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Juke Joint

Juke joint (or jook joint) is the vernacular term for an informal establishment featuring music, dancing, gambling, and drinking, primarily operated by African American people in the southeastern United States.

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Bluesman Bilbo Walker's grand opening of WONDER LIGHT CITY juke joint continues this afternoon/evening and...
Played Juke Joint Jezebel a million times on repeat
R Kelly brought juke joint r&b to the radio which used to just be underground.
Tune into Cowboys Juke Joint right now for good tunes + live interview with yours eternally!
Did the honkies display or hide their racism towards you? Shirley you would've been much safer at a ghetto juke joint.
If you haven't spent time in a juke joint, just know it's one of those experiences that should happen at least once.
Morgan Freeman's Ground Zero Juke Joint. Remember to sign your name. Clarksdale MS Birthplace of the Blues.
Yep it's lovely. And if you ever get to savannah defo search out mataharies. Secret…
Walking up to Bilbo Walker's new WONDER LIGHT CITY juke joint moments ago near Clarksdale,…
Onisus live at the Juke Joint in downtown Ocean Springs, MS!Thursday - June, 22nd
Y can u juke & foot work 2 this Drake joint playing on the radio 😂
giving you a true Funk Experience at The Juke Joint, Gemini style!…
Any joint that has Bieber x Chance the Rapper is fire. Look at Juke Jam and I'm The One 🔥
Still my favorite thing to happen to me in 2017
Had a great time playing with the Juke Joint Zombies at Hawgs Blues Cafe tonight. They are really doing it up...
80-year-old Bilbo Walker jammin' Howlin' Wolf right now at WONDER LIGHT CITY juke joint near…
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Look ma, no hands! 👐 celebrating the release of the new album 'Juke Joint At The Edge Of The Worl……
New Podcast from our show JUKE JOINT 22.02.2017 online!
Sick bay juke joint speakers snitch the feed whole wide world: KLUP
Seeing up there singing the blues in that red made me feel like Shug Avery was back in Harpo's juke…
if ima throw a party this weekend, it's going to be a BYOB Juke Joint Party. But I can't do that bcuz I'm still down south
We gone have a Juke Jam at Juke Joint 😜
I forgot to play. I hope no one won tonight. 😜 @ Nai's Juke Joint
ion even have an outfit for juke joint smh I'm tripping lol
Gonna stuff my face with soul food! Gimme! (@ Saw's Juke Joint in Birmingham, AL)
My juke joint outfit is killer. Fools better be glad Ian going
What you didnt tell MJ about your singing days at the juke joint?!? Lol
📹 I ran into a juke joint when I heard a guitar scream The notes were turning blue, I was dazing in a...
It's time to show those hidden talents! Come out to Juke Joint this Thursday 👏🏾👏🏾
GUESS WHO IS HEADING TO CHICAGO!?!? So excited to be in this year's Juke Joint with the infamous Jeez Loueez! See...
black umd you know where to be this Thursday!! second juke joint of the semester it's 3 lit
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MSP's next Juke Joint will be on Friday March 10th from 4 to 6pm in Seneca's Cafeteria.
Good point. Which means there will be more playback at Mar-a-Lago than at a south Georgia juke joint on Saturday ni…
I met with my dealer today and scored some crack. @ Nai's Juke Joint
"This weekend I'm staying in, studying and getting ahead for the next week" . Juke joint:
taking appointments for Kodak and Juke Joint this weekend. 🔌💋
Some of the other music events I looked to were Double Decker Festival, Juke Joint Blues Fest, Sunflower Blues Fest and Hill Country Picnic.
See you tonight in Anaheim!. NAMM Show, Schecter Guitars Annual Party at The Juke Joint Anaheim
I'm listening to Four Hills by DJ Day on
I'm trying to draw inspiration from Cam'Ron or Fab for Juke Joint ... idk tho😂
Peaches Juke Joint in Norwalk: Two guys enjoy some Southern hospitality, from our friends
CZR & AXSENT "Juke Joint" release party and video premiere. Join us on Friday, January 27th for…
Knew would turn this into a juke joint for his birthday! DOPE SET TODAY! Happy birthday!
I wouldn't know about a Walter Waiters if it wasn't for Freddie's Juke Joint. It wasn't a "real" cafe, but you...
I added a video to a playlist Jamey Johnson- Ray Rays Juke Joint.mpg
I added a video to a playlist Christone Kingfish Ingram at Ground Zero Blues Club - Juk…
Here are a few of the people that were there at the Juke Joint last night: . Naomi Campbell, David Blaine, Bradly Co…
Tonight at Mikey's Juke Joint & Eatery - Groove Theory Jam hosted by The Lost Lemons with special appearances by...
Tonight 6-8 PM, see Spencer Williams' "Juke Joint" at the Central Library. Don't forget your entry form for the…
Dinner at this cool juke joint. (@ The River Dog Grill in Bullhead City, AZ)
Cats outta the bag. ⚡️. will be playing a couple tunes tonight at The Live Juke Joint in St.Louis. 8:30pm. https:…
Tune in now Blues Block Norman Davis 5pm til 7:30pm Juke Joint streaming at
Living quarters and "juke joint" for migratory workers, a slack season; Belle…
let me know a good juke joint to get a gig when i go to your neck of the woods. That would be an awesome present.
Saginaw bluesman LARRY McCRAY joined Robert Barclay on "The Juke Joint" last night to talk about his stop at the...
I can't wait to go to Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint😝
No Bike Night this week at The Shed Smokehouse & Juke Joint, they've got something a little bigger going on.
Thank you for the most amazing night. Best crowd ever. Love you. Back tomorrow 6pm at juke joint xx htt…
Honeyspiders - Sweet to Bayport on Cowboys Juke Joint Tune in:
John The Conqueror - Road to Bayport on Cowboys Juke Joint Tune in:
Graveyard BBQ - By the Grace of the Grill on Cowboys Juke Joint Tune in:   10% Off
Legendary Shack Shakers - *** and vinegar on Cowboys Juke Joint Tune in:
Graveyard BBQ - I'm on Fire on Cowboys Juke Joint Tune in:
We go live on the Motor City Juke Joint on Cave Radio in 30 secs!
The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer - Sweat This Pain on Cowboys Juke Joint Tune in:
Relieved to hear that Teddy's Juke Joint in BR/Zachary, LA is dry (and not only that, has a band on tonight) Thanks
No mention of Parov Stelar, Da Rasta and others at Juke Joint, the Jose Cuervas corner, The Valley, the banquets,...
Tune in Cool-Hand Luke's Juke Joint (Thursday 6-8pm CST on Brad Wilson's Power Blues Guitar featured on the playlist
Sonny Moorman has a show on 05/28/2016 at 08:00 PM @ Gips place juke joint in Bessemer, AL
Me and Carla baby would cut a rug together at The Juke Joint, our favorite 50's themed, 1970's diner.
Nonsense! Hit 'em all with some of that karate, Juke Joint!
Juke joint method in consideration of prompt blameless: jzETG
Bluesboy Jag & the Juke Joint... has a show on 05/28/2016 at 06:00 PM @ Rodney's Handlebar and Gril... in Little...
LIVE on at the Juke joint in downtown Atlanta
You picked a great time too! After Dark: Dance Hall & Juke Joint on June 11th will be L I T!
So the beer may be disappointing in this seedy joint, but there's a juke box.
"Gas in my joint, Gas in my tank hit it once hyperventilate."
At the Juke Joint for a bite to eat at the ATL Airport
I'm not a bieber fan in the slightest, but he was the perfect person for that juke jam joint
It's Join us and for Juke Joint night from 5-7 pm. https:/…
cause you trynna measle your way into my relationship. No mam. This here my juke joint
My plan is to hire a car & go investigate the Deep South. Check out a bona fide blues Juke Joint.
The terre juke joint and sweat room is the secondary road speaking of comfort in agreement with system other s...
Get ready for Juke Joint with this new playlist See ya on Sunday! FREE.
Swear juke jam by reminds me of R. Kelly's "feeling on yo booty" joint 😅
I've played gigs in a juke joint in the Birmingham hood run by a frmr Solid Gold dancer who doesn't let anyone in under 30.
All I want is a loyal bad juke joint to duck off & get this 💸 with
New Podcast from our show JUKE JOINT 25.05.2016 online!
African Dance team getting pumped for Juke Joint today after school! 3:30pm, Media Center, Free! 🙌🏽
The Winona State University’s Women of Color Association will host “Juke Joint: A Night of Soul” at 5:30 p.m.
The Earl's Juke Joint team are opening a David Lynch...
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my local Juke Joint in Brum ... Jonathan Earp the Big Wolf at the Tower Of Song
Heckuva time tonight with the Juke Joint Zombies at Nashville Rockin' Grill in Maumelle. Owner Mike Bracy even...
I'm trying to impress my parents. 2 people who aren't impressed by anything but live performances of juke joint tunes.
Hangin' out at work, which happens to be Jimmy's Juke Joint, listening to Zero Tolerance, waiting for my Royal...
If you need break from craziness in Paris, find out why BBQ juke joint in Bayport is pulling plug on live music
Buddy looks like a bass player at the local juke joint
Check out Juke Joint On Moses Lane by aired on my radio program on
We toasting it up at the juke joint one helluva night 😅😍
Carl Sims - It Ain't a Juke Joint Without the Blues is on
One week from today! Friday November 20th @ Mikey's Juke Joint & Eatery. Brent Tyler with Garth Kennedy...
Playing a show in Rochester, NY, NY at 9:00 PM today at Sticky Lips Juke Joint
Excited for the FREE! show at Sticky Lips Juke Joint TONIGHT! 9pm!
I liked a video from Juke Joint Fest - Reverend KM Williams on Cat Head Front Porch
[WIN] Your last chance to win tickets to Last Juke Joint TOMORROW: Competition ends 9:30pm - it's never too late!
Don't miss the legendary southern soul blues artist, Jeff Floyd at the Juke Joint Jam!
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Buy your Bluesboy Jag & the Juke Joint Zombies t shirts at Cafe Press. Cl. ick the link below:...
I'm listening to Ray Ray's Juke Joint by on
SATURDAY: Swing into your dancing shoes for Last Juke Joint - - enter now for a double pass to a night of
We toastin it up at the juke joint...
Never had real chicken & Waffles... So i had too, of course -Sweet Georgia's juke joint did me right!…
RELEASE THE BALLOONS! Most balloon poppin party live-to-air ever, ahead of the LAST JUKE JOINT AT THE…
Teddy of Teddy's Juke Joint. He is a great hilariously entertaining DJ in a small town juke joint.
listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers at La La's Hideaway Speakeasy and Juke Joint
The HQ team is going places! Love the new venue for monthly drinks Juke Joint, Mt Eden. https:…
Worthy pursuits, but can you top a Juke Joint IPA? That is the question ...
Made love in the car at the juke joint!
Gonna be a fun weekend! Probable Cause is taking the time off and going to Jimmy's Juke Joint in Bloomer to catch Royal Bliss! Don't miss it
You'll come close to being this cool if you list to The Juke Joint tonight from 8-10pm EDT on 107.7 FM WVEW-LP,...
Powerful words from last night at UMD Juke Joint. .
Moonshine drinks are pretty good... Juke Joint, restaurant in ATL, good choice! last…
and I'm trying to look at her too. So where this juke joint at?
Just two more days of work to get through before our show Friday at Sticky Lips Juke Joint! 9 p.m., FREE. Bringing back some old favorites!
This Saturday, we are back at Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint!!! Show starts at 9:30, NO COVER!!!
have from Korpilaani if you're feeling very out there. Neon Jungle. Parov Stelar. "Juke Joint Jezebel", KMFDM. Kendrick Lamar
...& tonight there will be dancing. No jazz hands necessary. NOLA Juke Joint w/DJ Steve Myers! Kicks…
Gostei de um vídeo Sons: "Where I've been" -from the Rival Sons EP 'WiMP Presents Juke Joint
.tune The name say's it all. Check it here!
Always a great time at Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint and one of our favorite stages. Please join us!!
Welcome to Ray Rays juke joint down in the holler, you all come back again.
Cc is with playing with Diz Watson & The Doormen​ this Sat at headlining the Juke Joint Stage. Go on!
Get to know our Juke Joint Schedule Featuring + More http:/…
Listen to the 2015 Telluride Blues & Brews Juke Joint Playlist on
Ready for you guys to get your juke joint style sweaty *** dance on just in time for the late summer…
..You said this here OUR juke joint...
Hehe, too late - am up to miss celie's blues. Wish we had a juke joint here ;)
A moment in the manzanillo juke joint: rniy
5 tip forasmuch as circuit juke joint intrusive white sunday judicial vacations: cuHl
Early Friday afternoon vibes at the DJ BBQ juke joint before the throngs of families descended upon…
Latest: F&L News: Earl's Juke Joint turns Singaporean for an entire month (Sydney)
There'll be big laughs at MADCatfish Blues Festival's after-hours Juke Joint on 9/5. Info at
Juke joint, cruise control, and chills
Earls Juke Joint is one of the coolest bars in not just coolest in
Tonight we begin a weekly mix and live podcast @ The Juke Joint ... Come get some grooves and basslines everybody...
Having a delightful time here at the Juke Joint with a new patron listening to his selections.
I pity you if you don't love me... I'm Juke Joint. I'm speakeasy. I'm illegal in most states.
Jimmy's Juke Joint is 7 1/2 miles west of Bloomer WI. take hwy 40 to cty A
The Rockin' Jake Band has a show on 08/09/2015 at 09:00 PM @ Teddy's Juke Joint in Zachary, LA
100% Rock N Roll show this Friday with TJ Mayes + Jimmy Dale and the Beltline + DJ Juke Joint Jenni…
I might go to at Jimmy's Juke Joint in Bloomer, WI - Nov 14
Please come out to our performance 800pm to 1200 am Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint 200 Peachtree Street, Suite L05 Atlanta,
Juke Joint tonight at 7:30PM hosted by the Kappa Phi Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated! Doors open at 7PM.
STACE: Interview with Marc Lee on the Juke Joint - 103.5FM (Carrboro, NC): via
NY Carryout inc. black eyed peas and greens! (@ Saw's Juke Joint) on
"Pft.." Hands reached into his single fitted pockets. "A juke joint..if you could call it that, really." ->
Juke Joint Jive rocked the faces off of Churubusco last night.I mean it...I think the whole town stopped in!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Work to make this year ALL that you want it to be! @ Teddy's Juke Joint
Juke Joint 5 has a show on 11/15/2014 at 0930 PM @ In A PIgs Eye Restaurant in Salem, MA
92-yr-old Mr. Gip Gipson from Gip's juke joint in Bessemer, AL... at Red's juke in Clarksdale, Mississippi, right...
I just told my mama that I was going to the juke joint tonight .. 😂
I bet the juke joint goes up for that one
Just trying to spend my night a local juke joint...
lil indies (next to Will's Pub) opens at 7:30pm and Eugene Snowden's NYE Juke Joint starts at 10pm! Free toast at...
The terre juke joint else lavatory is the rating as regards ritziness in line with compatibility alias contentm...
I liked a video Juke Joint Blues - 42 great songs from the Mississippi Delta & the Deep South!
once my. Mom told me she wouldn't kick Britney Spears outta bed. While we were smoking a joint. Good times.
Bout to hit my juke joint n shoot sum pool
Playing on in the Juke Joint: Hollywood Band and DJ Blu!. Only $10 to see them all night from 9pm-2am!. *21+*
Dmac has a show on 01/02/2015 at 12:00 AM @ Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint in Atlanta, GA...
Tired of my front yard sounding like a juke joint.
be sure to get some Dreamland ribs and Saw's Juke Joint for the best BBQ. Go Gators!
My pumpkin is too - Drinking a Gruntled Pumpkin Ale by @ Jeremy's Juke Joint —
Congratulations to my pal on this year's Grammy nomination for his outstanding "Juke Joint Chapel"!
'Juke Joint' absolute fire if you like a blues type joint. 3rd time in a row playin this lol
C If France is ready for this >>> Flip this Into French would be Dope http…
The Mardi Gras parade is about to begin... Heading towards the Juke Joint x
Welcome to Ray Ray's juke joint down in the holler, y'all come back again 🎶
A juke joint pilgrimage in the rural South
Juke Joint 5 has a show on 12/31/2014 at 10:00 PM @ British Beer Company in Manchester, NH
More good music at Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint with a special guest singing. See if you may know who he…
Tickets for our Halloween party are going fast!. Daniel K + Juke Joint + Hopmonk presents. 7th Annual: Cirque Du...
I play in three bands on SL, Mill Creek Entertainment, Rock You Hard Productions and Blues Vendetta. If any venues want a band to play contact myself or Hvtkeyvhv Resident (Zeke Whitewolf) by note card and we will work out a deal. Being a new band (not a tribute band) you can probably get a pretty good deal. We can use our stage or yours. We are a good alternative to a DJ and because we don't have to make special avis and equipment we are cheaper than a Tribute band. Our music was recorded in real clubs or our practice studio. So some is not DJ quality while other are close. But we do give the feeling of being in a live juke joint. Check back later for a video of us.
If you would like YOUR performance group profiled on our blog, please contact me! 😊
“You've been featured in our post about ht…
From the Rival Sons EP 'WiMP Presents Juke Joint Sessions'. Recorded in Juke Joint Studio, Notodden, Norway, July 31st 2014. Recorded as part of the streamin...
You cant go to a Red carpet VIP event with a juke joint mentality. just because you dress the part! That dont mean you Built for it.
“You've been featured in our post about
Po Monkey's Juke Joint is having LIVE blues music tonight! Y'all come on out!
Check out Journalism major, Lauryn Froneberger's feature on the team, video, & pictures!
You've been featured in our post about
JUKE JOINT PICTURES AND VIDEOS ARE NOW UP! Check out some of our favorite performers!
pictures and video from myself and Look out for a review from comng soon
Video and pictures from this year's Review coming soon
In case you missed Homecoming Juke Joint... (Video and Pictures)
Oct 31st Halloween night we will be rolling out some great blues for you at the world known Teddys Juke Joint...
Got the Blues? Saturday night at The Juke Joint with international blues dancers and DJs
New members and new pieces! CLICK TO WATCH our performance at 's Homecoming Juke Joint last night!
When fights break out, I sit and watch jus like Celie did in the juke joint 😂
Howler has a new weekly club night, and it opens with a bang tomorrow night. Discounts on entry before 9pm!
Guys at a liquor house in the country are so generous to pretty girls... Treat you like royalty 😂 . Grandparents call it "juke joint"
My mama thought she was a JUKE JOINT
The recordings I have from Juke Joint are great. I cant wait to post them to the blog!
Was My Fave in Brooklyn...A Raggae Juke Joint near Barclay's Ctr "Fish were so cute dancing lol"
Three inner west bars have been nominated for Bar Awards. Where is your favourite bar in the inner west?
So I heard own a juke joint in Mississippi and they play the blues and serves great drinks. I wanna go
yeah man. Can't wait. That's going to be a fun trip. I'm looking forward to fried chicken at The Juke Joint
rocking his long sleeve tee at the Juke Joint last night! 😎😎
He's a juke joint darryl, got SARS in his eye.
“The blues sounded like how I felt growing up. Too many people think of the blues as sad, but I think many of...
In Houston jamming to on 102.1. HeyyYYyy(in my grown folk juke joint voice )-"don't make me beg."
People slept on this guy singing w/another guy in glasses closer to the end of Juke Joint. They sounded tf good & everyone was loud 😕
Charles didn;t get a chance to meet you but I hear you nailed the part at the Juke Joint Michael White Water
Mobbed out for juke joint, y'all welcome.
Shoutout ! Unsung hero of the juke joint forreal lol
great write up for by labling the Juke Joint "no doubt the festivals’ hidden gem"we heartily agree
This will be a BLAST! All star line up for NEXT WEEKEND @ Mikey's Juke Joint! Greg Demchuk/Kelly Cruze/Chris...
The Cedric Burnside Projects. From the other night at Gip's Juke Joint :)
2 for the price of 1 Domestic Bottles and Wells. 5pm-8pm!. Click here for a free beer!
From the Juke Joint Festival, April, '13. riff starts at 3:00
Massive thank you to Tamala and co for having us in The Mercantile last night... Fingers crossed we'll pop up at Jimmie Lee's Juke Joint over the Summer :D Tomorrow night we'll be battling it out in The Palace Navan from 9pm... We'd love to see as many of you there as possible to lend your support... Cheers!
Amazing night, with great musicians and some truly golden moments. Special thanks to the 20+ International Students who came to enjoy the evening and who even put together a six piece band and had the pub rocking with only 2 hours rehearsal... and lets face it La Bamba should only be played with a man from Nicaragua on piano South American and Cameroon singers, Vietnamese bass player, French guitarist and British drummer... OUTSTANDING. Special thanks to Jake on sound, stirling work sir xx Last nights line up Pete & Jessica (Night Legend) Clive Penny International Student band (called either United Nations or Foresters, never quite got that sorted...) Templetree (Kaz) First time and bravely following the band Robin Juke Joint John Connor Pete Louis & Jij Biggest jam ever with more people on stage than off and lots of dancing.
Photo Credit: Greg Fisher - Blues Illustrated  There is a buzz about Andy Phillips and deservedly so! His profile has risen quickly to become one of the hardest working and most talked about local Blues artists to come on the local scene this last year. After every show, people blown away by his performance often ask, who is that guy? Andy Phillips is a largely self taught guitarist from country NZ, who showed a natural talent for music and art from a young age.Isolated on a farm for most of his youth, Phillips found solace in his guitar, playing daily for hours on end. As soon as he could, he headed off in the world to pursue music with a passion.  After living in Sydney and London, he moved to Melbourne and without knowing it at the time,settled in among the hotbed of extraordinary international blues talent on the Mornington Peninsula, (Jimi Hocking, Phil Para & Geoff Achison to name a few). Here he was happy and was a regular at local jams and played sessional guitar with various bands. However it w ...
Indulging in a VERY reliable indulgence: Juke joint juke box jive love songs on the wax wizard dive bar brilliance.aka pk mix tape
Went to Saw's Juke Joint tonight for a meet-up with the local chapter of the St. Andrew's Society (the fraternal organization for those of Scottish birth or heritage). First and foremost, I've been to juke joints before, and to call this thriving Crestline restaurant a juke joint is a bit of a stretch. You wouln't ordinarily find this many lawyers and architect types in a typical juke joint unless it caught fire. ANYway, what a great place -- super food; simply exceptional! The pulled pork bbq is as good as any I've had. The sauce is delicious. Eva had the pork and greens: a bed of grits under collard greens, those topped by pulled barbecued pork, that crowned with skinny fried onions. And home-made 'nana pudding. Woot! We're talking stupid good here. We'll go back soon and often. And it was good to socialize with all our Scots buds, too. Good call, Kelvin Terry, unofficial 'Kilty Hour' chairman for the St. Andrew's Society. Very good call.
Some or all of those below will drop in Saturday night around 8:00 to talk about their upcoming show and activities. Good music and conversation. Dom Turner + Lisa Miller & The Juke Joint Junkies
Let it be known that as of a few hours before dawn, 2014-06-10, I am officially a JUKE JOINT NINJA!!!
Hamilton Collection
100% Gold Star Expert Vocals performance on Juke Joint Jezebel by KMFDM, as it appears in Rock Band 2 for PlayStation 3. This song is downloadable content fr...
On Thursday 12th of June from 7-10pm I will be playing some blues alongside *** Garcia at the Gilbert street hotel.Come along and enjoy juke joint style blues and roots music-
Welcome to RayRay's juke joint down in the holler. Y'all come back again. 🎶😏
We announce we'll be playing at Gip's Place Juke Joint in Bessemer, Alabama!
My kitchen cabinet and I just left Mt Brighton where we finalized Saturday night's fundraiser. It is going to be big and fun! Billie Mack and Juke Joint Johnnies is pure talent. And, we will have a special musical guest who will share a special song.
I'll be performing this Saturday night at Ms. Juke Joint (old Mezos) along with Greg Porter and Ben N Jessica Sanders! Come out! It's for a good cause (WillFest) and let's tear the roof off!
Heyyy woowooers . It's the beginning of the week for us, Starting with. "DIZZY ROOSTER" Juke Joint Blues Tues. 9...
Now, THAT is a door! At the Blues Hall Juke Joint on Beale Street in Memphis, TN.
This Saturday night June 14th MISSISSIPPI JUKE JOINT is the place to be!!!
had that last time I was in Louisiana at the juke joint
Bluetopians… Join Ross and Ruby on June 28th for a four hour exploration into Blues Dancing: Juke Joint style. With a focus on Early Chicago, Contemporary Electric and Piedmont Blues, you'll get a diverse education on musical styles that inspire blues that has grit and groove and tends to be favored in close quarters and on crowded floors. Early-bird registration is open till June 15th!
This group is for casual board game players enjoying games such as Carcassone or Ticket to Ride. We meet every Wednesday, either @ Juke Joint in North Las Vegas or The Lodge in South. Tell us what gam
A new favorite: Juke Joint Jezebel by PidderBear on
Memphis is the home of the BLUES and Kudzu's is it's backporch! The Juke Joint Tuesday blues jam is a Memphis institution, attracting some of the areas most enthusiastic roots and blues musicians.
The Juke Joint Jam @ The Priory Tavern Has been rescheduled to TOMORROW!!! (Wednesday 11th June) 8pm-11.30pm A massive thank you goes to Dave Birnie for standing in for me on guitar at such short notice. Also welcoming Harpal Mudhar to the drums along with Phil De Hovre on bass, Nick Gilmore on keys, and Mike Newman on vocals and your host for the evening. It's gonna be so much fun and I'm gutted I can't make it :( Have a good one guys!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Friday, June 20, 8 pm -- Blues Conert Shari Kane and Dave Steele Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation 4701 Queensbury Road, Riverdale Park, MD Shari and Dave first met in the summer of 1991, crossing paths as performing blues musicians: Shari was the partner of harmonica legend, Madcat Ruth, (Madcat & Kane), while Dave was leading the electric blues band, Big Dave and the Ultrasonics. A happy marriage, thousands of miles of touring, and twenty years later, they've recorded their first CD as a duo. Friends, neighbors, fellow musicians and fans have asked over the years, "When are you two going to start playing together?" The truth is, they've been playing together since their first date. In many ways their playing has developed side by side, listening to and learning from great acoustic blues guitarists from the past - Reverend Gary Davis, Robert Johnson, Blind Blake, Robert Lockwood Jr. to name just a few. Whether stomping out a blues on the front porch, deciphering a rag in the basement, or swinging ...
Get the Juke Joint 5's monthly newsletter, chock full of info on the band, show dates, photos & more. Sign up here:
The NMSHCP offers many unique things to see,hear and enjoy. Where else are ya going to find a juke joint bird house?
I REALLY hope I bump into this man at the great juke joint in heaven. Happy Birthday, Howlin' Wolf!!! Fast forward through the MC and do yourself a favor and watch this man!
Upcoming events: 6/10 today Summer club, fun in the park, 1:00 pm, prarie park questions, ronda 5807187 Art of science, st, public library, paper ball art, registration req. 522 2023 Effective parenting,cent. mental health,5 to 7 pm, for all who care for children, info. kathleen 522 4392 knights of columbus bingo,7 pm, public welcome,421 s 11 th ave. Sterling city council, 7 pm, city hall Movie in the park, the amazing spiderman, prairie park(by rec center) starts at dusk. 6/11 Wednesday Playdate for teen parents, for parents under 21, treats served, kids are welcome,1 to 2:29. family resource Great new program at the Ster. public library, wen, 10 am. Reading to Toby. aimed at improve reading and speaking skills, Toby is lab/retreiver who is a very good listner to kids. no stress or judgements to kids reading or speaking abilities. put on by Logan county literacy coalition. Family movie night, 7 pm, Ster. public library, snacks provided, bring your own drinks, children under 8 accompanied by an adult 6/ . ...
Here's the 3rd song from our set. Took a while to upload it. Juke Joint 2014 was a Boogie!...
**NEWS FLASH** the house band are performing at this year! come by the Juke Joint and join the second line!
I used to steal this of our juke joint when I was 15 this was good!! beer does not taste like that anymore
Turn the office to a juke joint right quick
How about a little Bilbo Walker on a Tuesday night? 8 p.m in the Juke Joint Chapel.
Just got added to play 6/21 to open for Big Boy Slim and Eddie Shaw on the new front stage. To create a festival feel, Steve has added a second stage. Me n Tommy will play up by the juke joint... then BBS on the main stage... then us again during the main stage reset... then the headliner, Eddie Shaw, finishes the night on main stage. Waayy cool concept...
IMPORTANT UPDATE Y'ALL Due to a load of people playing football in sunny Brazil, this week's Juke Joint Jam at the Priory Tavern has been moved to TOMORROW! THAT'S RIGHT, TOMORROW! AS IN WEDNESDAY! So if you guys fancy coming down and blowing off some steam, either by joining in with us on our no-holds-barred musical musings, or just chilling with a nice pint or a lovely cocktail at the bar while a room full of musicians and an exemplary house band serenade you, then join us tomorrow at the Juke Joint Jam! Starts at 8, and goes on until half 11 - we know it's a little but we'd love to see you there! Your house band for the evening will be: Mike Newman - Vocals Dave Birnie - Guitar Nick Gilmore - Keys Harpal Mudhar - Drums Phil De Hovre - Bass
Tonight at 8pm. The Hottest 'Juke Joint' in Town is back ! Listened to by Blues Fans and Artist's worldwide. Don't be late or you'll be sorry you were. 2 hours of solid blues just for you. Tonight featuring Larry Griffith plus many other guests in the Bar.
Juke Joint Jam - an open pro session for musicians & vocalists, tomorrow from 8pm. Sign up from 7. band in house :)
Sometimes I wish I was in the 1930s era so I can go to a juke joint and hear good music. I miss good music.
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The terre juke joint but public baths is the gig speaking of fleshpots in spite of friendliness and hearten.: YMRWfWR
Johnnie Taylor - Juke Joint. Sounds good right about now
Juke Joint Jezebel is coming for my cremation.
Big Phill Baby bka Phillip Hampton will be performing at Mezos Juke Joint 6-14-14 for the First Annual WILLFEST Benefit show. All proceeds go to Andrew William Lambert Jr.
Picked up a box full of CD's from the Lewis Hamilton Band on Sunday - thanks guys - and have a small number of the excellent Jock's Juke Joint compilation CD's for sale. All brand spanking new, they showcase the very best in Caledonian blues talent and there's cracking material on all three of them. They're all £10 each, and again, all money goes into the Thornhill Music Festival for 2015. If you'd like to buy one let me know and I'll get one to you.
his name T they be at the juke joint
This looks like a Juke Joint you might find in Mississippi. It's actually taken from the northbound platform at...
It makes me happy to know that all things Americana are still alive in rock and punk bands nowadays, even performance art. The rockabilly scene, bands like Hank III and Social D, The Gutter Demons, Brian Setzer, etc...milkshakes, juke joints, marlboros, James dean, cowboy boots, pompadours, rat rods, fender guitars, stand up basses, the whole rockabilly culture is just a lot of fun.
Ray Ray's juke joint down in the holler, yall come back again. 🎶
My band Juke Joint Revival will be playing at this event Friday June 13, 2014. Band includes Rodney Henderson, Alex Crabb, Chris Rosenstone. We hit the stage at 6:15 til 7pm. We'll be playing in front of Carpe Artista. Lots of bands, food and fun. All family and friends are invited. Come check it out.
Heading to the Mississippi Bayou going to park my truck by the river go to the juke joint get me two alligator girl that doesn't were shoes in do the mash potatoes all night then go home and sleep in the garage.
Looking forward to going to Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint this week. Been hearing good things
That family tree's a groundhog day of ignorance Juke joints, speakeasys, been on that ratchetness Granddad ran the numbers, got mama out the hood DC was so crazy in the 30's, let me tell ya
This SATURDAY NIGHT June 14th "CIC" Performing Live at the MISSISSIPPI JUKE JOINT "Old Mezo's" in Ocean Springs I need all our friends and fans to come and support this event lets help a family in need Thanks, Shorty B
So. Stevie J and Benzino just gon steal the Dave and Buster's logo though for their makeshift *** juke joint? Alright.
But lovesick blues sure ain't no state of mind. And mixed with broken heart and juke joint wine. But I ain't leavin done turned in my keys, The bartender told me stay as long as you please. I'm gonna get drunk and play hank williams all night long.
It is Monday and the weekend is over. To *** with it lets party anyway. Who: You, your friends and DJ Allan Sixpence. What; Partying to some kick *** Rockin' Blues. Where: Toby's Juke Joint, When: 8PM till 10PM SLT. I know ya wanna so come join me.
Just had a moonshine at the juke joint in Atlanta airport. Pretty good!
Building a vision ! As the music industry in the Bid Easy moves towards a slow roll , with venue owners having more difficult times with live music shows Matthouse Entertainment & Sugar Mama's Pie Shack creating something New out of something old ! Juke Joints . Creating a venue for performers to sell tickets to there own shows & keep revenue for themselves & for local communities . Creating a local base to directly support communities in which the artist comes from & lives . Giving home owners & communities alike a smaller base of direct revenue to help support and enrich the communities along with state tax dollars .;;; In essence taking Responsibility for the community in which you directly live .
August will be the month ! We jump off a new / old school style Joint that is Juke Joint Style Angelica Matthews / Singer /songwriter & performer CEO of Matthouse Entertainment will be opening something New something special ! Sugar Mama's Pie Shack ! Not only is this the Future Home of New Orleans Local Musicians But Also *** Good soul Food country Mississippi Style right here in the Big Easy !
Good eating at Juke Joint. Thank you Lord for soul food
You're jack without the rocks, sun without a drop, a quarter in the slot of an unplugged juke box joint...
Angie Hills & Aaron Young Live! Thursday June 12th at Mikey's Juke Joint! 9pm One of my favorite places to play! Hope to see you there :)
Thanks to everyone who came out last night to the Sweet Ga Juke Joint. We had a blast!
Comedy open mic tonight at 8 at the MS juke joint. Best open mic ever tonight? Probably not but come anyway.
The Bones of J.R. Jones: A traveling troubadour transforms any setting into an old-time roadside juke joint
Rooms booked at the Comfort Inn for next April's 2015 Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale, Missisisppi... y'all... ahuh... :-)
Pain never felt so good. Live Juke Joint Blues. (US only)
Well good Ballyshannon – Rory Gallagher International Blues Festival Friday Day 2 fellow Calgary live roots, blues and folk music lovers. Here’s a few places where the Craic will be Savage in Calgary and area tonight. Canadian blues institution, Brent Parkin finishes off his two night visit to Mikey’s Juke Joint tonight and of course this afternoon it’s Mikey’s famous Saturday afternoon blues jam 3-7. The Blues Can has International Blues Challenge winner, Tim Williams hosting his jam this afternoon with Chicago’s Eddie Shaw providing the Blues Power tonight. The Ironwood has its Blueswak Blues jam this afternoon with Saskabush’s Anderson Burko providing the tunage this evening. Buddy John Rutherford will be keeping it real, real bluesy of course at Murdoch’s. Buddy Bill Dowey hosts his King Eddy Blues jam at the Shamrock this afternoon 3-7 with Sara Beth Keeley countryfying the Sham tonight. A big night in store for Amy Thiessen who’s having her “In Between Goodbyes” sophomore CD R ...
Hey there; Pleased to say I'll be doing double duty today @ Mikey's Juke Joint: 4-7 happy hour solo, then I'll pick up the bass to join Calgary's King of Country, the Poet Laureate of the peoples music…. Tom Phillips. (That's MISTER Tom Phillips to you:) Come on down...
I think im gonna open a juke joint...
Leela James y'all!!! Took us from the juke joint to church!!
Pops' last day at this juke joint. He's shipping out to a rehab facility tomorrow!
{NEW} We have a new obsession in Birmingham - Juke Joint
This coming Friday night we return to Greenfield! Ma..@ arts block!!! Equalites fire it up@ 915 till starts earlier with juke joint jazz!!
At the juke joint last nite, missed church this morning. But I was happy to support local talent. Great job yang. So proud of you guys. now I gotta YouTube me a sermon, clean house and start Sunday dinner. Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday all.
Beer update... first growler sold was Mystery Romp and ya'll killed Juke Joint!
LHHATL I can't lie I can't wait to watch that Juke joint
The Juke Joint IPA is really good. So happy Louisiana breweries are making such great beers.
The Outta Sites playing an amazing medley of Secret Agent Man, Goldfinger, and Live & Let Die at the Juke Joint in Anaheim!
Morning: hot coffee, Juke joint piano, dress design sketches. Afternoon: iced tea-lemonade, birds chirping, and knitting cardigan. That's a good day for this wayward soul ;)
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