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Juice Box

The Juice Box is a low cost multimedia player made by toy manufacturer Mattel. The player features a screen with a native resolution of 240×160 px and runs μClinux, a microcontroller version of the Linux kernel.

Congratulations to selected sixth overall by the New York Jets.
When you want your juice box and animal *** and life is tough
J-E-T-S LET'S GO! Gang Green, we got this. And you know this card looks fresh
I'm stoned on a beach right now with a mango juice box and dried mango in my bag.
Free juice box with every kids meal ordered today when you quote
A juice box a day keeps the depression away
I know, right? Hubby buys this grape juice for me (no sugar added, as I recall), but I consume a box a da…
Grab a juice box and grab a friend because chesty is live
Boyfriends spotted sharing a blanket and juice box.
She's so grown up with her juice box 😭
PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battlegrouds DUOS LIVE!! - just for fun!... And CHICKEN!!!: via
My sex life is like a juice box. It's a struggle to get the straw, then you hope it fits in the hole on the first try an…
As long as I can have whiskey in my juice box I'm in 😂
It's like early xmas because she got her guava juice box
Going to have to bring it yourself in a juice box I guess 😂. *** McDonalds. Ruining everything.
"Somebody get another juice box, stat!"
domain names
"You're. not a big enough freak for me. I'd send you home with a limp and a juice. box."
Waiting on his Mom to put the straw in the juice box.
"Not to body shame Kylie Jenner or anything but she literally looked like a juice box"
went downstairs for a juice box and he made himself RIGHT at home
I'm sort of skeptical about buying box wine for her upcoming juice cleanse.
I've concluded that their machine is basically the straw that comes with a juice box - nice to hav…
What more could anyone aspire to be than a 37 year old woman flying through the sky drinking an apple juice box
My blood sugar is 45. I chugged a juice box in 35 seconds. Get on my level.
I'm am a very thirsty child a juice box is so SMALL
Yeah they have Powerade everywhere I think I forgot about that. You could always get a juice box lol
I have a very sophisticated palate. *she says whilst sipping a Hi-C juice box and eating fruit loops with a side of string cheese*
LEMON ORZO SOUP. Used box of chx broth and added water. Added fresh thyme and the juice of a whole l
I'm a woman and I'm proud of my juice box
I've legit been sleep eating lol, I woke up with a juice box straw wrapper on my pillow and half a cookie on my nightstand lol
I hate when people call me a child, but when I complain about my juice box running out of juice what else are they supposed to say😂😂
I really think I am the cardboard box. Nini is the juice, marg is the apples and Sam is the carrot
Nini is the juice, Bailey is the cardboard box, and Sam is the carrot
Excuse my room , I pull up in the juice box😎
Gwen refuses to change my contact name to juice box , Idgi
I need to get me a waterproof case, juice box case, and a Lumee case
There's a teenager on my bus with a juice box. Not guna lie I'm a little jelly.
I can't fw ops, never stop, pull up in that juice box
nailed it! Parents don't want extra steps, like putting a juice box in a new box.
and Mary Lou are those friends who drive you to a race on Saturday night and give you a sandwich and juice box 💜
Last week of the semester means vodka,soda,and grape juice box over ice is a legitimate cocktail in this house.
Grace and Jeanine lonely mature regie fingers her wet juice box: and Jeanine. ...
Wine? No, thank you. I like my grapes the old fashioned way. In a juice box.
Watching everyone from his corner. Judges and drinks his from his juice box.
Switch juice box for lucozade and that = me right now! Trying hard not to overtreat 😁😁😁 bad hypo !!
This perfectly captures the horror of a nighttime low, along with the comfort of that lifesaving juice box.
AFTER WORK?! Pffft! amateur... you just need to mod a juice box.
If I was childish I'll pull out these screenshots and interrupt peoples life but I'll rather stick with maturity💯
we were here when you signed up & now u think u can define standards for us? Kindly leave ur complaints in the box 🤔
Boost Juice founder reveals secrets to her global health empire via
Business is a journey, article today from DM. Shark Tank Starts May 8 hope I do not hit the blooper ree…https…
Necessity - the mother of invention; talks kids, business & the power of a great partner. https:…
Is the proof in the juice box? Dilute Juice/Preferred Fluids vs Standard ORT For Gastro
You know you're 18 when you walk by your parents with the box of juice 🌬
I'll see what he charges... A juice box, some chocolate, and a power rangers toy. . Pretty reasonable.
you're very welcome...let me get my juice box and I'll be right there 😊
I just got blocked for saying juice box
If I were an orange, 3/4 of me would already be in a juice box.
Taking my juice box into the shower and never coming out.
Juice Box is open and it's glorious makes a *** fine Sunny Delight tasting beer
Update your maps at Navteq
You aren't even making sense. Chill out. Have a juice box. Take a nap. It'll be all right.
I make her juice box wet, wet, wet, wet!
i dont if you dont follow me im going to tell your mom dad AND afrogum that your *** and you took my juice box on the playground
Neil is actively validating his startup idea with his iPad & juice box
*I grin and carry her out of the room with me taking her to the kitchen to find her a juice box.*
Desiigner sounds like he needs a juice box and for someone to pat his back and say "there, there".
Yo, stick that in your juice box and suck.
Listen to "Juice Box (feat. Yung Joc)" from Welcome to the Zoo by Gorilla Zoe on Apple Music.
Bush:The boats ran aground over there. Let's go get em back. . Obama: They got snuggly blankets and a juice box.. https:…
That's it . I quit being an adult. . If you need me I'll be in my room with a juice box and a fruit roll up watching care be…
what's the problem? Can't afford the ones with a juice box and a snack?
HA put that in ur juice box and suck it
The melody of open mouth mastication, sucking empty juice box, and teeth picking
Me too! When I was one step up from homeless, I would go to Starbucks and buy a box apple juice for $1.95 and post up there
I added a video to a playlist The Strokes - Juice Box Complete Video
Get 6 Free VitaTops
I wish cranberry juice came in a juice box.
i Got really happy ab my Juice box and spun around in the Rolly chair im
This weeks farmers market box is full color. Go to to see what our juice bag an… http…
Capri suns>any other juice box minus the ecto cooler wit the ghost buster on the box
Today in 1992, Juice opens at the box office.
Lmao i aint even tried it i cnt lol
Annalise b serious about that juice box game .I see you girl it's an addiction lol
theres a San Diego tacos out here... gotta eat the closest thing to cali mexican spots lol they dnt kno abt regular *** Albertos
If you haven't used a juice box as a chaser, then you probably haven't reached your lowest point in parenting yet.
not sure I've seen anything funnier than getting his hand slapped while drinking a juice box.
I just went and grabbed a juice box and got in bed and my mom laughed and said "you used to do that when you were like 4" 😅
I'll stick my straw in your juice box.
These 6th graders are talking about Netflix and chill. Like no. Stop. Go drink a juice box. Ya thirsties
I still get such a thrill from poking the straw into the juice box.
If I only had one juice box I'd give it to you
Literally drinking aguardiente in a juice box
Sitting here with a box of kleenex's and a gallon of orange juice
Just got up to go get a juice box and I fell 😢
I thoroughly enjoy those mini-sized boxed wines because they make me feel like I'm drinking out of an adult juice box.
I am definitely a juice box but I have no proper words.
Id probably compare it more like something like a fruit punch juice box flavor imo
It's one of those come home eat a whole box of graham *** and drink apple juice kind of days
One hand on the wheel of the the other on a juice box.
If someone treats me to a kids meal, I'll give u a juice box
same tbh. after that juice box I killed a man 👿
When you high af and you're contemplating life and you put a cold *** juice box in your forehead 🙂🙂🙂
Juice box got to much energy tonight man😂😂😂
This 12 year old girl's instagram bio says "eat a *** biscuit" like no, stop that, go do your homework and drink your…
YLakeland lists some weekend events, including comedy at Polk Theatre and Juice Box grand opening.
The idea of being unable to comfort Joel made think about the goal of game mechanics - "finding the right juice box."
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Juice Box is still banging out your speakers and Nightmare is doing it's thing we prepping for the…
I left kiddo alone with her Legos and she made me a "juice box with a straw." Pretty accurate if I say so myself.
I just took three pictures of my juice box, what is my life, where is it going
Quietly sips on my Ssips original lemon iced tea juice box
Stick that in your juice box and suck it?
Orange juice and a blunt for breakfast about to read the paper
Apparently it doesnt come with a juice box
Bust her grape till she juice box mmm. Nut in mouth an on her face mmm .
Pimp my trike! Rollin down the street, eatin cheerious, sippin on my juice box, laid back,…
I'd say you were greedy, but I am eating your gummies. *he laughs and goes for the juice box instead*
Hey this is a new vine edit account its for the people we like and stuff our pers... (Vine by juice box edits)
Her box got more Juice than a high C
When you're reffing a game and the one team giVES YOU A SNACK AND A JUICE BOX LIKE WOW WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD
This juice box in my car just came in clutch thank youu
•standing at his bed, drinking his juice box• Jeff. Wake up.
I finished the box of Nestea and I'm having like 2 juice boxes of Nesstea I won't have a third one or I'll just be greedy
Woke up with the strongest craving for apple juice and happened to find a juice box in my apartment so I'd call that a good start to my day
I would love a juice box just about now
Me and Alex loves a juice box in the morn👌🏼
> "There's another juice box in the basket waiting for you, baby Pietro."
The juice box wore off and I'm about to pass out
I know u hate me cause the guy u want thinks ur a juice box and wants me instead
Angel baby enjoying the sun and a juice box
the only thing I like about that picture is the juice box
Guys i need to ask something is it ok to drink a juice box after eating ice cream
Drinking a juice box, while holding this Tori Kelly autograph & playing the smoothest jazz instrumental. . What a way to start an adventure
Moms, Keep their lunch healthy with -What a great alternative! via
Why were you up so late? . I was in my room alone eating Cheetos and drinking a juice box...
Chai Pani concept, Juice Box set for via
Happy birthday to our Juice Box. Seems like just yesterday he was crawling around wailing. Oh... that was just yesterday in Des Moines. Thanks el Bait Shop and happy birthday Even White!!!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
All city employees will receive a 10% off discount this weekend at Juice Box Vapor Shop so tell your friends to tell their friends to come see your friend at Juice Box! Directly across from the old Red Wing
Bands (that I got the invite - or hunted it down) are posted. Here is your list of other musical happenings for Saturday April 19, 2014 KARAOKE Empire Szechuan Bethel 9:30 to close Pancho & *** Brookfield 9:30 to close Victorian House Chesire 9:00 to Close Makenzies Bar & Grille Greenwich 10pm to close Quality Time Meriden Milestone Inn Naugatuck 9pm to close SJ Barringtons New Milford 9:30 to close The Corner Pocket Orange 9pm to close Rolando's Oxford 9pm to close Redzone Sports Lounge Plainville 9pm to close Danny O's Uptown Shelton 9pm to close McCoy's Pub Stratford 10pm to close The O Bar Trumbull 10pm to close The Outside Inn Cafe Waterbury LIVE MUSIC Juice Box is at the Draft House in Shelton Glen Masso & Jordan West are at 500 Degrees in Derby from 8:00 to 11:00 Starving Artists are at Slainte's in Naugatuck Sound Junkies are at Anthony D's in Milford Bill Lopez is Solo at Testos in Bridgeport from 7:30 to 10:30 Play hard and Stay safe my friends
I bet watching Donald Trump have sex must be like watching someone try to puncture a Juice Box with an earthworm.
Derek Jeter... last swing in the Juice stop, Cooperstown.
Squirt Ent. (SE) Presents... "The Clash Of The Zodiacs III (Pisces vs Aries), Also Celebrating Teyonce of BGC & Co BDay & The Brown's Anniversary" Ent. (SE) has OFFICIALLY taken over what will now be known as "Thursday Temptations" at Colette Dallas (CD) (CD is a private on-premise BYOB social lifestyle/swingers club for single women, men and couples who are active in or curious about the swinging lifestyle) so EVERY THURSDAY night it's now time for a mixed lifestyle crowd to *** mingle, socialize, drink, party, laugh and play with one another; don't miss out on the fun that is now Thursday Temptations at CD!!! This Thursday night SE is calling out all Pisces once again to *** celebrate their b-days with us, but this time around it's gonna be the last night of the Pisces reign and the start of the Aries reign... So who on this Thursday night will *** represent the hardest, Pisces or Aries!?! We will also be celebrating the seXXXi and fine Ms. Teyonce Reloaded of BGC & Co. and former member of Juice Box b- ...
Round two. This time it's a Kleenex box. Which should we use? Kleenex box or Juice Box?
Just traded my juice box for a bottle of water, I feel like I am 10 again
avi !>>>>>> :) oweee I see you putting in work bestie!!! Juice box is motivation! Motivation is life!!! :-) *waves*
My apple juice box is pure heaven right now
I rested a juice box in my circle scarf and sipped thru the straw with my hands in my pockets while I walked this is university mornings
Stop fooling around with my juice box
He seen this juice box first and He Think He can get it
He want This juice box but I'm not having it
I didn't get to finish my other juice box 😠
Celebrity juice box set! Includes 3 DVD's, all in excellent condition, one not even opened! £10!!
Nothing is more entertaining than watching a grown man smash a juice box
I hate when people ask u “do you drink?”Like of course I drink I have water every day & when I want to loosen up a bit I…
Cue big box of grapes swimming in pickle onion juice!
Mansour told me to be mature..does he know he's talking to the kid that brought a juice box to class?
Truthful Tuesday, I want to be 4 again where my only concerns were what juice box I got with my grilled cheese and plotting against nap time
Ain't got nun in my lunch box but juice and chips 😂
Dammit Randy, you spilled my juice box!
Currently wrapped in a blanket drinking a juice box. My morning has started out great
I didn't have to ask my mom for a juice-box. She just came up to me and gave it to me.
Last week my mother bought a can of Trinidad Juice and a box of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda. I'm not sure what to make of this.
Happy birthday to my best friend juice box!
Yo mama's so stupid that she spent twenty minutes lookin' at an orange juice box because it said "concentrate".
“must be nice to have Kool aid at your wedding!” My thoughts exactly. Like can I get you a juice box?
Is the coach box allowed to do that? Shut audience members up? and give your player bottles of juice?
They say "don't drink and drive". Well. yesterday I was drinking a juice box while riding my tricycle. Yeah. I'm a bad…
Omfg there's an empty bag of beef jerky, 2 empty cans of juice, a jar of Nutella, an empty bag of pretzels, & a box of chocolate in my room
Photo: madeofchanel: mtfrules: Frank and Amanda Two favourites wow
It's 4:00 in the morning and I'm sitting in the car and there's a hole in the straw to my juice box 🔫
All virgins take pictures with a juice box 👌
Me: Mind if I slip into something more comfortable?. Her: OK, baby. Me: *puts on Star Wars snuggie & Wookie slippers. Her:. …
I'm just that awkward guy with a juice box, In the corner observing everythin
Drinking a juice box and crying listening to
When your lunch box leaks and everything smells like chicken juice :(
Not juice box...its called juice cube. I need you guys to play so I can get lives lol
drinking a V8 fusion juice box like a grown man
110 juice box has flat back tyre, just fitted new carb today 280 Ono. Pm for details!
The Juice Box will be closed today in observance of MLK Day. We will reopen Tuesday...Hope to see you then!
I make her juice box wet wet wet and I'll make it drip drip
Stick that in your juice box and SUCK IT!!! Lol
Put that in your juice box and suck Tom Brady.
Bartering for a juice box. Hmm. well at least it will be worth it.
Spend your Sunday with GOOD PEOPLE at the Hipp! Read on for the 2 special events (and discount ticket pricing!) we have in store for you today! ~ We have $20 tickets to GOOD PEOPLE at 2pm. After the performance, go behind the scenes with the cast of GOOD PEOPLE! Learn about their creative process - and they will be taking questions from the audience. Tickets for today's matinee are going fast, so advance reservations are strongly suggested! ~ This evening for the 7pm GOOD PEOPLE performance, we are partnering with the CHILD ADVOCACY CENTER for their COMMUNITY PARTNER NIGHT! Enjoy $15 GOOD PEOPLE tickets when you bring a donation of juice boxes or individually wrapped snacks. Call (352) 375-4477 for more information and advance reservations! Let's fill the theatre up with GOOD PEOPLE all day today! Can't wait to see you there!
Drinking a juice box. , he did pretty good . Got some on daddy's feet but not bad :)
A patient came to my ER after noticing green slime coming up the straw from her Juicy Juice box. Her mom cut open the box – and brought her straight to the doctor. Here’s what we found in the unexpired juice box: Her juice box was full of mold—green slime that lined the edges of […]
Blood Orange Juice Box by Dudes brewing just tapped in
Make her juice box wet one leg up...den I hit her wit da flex
Is enjoying a delicious juice box then going to bed :)
Give me a juice box and I'm the happiest 21 year old ever.
Family of New Paltz has put out a call specifically for juice boxes and canned soup. Lets bring them so much they won't believe it!
BACKPACKS OF HOPE...we are proud to say that our shelves overflow with food for these needy children! We are, however, ALWAYS in need of juice boxes/pouches (Capri Sun, etc.). Donations may be left in the designated bin by the church office.
Juice box representing at the rbar.
To Love Like That: In The Image Of God My grandson couldn't get the straw in his juice box. I watched. After a while he looked up at me and asked, “Would you please help me?" Such a simple prayer. I was overcome with an almost suffocating feeling of love and, at that moment, I had the strength to move any mountain that stood in his way. To love like that must be getting very close to the true essence of what it means to be made in the image of God.
The backpack program in Marshall County is in need of food to provide for the school kids. This program provides food for children over the weekend who otherwise would not have anything to eat. If you would like to donate please drop off any monetary donation or kid friendly food such at pop top cans of Vienna sausage, spaghetti, juice boxes, canned fruit, and pop tarts, at LifeSong Family Church. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the church at 359-6112.
We have an easy solution for students who still need service hours! We are collecting food items for Orion Neighborhood Television's 4th annual "Feed Our FISH" Telethon. Just like Leadership's Nov/Dec Food Drive, we can give you SERVICE HOURS for donations. This includes non-perishable food like canned soups and mac & cheese and ramen noodles, but we also take sealed beverages like bottled water and pop and juice boxes! AND, personal hygiene items like toilet paper and shaving cream and shampoo and Kleenex count too! Donations can be dropped off before or after school in room 351. Students should check their school email for further details. ***This FISH Food Drive is a great way for you to get those last couple hours, and it's a benefit to our community!***
A juice box is always good at lunch time!!! Lmbo... (dont want a twist top...straws are the best!!!)
Tommy FitzGerald and our mascots, Juice Box and the Apple, are ready to celebrate to benefit Kitchen Sage and Kids' Food Basket. Wish our Kids' Food Basket champion Tommy a Happy Birthday! And if you are looking for something to do, stop by and join us!
Getting faded kindergarden style...juice box and animal ***
Palace Theatre is open again tomorrow, Sunday 12th January, for general session only; 1pm - 3pm. All Welcome $8p/p $2blade/skate hire. Also... Disco this Friday Night, 17th December, 6pm - 8pm. $10 entry, includes small pkt chippies & a can of cool drink (or bottled water or juice box), skating or dancing permitted
Juice Box Detox will be on Bridge Steet on Saturday giving out free juice tasters and leaflets, come and say hi!
Thank you for your post Kate !! Go Team Pilot !!! To learn more of our programs, please visit "Dear SDWR, I think I can say with confidence that Pilot may have saved my son's life last night...He alerted to a BG of 92, with 2u IOB, I treated with a juice box since it was near bed time (I normally would re-check in 20 minutes for that alert before treating) With in 16 minutes, my son was 33 and crashing! He was extremely symptomatic (which is rare) and there was terror in his eyes. I honestly can't even begin to think of what might have happened had Pilot not alerted as my baby was already in bed reading, I may not have checked him for another hour or so, as his numbers before he went up to bed were perfect...I thank God every day for the gift he gave us in Pilot, finding SDWR is one of the best things that ever happened to our family!"
A juice box just saved me. Ok back to sleep.
Travel Gurus Helps Feed Edmonton's Food Bank . *Please share/like this post to spread the word on a great cause and help us collect food donations. From now until the end of January, anyone donating any of the “most needed” food items will receive a ballot to enter to win a 42" LG Smart TV courtesy of Travel Gurus. Limit of one ballot per person, per day. Be sure to take in one of the following most needed items and get your ballot to enter to win the TV at Travel Gurus in Whitemud Crossing (4211 – 106 Street). Most Needed Items *Beans with or without pork * Canned fish or meat * Baby formula * Peanut Butter * Soup * Canned fruit or vegetables * Pasta & pasta sauce * Juice boxes * School snacks
"Ladies if your juice box is wet don't go outside. It'll freeze" -Anton Johnson
Kd and a juice box for breakfast. Because I'm an adult!
Well my cat Juice Box has officially has lost her mind.Lmao
Day 3 Challenge: Ditch the juice & other sugary drinks, and start drinking more water! Most juices, pops and sports' drinks are full of sugar, artificial sugars or High Fructose Corn Syrup (also called "HFCS"-it's the worst kind of sugar, sickly sweet and cheap to manufacture, it doesn't trip satiety signals like regular sugar so you just keep on drinking or eating it). An 8 oz glass of juice has 2 to 2.5 times the amount sugar in one piece of that fruit, and hardly any of its fibre. The fruit's fibre is removed when we juice it, so there is nothing to slow down its digestion and the release of its high sugars -it's like injecting yourself with a syringe of sugar! If you check labels you will also often see loads of other artificial ingredients. The American Paediatric Association recommends no more than 6 oz PER DAY for kids, which is about one standard juice box. Ask your kids if they can make the switch after explaining why the real thing, a piece of fruit, is always better than its processed juice, an ...
Are you a singer? Poet? Comedian? If so, tonight is a night just for you at Wick's in New Albany. Kolton Norton from Juice Box Heroes will be running our Open Mic night tonight at 9PM! See you there :)
Join us this evening for Family Night! Adults may purchase anything in the Prepared Foods Department and the kiddos get a chicken finger dinner with juice box for FREE!
I make her juice box wet wet i make her juice box drip drip!
My juice box today taught me that Butterflies can only see the colors red green and yellow perfect for spotting flowers.
Stick that in you juice box and suck it
I drank a juice box in 2013, when I finished it was 2014 󾰮
10 New Year Ideas for kids.. kids decorate and personalize their own party hats and noisemakers with markers, glitter, and more. Use plain paper cones or wide headbands for the hats. 2.Serve finger foods, including crescent rolls filled with wishes for the New Year (write or print them out on slips of paper then roll them up inside the rolls before baking). 3.Make Memory Books. Provide each child with a small notebook or staple a few pieces of colored paper together, and have them write and draw their memories from 2012. 4.Do hourly treat bags to help kids count down the time. Include some of these DIY S’mores Kits. 5.Talk about resolutions and what they mean. Have kids write down what theirs are for 2013. 6.Juice boxes, smoothies, slushies, hot chocolate, and homemade milkshakes all make great toasting options. 7.Give each child a small photo album filled with pictures of some of your favorite 2012 memories that include them. Leave a few empty pages in the back for them to either add their own fav ...
Just a reminder to pick up juice boxes for our Meadowlark Meals ministry this week! Drop them off in the blue bin in the Welcome Center on Sunday! Thanks for being the hands and feet of Christ!
I love juice boxes, their adorable and so little omg . ^_^
We're offering $17 - 4 Admission passes (with 4 juice boxes and chips)-63% OFF. Claim and share this coupon with your friends to get an additional incentive! $17 for four kids' bounce outings (a $45.72 total value) Four open-play admissions (a $9.43 value/person) Four juice boxes (a $1.49 value each...
Sigh Everyone needs a juice box and a nap
I make her juice box wet wet.I know what she like.
Q. Why was the girl staring at the juice box?
Today is a great day to stop in for a warm lunch and cool bevvie! 4 great beers on tap, wine by the glass, and a full range of menu options. Kiddos welcome, we even have a menu and juice boxes just for them. Lunch service all day long!
He's loving the juice box , and surprisingly he didn't spill it
Well, my two-and-a-half year old nephew knows how to work the system. For the first time this week brings me a juice box to open. I figure it was mom authorized and do so. Turns out he knows how to get the boxes out of the fridge and thought I'd be the one to ask the least amount of questions. He'll be trouble this one.
I wanna text you but I don't know where I stand with you so i'm just gonna sip on this juice box..
New favourite joke: - karlimeaghan: A Roman walks into a bar, holds up two fingers, and says ”Five beers,...
Franklin: Can you make me hot chocolate Allison?. Me: No get a juice box it's easier . *Franklin cries. *I laugh
I'm literally a two year old. When I got home, I had a juice box and took a nap.
If I made a bot, it would just say Alvin's hot juice box 24/7.
The temperature outside is colder than the fridge I might as well just put my juice box outside the window.
However...I figure if I have to settle for this lame scenario, he injected the juice box from the top with a syringe.
Suckin on my juice box straw like I'm suckin on your ***
I could really use a juice box right now
The juice box in drinking right now is unreal
I used to kick the door in drinking hi-c crush the juice box kick that *** and hit em with the stunner 😂😭
So first class got me wine out of a juice box and a crying baby
I've slept like 42 mins so I'm estimating about 14 people are gonna die at work today . * sips juice box *
Yesterday I danced dressed with a juice box costume and a horse head and I understood why anybody would want to be a sports mascot.
Why can't I be a Cornforth, I just want to have the coolest family and the blue box where you all get snacks and the juice boxes.
If you drink from my juice box and not let me drink from yours, I will punch you.
I think I look forward to a juice box and potatoe chips when I get home more than anything else
One time in kindergarten Emily peed herself during show & tell &I had to tell people that I assaulted her with a juice box & I got detention
Breast Cancer Awareness
'El balad di 3omraha ma hatendaf,' he said as he flung the juice box out the car window.
I really just drink water & every now & then I'll have a juice box or powerade
Listenin to 2 chainz in bed sippin on my juice box
Don't miss out, get your tickets today. The Juice Box Heroes in Kye's I and DJ in Kye's II.
Pretending this apple juice box is apple cider and jammin' to Christmas music.
My cherry juice box tasted like grape, talk about a disappointment
It's a juice box, Netflix, and my smart phone kinda night:P
Kristi is sending a FREE Juice Box to thank friends!
Brand new celebrity juice box set DVD still in original packaging ideal Xmas present £15
BOX. You can't spill it unless you're an *** Sierra Marlee
On Friday during lunch at school my son pick up another childs pokeyman card.That child threw a juice box at him and his buddy smack my son,,,my son smack him back...The child the pokeyman belong to grabbed my sons by his sweatshirt and they went at it...I understand my son was in wrong also but its what follows that I cant begin to understand...On duty police officer ran in lunch room,grabbed my son by his neck,threw him against the wall,repeatedly threatened to trow my son threw a window,dragged him by his neck to the office and forcefully threw him into a chair.My son was giving no medical attention.When they called to tell me they were suspending him they never mention any of this took place.I picked my son up took him to a result,this officer sprained his shoulder.After all was over,found out the officer put another child in headlock lunch period prior.I have to laugh at the no tolerance rule.Very good example.Its obvious this person should not work with children and needs anger management.As a ...
Dear Juice Box Companies, Please make teenager sized juice boxes. Sincerely, just drank three...
Almost time to go home. - 2 custom cakes ( Justin Beiber & Teen Beach) - 11 parties - 30 pizzas - 31 hours - 72 custom cupcakes - 96 GIRLEEgurlz - 104 juice boxes - A bazillion amounts of fun. Thank you to our wonderful customers and incredible staff... Michelle & Mark
Yung joc making that juice box talk
Females with a good juice box I try to stay away from them
Baked potatoes, a juice box, and a nap I'm living the good life. Lol
To those who came along to our gig with 'Juice Box' at The Peeramon last Saturday night, $1000 dollars was raised for Amnesty International!!! Thanks for supporting a great cause :D
Pedorita- fruit punch juice box and one shot of patron silver.
Just put lilys juice box in the washing machine instead of the refrigerator
My juice box dissapeared on me I just had it.. apparently its playing hide an seek in my bed. grrr come back!
Raise your Jameson juice box and say AYE if you're ready for the season finale!!
It's definitely a juice box, blankie, and nap nap kinda day!
Says "I've been driven and focused for so long due to the reality I've been struggling for so long. I've slept on a living room floor for 3mths while working two jobs, I've had a juice box and a can of tuna as a lunch for over a week year's ago, I've dealt with so many health issues from concussions to blood poisoning, to an inflamed spleen by 13incs, to infected wisdom teeth, to shoulder arthritis and tendonitis, to four lower back injuries, and four neck injuries. I've been assaulted with a shovel and glass mug, I've been tested for AIDS and HEP C due to security incidents, I've had knives pulled on me, I've been assaulted numerois times, I had a hit on me from a local Calgary gang from working Marlborough Mall, I've lost five very close friends, I've dealt with weight issues, I've been bear sprayed, I've dealt with suicide 3x, I've battled depression for over 16yrs, i have been told I have permanent brain damage, I may never be able to drive a vehicle, I've missed my sons 1st birthday and other importa ...
She shaves her juice box till it look perfect
wait I'm not a juice box no more. lmfao.
Had a juice box... and I'm actually feeling a bit better :)
Mm...this is one delicious juice box!!!
The juice Box would give you 8 glasses( 8 ounce) of juices and not 12 glasses.
The juice box is empty we played like poop ... Daaa bears win. But still gotta say GO COWBOYS..
Dads juice box in... Now all he has to do is walk five houses lol
Website Builder 728x90
Brand new juice box banana group31 battery 275$ shipped
Overnights= ice packs, a juice box, and some coffe.
Sucking on mah juice box. Sucking on mah juice box. Its like a theme some
Rice Krispies Treats and Juice Box type of mood!
DROP OFF non-perishable food donations from NOW until December 14 at Juice Box Surf for the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore to distribute to families in need for this Holiday Season. Then knock the dust off your "Action Sports Equipment and Apparel" Surf, Skate, Snow, SUP, Surfboard and MORE for the 2nd Annual JBS Swap Meet to be held on Saturday December 14th from 11am until 3pm. SEE INVITATION BELOW
Juice Box Detox makes, delivers and coaches customers through juice cleanses. Based in Chiddingfold, business operates in Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex.
Sippin on a juice box watching Scarface cuz I'm cool like that.
I just want a juice box and some fruit roll ups.
knew a blonde that was so stupid that. * she called me to get my phone number. * she spent 20 minutes looking at the orange juice box because it said "concentrate." * she put lipstick on her forehead because she wanted to make up her mind. *she tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order. *she sent me a fax with a stamp on it. *she tried to drown a fish. *she thought a quarterback was a refund. *she got locked in a grocery store and starved to death. *she tripped over a cordless phone. *she took a ruler to bed to see how long she slept. *she asked for a price check at the Dollar Store. *she studied for a blood test. *she thought Meow Mix was a CD for cats. *when she heard that 90% of all crimes occur around the home, she moved. *when she missed the 44 bus, she took the 22 bus twice instead. *when she took you to the airport and saw a sign that said "Airport Left" she turned around and went home
If juice box straw wrappers were actual currency, I could afford to buy each and every one of you. Many times over.
I got my juice box, my graham *** and phone I am complete. Until I run out
My roommates like juice box...this is my nightmare
Artefact’s Gavin Kelly and Matthew Jordan in the KIRO Radio studio with the Juice Box design concept. We’re getting very futuristic on this week’s GeekWire radio show — starting with our thoughts on Amazon’s surprising “Prime Air” delivery drones project. Then we get the inside story of...
That moment when your juice box straw is not flowing properly... Aaaargh!
Sometimes I crush a juice box on my forehead to intimidate people.
Our food drive continues..We need canned veggies,Mac and cheese,juice box drinks and other assorted snacks.We really want the kids to enjoy there Christmas break.I have seen first hand kids getting to school and asking for more because they are hungry in the morning.Rebecca and I are on a mission to help this as much as we can. Keep in mind that items you give may be cooked by a kid or a teen. Thank you..
Its time for a juice box and a nap.
URGENT! We will be packing 100 bags for homeless children on Dec. 19 to cover the Christmas holiday break. Please bring your donations into church on Sunday… or during the week, the shopping carts are located in the administration building. Items needed: aseptic milk, juice boxes, applesauce/diced fruit cups, non-perishable meat items (Vienna sausages, tuna fish, weenie beanies), pudding cups & cookies, snack items (peanuts, raisins, *** rice crispy treats, nutrition bars), and individual cereal boxes.
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