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Judd Nelson

Judd Asher Nelson (born November 28, 1959) is an American actor.

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"I guess I'll get drunk and watch every Judd Nelson movie I have"
I liken it to an old movie with Judd Nelson, "Relentless." He would convince his victims to kill themselves. Creepy.
if Obama is as bad or worse than Bush.then you are as bad or worse than Judd Nelson.
I saw what I thought was a homeless fellow on the way to work. Turns out it was just Judd Nelson.
Travelling to South London on the tube dressed like Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club. Because improv. *Simple Minds air punch*
Steel is directed by Kenneth Johnson, and stars Shaquille O'Neal, Annabeth Gish, Judd Nelson, Richard Roundtree,...
Watching in I am more and more convinced that he actually Judd Nelson.
Anyone who got to make out with Judd Nelson in the 80s has literally achieved my life goal... I'm upset!
4 Pictures Added | Judd Nelson - Judd Nelson out and about in Beverly Hills walking in heavy workman boots, le...
Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club makes me want to cry bc he's beautiful. I love him in that movie.
I watched St.Elmo's Fire 3 times today solely for Andrew McCarthy, Rob Lowe, and Judd Nelson.
I'm all about some 80's Judd Nelson 😍😍😍
Favorite part of work is feeling like Judd Nelson, putting my fist in the air when my shift is over.
*thrusts fist into the air like Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club*
via JUDD NELSON EMBRACES THE TRANSIENT LOOK - It’s about time that guys realize what a beard REALL...
Judd Nelson is one of my favorite actors of all time
Judd Nelson is a beautiful creature whether he's a rebel or an aspiring politician
Did I end a meeting re: reinforcement by yelling and giving a Judd Nelson style fist pump? cc:
I'm gonna pull a Judd Nelson tomorrow when the bell rings
Did it. Did on behalf of Judd Nelson.
answer: "The Breakfast Club" was supposed to have sequels every ten years after but didn't, because Judd Nelson and John...
Judd Nelson is coming back for a Mighty Ducks / New Jack City xover?
I wish they had the Judd Nelson fist pump as an emoji
Judd Nelson is still my favorite Breakfast Club actor. Ally Sheedy close second, but I have always adored Bender. John Hughes 4 life.
"Jage" back in high school dressed like Judd Nelson's John Bender. And he said Alison's mom liked him back then. Interesting...
Judd Nelson is classic in this movie!
The Breakfast Club song came on at this graduation ceremony &my daughter made me fist pump like Judd Nelson😂
Knoxville back in the day, no backstrech grandstands, no Hall of Fame, and the pace car was Dodge Superbird!
Devin look like a young Judd Nelson and 1990's brad Pitt had a baby and I will never think anything different
i call this speight's Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club moment.
Some Caley players too nervous to eat, but Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson and Molly Ringwald have joined John Hughes in The Breakfast Club
...and perhaps most 90s, Steel features Judd Nelson acting in whatever piece of crap film that will pay him a couple bucks.
Why can't my life be directed by John Hughes so Judd Nelson can be my boyfriend
Any chance u put a 47 on the car tomorrow for Gilly?
Judd Nelson starred in a so-so made-for-TV movie called LOST VOYAGE, which is infinitely better than NURSE.
Or 'the Breakfast Club' .. I want Judd Nelson to thrust his fist in the air because he knew he'd got me...
Or worse, a complete FING loser who sucked Judd Nelson on the Breakfast Club.
I totally just did the Judd Nelson fist pump from in the car because
Judd Nelson in the Breakfast Club will forever be my first bad boy crush 😍
Gus: Shawn, that isn't you, is it? . Shawn: No it isn't. Gus: It's Judd Nelson, isn't it?
That moment when you feel like Judd Nelson at the end of The Breakfast Club.
Judd Nelson and Robert Downey Jr are basically the same person in my mind.
Lightweight crush on Judd Nelson in the Breakfast Club
Judd Nelson is out of the spelling bee.
And then this came on. *Judd Nelson triumphant fist thrust in the air*
Judd Nelson was so hot in The Breakfast Club and now he's just so not
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
My first day was a success! *insert Judd Nelson fist here* I made a new friend and my boss is super great!
I had a dream that I met Judd Nelson. One of the best dreams I've ever had. Now I really want to meet him.
How can anyone see this movie and not forever be crushing on Judd Nelson? 👀
Does this mean Sepp Blatter and FIFA will be replaced by Judd Nelson and Pro Evo as the the new global governing body of football?
why does your bio just say Judd Nelson
I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me, Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got me.
Friends if you can help this family by sharing their story please do so.
Except the scene when Judd Nelson (aka John Bender) badgered her in the Breakfast Club...
Tell me, what does Judd Nelson eat for breakfast?? 😃
Walking out of there like Judd Nelson at the end of THE Breakfast Club 🙌🏻
"This isn't real. You know what it is? It's St. Elmo's Fire." @ Judd Nelson & Ally Sheedy 💞
Embrace your inner Judd Nelson. Pierce your ear, wear a long coat, throw lunch meat at the decor, and kiss Molly Ringwald.
am I the only person to see the movie FROM THE HIP? right out of the movie.1987 starring Judd Nelson
Also, oh 1980s Judd Nelson. How much you contributed to my early sexual awakening.
yup. Judd Nelson's best. Molly still has too many to count. I don't think i've added it to the list but 'The Sure Thing' is fuunn
also I feel like jake watched Judd Nelson in New Jack City and adapted that part.
Judd Nelson can't help it, he pulls a gun on him. But doesn't shoot. He's the higher self you see, the Angel on the Shoulder.
Kicks in doors, while Judd Nelson closes in.
Judd Nelson spent fives minutes berating the guy for being a drunk who saw things that weren't there for Chrissakes.
I really cant watch 80s movies with my friends bc they always make comments ab how big Judd Nelson's nostrils are
Judd Nelson is the cop that shows up to investigate the non-events happening at his house
Judd Nelson is why girls like bad boys
One of them looks just like Judd Nelson.
Ralph just played the real 6 Degrees2Kevin Bacon on HBO. I told you it's legit! Also it reduced me to 3 degrees*Judd Nelson fist*
enjoyed the Judd Nelson reference in the episode you directed
Dreamt I was shopping for groceries with Judd Nelson's character from the Breakfast Club. He wouldn't let me buy orange juice. What a ***
Me when I walk out of the school tomorrow:. -Judd Nelson fist pump-
Judd Nelson looks so old and ruined which is sad because 30 years ago he'd have been a poster boy on my bedroom wall.
I want 1985 Judd Nelson to throw his fist up in the air for me
Judd Nelson from The Mummy stars in Percy Jackson & the Olympians about a wary Editor named Donell
I'm actually in love with Judd Nelson
Judd Nelson is one of the best 80's actors and probably of all time. He's always been one of my favorites too
Did you know: Anaheim isn't even a real place. It's the fictional setting for all John Hughes movies. Judd Nelson was an original Duck.
Rob Lowe and Judd Nelson in "St. Elmo's Fire" is worth building a time machine for. Call me Bridget McFly.
Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club still got me swoonin
I've got this disgusting crush on 80's Judd Nelson. Those flared nostrils
Whenever I come up with a new secret menu item I put my arm up in the air like Judd Nelson from Breakfast Club
Hear! Hear! Raises and Throws Fist in a Sixteen Candles, Judd Nelson kind of way... DeepField! Jst sayin..
I think you look more like Molly Ringwald than Judd Nelson.
Wow, Judd Nelson just popped up in a SUIT no less! lol
Judd Nelson and Naomi Campbell in the same episode of Empire. Wonderfully trashy but I love it!
OMG! Why didn't anyone tell me was in as
So the lead actors in Date And Switch look like Judd Nelson and
Judd Nelson was fit in the Breakfast Club
So Judd Nelson plays a character called Beretti on Is that a take-off of Nick Peretti, his character in New Jack City?
Just realised that Judd Nelson plays Beretti in .
Judd nelson in empire I legit just pee'ed my pants
Judd Nelson is the only person who can look exactly the same and yet completely different from the person he was 30 years ago..
u know when u accidentally call Judd Nelson dad in front of ur mothership
Six bratty kids get locked in detention for 8 hrs and die off, one-by-one Oh and I'd put Judd Nelson in it
Just a reminder that me and Judd Nelson appeared on TV together. I'm basically famous. (Next to his right shoulder.)
Having a Judd Nelson type of morning
That theory is proven by Judd Nelson and Liam Neeson.
and prevented Judd Nelson from getting fired from Breakfast Club (Nelson was in character 24-7 and annoying everyone)
Youth is everything. Judd Nelson proved that.
EXCLUSIVE: Actor Judd Nelson discusses his new projects and his love for the characters on the hit show 'Empire' on…
My relationship with my step dad is definable by comparing us to the principal and Judd Nelson in
it's because he has that Judd Nelson hair!
You'll never be Judd Nelson though and that's a problem
"I used to have this recurring dream that Judd Nelson would ask me to marry him" My mother ladies and gentleman
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It's great to work with people that you LIKE!... Any job, no matter what you do! -Judd Nelson & I'm…
Forever in love with young Judd Nelson 😍
Find me a younger version of the beautiful Judd Nelson and I will be eternally happy
If you do the Judd Nelson fist pump, you are required to blast Simple Minds in the background.
I wanted to do a Judd Nelson fist pump so many times reading that. Thank you for writing it.
I already decided when I graduate I'm taking a picture like Judd Nelson at the end of the Breakfast Club
others steal the movie , Lowe, Nelson , Ally Sheedy ( she's the pretty girl who leaves Judd Nelson for McCarthy) .
Chris Marquette's delightful. Love him more than Judd Nelson.See this before Night Of The Living Deb
On FLIX right now From The Hip starring Elizabeth Perkins & Judd Nelson.
Side note: what has happened to Judd Nelson?
Judd Nelson and Cuba Gooding Jnr in Too many OGs... and enough to make me put up with Luscious dressing like a 70s pimp.
Which reminds me of the part in St. Elmo's Fire when Judd Nelson shouts "WASTED. LOVE."
Its Judd Nelson. Thats who you're dating. A Breakfast Clubber.
26-04 was Ashley Judd Nelson wederom was het
we talk about Batman and Robin being Schumaker's insane peak, It's got nothing on Yuppie Judd Nelson.
Fun fact: Judd Nelson was a member of the Black Panthers which inspired the famous final scene of "The Breakfast Club"
Judd Nelson was so hot when he was younger
“lil mixture of Ye' & Judd Nelson Breakfast Club Marcel gives me heart problems. 😍
Any guess what TMac is gonna do with his ride? AMac? Park it? U gonna drive it?
Wasn't Boat driving a bright orange Really bright orange! I remember his rig parked west of town and watching them work.
John Doran works out Judd Nelson's part in his alcoholism.
I feel like Judd Nelson after Breakfast Club
Fan girling because I got to meet Judd Nelson from the Breakfast Club last night
Can we talk about Judd Nelson's transformation from Breakfast Club to Baretti? Wow!
Don't think there's ever been a more perfect application for Judd Nelson laughing at Nino dying than George Zimmerman getting shot
longterm private longing for Judd Nelson finally paying off
Judd Nelson is on an episode of That makes sense, I suppose. When I think of hip-hop, I think of the dude from "Breakfast Club".
Judd T. Nelson returns in COACH next year
American Idol with judges Lucious, Cookie, & Judd Nelson. There, I just save Fox.
its about a bunch of spoilt white kids (bar Judd Nelson) and how they can't deal with puberty . idk if it was made today.
Graduation I'll be cheesin, give a Judd Nelson fist pump, then probably walk away with both middle fingers up and have a celebratory drink
Like Judd Nelson's Breakfast Club outro, but awesome.
Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson on the set of ‘The Breakfast Club'
After getting through this week, I feel like Judd Nelson in the final shot of The Breakfast Club.
Some days walking out of work you just want to throw a Judd Nelson style fist like the end of The Breakfast Club. This was one of those days
I named my boobs Robert Lowe and Judd nelson
If u were having a bad hair day and couldn't race, who would u put in ur car? Not that u would ever have a bad hair day!😉
This is my best friend. He is not a hedgehog. His name is Judd (Nelson).
Bit of a Breakfast Club-era Judd Nelson thing goin on there, fella.
Judd Nelson as a streetwise youth getting paid to attend college in the place of a rich brat. It's great!
I can't wait to hear how Bill Simmons describes his departure. My money's on Judd Nelson at the end of Breakfast Club. Maybe Karate Kid II.
My friend Nelson,This is Tees and Hoodies are named by you! Click here!:
Sounds like Judd Nelson got himself into a fair share of trouble.
to when Judd Nelson found his way into my arms at the thrift store. Best...find...EVER!!…
Lol that too. But I love him b/c he may be the only person that loves Judd Nelson more than me
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Judd Nelson is not dead. That is all.
Of the 70 players who signed with Iowa over a 3-year period form 2011-13, 26 have left the program before using up their elig…
That means then that some days is Judd Nelson, and that seems wrong, even if he's Michael A. Hall the rest of the time.
It's like the Judd Nelson joke in Breakfast Club.
Anytime I see something like this I am reminded of Judd Nelson as John Bender in The Breakfast Club: "screws fall...
I love a visual fist-pump. Hope it was a Judd Nelson style one?!?
Had the honor of meeting Judd Nelson tonight. He was very nice and respectful. I hope he enjoyed my company as well.
Judd Nelson not in the Breakfast Club 😳
Judd Nelson on his bad-boy 'Breakfast Club' role: 'I'm now that kid's dad'
Gordon Beckham is Emilio Estevez. Shark is Judd Nelson, of course. If you mess with the bull, you get the horns.
idk I have a think for young judd nelson
Girl, you're the maraschino cherry in a bowl full of jawbreakers. ∗walks away like Judd Nelson with the fist up∗
Who did it best, my main man or Judd Nelson?
This is the house Judd Nelson grew up in. Does anyone remember him
Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson and Anthony Michael Hall having a laugh on the set of The Breakfast Club
Breast Cancer Awareness
Thank you Judd Nelson for portraying the character of John Bender so unbelievably well
If you love the Breakfast Club like I do watch St. Elmo's Fire. Equally as brilliant with Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez & more🎥
I clicked this and was immediately disappointed by the lack of Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson.
Clearly seen a different movie to everyone else: "Overrated movie. Judd Nelson what an A whole. Sheedy couldn't act."
30 years since the Breakfast Club. Indisputable FACTS - Judd Nelson was supercool and Ally Sheedy getting made up at the end was disastrous.
No, I totally agree with you here. Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson could have been better, I think.
tbh a John Bender/Judd Nelson is what I want rn. And a bowl of spaghetti-o's.
tyler is trying to tell me Emilio Estevez in the Breakfast Club is more attractive than Judd Nelson
We've always considered ourselves the Anthony Michael Hall to Judd Nelson. Find out why on April 22nd:
To do list- April edition:. Meeting the Brat Pack in all their glory. . Yeah, I'm talking to you Judd Nelson!
Holy crap. It took me 9 eps to realize that was Judd Nelson as Baretti on Empire.
Good Morning AMC Happy Saturday to you HI I would like to request Cabin by the lake with Judd Nelson and return to cabin by
I see no difference between you, Judd Nelson and Richard Ramirez.
"Yuppies" is the one thing I want to erase from my memory. . Judd Nelson. Breakfast Club vs St Elmo's Fire!.
Watching The Breakfast Club for the first time since the mid-80s.Judd Nelson was 26 in high school. And this movie ***
consistently looking like a classy delinquent ~ à la Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club
"Let take a sec..bcuz Im watchin Empire and I ddnt wanna believe it bt Judd Nelson is on the show no!😫
Let take a second... Because I'm watching Empire and I didn't want to believe it but Judd Nelson is on the show.
You have to understand, I'm in love with Judd Nelson
I would never blow off another shining moment in Judd Nelson's career
The Breakfast Club! Judd Nelson was awesome in this classic!
judd nelson on empire THIS IS SO WEIRD
Buzzkill Blonde and Judd Nelson are casually flirting where their friend just got potentially murdered. These kids are so chill.
I have an embarrassing and predictable crush on the kid obviously modelled on Judd Nelson from the Breakfast Club.
I love Judd Nelson with all my heart
Thoughts so far: Molly Ringwald is mesmerising. Judd Nelson looks A LOT like a young Neil Morrisey
Judd Nelson was a philosophy major at Haverford College. Sold Out!!
I have a deep appreciation for Judd Nelson's hair in the Breakfast Club
Watching St. Elmo's Fire for the first time. Not keen on Judd Nelson in that yuppy looking get up.
my dad kind of looked like Judd Nelson from the Breakfast Club
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Went and payed my ticket then walked out of the court office with a Judd Nelson fist pump ✊
no one will ever understand my love for Judd Nelson
“31 years ago today, The Breakfast Club met for detention when ur cousin is judd nelson
22 times pop culture paid tribute to 'The Breakfast Club' *raises fist like Judd Nelson*
sometimes I just take a moment where I'm just a little sad that Judd Nelson is no longer as attractive as he was when playing Bender.
Judd Nelson was the one for me...slightly dangerous, but a wicked smile 😀
Why ain't nobody tell me Judd Nelson is in Empire?!?
Robert Downey Jr and Judd Nelson back in the days
Hey Nicole, could use your help in my feature films starring Judd Nelson. I need someone with your talent. Thanks, Ron Pucillo
1985 was an iconic movie year; 'Breakfast Club' is next to turn 30 Years(!), making us all feel old (H/t John Paul)
"Come on, Sporto, level with me. Do you give her the hot beef injection?” –Judd Nelson ‘The Breakfast Club
like making out with judd nelson hoLY
Former 'Breakfast Club' bad boy Judd Nelson: 'I'm now that kid's dad'
since today is March 24 here's a lovely picture of Judd Nelson whom I've had a crush on since I was 5
Will nobody think of the struggles of Judd Nelson?!
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But Judd Nelson's fashion game is on point.
judd nelson and I have the same birthday. fun fact of the day
Nicolas Cage was almost in "The Breakfast Club?" Judd Nelson got fired? All the secrets of the classic revealed:
I think the real reason why I'm single is because I need Judd Nelson as John Bender as a boyfriend. I will not accept anything else
That's okay, son, you can do it ON THE BOAT! -> Judd Nelson on John Bender: "I'm Now That Kid's Dad"
Bruuuh! Baretti from Empire is Judd Nelson! How did I just find that out. Mr. John Bender from Breakfast Club. Man oh man...
“Judd Nelson on his Breakfast Club character: "I'm now that kid's dad!" no john
30th anniversary. movie starring Judd Nelson, Anthony Michael Hall
They should remake The Breakfast Club and cast as John Bender aka Judd Nelson.
I asked my dad if he's seen St. Elmo's Fire and he said "You only watch it cause Judd Nelson is in it." I said "yeah."
I keep thinking of the Breakfast Club or St Elmo's fire. Taking me a while to feel Judd Nelson as the evil goateed reco…
I was really enjoying pretending Judd Nelson didn't age past St. Elmo's Fire. Thanks for ruining that
I feel like Billy Baretti is who Judd Nelson's character from St. Elmo's Fire grew up to be.
Judd Nelson, Elisabeth Shue, Steve Buscemi and...Judd Nelson?! in 'Judd the Two of Us'...coming this fall from Paramount.
This stadium discussion reminds me of "The Breakfast Club" Anthony Michael Hall is the Task Force and Judd Nelson is Fabiani
I'm starting to think that Judd Nelson could/should have won an Academy Award for
I feel like Anthony Michael Hall aging way better than Judd Nelson somehow relates to the meaning of the Breakfast Club
Brian Williams will spend Saturday in the library with Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy and Michael A…
Wanna hear me say swears with Judd Nelson and Anthony Michael Hall? Check out the special features on this new set!.
Well, didn't really have a father figure growing up, so he would be Judd Nelson.
so that makes Judd Nelson and Emilio Estevez?
Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy in St Elmo's Fire make me sob
is that... Judd Nelson? I knew John Bender would make something of himself
Hey now, the 80s one had Orson Welles, Judd Nelson, AND the guy from the Micro Machines commercials.
What did Courtney say once? "I'm a cross between Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson" One of my fave quotes by her ever...
Who would you add to this list to make a comeback? Christian Slater. Val Kilmer. Judd Nelson. Tim Robbins. Kurt Russell
My dad met Judd Nelson the guy who played John Bender in the Breakfast Club. Fml.
Check the YouTube right now to see Judd Nelson
Ayo, this is Judd Nelson! Go check YouTube Official Mac Harmon right now
I just want to marry judd nelson then i will be happy 😊
Judd Nelson's nostrils never failing to overwhelm
Trailer: *** Shawn, Judd Nelson and Rachel Sweet in the little-seen 1983 musical ROCK'N'ROLL HOTEL:
Every time I hear "Don't You (Forget About Me)" I feel the need to raise my fist like Judd Nelson
I had a thing for Judd Nelson back then :-)
Why are we paying 3 mil for Judd Nelson we could have had him on a free in the summer.
yea talk about that fact all the time. I totally have a Judd Nelson type jacket in my closet I rock frequently
I watched the Breakfast Club two days ago and I'm still stalking judd nelson
Judd Nelson's agent sends to dispel ...
I'd like to point out that Airheads has Chris Farley, Steve Buscemi, Adam Sandler, Judd Nelson, Michael Richards and a Rob Zombie cameo.
Rob Lowe. Keanu. Judd Nelson. Bloke who did the Levi’s ads. . Tony Hadley 😁
Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club makes me gush harder than a bus full of priests at a little league game. Swoon for those 80's Bad Boys!
You sure young version is better than Old Judd Nelson?
Just weeks after Judd Nelson and Macaulay Culkin were reported dead another death hoax has emerged online, killing off rocker Axl Rose.
if he looks like Judd Nelson i look like Don Cheadle
Judd Nelson was in a cheesy Christmas movie in 2010? Where to begin with that one…
Judd Nelson in the Breakfast Club is honestly my life goal
bc the Breakfast Club is one of my all time favorite movies and I'm in love w bender/judd nelson
Boys start out the season 1-0 and the girls are 2-0 after two hard fought games in Albia tonight! Way to get the W's ton…
why did judd Nelson have to grow old
I like how judd nelson developed as an actor after the Breakfast Club and evolved into javier bardem
What kind of website would fake judd nelson and axl rose's death wth
So.We've made Vaun into the Outlander, Aragorn & Judd Nelson from Breakfast Club. But this? I can't even.
I don't even have to call him the hot guy any more im going to call him the Judd Nelson
December 3, 2014 - Judd Nelson Island Center Forest will grow by scarcely 30 acres with dual…
the year is 2002: "and the award for Best Actor goes to... Judd Nelson for Return to Cabin by the Lake!"
I'll be of Judd Nelson- which when I sleep, I dream of him a few times a…
About to watch the Breakfast Club bc of Judd Nelson aka the love of my life
Even crazier in my book: THE DARK BACKWARD! Garbageman Judd Nelson desperately wants to be a comedian--but HE AIN'T FUNNY.…
personagem favorito do Judd Nelson ou do The Breakfast Club? Kdjd
Can 1985 Judd Nelson just come be my husband
Judd Nelson Net Worth: Judd Nelson is an American actor, screenwriter, and producer with a net worth of $8 mil...
Willie Nelson duets w/& Wynonna Judd from 2013's To All the Girls are a pair of great recordings.
Some chick walking through the parking lot just randomly threw her fist in the air like she was Judd Nelson or something
Okay guys, Judd Nelson is in this Christmas film. I am very happy right now.
Call me lame but I'm totally wearing a Judd Nelson t shirt today. 😘
I was attracted to the Judd Nelson as a child and not the Emilio Estevez. Molly Ringwalds of the world! Unite!
There is no actual answer. It was an ad-lib by Judd Nelson. But someone made an answer. I'll send it to you.
I'm thankful that Judd Nelson isn't dead.
A haunting in massachusetts DVD Judd nelson horror
You cannot convince me that Scott Stapp isn't Judd Nelson's neurotic doppleganger.
Happy Birthday, Judd Nelson a.k.a John Bender. is one of my all-time favorites.
I wish my life was an 80s teen love movie. Judd Nelson thrusting his fist in the air, John cusac holding a radio outside my window 💕💕💕
why cant John Hughes direct my life not 80s movies. why can't John Cusack or Judd Nelson go to my school. why wasnt i alive in the 80's. why
Id love to date Anthony Michael Hall, then get paid to make out with teenage Judd Nelson.
thismagazine staff never miss a chance to work Judd Nelson and The Breakfast Club into webinar materials.
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