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Judah Smith

Judah Smith is the son of Wendell and Gini Smith.

Justin Bieber Carl Lentz Rich Wilkerson Jr

Why does the bad guy on White House down look like Judah Smith ❓
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“Jesus is so familiar with your pain that He literally became it.” -Judah Smith
Jesus is Loving Barabbas - Judah Smith Sermon Jam via I am Barabbas! Check it out!
"Sin makes you less of who God has called you to be." -Judah Smith
Pastor Judah Smith on embracing the spirit of Christmas every day via
Loved seeing Judah Smith KLGandHODA. Thanks for telling us about his amazing ministry through…
“We are NOT Gods sons and daughters by WORTH, we are sons and daughters by BIRTH”. -Judah Smith
So true! Judah Smith is one of my favorites.
I liked a video Judah Smith - The Love of the Father Hillsong Conference 2013
Fav albums of the year:. 1. Harry Styles by Harry Styles. 2.Melodrama by Lorde. 3.Dua Lipa by Dua Lipa. 4.Dont smile at…
Notorious sinners didn’t kill Jesus. Religious people did. Judah Smith
Rest is not the absence of problems. It is the presence of Jesus - Judah Smith
Merry Christmas !!!🎄 ~ If you’re a morning show person who enjoys uplifting messages, please tune in to watch...
That's the thing, you don't let people use their vain imagination to fill biblical, theological statements, this is…
"The best route to self-discovery is Jesus-discovery. Jesus makes life MAKE sense." Judah Smith featured in NBC s Science of Love
Last year we had the pleasure of having Judah Smith with us! You don't want to miss what we have in-store for you…
“God had to treat Jesus like Barabbas, so he could treat Barabbas like Jesus.” -Judah Smith... does this hit anyone else…
"God's love is so extravagant and so inexplicable that He loved us before we were us." . - Judah Smith
A theme of the Bible is that God is not too distant or disinterested to relate to us. -Judah Smith
“You can take my stuff, you can take my position, you can even take my family, but you cannot take Jesus away from…
We should learn from the past and prepare for the future. -Judah Smith
“You’re only as surrendered as your next step” - Judah Smith
I️ ask Garrison if he thinks various pastors/worship leaders would adopt me on a weekly basis. Most of the time I’m…
"The goal of any conversation is to bring the best out of someone." - Judah Smith
Carl Lentz. Rich Wilkerson Jr. Judah smith. What is with your wire rimmed glasses? It's just.not a cute look guys ok.
A church like a home where what is lost is noticed... where one matters! -judah smith
“whether it be a pastor or a prostitute- we all need Jesus. He is the friend of sinners; therefore, Jesus is our fr…
“We are further more committed to the future, rather than to the past.” 💪🏻💥. –Judah Smith.
Religion says behave, believe then you will belong. The Gospel says the opposite: belong, then believe, then behav…
He said, "Listen, all you people of Judah and Jerusalem! Listen, King Jehoshaphat! This is what the LORD says: Do not be afrai…
Judah Smith - How to Know God is With You on Tune In!!!
Watch "Judah Smith no one is good except God Sermon Jam" on YouTube.
Watch "Judah Smith Jesus is alive sermon Jam" on YouTube.
Welcome Samuel Judah Mukisa! We are so thankful for your life and that God is a God who hears our prayers! Samuel i…
I added a video to a playlist Judah smith Living for eternity Sermon Jam
I added a video to a playlist The Right Time - Judah Smith (french subtitles)
I added a video to a playlist "Put your sword away!" - part of a message given by Judah Smith
Our souls are home when they return to God... Judah Smith 🙌🏻
Judah Smith is right up there with Carl since they are best friends. People should take up issue w/ Lentz boss
I liked a video Let Jesus Take over by Judah Smith 2017
"Nothing's like absolute helplessness to make you evaluate what your soul holds on to & where you get your sense of security." - Judah Smith
Judah Smith, your message "Trained by his training" has had a significant impact on my daily life. Yo…
Judah Smith preaches like a human being, more than a 'pastor'
I added a video to a playlist Rhythms of Grace | Judah Smith
Powerful theology of inclusion for immigrants - could and should be extended too to our…
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What does it mean to care for your soul? We discuss guide to caring for it well in "How's Your Soul?"…
Has this person Judah Smith EVER been loved by this person-God? Where is this God person?
Weekly Devotional Is Up - "Judah Smith -- Stirring up the Church to Release Barabbas" - Stop By!
Oh my God... Imagine if Judah Smith dropped the hottest mixtape of 2017. I mean, umm, leadership stuff is cool too. :)
We can use trouble as a catalyst to grow and know Jesus better. — Judah Smith
When God Cross His Arms by Judah Smith is one of my favorite sermons
You don't even feel that the sermon is 47 minutes long. Judah Smith is extremely funny, so u get a good laugh while u replenished 😊
"Emotions are great companions, but terrible leaders." Judah Smith.
"I don't want to live what I preach, I want to preach what I'm living.". - Judah Smith.
Sometimes our brains are our own worst enemy because grace isn't logical. - Judah Smith
“Before there was Democratic or Republic there was Jesus, and there was love your neighbor as yourself” - Judah Smith
“Say no to good things, and YES to the God thing.” . - Judah Smith . John 12:27-28
Judah Smith has got to be my fav pastor
If Carl Lentz and Judah Smith and Jerry Lorenzo are all at this conference could that mean that bae is here? where you at
Jesus is Loving Barabbas - Judah Smith Sermon Jam . Only can set you
One of my favorite messages by Judah Smith! Give it a listen. ♥️.
I encourage everyone to watch this. Jesus is Loving Barabbas - Judah Smith Sermon Jam
do you have any info on Judah Smith? I see he has been a guest at Elevation but don't know anything more about him.
Jesus is Loving Barabbas - Judah Smith Sermon Jam . this is absolutely mind blowing. please stop and watch this
Great message by Judah Smith. God doesn't need us, but he wants us
Here's Judah Smith and his relationship with Justin Bieber.
Rick Warren is getting up there in age and may be past his prime. My sleep…
Jesus is Loving Barabbas - Judah Smith Sermon Jam My son Caleb posted this and I wanted to share
"Jesus is not your prosecutor. He's not your judge. He's your friend and your rescuer. Don't hide from him in shame" -Juda…
. Judah Smith is my absolute favorite. A perfect reminder that everyone is deserving of His grace and love❤️
currently saving money to buy all of Judah Smith's books
Life is not about who's the fastest, the smartest, the coolest, but about those who are faithful to run the race w/ endurance. . -Judah Smith
Energy used complaining could have been used asking questions - Judah Smith
Lol... true story I ran into Justin Beiber and Judah Smith in the same day, separately... here I thoug…
Jesus is grace and grace is Jesus. -Judah Smith ✝️
We were created by God, and we will find ourselves most fully when we find ourselves in him and turn our attention toward him. - Judah Smith
"Be the same person privately, publicly and personally " -Judah Smith
That is the gospel: God is w/ us. Jesus is God in the flesh, here on earth, hanging out w/ sinful people💝 -Judah Smith
Justin Bieber got more selfies with Judah Smith than anybody at The City Church, ever.
Listening to this podcast in between meeting and talking to lots of friends! Such a great message!
P2. We either pretend we don't need Jesus or we acknowledge we do. -Judah Smith . Jesus I need you!
Leaders and Pastors will already be judged more harshly we all know this. But we can't tell God on judg…
Praying everything is alright, Judah Smith message: we need more teammates! Legit!
Judah Friedlander on the hot seat. . Also, Will, figured you for a fan of campaign kits…
Jesus is Loving Barabbas - Judah Smith Sermon Jam. "No, let me have your pain. Bring it to me!"
"A form of quitting is just staying where you are." Judah Smith
I'm logging off for a while, going to read a Judah Smith book to focus on me. And then focus on how to help grassroot political movements ✊🏼
Wow! Check out this throwback of Justin Bieber with Judah Smith! Time flies!
Added "Jesus Is Loving Barabbas (feat. Judah Smith)" by The City Church, Judah Smith to the Discover Weekly
I would imagine Bieber's gonna be spending some time with this guy, his Pastor/Spiritual Mentor, Judah Smith is...
actualy that's not his pastor, his pastor is Judah Smith and I've met him
You seen these pictures of Bieber with Carl Lentz? I thought his pastor was Judah Smith this whole time
"Justin Bieber on how Carl Lentz and Judah Smith helped him through a difficult time:
"Sin is a response from being ungrateful" -Judah Smith
I added a video to a playlist Jesus is God - Judah Smith
Tim tebow in LA and was at Judah smith bible study last night
"Rules are meant to lead us to relationship, not to replace relationship.". - Judah Smith
I haven't really listened to Judah Smith since I went to City Church, but I can't stop binging the podcasts.
Jesus ask us all: "Why do you doubt?" The anchor is set. The work is finished. My love is for you and toward you. I am near." -Judah Smith
You don’t have to be good to be Jesus’s friend. You just have to be honest. Judah Smith
Every time I see one of Judah Smith's videos, I'm like "dude, why are you so cool?"
This is about having a consistent life... Check this podcast out by !
Who is still giving Judah Smith a handheld microphone? Honestly shouldn't we know better and clip a mic on him instead?
Jesus is the Victorious Ever - Present God - Judah Smith And Houston Hey Sermon J
Judah Smith Praises Justin Bieber for ‘Fighting’ for Faith, ‘Taking the Risk of…
Can Steven furtick or Judah smith adopt me pls
The fact that Justin Bieber is good friends with chad veach and Judah smith is the coolest thing to me
Justin Bieber and Judah Smith seems really close
I liked a video Judah Smith the reality of following Jesus sermon jam
Jesus never hit a breaking point. He never said, "You hurt me 1 too many times...I have drawn the line on you." // Judah Smith
🌊 Jesus is just as trustworthy in the storm as in the calm // Judah Smith
I love Judah Smith and his sermon jams! you should listen to the ones on the City Church "Jesus is ___." album😍😭
Travail continued . Examples of Travailers . JUDAH. Have you ever seen someone mistreated and done nothing?. Have...
I liked a video Peter Walking on Water Judah Smith Sermon Jam
If you needa get right w Jesus listen to a few Judah Smith sermons and I promise you'll b on your way
I walked into my house with Judah Smith on, you know that means it was a good day 💃🏻
"We are told to fight the good FIGHT, don't get caught trying to fight other FIGHTS, and missing the good fight" - Judah Smith
Listening to Judah Smith preach while on the plane. The man can bring it! 🙏🏼
Looking for a book? Get How Is Your Soul by Judah Smith. It's a good read.
There's nothing like a little Judah Smith and All Sons & Daughters for my morning drive!
Little Giant Ladders
"It's more beneficial for your soul to SERVE than it is to RECEIVE"-Judah Smith. Dang!
Listening to podcasts and reading Judah Smith before bed. Simple blessings ❤️
Be the same person Privately Publicly and Personally.. . - Judah Smith
dang. Justin is starting to look A LOT like his pastor, Judah Smith:
"The ultimate illusion of the human experience is control."-Judah Smith
"In your journey of life, emotions make great companions but horrible leaders." Judah Smith
Quietness and rest are found not in control but in surrender." -Judah Smith
1 of my most favorite things every-Team Development. Right now it's Judah Smith's new book "How's Your Soul?". Grab…
Justins been looking like Judah Smith lately 😂😂
Legit thought that Judah Smith's "How's Your Soul" had a chipotle burrito on the cover
Jake Brown Radio: Seahawks chaplain, pastor Judah Smith on The Jake Brown Show on
Judah Smith - Nashville Pastor's Summit on the Soul via This blessed me today!
Justin Bieber’s Pastor, Judah Smith, Warns of Serving the ‘False Idol’ of Social Media – Faithwire
Jesus follower.please take an hour and listen to this:
"Because we love and follow Jesus doesn't mean we won't be affected by the circumstances of life" -Judah Smith
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“Difficult situations and wrong choices conspire to trap us in hopelessness.” . ― Judah Smith
"Grace is a person. And his name is Jesus." Judah Smith
"Church on Sundays only matter if it changes your Monday" -Judah Smith
Had a dream I met Neymar and Judah Smith
A fake Judah Smith just friended me on FB. this isn't you right?
"The message of Jesus is that you belong long before you believe or behave." . -Judah Smith
Judah Smith speaks of friendship with
When you believe in Jesus, He will start to alter your style of living. // Judah Smith
Judah Smith on Justin Bieber: "I'm committed to helping him and protecting him, but it's fair to say we're there for each…
"I feel like I have learned more from Justin Bieber than he could ever have learned from me." - Judah Smith in recent int…
"I have been allowed to love him and I feel like we are family. We talk almost every day." - Judah Smith on Justin Bieber.
Judah Smith speaks of friendship with Justin Bieber: US pastor Judah Smith says he has…
My uber driver is an intern to the head pastor at City Church LA and we spent our whole drive talking about Judah Smith and Jason Kennedy
"Pastor's kid have like this secret fraternity/sorority type of connection." - Judah Smith ... dying.
In just a couple of hours, Judah Smith, pastor of The City Church and New York Times-bestselling author of Jesus...
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I love love LOVE how pastor Judah Smith preaches. And here's an example why 😌
someone wanted to listen to Judah Smith too.
I added a video to a playlist Hosea and Gomer - Judah Smith Sermon Jam
Jesus is Loving Barabbas - Judah Smith Sermon Jam. worth the watch.
yup she goes to Judah smith's church
This is an awesome video. Jesus is Loving Barabbas - Judah Smith Sermon Jam
There is nothing more uncomfortable for people than a constipated Christian. -Judah Smith
God is famous for telling us to go before we know where we’re supposed to be going Judah Smith
"If you are not busy pursuing God and His purposes when sin knocks, you will eventually open the door." - Judah Smith
Had a great time tonight at Judah worship centre with Friends Pastors Robie and Elizabeth Smith NEAL Schmidt and Lucile Schmidt
Loving Jesus, not avoiding sin, should be the focal point of our lives. -Judah Smith
Do the director's know that Ben Hur's name is Judah? If someone asked your your name, would you say "Jones", or "Smith", or whatever?
Prayer is a cry for Dad that comes from a baby who believes Dad is near. -Ps. Judah Smith- This is personally very true for me. 😭😭😭
"Fear of the future makes it hard to stay satisfied with life in the present." . -Pastor Judah Smith
I liked a video Judah Smith Sermon excerpt- Hosea and Gomer
I liked a video Jesus is God, Judah Smith
Jesus is by Judah Smith is a great book. Through the eyes of a lion by Levi Lusko. & any book by Steven Furtick are great
"Don’t count the ways you love God; count the ways He loves you. Your love pales in comparison to His." —Judah Smith
He loves us first, He loves us best, and He will love us forever. — Judah Smith from Jesus Is___
Just started my morning with a Daily Devotion from Judah Smith "Jesus is". What a great way to start my day.💟
Such an encouraging night with Pastor Judah Smith. This guy is one…
One of the most underrated elements of life on this planet is simply not giving up. -Judah Smith
Judah smith is in Nashville but it's sold out... 🙁
Challenging sermon concerning God and national pain:
To those traveling and looking for a time killer check out The City Church with Judah Smith
I liked a video Jesus is our Champion Judah Smith
Spend some time in worship today with our youth praise team! . Jacob Smith, Judah Smith, Phoebe Smith, Jon Gerten,...
If sinners aren't welcomed at my church, then I better find a new church because I am one. -Judah Smith
"where do we get off thinking we are going to set ourselves free? it's still Jesus. it'll always be Jesus." // Judah Smith
Jesus walked through a wall so we wouldn't stay behind one. {Judah Smith, message "Living Safe"}…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
9. Jesus is_ by Judah Smith. One of the first Christian books I purchased, and helped me to know Jesus clearer
This is not YOUR story and God is playing a small part in it. This is God's story and you are playing a small part. -Judah Smith
"His blood is sufficient to sustain you, through every sin, and every challenge and every temptation." -Judah Smith
I am loved by Jesus, just as I am, and so is everyone else- Judah Smith, Jesus Is_.
When I'm on Youtube its either I'm watching surgery vids or Judah smith preaching.
Church is a place where a bunch of people who realize they need help, get together to love JESUS and encourage each other.- Judah Smith
please go listen to a Judah smith sermon
"When it comes to sin, the only one who has the right to condemn others is Jesus. And he refused." -Judah Smith
"We need a bigger estimation of God and a smaller estimation of sin." -Judah Smith
"God loves the world-and God loves you- with an unconditional, indescribable, tireless love." -Judah Smith
Self-righteousness is one of the greatest hindrances to relationship with God.- Judah Smith
this is who I serve. this is who I follow. don't judge my God for what I've done. . JESUS TURNED AROUND - Judah Smith
"The only way we could ever love like him is if we realize how much he loves us" -Judah Smith
"When it comes to God, love isn't just an action- it's a state of existence." -Judah Smith
"Following Jesus means that you experience him like its the first time every day" -Judah smith
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"God is with us, loves us, and wants us to be fulfilled and satisfied. God wants our lives to be awesome in every way." -Judah Smith
Watch this, it's really powerful:. Jesus is Loving Barabbas - Judah Smith Sermon Jam
God wants to remind you that he loves you no matter what you've done or the state you're in! -Judah Smith
Which means more - dedication to a set of rules or to a person? Relationship trumps rules. Matthew 15; Isaiah 29.
As humans, we tend to exaggerate our spiritual condition. Either we overemphasize our own righteousness or our own sinfulness. -Judah Smith
ladies find a man like Judah Smith to spend your life with 😍❤️
its Citizen Smith with a smartphone!. As we live in a democracy the 52% trumps your 48%. But I'm sure an anarchist knows that
We're the army of good with no strings attached -Judah Smith
You don't want to miss the amazing JUDAH SMITH speaking at the . MOSAIC CONFERENCE!!!. September…
I feel you. He rarely comes to my state too. Only for tour. Sometimes for Judah Smith but its rare. 😅
Have I been taking our Judah Smith's generosity water from his seat after every service?. That information is classified
Could it be that there is a God with a love so scandalous? So wide, so deep, so vast, so expansive? ~Judah Smith
Not relevant to anything but smally g needs Judah Smith. All I'm sayin'.
"The common denominator is that we all need help." Judah Smith
"The point of all life is to follow God." - Judah Smith
Judah Smith said it first! His sermons are great; you should listen to it on podcast!
"Take time today to let God love you" - Judah Smith
The most important fact of life has been settled: . You are loved by God. . - Judah Smith
"It seemed too good to be true. That's grace." ~ Judah Smith
Jesus is Loving Barabbas - Judah Smith. This is an amazing life changing sermon
“True happiness cannot be found in anything unless it is found first in God” - Judah Smith
So so good. . Check out this cool episode:
Rules are not proof of my spirituality, but my sinfulness. They're a reminder I have a tendency to do wrong.
The Sisterhood by Bobbie Houston, Sandcastle Kings by Rich Wilkerson Jr.,Life Is by Judah Smith & Live Love Lead by B. Houston
"We focus on plans, but God focuses on the steps" -Judah Smith
Rich Wilkerson, Judah Smith and Chad Veach are literally my boys I swear! . Definitely my favourite preachers
Guys. . July 19th is my birthday. Judah Smith is releasing How Is Your Soul. Connect the dots.
i love this guy and for this reason Judah Smith ~ "Living Stones" ~ Sermon Jam via
Really good message my Judah Smith, check it out if you have time!.
Jesus is the friend of sinners, so Jesus is our friend. - Judah Smith
recommended that I look up Judah Smith on YouTube... If I were you, I would do it. He's a very inspirational person.😌
I fellowship at city church led by pst judah smith.ur welcome
"The church needs less information and more initiation" -Judah Smith
"Grace is the scandalous love of God. The truth is, we're all here by scandal." -Judah Smith
Top story: Jesus is Loving Barabbas - Judah Smith Sermon Jam see more
Joseph Prince keeps me grounded. Judah Smith makes me soar.
be the same PERSON privately publicly and personally. -judah smith
'Be the same person privately, publicly and personally.' -Judah Smith
"God knows who will love him and receive him, yet he chooses to love the whole world. Indiscriminately. Recklessly. Stubbornly." Judah Smith
"If God with skin on needed margin, how much more do we?" -Judah Smith. Take time daily to take a step back and talk with the the Father.
“God is not critiquing our performance. He is not judging our behavior. He is not cataloging our sins for future reference" - Judah Smith
way to get students to learn on their own. Show 1st 20 min of a Judah Smith vid & discuss. They begged for link to watch rest @ home
Jesus Is _. : Find a New Way to Be Human by Judah Smith (2013, CD,... for USD6.00
Worry causes us to be more awestruck and dumbfounded by storms than by the one who silences storms with a word. - Judah Smith
2 Types of people in the world - we either pretend we don't need Jesus or acknowledge that we do.
Jada Pinkett Smith is bae like omgsh Fish mooney is so amazing UGHH
"Some of us are passionate about telling people about Jesus, but we freak them out because we never learned how to smile." Judah Smith
JUDAH ISSAC SMITH just got their posted to Durham County, NC Mugshots & Arrest Records -
The reason we live is to make our lives not about ourself - Judah Smith
Today I bought Jesus Is by Ps Judah Smith. Still trying to find an author whose books I enjoy. Figured I enjoy Judah's sermons so let's see
Judah Smith is such a good speaker. and
Brian Houston's snap today is actually hilarious. Featuring Judah Smith. Judah on a regular is funny but LOL
“The gospel is not seventeen steps to reaching God... The gospel is God reaching us.” - Judah Smith
Pastor. One of the coolest ones out there. There's a podcast of his messages- City Church with Judah Smith.
Some Judah Smith wisdom this morning and I am ready for the day!
i doubt you're gonna read it lol so can i borrow if you're not gonna read it after i finish my Judah Smith book
"First thing we have to understand in this walk with Christ is that it's not about me". Judah Smith
If you don't have Judah Smith on snapchat, you're missing out on hours of entertainment. 😂
“If we have faith in Jesus and His work on the cross, then we are as righteous right now as we ever need" - Judah Smith
"A giving problem, a generosity problem is a Gospel problem." Judah Smith. "Freely you have received now freely give."
Wow... This is the Gospel Jesus is Loving Barabbas - Judah Smith Sermon Jam
Judah smith's sermons are so powerful and amazing wow
Be the same person privately, publically and personally- Judah Smith 󾬍
listening to Judah Smith sermons, the right time.
"Grace is a person, and His name is Jesus" -Judah Smith
This message = what I needed to hear today. Living Love
But refuse to hold the Steven Futrik, Judah Smith, Carl Lentz, Rich Wilkerson Jr.'s of the world responsible for lack of support of BLM
It is so important to live a selfless life and to be generous as Jesus has been for us! "A giving problem is a gospel pro…
Jesus is Loving Barabbas - Judah Smith Sermon Jam --- GREAT video on how WE are Barabbas, God loves us anyway.
"I am the righteousness of God, through Jesus Christ". - Judah Smith
- The New Wave of Stylish Pastors Changing the Way We Look at Christianity. | "gelombang" baru? :))
-Judah Smith. Don't let success, status, or possessions keep you from becoming the man or woman…
Someone go with me to see Judah Smith preach tomorrow at The City Church 😊😊
We need the joy of our salvation most when we feel like we deserve it the least. -Judah Smith
He wants us to be fully alive, and fully living in the way He intended and designed for us for. -Judah Smith
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I added a video to a playlist Jesus Is Our Advocate - Judah Smith
Im really starting to fall in like with Judah Smith's teaching. He gets God's heart. via
Lord I want what you want. Because when I want, what I want...I'm always left wanting. -Judah smith . Friend of Jesus Series .
I challenge you to take some time to go through this podcast by
I LOVE JUDAH SMITH, everyone please follow him on snapchat. you will not regret this.
Our lives must start and end with a dependence on God and His love, mercy and grace. Judah Smith
“What's funny as Christians is we're famous for praying for revival, but we're equaly famous for missing revival!" - Judah Smith
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