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Judy Woodruff

Judy Woodruff (born November 20, 1946) is an American television news anchor and journalist.

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Sreenivasan You do a very good job as moderator for Newshour when Judy Woodruff is…
If Trumps cuts off Federal funding for fake news PBS, he will create a humanitarian miracle. Judy Woodruf…
So Judy Woodruff can devote half her show to a WF economist for TRUSTED advice!
Hunt needs NO ONE to defend her. Dad Al Hunt, Mom Judy Woodruff. She can DEFINITIVELY hol…
Lester Holt and Judy Woodruff hang out in my living room most weeknights. Gwen Ifill used to come by on Fridays. I miss her.
My photo of Judy Collins and Stephen Stills performing at The Woodruff Arts Center / Symphony Hall is featured at...
I miss Judy Woodruff so much when she's not on NewsHour. That's bae
Glad Judy Woodruff is carrying her torch, but, yes, Gwen was a true patriot, unlike the fau…
My photo of Stephen Stills and Judy Collins performing at The Woodruff Arts Center a couple of weeks ago is...
Remember a news conference where Pres Reagan confused Lesley Stahl and Judy Woodruff.
I equate all of the left leaning PBS News with NPR, like thing that Judy Woodruff puts on ever…
I no longer watch American network TV--is he still anchoring a news show? I see Judy Woodruff is, which is great.
I like No one misbehaves for Judy Woodruff :)
watch your program every weekday. Just watched Judy Woodruff who had Brennen Gilmore on, he was the photographer who shot film
Judy Woodruff if u look at tape of said debate where breathing down Hillary's neck he's pretty far from her4 her 2 feel it
Here's Judy Woodruff and Brennen Gilmore! He was a witness in Charlottesville. via
Rep. Hurd (R-TX) disagreed w/on ALL four issues he was questioned about by Judy Woodruff on PBS News Hour.
Great interview with Judy Woodruff. Thank you for your service in congress. Loved the DQ tour--bringing people together. :)
Does evry1 know that Carson is/or was pediatrician for kids of PBS Newshour's Judy Woodruff.
Also with Judy Woodruff from PBS another great program which is very informative. Recorded news available for viewing.
I swear that's what I thought, you kind of look like a younger Judy Woodruff.
People think Judy woodruff is my mom so they extrapolate from that :/
CNN old conservative Judy Woodruff & PBS NEWS Hour had two anti-Syria guests supporting US aggression but no one repre…
"JUDY WOODRUFF (NewsHour): Well, which leads us to another — I mean, David, you said they have had a struggle...
My love and admiration of Judy Woodruff is immeasurable. I respect her drive in journalism and her ability to always balance every angle.
Coulter just went thru the motions - so PBS - only thing missing was Judy Woodruff- Cernovision time
Paula Kerger: Gwen Ifill's loss was extraordinary. I'm hopeful the team will make announcement soon abt a new anchor (to join Judy Woodruff)
Judy Woodruff - Priebus gone, can Kelly bring discipline to the White House? - PBS NewsHour -
Well that turned out to be fallacious, absolute ribaldry, curt, ridiculous, and whatever other words he's ca…
"everywhere we look conflict discourse fighting"...-Judy Woodruff
Geez, it is so hard to watch someone like Judy Woodruff have to talk about this WH. 😞
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I thought Judy Woodruff announced that India's price for joining "Daughters of Destiny" is a microchip? M…
You were great last night (aka early this AM). I rarely watch CNN. u remind me of Judy Woodruff who is an amazing journalist.
.After watching last nights news I must complain about Judy Woodruff's characterization of Scaramucci's comments 1/
You're wasting your time senator Judy Woodruff is paid for by democrats she will twist truth and l…
Matt Schlapp of the American Conservative Union and Karine Jean-Pierre of join Judy Woodruff
Judy Woodruff is such an inspiration! Thank you for taking time to meet with us.
Thanks Judy Woodruff for sharing your wisdom with us.
Wish Judy Woodruff would of given you time to challenge the other guest...tired of Obama getting blamed.
Here's a thought. How about when someone like Judy Woodruff asks specific questions she doesn't let the person ignore, deflect, &/or spin.
for the first time in years I'm gonna watch PBS news - just to see Judy Woodruff's face
NIH to hold summit on caregiving. Keynote by Judy Woodruff, PBS NewsHour anchor and managing editor.
Judy Woodruff leads the motley pack in delivering trite tripe.First thing would be to stop answering her own questions.
I'm a huge fan of but I thought it was kind of funny when Judy called him an *** right from the start
Tonight on Judy Woodruff said FoxConn is unreliable with deals. I can't find anything to back that up. Bilking WI?
Judy Woodruff - What it's like to be a Trump supporter in an ultra-liberal city - PBS NewsHour -
PBS NewsHour reporter, Liz Flock, discussing her expose on Trump supporters. Not sure but, Judy Woodruff seemed surprised.
Just seen fmr Director OGE Walter Shaub interviewed by Judy Woodruff on PBS NewsHour. Seems to be the personification of integrity
You should both his assistants at the same time! Or you could trick him an say Judy is now my assistant
Amy Walter of The Cook Political Report and Tamara Keith of NPR join Judy Woodruff to discuss Democratic Party
You can watch this morning's between & live on the website.
.Are you related to the brilliant, wonderful, amazing Judy Woodruff?
Judy Woodruff: ". . . President Trump today kept sawing on the tree limb where he has recently placed his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions."
Scared of Judy Woodruff members cower from the PBS newshour so a Democrat stepped up to be interviewed
so vanilla, so boring- Neil belongs on PBS with Judy Woodruff
That was just Nite Jewel and Judy Woodruff, who made ten recordings together
Also, Buffett said 2 Judy Woodruff, PBS NewsHour, something needs to be done because medical costs…
Judy Woodruff ’68, managing editor and anchor of will be honored with the Gwen Ifill Press Freedom Award https:/…
My new photo series. PEOPLE WHO LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. This liar is also married to another liar.
"It had already been a long day, but Judy Woodruff wasn't in the mood to slow down" - a good read via
Judy Woodruff is a national treasure
One of the greatest honors I have ever had was working with Judy Woodruff. She was -- and is -- the consummate...
I say it all the time: the only TV news you should watch is PBS. w/Judy & her majority-female newsroom:
An inspiration to those of us who are trying to keep up.
"JudyWoodruff, the Woman of the Hour" via nytimes' katierogers
Well worth using one of your ten free articles this month.
Read --> Judy Woodruff, the Woman of the Hour
Modern news cycle: "less of a cycle and more like a cyclone" like "standing in front of a tennis ball machine"
"She evokes the formal manner of broadcast giants who came before her." Great profile of one of best:
Why, yes. I did tear up reading this piece.
She is such a pro and a model for so many. Judy Woodruff, the Woman of the Hour
Judy is special. But "top of her game" may be overstating it, & that goes 4 U,2 Life isn't endless
Truly qa master of her craft! Judy Woodruff, the Woman of the Hour
Judy Woodruff, the Woman of the Hour, via love her, love the NewsHour, necessary watching!
This is a very fine piece about Judy Woodruff but only scratches the surface of what a truly good human being she is https:…
A fab profile of Judy, who sets an example for everyone in news. Loved this. Judy Woodruff, the Woman of the Hour
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A great profile of the amazing Judy Woodruff. I am so lucky to have worked for such an inspirational woman.
Judy Woodruff is not only a great journalist but also (and more importantly) a completely awesome human being:.
Lovely profile of We're so lucky to have her on steering committee.
Still a proposition that wins by my estimate 90 percent agreement in political journalism, even thought it's insane. http…
This is a great profile of who is awesome.
A wonderful - and overdue- tribute to the most talented & hardworking woman in the business.
Judy Woodruff, the Woman of the Hour - New York Times -
.Woman of the Hour. “I think she’s at the top of her game. Why would she retire?"
Great profile of the indomitable Judy Woodruff, the Woman of the Hour -
Role model for us all. Judy Woodruff, the Woman of the Hour
Judy Woodruff, the Woman of the Hour, via
Only time mom doesn't want to talk to me is when Judy Woodruff does. has been tearing my family apart ever since Sesame Street.
I do, though, love Judy Woodruff. That lady has tremendous integrity.🙌🏼
We ❤️ seeing on this list! Meet her in person at the Convention this summer:…
Judy Woodruff said it best. Excellent report on Michigan voters supporting the president.
Judy Woodruff is a distant and calming presence of my evenings.
Oh, may I suggest u listen to interview w/ Judy Woodruff. It was a breath of fresh air.
SGIS Distinguished scholar Lee Hamilton speaking to the NewsHour's Judy Woodruff from the SGIS studio.
Join us for our next Event featuring
Wherein Judy Woodruff then has a couple of white male, Trump-aged elders to explain Trump's MO to us all. 🙄
happened on msnbc's Chris Hayes show. He had earlier denied it in NPR interview with Judy Woodruff. First week in March. Google.
Former EPA administrator joins Judy Woodruff to give her reaction to President Trump’s orders .
Hey I'm gonna need to see footage of Judy Woodruff rocking it out to Straight Outta Compton.
On Judy Woodruff talks to and about the fight over Gorsuch's nomination, healthcare & Russia
After your embarrassing tirade on PBS tonight w/Judy Woodruff, Barrasso, we will follow all your donor $$.
Journalism greats Judy Woodruff & Geneva Overholser talk about value & future of community journalism at symposium…
Moderator Judy Woodruff at PBS opens a discussion of economics and public impact of
Get to know at on Tuesday, May 23 at
Biden to Trump: ‘Grow up, Donald. Time to be an adult’ – video
hmmm, this Scott Pelley fellow is no judy judy woodruff
Judy Woodruff last nite let both Shields & Brooks get away with saying there's no question Gorsuch will be approved. Please?!
Was that you on PBS Newshour with Judy Woodruff this past Friday?
added necklace to wishlist cuz newshour's judy woodruff wore similar one 😍 Who'll gift it to this geeky girl? 😊…
thanks for comments to Judy,. WOODRUFF
How low must you go to 'dis our US press treasures, Terry Gross or Judy Woodruff?
Now Listening: Judy Woodruff: The perfect time to be a journalist -
Thanx Judy Woodruff & John Yang for making sure, absolutely sure, we have real facts. Hats off to you & PBS.
your my favorite on they should change the title to newshour with Judy woodruff.
I never listen to the three networks for nightly news. We just listen to local news, Fox or occasionally PBS Judy Woodruff.
.do you have an internet connection? Judy Judy Judy
But Paul Ryan just told Judy Woodruff ACA was in free fall; she didn't counter with these facts. Journalists must do better.
I added a video to a playlist Walter Reed and the VA with Judy Woodruff of PBS
Judy Woodruff and the late Gwen Ifill named Radcliffe medalists | Harvard Gazette
You never mention that Crimea originally belonged to Russia until the sixties when Kruchef (sic) gave to UKE!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Admit the Russian invasion was founded on lies from Obama, McCain and Obama!! Total lies- ask Oliver Stone!!
On Radcliffe Day will honor the excellence, integrity, and impact made by Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff
Judy, are you a liar or just incompetent?.
Do Trump’s attacks on judicial legitimacy go too far?: Watch Video JUDY WOODRUFF: And now to a… |
Judy Woodruff and the late Gwen Ifill to be honored as Radcliffe medalists
Paul Ryan admits to Judy Woodruff that there have been no terrorists from the refugee population but says ISIS is trying to infiltrate it.
Disappointed in the news hour, it has become another left leaning publication. Judy Woodruff always giddy about conservative failures
Judy Woodruff and Gwen L. Ifill will receive the Radcliffe Medal in recognition of their work on “NewsHour.”
PBS Journalist Gwen Ifill dies of cancer: Gwen Ifill, co-anchor of PBS' "NewsHour" with Judy Woodruff and a veteran…
Paul Ryan to Judy Woodruff. in essence: He's our elected president, he's brought in a lot of new GOPs and I should take a moral stance?
Judy Woodruff interviews Paul Ryan. She has no teeth. Trump intimidated her & same with Ryan. She shouldn't be interviewing at this level.
Hey Judy Woodruff- why didn't you ask P Ryan why the Muslim ban excepts all other religions and not muslims? Seems unfair to me.
Judy Woodruff let Paul Ryan off tonight. The prevented Obama at every turn for his entire eight years. Come on Judy.
I bet Judy Woodruff likes talking to Paul Ryan, if only because she can understand his replies, compared (you know)
Judy Woodruff deserves some sort of prize for interviewing the likes of Paul Ryan. Self satisfied ideological captive and con man.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
A rather strange interview with by dodging Judy Woodruff questions
Seeing Paul Ryan get in Judy Woodruff's face ,with her whining questions,should be seen by everyone talking to PBS
Judy Woodruff struggles to corner Ryan with biased gotcha questions. Why not just be a journalist - ask straightforward questions?
Ok I think I'm done, the interview with Judy Woodruff really got under my skin, as you can probably tell .
BBC, Judy WOODRUFF. Speaker interview ,rated @ 68%. Help to stay on point, or leave; "are u going 2 answer ".
So nice to see Audie Cornish teaming up with Judy Woodruff on the NewsHour. Brings a nice diversity.
PBS Judy Woodruff is great! Would like to see Audie Cornish as her permanent co-anchor. I've been listening to Audie for years on NPR.
...and Judy Woodruff's attempt to be unbiased won't work either.
I love PBS Newshour because the news content is so interesting. Thank you Judy Woodruff and Audie Cornish. Great jo…
Judy Woodruff you have been noticed! You bring out the best in people. Even The Speaker of The House.;)
much more intelligent than KAC or the "presser". You did really well. You always do Judy Woodruff! ;)
Judy Woodruff and the late Gwen Ifill honored as Radcliffe medalists via
on PBS NewsHour tonight at 7:00 p.m. ET with Judy Woodruff.
Also called "Judy Woodruff interviews an invertebrate."
Watch: What WikiLeaks' Julian Assange told Judy Woodruff in August about hack of DNC emails, and what the CIA director told u…
I grew up watching Gwen Ifill (and Judy Woodruff), and was so inspired to see women moderating debates--s…
Looked like her and were really close. My heart goes out to family and to Judy Woodruff al…
I rarely watch television news, but when I do it's been and Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff were a dynamite anchor duo.
Please pick up the mantle-be example for young women like Gwen and Judy Woodruff. Let go of FOX News dated women as eye candy
Gwen Ifill from the PBS news hour passed away 💔 she and judy woodruff were my fave nightly news anchors, im so sad 😭
Not quite four months ago, Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff covered a debate between presidential candidates. All the news we could hope to see.
RIP Hard to imagine without her. On right now on a tribute hosted by her longti…
seeing Judy woodruff fight back tears tonight was hard.
Gwen Ifill, journalist and co-anchor of PBS "NewsHour" with Judy Woodruff, died on Monday of cancer. 🔓
My husband is wiping tears away at what Judy WOodruff had to say about tonight on th
She was and Judy Woodruff still is a fine example of American journalism.
Just caught Judy Woodruff's sign off. Very sad. Gwen Ifill was a dedicated print and TV journalist. Gwen…
Condolences to the great Judy Woodruff on the loss of her friend & colleague, Gwen Ifill
Judy Woodruff choked up at the end damm
Grateful for an anxiety free day...Judy Woodruff's smile makes Gwen Ifill's passing much easier to take
Totally in tears listening to Judy Woodruff and Amy Walters paying tribute to Gwen Ifill. RIP Gwen. 💜
Judy Woodruff on PBS News Hour just announced this amazing news reporter passed away from cancer. She has notably... https:…
Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff were the first women to co-host a nightly news broadcast.
"For young women of color looking for a role model, she was it.” - Judy Woodruff on the late Gwen Ifill 😔
Dang!! Gwen Ifill died!! Not too long ago I saw her on PBS broadcasting the NewsHour with Judy Woodruff. That's...
Judy Woodruff narrating her co-anchor Gwen Ifill's eulogy on "She was the gold standard in our business."
Judy Woodruff in tears on announcing death of We all feel the same way. So terribly sad
Veteran journalist Gwen Ifill was part of the first all-female team to anchor a main Democratic presidential debate.
I can see the tears in Judy Woodruff's eyes; hug from me.
Judy Woodruff is going to make me cry. 😭😭😭😭
If Judy Woodruff can get through tonight's newshour... we can all get through a lot.
NewsHour has Mark Shields & David Brooks mansplaining to Judy Woodruff how Trump has sparked convos among women about their own experiences
MODERATES($800): Judy Woodruff was the moderator when this man told Dan Quayle, "you're no Jack Kennedy"
Jeffrey Brown and Judy Woodruff don't do as many voices as the people in Cars 😌
Woodruff: HC's campaign & the Clinton Foundation have taken hefty sums from Exxon Mobil & other oil companies.
Newshour host Judy Woodruff mentioned that Carson (as a Dr.) had treated her son.
We decided to focus on women because no one was singling them out.
Clinton works to win over women voters: Watch Video | Listen to the Audio JUDY WOODRUFF: Now to the… |
A historic Bosnia mosque is rebuilt in powerful symbol of post-war reconciliation: JUDY WOODRUFF: The nation ...
PBS Judy Woodruff exposed as another Clinton donor via
PBS’ Judy Woodruff is a Clinton Foundation donor via
If you spend enough time in or around Washington, you'll meet amazing peopl...
There have been trade-offs every day, every month, every year. There's a lo...
Judy Woodruff always comes through with some two-bit propaganda questions for Bernie.
Yes, I said it. More people watch Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill do the news on PBS than watch O'Reilly and Maddow combined.
he was so cranky on the Newshour last night. Judy woodruff had to keep smoothing down his ruffled feathers.
Judy Woodruff challenged him Fri with "Is that a threat Senator?" re: house "floor fight." He got very angry & defensive
But I want to pay tribute to Anna Lee Woodruff, an extraordinary, selfless ...
Embarrassing show from Judy Woodruff on tonight as she foams at the mouth in support of Hillary.
Judy Woodruff challenged Bernie Sanders on Newshour. Pie in the sky sounds great and it will beat the Coal Miner diss from HRC.
Judy Woodruff surprisingly hints at Bernie's advanced age on PBS tonight.
Bernie Sanders on strategy, foreign policy, outlook on DNC Judy Woodruff | PBS News Hour
had to correct Judy Woodruff implying he was looking to fight at convention. He reminded her, It's how it works.
Why is it that Bernie Sanders treats women reporters more rudely? Judy Woodruff called him" feisty" at end of interview- she was being kind.
You told Judy Woodruff Trump will ask business leaders why they offshore. When they say slave wages how will you both react??
. Nancy Reagan tells Judy Woodruff about meeting actor Clark Cable in New York :
he admitted to Judy Woodruff that there would be mud fighting
"This election is going to be like Kim Kardashian vs. Judy Woodruff"
Is this administration, the Clinton administration, an administration that ...
OK Judy Woodruff we know Ben Carson is your family doc. You can stop rubbing it in.
Judy Woodruff, interviewing Ben Carson, discloses that she knew him pre-campaign because he operated on one of her children. CAN U IMAGINE
Judy Woodruff, on NPR, asked Ben Carson how Donald Trump will appear more presidential. Carson: "Well, we all have our weaknesses." OK then.
Judy Woodruff why are you interviewing Ben Carson?? nutzoid
Next on PBS . -- Judy Woodruff Talks with Ben Carson about Donald Trump.
You can find inspiration when you're not even looking for it.
As the mother of a son with disabilities, I try to keep an eye out for news...
Gwen Ifill, Judy Woodruff make history as first all-female duo to host a presidential debate ht…
Tune in at 11pm for PBS NewsHour's coverage and analysis of Gwen Ifill & Judy Woodruff will hear...
coverage available tonight at 10 with hosts Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff.
Join Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff at 11 p.m.: via
Gwen Ifill was my college commencement speaker and she's wonderful. I like Judy Woodruff as well.
Did you like better with Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer or current Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff?
It is dusgusting that Judy Woodruff calls the traitor Bush "President," but she insists on calling President Obama "Mr. Obama."
Aside from watching our tax $ burn on , Judy Woodruff's gum smacks evry time she opens her mouth grr me
thanks for the heads up - i'view w/Judy Woodruff! I was at wok last night when it aired. I'll post the video link later
Judy Woodruff's face was awesome when she had to tell News Hour viewers who was on Charlie Rose...
No ads on PBS. No ads on CSPAN. Let Brian Lamb and Judy Woodruff moderate. This is plain stupid. Both sides like the dam…
The PBS NewsHour with Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff has launched a yearlong series focusing on diversity,...
Note that doesn't deny that Judy Woodruff pulled strings for her.
I am a Judy Woodruff fan, but she cannot come close to correctly pronouncing "Okanogan."
On the tonight Judy Woodruff's jacket looks like she's part of the crew of the Starship Enterprise.
not the old Bernie Shaw or Judy Woodruff days, but it’s real news Not hate watching but actually learning
Expecting Iran to cheat is why we need this deal, says former Mossad chief: JUDY WOODRUFF: But, first, P...
Female warriors make history as first Army Ranger grads: JUDY WOODRUFF: One of the most storied institut...
Efraim Halevy, former director of Mossad, tonight told Judy Woodruff on that he endorsed the Iran Nuclear Treaty.
Is the trail of secrets we leave online ever safe?: JUDY WOODRUFF: Internet hackers dumped troves of personal ...
As Greek PM resigns, will his party come back stronger in snap elections?: JUDY WOODRUFF: There was anot...
An unflappable anchor with a huge heart - Andrea Mitchell - via
Let's see if Judy Woodruff reports this who seems devoted to doing damage to passing the treaty.
Where does the Iran nuclear deal stand in Congress?: Watch Video | Listen to the Audio JUDY WOODRUFF:… |
Haven't seen media so crestfallen since election night 1994 when Judy Woodruff fought back tears when GOP took the House
Israeli scientist talks Iran nuclear deal concerns: He joins Judy Woodruff from Israel to discuss why he argue...
PBS's is either a liar or self unaware? Take your pick Judy, it's one or the other?
That yellow suit that Judy Woodruff is wearing is gorgeous. Very classy. 😉
Are Iowa voters having a summer romance with Sanders and Trump?: JUDY WOODRUFF: We begin tonight in Iowa...
Is your last name a coincidence or are you related to anchor Judy Woodruff?
China: Should the U.S. Engage? PBS NewsHour anchor Judy Woodruff speaks to Robert Rubin and Henry Paulson
Here's an interview from today with Judy Woodruff of PBS Newshour.
only if they don't get hurt, or fall on Judy Woodruff again
Judy Woodruff recalls assassination attempt on President Reagan.
Judy Woodruff remembers the day Reagan was shot:
Must Read: Judy remembers the day Reagan was shot:
I recall coverge whl waiting at school for Mom MT remembers assassination attempt
Judy Woodruff remembers the day Reagan was shot
Here's a recap of account of the day Reagan was shot
Judy Woodruff remembers the day Reagan was shot - PBS NewsHour
'Forever burned into my memory': Judy Woodruff remembers Reagan assassination attempt
Here's a recap of first-person account of the day Reagan was shot:
"Every news organization should ideally be as broadly repr..".
Video: PBS - It’s bang-GORE not Banger, Mainers report: Earlier this week Judy Woodruff mispronounced the name...
Both Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill were compelled to wish us a hasty Happy Valentines Day this eve. It's We don't expect massages.
via I learned BANGOR proper pronunciation just like Judy Woodruff!
Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff are probably the best nightly news anchors right now.
Good lord someone check on Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill.
I didn't know he was married to Judy Woodruff. She's a good reporter.
Rachel Maddow, Gwen Ifill, and Judy Woodruff are literally the only news hosts I like left standing after all these announcements tonight!
Owen watching NewsHour: "It's Martha Stewart and the pink lady from Harry Potter." (Judy Woodruff interviewing Margaret Warner.)
Dr. Anne Schuchat - - speaking with Judy Woodruff on Tuesday's
Are you disappointed that / Newseum try to mainstream Gannett, Freedom Forum, Judy Woodruff: Shame on you.
Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifil are hardly Centrist. Jim Lerah was pretty Center but PBS now is more NPRlike so I'll pass.
I just saw Judy Woodruff talking about stuff on the internet. People still listen to Judy Woodruff? Why?
hate to miss him and Mark Shields with Judy Woodruff on Friday nites on PBS!Brooks and Shields are both so good,so informed and humorous!The
needs to use his pull and get Judy Woodruff to use the phrase "on fleek" on air
I watch CNN then turn to PBS News Hour with Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff
Judy Woodruff to aspiring journalists: ‘You need to care about the world around you’
The White House said American officials had not known about efforts to win the freedom of South African school teacher Pierre Korkie before a failed U.S. commando raid to rescue Korkie and the American photographer Luke Somers from al-Qaida captors in Yemen. Judy Woodruff reports. Continue reading →
Syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks join Judy Woodruff to discuss the week’s news, including the grand jury verdict on the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, the resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, plus what our commentators are thankful for this Th…
A story in Rolling Stone details the gang rape of an 18-year-old student by seven men at a fraternity house at the University of Virginia. Journalist Sabrina Erdely says that the young woman reported the assault to the administration but nothing was done. Erdely joins Judy Woodruff to discuss the...
Following President Obama’s speech on immigration, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., questioned the president’s legal authority to implement his plan. Referring to Obama’s past actions on the issue, Issa said, “Well, you don’t sink a ship and then talk about patching the hull.” Judy Woodruff gets reactio…
I don't even know who Judy Woodruff is, thankfully. She works for government-paid PBS, so I'm sure she's on board with Obama.
I caught his speech on PBS and judy woodruff could barely hold back her pompousness when interviewing Issa for repub response
I agree with your assessment of the NewsHour under Judy Woodruff. She has undermined it with her weak sister act.
Darrell Issa sets Judy Woodruff straight that the White House is NOT the justice system.
Issa says Justice Dept just told country the pres can't do what he wants to do legals. Losing his temper, interrupting Judy Woodruff.
PBS turns to Darrell Issa for GOP response. He's interrupting Judy Woodruff.
FUN MEDIA FACT: On this day in 1946, American journalist Judy Woodruff was born.
Re our ABC: in the US, it would be hard to see Jim Lehrer or Judy Woodruff using PBS to protest to a US politician about cuts to PBS ala 730
"Judy Woodruff talks to Dennis Ross of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Shibley Telhami of the...
Judy bloom shoulda prepared me for this
Judy Woodruff, anchor of PBS NewsHour speaking tonight @ cronkite.
Young people don't take things for granted - the pace of change is phenomenal - Judy Woodruff ..
Judy Woodruff at Politics have never been so partisan. Republicans&Democrats used to socialize. No more.
Judy Woodruff from speaking at downtown studio.
Happy Birthday, Gwen Ifill! Gwendolyn L. "Gwen" Ifill (/ˈaɪfəl/; born September 29, 1955) is an American journalist, television newscaster and author. She is the moderator and managing editor of Washington Week and co-anchor and co-managing editor, with Judy Woodruff, of PBS NewsHour, both of which air on PBS. She is a political analyst, and moderated the 2004 and 2008 Vice Presidential debates. She is the author of the book The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama. Ifill was born in New York City, the fifth child of African Methodist Episcopal minister (Oliver) Urcille Ifill, Sr., a Panamanian of Barbadian descent who emigrated from Panama, and Eleanor Ifill, who was from Barbados. Her father's ministry required the family to live in several cities throughout New England and the Eastern Seaboard during her youth. In her childhood, Ifill lived in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts church parsonages and in federally subsidized housing in Buffalo and New York City. She graduated in 1977 with a ...
President Obama announced a multi-step campaign to work with regional partners to destroy the Islamic State. How realistic is that goal? Judy Woodruff discus...
Thank you to Judy Woodruff for nominating Kennedy Krieger Institute to do the Ice Bucket Challenge! As a nonprofit that relies heavily on donations to advance patient care and research for children and adolescents with injuries and disorders of the brain, spinal cord and musculoskeletal system, we can relate to the need for more awareness and funds. In recognition of all the patients we serve with we accept this challenge and now would like to challenge all of our families and friends to do whatever they can to show support for charitable organizations. We have also sent a donation to the ALS Association in support of their research efforts.
Now time to go watch the news on PBS -the most balanced and unfiltered news by Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff.
I guess Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff don't count since we're only talking about the Big Three?
So Atlanta police just shot this homeless dude in woodruff park, I got it all on tape. She was trying…
Is Judy Woodruff's friendship with IRS Commissioner Koskinen stifling coverage of the scandal? Read instead.
Deceiptful, despite Judy Woodruff claim that he is a fine, honorable man.
"Who was enthralled by a casserole?" gasped Judy Woodruff, hilariously.
Wonderful: Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff do the ALS ice bucket challenge:
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