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Judge Mathis

Judge Mathis is a syndicated television legal reality show produced originally by Black Pearl Productions.

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Before you judge someone else, be sure to stop and think about everything God has forgiven you for
On July 27th Judge Greg Mathis, using his experience as legal counsel and a judge in this country, talks about...
Did you see Finders Keepers? Judge Mathis plays a pivotal role. These shows are real life!
You should take HIM on Judge Mathis and see WHAT'S UP!
So I'm sitting her eating lunch and watching Judge Mathis and guess who the *** popped into the courtroom...
Judge Mathis shares great 30 year marriage advice on ICE & COCO; compromise!
Judge Mathis right now got me in tears
I can take it anymore, Steven Perry's Family Feud is just the best. Right up there with Judge Mathis.
You go on Judge Mathis tryna sue for $76 and now the whole world know you a crack head.
Is it weird that I find Judge Mathis attractive? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
Judge Mathis is my elderly man crush πŸ˜©πŸ˜πŸ’•
Judge Mathis, I'm so pleased with your show/court, I hope you stay on the air until forever.Doyle I so like your 1 liners.
Judge Mathis been calling people crackheads on tv for 16 years lol
Dear, Judge Mathis. I want to Thank-You, for your participation in my Father ... Mr. David McCray Jr. True Story...
Like an all star team composed of Joe Brown, Judge Judy, and Judge Mathis!
What does Judge Mathis think about the execution of Troy Davis? Watch This!!!
β€œlmao yesπŸ˜‚ which judge you be watching?πŸ˜­β€. I b watching every single 1. Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Divorce Court😭
5 of 24 of us at Four Seasons in Vegas for brunch. Chatted with Sugar Shane Mosley Bob Johnson and Judge Mathis!
This people on Judge Mathis so funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Why I'm sitting here watching judge Mathis tho
I swear I love judge Mathis as much as y'all love empire!
My bad ma, judge Mathis is so important πŸ˜’
β€’final four game came on instead of Judge Mathis...thank you Lord imma sports fan.
Judge Mathis gives me life everydayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Finding enjoyment in watching judge Mathis. I'm washed
My co-worker plans her breaks perfectly so she's on break in time for Judge Mathis. When I ask her why: "Cuz he's like gangster judge."
Wendy don't wanna talk about Judge Mathis
Judge Mathis told a white defendant, described as kicking and spitting on police, to explain how he managed to stay alive
I might wake up to pee round 6-7am - next I see the clock it'll be Judge Mathis time (3pm). And imma be mad I missed Judge Faith
I'm going to bed after judge Mathis
"Why you orange john boehner? You smokin? Looks like crack head behavior. I'm from the streets. Can't fool me" - Judge Mathis
He's got too many dope fiend excuses! (In my Judge Mathis voice)
Andre up there looking like a young Judge Mathis.
Marquan tried to get U on judge mathis πŸ˜‚ U saw his post on fb
Wait..What Louicous talking about? Somebody that's been in jail can be the head/leader of something .. Shidd Judge Mathis use to be jail 😭
What you think I'm naive to the game?! *judge Mathis voice
Let me watch judge Mathis and curl my wig for tonight
So I'm watching Judge Mathis and this girls name is Takiyah like (TA-KEE-YA) πŸ˜•
These folks clowning on judge Mathis , done took this man to court for a couple dollars πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
she don't wanna get the stuff refunded? I'll see u on Judge Joe Mathis at 11 AM on Tuesday.
I hate reality TV, but I love watching Judge Mathis.
so judge Mathis doesn't look like he gives great head!?
Ruta wanted to watch Judge Mathis over Rachael. Like ?? No??
Judge Mathis is in a bad mood today 😬
this is gabbi's sister on judge Mathis for not payin a cell phone bill
Getting car serviced. Degenerate comes in to lounge and switches tv from 700 Club to Judge Mathis. Real & positive vs fake & trashy.
Let's see how this Jury Duty goes, wish I was in Judge Mathis court at least to get some laughs
Dis woman took dis man to court for a McDonald meal on Judge Mathis i then sn it all πŸ’€
When Judge Mathis comes on after the late late show, it's probably time to put this day in the books... TV just cut out in the middle of judge Mathis.. ***
Too much! I hope ya'll end up on Judge Mathis so he can clown her some more.
homie he mad at me cause he was on judge Mathis
Tim wen judge Mathis go off yo song show out play. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
In Davids words, are you on crack or something, in my judge Mathis voice
β€œIs that a pillowcase?” Smh She done been on Judge Mathis now she blowin up like Lil A-Town
nudeger: β€œMr. Judge Mathis, in the case of nudeger vs nudelius, wouldn’t you agree that I, being the first...
Yep watched judge Faith again. worse judge show. She don't listen...she passes judgement and before she hears the case she seems to always have an issue with the defendant. please watch Judge Mathis and Judge Judy.
I feel like an old lady because I ALWAYS watch Divorce Court, Judge Judy & Judge Mathis before bed lol
Today is all about Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Judge Joe Brown, Judge Alex, Maury, Divorce Court & soaps
Judge Mathis and Tracy Martin, Trayvon Martin's Father, to be Honored at Fathers Incorporated Gala in Harlem, NYC
Judge Mathis, Tracy Martin (father of Trayvon Martin), and more to be honored at Fathers Incorporated 10th...
Got 4 free tix to see Judge Mathis live lol
If you haven't already do check out JUST KEKE on BET 5pm. Awesome talk show for young adults talking real issues! Saw it for the first time today and was very moved by discussions. Keke Palmer talk host and Judge Mathis executive producer. So positive!!!
ON GOD my mom has the personalities of Judge Joe Brown, Judge Judy, Judge Mablean, and Judge Mathis. She stay mad πŸ˜‘
I just used to watch a lot of Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, and the People's Court with Judge Mathis. Got my research DONE
From the archives: Father's Day. Judge Greg Mathis with his lovely wife Linda and their 4 children. Mathis was a juvenile delinquent who went to jail multiple times until finally turning his life around at 17. Mathis is a retired Michigan 36th District Court judge and syndicated television show on the long-running reality court show Judge Mathis. His memoir, Inner City Miracle, was published by Ballatine Books, which is a great read. Mathis' father was estranged from him, but associated closely with the Errol Flynns, a past notorious Detroit street gang, that Mathis would eventually join while a teenager. In the 1970s, he was arrested numerous times. While he was incarcerated in Wayne County Jail, as a seventeen-year-old juvenile, his mother visited him and broke the news that she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Mathis was offered early probation because of his mother's illness. On June 4, 2011 Motor City drivers lined up for blocks for free gas Friday, courtesy of a grateful Greg Mathis. Mathis offered ...
If we had Judge Judy, Dr Phil, Dr Drew, Nancy Grace, Judge Mathis to occupy most important field in us office america would have been better
It's so weird to have television in my house again. First time I've had channels in 17 years. Judge Mathis has aged pretty well, and everything on the Hallmark channel still *** At least there's consistency somewhere in the world.
Lmao just got mail saying someone trynna sue me... must not know me and my mom watched enough Judge Joe Brown, Judge Mathis and Divorce Court to teach Jonny Cochran how to defend... and if I lose im jumping out the closet like Samuel L. Jackson... "A Time To Kill" on that *** .. LLH ... yelling out even tho its a civil case...
Family members assaulting now another is what Judge Mathis will deal with today at Noon! Find out more about Phaedra Parks’ open marriage and the drama behind the scenes on at 3:00! Leah Remini shares her new reality show on TLC with us on while OneRepublic performs!
I'm on the air talking to Carl West a long time friend and community activist. John Bivins is a master groomer to Steve Harvey, Judge Mathis at my round table. Call in 773.591.1690.
Posted up on my couch.waiting on the rain, draft, Judge Mathis, my recorded tv, and my many games I play (candy crush, farm heroes, juice cubes, cookie jam) yeah I'm a game freak!
As Per request of my mom, lol, I just wanted to let everyone know Wednesday they are airing the Judge Greg Mathis show i was on, so if you are looking for a laugh or two tune in and thanks Judge Mathis for having us. Tiffany Hurst
I'm lucky to share my day of birth with these fine folks: Booker T. Washington, Bette Davis, Colin Powell, Gregory Peck, Judge Mathis, Spencer Tracy and Pharrell Williams.
Addicted to court shows lol The People's Court, Judge Mathis, Divorce Court, Judge Alex, Paternity Court, and Judge Judy! All of em! Smh
Judge Joe Brown arrested after 'popping off' at a judge.Where's Miss Holly when you really need her 'cause Judge Mathis won't take his call
Judge Mathis is going for Michigan State..where r All my GREENs...lmao!! Yep Yep,.. "lMS" if u A Michigan State Go Green Fan!! ;p ..
A woman is taking her ex to court over his dog killing their cat in front of her son today on Judge Mathis at...
Judge Mathis, People's Court, Judge Judy, Law and Order: SVU...the list goes on. 😍
That awkward moment when you think you're watching America's Funniest Home Videos and it turns out to be an evidence clip on Judge Mathis.
I liked a video Missy Hyatt vs. Bill Alfonso on Judge Mathis
We're they really just friends? Or more? Find out on Judge Mathis today at Noon! Tune in at 3:00 on to get advice from Judge Lynn Toler of "Divorce Court" on relationships between friends go sour! invites Timothy Olyphant from Justified on set today. Also tune in at 4:00 to see Jennifer Nettles perform!
β€œ"Judge Mathis" is the best court show and I dare you to disagree with me.” Mock Trial with Judge Reinhold...
Judge Mathis Launches PEER Prison Initiative Judge Greg Mathis is launching a Prisoner Initiative entitled PEER, standing for Prisoner Empowerment Education and Respect. Through the initiative, Judge Mathis will visit jails and prisons throughout the country to encourage inmates to change their lives. Motivated by his own experience as a troubled youth who overcame the challenges of being incarcerated, Judge Mathis will share his personal experiences and offer advice and encouragement to inmates. To date, the Judge has made PEER appearances at the Wayne County Jail in Detroit, where he was previously sentenced to serve nearly one year, the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, GA and the State Correctional Institution at Chester, PA. He also spoke with the youth population at Rikers Island, NY and most recently visited Folsom State Prison in Folsom, CA. The Judge is scheduled to return back to NY to speak with the adult male population at Rikers as well as visit Sing Sing. Judge Mathis is strongly committed to r ...
Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos, Bill Cunningham, and The Test all this woman watch. -_-
Where would we be without Dowager Countess Violet Crawley? Violet is a greater etiquette master than Emily Post and doles out tougher love than Judge Mathis. Downton Abbey would absolutely fall apart without her. Of course, Violet wouldn't exist without the great Dame Maggie Smith, who turns 79 ...
A woman damaged her ex's car by beating it with a shovel and setting another car on fire today on Judge Mathis at Noon! Learn more about the reasons why men actually cheat from Sydney Leathers on at 3:00! Watch the lovely Julia Roberts on at 4:00!
A family believes a woman has vandalized their home today on Judge Mathis at Noon! Alison Sweeney from The Biggest Loser talks with about acute and chronic habits at 3:00! Tune in to see Kelly Clarkson perform on at 4:00!
Who was it that got cancelled: Judge Joe Brown or Judge Mathis?
Would you stop talking to your sibling if he/she slept with your significant other? Tune in on Judge Mathis today to see a similar case at Noon! Fresh Prince of Bel Air fans: Tatyana Ali visits today at 3:00! Amy Adams from American Hustle will talk with today at 4:00!
Tonight: Tom Selleck, Judge Mathis, and a performance from Ashanti!
Judge Mathis, Ashanti and Tom Selleck are on The Arsenio Hall Show TONIGHT right after another holiday episode of The Simpsons. All this awesome starts at 10:30 p.m.
Why is Mekhi Phifer in the audience on Judge Mathis?
Bullets in the chamber like Judge Mathis and Judy
I have always liked courtroom shows like Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Judge Joe Brown, etc., so I selected several of them for my DVR to catch so when basketball season is all that is on I can find something entertaining to watch...c'mon,Hank, I'm just kidding...I CAN watch basketball, just don' any rate, I decided to clean up a lot of 'junk' recordings from the DVR and watched a few beginnings of cases on EVERY show..99.9 percent of these people are uneducated, baby making deadbeats that cannot read or write, but know every angle to use government aid or free entitlements to incompetents who refuse to work and earn a living...none of them are ever married or working, but living together spending federal grants and food stamps and living in free housing with somebody who already has four or five kids by the same amount of partners who fathered or mothered them into the same lifestyle and when they split up want to sue each other for their property which is never a house or assets for financial planning ...
Judge Mathis, Judge Karen, Judge Lake & I (Judge Ross) - all on daytime tv Not to mention Judge Mablean:
Judge Mathis, we are in there with you and support your efforts to clean up the neighborhoods in Detroit. We all sends out our prayers and blessing to you in your endeavors. We need more leaders like you that is certainly doing what you were designed to do. We all appreciate it. You are the man and we certainly need more like you. Could you just imagine if Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, the NAACP and other organizations coming out and doing what you are trying to do. Judge Mathis, you will certainly make accomplishments. No doubt. We all respect and love you Judge Mathis. You are the man.
Idk how my mom can leave the TV on Judge Judy & Judge Mathis showing back to back to back. Hearing people argue for that long hurts my ears
Lmfao my interactions. Just met a ratchet at the tanning salon getting sprayed for her episode on Judge Mathis .. What! I can't even
Judge Mathis start singing good kush and alcohol
Judge Mathis: they smoke that good kush and alcohol
If I want to eat in this house then I'm forced to watch Judge Mathis
Now Judge Mathis? Can't stand him. He's annoying and unfair. Judge Judy is strictly by the book.
This lady on Judge Mathis has a natural whipped shea butter business where she infuses natural oils into the shea butter.
Watching love this show because Judge Mathis keeps it real πŸ’―
Watching judge Mathis and he said " he smoke that good Kush and alcohol"
"They smoke that good kush and alcohol". -Judge Mathis
Right. But with the proper support, one can attain a rank. I think Judge Mathis was "troubled" once but now he's a judge.
See thats the thing, you cant trust cracky people around the money. Judge Mathis be tryin to tell yall.
The Judge Mathis Grocery Giveaway 11/27/13 1PPD18+: Judge Mathis is helping out families this holiday season w...
Lets see if Judge Mathis gonna call someone a crackhead
4-5 is my fav time of the day. I light my candles, sit on the couch in my undies, watch Judge Mathis & eat my "linner" ☺️
I would love to hear judge Mathis comment on crack use
Okay seriously though who wants to come with to judge Mathis on Thursday at 330
Judge Mathis giving a shout out to Love and Hip Hop/Atl made my day. What you know about that?
This 37-year-old rapper with braids on Judge Mathis has a large female following 😐
Judge Mathis just cut people off. He dgaf! Lol
Judge Mathis gon' say and olive quote "This young generation on that good Mush and Alcohol" lol
Anybody see the video of judge mathis rockin to million dollar or yal not hip to that yet?
Judge Mathis just said that "they're on that good kush and alcohol"πŸ˜‚
That nigha willie alexander from matteson on judge mathis
Today I was featured on the Judge Mathis Show. I didn't watch it.. This goes to show your family will cross you...
When I got home Pedro was watching Judge Mathis. Let that sink in.
β€œsome girl said that on judge Mathis today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ a poo fee
some girl said that on judge Mathis today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
you sleep Judge Mathis where it's at
This cracked me up. Judge Mathis is a rapper now.
Judge Mathis has a commercial with Brian Loncar lol *** life is real
I love judge Mathis! He dead just said love and hip hop Atlanta is his favorite show!
Judge Mathis over here promoting love and hip hop Atlanta
It's judge Mathis time I can't tell u the last time I was home to watch judge mathis
"This generation, they smoke that good kush and alcohol."ASSHD JUDGE MATHIS
Judge Mathis is killing me right now
You know NCC ratchet af when they got Judge Mathis Divorce Court n Jerry Springer on !
β€œThese black ladies on Judge Mathis > πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚β€ oh my god I'm watching that to πŸ˜‚
This lady on judge Mathis is killing me! She's too much. Lol
These black ladies on Judge Mathis > πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
This lady on judge mathis remind me of ms.niecy lol to funny...
Judge Mathis by Jean Penwell The justice system is β€˜oppressive towards black men’ After overcoming the many hardships and adversities he faced growing up, Mathis worked his way through the political and justice systems to become highly regarded as a TV Jurist. The court show has won an NAACP Image award as well as a PRISM commendation for its inspirational and positive messages. As a teenager, he overcame being held in juvenile detention for gang activities, and along the way he says he has endured enough experiences to expose some of the downfalls of a system he believes is oppressive towards black men. β€œYou know we talk about the criminal justice system and in many ways I think it is criminal in and of itself,” he said. β€œBeing from the inside and the outside, I have the observation that the justice system, throughout our journey, has been used as a tool of oppression.” β€œWe find that we have a system where we fail to educate African-American men and we remove the jobs from their community a ...
LMAO Judge Mathis wants me on his show for suing someone in small claims court...
It was gone so long, I stopped missing it. I only watched Judge Judy and Judge Mathis on CBS and its sister station in L.A. anyway.
I liked a video from Judge Mathis on Michael Jackson Family AEG Lawsuit
I watch too much judge Mathis to b deceived by the art of swag
Judge Mathis has the funniest people on his show lol
These 2 *** dudes on Judge Mathis are some characters lol
Watching Judge Mathis right now lol he be goin .. lol
Judge Mathis is telling the truth watch what pictures you put up. If u want to work.
As long as there's a TV where he can watch Judge Mathis.
Girl on judge Mathis name is Zewebe
it's so hillarious when Judge Mathis be callin out these crackheads on his show, rotfl
Soo somebody that went to ISU in the crowd on Judge Mathis!!
These *** dudes on Judge Mathis right now doe kmsl.they got me dying
2 *** *** suin each other on Judge Mathis... The defendant says his witness saw the plaintiff pourin somethin into his gas tank.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this guy and his tight asx blazer on judge Mathis
Judge Mathis and Doyle are my nighas
The lady in Judge Mathis's audience tho Β» she got me in tears.
People be going on judge mathis making a fool out of themselves smh
Judge Mathis has me in tears laughing today.
Judge Mathis be right at ppl necks.. Lmao
Lmfaoo yasss for about the twirl in judge mathis lmfao You know what I give , you can meet me in the parking alot ! Yaaass
Them *** *** asf on judge Mathis LMFAO he said what grown man calls hisself delicious ? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Nw judge mathis hope my case is picked lbs
These *** on Judge mathis lmfaooo The shade they throwing!
its not on. I like that show and judge mathis show
when i was younger i use to think God looked like judge mathis lolol what was i thinkinggg.
it's all about Judge Mathis he came from the streets leaned the hard way
Judge Mathis is the best judge on television, Judy fans can suck it!
These 2 *** arguin on Judge mathis lol he said wat grown man calls his self delicious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This *** on judge Mathis calls himself delicious lmfao!
Lmfao!! He did not get on Judge Mathis and say "I slay the girls"
Watching judge mathis needing something to do.
"Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Judge Brown, Peoples Court, Pet Court. Everybody is suing for anything! Do we live in a very litigious society?"
LISTEN: Judge Mathis gives his take on the George Zimmerman case: Judge Greg Mathis called...
Patriotism: My new FIOS service simultaneously offers me "Judge Mathis", "Judge Joe Brown" & "Judge Alex" this July 4 PM - all in HD - wow!
Divorce Court or Judge Mathis. Which one to watch? My biggest decision of the day.
Stay tuned! more red carpet footage from the BET Awards coming soon! Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Judge Mathis for an exclusive intervi...
Is now relaxing and watching Judge Mathis on the boob tube. Just trying to come down from the weekend/Canada Day right now. Mikeryan Elena Vicky Johnny and I had loads of fun in the past few days. I am gonna be uploading the pictures from my cousins wedding from this past Sunday to show how good my cousin and his now beautiful wife looked and everything like that. I love my cousin's wife's wedding dress and it was worth over $2,000 or something like that.
OMG, watching Judge Mathis and the way this lady is rolling her neck is She went off on her boyfriend and called him a "vicodin head biotch". is the night, see you all at 7pm Bailey's Pub & Grille - Dearborn. Come for a birthday drink, as Comedian Coolaide says "I got my own money and er thang".
I am a court show watcher ("Judge Mathis", "People's Court" and "Judge Judy") and I have seen the judges mock people when they tell them that the police report is wrong. Well, I am experiencing this FOR MYSELF TODAY; it really DOES happen! I finally got a call from the detective assigned to my friend's case. They said I said she took a trip to SAN ANTONIO? I KNOW GOOD AND WELL I DID NOT SAY THAT! I said she has relatives in San Antonio but NEVER VISITED BECAUSE OF HER HEALTH ISSUES! This is when being anal like I am will pay off. Going to make them read me VERBATIM what they have; they will be off on a wild goose chase on wrong information if not.
Home from work. turned on TV and Judge Mathis came on...and theres a *** man who is sueing another *** man and they met on Grindr. :P oh i need a shot and a beer now. lol :P
Kmsl "U ah crackhead and ya got crackish ways".-Judge Greg Mathis
Judge Mathis don't mind calling u ah crackhead
I reserve the right to judge people based on their favorite types of candy.
If i am off working much longer i will end up with my law degree. Thanks Judge Mathis, Judy, Joe Brown
naw but I do be watching Judge Mathis and Judge Joe Brown they to funny
Tam is so mad I took a picture with Judge Mathis... I'm like girl have a seat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Me and Judge Mathis ✈ My sister is going to be soo jealous!
Staying in watching Judge Mathis with my parents... TURN UP
Celebrity sighting of the day: Judge Mathis at the Detroit airport πŸ˜‹πŸ˜
They got some Buffalo *** on judge Mathis, that joint funny as *** lol
This lady on judge Mathis is cracking me up. tho I have reoccurring supernatural experiences
Like J.G. Wentworth I want my money and I need it Now!!! On my way to Judge Mathis lol
keep making me get out my bed while im watching Judge Mathis
saw you on judge Mathis. You are doing your thang
judge Mathis doesn't care if you watch his show
So I think AGN didn't pay their cable bill cuz I can't watch Judge Mathis wen I get bored :'(
In an executive suite watching Judge Mathis.
Puertoricans on Judge Mathis...dying of laughter!
"Crackheads don't rise up on me, they get cracked." Lol Judge Mathis!
If there are two things Judge Mathis don't like, it's crack heads and dead beat parents.
Judge Mathis will call sum body a crackhead wit no regrets lbs
Everybody always give the same speech in the beginning of Judge Mathis
*** said that boy look like judge Mathis πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm already on it! And chillin watching judge Mathis.. My stomach on 10 πŸ˜–πŸ˜‚
LMMFAO!!! Watchin judge Mathis Mfers who hooked up n the boom boom room sex group on FB on here suing for loans.
Judge Mathis loves him some crackhead
Judge Mathis could get all of my sweet potato pie.
These dudes that jus went off Judge Mathis had me Crackin up!
aw I didnt know Judge Mathis was married this is a cute picture :)
Lmao this ppl are funny... I love watching judge Mathis
Optimism sometimes plays Judge, Jury, and even Executioner...
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Dear girl on Judge Mathis, the word library has an "r" in it. It's not libary.
This old man on Judge Mathis is FINE!!!
This woman suing her landlord bcuz there are ghosts living in her house sry allegedly lol
Mother comes to Judge Mathis to sue her son and get help for his propensity towards illegal activity. Judge Mathis' "best advice"? Mathis: Do you go to church? Mother: Mathis: Well, start there. Then he starts a rant saying (paraphrasing here): You have a young man here who clearly needs counselling, who better to counsel him than the pastor? I'm starting a church-based program where young people can get the help they need from churches in their community. So find a church, pay your tithes and offerings, and get him some help. :/ With all the churches around in rundown ghettoes all across America, how can this otherwise intelligent dude present this as "the best advice I can give"? He suffers from a serious case of intellectual myopia, if you ask me.
I think its cool that CAU got Judge Mathis to speak at commencement
Oh lord judge mathis at the columbia graduation and my folks don't know how to act!!!
Judge Joe Mathis' son is graduating and I just escorted him to his seat lol ***
Why'd my mom get mail from judge mathis tho?
Like Judge Mathis, I'm vowing to turn my life around.
β€œJudge Mathis keeps it real.. omg ong 😭
the Knicks should take Amare Stoudamire on Judge Mathis to get sum of that money back that he stole/stealing.
I won't judge you , but judge Mathis Will !
This movie with judge Mathis hopefully goes well
A Husky President Obama , being watched over by the one and only @ Judge Mathis…
And what's this I hear about a Waycross resident being on Judge Mathis? Chile...
I'd be right there on judge Mathis fresh af like man it was a gift!
I loved the episode about Timothy Dooley. That was a wonderful thing. You are spectacular, Judge Mathis!
UNDER PRESSURE: Walwyn clarifies that Judge Mathis did NOT receive $136K ...
So some of my classmates are getting famous for the wrong reason. First the Jerry Springer show and then judge Mathis show...smh.
If you make me work hard for the coota and then its trash I'm taking you to judge mathis and sue for unfair payment.
You may be big in your house but You're small in the eyes of the world today -Judge Greg Mathis
Thank you Judge Mathis. Your legal tips helps me with my Paralegal certification studies.
Judge Mathis is crazy, not he burrowed money for an outfit for *** pride.
Omg i cant take Judge Mathis right now ! Lmcao dees boys is hilarious ! ^_^
; Idek how Judge Mathis did with these girls lmaooo !
Fun fact: I once was in the studio audience of the Judge Mathis show. Another fun fact: The bailiff is a fraud.
Judge Mathis always getting these alley hood rats from Michigan on his show
Lmao these punks on Judge Mathis tho lol
if you ever need a good laugh watch Judge Mathis lol
Ok , STOP in the name of love! I feel like I'm on Judge Mathis court.
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These 2 *** guys on judge Mathis are hilarious
Judge Mathis and Judge Judy be going in on people. Lmao. *Flipping Channels Back and Forth*
I know a guy who fancies himself a law expert bc he frequently watches Judge Mathis .. Lmao, smh
People go on judge Mathis for stupid stuff
Awesome Judge Mathis! Today show touch my heart. We can't save all yet save one more crowns in ur Halo!
β€œWatching these *** Buffie and Deelishis on judge Mathis! lmaooo” 😳 you serious?
Judge Mathis be letting people know. Lol
Just to verify, not everything on that Judge Mathis show was true, nor did I ever say it was. Half of it was for laughs, so you can take your opinions and shove them else where.
You know what would make the best ratchet television? Being Mandla Mandela. Mixture of Maury, Jerry Springer and Judge Mathis!
Judge Mathis wouldve called everybody a crackhead and went home.
GAH! I can't believe I got tickets to see JUDGE MATHIS LIVE!!! Less than a month away! Zomg, I'm so psyched! =D
Watching Judge Mathis for my Marriage & Family class & it's just comedy. but horrible. Society needs to change
On the Heels of Boston is Judge Mathis using FOX and his Show as a Forum of some kind?
Lmfao judge mathis jus gav me the ok to call any man that dnt help or pay sperm donor. He said u dnt deserve the name daddy!
I love judge Mathis, dude be treating muthasuckas
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Judge Mathis is on this episode of Steve Harvey show >
yooo gerb lets go to a judge joe mathis show over the summer! Tickets are for the free
Normally I don't watch Judge Mathis but today I am, CTFU lol are these people for real. It's all about strippers sueing people. Lol lol lol
Judge Mathis n The People's Court have me laughin
The guy on judge Mathis looks just like Kat Williams πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This dude on judge Mathis talking bout his "checking and his savings" lol
Judge Mathis just told this lady that was flirting w/him "Be careful, my wife is from Detroit, try her if you want to!" Lol!
Focus more on your education and your job will come.-Judge Greg Mathis
Lol judge Mathis a fool ...n this lady delusional
My grandpa has my on the judge shows .. Divorce Court .. Judge Judy Judy Mathis .. All of em !!! ❀ Em ! know you messed up when judge Mathis calls you a disgrace to black men... Hang your head in shame
Judge Mathis: don't you at least want to hear the kids out, Watertower? Steve: it's Highwater .. it's Hightower. . lol
Judge Greg Mathis be having me Be treating.
Judge Mathis said do you pay child support. He said naw. Mathis said you lucky she dont call you sperm donor lol.
This lady just asked Judge Mathis to hook her up with one of his brothers 😳 lol she is bold!
This man on Judge Mathis got 6 kids, $12,000 behind in child support and doesn't work smh
Old folks love them some Judge Judy/judge Mathis/ Judge Joe Brown ..
Old people love judge Mathis, Judge Joe Brown, and Judge Judy too
LMAO OMG someone just pulled a on Judge Mathis!! "The way my bank account is set up" LOOOL DEADDD
Oh yeah. Leftover quesadillas and Judge Mathis. A reprieve in an otherwise unexpectedly busy day. Looking forward to supper being made 4 me!
Ouch. Judge Mathis said "you are a disgrace to black men" then toss the papers at him for being a proud deadbeat dad.
This dude mad his child won't call him daddy.. Judge Mathis said you don't act like one.. Be glad your child doesn't call you sperm donor
So i guess the new come up for people in Cincinnati is to go on the judge Mathis show
Lmfao people are shot out on judge Mathis
judge Mathis comes on at 2 which is convenient because Maury comes on at 1 and 3
Ive watched Judge Mathis, The Steve Wilkos Show, and now Maury...doesn't get any trashier than this.
you need to Reagan the story of The honorable Judge Mathis ! Immediately and many others !
My sister and my cousin had lunch with Judge Mathis.. He's the man!
I used to love Judge Mathis. But, he been on for a while n now he beyond extra for no reason.
watching the Spanish version of Judge Mathis
Buy Miche Bag Online!
L M A O Judge Mathis be having me weak. He's such an ***
lmao, remind me to tell you my Judge Joe Mathis story.Hamptons, David LaChapelle & Ecstasy, lol
well book one to Chicago because I'm suing you on Judge Mathis for emotional distress
Judge Mathis really being screaming and calling people names lol
This *** on Judge Mathis sound like Sway lol
This dude on judge mathis has got to be legally stupid.
I haven't watched judge Mathis talk about crackheads in a little while
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