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Judith Sephuma

Judith Sephuma is a South African jazz and Afro-pop singer. She grew up in Polokwane and moved to Cape Town in 1994 to study as a jazz vocalist.

Benjamin Dube Brenda Fassie

Bob Mabena interviewed Judith Sephuma the other day and they talking about how amazing the bridge on A cry, A smile…
Brenda Fassie movie coming soon, they looking for casts. If you talent and trust yourself to nail her character go…
Thank you do much for responding . It means a lot to me
My person is playing New Beginnings by Judith Sephuma. I'm loving this
MY Best Gospel song for 2017 goes to for The Gratitude Song on her second gospel album, . This…
first song Clayson will choose will b palesa by Judith sephuma...…
Ke Sikiloe ke Jesu - Judith Sephuma 🎶❤. I've just downloaded it on for only 99c. Here's a link:. http…
Vodacom has you sorted with all the Gospel songs from sis to the late Sfiso Ncwane 🙏 for on…
His name is Tshepo Nkadimeng is also ft on Judith sephuma latest next year he is recording
I just drove from Joburg to Dbn playing one of your songs Mmangwane the whole time it was on repeat! I am…
Abuti you say you hear and ausi says she hears when you listern to BU…
Look out for auditions call-out ans network with other musicians.all the best
Judith Sephuma is not that old ke mos.
That was a nice Judith Sephuma interview with Bob
Judith Sephuma giving me life right now
. Listening to your journey to discovering what you wanted to become is so inspiring. . Singing with the lat…
Judith Sephuma is the reason why I'm a proudly Limpopian ☺ . God, please bless me with a collaboration 🙏
And Yo Interview with reminded me of the good old jams tsa Mama letta and your album that made me love you,…
It's almost time for Christmas, where families and friends gather, in the name of Jesus Christ. is empowering us…
Some of the hits 🐝👑 introduced to us when she was still on Metro FM. Thojana Ya Thesele x Presss. Palesa x Judith S…
One of my favs by the soulful miss . It's short but do enjoy 😘
Top 2 biggest noses in the country zezikha Fana Mokoena no Judith Sephuma ,iphetwe iNostril pha 🔥🔥
Ayt, Kagiso Lediga killed that jawn at Amazink. We're at Judith Sephuma's gig. 😍
2017 I've to MASTER my home language . Listening to and always gives me envy . SePedi se monate tlhe . ❤️
...Jonas Gwangwa and Friends, Taylor McFerrin with Marcus Gilmore, local rap and hip hop artist Dope Saint Jude, and Judith Sephuma...
Dear Songwriters/Singers/Producers. Get your music out there. The world need it. U might just save a life. saved mine ❤
The blessings of God will find expression in your life
Yes thank you for playing Palesa by Judith Sephuma
Now Ladies and gentleman, here's my guy. The fighter, my winner always. I love your spirit…
This is how I feel right now. Great God!
Last year Karabi got Judith Sephuma now Thami gets Kelly Khumalo, are there no young female artists?
This is no match to Karabo and Judith Sephuma's perfomance last year.
Judith Sephuma/ you cry you smile you dance playing on @ heart with
I've been sleeping on Judith Sephuma. Too much talent in that woman. She's my playlist for today
Judith Sephuma is such a wonderful musician. Been listening to her for hours now
Winemaker of Year awards brings cheer.
Listening to a worshipper!No gymnastics,no riffing, no laces,just pure & beautiful *…
Now I have heard singers sing. I love a vocalist that can be so creative and sing so passionate…
This concert is one of my best decisions of 2016! With my date
Hey Asa, long time. Yes. Those were the good days😊,'. Hope you're good.
OMG, feels like I'm looking at you back in the days at UCT...
Posing for the camera and looking good, our special guest in studio the beautiful with on
Join us for with and our special guest in studio
When sing the gospel song and u immediately feel changes in ur body..keep preaching sister,great interview
so disappointed to miss your guest @ Judith_sephuma, crying a river right now
I did! Next time wena le Tbose should take 2 hours
Looking forward to see u here family and more friends.
Catch on these stages during September.
To think, we will backup for The incredible this
City of Champions and the Nelson Mandela Bay are ready for you Judith Sephuma
Hanging out with these lovely friends of mine busie784 and @ Port…
My very first pouting photo 🙈. Will do anything though for my friend 😂😂…
Really cool talented young students playing with us tomorrow with the PE philharmonic orchestra…
At the park with Lira and Judith Sephuma
Performing at The Nelson Mandela Bay Divas In Spring Concert. PE is beautiful, the weather is…
Thank you for the love and support.
Nje!! thats the kind of music we will hear at the upcoming 😂😂😂 cc
Thankx for plying Judith Sephuma you are the King bru # mother nation
This is a joke? A whole Judith Sephuma at Freshers? 😩
Didn't they have Judith Sephuma at one of the fresher's bashes at UFS. | They didn't see u guys 😂😂 Might as well have been a parents evening
Swazi Dlamini & Nokukhanya's backing vocal skills on My Saviour by Judith Sephuma are next to God. Amazing!
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The way I love Lucia, I remember her from her audition, she did Judith Sephuma's You stole my heart away 😍😍😍
I will take Mme Judith Sephuma any day
Now playing on Jazz On WILD Coast FM 98.6 MHz: "You had you hand on me" by Judith Sephuma
Judith Sephuma will sing with that angelic voice and you start thinking who you did wrong to and maybe it's time you apologize
I would LOVE to see Judith Sephuma in concert 🔥❤
. I heard you sing 'Palesa' at the Lyric theatre , wow . I'm the biggest fan anyway
Id buy Judith Sephuma's gospel again im jst a sucker on that genre
please, I see Sfieso writing somethi…
please, I see Sfieso writing something again
got it in 3 versions but still can't get over it. Legacy Cd, Dvd and the Experience
Judith Sephuma on living with Brenda Fassie: She was mad!
I still love this doesn't get Old to me
Sis A cry. A smile and a dance still hits home till this day. .
...then she collaborates with Judith Sephuma. Ey ang'sazi mina 🙆
could we please have The Experience Volume 2 🙌🙌🙋
Another superb interview by Gareth Cliff chatting with Judith Sephuma. She had cool stories and how she met Brenda Fassie.
was listening to radio earlier and Mam Judith Sephuma said we shouldnt eat bread..
listened to this AMAZING songstress / woman words fail me, thank you , ke fela I was driving couldn't call in
LEGEND landed with and if u missed it go see on the website guys!
Don't miss this one, chats to singing sensation and South African icon about her story-
How many languages do you speak cause ke utlwa o bua setswana?
...indeed, a wonderful afternoon with ! Were you listening to the radio…
Epic that's all I can say, I need to buy these CD
Hi check or ask them to order one for u
Mme J I have been looking for this CD, with no luck. I'm in bloemfontein. Palesa 😍 I love this song.
thanks for coming on to studio. One word: "beautiful" . Beautiful music, beautiful voice, beautiful you.
such an amazing voice. Love your energy 💕
The gorgeous and pose for a selfie. Tune in NOW to hear more about her album.
.. When can we expect you in Bloem, to here palesa live?
Is there a song any more beautiful than Judith Sephuma's Palesa ❤️
Brother Jacobs with Judith Sephuma. In Plettenberg Bay .. Catch her live at central beach today. Festival of Jazz ..
baba! Judith Sephuma is killing it on stage 🔥 @ Plettenberg Bay Main Beach
Random bulele fact. I used to be a really big Judith Sephuma fan😂. Whenever we took road trips we ALWAYS had to listen to her music😂
Musica does not have Judith Sephuma's 'The Experience' DVD! IVE BEEN WAITING for them to call me! JUDITH SEPHUMA FAM!
Judith Sephuma tells us how to address the haters
- it's season. I I was devastated when she didn't scoop a SAMA for the Experience. She needs to WIN
"Write me a letter before you walk away". Ms says it much better than I do.
Judith Sephuma - You Had Your Hand On Me 'this song always brings back the good old memories, the late siblings are missed' :)
"Oh give thanks unto the Lord for his mercy endures forever " My all time favourite track. 💝 Beautiful!
With My girl in one of my IHPTours .just a throw…
Listening to my sister Sephuma -Mme motswadi and thinking of hitting the N1 to Polokwane.
"Even though sometimes it's drag to toil without a gain, you cry, you smile, then you dance" . Judith Sephuma ❤
hi, yes it isJazz. One Word. Will let you know regarding performance. Thank you
: hi Judith I just want to know is your new album jazz, because I love wen u sing jazz? 2. ur next live performance in Jozi?
Mam' Judith Sephuma gracing us with her presence. Lovely performance
HeLa . Judith Sephuma is the one who put me in place . Feeling Holy AF on a friday
great morning sis Ju. You once Sang if we ever needed God it was today. Now we really need Him in this heat. Ur CD rocks
What better way is there to start your day than listening to Judith Sephuma's "A cry-A smile - A dance" album 👌🏾🙏🏾 have a great Friday
Kanti Judith Sephuma started on Jam Alley? SABC was something once upon a time
The way its so nice to sing along with singing God of the Universe. Talk about true worship..the focus is God.
I doesn't matter how many albums releases, A Cry A Smile remains her best album yet, in my books that is 👏🏽
Lets share this NEW MUSIC VIDEO to get it on tv MBOTE from album ONE WORD
I'll be upset if Brenda Mtambo or Judith Sephuma evolve into Kwaito
I still like the song "Siyakudumisa" ey, that song is incredibly awesome
New year's resolutions?I wish SA radio resolves to play more of ONE WORD.
Now on to take us to the last hour of Africa Midday is Judith Sephuma with A Cry, A Smile, A Dance
Seen this NEW music video by via from her latest jazz album ONE WORD
's Palesa and 's Soul & Heart. songs that always get to me when performed live. tear jer…
Adele is trending in the wrong should be Judith Sephuma there or Thandiswa Mazwai
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Kwazi Bani by Judith Sephuma feat. Ringo Madlingozi now on
"In bed nursing my flu,siyakudumisa by @ judith sephuma is the only song that warms m..."
Listening to the sweet sounds of this morning !! Love this album
Belinda by is killing me softly. I have to get it, its a must, actually what am I waiting for? You Forever sounding great
oh! No..I missed to listen to a podcast...
. Yes your voice give me comfort and peace of mind, true…
Thank you so much, i am humbled and glad to have made your month. ❤️
Mme ur really gifted mam, was listeling 2 ur interview in awe! Ur an inspiration...
great show beautiful voice I'm sure u won a lot of fans today.
Wow I love this song sesi Judith Sephuma bathong
You have made my whole August. Goodness, your voice is to Beautiful
Judith Sephuma - Mme Motswadi Eish miss my mum RIP Mummy, what a show talent right there. who is not listening to this?
And one more request.sings Siyakudumisa from her DEBUT gospel album; The Experience...tnk
Yes, thank you . You made me cry. I needed that. Thank you
Another unplugged performance;Mme Motswadi by on music,no boundaries.
And her voice is just soothing...even when she Judith Sephuma
"At some point a biggest cheque in my career was R460 000.I have come a long way."on
Mna ndiva Judith Sephuma, am I at the right station or mandiphole.
Such a gr8 talent, Judith Sephuma in
"I have great visions for myself.I wanna get better & make sure the world hears my voice & my music.I yet have to be heard"
Tuning in to ?wow!!! A cry,A smile impromptu performance.incredible...get this clip and be tge judge.👏👏👏
Judith Sephuma never dissappoints, loving the African beat
For the past few days this is all I've been listening to. 's gospel album is the one.…
Still love track 2, had to buy this again.
So you going to for Judith sephuma or shumaya?
share your music all over the world? Upload it to Mdundo .
One can pay back loan of gold,but one dies forever in debt to those who r kind&cares for underprivilege
Bloem are u ready? is at Sand du Plessis Theatre on 27June
thank you so much. It was great bumping into you too.
was nice to see bump into u ko circle center ko Seshego u real a gr8 person much love. And all the best with u performances😙
Kingdom greetings is their any prospects for the NorthernCape - # Kimberley in particular we feel so left out. *teary eye*
Judith Sephuma kicks off One Word tour in Cape Town via
see poster for more details. It's this Saturday in Bloem.
Thanx to aus'Judith I didn't know it until she sang it.. She did it great
With @ meropa we were satified with performance
Bloemfontein are you ready for the sensational LIVE this Saturday. Tickets on sale.See you …
ONE WORD TOUR has gained momentum.Be sure not to miss a chance to see her perform her NEW ALBUM LIVE on s…
cc BLOEMFONTEIN is the place to be http…
Warmer temperature forecast for BLOEMFONTEIN this Saturday - & her band will be in …
Benjamin Dube feat. Judith Sephuma - Oh Give Thanks .. Glory be to God
A night out with Jonathan Butler, Oleta Adams, Euge Groove and Judith Sephuma
beautiful and timely song. Africa will be saved …
beautiful and timely song. Africa will be saved
my breakfast menu was Glory, Theledi, Mbote, Palesa & Try. Beautiful music kgaetsedi thanks
my breakfast today served with Theledi, Try, Mbote & Belinda. Eish went for about 5 servings of Mbote. Thanks 4 the music
Hey bro i am listening to your track ft & I love it.Well done!
Performed on a song today featuring
wow this is the most beautiful song ever... just what South A…
Watched "Pray" by ft. Judith Sephuma & Patrick Duncan. The need of the honour. God bless u all 4 speaking out.
love you JS. Great music and personality.
Three top SA artists have added their incredible voices to the call to end xenophobia:
What would happen if every believer started 2Pray4 our Continent? Neville D- Pray Ft. Judith Sephuma & Patrick Duncan
has done it again. Get down to your nearest music store and purchase her brand new album, One Word. http:/…
Pray&pst PatricDucanit.playing right now
Just heard pray with and judith sephuma... love it
Benjamin Dube and Judith Sephuma sing that song beautifully
New jazz single titled JOY by out today.check it on on your radio from this weekend.Album out 13 March
Wow, they are playing Sis Judith's songs... am impressed... i like, i like...
Judith Sephuma in background killing it or wait its not her!!! Hope she gets royalties
: I am's heaven to your ears neh ... :-)
Iconic South African jazz and Afro-pop singer Judith Sephuma was on Womanity, - Click here to listen:
That proud moment when friends tune in to watch on tv and they hear song playing in the red carpet!
"Is the single still cuming out tomorrow?
Whats the song playing in the background on eNCA cc
New jazz single "Joy" by coming out tomoro 13 Feb.look out for it on radio & .cc :-)
Listening to upcoming jazz album.exciting sound.she surely knows how to challenge her talents & keep her signature.
Is the single still cuming out tomorrow?
That "O Give Thanks" track got me broken whole day. Utterly amazing track
"judith_sephuma: Posted a new photo: new JAZz album cc nescafesa ukhozi_fm Sund…"
"Posted a new photo: new hazz album cc
"Posted a new photo: new jazz album coming."JOY" single out 13feb cc
I wud luv to be mentored by Judith Sephuma or Benjamin Dube
When I see Sephuma I think of Princess Fiona of Shrek
Thank u my sister!is an amazing Singer!Such a blessing to work with my Girl!!!Yeh yeh!
Laying lead vocals for New Jazz Album. cant wait for you guys to hear the album
Seems to have taken a break after killing magogo ka car accident about 2 years back"Judith Sephuma santse a opela?"
"Hi sisi any shows for Cpt this Year?" Yes, 6th June at Artscape. I'll be posting more soon.
very true cc,nqubeko also worked with judith sephuma ube yi musical directer of the experience live in concert live DVD.
Hi sisi any shows for Cpt this Year?
Good morning Fish Hoek . laying down the voices for new Jazz Album. cc and
Listening to Oh Give thanks by It blesses me every time ❤️
I love the Lord & Oh give thanks by Judith Sephuma & is taking me into his presence this morning …
Judith Sephuma on gives me life this Sunday
SA Jazz legend wit SA Bass Legend rokin it.
Benjamin Dube ft Judith Sephuma - For His Mercy. I've been playing this song since 20:05 and now it 20:50
Cape Town loving 's perfirmance tonyt as usual
Judith Sephuma dedicated Oh Holy Night to Brian O Connell at his Farewell
At the farewell for outgoing rector of and Judith Sephuma has taken to the stage. farewell.
"Happy thoughts when listening to Judith Sephuma."
"There aren't many things in lyf u can be sure of except rain comes frm the clouds, sun lights up the sky & harming birds fly"Judith Sephuma
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I am doing a special gig at Midmar Fest this year called Thandiswa presents with special guests Z…
Hello My beloved mother, I want u 2 know that I love u so much!!! God bless u more Mommy!!!
I would love to hear judith sephuma do a feature with nneka.
Judith sephuma is better then most these new singers.her album a cry a smile a dance feels brand new everyday i pop it in
You and did a splendid job.Thank YOU for steering so ably. 👏👌❤
hey miss Sephuma your niece Lerato Sephuma is my church mate she's so good looking like u wow
thank you ladies so much for your healing music last week at Lihle's memorial ❤️❤️
I have so much love and respect for the great and 🙏…
If she comes to me and says she loves Judith Sephuma's music, then i'm marrying her. Finish.
Happy thoughts when listening to Judith Sephuma.
Judith Sephuma I love you!! Eish mara this woman's music makes my heart jump for joy!!! She will never understand but oh well.
that Judith Sephuma track had me whistling and kicking cans down memory lane
The situation right now esperancambha mahibila 💯
Sunday afternoon with my Mom and her Judith Sephuma albums
He said 'Be still and know that I am God' thank u sis Judith Sephuma
Hamilton Collection
I am currently listening to a song by Benjamin Dube ft Judith sephuma"oh give praises to the Lord for his mercy" repeatI must say
This Wed' 10PM on songbird and jazz musician blesses us with a captivating performance.
Siyakudumisa- Judith Sephuma"for the week was? Share that song that took you to heaven and back."
My God is an unchanging changer via testimony...
This week on a fusion of traditional maskandi music & soulful jazz with &
Judith Sephuma's music is beautiful. Life dealt her a bad hand these past few years, hope she's through it.
Wow!!! will be on this Wednesday... I can't wait to see u!
"Your absolute favorite worship song?" Here I am to Worship by ♡♥%
I see Judith Sephuma backing Benjamin Dube and can't help but want to break out in solo *i see you Judith*
by on Afrobeat94 .great music till 11am
Now playing in my car heading to Church - Ziyabuselwa Izinto - Filled - Siyakudumisa
so blessed by your album. Worshiping with
Now playing on : Le Tshephile Mang - Judith Sephuma... -
Lerato la pelo ya ka...when ever I miss home...can't w8t for the next jazz ulbum
Thank you .i hear the prodigal bag has been delivered in
Next week we fusing traditional maskandi music & soulful jazz with & Tune in Wednesday 10pm
Sisplease tell me you will be doing your version ofwith KennyG now that he will be playing in SA
The Lord says that he has u on his mind He has not forgotten what u didn't get you're coming into a season of restorat…
I hope to see Judith Sephuma one day , what a beautiful voice , absolutely beautiful ♥
Keeping me Co. from "The presence of the Lord is here indeed"
hope it arrives in better condition than ours! Xx
our prodigal bag been located in paris.we hope to have her safe in Toulon tomoro.can shock us. cc
Guess which songbird diva will be at the 2014 Awards?
“i will not comment. nx” kwa, stay in SA maan. Will Hala when in Spai…
Judith Sephuma and Phuzekhemisi next week ku That's what I saw. Ungathi I didn't let you know ke. :)
Please Follow my Foundation & Social Responsibility We will Follow back.
I have been looking for The Experience dvd at Musica for over two months now. Cant find the dvd on Kalahari …
Clothing if you keep receipts for any replaced equipment said we can apply for compensation."cc
How many of my followers don't sing along to Judith Sephuma - Mmamosadi song *itching to unfollow* ungrateful *** thank yo momma son!!
Benjamin Dube/Judith Sephuma/ Loyiso Bala and Dominion's CD they all I ever ask for as a gift please!
Benjamin Dube, Judith Sephuma, Dominion, Mthunzi Namba, Lira, Beritha & Zonke are a must have collection of CDs
It's going down! In Wynburg Sandton. Save the dates! The atmosphere will change
This get Judith Sephuma's Fulltrack "Tlo Moya O Halalelang" from her album The Experience at R10,...
Eintlik lemme tune into mama Judith Sephuma for this afternoon ♥
THRR PHAAA! by Selaelo Selota, letshepile mang by Judith Sephuma LELAPA SHOW with the Exclusive ONE...
"Taking the church with her,what a memorable night. cc
"My daughter Judith Sephuma night this was.aaah!!!
"If we ever needed God was today" listening to Sesi Judith Sephuma Pray
Siyakudumisa by wow im blessed I love it
God of the universe by Judith Sephuma
. Judith Sephuma gospel concert coming soon at the Rustenburg civic center.
. Judith Sephuma gospel concert at the Rustenburg civic centre coming soon.
Mmm... this one will get me rolling down ungathuki when its quiet in the studio blame in on
Music gives life to the soul, it revives the body and brings back memories that are long forgotten... Listening to
Judith Sephuma for example and Lira will be perfect as Judges not you morons,
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Can't get 's Surely out of my mind. its been in my spirit since morning ♥
speaks to Judith Sephuma at 08h15 and actress from the South African movie "Between Friends" at 08h40
Judith Sephuma gospel concert coming soon in Rustenburg.
Judith Sephuma's concert is coming up soon. Tickets go on sale on the 1st of September, get yours at computicket, checkers/shoprite.
hi woman of God I hear you coming to hammanskraal soon.cant wait to see you
Chris Walker, Judith Sephuma, Leta Mbulu.This year has been about the good artists ive always wished to see live on stage. Now…
Hellow hi. Can I get Lalombe music email add, want to find out a few info please.
ft Held me up... Is such a motivating song, when I think of the times he held me up I know he'll do it again
on the show, LE TSHEPILE MANG by from Listen ===>
Thanx Mo G for playing Judith Sephuma u cry smile and dance
thanx Month G for playing Judith Sephuma cry smile and dance
Thanx the ever talented for flying SAflag in Washington ! Malibongwe
is talking to Judith Sephuma at 10h30. Tune in to hear these wonderful ladies chat about their phenomenal lives
pls play Judith Sephuma The song the cry the dance
are strong, beautiful,compassionate,more than words could ever say!Today is yours,so is every other day HappyWomen'sDay!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
!!"God blessed us with Judith Sephuma! Such beautiful music after a hectic week!"
I liked a video from Benjamin Dube feat. Judith Sephuma - Held Me Up
oh but that's unfair.. Because I want Sibongile Khumalo, Zama Jobe, Judith Sephuma etc, etc..
Judith Sephuma and Benjamin Dube - Oh Give Thanks Lyrics has been published on
The official music video to Judith Sephuma's single Tseleng from her new album 'I Am A Living Testimony' (2011).
Ws really disappointed whn I ws told da Spirit of Praise live recording tickets r sold out.
here i am to worship the anointing in that song and the flow is something else, God bless.
'Through it all' with Elias Ndeda...ahhh...speechless! God Bless u sisi! Enjoying 'The Experience'
Just suprised my line Manager with a nice boque of flowers and a Judith Sephuma DVD, love dis woman☺♥
Played like 6 genres this morning. The Beatles,Judith Sephuma,Kendrick Lamar,Mbongeni Ngema. Gotta love my music collection
Let us keep praying to keep the fire of the holy spirit burning. Good morning family. W need you father.
"Oh Give Thanks" what a blessed way of starting my Friday! Oh Thank You and Pastor you are such a blessing
Uncle Crosby (Ta Crow) introduced me to so much music as a child. Chaka Khan, Judith Sephuma & Radio 2000. Forever grateful. ♥
As the going gets tough, the tough keeps going. Good they family. We need you father
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