minister.. has already lost TWO!..
PREVIEW: Watch me challenge ex-Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard over her treatment of refugees on https…
How did Kevin & his Family made $2Billion. Julia Gillard is Documented, Beatie, Anna Bligh
Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd demand bigger perks for former Prime Ministers
Salmond's dig at Hilary Benn over his dead father recalls Alan Jones' hateful remarks about Julia Gillard's father
Having met The Hon.Julia Gillard 27th Prime Minister of Australia - only female PM to date in person today,she is one amazing lady!
that is effectively what Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia said
Remember when Alan Jones was raging at Abbott & the LNP cabinet just like he did with Julia Gillard for breaking a promise? Neither do I...
"Where are the Destroy The Jointers trying to get Bills sacked like they did when Alan Jones sad Julia Gillard should be thrown out to sea?"
Brilliant statement by Aussie Prime Minister -. Australian PM Julia Gillard should be made Queen of the world.
My answer to How good was Julia Gillard as the Prime Minister of Australia? Please can any Australian's (or …
People keep asking Julia Gillard, who entered Parliament 5 years after Hilary Clinton became a national political figure, for advice to her.
Julia Gillard: from Australia's first female Prime Minister & one of the most successful to international superstar
Almost unbelievable: Tony Abbott has phoned Julia Gillard several times since being dumped via
Julia Gillard has “mixed feelings” about return to Canberra, after accepting honorary degree
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Conversation with Sean Kelly, former adviser to Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, Politics Editor at The Monthly
Julia Gillard: from Australia's Prime Minister to international superstar -
. FORMER Prime Minister Julia Gillard has left taxpayers with a $454,412 bill.
SUDDENLY: . Julia Gillard on a post-it note. Australia's 27th Prime Minister.
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