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Judicial Watch is an organization that describes itself as a conservative, non-partisan American educational foundation that promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law. According to its mission statement, Judicial Watch advocates high standards of ethics and morality in America's public life and seeks to ensure that political and judicial officials do not abuse the powers entrusted to them by the American people.

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Did Hillary Clinton backup all her files 💾 using Does the FBI have copies? Judicial Watch wants to know. Develop…
Oops ... Judicial Watch obtained emails whereby the Obama administration specifically singled out for exclus…
Judicial Watch announced that a federal court judge ordered the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to produce...
Major updates from Judicial Watch this week. View our weekly Tipsheet from 1/4 here. .
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton named on "Judicial Watch's 10 most corrupt politicians of 2008" list.
Heard Jay Sekulow on Hannity yesterday. ACLJ on top of all this crap; ready to file lawsuits if necessary. Same w/Judicial Watch
You realize that the emails that most hurt Hillary were released by the US District Court because of Judicial Watch lawsuit?
Keep FOIAs, Oversight committee hearings coming: next four should be all about Judicial Watch equivalent oversight…
Non-Citizensvote - Judicial Watch why the rabid denial of voter fraud? Obama encouraged it
Secular Christian values alone wouldnt erase segregation. Even after JUDICIAL action we had this:
Election is over but the Clinton emails keep coming - Judicial Watch
Stop now Judicial Watch believes the Losing credibility
Judicial Watch says 1.8 mil of illegals voted in 2008 and 1.4 voted Dem. Using same numbers for 2016 tells ya
Judicial Watch warned Trump against . “a betrayal of his promise to the American people.”
how does this not warrant a Grand Jury? & what about recent Judicial Watch State Dept emails?
remember we have Judicial Watch doing their work and agents who are upset. Justice w prayer will prevail.
.Asks Court to Compel Hillary Clinton Email Answers. Again, we are out front on Clinton corruption.
Good thing for Judicial Watch and groups like them!!!
.in court tomorrow on Clinton emails. Taking the lead again.
2. ...still ongoing. Judicial Watch, Inc. v. US Dept. of State status reveiew tmrw & the IRS is still investigating the Clinton Foundation.
Larry Klayman founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch predicted flip-flop just before election by FBI Director C
US State Dept source provided Clintons with detailed heads up on potential scandals from Judicial Watch law suit
Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett Linked to Real Estate Scandals - Judicial Watch this article in 2008!
Judicial Watch filed a FOIA on July 7 for "all records related to the meeting between Attorney General Lynch and former President Bill Clint
HRC answers to no-one right hillary! Not the citizens not the media or FBI or Congress or any court not Judicial Watch nor victims...too BIG
When our government is no longer of, by or for the people, Judicial Watch, Wikileaks and people like Eric Snowden are our heros.
This is a big percentage of my activism. I also have distributed Judicial Watch and other materials in my area.
Even with the email case, Right wing Judicial Watch is blaming congress for covering for Hillary. They say they're in on it.
Good. Judicial Watch, oversight committee- people can't deny she's committed crimes anymore. Prison, not pardon.
Watching Judicial Watch cover of the crimes. Amazing details.
JUDICIAL WATCH should get all over this & on top of it file it NOW. Anyone aiding to commit ELECTORAL FRAUD has huge problem.
Thank you Judicial Watch, for your integrity and diligence.
Obama operatives stripped Judicial Watch of media status . will do even worse vote>
“Was Judicial Watch getting a little too close to the Obama ties to the Clinton Crime Family? Hmm, something for... http…
The entire FBI "investigation" into was a sham from the very beginning.
You need to watch HIL Judicial Watch Panel: Clinton Scandal Update – Emails and the Clinton Fo... via
better plan some rapid response for this.9days until new report is due.Will tell truth?
Obama operatives stripped Judicial Watch of 'media' status, overcharged for FOIA requests - Washington Times
Judicial Watch to State Department: ‘Stop Sitting on New Clinton Emails’ And the list goes on a…
In Balochistan, Pakistan Army carries out Extra-Judicial Assasination of... via
Breaking news Truth on Judicial, Kidnaps and President Duterte warning!: via
Now why would they do that? What could they possibly be hiding? Who gave that order?
4. Readers should know the source of allegations: Judicial Watch is a RW anti-Clinton, 2 (of 4) star rated non-profit w/ undi…
Are you on Instagram? Follow Judicial Watch to get a behind the scenes view of JW and see our Instagram Stories! https:/…
Watch the video..the accused treated as accused! When our judicial going to create such impact?
Norman Ornstein on NYT's coverage of Hillary: largely ignore Clinton policy plans,take Judicial Watch press release…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Bill Clinton spox on latest Judicial Watch release of State Dept emails re: diplomatic passports
While David Corn suppresses Clinton corruption we salute the good work of Judicial Watch
The New Tammany Hall: New York in the Age of Corruption - Judicial Watch
Clinton camp's responds to this Judicial Watch ruling Statement:
Hillary will email her answers back to them. Judicial Watch will get them shortly after Rus…
State Department to Turn over All FBI Clinton Email Records to Judicial Watch - Judicial Watch
. "Federal Court Orders to answer questions under oath in email scandal":.
But, she will answer Questions from Judicial watch in writing. Only 2 results. She lie's or incriminates herself. 🔥💥
Brain Flushings: Hillary ordered to write response to Judicial Watch request re: emails via
Federal court orders Hillary Clinton to answer questions under oath in e-mail scandal
Clinton will have to answer questions under oath from the group, Judicial Watch, within 30 days.
Judicial Watch keeps an eye on BOTH political parties and all branches of government. We work for you!.
A judge has denied a request by Judicial Watch to depose Clinton over her email server
Judge Sullivan: "may serve interrogatories on Secretary Clinton.".
BREAKING: Judicial Watch Statement on Interrogatories and further Deposition into Hillary Clinton’s Email System. https:/…
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'VICTORY FOR LAW': Judge orders Clinton to provide written answers to Judicial Watch questions on emails
JUST IN: Judge won't force Clinton to testify under oath in email lawsuit
Fight the good fight Judicial Watch! She's probably short circuiting at this very moment!
Preparing for her questions with Judicial Watch
Clinton campaign responds to Judicial Watch ruling, says they are pleased judge agreed to written answers.
CAMPAIGN 2016: Judge orders Hillary Clinton to answer written questions from Judicial Watch about email probe
Hillary Clinton is not above the law!
BREAKING: Judge: Clinton must answer written questions from Judicial Watch about use of private emails.
Hillary Clinton will have 30 days to answer Judicial Watch's written questions, judge rules.
Judge orders Clinton to answer email questions in writing
Judge orders Hillary to provide answers in writing to Judicial Watch on email scandal. Without Judicial Watch justice would be dead in USA!
Judge rejects request for videotaped deposition of Hillary Clinton in email suit.
Come on now Judicial Watch. Help me out here. Washington State has one of Obama/Clinton's best Buddies Governor Jay Inslee
Judicial Watch sues for info on State Department ‘glitch’ that deleted question on Iran talks
New book by Judicial Watch Warns of Massive Voter Fraud Danger in Current Presidential Election - Judicial Watch https:/…
.Invite Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch to casually stroll through the set with a stenographer holding a Bible.
Judicial Watch Hillary emails Huma Abedin informs an aide of Hillary's constant confusion and needs her hand held
JUST IN: Judicial Watch demands Clinton deposition over "evolving explanation" for emails
@ ankushrana_45 Akshay's Movie deserves theatre watch especially RUSTOM,story of 1956 that made ammendments in INDIAN Judicial System.
Add the IRS to the list! Dept of Justice, DNC, Hillary Clinton, Jim Comey, Lorretta Lynch, ...
Judicial Watch Goes to Court for Hillary Clinton’s Testimony. View our Weekly Update here
BREAKING: Top IRS officials knew agency was targeting conservative orgs two years before disclosing it to Congress https…
IRS Officials Knew About Tea Party Targeting 2 years before Congress found out.
understood. FBI put it out, Judicial Watch distributed it.
FBI warns Louisiana police about calls to target officers this weekend. Watch your back, America. h/t Judicial Watch.
Judicial Watch seeks to put Hillary Clinton under oath
Judicial Watch seeks to depose HRC in Freedom of Information inquiry
said Clinton Failure to charge= failure of our judicial system http…
Judicial Watch files FOIA request with District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan to question Clinton under oath about email
Hillary Clinton can answer questions about her email practices that no other witness can.
Dr Boni Khalwale's message to IG Boinett over the allegedly extra judicial killings
JUST IN: Judicial Watch demands to interview Clinton under oath in email case
the FBI/Justice Department cover-up won’t derail Judicial Watch.View our Weekly Update here ->
Really? You're citing a lawsuit initiated by Larry Klayman of the right wing Judicial Watch? OK then.
“Remember, Judicial Watch was created during the first Clinton Administration by attorney Larry Klayman who...
No, I am correct, Judicial Watch is Larry Klayman, I would've done the same, + moon him leaving
" at the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, the government watchdog Judicial Watch is asking for an official.
Judicial Watch is run by crazy loon, Larry Klayman. He has been obsessed with Clintons forever
AG Lynch must be forced to recuse herself in Hillary case. Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch should take it to Supreme Court
Judicial Watch was founded by crazed but Larry Klayman
Read about Judicial Watch's case against State Dept. This might be the best chance for getting the truth. # Benghazi h…
Judicial Watch today released deposition of Karin Lang, Dir of exec secretariat staff 4 State Dept
.they make themselves sound "official" but Judicial Watch is right-wing legal group founded by conspiracy theorist Larry Klayman
the FBI, Inspector General, House Select Committee & Judicial Watch not conspiracy theories. Ultracrepidarian
Follow the money. Judicial Watch was funded by the late Richard Mellon Scaife and is headed up by Birther Larry Klayman.
Judicial Watch is run by the loon Larry Klayman. Credible? Hardlym
An excellent, precise, factual and informative analysis on Judicial Pendency by .
Judicial Watch | End Illegal Immigration Now via EVERYONE Please sign this petition to your governor
Judicial Watch: Hillary Withheld Emails From State Dept You or I Wld be in Jail by Now h…
Hillary Blasts Judicial Watch Over Emails - by - via
HOW is this still a free man walking?.
What Hillary did was worse than Chris Farrell - Judicial Watch -
Judicial Watch is using private $. making it "stick" didn't stopped ur side from 'Bush lied'
our judicial system rewards stupid *** parents who don't watch their kids. That gorilla didn't deserve to be put down
. HRC lies for 9 months tht her email acc ws approved by State Dept., involved in obstruction of justice /1.
. Yes, this is very real! Similar reports from WaPo, Judicial Watch & NY…
GOP's Judicial Watch is behind the smear on Hillary. Like they were on Bill & Obama. Fails every time
Justice Dept. Tries to Prevent Deposition of Clinton in Email-Related Suit: Last week, Judicial Watch asked t...
Barney Frank came in as third most corrupt politician by Judicial Watch. He represents big banks, not us!
DOJ Docs Reveal Major Use of Fast and Furious Weapons by Drug Cartels – Linked to at least 69 Killings
"Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the dad, maternal grandpa and...
Support a public EXECUTION of NH Judicial officials as a deterrent to any further acts of racial oppression …
Then there's the cost of Illegal Immigration...Latest estimate by Judicial Watch is over $113M...
This absolutely thrills me. Judicial Watch is suing him for his lawlessness. I just joined the effort.
I was 100% correct on HBO w/Bill Maher on both occasions he said I was either wrong or lying.
. Why civil case over emails could hurt Hillary Clinton more than FBI probe via
Have you signed Judicial Watch's Petition to Demand Answers on Clinton Corruption? .
Why a civil case over her emails could hurt Hillary Clinton more than the FBI probe via
Judicial Watch's Larry Klayman names Barack Obama 'Muslim of the Year.' & SPLC
at an event hosted by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch...smh.
After which, they told Judicial Watch there were definitely some hidden aides' e-mails at the State Department.
"Chinagate" - Appellate court awarded attorney's fees to the RW Judicial Watch and dismissed it.
Why don't you check the FOIA lawsuit & the facts
Judicial Watch president on Clinton email investigation
I've seen any number of Bernie fans falling for Judicial Watch nonsense, it must be Rove's hold on them
Get your iPhone insurance today!
nothing puts me in jail Judicial Watch proved perjury and I am still standing
if you're utilizing Judicial Watch to buttress your argument you're beyond redemption.
Massachusetts Judicial Corruption turned in for misconduct
Those were not FBI court docs. Judicial Watch, maybe? pfffttt!
This is a video worth watching Judicial Watch to question State Dept. staffers on emails |
who knows, Judicial Watch, non profit, tax free dorks, still demanding documents about Whitewater, never give up
Hillary said emails not hidden bec captured when sent to DOS emp, but Huma had an email account on Hillary's server https:…
. Here's another opinion by C. Farrell/Judicial Watch who requested Hillary's emails.
MQM UK protest against Torture & Extra Judicial killings of Muhajirs in Rangers custody.
just to let you know there's another invest bout her avoiding FOIA. That one isn't going 2 well
Clintons Pushed Most Wasteful of U.S.-Funded Haiti Projects - Judicial Watch Just in case everyo…
protest at White House against extra Judicial murders & enforced disappearences by
Under oath, Hillary said everything was turned over. Judicial Watch with the upper-cut.
Just sent in my Judicial Watch papers~ . an awakening~ . America Great Again~ .
Judicial Watch, pursuing the Clintons like Inspector Javert for two decades, scores again.
Ruling Comes in FOIA Litigation over Benghazi Controversy. (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that...
State: Limit Questions on Clinton Emails: Discovery moves ahead in two suits that are unfolding alongside the ...
PPP, PTI, and JI rejects Judicial Commission over Panama Leaks watch details now in 9am bulletin
Panama Leaks; PM forms judicial commission watch details now in 9am bulletin
The USA has become Chicago. This is the most corrupt administration in history & likely will not pay 4 their crimes
Why have judicial appointments ground to a halt under your watch? In the real world, people deal and compromise.
"But wait, there’s more! Judicial Watch has kept track of all known travel-related spending for the Obamas and...
Conservatism - a declaration by those who are top-dog that it's good and right for them to be remain top-dog
House Files Brief in Support of Judicial Watch Taxpayer Suit to Prevent D.C. Gov from Illegally Spending Taxpayer $
US House Files Amicus Brief in Support of Lawsuit to Stop DC from Illegally Spending Taxpayer Money: http…
Judicial Watch reported Bill Clinton earned over $48 million for 215 speeches while his wife was secretary of state. https:/…
Judicial Watch Sues Department of Defense for Records on American POWs Held Captive in Cuba - Judicial Watch
How low has the American press fallen, that these investigations are done only by Judicial Watch? Where is the MSM? htt…
WEEKLY UPDATE: Your Judicial Watch has achieved another remarkable breakthrough in the email scandal!.
Doubt vacations of Sanders' presidency will cost this much First Family Vacations - Judicial Watch
Have you read this? | Leftist Brainwashing of our Military? - Judicial Watch
Doc is right again! :Leftist Brainwashing of our Military? - Judicial Watch unite
Army Indoctrinated Soldiers on Dangers of 'White Privilege'... - via
Judicial Watch Presses Ahead with Fight over IRS Criminal Investigation Facts - Breitbart via
call Trump tell him what she said about Israel and inspired Palestinian riots to put pressure on Bibi. Judicial watch -her em
urgent: read Judicial Watch Clintons emails what she said about Bibi and inspired Palestinians to riot! Blumenthal is her frien
Judicial Watch president says he “can't imagine” Clinton not being prosecuted for her email scandal:
I added a video to a playlist 2010-2011 St. Lucian extra-judicial killings still not addressed | CEEN
Q: Who perpetrated a $9.5B judicial fraud against Chevron in A: etc. Check it out:
MUST WATCH: exits Jodhpur chief judicial court after the hearing.
To destroy a culture . . . alter the perception of value, enhance guilt and rule as you please.
Judicial Watch: Appeals Court Hearing on Lawsuit to Stop Congress from Participating in D.C.’s Small Business...
She would have gotten away with it too if hadn't been for those meddling right wingers at Judicial Watch.
Judicial Watch FOIA: State knew Ansar al-Sharia claimed Benghazi attack in first hours
This is why will be President. Time 2 take back USA from mentally-ill, USA-hating, liberal racists:. https:/…
HRC aides also face the prospect of questioning under oath in a separate legal proceeding brought by Judicial Watch http…
American Exceptionalism is on display, Judicial Watch uses the power of the citizen to fight corrupt
U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan made the ruling Tuesday at the urging of Judicial Watch, which has sued for...
Clinton wanted to know how meetings concerning America’s war on Libya would impact her Hamptons vacation. (1/2)
Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has been pushing to have the Clinton emails released --we spoke to Tom last night:... https…
Grassley in 2008: "Senate has never stopped confirming judicial nominees during last few months of President's term"
Two legal giants who jointly epitomized judicial civility. They could disagree & still care for one another.
Clinton Goes after Laugh Factory Comedians for Making Fun of Her - Judicial Watch
Emails show how Clinton fundraiser-turned-lobbyist used connections for clients - Judicial Watch
CRUZ: "Two branches of government hang in the balance" (Executive & Judicial)
If Dems (Harry Reid) helped stop judicial appointments, why can't Repubs (McConnel)? Watch, no answer ...
McConnell in 2008: There is no "Thurmond Rule" / prohibition against judicial noms in final months of a presidency.
Judicial Watch has determined that to date. Total known Travel Expenses for Obamas & Bidens for Trips $ 70,563,336.75. Almost $ 71 Million!
Judicial Watch has 19 FOIA requests in to Secret Service for Travel Record Costs on the Obamas Luxury Travel & Fundraisers
questioned. Watch him discussing Judicial Impartiality on ETHICS IN AMERICA and you cannot but respect Justice
I added a video to a playlist Judicial Powers & Limitations (Principles of the Constitution Series)
Obama,s vacation on your dime ! via watch !. not aff with site , check out fast and furious too !
You know all those checks Trump wrote to Samaritan's Purse, Heritage, Cato, Judicial Watch, MRC, etc.?. Yeah, me neither.
Top European court to snooping governments: Mass needs judicial oversight - watch out,…
The President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton is up next. Tom will discuss the latest on Hillary Clinton, and the...
Tom Fitton, the president of the Washington-based watchdog Judicial Watch, Inc. told One America News reporter...
God bless you Judicial Watch. If a judge grants you discovery on this, it's likely game over for team Clinton.
I suppose integrity in a candidate no longer matters to some voters.
If there's anything worse than Marxist who hates America in White's GREEDY Marxist in White House.
Obama sticks to morning gym workout routine: The totals come from Judicial Watch, the d...
The American Judicial System at a glance. The right to smoke and swear. .
Thank goodness for Judicial Watch! If it weren't for them we would be in the dark about so many…
Just watched Avery & Dassey deserve fair and just judicial proces…
Judicial Watch files suit over NOAA climate docs
Obama travel Honolulu Secret Service - Judicial Watch That SOB and. his Evil Sloth Wife are laughing their *** off
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totally agree but think 1950's FBI files aren't exactly what Judicial Watch should be quoting. failure>criminals
Judicial Watch Files for Contempt in Supreme Court against State of Hawaii for Going Forward with (cont)
The Judicial Council of California claims court hearingclaims courtclaims court hearing
clearly you dont understand how our judicial system works, dumb dumb! I suggest u watch
$70 Mil for Michelle Obama’s Program to Empower Girls in Pakistan - Judicial Watch
and our Veterans, and homeless can't get squat!
The FBI doesn't care & I don't think Judicial Watch is going to drop the ball.
Another department, formed by executive order, defund the FDA.
Robin Camp case: What does it take to remove a judge from the bench?
I have friends in Kent this is the founder and CEO of Justice seekers America Member judicial watch Dc, terrorists in America
$1.7 Mil to Ease Prison Transition, Public Housing told not to Reject Criminals - Judicial Watch
traviswhisler: Lounge furniture shopping, lunch with the Jesuits, judicial cases, and a seminar on supporting u…
This is part of why our Country is so far into debt.
The start time of tomorrow's Judicial Review at Bristol High Court (BS1 6GR) has been changed from 10.30am to 9.30…
It's time for this vile evil filth to be arrested & brought to justice. Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch will get more done
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I do believe it was a FOIA lawsuit by Judicial Watch that first uncovered it. The committee followed up.
Not sure what that's about. Don't normally watch Fox. Judicial Watch obtained the emails tying her to it. .
I added a video to a playlist Anthony Wagner presents Intro to Science of Memory. Vanderbilt Judicial
Howdy Gowdy should be ashamed of himself. Selling his soul. More info from Judicial Watch than Congress
We shall see, not holding my breath...
Watch out if the Supreme Court gets Trumped: Column via
Committee and news is a farce. Also: Benghazi apparently was a secret meeting.
Documents uncovered by Judicial Watch show twisted U.S. strategy to topple Assad by funding militants.
great interview re mistrial and questions of judicial misconduct in the case. Watch tonight at 6pm
Affirmative Action has no place in American society. It never did!.
The nonprofit, nonpartisan government watchdog Judicial Watch has discovered the Obama administration has spent te…
Currently gives closing remarks at the Judicial Watch Leadership Summit. Thanks to all sponsors & members htt…
Then put tougher laws in place to force them to answer. Judicial Watch only ones doing anything.
Crime has INCREASED SIGNIFICANTLY in a "sanctuary" city. Hm.I guess is right.
The discovery that Toby Miles = Lerner is the latest development from Judicial Watch's FOIA suit
Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission requesting that it...
Judicial Watch ha saved American's butts over & over against corruption rife in government & especi…
Tony Pua files for judicial review of travel ban -
Is Hillary sworn deposition as to server next in Judicial Watch FOIA case?
Watch "Judicial behavior is bad behavior and grounds for impeachment" on
Thank you for challenging the Congressional Exemption to Obamacare! . .
New post: Judicial Watch Statement on the State Department’s Report to the Court on Hillary Clinton’s Missing Records
And this from WaPo suggests server was wiped in 06/13 (same month Judicial Watch filed Benghazi suit).
(1/2) Platte River picked it up late 6/13 to wipe after Judicial Watch Benghazi suit. Explains huge # EMs gone. But she can't
Thank you, Watch, for doing the vital, righteous work you do. Just donated, again.
Thanks to Judicial Watch we now know Valerie Jarrett’s family has deep communist roots per FBI Investigative file. http…
Obama and Hillary Clinton Concocted Benghazi Video Lie with Jihadist Help - Breitbart via
makes you wonder... can Article III be amended... strike "Supreme Court" and insert "Judicial Watch"
DC District issued an enough is enough ruling on one of Judicial Watch's Freedom of Information Requests.
Judicial Watch announced that U.S District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan today threatened to hold the Commissioner...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
it doesn't come as a surprise, does it? The govt is protecting them.
proud member of Judicial Watch founder and CEO of Justice seekers America international the American Eagle a dragon
Judicial Watch announced that it is suing under the Freedom of Information Act to obtain access to Secret Service records of all expenses
Blog: Judicial Watch sues for Secret Service records on costs for Bill Clinton's travel to Orgy Island
I hope my friends you did not forget about this little issue. Enjoy...
Kuwaiti Officials in U.S. to Help Free Gitmo Captive Denied Release by Obama’s Parole Board - Judicial Watch
. "The FDA adverse event reports on the HPV vaccine read like a catalog of horrors." . - Tom Fitton (president of Judicial Watch)
Here is the full story today in Judicial Watch by President Tom Fitton. I thought you all might be interested in...
from Western Journalism: Documents obtained by the government accountability group Judicial Watch reveal that the...
And this should make Hillary unfit to be President. She in fact should be in Jail for her actions and in aiding...
My clients are still under a judicial mistrangement order! That blue thing I got from her!
Bomb blast kills 3 in Egypt a day after assassination of top judicial official
There's so much more behind the scandal of Bengahzi. ... Its REALLY UGLY. . Gowdy n Judicial Watch will pull the lid off
Second day of 44th Plenary Meeting of the European Judicial Network (EJN). Watch live here:
It's been a busy week for the Review what 'judicial review' means by watching this video via
Update your maps at Navteq
Since the Supreme Court has been in session and writing opinions, your students may have questions about judicial...
Evidence: Hillary Clinton, with the approval of the White House,source of the Benghazi Internet video lie.
Obama administration engaged domestic and foreign Islamist groups and foreign nationals to push Benghazi video lie.
Obama gang happy with Islamist support for Benghazi video scam. Even if it included ending the First Amendment.
nonprofit group Judicial Watch, IRS lawyers said that IRS officials did not search for Lerner’s emails.Meanwhile, New Hampshire
Justice seekers America and international and I work with Judicial Watch spec up ex Secret Service more
Hello will CBS News cover this developing story about your brother, Reported here:
Join us today at noon at Amore Ristorante in O'Fallon IL for Judicial Watch's video presentation:. "The District of Corruption". All welcome.
“District of Corruption” is a film from Stephen K Bannon and Judicial Watch. The film (68 minutes) traces the arc...
Judicial Watch Statement on Supreme Court’s Decision to Grant Certiorari in Shapiro v. Mack --> via
I liked a video from Disagreement and Dissent in Judicial Decision-making short clip
Euthanasia of battered children by judicial magistrates of post-Nazi France:
I can't seem to find a second source to verify, other than Judicial Watch. If it's true, very troubling...
oh i know !! the Obama admin & the cowards in GOP would never fund & arm ISIS that would be unchristian like! go judicial watch website !!
DC District Court: IRS has until Friday to provide answers about Lois Lerner's emails.
As bad as Scandals are, not enough Americans aware enough to put enough pressure to get Congress to say, Enough!.
withdraws decision to present as witness in Judicial commission, watch now.
govt to form Judicial commission to probe alleged rigging in LG polls, watch now on
GOP, real sorry the Clinton impeachment didn't go as planned, but handing everything off to Judicial Watch isn't a good, long-term plan.
Exclusive video of Shoaib Sheikh after his Judicial Remand. Watch:
JW Gets TSA Files of Lost Badges Used to Enter Secure Areas at Airports - Judicial Watch
John Kerry Covering for Clinton Email Scandal: Judicial Watch has asked the court to: “declare...
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