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Judge Napolitano

Andrew Paolo Napolitano (born June 6, 1950) is a former New Jersey Superior Court Judge.

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It's going viral. "Judge Napolitano: A warning to President Trump | Drain the "deep state"
Your lawyer did a bad job. Get Kris Kobach or Judge Napolitano in there.
Judge Napolitano has a good point. What a better way to get back at Hillary for Benghazi than email leaks.
Holly cow Judge Napolitano is carrying on unbelievably about how Comey has acted as political hack once again over Mark Rich.
This is nothing we didn't already know. The Clintons are the most corrupt family in American history.h…
New FBI docs show 'bribe offer' to agents in email probe
Trump's Calling for a Special Prosecutor - Could Cause Obama to Pardon Hillary.
The NSA leaked the DNC emails because they hate Hillary - Judge Napolitano
Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton offered FBI officials bribe to change the classification of some of her Emails..
What about Judge Napolitano saying it was The NSA that hacked the emails.. not Russia? BECAUSE..They don't want HRC TO WIN?
Judge Napolitano said the NSA leaked this info to Wikileaks for this exact reason. Its not the Russians.
Judge Napolitano said it was the NSA who leaked emails that Wikileaks has.
Who's on your Mount Rushmore? I think I'd have to go with Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, Murray Rothbard, and Ludwig von M…
Judge Napolitano said if u stay on msg & focus on Economy, Terrorism & Illegal Immigration, you will win!Stay on msg
Judge Napolitano: It's a felony to provide assistance to terrorists
You’ll be as angry as Judge Napolitano is when you see what the Obama admin is doing to gun owners. Via
Her Carelessness causes Many in Intelligence to 'Fear' a Hillary Presidency.
VIDEO : Napolitano says Obama "Gun List" breaks federal law (when did that ever stop him or Hillary?).
Judge Napolitano: Why Hillary Clinton continues to be the queen of deception | Fox News |
. Its good being the judge. You and Judge Napolitano need to race Harley's.
3 minute video: Judge Napolitano on FBI decision to not indict Hillary Clinton -
"Inconceivable": Judge Napolitano outlines why attorney general's private meeting with Bill Clinton is a big deal
Judge Napolitano: Why I will always defend the Second Amendment and the right to self-defense | Fox News |
Judge Napolitano: State dept (Obama) dumped Hillary, it's clear her email subversions are called ESPIONAGE. Don't cry 4 me - Lee in Saipan
Your source is Fox Lackey Judge Napolitano? Yeh that inspires confidence. Totally unbiased for sure.
. Napolitano swallowed RIS/Snowden playbook, hook, line and sinker.
This was posted by Judge Napolitano of Fox News.
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: "Indictment or not, Hillary faces catastrophe".
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano says Hillary's team prepares for the worst as she finds herself in a perfect storm of legal misery. Google it.
Napolitano was an NJ superior court judge. Maybe a great legal mind but he knows no more about intel than any random American on the street.
Judge Napolitano mentioned at the Clinton Foundation women are paid 38% less than men.HRC cares about women? NO
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Judge Napolitano on the "Perfect Storm" of Hillary Clinton's legal troubles
Judge Napolitano: Indictment or not, Hillary faces Catastrophe via /r/Libertarian
Judge Napolitano seems to think Hillary is cooked
Clinton downplays FBI probe, calls it a 'security inquiry': Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in
Perfect Storm of Legal Misery Federal Judge uses terms "conspiracy": folks are preparing for the worst.
Hillary will be contacted in May. received top secret emails: Napolitano via
.told about dangers of a potential Pres.
whether they should release the 20k of H's emails that they have hacked into” Judge Andrew Napolitano told Megyn Kelly on Monday.
More on the Clinton e-mails from Judge Andrew Napolitano. Unfortunately it's a typical politician's lie of omission.
Whales are more honest than Debbie Wasserman Schultz as well!
Come on Judge you have seen a mouth as big as that whale's any time you've talked to Debbie Wasserman Schultz!
Yesterday's Judge Napolitano statement on Hillary and her truth stretching: (yes, the FBI has talked to her...
Perfect storm against as aides interviewed, more emails go "missing",Russia hacked 20K emails
The "secret to Trump's success": "realizing that businesses and the government are "out of touch"... "
UPDATE: New Developments In Clinton Email Scandal - Home/ Judge Napolitano drops some interesting news.
Judge Napolitano : "This is the perfect storm against Hillary Clinton" as aides interviewed, more emails go Missing
Judge Napolitano offers high praise to Austin Petersen via
No just ask FOX Judge Napolitano & bagman Rudi G, *** they talk to buddies in FBI on investigation & indictment immanent - heroes
Judge Napolitano: Enough Evidence to Convict Clinton of Espionage (Watch). ⚠️Please Like & Share this post to...
Judge Andrew Napolitano on Guccifer hacking into Hillary Clinton's Email... via
Joe Piscopo, Judge Napolitano stopped at my restaurant tonight for Dinner. We had a great dinner!
lmao these guys are trying way too hard to paint Judge Napolitano as the bad guy
Larry Klayman or Judge Napolitano for attorney general . Ron Paul for VP or treasury secretary go for it DT
- Judge Napolitano told Stuart Varney the accusation should be thrown out, never gotten this far.
Judge Napolitano, on Stuart Varney show stated: corey Lewandowski should not be charged.
- Judge Napolitano stated to Stuart Varney this should be thrown out never should have gotten this far
KrisAnne Hall, Stewart Rhodes, and even Fox's Judge Napolitano should all be looking in the mirror right now.
DON"T listen to Judge Napolitano he is wrongThey are trying to shoot down the rally..And it is a private meeting.. It;s a private event
is joined with on the Apple's privacy battle with the FBI.
Judge Nap:'Hillary's FBI Interview Could Change Everything' on Israel why was she behind Iran deal +3rd term Obama
love the segment with Judge Andrew Napolitano. Hope you have him on more often, thanks
I thought You were gonna punch Judge Napolitano for taking your sharpie! Good thing your not a 'Trumper'.
Says Judge Napolitano, Every one of these thugs blocking highway should have been arrested. Judge knows!
Still waiting for the Judge Napolitano Show to follow Kennedy at 9:00 EDT.
Judge Napolitano discussed the legalities of the Gitmo lease this morning.
Andrea Tantaros, Harris Faulkner and Melissa Francis get owned by Judge Napolitano and Kennedy on Fox...
Judge Napolitano says Hillary will be indicted if...
Judge Napolitano in HD - Hillary will be technically Arrested, Mugshot &...
Judge Napolitano - Hillary will be technically Arrested, Mugshot & Fingerprinted...
I love it when Judge Napolitano is there. His views are spot on- every time.we need more people like him
Judge Napolitano should be the new supreme ct justice
Judge Napolitano. It's NOT what's technically OK, but Donald Trump's running for the Presidency. Sound Presidential judgement is necessary!
, just watched judge napolitano completely agree with Dan. He made the very same point.
I agree with Judge Napolitano that opening economic ties with Cuba will eventually lead to improved civil justice...
Judge Napolitano Cuba wants capitalism like China, gov owns all!!!
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I liked a video Judge Andrew Napolitano in HD on Hillary - The FBI Knows She is Lying
Obama could face 10 years to life in prison, says Judge Napolitano, for ‘aiding a terrorist organization’ -
Ron Paul for VP. Judge Napolitano for Attorney General, Allen Keyes for Supreme Court Justice. You're a shoe in!
FoxBusiness is giving Lou Dobbs the Judge Napolitano grecian formula treatment. Gee, Lou.have you lost weight?
should announce his first pick for Supreme Court would be Judge Napolitano of Fox News. Can't think of more…
…and Judge Andrew Napolitano should present arguments for Apple.
Judge Napolitano Absolutely this is a political hit job.'
hmmm Napolitano... interesting choice.but no judge experience, yes?
. explains how SC Justice Scalia's death will affect pending cases
‘It has ZERO CHANCE’ – Judge Napolitano on the Donald’s TRUMPED UP lawsuit threat against Cruz!
I added a video to a playlist Judge Napolitano: How Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson Destroyed
Judge Napolitano, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin explained it. If u r still following 's brownshirt orders to attack Cruz, I'm done w/you.
“The constitutional requirement of probable cause saves us from tyranny" ~Judge Napolitano |
Did you miss Judge Napolitano speaking the truth about Clinton's espionage?
Judge Andrew Napolitano - More Hillary Chronicles Why is she permitted to even run for office? Enough already
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.Have you ever seen Judge Napolitano and Eddie Munster in the same room? Just asking.
Excellent article on Hillary's emails by Judge Napolitano
Don't take my word, what do I know, ask Judge Andrew Napolitano. He agrees with me & vice versa.
Judge Napolitano is right on the money. When guns are outlawed, "only the outlaws will have guns."
Image: Judge Napolitano: Shoot at the government via
Judge Napolitano, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, or better yet...Tommy Lee Jones to moderate the next GOP Debate! The free-for-all is chaotic.
Judge Napolitano is Wrong! - Fox Legal Experts Divided on Immigration and Birthright Citizenship
Judge Napolitano: How to get fired from Fox Business in under 5 mins via
Gotta love the Judge. Napolitano should have been Chief Justice.
Eli sent me 2 links, and not aware of it at the time, both were spotlighting Judge Napolitano. I just finished...
The only one I would endorse would be Judge Andrew Napolitano if he ran.
Judge # the Napolitano should give us a lecture on the constitutional clause. Called "Presumptive Validity", I will try though.
Judge Napolitano: Gut feeling is that Hillary Clinton will be charged over private emails: via
Everyone needs to watch~& Pass it on, for others to watch!~Judge Napolitano: A Nation of Sheep
You really need to get me on the air about this judge Napolitano situation. It can be made to look like a call-in.
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Judge Napolitano tells it like it is. Read it HC. Enlist with me in the USFA at Join now. http:/…
I wish I could be there. Congratulations. Judge is The Greatest!
Proud to announce Judge Napolitano (as keynote speaker at our Leadership Summit! http:…
Judge Napolitano,Hillary Email Revealed Location of Amb Stevens in Libya Pres material? I say not via
Judge Napolitano's analysis of Hillary's complicity in the shipment of arms to Middle East terrorists
Judge Napolitano: . What if the US Consulate in was a Terrorist Weapons Warehouse? .
Judge Napolitano: “Hillary has admitted to destroying evidence”, that is known as obstruction of justice. Fox News insider
Mises Daily | Mises Institute You can't go wrong reading or listening to Judge Napolitano !
Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton 'probably committed perjury' if she signed key docs
Judge Napolitano. Obama uses internet restrictions to intensify police state. Gone too far.
because I want to see Wayne Allen Root, Stossel or Judge Napolitano in a thong..
Judge Napolitano on the question: Is Government Faithful to the Constitution?
Napolitano used to be such a good judge when he was on bench - no hint of Fox craziness - what happened ?
Judge Napolitano's 'What if...' amazing speech: via
Message me if you do not understand you are being swindled by your leaders, honestly, you are losing your...
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Judge Napolitano said it is our Governments job to protect citizens against these threats (hacking). Gov't-do your job
Judge Napolitano is 100% cool, yet he's on FOX. I get there are exceptions. But it's like: "throw in a couple of cool ppl, so as→
Is Government Faithful to the Constitution? on (Not even remotely.)
New line of Questioning for should be what Judge Napolitano suggests on Fox.
Judge Napolitano: Nothing was accomplished from Gruber testimony [Sale ]
Obama making record use of presidential memos to carry out policy (w/Video Judge Napolitano)
Judge Napolitano: Nothing was accomplished from Gruber testimony
Judge Napolitano: Nothing was accomplished from Gruber testimony | Watch: via Fox News
Great conversation with Judge Andrew Napolitano on...How the SCOTUS Grinch Stole Your 4th Amendment and replaced...
Judge Napolitano says:"What if Democrats and Republicans were two wings of the same bird of prey?What if elections were actually useful tools of social control? What if they just provided the populace with meaningless participation in a process that validates an establishment that never meaningfully changes? What if that establishment doesn’t want and doesn’t have the consent of the governed? What if the two-party system were actually a mechanism used to limit so-called public opinion? What if there were more than two sides to every issue, but the two parties wanted to box you in to one of their corners?What if there’s no such thing as public opinion, because every thinking person has opinions that are uniquely his own? What if public opinion were just a manufactured narrative that makes it easier to convince people that if their views are different, there’s something wrong with that – or something wrong with them?What if the whole purpose of the Democratic and Republican parties was not to expa ...
Judge Napolitano and Shepard Smith assume the partisan revenge report is accurate. Is FOX still a news organization?
Judge Napolitano: The Penalty For Aiding and Abetting Terrorists is Ten Years To Life. Posted on June 11, 2014 by...
Martin reviews Judge Napolitano's book, "It is Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong." This is a...
Judge Napolitano, "...No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.” -- Madison
Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano for President. sign the petition H.R. 4986, the End Operation Choke Point Act of 2014.
Yes, there's 2 of them. Judge Napolitano is one and possibly judge Pirro
MisesMedia An Evening with Judge Napolitano: Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 21 July 20...
Judge Napolitano is speaking at right now.
About to see Judge Napolitano speak... In person. That's pretty cool. Only ever seen him on my TV 😁
What has Fox Business done to Judge Napolitano?... Sent him to the queen!
Judge Andrew Napolitano just arrived at the Mises Institute! We'll hear from him tonight, second night of Mises U
We need more judges like Napolitano and Pirro...and maybe a few like Judge Judy as well!!!
_Would love to see Judge Napolitano as Atty General. Better yet, on the Supreme Court!
5 Minute Speech that Got Judge Napolitano Fired from Fox News: via What if? :P what?
"Fidelity of the natural law" Sir Thomas Moore's argument carried into Jefferson and Madison. Judge Napolitano
Want to know whether the NSA has been spying on you? An investigative journalist who published classified documents from the leaker Edward Snowden says he’ll release names of US citizens the NSA targeted in its data collection program. Judge Napolitano explains how the journalist has been working to reveal the spy agency’s inner workings:
Judge Napolitano explains the broad subpoena power the Benghazi Committee will have, and that Trey Gowdy could even subpoena Obama himself, if necessary.
TODAY... TWO THINGS SHOWED UP .. ONE... Judge Napolitano speaking of the so called terror threats.. the FBI sets them up ...then suposedly stopes them... 17 supposed attacks... and this... Aftershocks from my interview with Sharyl Attkisson By Jon Rappoport...April 26, The ripples don't stop. Attkisson was on to something huge at CBS, when she covered the CDC's lies re the Swine Flu "pandemic." When an epidemic is promoted by governments and public health organizations, it's an absolute disaster for them if their work is exposed as a fraud. Much of the public believes in the medical cartel, as devotees do when they belong to a Church. The scale of the CDC's lies re Swine Flu, when exposed, would be on the order of a bishop saying, "You know that holy document we've been telling you about? It's a fake. It never existed. We made it up." So here, once again, is the key question and answer from my interview with Sharyl Attkisson: In 2009, you spearheaded coverage of the so-called ...
Judge Napolitano says Congress needs to impeach and remove Eric Holder before Lois Lerner can truly be held accountable for her actions.
President has same right under Constitution to express freely his opinions as you do, Judge Napolitano.
Joe Ryan offers counterpoint to the debate between Jon Stewart and Judge Napolitano over the legacy of Lincoln, Stewart couching his arguments in terms of mo...
Judge Napolitano tries to warp historical fact into his worldview and gets his *** handed to him about Lincoln:
Can you help me celebrate 100 episodes of the Tom Woods Show -- today's guest is Judge Napolitano -- with a RT?
Via Barracuda Brigade for Our American Girl! 2012. Judge Napolitano: Impeachment the only way to stop Obama's...
There is little surprise when a respected conservative judge calls for the impeachment of our lawless President. But when a liberal icon espouses impeachment, it is reason to sit up and take notice! As you know, Liberty Counsel Action is calling for Articles of Impeachment to be drafted against President Obama. We are hand delivering petitions to that end to Capitol Hill next Tuesday, including yours. There is real momentum building to end this failed presidency, so you’ll be encouraged by what I share in this message. Please read my very important update below – Mat. Howard, Respected Judge Andrew Napolitano, now turned Fox News analyst, has repeatedly raised the question of impeaching President Barack Obama because of his flagrantly unconstitutional actions. Yesterday, Newsmax cited Judge Napolitano as saying… “The only way to stop President Barack Obama from nullifying duly enacted laws is impeachment.” In an earlier op-ed, the Judge explained why there are grounds for impeachment... “The F ...
Bob Peck wrote this...i don't know who he is, but he nailed it... I love the Judge, but I can't support the effort. I like everything that I know about Judge Napolitano, but the "Draft the Judge" petition at ends by calling on Judge Napolitian to "offer himself as a 'Republican' candidate for President." This despite the fact that the petition rightly points out that both establishment parties are equally to blame for the destruction of our Constitutional republic and despite the fact that past experiences (two Ron Paul campaigns plus many other races around the country) have proven that the "R" party leadership will lie, cheat, steal and do anything they have to to prevent a Constitutionally committed man from becoming their nominee and if such a man does go on to represent their party in a general election, they will work to undermine his campaign in the hope of throwing the election to a "D" candidate who will be more favorable to the establishment status quo. Every time a good man runs on the "R" tick ...
In a first-of-its-kind case, a North Dakota farmer was convicted and sentenced to prison based on evidence gathered with the use of a surveillance drone. Judge Napolitano reacted on Fox and Friends.
We need a "Conservative Summit" ASAP. There must be a way to get like minded, patriotic men and women together in the same place, on the same day, to discuss a feasible way we can restore our constitutional republic! People like Dr Ben Carson, Michelle Bachman, Glen Beck, Allen West, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Judge Napolitano, Louie Golmert, Sara Palin, Dennis Miller. The list goes on and on. These people, with their knowledge, respect, and love for our country, have the power to take America back. "We The People" are screaming at the top of our lungs for true leadership. It's really just a matter of organizing the right people in the right place at the right time. As it stands now, we are so separated and unorganized, we have no influence OR power. With "The Machine" in place and in full control, the voting booth and elections are pointless. United We Stand, Devided, WE are falling! Somehow, We MUST UNITE!
Judge Napolitano, Eddie Munster called...he wants his hair back.
Another section should be on that terrific sign which would read, "YES to, the John Birch Society, Paul Craig Roberts, Pat Buchanan, Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul & Jay Leno... and NO to Faux News, the Weekly Standard, the NY Times, the Bushes, Clinton's, Obama, Romney, Christi, Ryan, McConnell & Boehner." Kevan Rowlee
Judge Napolitano was NOT FIRED!!! Fox Business News cancelled the entire line up. Power & Money with David Asman, Follow The Money with Eric Bolling & Judge Napolitano due to low rating. This took place Feb.2012. The Judge is still working for Fox News as a contributor.
Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Schaffer told Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch our Government was using Neuro-Linguistic Programming in its PSY-OPS program. FOR INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS – WHY DID SO MANY FIREMEN (WHO GANG STALK) TAKE WORKSHOPS IN NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAM AFTER 9/11? The NLP tactic being used on Citizens, THE CORE OF GOVERNMENT GANG STALKING is Anchoring How Our Government Uses Anchoring In Their Program of Touchless Torture an “anchor” change your emotional state? Not only Bush/Obama think so who have made it the heart of their horrific Government Gang Stalking Program of Surveillance and Unremitting Harassment, but actors have known this all along. Hence one actor in order to prepare herself emotionally to play a scene sprays a certain perfume. The perfume is an “anchor” that puts her in the right emotional state to play the part. Another actor right before playing a part goes into her trailer and listens to a certain piece of music. Some “anchors” that might change your em .. ...
US: Federal Judge, Ellen Segal Huvelle, a Bill Clinton appointee, ordered the Obama administration to release a secret international trade document. Then she slammed Obama, saying that he is governing by secrecy. [Judge Napolitano explains that the president has to have a valid reason, such as national security, to conceal information from the public.] Fox 2013 Dec 18
Watch the video Oval Office secrecy: Judge orders WH to disclose docs on Yahoo News . Judge Napolitano explains case, impact
Judge Napolitano as president, and Trey Gowdy as V.P. That's 2 constitutionally sound Americans. Keep the house and flip the senate with these two in the drivers seat. What a difference I know they would make!!!
This seems to borderline to tell if it actually is nothing at all and ok. This is from a site that came up when I typed Obamas laws against free speech Q: Did President Obama secretly sign a law that makes it a crime to protest against him or ask him a question he doesn’t like? A: No. He openly announced the signing of a bill overwhelmingly passed by Congress that slightly revises a 1971 law against trespassing into areas under Secret Service protection. FULL QUESTION Is this true? Subject: Obama quietly tramples the first amendment I truly thought this was a joke until I watched the short video of Judge Napolitano. Here is another law that separates citizens from the President. New law makes it illegal to protest in Obama’s presence (or whomever he chooses) This means that, wherever Obama is at, you do not have a right to ask him anything you want to. His secret service can have you arrested, fined, and imprisoned for more than a YEAR if you ask him something he doesn’t like. Sound like he’s more ...
UPDATE: Judge Napolitano's transformation into Eddie Munster is almost complete...
Napolitano comments on Obama's change to the ACA without consulting Congress. “The president cannot change the law, cannot change the terms of the law, cannot change the date at which the law begins unless Congress and the courts are willing to look the other way,” Judge Napolitano said on today’s Shepard Smith Reporting. Video
Judge Napolitano has been on The Daily Show several times, and although he's on Fox News, he's more of a libertarian. Ve…
Judge Andrew Napolitano says that it is not illegal for the president to lie to the American people. That is the determination made in the past by the U.S. Supreme Court. The price to be paid by a president for lying to the American people is a political one, not a criminal one. Judge Napolitano puts it like this, “Richard Nixon told a lie about his personal knowledge about a third rate break-in, burglary. Bill Clinton told a lie about a private, personal, sexual liaison. Barack Obama has told a lie, repeatedly, regularly, consistently, systematically, over and over again, about that which will affect the wealth, the health of millions of innocent Americans. The first two, which ensnared Nixon and Clinton are so insignificant compared to these lies.” He goes further to say that in his own mind; Hussein Obama may have left himself wiggle room. In the minds and the lives of the American people, he lied. Millions of Americans who counted on him to be telling the truth and depended upon their insurance co ...
Judge Napolitano confirms what most people suspect that it is in fact the imperial regime which is deciding what to keep open and closed. We saw a perfect example of this when they shut down the Amber Alert site while keeping Moochelle's Let's Move site ...
-how are you? You may want to try the Judge Napolitano's book also, "Theodore and Woodrow." I've found it to be a great read.
it's plainly written that no treaty supersedes the Constitution. I take Judge Napolitano's word for it. If in doubt..
AND judge Napolitano says military checks also get mailed Thursday's show: (SS checks are still mailed BTW)
A treaty CANNOT TRUMP an expressed (Amendment) Right in The Constitution per .
Judge Napolitano makes some good arguments here.
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano joined the Mises Institute in August as the Institute’s Distinguished Scholar in Law and Jurisprudence. During Mises University in July, Judge Napolitano taught what David Gordon described as a “conference within the conference” and “a masterful survey of how the Supreme Court has interpreted the commerce clause, from Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) to the present.” This summer, the Mises Institute spoke briefly with Judge Napolitano about the Constitution and the American political system. Mises Institute: Why is understanding constitutional law and its history important? The text of the document is pretty short, so can’t we just read it for ourselves and know what it says? Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: The Constitution proclaims itself to be the Supreme Law of the Land. It was written to create, define, and restrain the federal government. If history is prologue, it is important for all concerned about the overreach of the government today to understand how we got to where w ...
Judge Napolitano talks about the appeal & future of libertarianism – Glenn Beck via
Judge Napolitano with Tom Woods on Peter Schiff Show: Peter Schiff is a well-known commentator appearing...
Judge Napolitano: Second Amendment ‘protects your right to shoot tyrants’ …
Judge Alex is more intelligent and rational than Judge Napolitano. It is time for Fox News to make a change.
The Constitution for Dummies by Judge Napolitano 36 minute video - worth watching - share
Will someone ask Judge Napolitano to name another 'American hero' who has sought asylum in Russia.
Judge Napolitano on the 2012 Election, Obamacare, and The Future of Liberty via
Judge Napolitano is the man. Love that guy.
Judge Napolitano! On this Fourth of July, Thomas Jefferson is weeping | Fox News via
If Fox pushes for a change, you should get with John Stossel & Judge Napolitano & do work with them. Fox needs more libertarians.
“The Extremists Are Coming! The Extremists Are Coming!” – Butler Shaffer on Judge Napolitano's smackdown of John Stossel and Stuart Varney over the NSA, discussing something which John Stossel, a longtime critic of the educational system should understand - the importance of analytical, implict thinking over rote memory, which is emphasized in the government schools:
Support INDY MEDIA ... as the Terminator 2 said.. if you want to live come with me.. aka the INDY Media.. if you are still supporting CABLE including Fox you are supporting the corporate state .. because with a FEW exceptions they usually silence .. like Judge Napolitano .those not carrying the government or corporate water. All the TV 'news' is full of the usual suspects.. and I can TELL even some who comment are repeating what they have heard on that media or from Rush or whomever. Six corporations OWN the media ...some of it is OWNED by foreign interests.. over half of print media is partially owned by Saudis, Germans, and UK or other interests who have an AXE to grind.. Fox has Saudi investors and MSNBC is largely under the implied control of eugenics and globalists like George Soros and Bill Gates .. suffice to say the ONLY place you will get independent in depth investigative reporting is either from certain elements of talk radio and I do not mean Rush .. OR certainly NOT Hannity or from the net. B ...
Regime lover and NSA apologist John Stossel is taken down by Judge Napolitano, who will be teaching constitutional law at the Mises Institute this summer:
Judge Napolitano: “Shortly after Mr. Snowden began his work with the NSA, he came to the realization that he could not comply with both oaths[to keep secret the classified materials to which he would be exposed in his work as a spy; and to uphold the Constitution...] He realized that by keeping secret what he learned, he was keeping the American public in the dark about what its government is doing outside the Constitution in order to control the public.” “When confronted with the conflicting oaths, Mr. Snowden opted for the higher good: fidelity to the supreme law of the land. Hence, in order to protect the privacy of us all, Mr. Snowden violated the lesser oath and upheld the greater one. He could not serve two masters when the lesser of the two (fidelity to the government’s laws) facilitated a corruption of the greater of the two (the primacy to the Constitution).”
Judge Napolitano on the Persecution of Edward Snowden: Starts at c. :35. (Thanks to Bob Taylor)
From our neighbors in Garfield County, Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere A highly sought national speaker who has graced the stage with luminaries such as Sarah Palin, Neal Boortz, Herman Cain, Judge Napolitano, and Andrew Breitbart, to name a few, will be speaking at our Lincoln Day Dinner this year on June 29th at the Jolley Riding Arena. Please join us!
That's true for me-Steve Doocy, Judge Napolitano, Neil Cavuto, Janice Dean & Judge Pirro I can watch-others.
What NSA did not tell us today was that they can identify who we are from telephone surveillance. What NSA did not tell us today is that THEY CAN LISTEN TO US AND INTRUDE INTO OUR LIVES, AS LONG AS WE HAVE A CELL PHONE. THEY CAN LISTEN TO OUR CONVERSATIONS, EVEN IF THE CELL PHONE IS TURNED OFF. AS LONG AS THE BATTERY IS IN OUR PHONES, THEY CAN MONITOR US. Just now on Neil Cavuto, Judge Napolitano shared these things. ...and believe this, anything in your home or car that has a microphone in it, ie security system, etc. Even your dishwashers if it can be operated by VOICE command , it can listen to you...
domain names
Millennial Day of Prayer [4th of July]: “Prayer momentum” has brought us to this point in time, & now we need to accelerate into “fervent prayer,” and continue praying for our government of America, that is, “We the People,” and for the “Spirit of Truth” to rest on the USA. Now is the time for the church begin praying, crying out, & travailing, for the birth of the “Man Child” Rev 12:2 She was pregnant and she cried out in her birth pangs, in the anguish of her delivery. AMP. Rev 12:5 And she was delivered of a son, a man child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and unto his throne. ASV Continue praying for the “authorities of Greatness” Romans 13:1 [Hebraic Roots Bible], the leaders of our Republic [for protection, wisdom, power, & to overcome]: Rand Paul; Cruz; Drudge; Palin; Trump’; Alex Jones; James Manning; Dr. Carson; West; DeMint; Beck; Hanity; Savage; Lewis; Judge Napolitano, Pirro; All Sheriffs; and Sheriff Arpaio, M ...
As much as i can't stand them, in all fairness, sometimes they get it so right. Judge Napolitano, for example.
Newscaster: "Why isn't Snowden in D.C. making these claims about our government?". Judge Napolitano: "He'd be arrested if he were in D.C."
Thank you Judge Napolitano for considering Snowden a patriot. The real problem is an administration that doesn't know what Truth is!
Judge Napolitano says its is. And differing opinion makes a horse race. I put my money On judgenap
from 2013-01-12: Judge Napolitano: Obama Administration Wants to Go Beyond Cu...
ACLU sues over NSA phone surveillance, receives props from Judge Napolitano - The Global Dispatch
has no legal authority to obtain medical records which are protected against seizure.~Judge Napolitano
Judge Napolitano on Cavuto saying IRS Agents confiscated Health Records of 60 MILLION Americans. Will try to authenticate and get back...
here's does he count as a 'Paulist'? & himself
Ron Paul is right to be afraid for Snowden
Napolitano: Obama's policy on drone strikes is "unconditionally unlawful" but it's being carried out anyway
NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden's girlfriend has, like her boyfriend, left Hawaii, which they loved (he called it "paradise"). In an interview on the mainalnd, she said (tongue-in-cheek?) that her favorite activity with Edward was "walking around naked" and her favorite exercise "pole-dancing." Somehow my guess is that Eward really, really likes this girl. Which guy wouldn't? Judge Napolitano, Ken Langone (co-founder of Home Depot), and many others regard Edward as a "hero." So do I. He stood up for the 1st and 4th amendments against a government that has no comprehension of either.
Valierie D. says she hopes House and Senate members will ask good questions when they're briefed on the massive phone and computer surveillance of . . . us. My response: I assume they will ask very few questions, Valerie. They could have asked them in the past, & they didn't. Dana Perino just said (and got a nod from Kimberly Guilfoyle) that, "I trust my government more than I do Edward Snowden." Anyone who's heard Dana in the last 6 months will be amazed by that statement. She trusts Obama, Holder, Lois Lerner, Kathleen Sibelius, and Susan Rice more than she does the whistle-blower? Eric Holder and DNI head Clapper have both perjured themselves in front of Congress, but there will now be a herd of FBI agents going after someone (Snowden) who told us something we should have been told a long time ago? Judge Napolitano today called Snowden "an American hero." I agree.
Judge Napolitano: Obama more threatened by journalism than terrorism
I knew I was right. Judge Napolitano stated on Special Report that in fact, Susan Rice now has the potential protection of executive privilege. I love being right.
Tonight on the Special Report panel we have Judge Napolitano, AB Stoddard and Charles Krauthammer
Judge Napolitano on the tyranny of the majority. "Under Obama’s watch, the majority has, by active vote or refusal...
During an appearance on Varney & Co., Judge Napolitano tore into the Obama administration for deluding the America public when it comes to the IRS and Benghazi scandals.
(VIDEO) Judge Napolitano said pointedly, “The common thread here is that the government can’t be trusted, but the governm...
Could the Benghazi Scandal Lead to Impeachment Hearings for Obama? Judge Napolitano goes over the potential consequences for Hillary Clinton and Obama following the Benghazi whistleblower testimony. On Fox and Friends this morning, Steve Doocy asked Judge Andrew Napolitano what will happen next following the Benghazi whistleblowers' testimony on Capitol Hill. Could the scandal lead to possible perjury charges against Hillary Clinton for her previous testimony on Capitol Hill? Is there any scenario that could lead to impeachment against President Obama? Napolitano explained that charges against Hillary Clinton could not be based solely on contradictions from someone else in the State Department. "There would need to be additional corroborating evidence supporting the person who who contradicted her, and directly contradicting her. ... The bigger picture here is, what did the president know and when did he know it? What did his administration know, when did they know it? This is almost the Nixon model when ...
Judge Napolitano: Is Failing to Pass a Budget a Violation of the Law?
More Holes in the Fourth Amendment by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano on - A Syndicate Of Talent
Did you know that federal agents can see your mail and your legal and medical records without permission from a...
'"Judge Andrew Napolitano, to say that such widespread noncompliance can make a federal law “nearly impossible to enforce”"
Please Subscribe to Pod Shelter and Rate Us!!! (Original Published Oct.3, 2012) Judge Napolitano blows it wide open... For Critical News from the alternative...
Do you work for the govt, or does the govt work for you? --judge Napolitano
Fox legal darling Judge Napolitano on why we have the Second Amendment. Wonder if the good judge noticed the vehicles and armament rolled out in Boston when "the government" was looking for just one man.
My "who to follow" list: Whitney Cummings, Gabby Giffords, and Judge Napolitano. *** ? I followed , of course.
Judge Jeanine Pirro on FOX is a National Treasure, and I am sure Obama, Holder, Hillary, & Napolitano really admire her factual reporting!
I just bought: 'The Freedom Answer Book: How the Government Is Taking Away Your Constitutional Freedoms' Judge Napolitano
The Constitution for Dummies by Judge Napolitano thirty-six minute video - worth watching - RT
We are the Chosen Generation Judge Napolitano lays it out!
New Cartoon Mocks The Fed. - Judge Napolitano & the new cartoon film: THE AMERICAN DREAM An entertaining, in depth look, into the Private Federal Reserve Ban...
Theodore and Woodrow | A new book by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
Proud of ICE officers taking stand against Obama/Napolitano refusal to deport
I liked a video from Judge Napolitano Reveals Boston Marathon Fake Government Plot
Listen to Judge Andrew Napolitano explain it ! Makes perfect sense to me !
Judge Napolitano: Obama Continues His War on the Fourth Amendment: Andrew Napolitano | May 2, 2013 Here they g...
Taxation is Theft - Lew Rockwell posted a great article from Judge Napolitano.  You can find the full article...
“The moral of the story is that once you put something on the internet, you can’t take it back." - Judge Napolitano |
Is Andrew Napolitano related to Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary? Oh no, they are not. Am I right Judge...?
The White House's attempt to make sequestration cuts as painful as possible is an impeachable offense.
"It is dangerous to be right, when the government is wrong" - Judge Andrew P Napolitano -
Judge Napolitano ‘First Patriot to shoot down one of those drones will be an American Hero’ - Remember,...
Judge Napolitano and Rand Paul on Drones and the Bill of Rights...
Less than 24 hours after Senator Rand Paul's filibuster of John Brennan's appointment to the CIA over to White House's policy on droning American citizens, Judge Napolitano and Fox News anchor Shepard Smith railed against the controversial policy saying that even the discussion of its legality was t...
Judge Napolitano: What if they're lying to you about Ron Paul? - Fox Business via
Judge Napolitano argues that the government makes an economic mistake when it raises taxes too high "because people that are able to control their income wil...
Judge Napolitano says IMPEACH by Right March on March 1, 2013 ALERT : Judge Andrew Napolitano, now a Legal Analyst at Fox News, is the latest legal
If you could suggest three people - excluding Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, and Penn Jillette - to discuss libertarianism with him, who would you pick?
I've actually heard some people say that if Gary Johnson, Justin Amash or Judge Napolitano aren't running for President in 2016 they are going to write in Ron Paul. Folks, that is absolute lunacy. -Brandon
In remarks today, President Obama said that he’d like to establish a federal program that would send every four-year-old American child to pre-school. Judge Napolitano reacted on Special Report, asking, “Where is this in the Constitution?” Napolitano argues that it’s the jobs of parents to take care...
I liked a video Judge Napolitano on Cyber Security Executive Order
Fox News contributor Judge Napolitano and Glenn discuss the stakes of the Libertarian Party.
Judge Napolitano says: Pro-Lifers Should Be Concerned About The Obama Assassination List. The Obama Regime has repeatedly labeled the Pro-Life movement as one of the primary sources of domestic terrorism. ~
Hey Ann Green, hope that you enjoy the book, "A Good Man: Rediscovering My Father, Sergeant Shriver" by Mark Kennedy Shriver. I thought just now that I had all of the persons' names in the family of Joseph Patrick Kennedy(1888-1969), but was missing the name Caroline Potter Shriver(b: 1997), Mark Shriver's niece. Maybe I have them all now for my genealogy file as I do for every U. S. President and their immediate families. Reading Shriver's biography on Wikipedia, he and I both earned a Master of Public Administration during 1993. I am reading "Theodore & Woodrow" ; some very surprising facts and ideas in this work by Judge Napolitano. I agree with his basic tenets regarding the overreach of the national government: I know from observation from the summer of 2010 that federal employees are not spared anything for their offices and their budgets.
a lot of flak about Obama's drone program. probably a lot to do about nothing. * * John Bolton Praises Obama’s Drone Program As ‘Sensible’ And ‘Consistent’ Extension Of Bush-Era Policies * * if it's good enough for Bolton and Judge Napolitano, it's good enough for PM
Ted Nugent, Alex Jones. Piers Morgan and the media are really going for fair and balanced. I'd like to see Ben Swann, Judge Napolitano, or Ron Paul.
Judge Napolitano: Democrat Bob Menendez may be removed from Senate...
Judge Napolitano shocks Fox host: Immigration is ‘a natural right’ By Eric W. Dolan Monday, January 28, 2013 17:07 EST Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney was stunned on Monday to hear that former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano believed the federal government had no right to restrict immigration. While discussing the latest plan for immigration reform, Napolitano doubted Republicans would “do the right thing” by expanding the freedoms of immigrants. “If Stuart Varney & Company were a real company, lets say you were a small manufacturing company, you made widgets in northern New Jersey, you should be able to hire whoever you want,” Napolitano, the senior judicial analyst for Fox News, said. “As long as the person obeys the law and pays taxes what business is it of the federal government where they were born?” “This is the natural law, a natural right,” he added. “Rights come from your humanity. It doesn’t matter where your mother was when you were born.” Var ...
it was chilling to see video of Judge Napolitano talking about it on Shepherd Smith's show.
Judge Napolitano comes to New Orleans - Loyola University...check it out!
Judge Napolitano is one of my favorite Constitutional experts. You must read "Constitutional Chaos"
Judge Napolitano said I thought he made it very clear ‘The Second Amendment isnt about the right to shoot deer It’s a right to shoot tyrants
Is Phil Mickelson going libertarian on taxes? *video*
Janet Napolitano thinks that having a "privacy group that's at the table" is enough to-in house-judge that her actions are sound.
Judge Napolitano asks who has killed more babies, Adam Lanza or Obama?
Guns and the President - by Judge Andrew Napolitano - Here is an uncomfortable pop quiz: Who has killed more childre...
“Judge Napolitano: Guns and the President modern day Hitler if you ask me... ridiculous.
Judge Napolitano said equality means that a woman must measure up to the standard of men in combat regarding fitness.Hmm
She's calculating that the clueless will- "Does Mrs. Clinton Think We Would Believe That!?
Judge Napolitano gives free lecture at Loyola on declining freedom in America …
I'm of the opinion that Judge Napolitano should make the rounds to all of the news shows on all of the networks. Americans need to hear him.
Judge Napolitano Weighs In on the Benghazi Hearings: &We need Judge Napolitano on the high Court!
On Fox and Friends this morning, Brian Kilmeade sat down with Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano to go over yesterday’s testimony by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack. Judge Napolitano pointed out that Clinton was under oath yesterday as she ...
Judge Napolitano says Obama killed more kids than Adam Lanza
Judge Napolitano: "LIBOR Scandal One of the Largest Bank Orchestrated Frauds in History" -
I reposted this because it needs to be read by everyone! To All, Read the article below by Judge Napolitano, closely. The people that want to enact more gun control legislation have a hidden agenda. They want to take our weapons away so they can obtain increased control over all people living in the USA. Identifying criminals and the mentally ill and preventing them from having access to weapons is a goal worth pursuing. Taking weapons away from the vast majority of U.S. citizens is nonsense and against our Second Amendment Rights. Judge Napolitano's article is spot on correct. Every American should read and share the article. Kudos to Judge Napolitano. Ted Found this one to be on target. Worth the read. Larry Subject: Fwd: Washington Times column Hi, Here's what a former CIA agent had to say about this article, dated January 10, that I am forwarding today. . . someone qualified to make accurate judgments on the accuracy of this information. With so much misinformation coming out about this topic these da ...
This is not my writing, but it was too well thought out not to share. It is a response to an article about Judge Napolitano and the 2nd amendment. the poster was Republicae. While there are those who see the 2nd Amendment as a political inconvenience, the fact of the matter is that it's sole intent was to keep the American People armed for their protection, not against criminals, but against a political element with the natural tendency to abuse the scope of power it is entrusted with by Law. Those who Framed the Constitution were extremely clear about the reasons behind the 2nd Amendment and it had absolutely nothing to do with hunting, but with self-defense and self-determination; it is the final bulwark of consent and property, it ensures that, as a final measure of redress, the People retain their Rights against potential trespass. The 2nd Amendment is a Revolutionary Declaration, make no mistake about it, it is, as a measure of last resort, a Revolutionary insurance against tyranny. The government .. ...
"I'd like to think that Ron Paul is Barry Goldwater and somewhere out there in the next generation is Ronald Reagan" -Judge Napolitano
Illusion of Choice By George Carlin, Ron Paul, and Judge Napolitano www.: via
"The principal reason the colonists won the American Revolution is that they possessed weapons equivalent in power and precision to those of the British government. If the colonists had been limited to crossbows that they had registered with the king’s government in London, while the British troops used gunpowder when they fought us here, George Washington and Jefferson would have been captured and hanged. - Judge Napolitano
Judge Napolitano and Judge Judy for Supreme Court, let smart, common sense prevail
Judge Napolitano: "Tell the Orwellians at Verizon to Go Take a Hike": via
Judge Napolitano, I sent you a correspondence via your website. I would appreciate it id you would please respond...TY
"The essence of owning or carrying a gun is freedom and self-preservation." -Judge Andrew Napolitano
A new Obama administration rule, done without the approval of Congress, will make it easier for many illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. or apply for permanent residency. The new rule from the Department of Homeland Security would allow a person without U.S. citizenship to stay in the country while applying for a legal visa if they can show that separating from an American spouse, child or other family member during the application process would cause "extreme hardship." Some critics are calling this, effectively, a form of amnesty. Judge Napolitano explained that his larger gripe is that Congress has continually "deferred" to the executive branch in the lawmaking process, with immigration being a prime example of an issue where legislators have failed to act. Napolitano explained that Congressional Democrats are willing to let the president have control over something like this because he's "with them" on so many other issues. "Ya know what, too many of these 'gimmes' and the president becomes a princ ...
Judge Napolitano didn't mince words this morning as he reacted to the vote on Fox and Friends, saying that Republicans "caved" last night, an action that is ...
As Judge Andrew Napolitano said, "Hitler was [voted] in". Don't try to take this any further than what it actually is. Anyone can become the dictator, it is the masses of *** that give the selected person power. We can put an end to it...
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Judge Andrew Napolitano speaks the truth! A very powerful message! The Judge ponders whether elections are simply means of social control and what "public op...
The New York state newspaper that published the names of locals who had obtained firearm permits has now stationed armed guards at its offices after a fierce public outcry. Judge Andrew Napolitano talked to Stuart Varney on Fox Business this morning about these recent developments amid a national de...
Judge Napolitano : 30 In US Skies to spy on you violates Constitution (May 14, 2012)
Judge Napolitano Reacts to Op-Ed Suggesting We Kill the ...: In a recent op-ed in the New York Times, Georgetown...
As much as a supporter I have been for Ron Paul. I have one question that concerns me. He NEVER explained to people the MATHEMATICS behind the fractional reserve system. Neither did Judge Napolitano or Dylan Ratigan who were big time Anti-Fed. Only Zeitgeist Addendum showed this. I am not on board with everything in the Zeitgeist movie but I am ETERNALLY grateful that they exposed this ponzi scheme. Addendum drew my attention to the Fed before I even knew Ron Paul existed.
Obama Makes Ten Most Corrupt Politicians List Congratulations to the Manchurian Moonbat. Although he has won other awards, including even the Nobel Peace Prize, his inclusion among Judicial Watch’s Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians for 2012 is special, because he actually earned it — in part with the following: • Illegal recess appointments: Perhaps former Attorney General Ed Meese and Todd Graziano summed it up best in their January 5, 2012, Washington Post guest commentary: “President Obama’s attempt to unilaterally appoint three people to seats on the National Labor Relations Board and Richard Cordray to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (after the Senate blocked action on his nomination) is more than an unconstitutional attempt to circumvent the Senate’s advice-and-consent role. It is a breathtaking violation of the separation of powers and the duty of comity that the executive owes to Congress.” • Illegal immigration: In mid-June, Obama announced that by executive de ...
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