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Judd Trump

Judd Trump (born 21 August 1989) is an English professional snooker player from Bristol. He enjoyed considerable success in youth tournaments before turning professional in 2005. On 3 April 2011, Trump won his first ranking title, beating Mark Selby 10–8 in the final of the China Open.

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I do not like Trump either. Not a bit. But this is too much hate for me, Judd. Beware that, when fighti…
I said MAJORITY of Trump celebrity supporters, not just some. What's wrong with Ashley Judd?
My dad shouted up the stairs the other day and said ''TRUMP'S GONE TRUMP'S GONE'' and I was like so sad..…
Win a VIP snooker experience with Ronnie O'Sullivan and Judd Trump
Is that where Judd Trump and Ronnie O'Sullivan are in that footage? 😜😂
Ashley Judd, once said yellow emojis are racist now gets triggered because a fan told her he liked trump. This lady is a c…
Neil Robertson on Judd Trump's refusal to speak to the media after his shock defeat last night. The two share the same mana…
World Snooker . World No.2 Judd Trump refuses to speak to the media after being dumped out by a 46.y.o 1000/1 shot
A HUGE upset here at the One of the biggest in recent years. Rory McLeod has beaten the form man Judd…
World Championship 2017: Judd Trump faces fine for refusing media after defeat
To anyone still supporting Trump: why? He bears no resemblance to the guy you elected at this point.
World Snooker Championships: Rory McLeod vows to keep style after shock win - Daily Star
Judd Trump - so much talent yet so much arrested development.
theirs only 3 serious contenders Mark Selby,Judd Trump & Neil Robertson for the world champs
No. Wait, did you think I was taking about Donald Trump? Not him! Judd Trump. He took 2nd place at the 2017 Welsh Open.
Judd Trump reached his first final after defeating Scotland's Scott Donaldson 6-3.
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Stuart Bingham beats Robert Milkins 6-0 with a strong performance and plays Judd Trump in tomorrows final.
Bingham finishes the match with another century as he beats Robert Milkins 6-0. Judd Trump v Stuart Bingham then in the final!
Judd Trump reaches Welsh Open final with victory over Scott Donaldson. via @
Judd Trump wins 6-3 against Scott Donaldson and he's through to the Welsh Open final for the first time.
♠️ RESULT: Judd Trump moves through to his first final after a 6-3 victory over Scott Donaldson in Cardiff! htt…
Judd Trump through to his third ranking event final of the season and first ever Welsh Open final, defeats Scott Donald…
Who will join Judd Trump in the Welsh Open Final? Join me on to find out:
Judd Trump goes through to his first Welsh Open final after beating Scotland's Scott Donaldson. Report:…
Judd Trump has beaten Scott Donaldson 6-3 to reach the final of the Welsh Open. . Follow live ➡️ http…
Semi-final day at as Scott Donaldson takes on Judd Trump and Stuart Bingham faces Robert Milkins. https:…
Ronnie O&returns to Preston Guild Hall to do battle with Judd Trump
Check out Judd Trump vs Ding Junhui (2016 Snooker Championship) playing at
Snooker: Judd Trump beats Ronnie O'Sullivan in European Masters final: Judd Trump battles back to win the ina...
🏆 WINNER: Judd Trump is the 2016 European Masters champion after a thrilling 9-8 victory over Ronnie O'Sullivan in the fin…
Ronnie Wood is here. Jimmy White is here. All to see Ronnie O'Sullivan v Judd Trump.
Judd Trump is a good lookalike for Jenson Button. Any other snooker lookalikes?
Bumped in to snooker player Judd Trump early on today
Just face swapped with the world number 3 Judd Trump
2nd showing of the Judd trump & Mark Allen exhibition today at 12 noon.
Snooker star Judd Trump takes on local players at Carlisle exhibition
Our response in to former Senator Judd Gregg about the charitable deduction:
Snooker Audience Fart - Judd Trump v Ronnie O'Sullivan - May 3rd 2013...The best thing in the history of snooker 😂
Waiting for Judd Trump to arrive, let the excitement begin
Former world snooker champ, Judd Trump, plays at Bridgwater sports bar: PICTURES
Oh stupid America you used to be cool man what happened to you?
Not long till Ronnie Osullivan plays judd trump at 3rd June this is the only southern date
Judd Gregg: Trump and Clinton are two sides of one coin
Extra nominees for the Fans Player of the Year; Mark Allen, Kyren Wilson, Martin Gould and Judd Trump!!
for your tracker: replacing Judd Greg in NH is strongly anti-Trump Melissa Stevens
gutted your not in the final would have loved a Ronnie v judd trump final
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had to get home to watch judd trump v ronnie o'sullivan in the snooker final?! Time machine or booze?
I am watching the Snooker World Championship final and am wondering where Judd Trump is? I am pretty sure he said he would win it.
Quite a few do this, Judd Trump for example,I think.
Had a toss up between Mark Selby and Judd Trump on who to back before the start of the tournament. Chose Trump. Fml
always have been a fan! O'Sullivan away is always a naughty fixture, decent scenes running them with Judd Trump's ultras
Former Sen. Judd Gregg, called Cruz a person of little character. If Trump nominee, will vote for him - not Cruz.
For. Sen.Judd Gregg, blasted Cruz as “person of little character,” will not attend convention - will vote for Trump but not Cruz.
i like to watch judd trump good break builder good safety. Ding to edge this final i think 18-16
My ultimate snooker championship final would be Mark Selby v Judd Trump 😍
"John Boehner, Judd Gregg, and the rest would rather Donald Trump than Ted Cruz because they know Trump is...
Judd sounds very defensive. Is he scared Trump can whoop his girl?
You're absolutely right Judd and HE IS lying when he says otherwise. He's a Trump shill and is kissing his ***
exactly that spot on mate. They've watched Judd Trump once and thinks every ball has to be potted
Yes Judd is a hack for Hillary and Sean is a hack for Trump. You both suck
Classic snooker tonight is Judd Trump - Neil Robertson (hopefully), took off O'Sullivan - Hawkins last night with no explanation.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Also helps explains Judd Gregg's otherwise odd recent statement that he could vote for Trump but can't abide Cruz.
Judd Trump crashed out of the World Snooker Championship, then backed rising star Kyren Wilson to make a big impact at the event. The
Hm. I think my favourites are Judd Trump & Neil Robertson. I just love their styles of play. Fast, exciting.
Judd Gregg recognizes Cruz as a demagogue who is eminently more dangerous to this Republic and the world than Trump ever could be.
Ex-Sen Judd Gregg (R, NH): I would support Trump as GOP nominee, but not Cruz
I don't get Judd Gregg's logic in skipping the convention. He doesn't like where it's headed, so he's gonna forfeit his anti-vote?
Ex Gov & Sen Judd Gregg endorsing Trump now placed himself at epicenter of public ridicule!
Judd Gregg shows he lacks judgement of true character by ANY type of association with Trump who has proved to be of no moral fiber!
Former senator Judd Gregg agrees. Says can support Trump but calls demagogue's demagogue.
Judd Gregg has no problem backing neo-fascist Donald Trump, but he would never vote for Crazy GOP establishment!
Judd Gregg says Cruz is a "demagogue's demagogue" but Trump is ok to vote for. Not sure i know how to process this
WHOA: Judd Gregg says "he could support Trump in the general but would not support Cruz under any circumstances."
Judd Gregg is convinced Trump is going to win, so he's giving up his unbound delegate slot.
Maybe now John Virgo will remove himself from Judd Trump's *** and give Ding some respect
John Virgo, stop being so biased towards Judd Trump, you Ding Junhui hating knobjockey.
Can John Virgo be any more biased towards Judd Trump? So partisan
John Virgo will *** himself into oblivion if Judd Trump wins this match
The way he's commentating on this match, I think John Virgo has got his *** on Judd Trump winning this World Championship.
Well cleared up Judd Trump, John Virgo went on like he'd won the world title
John Virgo is deep, deep inside Judd Trump's *** 😂 Overreaction from Judd's brown to blue shot is an understatement. Good steal though.
John Virgo outed as a massive Judd Trump fan
ICYMI: Judd Trump beat Ricky Walden 10-4 to claim the title.
When I see a headline with the word Trump I think politics not snooker yet judd Trump won the China Open yesterday, sadly no one cares!!
WINNER: Judd Trump is the 2016 champion after a 10-4 victory over Ricky Walden in the final!
Judd Trump finally won his first ranking tournament of the 2016…
Judd Trump races past Ricky Walden to pick up second China Open title
My prediction (although no one asked and no one cares): Trump will *not* be the Republican presidential candidate
This snooker player's called Judd Trump.and he's using chalk. Have you ever seen a more triggering photo?
"Drumpf" says me why Donald Trump isn't related with Judd Trump. Judd just won the China Open snooker tournament.
Judd Trump cruises to victory in the China Open
LATEST: Judd Trump 8-3 up on Ricky Walden and just two frames away from the title htt…
Judd Trump has the same hairstyle as my mum
wow congratulations to a legendary snooker player Judd Trump for winning the China Open.
WINNER 🏆 | Judd Trump beats Ricky Walden 10-4 in the final to win the 2016 Congratulations https:…
Judd Trump beat Ricky Walden to win the China Open for the second time
Judd Trump obliterated Stephen Maguire 6-0, he's through to the final tomorrow and faces Ricky Walden!
All too easy for Judd Trump at the China Open, he beats Stephen Maguire 6-0 to reach the final. Trump will play Ricky Walden on Sunday.
Judd Trump scored an emphatic 6-0 win over Stephen Maguire in the semi-finals of the BAIC Motor China Open.
Judd Trump has beaten Stephen Maguire 6-0 to reach tomorrow's final.
Judd Trump has just whitewashed Stephen Maguire 6-0 in the SF & plays Ricky Walden in the final tomorrow
Judd Trump beats Stephen Maguire 6-0 to join Ricky Walden in the final of the China Open:
Judd Trump through to the final winning 6-0 against Stephen Maguire. He'll play Ricky Walden tomorrow
So,Judd Trump goes 4-0 up on Stephen Maguire at the break
Judd Trump moves 4-0 up over Stephen Maguire in their SF in just under an hour. He needs 2 more to make the final
Judd Trump half way to the final as he takes a 3-0 lead over Stephen Maguire
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Ricky Walden's through. Will he meet Judd Trump or Stephen Maguire in the China Open final? .
John Higgins and Judd Trump breeze through, but Shaun Murphy crashes out of China Open. via
Ali Carter sends Judd Trump crashing out as Ding Junhui whitewashes Michael White in Players ...
Trump stunned by Carter: Judd Trump suffered a shock second-round exit at the Players C...
Judd Trump currently 1-0 up on Ali Carter, Ryan Day and Mike Dunn just under way
Flu-type illness surrounding the World Grand Prix - first Mark Williams, then Judd Trump, now Stuart Bingham and me!!
Defending champion Judd Trump has seen off Mark Williams while there are also wins for Stuart Bingham and Liang Wenbo
Ronnie is beaten in the Championship League final 3-2 by Judd Trump. Congrats
‘Rocket’ Ronnie vs ‘The Young Pretender’ Judd Trump. 2 stars of the world collide!
Ronnie seals a 3-0 win over Judd Trump with a 45 clearance. 20 match wins in a row for The Rocket 🚀🔥
I think if Judd Gregg has his way, there will be a brokered convention happening and it won't be for Trump or Cruz
we should petition Trump to bring production of his own wares to the US. Guy's a joke.
oh don't confuse supporters with actual facts. It will blow their tiny brains
Judd Trump edged into the semi-finals of the Masters at the Alexandra Palace with a nail-biting 6-5 win over Neil Robertson. It was a
Keynsham near Bath is home to Marcus Trescothick, Judd Trump and the man who started the football pools.
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Will Trump at Legends when they play? Place your vote...
I don't care if you like Trump or not, he is a very smart man.
when The Donald finds out about Judd Trump, he's in big trouble
You mean Judd Trump is paying Donald some sort of fee?
isn't there a snooker player called Judd Trump too? I haven't met him in fairness!
Judd Trump and Ronnie O'Sullivan during their World Championship semi-final at the Crucible in 2013.
Bravo, Judd Birdsall! "Religious intolerance is almost never about religion alone"
Without Trump the candidates can avoid name calling & focus on adult stuff like warmongering & taking away children's healthcare.
Judd Trump was nearly there with his whacky haircut a couple of years ago though
Just misread Donald Trump as Donald Judd and I think that sums up my life pretty well.
Great post by Judd Birdsall: Donald Trump would enrage Christianity's earliest followers
Judd trump best entertainer in snooker
Sometimes it's hard not to wonder if Mel Brooks has had a hand in Donald Trump's campaign .
Judd Trump on the streets, Donald Trump in the sheets
Stephen Maguire beats Mark Selby 3-2 in the final of group 3 and joins R.O'Sullivan and Judd Trump in the winner's group.
POLL: Who will prevail and join Ronnie O'Sullivan and Judd Trump in the Winners' Group?
Judd Trump reached the quarter-finals of the Masters for the first time in three years as he beat Stephen Maguire 6-4 in round one on
That Trump is so far ahead in the polls tells me the current GOP is running on fear and bigotry far more than any shred of conservatism
This is true. But Trump is also a nasty person who tells lies. Dump both their *** Vote Rubio.
I'm supporting Trump/Palin for the US election. That's Judd Trump and Michael Palin by the way.
Former US Senator Judd Gregg just said Donald Trump will finish 2nd in NH Primary. Yes Gregg is endorsing Jeb...
OMG Ashley Judd made the same argument in the movie Double Jeopardy. Worked for her.
Judd Trump's brother wins it for Liverpool
Culture is everything. There are many ways that culture will even trump the way that we look at religion.
Amen to that went to watch Snooker last week Ronnie O'Sullivan Judd Trump three days they make it look so easy!
"Judd Trump holds off Stephen Maguire to reach Masters quarter-finals"
Judd Trump reaches Masters quarter-finals after beating Stephen Maguire in round one. {dailymail}
Relief for Judd Trump after first Masters win in three years leaves Stephen Maguire fuming -
VIDEO: Trump's 'exhibition snooker' in win: Watch the best five shots from Judd Trump's 6-4 first-round victory over Stephen Maguire ...
BBC Sport - Masters 2016: Judd Trump defeats Stephen Maguire I want to see Judd Trump in the finals
Fixtures now have been typed up for Group 2 which starts tomorrow:. Mark Selby, Judd Trump & Joe Perry join in.
2 shocks as Judd trump and the cheat John Higgins both out 4-3
Underdog Rod Lawler has knocked out one of the tournament favourites Judd Trump on the final black. 4-3🎱🎱
Lawler wins a lengthy match with Judd Trump 4-3.
rod lawler beats judd trump on the black 4-3. Higgins and Trump out. Walden looking good so far, he needs matches...
Judd Trump and John Higgins both lose 4-3 in the Gibraltar Open. The draw has opened up now!
I take it it's not Judd Trump you refer to 😜
RESULT: Judd Trump breezes into the last 64 following a routine 4-0 victory over China's Zhang Yong!
WATCH: Judd Trump faces Zhang Yong on the TV Table, live on Eurosport 2!. |
'The Ace in the Pack' Judd Trump takes centre stage at the Tercentenary Sports Hall. He's up against China's Zhang Yong
Prossimo match in streaming Judd Trump vs Zhang Yong
World Champion Stuart Bingham headlines the action on day two of the while Judd Trump and John Higgins also feature!
British Eurosport2 from 8.30 for more from the Gibraltar Open: Ryan Day v Jamie Clarke, Judd Trump v Zhang Yong, Higgins v Poomjaeng + more
true, but when you compare it to the offence that Judd Trump's shoes cause me...
I keep scanning the headlines and thinking there's lots of news about Judd Trump.
I am in France didn't see this source please.
trump might have power, but Bernie and his ideologies aim to take power away from the people...
The thing to be taken away from is power! The man is dangerous.
The only Trump I care about is Judd Trump
*signs petition blocking Judd from U.K. entry*
We're talking about Judd Trump??. look I know he didn't have a good UK Championship, but he shouldn't be banned outright.
My wife wants to know if Judd is related to Donald Trump.
Who is the fastest player Neil Robertson or Judd Trump | Must Watch by - via
everytime somebody talks Trump s**t now I think to myself: 'oh dear, what has Judd done now?'
There's just one Trump I think everyone would like to see snookered and it ain't Judd!
Judd Trump is 5/1 fav to win the Gibraltar Open which begins on Friday! Selby is 11/2, Junhui 10/1, Higgins 11/1!
Steve Judd Astrology - Void moon much of the day, fall out from Trump and the chart of Ted Cruz via
It's important we think of Judd Trump at this difficult time, and all the other Trumps out there who aren't affiliated with The Donald
So turns out Donald Trump and Judd Trump aren't the same person😳 thought it was a bit strange
I'm a bit out of touch with the snooker world. Is it true that Judd Trump is standing for President?
I just signed that petition for Judd Trump to be banned from the UK.
Donald Trump tells Welsh to ban all English people from entering Wales
Judd Trump has more chance of being elected.
It's December 8th in Minnesota and it's 42° and raining. Thanks Obama/Donald Trump/Bernie Sanders
Racism has long been prevalent in Republican politics. Only difference now is that Trump is saying out loud what other Rs …
Trump won’t be done deporting everyone until the country’s population diversity looks like a Judd Apatow film.
Judd Trump bowed out of the UK Championship after losing the final five frames to Liang Wenbo, while Thailand's Thepchaiya Un-Nooh missed
BREAKING NEWS. Snooker Player Judd Trump has controversially remarked "Ban all Muslims". More soon
Judd trump is working the bar at Scrooges
Is it RINO Leadership that has you opposing Trump? Same RINO Leadership that gave us Scott Brown, Judd Gregg, Jeb Bradley +19 other RINOs
. I don't think, that Dominic Dale or Judd Trump wouldn't wear these shoes.
I added a video to a playlist "It's probably the worst I've ever felt as a professional" - Judd Trump
A surprise or two in Q4 and Judd Trump could find himself with a very favourable passage to the final. His quarter is there for the taking.
Judd Trump at the 2009 Masters at Wembley Arena. Smashing hair,
Judd Trump is odds on favourite but he's been well out of form lately.
he went off in our period too because I said "Judd you voting for Trump ain't ya?"😂
I know terrible but lush fluke! You played well boy fair play! It's like watching Judd trump watching that youngster play
The snooker starts today with Judd Trump joint fav to win the tournament. . Trump 9/2. Robertson 9/2. Selby 6/1 https:…
Judd Trump “the one to watch” knocked out at the start. Wonder if he’ll ever deliver on the hype.
Desperate attempt from Trump to boycott starbucks
Reigning world champion Stuart Bingham and sixth seed Judd Trump crashed out of the Champion of Champions.
Judd Trump reflects on a mixed start to the season, and talks new targets here in Sofia |
Next up Judd Trump, beaten finalist here last year, takes on Kyren Wilson in a repeat of the Shanghai Masters final
Kyren Wilson has knocked fav Judd Trump out of the He now plays Yuelong, who knocked out World Champ Bingham
earlier today Zhou beat world champion Stuart Bingham 4-3 from 3-1 down while Wilson knocked out Judd Trump 4-2!
Guys, get on Kyren Wilson to beat Judd Trump @ 13/8 In-Play now... Thank me later... 💣💣💣
Congratulations to Kettering's who has beaten Judd Trump 4-2 in the Champion of Champions event in Coventry...
RESULT: Kyren Wilson continues his terrific season with a 4-2 victory over Judd Trump in Coventry!
Congratulations to for beating Judd Trump 4-2 impressive and mature performance by Kyren, putting Judd under pressure. 👏🏼
Judd Trump is out of the Champion of Champions after Kyren Wilson beats him again, clinching the final frame to make it 4-2🎱
Champion of Champions . Who could expected this ? Judd Trump and Stuart Bingham are out. Round 1 . Judd Trump 2 - 4...
Kyren Wilson progress to a best of 11 quarter-final with Zhou Yuelong this evening. And Stuart Bingham and Judd Trump are already out.
The favourite is out as Kyren Wilson beats Judd Trump 4-2in their group 3 semi-final
Kyren Wilson plays some excellent safeties and then builds a 50 break to bear Judd Trump 4-2!
Another upset at The Snooker as Kyren Wilson beats Judd Trump 4-2!!
Kyren Wilson once again beats Judd Trump, mainly courtesy of his brilliant matchplay. 4-2 and into the group final against Zhou tonight
He's Done it again. Kyren Wilson beats Judd Trump 4-2 in Group stage of . Plays Zhou in Group final at 7pm GMT
just happened to be watching judd trump Rodney 😃
Another shock as Wilson beats Judd trump 4-2 meaning it's Wilson v yuelong later. The 2 favourites are out
Kyren Wilson currently leads Judd Trump 2-1 in a best of seven to decide who plays Zhou tonight
Champion of Champions continues live on Setanta Ireland with Judd Trump currently in action against on Kyren Wilson!
Mark Williams 2-1 up on Shaun Murphy, Mark Allen and Mike Dunn is 1-1 and Judd Trump and Sam Baird about to begin.
Fabulous win for Mark Williams over Judd Trump in Cardiff today - here's a very smart Williams in 1997. ht…
Judd Trump begins his Crucible campaign tonight - here is during 2007 clash with Shaun Murphy in Sheffield.
John Higgins and Judd Trump shake hands ahead of the 2011 world final in Sheffield.
Judd Trump isn't too bad, but that's about it, I think. All I see on forums is "When is playing again"
WINNER: Kyren Wilson is the 2015 Shanghai Masters champion after a thrilling 10-9 win over Judd Trump!
Martin Gould (4-2 v Stuart Bingham) and Judd Trump (4-1 v Mark Williams) are one frame away from a semifinal place in Shanghai.
Judd Trump now 4-0 in front whereas Ding is 1-1 against McManus, still confident as Ding has been in great form this season.
Tenth ton of the season for Judd Trump, looking to better his 82 from last season:
Judd Trump currently in action on British Eurosport and he's heading into a 3-0 lead against Robert Milkins already...
Ricky Walden's withdrawal means a bye for Matt Selt, who moves into the last 16 and a match with either Judd Trump or Rob Milkins
Judd Trump v Robert Milkins will be Eurosport's live match at 12.30 BST
Tune in to at 21:00 BST for Sporting Reds, which this week features Judd Trump:
next post "What Jacques Derrida thinks about what Judd Legum thinks about what Roland Barthes thinks about Donald Trump"
Robert Milkins beats Chen Zifen 5-0 in his Wildcard round and plays Judd Trump on Tuesday in last 32 at 12.30 BST.
Whew! Good! Trump is some kind of egotistic nut! Take care!
I wouldn't vote for Trump, the 'dump' if the clump-humper paid me!
. If I don't vote for Trump I am a commie? Wow,these Trump supporters are taking their stupidity to a new level.
If you do vote for Trump you're a xenophobic, white nationalist.
That's a truth they can't unequivocally deny & many have stopped pretending they're not violent bigots. Donald Trump fans..
The world number 49 from Thailand picks up his first TV title, having defeated the likes of Stuart Bingham and Judd Trump along the way.
Donald Trump has always been against the Iraq war too.
So does this mean Perry will endorse Trump?
Trump was born on third base, says he hit a yooge homer.
a must hear! Donald Trump Diss by A-DA-RICAN - Uploaded by: 200ProofEnt via all facts
Steve Judd Astrology - An astrological assessment of the horoscope of that nice Mr. trump via
To be fair, I would rather watch Trump drink *** But we take what we can get.
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh delights his home crowd with a 6-3 victory over Judd Trump!
Trump calls on CNN for all profits from the second debate to go to various VETERANS groups.
Finally, I see My best player Thxx u for Photo my dream come true..!! You the best Judd Trump 🔴⚫️best luck in game
so U reduce our skin color 2 a Donald Trump comparison?
The likelihood Judd Gregg will offer a correction for his falsehood is the same as the likelihood Trump will ever be President.
Judd Apatow: Trump Running for ‘Keep Me Famous,’ Not President: Following his appearance on last ... -sanjayator.
Apatow: Trump only runs to promote 'Celebrity Apprentice': Comedian and Director Judd Apatow discusses Donald ...
If Donald Trump can pretend to have hair than can pretend to have darker skin.
Trump to run for President? Two problems with that: Judd - you'll only be 27 in 2016, and you're English.
Donald Trump has announced he is officially running for president
I have literally more interest in who former world number one Judd Trump thinks would be a better US president.
Shot of the afternoon by Judd Trump but he misses a red and Stuart Bingham cleans up to go 8-5 up
Not happy...Judd Trump falls 14-11 behind as Stuart Bingham moves to within three frames of the final
I liked a video from Ronnie O'Sullivan 109 v Judd Trump Final Champion of Champions
Congratulations on the new season of snooker 2015-2016. Much success to you, JUDD TRUMP!
UK Champs are close, or else Judd Trump would have booked it.
Note on World Championship snooker 2015, round 1,part two. Now playing Judd Trump!
Judd Trump sent packing by Michael Holt at Shanghai Masters
Dennis Taylor's constant fawning over Judd Trump is massively cringeworthy.
are Jensen Button, Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Judd Trump triplets separated at birth?
Please when Judd Trump is crowned World Champion Monday don't let's have the headlines 'Trump towers above them all.' It's too predictable.
Shaun Murphy and Judd Trump through to quarter-finals of World Championship. Read the report:
domain names
Who stocks the shoes Judd Trump wore today?
Love watching Ding and Judd Trump play snooker 👍👍👍
Lovely relaxing day watching Bristol boy Judd trump on the green baize .Ok day gloucestershire but a super day...
INTERVAL: Judd Trump is within sight of a Quarter-Final spot after opening up a 10-6 lead overnight against Marco Fu!
Marco got a higher percentage than Judd Trump on all the key stats. (Pots, long pots and safety's) Yet Fu trails Judd 10-6 overnight.
Another good session's work from Judd Trump as he closes in on the quarter-finals, leading Marco Fu 10-6.
Judd Trump leads Marco Fu 10-6 after their 2nd session. The lads will return tomorrow from 1pm (UK time) to finish their match
Judd Trump leads Marco Fu 10-6 at the Crucible. At least we'll see a few frames tomorrow. They resume at 1pm.
2nd session result of the 2nd round:. Judd Trump 10-6 Marco Fu.
Really wish Judd Trump was going to be playing Anthony McGill in the next round. That would have been awesome.
the BBC should shame Judd Trump for cheating and make him apologies for not calling a foul in the 11th frame.
Would love a Judd Trump v Neil Robertson final
Not quite sure what the connection is between and Judd Trump's sponsor - Burger King?
Judd Trump wins the penultimate frame of the session and now leads Marco Fu 10-5.
First time I've seen Judd Trump play in this years World Champs. Absolutely ridiculous sponsorship on show.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
is Judd Trump at the Crucible to play snooker tonight or to serve fans BK Angus Burgers!?
Neil Robertson against Judd trump would be a top match to watch right now all the long potts they belt in
Judd Trump v Marco Fu now available on and
why is the Judd Trump match not on the red button?
Judd Trump and Burger King. When did that happen?
What scores the Judd trump match the crappy bbc websites not working for me...
As good as Judd Trump is, he needs to reign in the Win first then entertain!.
it's how Judd trump describes his 'style' of play
Bit of a contrast at the snooker tonight between Shaun Murphy sponsored by and Judd Trump sponsored by Burger King.
Got Judd Trump on this evening. His flair and brand of 'naughty snooker' is what snooker needs. Fun to watch.
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