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Judy Dench

Dame Judith Olivia “Judi” Dench, CH, DBE, FRSA (born 9 December 1934) is an English film, stage and television actress.

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Judy Dench is right. Just because you have a theatre named after Gielgud doesn't mean your students know about the great man
Okay, setting aside precedent, yes. Maggie Smith for Chief of Staff and Judy Dench for VP?
I bet he does, £300k a week to sit on the judy dench
My phone just tried to autocorrect "Dame Judy Dench" to "same just dance."
Day 20 My favourite actress = Helen Mirren Judy Dench and Maggie Smith. Once again I have so many favou…
I'd have Dame Judy Dench, Emma Watson, Kate Middleton, David Suchet and Benedict Cumberbatch. Who would you have?
I empathise wth Judy Dench who is rightly shocked by"..Young Actors lack of interest about Theatre greats" . Look to the…
Nothing has ever made me feel more Judy Dench old (aging is a privilege/ she's the bossiest) than being told I have a serious "hip injury".
My spine shaking: Judy Dench has found a goose's heart a magician's
Alison Janney becoming the Judy Dench of the US: that is, a national treasure.
Pro tip: if you mute the audio between 12:16 and 36:18, then you don't have to listen to Judy Dench talk down to y…
Despite tongue injuries, Judy Dench has floated the orbit of Mars, accompanied by supporters of Creationism.
Judy Dench and Daniel Craig make a VERY powerful statement...and he doesn't say a word. Watch, and if you know a...
I imagine the unease I felt drawing bare nipples would be a lot like drawing Dame Judy Dench's bare bottom.
BOOM! Judy has denied in a plot to destroy her own tears.
Like, Dame Judy Dench plays a spunky singing cow. How can you not LOVE that?   10% Off
Your Lash - Trump comment reminds me of Judy Dench as Elizabeth I in Shakespeare in Love: "Have a car…
Oh girl! I love how your mind works. You need jokes Seth can't tell abt old people & have Judy Dench…
I saw the 70's version yesterday I had a feelng Judy Dench would be in the remake!
Wow, Judy Dench and Kevin Bacon are linked. Never knew Bacon was an uncredited actor in Planes, Trains and Automobiles!!
Ours are named after people. So you have a meeting "in Dame Judy Dench" - sounds wrong every time.
McCarthy Give my regards to Dame Judy Dench. A loyal fan.
Re: your tortoise story yesterday Ronald Dahl wrote the story/film of "Esio Trot" starring Dame Judy Dench and Dustin Hoffman
I wonder if Zane Lowe followed the advice from Judy Dench and Daniel Craig before hi…
But wait, isn't that a Shih Tzu on Judy Dench's lap?
I swear Judy Dench just came into the cafe and got a bagel.
Get out! Judy just started defecating. Looks like yesterday's elevenses contained nothing of importance.
Reminiscent of Casino Royale scene with Judy Dench before the oversight committee.
I voted for it, Judy Dench is in it, reminds me of Spaceship Earth. Same reason I like Skyfall. Pl…
"You read the script, then you have to find out WHY does the person say those lines" JUDY DENCH
Im doing it for the queen...Dame Judy Dench
In response to Judy Dench and her recent comments on actors, DVSS Drama students take action and prove they care ab…
Hello Dolly opened a week ago. Even Judy Dench is sucking her teeth.
What's behind your How about Dame Judy Dench? Rose to be named after our favourite 'M':…
*in Judy Dench voice*. After careful consideration and taking all things into account, I have come to the conclusion tha…
Who'll be the Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Joanna Lumley and Judy Dench of the future?
Judy Dench, Helen Mirren, and Maggie Smith have never had a 'prime' movie making period. Always just turned up, kicked *** and went home.
Mrs. Brown 1997. Judy Dench as Queen Victoria. Billy Donnolly (love him) as Mr. Brown . Youtube Full Version
There's a week and a half left. Hide Patrick Stewart, Judy Dench, Betty White, and the last two Beatles. Ok, at least Paul. Hide Paul.
Judy Dench would be great! I'd like to narrate my life. He does all the…
Really want to go for afternoon tea with Maggie Smith, Judy Dench and Julie Walters
📽: [UNTITLED SCI-FI THRILLER] Judy Dench's M from James Bond is the sole representative for oppressed humans living on alien space station.
Last name fry, first name French don't call me Julie Walters cuz my name is Judy Dench
Oh, but NO, we can't have *that*. Cuz gray-haired ladies are GROSS. Like Archie would say no to Helen Mirren or Judy Dench
Dream movie cast: Viola Davis, Angela Bassett, Judy Dench, Maggie Smith, & Frances Conroy. I just want to hear them all talk. ❤
One of the the Dames: Helen Mirren, Judy Dench or Maggie Smith 📽.
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Judy Dench and I both have wrist tattoos, so that makes me a Dame, too, right?
How about starring Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith, Judy Dench, and Diana Rigg? Women, British, and of a certain age. BOOM!
I swear I'll go on a rampage if David Attenborough, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen,Judy Dench, Helen Mirren or Michael Gambon go
That's NOT Helen Mirren nor Judy Dench. Looks more like Diana Rigg (for sure) and perhaps Susannah York. Get it right,
very cute girl. I would have called her Judy (as in Judy Dench who played M in the Bond movies) 🐈
Dame Judy Dench wearing a Spitfire hat...Millinery has never looked better!
Jameela: is Judi Dench the same person as Judge Judy? . Me:
I did think that was Diana Rigg and not Judy Dench. Dame Dench is in another photo later in the article.
I wanna see a scene where Judy Dench looks at a scrap book and is like, "wait... James Bond looks really different in all these pictures..."
a story about a young Judy Dench would be awesome
recitas Shakespeare. I can' believe it. Like Helen Mirren or Judy Dench ?
Lucky you! Huge privilege. .? My Mother loves watching 'As Time Goes By' with him & Judy Dench ..don't make 'em like they used to.
I would bet my house that Dames Maggie Smith and Judy Dench are Remain...
Thought: Robin Wright should have been the next M after Judy Dench
.what's that lady that Dame Judy Dench plays in the Bond movies called?.
absolutely,i love her & Judy Dench,the best of the best,and when they act together,they are amazing.
Now I'm playing with this Allen wrench. With the expert skill of Dame Judy Dench. And it's given me something to do while I sit on this bench
actress who played Lady Susan was really good. Enjoyed preview of upcoming Judy Dench/ Alicia Vikander movie. see
It'd have to be Judy Dench or something. Also, that's what I want now.
I am currently watching "Notes on a scandal' BRILLIANT movie. Dame Judy Dench, Cate Blanchett, Bill Nighy.
News Judy Dench millions of hoping to produce enough Vimto to flood billions of speeding submarines.
It's not the best... Try Cranford. Judy Dench & friends play plucky spinsters who fear the new railway. It's brills.
Regretfully Ms. Walters is tied up with her PIP agent in Camden. I'll send for Judy Dench.
Mystique has just made my fetish list. So there's her (in blue), Helen Mirren & Judy Dench...Room for 2 more ladies 😉
...Chronicles was pants because they had loads of money and then spent it all on Judy Dench...
intro scene(s) of Judy Dench's M in Casino Royal. "God, I miss the Cold War." She was so brilliant in that.
...for her birthday my mother has asked for a song by.JUDY DENCH.😬. .errr. Uhm. 😐. Tried to explain but she's not having it..
Actress Judy Dench helping former find new careers
He had a great run. Screw the critics - SPECTRE did its job **Judy Dench voice**
Judy Dench is doing all the heavy lifting today.
pencil on paper. I could be watching TV. But I've decided not to. Judy Dench.
Dame Judy Dench is looking good these days.
riding tortoises in a little clearing with Judy Dench. Surreal.
As a young director Sam Mendes famously told Dame Judy Dench that she "could try something but it won't work"! .
Judy Dench would be welcome to my party
It's about the only 'deep' non-sexual relationship he has with a woman (b4 Judy Dench as M)
"Q is a woman" - wrong! Judy Dench played M. And she was killed off in Skyfall
I thinkyou meant M not Q. And Judy Dench was three movies ago. BBC - we bring you the facts
Dame Judy Dench with 30 minutes of kissing or with a working ***
I didn't know Dame Judy Dench was a 5ft chubby potato xxx
I'm so glad has gone on to be so loved. Move over Judi Dench, we have a new nation sweetheart (I still love R Judy though obvs)
thank you Boff. The Judy Dench photo travels everywhere with me.
I have always wanted to work with Judy Dench, and that hasn't happened...
A little bit offended that Mark Kozelek thought he could sing any song better than Dame Judy Dench.
Oh please tell us we're going to get a cool Sen. Callaghan. I vote for Judy Dench.
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Mallory DOES look like a good Dame Judy Dench
You'd believe it: Judy Dench has apologised for projectile vomiting the inhabitants South Korea.
Onyeka Owenu is a Nigerian institution. As the Brits would hold Judy Dench or James Bond.. she needs more films.
Who's coming for breakfast in Ibiza tomorrow? . Blueberry, vanilla and chia pancakes with a Judy Dench protein shake!
I wish we could resurrect Judy Dench as M.
We met the lovely and discovered how to do tonal layers A
yes i can picture Judy Dench doing that role, didnt know she had done it
We thank whomever Dame Judy Dench tells us to, Sir. Happily and without question.
Dame Judy Dench with a USB port for an ***
Is that a picture of Dame Judy Dench above the headsets?
it was all about Judy Dench's M for me
Congratulations Dame Judy Dench on her 8th Olivier Award. All those Alexander Lessons must have helped.
This is how the universe is punishing us for Trump. I swear to God if anyone touches Judy Dench or Maggie Smith I'll actually loose it.
I want a 24/7 watch on Bruce Forsyth, David Attenborough, Trevor Macdonald, Judy Dench and Maggie Smith, 2016 isn't safe!
Right, if I find out that Maggie Smith, Judy Dench or Julie Walters has died I'm going to be so mad!
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Someone lock up Maggie Smith, & Judy Dench please? Heck, all of our icons, let's just put them safely on an island
If the Queen, Maggie Smith, Judy Dench and Meryl Streep make it all through this year in one piece it will be a miracle
(OOC) Judy Dench's M would be a Welsh Corgi, of course. :3
Looks like even Judy Dench supports our campaign. Have a read! .
Esio Trot starring Judy Dench, Dustin Hoffman, and James Corden! Tonight at Cardel Theatre at 7pm! Buy your...
If your title is "Dame", that just means you're old af. Sorry, Judy Dench.
I have been rightfully corrected that the Dame is in fact Judy Dench. I apologize
Donny Trumpo: call Judy Dench a dame, it's an honor... call Megyn Kelly a dame all a sudden I'm this big sexist... ;)
Biggest movie blunder of all times. Albert Finney, Judy Dench and that bloody torch
Greatest skill: flawless cover of 'Send in the Clowns' as Glenn Close, Bernadette Peters, Ruthie Henshall, Judy Dench, and Cat Zeta-Jones
Nice Breasts David Walliams and Matt Lucas will be jealous brilliant Judy Dench and Angela Merkle you still have it.
Previously negative views on aging are changing: About time! Judy Dench and Maggie Smith still working
Stephen Fry owns Downton Abbey and has a hareem comprised of Judy Dench, Maggie Smith and Anne Reid. And their dog Isis
e.g. Dame(s)Judy Dench, Maggie Smith, Glen Close, they don't seem to be acting, but they are, maybe it's being natural?
.and here's Judy Dench before make up and retouching.
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Billy Connolly and Judy Dench as John Brown and Queen Victoria in the 1997 movie, "Mrs. Brown."
How in de name of Dame Judy Dench is that not a foul on Sanchez
his done the old er up the skirt shot on Dame Judy Dench
Now that I'm jealous of. I can add Judy Dench and Tony Hart to my list, no morph tho 😢
Watching Graham Norton and reminded that my mother looks almost identical to Dame Judy Dench.
this is like Helen Mirren and Judy Dench on the phone
Blame the amphetamins: Judy Dench has discovered that Thor's nose contains 90% orangutan meat!
That's like Dame Judy Dench does foul-mouthed embroidery for all her co-stars. :)
I plan on being exactly like Judy Dench when I'm retired.
London datebook: Benedict Cumberbatch on the Big Screen, Judy Dench in WINTER’S TALE & more:
capture a pigeon and hold it in front of your piece and write Judy Dench in a heart on your chest
Stuff is terrible, I try to make people laugh when I can. I, too, LOVE 2001, and 2010. Judy Dench!
dear Dame Judy Dench. you are simply the best at your work. Just watched Philomeana. arrow.
Since I am not mellowing with age, I have made Judy Dench my Spirit Guide.
Judy Dench has more screen time in than Desmond Llewelyn had in all 17 appearances as Q combined!.
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For all the Catholics celebrating the Pope's visit to the US, watch the movie Philomena with the lovely Judy Dench. Nothing to celebrate.
Personal quirk: I go into a murderous rage when someone doesn't add the "Dame" to Dame Judy Dench.
Wow, actor Tobias Menzies ("Frank"/'Black Jack' Randall in played an aide to 'M' Judy Dench in "Casino Royale '06. He's TALL ;)
wow that is simply stunning darling. Like living in a tree house.
Dame Judy Dench is utterly terrifying in this movie.
Move over Judy Dench, you are now my fav female actress. BMG is also my fav programme. Hope to see you in lots of shows.xx
didn't know you played Desiree. Your Send In The Clowns is stupendous.
Judy Dench fabulous & hilarious on Desert Island Discs. Who else would chose the shipping forecast?!
Super excited about Judy Dench condescending to me about my future...
Judy Dench on acting "it shouldn't be talked about, it should be done and tell the stories" message for developing leade…
Lou? Have you received any tickets for the Kenneth Branagh\Judy Dench 'Winters Tale' yet? Is it on in November or December?
So bloody excited about listening to the Dame Judy Dench Desert Island Discs podcast on my way to work.
"From Prada to Nada" is so bad. So awful. If that counts as acting, I'm Lady Judy Dench.
Kim and I are texting and watching the eclipse. This is the kind of stuff Dame Judy Dench was talking about on spaceship earth :''')
There is too much fire in Judy Dench's eyes.
Also Judy Dench is 👌🏿 She's almost too good/powerful in this role. I feel like her depth could drown ol boy playing opposite her.
Feeling the need for some Judy Dench. Trying out Cranford on Hulu. Can guys love this?
I'd be on board with a Helen Mirren+Judy Dench+Maggie Smith collab. Doctors. Detectives. Royal sisters. Drinkers of Tea. Make it happen.
'If you liked BEST MARIGOLD, Bill Nighy, Judy Dench et al, you'll love this.'
OMG I love Dame Judy Dench so much, I want her to be my funny cool grandma like in Philomena
I really need to get to work but I drawn to the movie Philomena. Judy Dench is so hot.
Watching 'Philomens' with Judy Dench and Steve Coogan, need a good cry after last night
Judy Dench Dustin Hoffman Jennifer Aniston and about pets at Timeless. Fish, dog and turtles.
Judy dench is in the pub. Like I can see her lol
It was in Dame Judy Dench's so 'nuff said.
Any chance you could send me the sound bite of "Pay Attention Gregory" off of Judy Dench? Need it for my text tone.
She was really late so someone was telling jokes which eventually turned into a family fight and Dame Judy Dench was there (??)
... Yes? [Totally shifty eyes because is totally not a Royalist.] They're a big deal, like Judy Dench.
Was that the one where he stupidly took Judy Dench somewhere he couldn't protect her and got her killed. JUDY DENCH! FFS.
... don't forget to name check judy Dench there too... It's an ace production ... She has a very withering scream...!
Base solely on the theme song, I assume that will be 100 minutes of Daniel Craig crying over pictures of Eva Green and Judy Dench.
Judy Dench echoes findings re The higher you climb, the more others expect
how can Judy Dench still eat lobsters after seeing them holding claws in ocean and say butI got over it.
Dame Judy Dench's Desert Island Discs was gr8 fun. Her luxury item of cutouts of all her friends was brilliantly inspired!
Dame Judy Dench on is about as blissful a 45 minutes of radio as I have ever heard. Wonderful
Enjoying Desert Island Discs this morning with Dame Judy Dench Driving slower, so I catch it all
Celebrity sighting of the day: Judy Dench walking in Fitzrovia. I think she's taller than I am.
Julie Walters, Maggie Smith, Judy Dench. 3 of the best there
Judy Dench, Judy Dench, Judy Dench Dench Dench... (To the tune of the William Tell Overture).
Judy Dench and my grandma look a lot alike. I wonder if Judy cuts her own hair...
I did mean British. I suppose the nearest we've got to acting royalty is Judy Dench, but I was thinking of the current crop.
what happened to the Judy Dench- Dustin Hoffman movie? Missed it and can't find it on iview.
Judy Dench/ Dustin Hoffman...Roald Dahls Esio Trott..loved it.What a wonderful movie. Two amazing actors. Brought tears to our eyes.
Just booked myself a fab treat for the autumn: tickets to see Judy Dench & Kenneth Brannagh in Winter's Tale
How dare you Ramiz Raja calling Steve Smith a look alike of Judy Dench!! 😡. kindly sue him or atleast pay for his eye surgery!
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Has anyone seen Second Exotic Marigold Hotel? Want to see it for Maggie Smith and Judy Dench.
Fair argument... (would kill to see a movie where Maggie Smith and Judy Dench hunt Ralph Fiennes through pseudo 1940s Bohemia)
Can't wait to watch it. Maggie Smith and Judy Dench were awesome in the first one.
Maggie Smith or Judy Dench would b awesome
Gimme the Helen Mirren, Judy Dench, Pam Grier, Maggie Smith Ghostbusters as well, while you’re at it.
You and Dame Judy Dench have something in common h/t
Went to see The 2nd Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Just brilliant. Maggie Smith is just a class act, as is Judy Dench, well all the cast really
about Maggie Smith. I liked her in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie & the Sister Act films. I liked Judy Dench in Mrs. Brown.
There's nothing I want more in life than to visit India with the two best dames Judy Dench and Maggie Smith
Public service announcement : The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is on NOW! Love Bill Nighy, Dame Maggie and Judy Dench.
Maggie Smith and Judy Dench are life omg
Perks of being a wallflower Marigold Hotel. What a bunch if *** Judy Dench.
Is Judy Dench ever not in these films?
Trust Fiennes Will impress me in SPECTRE, Still, I Think Judy Dench is The best of 4. "Take The Bloody Shot!!!"
Today has been a bit quiet but who cares when Dame Judy Dench came in for a spot of lunch and said the food was sensational.…
Judy Dench is all kinds of perfect, but I would appreciate it if my Modern Drama text had pictures of othere actresses as well.
Dame Judy Dench! "Who’s your favourite M from the Bond films?
Is Judy Dench the oldest woman in UK? She has more wrinkles then Traffic Lights in London. I like her though. Only her movies are boring...
Wow. ..fantastic photos of Dame Judy Dench and Sir Michael Caine...must get Vanity Fair!
Am I the only 1 who thinks they hear Dench singing when they listen to this song?
The grief! Judy Dench has lost her and believes herself to Tokyo's water supply.
News from the Judy Dench has promised to end her war with her expenses.
She's not Broad Judy Dench. Abby is a Philly girl where the Mummers have paraded up Broad street since 1901:original drag show
Thanks for your insight into the brilliant Not sure about Sinatra's feminist credentials(see Dame Judy Dench)
I've pondered this too. It's a case of Judy Dench vs Sissy Spacek. Happy medium in Helen Mirren.
Dame Judy Dench rhymes with Lame Booty Stench, rappers. . That one was free. The next will cost you.
Boo Radley is now the Maycomb Lawyer and Dill is rutting on Mayella (played by Dame Judy Dench)
When I grow up I want to exactly like Dame Judy Dench
I love how the President in is basically a dystopian Dame Judy Dench as M. Propriety and regularly-scheduled badassery included.
I figured out that I don't like too many young lady roles. Like the roles that Meryl Streep and Judy Dench get
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The Dench/McKellen '79 production of Macbeth is nothing short of badass. Y10s love it almost as much as I. Thanks!
What was she thinking? Judy Dench has become critically ill after swallowing her expenses.
Christoph Waltz, Alicia Vikander and Judy Dench get set to start a Tulip Fever in their latest -
Dame Judy Dench is getting tattooed for her 81st birthday. How have you marked significant birthdays in your life?
My third favorite dame right after Maggie Smith and Judy Dench.
Ian mckellen and judy dench in this macbeth production tho
I'm hoping Miley Cyrus, Bob Vila, and Dame Judy come up in the same conversation, so I can bust out my workbench/twerk Dench limerick.
“Just because you're in first class doesn't make you a first class person.”. – Philomena (Judy Dench) in the film "Philomena"
Judy Dench for PM? Sorry, what? Judy Dench will back Laurie Ferguson for what? Who's Jeff Fenech fighting? What?
and ditto. I didn't love it until I saw judy Dench do it...
I was just fiddling around on the internet and I somehow, have legally changed my name to Dane Judy Dench...
Love that Dame Judy Dench has a tattoo on her bum.
ok for the Judy dench. Bit lazy. What u think.
Dame Judy Dench spotted at finch farm to complete a loan move from MI6
One of the greatest actresses to perform for us in many decades! she & Judy Dench real winners!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Chant "Dame Judy Dench" to this picture preferrably in a pentagram building up speed something magical will happen..
Dame N'Doye to Hull City. Good job Duffen's not there anymore, we'd probably sign Dame Judy Dench.on 50k a week...
If Judy Dench & Dustin Hoffmann & all the people involved in making don't win every prize going there really is no justice
Jack O'Connell being scrappily charming with Judy Dench on Graham Norton
Controversial opinion: Judy Dench was miscast as Lady Catherine in P&P; she's too innately loveable.
"Let's all have a good go at being alive" - Dame Judy Dench thank you
Judy Dench has found love again at 80, so there's hope for Prong 2.
Smile , you've been unmasked by the real Judy Dench on the -show. One wonders no longer. :p
Warren is feeling a cold coming on, and we're trying to nip it in the bud before our our trip to Northern Spain this week. That day at home! Some of my favorite movies with actresses over 40: *The Thomas Crown Affair (Rene Russo is spectacular!) *High Art (Patricia Clarkson and Ally Sheedy play damaged very well) *The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (Dame Judy Dench, Maggie Smith, Celia Imrie - a talented cast) *Kill Bill (not for the faint of heart, but I do love me some Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu - the inspiration for LateBloomer Lily, Vivica Fox, and Daryl Hannah) *Julia (such an under-appreciated movie staring the incredible Tilda Swinton) *Boogie Nights (Did you know Julianne Moore is my inspiration for the character Ivy in the LateBloomers series?) *Enough Said (Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Katherine Keener in the same film? Heaven.) *Stranger than Fiction (Emma Thompson and Queen Latifah finish the weirdest book anyone has ever written) *Bridesmaids (Oh wow, so many GREAT actresses over 40. Loved th ...
I guess I will watch Masterpiece Theatre...Judy Dench is amazing in Wuthering Heights...thinking I am missing something on TV tonight
Just booking tickets for and notice they are doing a seniors discount?for those who walk in expecting a judy dench classic
Just watched Philomena. Angry and in awe at the same time. Frears brilliant Amazing film & Judy Dench should be declared a national treasure
Philomena what a beautiful film. Judy Dench is phenomenal.
Marathon Man to the most delightful film I've ever watched, "Esio Trot"+Judy Dench. Wonderful. Thk you for amazing acting. X
Dustin Hoffman & Judy Dench were fantastic in Esio Trot.watched it with a big smile on my face :)
please PLEASE sign this petition to end the cruel DOG and CAT meat trade!! Ricky Gervais amd Dame Judy Dench...
How is Judy Dench such a perfect human being
(& at the other end of the spectrum, Dame Judy Dench at
Loved Judy Dench as M. Great actress, but yeah, not the most competent M. Still, great actress and her time as M was pretty good.
Just like making M female was gimmicky. Even though Judy Dench is amazing. Still dumb.
Wow, lookit all the race barriers coming down today. Next up: Judy Dench as Rosa Parks.
Pssst! Guess what? Judy Dench been jailed for swimming into the path General Studies.
If Judy Dench plays M this year, she will have been M for 20 years. This will also mean she has a more consistent Bond role than any Bond.
I am the Judy Dench of popcorn making
So jealous my aunt is working with Dame Judy Dench ✔️
Just watched esiotrot, struck me how much Dame Judy Dench looked facially similar to Yootha Joyce
I'm watching Philomena. It's going to make me cry A LOT!! Steve Coogan and Judy Dench are amazing in it.
If Judy Dench can win for 8 minutes in Shakespeare In Love, should be nominated.
Flatmate asked for a Vivienne Westwood book for Christmas. Her brother bought her Judy Dench's book. Old, British ladies DO look the same.
We're hearing reports that Judy Dench has said kipper that bit goths used its genitals to open cage door.
"He speaks in a British accent, like my girl Dame Judy Dench"
I had a wonderful last night that a large hare lived on an armchair in your hallway. Also, Dame Judy Dench was your dentist.
Watched Esio Trot with Judy Dench and Dustin Hoffman last night. Brilliant. They are amazing actors.
Just watched on catch-up, Dustin Hoffman and Judy Dench were wonderful. A heart warming story.
I think I just saw Dame Judy Dench at Remke's
Forget Beiber, just found out Judy Dench is a blue. M is an Evertonian!
That said Judy Dench and Dustin Hoffman are brilliant. But then as actors they are pretty reliable anyway.
Well that's my sleep pattern ruined, and the dreams of Judy Dench trying to kill me with shortbread are back.
please let tell the rest of the movie plot for "bully gets hit by brolly " starring Judy Dench
Dreamt that I went to my friend's LA apartment and we went caving. Turns out the cave was an underworld that Judy Dench was queen of.
😞🔫 but to be fair I think Judy Dench addresses the balance 😂😂
as Gareth Mallory/M in is superb, a refreshing change after Judy Dench. Hope they give him a bigger role in
Judy Dench as Lady Catherine in Pride and Prejudice is completely terrifying and amazing.
Denmark facts to get you ready for the big game: Denmark's most famous celebrity is Dane Judy Dench.
I want to look as good as Judy Dench when I am her age.
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OOH! It's amazingly good, it's a Roald Dahl novel with Dustin Hoffman and Judy Dench. It's lovely and happy and I cried...:) x
Esio Trot what a delightful film. Fabulous performances by Judy Dench and Dustin Hoffman.
Maybe!! But weren't Judy Dench and Hoff fabulous. Dustin Hoffman is one f our generation of Greats. Beautifully understated
Dame Judy Dench may be battling failing eyesight, but she continues to work in the industry. What's motivating you?
❤️the brilliant fabulous Judy Dench & awesome Dustin Hoffman all topped with a perfect sprinkle of Louis Armstrong ❤️
mum: 'I love that Mrs Brown...' . husb: 'ah yes, Judy Dench...'. mum: 'no... that Mrs Brown's... Boys'
What does 'Dench' mean? Surely Dame Judy must be on to her legal team reference the use of her name?
Dame Judy makes sweary cross stitch too and now I love her even more. (H/t for the link.)
I recommend the Roald Dahl Estro Trot with Judy Dench and Dustin Hoffman Brilliant. Love Maria.
gave an excellent performance along with Dustin Hoffman and Judy Dench last night Esio Trot was fantastic family entertainment
I know you probably won't see this but I LOVED Esio Trot - You and Dustin Hoffman are brilliant
Loved Esio Trot on TV last night, starring Judy Dench and Dustin Hoffman, whatever the critics might think.
Nice hearing Judy Dench singing 'Goodnight' by The Beatles in last night's 'Esio Trot'
was beautiful, so many childhood memories! Amazing performances by Judy Dench, Dustin Hoffman, and Alfie the tortoise!!
Just watched the Comedy Drama Quartet, .. brilliant performances from Maggie Smith, Tom Courtney, Billy Connolly and Pauline Collins and a host real life Opera & Classical Music veterans ... a delightful film and one I hope will be repeated at some point in the future. Watched Esio Trot earlier with Dustin Hoffman and Judy Dench, Roald Dahl classic that I wasn't familiar with.
And today's revelation that her cousin is best friends with Kathy Burke and Judy Dench, and is married to someone who owns 3 yes 3 castles
Thanks to I'm now dreading what Maggie Smith or Judy Dench might be doing in her next US-made film
So, Judy Dench's M will not be resurrected from the dead in the 24th Bond film, Spectre. Ralph Fiennes will play M instead.
Every BBC News bulletin on TV seems to include the eccentric Robert Peston nowadays! He's gradually becoming a National Treasure - like Judy Dench or Stephen Fry!
My acting heroes include Derek Jacobi, Judy Dench and Emma Thompson. Who are yours?
Love Sheila Hancock - my ideal night out - her, Maggie Smith, Julie Walters, Judy Dench, Emma Thompson
Graham Norton. Dame Judy Dench is on. She’s always really funny :)
this makes me laff useing. the . Judy Dench collection as a pair of knickers fort she was Dame Judy lol
magazine famous! Your like a regular Dame Judy Dench or some other celebrity from 20 years ago.
“Judy Dench in Skyfall is my favourite 👌” 🙌 word
Judy Dench in Skyfall is my favourite 👌
Our good friends in Griever just dropped a new music video. The song is rather Dame Judy Dench too and we think...
schadenfreude and schnapps, starring Judy dench and Maggie Smith as the bennets and introducing tony abbott as mister Collins.
it's gorgeous. Julliette binoche, Judy Dench. Depp is steaming!
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