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Judd Nelson

Judd Asher Nelson (born November 28, 1959) is an American actor.

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And i would date someone like Judd NelsonπŸ˜‚
But when are they going add Judd Nelson and Anthony Michael Hall to the cast as terrorists?
I remember watching The Breakfast Club on network TV, when Judd Nelson said "suck my socks"
oh yeah I loved that film! The intro constantly teasing UFOs was great. And was Judd Nelson the spaceship
Look where Iowa's Nicholas Baer is when the shot goes up.
Fancy judd nelson in the Breakfast Club
So question then...which one of his costars is Judd Nelson? :-D
Last year: Lunch with Judd Nelson. Goal this year: Lunch with Werner Herzog.
I just want a Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club thrusting his fist into the air bc he knows he got me... lol
So somewhere around 1/8 of students and a bunch of people bus in a protest a law that has zero impact on 98% of word Muslims..
Teams and drivers from the 1989 F1 season. Lotus-Judd-101. 11. Nelson Piquet. 12. Satoru Nakajima.
I just watched St. Elmo's Fire purely for Judd Nelson's face
lol that was how I memorized Breakfast Club. "You stinkin dummies," Judd Nelson said
Urkel got some handles but check out Judd Nelson with the reverse
Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club will forever be a heartthrob ❀😍
John Hughes was open to that rehearsal. This can only happen if the director and/or the writer are open to that. Judd Nelson
bashing you is fine. But dragging poor Judd Nelson into this...
When I hear "don't you forget about me" all I EVER think of is judd Nelson walking across the football field with his fist in the air 😏
Say hi to Judd Nelson for me, and mention that I loved him in Billionaire Boys Club.
How did Judd Nelson go from looking 19 in 1985 with The Breakfast Club to 38 in 1989 with New Jack City?
this is the biggest no brainer ever. The fact he hasn't just said "yes" means he is the problem not the solution.
you blew it - it's over. What right do you have over anyone else? The internet has provided a medium for the people to decide.
and these idiotic op-eds this morning in defense of the media?? Everyone knows circulation down.Stop trying to market around this
NEVER ELECTED YOU. You are essentially the HOUSE OF LORDS..Chuck-you blew it! All of you!
Chuck - honestly - people never elected you.Just because your firms own wires/satellites doesn't give you gravitas.
Frida - can you find the grammatical mistake?
How did Judd Nelson go from cute rebel in the Breakfast Club to crazy looking guy?
There is more nasal breathing in this movie, you would think Dolly was played by Judd Nelson
I want to be Judd Nelson from Breakfast Club pose?
Everyone seems pretty unimpressed by Judd Nelson... Dang.
For reals though how handsome is Judd Nelson in person?
We're here at so stop by our booth and win cool stuff! Also did you see Judd Nelson in the beer line?!
I kinda turned into Judd Nelson in when my ex came to collect his things.
As I sit here at my dining room table, I find myself wondering, what does Judd Nelson eat for breakfast? πŸ€”πŸ€”
Chuck - come on man. When will you realize there is a difference between "freedom of information" and "talking…
But especially Judd Nelson. Because says "Judd Nelson gives me hives". And I want to see him all itchy.
Judd Nelson was in it so I didnt feel too dirty. Got my aging Brat Pack in for the night.
Yeah, but does it star Anthony Michael Hall and Judd Nelson?
what did I do to deserve such epic splendor? (Judd Nelson & Sarah Purcell too!)πŸ’–πŸ’«β€¦
🌸The Breakfast Club🌸. - Molly Ringwald. - Judd Nelson. "My God, are we going to be like our parents?"
I think u got me a few times with some of these moves.
. Judd Nelson. From the final scene of The Breakfast Club.
I'm self-conscious about my Judd Nelson/Shia LaBeouf nostrils, but on the bright side I can probably smell things better than most people.
Would you rather fight one Judge Reinhold sized Judd Nelson or 20 Judd Nelson sized Judge Reinholds?
First, Anthony Michael Hall and now Judge Reinhold--not a good time to be an '80s movie star. Don't get arrested, Judd Nelson!
only if Loki gets the Judd Nelson role.
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Who knew that is a remake of. BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB (1987) - Montage (Judd Nelson Movie)
HAWKEYE STATE! 3-0 this week. Men, women and even the managers beat the clones.
A couple legends stopped by the team's shootaround this afternoon in CHA. Welcome back to Iowa City Lute Olson and Ronnie Le…
New Jack City is one of my favorite movies of all time! Your character, as Pooky, crazy *** Judd Nelson. The reality
Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club on a spaceship. Aw hyeah.
Watching New Jack City. Judd Nelson AND Mario Van Peebles in the same movie! Don't make 'em like they used to.
My first love is acting on stage. A sitcom is a hybrid of stage and ...
My money is on Judd Nelson getting banjo'd this week.
.idk, man. If Carl's Jr. is like a Judd Nelson version of Mike Pence's Anthony Michael Hall in this poor Breakfast Club analogy
Well Judd Nelson was at BotCon this year. Either way a French stereotype for Hot Rod is way out of left field.
In another world: Judd Nelson wins the big game. "Where'd you learn to do that?" "I learned it from you, dad. I learned it from you" embrace
Kinder eggs, Judd Nelson, canes with diamond hilts
I've seen the 1987 miniseries on BBC. I thought Judd Nelson did a masterful job in his portrayal of Joe Hunt. This…
Hot Rod is my favorite autobot. It puzzles me that The Last Knight one is not Flashy & not Judd Nelson, TF Animated…
Shawn has never looked more like Judd Nelson.
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Judd Nelson's parents are such dirtbirds like who looks at their newborn and thinks 'ah yes...Judd.'
As a kid I had a crush on Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch.
Hotrod speaks with a French accent? Judd Nelson wanted no parts of that huh?
Getting an 81 on the physics test has got me feeling like Judd Nelson at the end of Breakfast Club πŸŽ‰πŸ™πŸΌ
that's a lot of hair you got going on there Judd Nelson
Walked into my bedroom right as Judd Nelson thrusts his fist into the air with Simple Minds playing in the background. Classic timing.
I need me a young Judd Nelson that dude was hot
There are 2 kids at this preschool who look like they could be Judd Nelson's kids, and it's seriously killing me 😭😍
Hot Rod does not have a french accent that's so disrespectful to Judd Nelson. Do not give Hot Rod a french accent!
Walking out of my business law final like freaking Judd Nelson
You should run around singing "I wanna be an Airborne Ranger" like Judd Nelson in the Breakfast Club.
why is judd nelson SO funny tell me smb
If Judd Nelson doesn't reprise his roll as Hot Rod in I probably won't watch it.
And we won't get Nimoy as Galvatron. But I bet Judd Nelson is available for Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime.
Just saw a kid run down the hallway of the school. Really wanted the full Judd Nelson "I want to be an Air Force ranger"
All purpose parts banner
Happy 56th Birthday to my favorite Breakfast Club character, Judd Nelson. I was this dude in 1985.
I rated Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story (2016) 6/10 western just about better than average, with Judd Nelson
Every time I see Jack Capuano I wonder when did Judd Nelson get into pro hockey.
Judd Nelson, Michael Anthony hall, Ally Sheedy were very good in the Breakfast Club .
thoughts on Judd Nelson's legal...prowess in "From the Hip"? (Read: shenanigans) Cough.
Why haven't I ever seen Judd Nelson's "From the Hip"?? This is GREAT. . you need to see this.
I read Hot Rod is going to be in the next Transformers movie. I sure hope Judd Nelson is asked to be the voice.
Best criticism of Relentless on IMDb: "Judd Nelson was boring, nothing that Rutger Hauer wouldn't have done better".
The prosecutor throws the case so his friend Judd Nelson can win and get famous. Starting to wonder if Hillary and Trump planned this.
Love love love! Mine was Breakfast Club - Judd Nelson was my celebrity crush
Dad barked it at Knoxville one more time. Thanks Uncle
.leads the field in the A main driving car in the
where is my generation's Judd Nelson?? Where???
After 30 years, I think Judd Nelson's performance in was deserving of an His performance is st…
Judd Nelson looks like a young Al Pacino
Judd Nelson's been doing crappy stuff wow
Clearly is the class rebel. The Judd Nelson of this class.
You did an awesome job keeping the show going. πŸ‘
So i noticed this.why the heck does Judd Nelson look like my ex if you look at him up close. πŸ–•πŸ˜·
Nevermind! Great job tonight by everyone at Once again u nailed it. Great job Mr Mcoy
Don't hate the player, hate the game
omg.Judd, are you kidding me right now. If the "R" words happens...this is all on you!!! 😜
What happens if we rain out before the A main?
unfortunately Judd Nelson...its just too late...we will always forget about you. from now anyway. But always remember this film
I think the dark horse is Cap Henry!
You look like a cross between a young Judd Nelson and Finn from The Sopranos.
Wow..the place to be is Celebrate Church parking lot! Top 4 points, The King, & Wild Child! Stop by! http…
I added a video to a playlist JUDD NELSON DOES ROSIE
Why do Anthony Michael Hall looks like malcolm mcdowell and judd nelson looks like robert downey or al pacino or dustin hoffman
Any idea how long it has been since Sonner 47 made the A on Saturday night?
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dont you forget about me. Closest character to Harambe ever on screen is Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club.
next yr The Mayor and family/friends might make an appearance back at the Nationals.
On my first date with Judd Nelson he took me to see Full Metal Jacket. Nothing says romance like a war movie.
I'm involved with Recording Artists and Actors Against Drunk Driving. I'm also involved with mo
At the end of The Breakfast Club, Judd Nelson throws his fist up because he was happy that he got a new ear ring.
What about Judge Reinhold or, in a pinch, Judd Nelson?
Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy always seemed like they came from low income homes.
"you don't have any goals!"(Sport/Emilio Estevez)..John Bender/Judd Nelson)."oh, but I do, I wanna be just like you" https…
anyone who says they didn't fall in love with Judd Nelson as John Bender in The Breakfast Club is lying 😍😍😍
Watching a fav & seeing my teen crushes: Judd Nelson, Andrew McCarthy, Emilio Estevez. They're all still HOT! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Robert stack, Judd Nelson, Orson Welles AND dinobots? *** yeah it's a great movie . RIP Optimus
This morning we were eating & I and I saw mark wahlburg and smiled, now I'm at lunch and a table over is Judd Nelson,and whoopi goldberg!
Whoa. as a mailman in this Hail Caesar movie by Anthony Michael Hall, starring Robert Downey Jr & Judd Nelson
Paul Ryan is staring at Obama like Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club.
All guys like to think we're Judd Nelson - but at some point we have to admit we're a little more Anthony Michael Hall.
Thats why shaun ryder looks so familiar, he reminds me of judd nelson.
Ally Sheedy in St. Elmo's Fire. Not a good movie, but she does dump both Andrew McCarthy and Judd Nelson.
The preppy girl ends up with Judd Nelson
Judd Nelson from Black Swan stars in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days about an inconsistent Photographer named Stuart
too bad Judd Nelson looks like this now
I know a dude that looks a lot like David Duchovny and he smoked a dube with Judd Nelson and I laugh when I remember this
You just made my night. And just missed Simple Minds having a Judd Nelson moment
My little brother would be the 1 raising his arm up like Judd Nelson at the end of the Breakfast Club in his musical
Kirsten's Christmas Past is pretty *** enjoyable. Stars woman from UnREAL, Nelson Judd, mom from Lying Game (I think)
I watched Breakfast Club last night so I dressed like Judd Nelson today from the movie- one of my coworkers pointed it out. πŸ™†πŸ»
Somewhere out there Judd Nelson waits. He waits.
Sometimes you just have to have a Judd Nelson/The Breakfast Club kinda day. I'm diggin' it.…
I just watched for the thousandth time & Judd Nelson still looks like he smells in this movie.
Wakes up randomly in the middle of the night just in time to see Judd Nelson throw his fist in the air 😎✊🏼
Confession: I still have a huge crush on the 1980's Judd Nelson.
domain names
oops... turns out just Judd Nelson is in that one, but the other girl from the Breakfast Club is lol πŸ‘―
Words don't describe how much I love Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club
I fall in love with Judd Nelson every time I watch the Breakfast Club πŸ˜“
I've always had a crush on Judd Nelson and Val Kilmer.
You know who was really hot when they were younger? Judd Nelson. You know who got really creepy when they got older? Judd Nelson.
I wish Judd Nelson never grew up and always looked like he does in the Breakfast Club 😍
Judd Nelson joins big-screen BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB as father of guy he played in 1987 miniseries:
I ship Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson so hard.
I discovered that, after all these years thinking I was Anthony Michael Hall, I was really Judd Nelson πŸ˜‚πŸ˜£
He was a cutie. I was all about Emilio Estevez and Judd Nelson. :3
my freshman roommate's name is John Bender. which is also Judd Nelson's name in Breakfast Club.
Judd Nelson from Northern Exposure, Numb3rs stars in Casino Royale about a crafty Parole or probation officer named Delano
I think Judd Nelson in his prime was cooler than I can ever be
Judd Nelson plays a label exec in Airheads and a label boss in Empire. Decided they're in the same universe.
Carrie I think you're the Judd Nelson of the group here.
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I'm going to pretend to have Judd Nelson nostrils for Halloween! Thanks for the costume, leapfar!
young Judd Nelson's flaring nostrils give me life
Talking to Georgia about pretty in pink and Judd Nelson when she's drunk is quite amusing
you sound like Judd Nelson from the Breakfast Club πŸ’€
The moment you realise Judd Nelson is your style icon Thanks
P.s. Judd Nelson was my high school crush.. I mean.. we didn't date but I googled him a lot so like. We kinda did
i fell in love with judd nelson immediately i finished watching The Breakfast Club...
You slip her the hot beef injection? -Judd Nelson
Not going to lie as I left work "Don't you forget about me" played in my head and I fist pumped into the air like Judd Nelson! Vacation Time
true tho. Matthew Lillard is like the new Judd Nelson
Hot Rod is good, gotta love the Judd Nelson voice πŸ˜› Windblade from Combiner Wars is gorgeous, too. Or Prime version Arcee.
Oh Keerist Judd Nelson what hapened to you
blatant disrespect? Worry less about Judd Nelson and more about a friend that was light in your darkest hours.
A fancy watch, it's completely unnecessary. I just need a watch to tell the right time. Judd Nelson.
I'd like to see the audition tapes from The Breakfast Club when John Cusack was supposed to play the Judd Nelson character.
*punches air and walks away like Judd Nelson at the end of Breakfast Club*
pls allow me to quote Judd Nelson): Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever you were gonna do anyway
'NZ is no longer the Judd Nelson to Australia's Rob Lowe'
why did Judd Nelson have to age so badly? he was such a babe in the 80s.
β€œDoes Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?” –Judd Nelson β€˜The Breakfast Club’
saw you in the movie Mayor Cupcake today with Judd Nelson and Leah Thompson. Nice job playing Gavin Degraw, you nailed it!
I feel like we're stuck in detention. It's like The Breakfast Club and Bush is Anthony Michael Hall and Trump is Judd Nelson.
Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez and Rob Lowe in one movie? Weow 😍
One of my favourite songs of all time! πŸ’œ *Punches fist into air like Judd Nelson*
Chris Rock's appearance led to New Jack City discussion led to Judd Nelson discussion led to St. Elmo's fire discussion in the press box FYI
i so wanted to marry Judd Nelson...
St. Elmo's Fire now? Why hello Judd Nelson.. It's an 80s day ❀
I remember the spat between Owen Jones when he was a sperm, and Judd Nelson, over the Iran-Contra affair.
Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson and Molly Ringwald on the set of β€˜The Breakfast Club'
Watching the one with Chris Reeve and Judd Nelson.
Good Evening Syfy Channel Happy Thursday to you HI I would like to request Cabin By the lake with Judd Nelson please and thank you
Had a great time on set this weekend for the film Downside of Bliss starring Judd Nelson, Ron Pucillo, and...
Spotted: Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson at the local mall
Wow, Judd Nelson smoulders in this New Jack City poster
sweets. you couldn't ignore me if you tried. ~Judd Nelson πŸ’•
Bet y'all didn't know Billy Beretti from and Bender from are both played by Judd Nelson
Fun Fact: 'The Breakfast Club' had plans for sequels every 10 years, but John Hughes and Judd Nelson hated each other
once had a beer with Judd Nelson and recreated scenes from The Breakfast Club
"I guess I'll get drunk and watch every Judd Nelson movie I have"
I liken it to an old movie with Judd Nelson, "Relentless." He would convince his victims to kill themselves. Creepy.
if Obama is as bad or worse than Bush.then you are as bad or worse than Judd Nelson.
I saw what I thought was a homeless fellow on the way to work. Turns out it was just Judd Nelson.
Travelling to South London on the tube dressed like Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club. Because improv. *Simple Minds air punch*
Steel is directed by Kenneth Johnson, and stars Shaquille O'Neal, Annabeth Gish, Judd Nelson, Richard Roundtree,...
Watching in I am more and more convinced that he actually Judd Nelson.
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Anyone who got to make out with Judd Nelson in the 80s has literally achieved my life goal... I'm upset!
4 Pictures Added | Judd Nelson - Judd Nelson out and about in Beverly Hills walking in heavy workman boots, le...
Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club makes me want to cry bc he's beautiful. I love him in that movie.
I watched St.Elmo's Fire 3 times today solely for Andrew McCarthy, Rob Lowe, and Judd Nelson.
I'm all about some 80's Judd Nelson 😍😍😍
Favorite part of work is feeling like Judd Nelson, putting my fist in the air when my shift is over.
via JUDD NELSON EMBRACES THE TRANSIENT LOOK - It’s about time that guys realize what a beard REALL...
Judd Nelson is one of my favorite actors of all time
Judd Nelson is a beautiful creature whether he's a rebel or an aspiring politician
Did I end a meeting re: reinforcement by yelling and giving a Judd Nelson style fist pump? cc:
I'm gonna pull a Judd Nelson tomorrow when the bell rings
Did it. Did on behalf of Judd Nelson.
answer: "The Breakfast Club" was supposed to have sequels every ten years after but didn't, because Judd Nelson and John...
Judd Nelson is coming back for a Mighty Ducks / New Jack City xover?
I wish they had the Judd Nelson fist pump as an emoji
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Judd Nelson is still my favorite Breakfast Club actor. Ally Sheedy close second, but I have always adored Bender. John Hughes 4 life.
"Jage" back in high school dressed like Judd Nelson's John Bender. And he said Alison's mom liked him back then. Interesting...
Judd Nelson is classic in this movie!
The Breakfast Club song came on at this graduation ceremony &my daughter made me fist pump like Judd NelsonπŸ˜‚
Knoxville back in the day, no backstrech grandstands, no Hall of Fame, and the pace car was Dodge Superbird!
Devin look like a young Judd Nelson and 1990's brad Pitt had a baby and I will never think anything different
i call this speight's Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club moment.
Some Caley players too nervous to eat, but Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson and Molly Ringwald have joined John Hughes in The Breakfast Club
...and perhaps most 90s, Steel features Judd Nelson acting in whatever piece of crap film that will pay him a couple bucks.
Why can't my life be directed by John Hughes so Judd Nelson can be my boyfriend
Any chance u put a 47 on the car tomorrow for Gilly?
Judd Nelson starred in a so-so made-for-TV movie called LOST VOYAGE, which is infinitely better than NURSE.
Or 'the Breakfast Club' .. I want Judd Nelson to thrust his fist in the air because he knew he'd got me...
Or worse, a complete FING loser who sucked Judd Nelson on the Breakfast Club.
I totally just did the Judd Nelson fist pump from in the car because
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Judd Nelson in the Breakfast Club will forever be my first bad boy crush 😍
Gus: Shawn, that isn't you, is it? . Shawn: No it isn't. Gus: It's Judd Nelson, isn't it?
Judd Nelson and Robert Downey Jr are basically the same person in my mind.
Lightweight crush on Judd Nelson in the Breakfast Club
Judd Nelson is out of the spelling bee.
And then this came on. *Judd Nelson triumphant fist thrust in the air*
Judd Nelson was so hot in The Breakfast Club and now he's just so not
My first day was a success! *insert Judd Nelson fist here* I made a new friend and my boss is super great!
I had a dream that I met Judd Nelson. One of the best dreams I've ever had. Now I really want to meet him.
How can anyone see this movie and not forever be crushing on Judd Nelson? πŸ‘€
Does this mean Sepp Blatter and FIFA will be replaced by Judd Nelson and Pro Evo as the the new global governing body of football?
why does your bio just say Judd Nelson
Friends if you can help this family by sharing their story please do so.
Except the scene when Judd Nelson (aka John Bender) badgered her in the Breakfast Club...
Tell me, what does Judd Nelson eat for breakfast?? πŸ˜ƒ
Walking out of there like Judd Nelson at the end of THE Breakfast Club πŸ™ŒπŸ»
"This isn't real. You know what it is? It's St. Elmo's Fire." @ Judd Nelson & Ally Sheedy πŸ’ž
Embrace your inner Judd Nelson. Pierce your ear, wear a long coat, throw lunch meat at the decor, and kiss Molly Ringwald.
am I the only person to see the movie FROM THE HIP? right out of the movie.1987 starring Judd Nelson
Also, oh 1980s Judd Nelson. How much you contributed to my early sexual awakening.
yup. Judd Nelson's best. Molly still has too many to count. I don't think i've added it to the list but 'The Sure Thing' is fuunn
also I feel like jake watched Judd Nelson in New Jack City and adapted that part.
Judd Nelson can't help it, he pulls a gun on him. But doesn't shoot. He's the higher self you see, the Angel on the Shoulder.
Kicks in doors, while Judd Nelson closes in.
Judd Nelson spent fives minutes berating the guy for being a drunk who saw things that weren't there for Chrissakes.
I really cant watch 80s movies with my friends bc they always make comments ab how big Judd Nelson's nostrils are
Judd Nelson is the cop that shows up to investigate the non-events happening at his house
Judd Nelson is why girls like bad boys
One of them looks just like Judd Nelson.
Ralph just played the real 6 Degrees2Kevin Bacon on HBO. I told you it's legit! Also it reduced me to 3 degrees*Judd Nelson fist*
enjoyed the Judd Nelson reference in the episode you directed
Dreamt I was shopping for groceries with Judd Nelson's character from the Breakfast Club. He wouldn't let me buy orange juice. What a ***
Me when I walk out of the school tomorrow:. -Judd Nelson fist pump-
Judd Nelson looks so old and ruined which is sad because 30 years ago he'd have been a poster boy on my bedroom wall.
I want 1985 Judd Nelson to throw his fist up in the air for me
Judd Nelson from The Mummy stars in Percy Jackson & the Olympians about a wary Editor named Donell
I'm actually in love with Judd Nelson
Judd Nelson is one of the best 80's actors and probably of all time. He's always been one of my favorites too
Did you know: Anaheim isn't even a real place. It's the fictional setting for all John Hughes movies. Judd Nelson was an original Duck.
Rob Lowe and Judd Nelson in "St. Elmo's Fire" is worth building a time machine for. Call me Bridget McFly.
Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club still got me swoonin
I've got this disgusting crush on 80's Judd Nelson. Those flared nostrils
Hear! Hear! Raises and Throws Fist in a Sixteen Candles, Judd Nelson kind of way... DeepField! Jst sayin..
I think you look more like Molly Ringwald than Judd Nelson.
Wow, Judd Nelson just popped up in a SUIT no less! lol
Judd Nelson and Naomi Campbell in the same episode of Empire. Wonderfully trashy but I love it!
OMG! Why didn't anyone tell me was in as
So the lead actors in Date And Switch look like Judd Nelson and
Judd Nelson was fit in the Breakfast Club
So Judd Nelson plays a character called Beretti on Is that a take-off of Nick Peretti, his character in New Jack City?
Just realised that Judd Nelson plays Beretti in .
Judd nelson in empire I legit just pee'ed my pants
Judd Nelson is the only person who can look exactly the same and yet completely different from the person he was 30 years ago..
u know when u accidentally call Judd Nelson dad in front of ur mothership
Six bratty kids get locked in detention for 8 hrs and die off, one-by-one Oh and I'd put Judd Nelson in it
Just a reminder that me and Judd Nelson appeared on TV together. I'm basically famous. (Next to his right shoulder.)
Having a Judd Nelson type of morning
That theory is proven by Judd Nelson and Liam Neeson.
and prevented Judd Nelson from getting fired from Breakfast Club (Nelson was in character 24-7 and annoying everyone)
Youth is everything. Judd Nelson proved that.
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EXCLUSIVE: Actor Judd Nelson discusses his new projects and his love for the characters on the hit show 'Empire' on…
My relationship with my step dad is definable by comparing us to the principal and Judd Nelson in
it's because he has that Judd Nelson hair!
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