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Juan Williams

Juan Williams (born April 10, 1954) is an American journalist and political analyst for Fox News Channel.

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Juan is a hateful, sad human being, whose illogical and wild talk is contra-sensible in what is a generally good show. He constantly interrups, lies and insists that he is right...he is generally wrong, lying and an unhappy, bitter man. Let hiom go to another TV station whose watchers are more in tune with his miserable performances.
Juan Williams: Trump is becoming a failed president
This hugely successful tear-jerker boasts some magnificent on-screen chemistry between Andrea Tantaros and Juan Williams.
I change the channel for Shep Smith and use the mute when Juan Williams speaks on the Five. I never…
Thank God I won't have listen to Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams much longer. Juan is a liberal hack and Greg just thinks he's funny.
.Interesting that Kim Jon Un has better command of English vocabulary ("dotard") than Juan Williams or Jesse Watters.
remind liberal Juan Williams what Obama said...
Sorry, i am out too. Juan Williams is unbearable…
Why does Faux News have jerks like Juan Williams on their programs? Whenever I see his face (or Rivera's or Harf's)…
Sorry Kimberly , as long as Juan Williams is on the same scr…
Julie is just like Juan Williams not bad ppl,but they must live in alternative reality they close their eyes2all!
Kimberly, you are too good to have Juan Williams with you,…
why do you continue having Juan Williams on interviews ? He is so negative and an Obama Lover, I turn you off ,Heis such a Jerk.
New video by Fox News: Kimberly Guilfoyle, Juan Williams debate Cassidy-Graham bill
HARF (Haughty, Arrogant, Radical, Flake); Why does Fox allow this radical flake on air; she is almost as bad as Juan Williams.
I can't stand Marie Harf. She's worse than Juan Williams.
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Juan Williams just another libnut hack and Trump hater.
I don't watch anything with Juan Williams discussing anything.
Good luck on new show! Do favor don't have Juan Williams on! He is on The Five, Dobbs,Hannity,now on Tucker! We kno…
You might get an argument from Juan Williams
Very self-righteous an way overestimates the value of his opinions. Like many news commentators, Juan Williams i…
If you want someone to watch a program Don't mention Juan Wi…
How do u PUT-UP with your sidekick JUAN williams every night on the 5 ?
DEMS & their Pundits are going ALL-OUT 2 BLOCK this Obamacare Repeal. Led by Scumbag Juan Williams.DEMWITS are Desp…
Juan Williams just P:romoted himself to the top of *** of the month list. He never never fails to say negative trump stuff Juan is a puke
Oh my gosh Kimberly Guilfoyle just smashed Juan Williams on the Bret Baier show way to go Kim exclamation!!
Why do you have that know nothing buffoon Juan Williams on your show. He is an ***
Please get Juan Williams to shut up
That Ragtag MF Juan Williams NEEDS to be Fired? How come they don't fire him?
Jesse Watters and Juan Williams are ruining w/the scr…
Juan Williams integrity is non existent because he is justifying Clapper who lied to congress & any listeners. lousy guest.
Same can be said for Sheepherder Smith, Juan Williams, Marie Harf, etc.
Shouldn't Jessica tarlov & Juan Williams be on with the MadCow?
Great the five is moving to 5pm. Pls tell producers n owners they need to get rid of Juan Williams
Here we go again big mouth Juan Williams ,he has got such a big mouth I gave up…
message 2 Juan Williams stick that where the sun don't shine
I don't care what time The Five on Fox News airs, I will never WATCH racist Juan Williams. He's so sad and pathetic. Where's Eric Bolling??
Democrats, led by are for the first time putting money into the fight for honest redistricting h…
It's official no more ebony and Kat now get rid of Juan Williams n Shepard Smith
He was apoplectic when Juan Williams admitted to Tussian Interference. He chided the IC. Keep it up…
I can't stand Meghan McCain. All she does is shout like Juan Williams. Like…
has sunk to new lows having on to spew typical mantra. Worse than Juan Williams and he's the worst!
Juan Williams used that hackneyed phrase, "All 17 intelligence agencies agree" & "I have faith in their integrity"! RUSSIANS!
Jessie Waters gave Juan Williams the perfect name rip his Communist *** apart
Juan Williams dismisses criticism of targeting Ayan Hirsi Ali: "This is about the Right not liking someone labeling them"
Juan Williams on Osteen controversy: Why could not he open the doors of the church?: via
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FOX is destroying "The Five" by keeping Juan Williams on it. All he does is BS his big anti-Trump mouth in a show not acting fair & balanced
I can't watch Juan Williams, nice man but his insight is so bad and he takes any shot he can to bash POTUS
Juan Williams of Fox News need is a wad!
Dear Kim, tell Juan Williams CNN are calling , better pick up the phone and move there..!
I sure wish fox would get rid of Juan Williams... he's a typical liberal racist ***
Juan Williams really I sick of ur PRESIDENT TRUMP BASHING GO WORK AT CNN !!
I desperately want to keep watching but every time Juan Williams opens his mouth I instinctively want to turn it of…
I'm turning to and met Juan Williams in passing.
Juan Williams is the ultimate Trump hater. Trump could save 10 kids from a burning building and it wouldn't be good enough. Joke.
Juan Williams say that he himself is a "Church Going Christian" Juan on ur knees in front of Obama! Never gives Pres Trump Credit EVER!
"It's locked trying to join COSTAIN from FUNSHO WILLIAMS AVENUE(Western Avenue) 😧 .Stuck in front of the N…
Juan Williams is no one to judge anyone.. But this time he may have something.
Hey Juan Williams "GO SCREW YOURSELF" you POS!!! Why does FOX have this RACIST SOB on FOX? Anti American JUAN!
Shep Smith is finally gone from Fox News, they finally listened to their viewers. Next to go Juan Williams.
Could someone muzzle. Juan Williams ? BTW the poll they ran on Trump ? Same one that said Hillary would win .
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Juan Williams on THE FIVE has GOT TO GO you don't need him contradicting w negative crap ALL THE TIME!!
Right on, get girl!...Can Fox atleast get rid of Juan Williams or Geraldo Rivera since t…
you're losers- sat there and didnt remind Juan Williams he defended repeatedly in the past
& aren't getting it! Viewer's outrage over Juan Williams is about him being a moron NOT a Liberal!…
Leave it to Juan Williams to condemn anybody who's not on the liberal left.
"I don't know what to say" may be my favorite Juan Williams quote EVER!!!
Watching Fox News right now and getting really irate with Juan Williams trashing Trump. He's a leader and is supporting Texas leadership!
Typical response from Juan Williams. He is so quick to jump on the blame wagon before he knows the f…
Listening to Juan Williams causes the stirring up of pitifulness in my essence toward his lost soul! :-(
Juan Williams is as usual doing the Blah Blah Blah Liberal talking points. So sick of the derogatory words about Trump. Please!
Get rid of Juan Williams and make it the 4, the man is not helping my PTSD at all!
Fox News Juan Williams has class the white's on that show r all Devils.
juan williams just shouted down Lisa Boothe. & said Trump gloated about crowd size. he didn't! he's being himself- upbeat & strong.
good now then get rid of Juan Williams on the five and Fox News entirely
I will never watch any show that Shepard Smith is on. Ditto Juan Williams.
Welcome to Fox TOMI LAHREN🎉. Now fire Juan Williams. We want Tomi at The Five😀👍
Welcome TOMI LAHREN to Fox🎉 Now, please fire Juan Williams, we want Tami in The Five😀👍
AAG is becoming like CNN not reporting accurate information just because Ju…
Osteen will come out of this just fine. He is catching what POTUS deals…
You really need to get rid of Juan Williams He is taking down the entire show. He continues to distorts facts of others!
Perhaps you should tell that to Juan Williams
I realize needs to have a Democrats POV on each of their segments but Juan Williams is on my last fnerve.
Agree. I've stopped watching and Juan Williams and other libs getting way too much sir time were the reason https:/…
Now FOX , dump JUAN WILLIAMS from the FIVE before Kimberly G. THROWS UP ON HIM ! Her eyes are crossed every night ! I couldn't do it !
Dear Juan Williams AKA Debbie Downer. Pelosi was shamed into disavowing Antifa. Get it right.
how Mr. Juan Williams criticizes the President and elevates his own Godliness is completely weak and pathetic
I had to take a detour around the Juan Williams Show. Now let's get the hay down where the calves can eat it.
Hey Fox News, a great number of us switch channels when we see Geraldo Rivera or Juan Williams. We know a liberal plant when we see one!
.Really Fox where are you heading with:Juan Williams, Marie Harf, Richard Fowler, Jessica Tarlov. These are CNN…
HEY Fox News Juan Williams must go he belongs on one of those hate panels on CNN PLEASE REMOVE NOW we're over that experimen…
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Sean have Geraldo on is no different than having the village *** Juan Williams on, both are Obama spermbanks
Great thing about DVRing - you can fastforward though juan williams
This is exactly why is unwatchable as long as they continue to put Juan Williams on the air
Juan Williams needs to just shut up and move on. CNN MSNBC may have a spot for him!
I stopped watching that show when Andrea Tantaros left and Juan Williams was on continuously
Juan Williams on the Five jack wagon jack wagon ok skippy we no you hate Trump. Lied about Ted Cruz tonight and the bill he voted against.
Juan Williams needs more research. Cruz explained his no vote because it was filled with pork. Why does left only tell half truths?
Shep Smith would be perfect with Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper and Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera and Smerconish.
Marie barf is on the same *** Wavelength as Juan Williams and Richard Fowler. They be…
Three more great reasons "NOT" to watch Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, and Shepard Smith.
Juan Williams is a fool! I don't understand why Kimberly doesn't punch the "rat face" in his nose?
Maxine Waters , Liz Warren , Al Green , Keith E. , Juan Williams , Stephen Hayes are all cancer on American people
Not only left---the establishment at large. People like Rubio, Cruz, Juan Williams and Paul Ryan are as GOP as it g…
Juan Williams is stuck, the permit was granted to peaceful assembly. Told…
Juan Williams was fired from National Public Radio in 1996 for bashing another race and was hired by Fox the next y…
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People with 100% job security at Fox News are:. Juan Williams . Shepherd Smith. ✅Bring Eric Bolling ba…
2:2 racist Juan Williams would make a good mayor of Detroit. Ask NPR about his racist attitude. NPR had good. sense to fire
have 2 say I luv debate.but Fowler & Juan Williams don't know how 2 do that.I've caught Richard i…
Richard Fowler are you kin to Juan Williams?
Juan Williams, Geraldo, Karl Rove, Chris Stirewalt, , Bret Baier (what substance does he…
. I mute the tv EVERYTIME juan williams is on...
Juan Williams reported polls- all dems! U say Pres distractg to econ. Dems detract to anything other than truth of their misdeeds/crimes.
Although I used to watch the Five,...Juan Williams is…
Does anyone care what Juan Williams has to say? OMG- how to ruin a good show! Changing channel
Y'all should be embarrassed 2 have an *** like Juan Williams on your show. He knos nothing n spouts lib lies n ignorance.
Juan Williams from the Five needs this info after his rant tonite at the end of the show...
Why doesn't anyone really counter Juan Williams dems lies? I understd unemplmt under Obama d/t people who drpped off bec no jobs!
I really don't think that Juan Williams really adds anything to your show.
Tell Juan Williams he's lost in the swamp.
please don't have Juan Williams on any more. He is a delusional left-wing nut case
Why ruin the show with Juan Williams??? Get rid of him! Why would you have him on? Changing channel
Juan Williams on Mornings.he makes me sick.that crap hair dye he uses is screwing his brain.…
Y would you bother with Juan Williams on a Biz program? The guy thinks every1 should major in lib arts.
Juan Williams shouldn't be allowed on TV in the AM. Bad way to start the day.
Sorry Maria gotta tune out can't stand that Juan Williams
Juan Williams is an horses *** is the economy stupid...seems like nice guy..but an ***
time to change the channel Juan Williams is on !
I really think Juan Williams should go on CNN,MSNBC, abc NBC or cbs. He belongs th…
Greg thank you last night you and Jesse put that Juan Williams in his place better than I've ever seen before
I have always said that Juan Williams is a snake in the grass. He should b fired from 4 the vile things he…
Somebody make a meme with Juan Williams running around screaming... the sky is fal…
Juan Williams please stop watching CNN. Most of Americans absolutely do not want single-payer healthcare system!!!
Good idea, I can't stand Juan the wind bag Williams!
Juan Williams .healthcare does not belong n the hands of government!. Republicans or democrats. Juan-sometimes u say the…
Juan Williams is a typical *** Bag Libral *** that needs to be taken off the Five.It's not the…
Juan Williams makes this show a failure.. he's such a jerk, I change the channel every night I see him!
He sounds like Juan Williams, Shepherd Smith and Marie Harf. All waste products.
This Juan Williams is so full of BS why fox has him on their payroll!
I declare a pox on you juan williams
Trump hater Juan Williams Fox News implied that phone leaks done by patriotic American how pathetic even for a leftist ***
Trump will be on the ballot again in Alabama, New Jersey and Virginia this year.
Anchor Juan Williams's right. His 1978 riveting prison drama still holds up.
I wish Juan Williams would just shut up.
Jim Acosta is a journalist, like Juan Williams is a white, female water polo goalie.
Please grow up and get rid of a substance-less Juan Williams on and replace him with someone like Jessica Tarlov.
💥DVR "The Five" on Fox News. 💥Watch on 30 min Delay. 💥So you can FF past Juan Williams' BS. 💥
Poor Juan Williams. Deprived restricted downtrodden. Oppressed by the White Man. But doesn't even know how many millions of dollars he has.
Cannot watch Fox when Dana Perino and Juan Williams are on.
Especially Liz wheeler at 9 PM instead of Juan Williams!
He keeps fair and balanced, like loony Juan Williams and vulgar Bob Beckel and moonbeam ladies
VIDEO: Jesse Watters shuts Juan Williams up — gives him a history lesson on the DEMOCRATS' connections to Russia!
needs more people like Sebastian Gorka and Newt Gingrich and less people like Juan Williams, and S…
Kat Timpf gets that snarly look on her face when Trump's name is mentioned & I'm out She's become Juan Williams or Bob Beckel on Gutfeld🙄
you are losing viewers with Shep Smith & Juan Williams . You dumped drunk bob !now can the fruit basket & Juan
Daytime hosts are in middle. Can't tell what they are.Then there's Juan Williams, Julie Roginski, Bob Be…
Bob Beckel made me angry when he worked for Fox.😂 I'd take Geraldo Rivera or Juan Williams any day!
Juan Williams gets on the wrong side of Kimberly Guilfoyle telling her what sexism is, what was he thinking.
Juan Williams' nasty, angry Democrat hack. Beckel was 100x more tolerable & funny. Jessie, Greg, Kimberly make the show-Dana NOT!
To paraphrase Ann Coulter, if Juan Williams had any sen…
Juan Williams needs to get booted off FOX and sent to FraudN…
The best way to hear Juan Williams muted listening to or the
Whenever a host says "Let's go to our panel", it really means Jessica Tarlov, Richard Fowler & Juan Williams will spew lib garbage.
Juan Williams is simply not interesting enough in that format and too closely…
Juan Williams was despicable I would switch channels when he "Opened His Liberal Mouth. If Bob Beckel returns I will never watch The 5 again
Juan Williams tries to defend felons in Sanctuary Cities. What if Kate had been his daughter walking with him?Would he def…
Richard Fowler is not on my list of favorite guests! Just as anti-Trump as Juan Williams
So former NFL RB DeAngelo Williams is now a pro wrestler. 😳
I'm hard-pressed to say weather Juan Williams or John Stossel is the bigger waste of oxygen & ATP. Both suck & need to go to MSNBC.
Good showing on today Rich, you're like a young Juan Williams. Even with 4 against 1, you…
He is as bad on the five as Juan Williams!
tonight on The Five you have Fowler I don't agree with what he's saying but he's 50 times better than…
Juan Williams and Barack Obama have, collectively, run out of word-ammo :)
I like Richard Fowler way better than Juan Williams. Don't agree with him any more than Juan but much more rational and on point!
if we read it Richard Fowler is almost as bad as Juan big mouth Williams he comes on I turn it off
When Juan Williams is on I think " Agh could anyone be more annoying/idiotic?"Then they have Richard Fowler on...
Funny, both Juan Williams' sons are Republicans, makes you think ...
I really do like Richard Fowler more than the moron Juan Williams on The Five👍
Please get rid of Juan Williams and replace him with Richard Fowler-
Like Juan Williams' son now works for Ben Carson
Came in at commercial break. Saw logo with names, incl Juan Williams. Tonight, looks like Juan went to Mika's doc, & got glasses
It's so refreshing to have a leftist who admits he's a leftist instead of a Juan Williams who claims he's "middle"/moderate type.
Ok , because I can't stand Bob B replacement for last couple days, Juan Williams please
Cmon give us a break Juan Williams bob and now Richard Fowler we can only take so much
Do you really think..we think you are else could you deal with Juan Williams
Sorry love you but can't stand that racist Juan williams.
The Five *** Need to stuff used underwear in Juan Williams mouth.
I swear I can't even watch Fox News anymore. That Marie Harf is as bad as Juan Williams. Still slobbering all over…
Please don't have Juan Williams on. I won't watch if he's on!
Until Juan Williams is removed from the show i will no longer be watching. His temper and a…
I rarely watch Fox without Bill there. You can only watch so much of Juan Williams and Shepard Smith :( before you want to punch someone!
Fox take Kat Ebony and Juan williams give them their own show , you wont do it because you know it would get zero rating
Ask Juan Williams and Shepard Smith how they think about that
Who are you and what have you done with Juan Williams!??
Juan Williams: The land of free speech | TheHill
Juan Williams must be fired from Fox News. He aligns himself with Liberals, & illegal felons. Time to Go!. https:…
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Conservatives have a point when they skewer liberals as “snowflakes” over campus "speech codes" and "safe spaces"
Controversy about free speech on a politically sensitive subject is a storm I know all too well.
He belongs on CNN, so does Juan Williams, Richard Fowler, Jessica Tarlov and Julie R…
Juan Williams: The land of free speech
The Art of Melting Snowflakes! . Juan Williams in . Trump Derangement meltdown mode! Just l…
Any chance of replacing Juan Williams with Richard Fowler?
Just horrible analysis & jokes. They literally subbed Richard Fowler in for Juan Williams as "The…
should trade Juan Williams for Richard Fowler in order to replace sophomoric food fights with higher level dialogue.
I love The Five but I don't watch anymore because of Juan Williams and Richard Fowler. 😖
. Please dump Juan Williams from "The Five"! He is not reasonable. Richard Fowler is a Liberal but you can reason with him.
Never thought there would be a day when I preferred Richard Fowler over Juan Williams.
Juan Williams is a communist and shouldn't be given a nightly platform, the same with Richard Fowler. Chng The Five into The Four.
keep Richard Fowler and Juan Williams as your permanent liberals. They're articulate, able to have a rational discussion of issues
Just do what I do when Harf opens her piehole: press MUTE BUTTON. Same with Juan Williams, Richard…
I have noticed that liberal Richard Fowler, stand in for Juan Williams on the five is a chip off the old block.
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Juan Williams is terrible and Richard Fowler is worse…
Richard Fowler is much easier to stomach. Will not watch uninformed, whining Juan Williams and I'm a FNC fan. Sorr…
Quit quoting Juan Williams. He is truly an angered liberal Democrat who talks noth…
FoX-on a roll tonight. quoting Juan Williams, then Harf & now "Julie"!! Does FOX really th…
Maxine Waters, Juan Williams, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Tim Kaine and the res…
Ya'll are losing ratings very fast. First Bill O'Reilly's unfair firing but yet you keep Juan Williams and Shepherd Smith. SICKOS
Juan Williams is condescending & nasty to Jesse Watters & Greg Gutfeld and he's really annoying. His gibberish gives me a hea…
Juan Williams take your position to Donald Trump Jr. see what he has to share with you over Griffin.…
And as Juan Williams rightfully said, "why are we talking about Griffin and…
Juan Williams is a *** Get rid of him Getting real tired of his sh_t.
Great! You fired Bob due to racist comments then hired Juan Williams who blames EVERYTHING on racism. Dump Juan I'm tired of it!
He's another left wing liberal Democrat who needs to go like Juan Williams and the one they fired last week.
So i see they fired Bob Beckel.thought he was drunk fri.but turns out made racial comment to black i.t guy. I guess Juan Williams is back👎😝
I think Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, and Shepherd Smith should host their own show on CNN ... it can be called. The Ména…
Agree Sheppard smith and Juan Williams should go. But why Bill ORiley
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One down, now get Juan Williams and Sheppard Smith
I know that you need a Democrat from the left on the show, Juan Williams is as bad as Allen Combs
Being kind: Juan Williams is the Peter Principle in action. He's simply NOT qualified to give an intelligent opinio…
Fox News! Path! Juan Williams conveying the truth. Lying is acceptable & a way of business at Fox.
Robert Murdoch & Fox News don't care about the truth. Fox slams Juan Williams on realities of heathcare Flat Out pathetic.
Wow...Juan Williams just called him out on it. Never thought I'd see that.
Juan Williams looks like he's mad that Obama's signature legislation is on the verge of extinction and that Susan Rice was exposed
Tht creep Juan Williams had a conniption fit & began foaming at the mouth like a sick dog tonight on Send th…
I miss Juan Williams on For a liberal, he is very professional while Bob Beckel is just vitriolic.
love may have been too much! Lol..I just like him as opposed to Juan Williams.
I don't dislike him. I just think Juan Williams is a joke. I prefer an old time dem anyday
I'm saying this as opposed to Juan Williams. I enjoy debate. Bobs authentic Juans a fraud
You mean like Joe Trippi and Mo Eliethee and Juan Williams and Richard Fowler? I could go on, but you get the idea. Or do you…
wife fired Juan Williams --David is blacklisting me 4 the same kind of reasons
True! Even FOX keeps a few pet pigs on the leash. Shep Smith, Juan Williams and Bob B…
already has liberal Shemp Smith, Juan Williams, Bob "Negative" Beckel! Give us an option
Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Bob Beckel were always there to ease you into the liberal take over.
1 Wish, Get of Juan Williams and Bob Beckel,,, Q:Why? A:They are Liberal & offensive,
Breaking News on the "Five"! Juan Williams is defending Obama's 400K speaking fee from Wall Street. He says it's only market pricing.
And the question is. How many more Debbie's are out there. Hannity bullies people. *** he pulled a gun on Juan Williams.
Don't know if anyone agrees but I can't watch TheFive on Fox because of ultra liberal Bob Beckel He is as bad as Juan Williams, maybe worse!
Will not watch this show as long as anti-Trump Dana Perino, Bob Beckel, Juan Williams are there. Bye!
I think & everyone at Fox minus Shepard Smith, Juan Williams & Bob Beckel
Better Beckel than Juan Williams. Bob is entertaining especially when he goes at it with Watters.
I'd rather see Juan Williams than Bob Beckel. That is all.
Yeh, be careful Liz.. Don't worry, Hemmer, Juan Williams and Chris Wallace will hold down the fort...(sic) (If ther…
Been doing it that way forever. Jesse Watters, Eric Bolling, Juan Williams, and others take turns hosting on Friday…
Eric Bolling and Juan Williams are living proof that you don't need a high IQ to make it in the MSM or on
The Five is a modest success for Bob Beckel, due in large part to the charm of Juan Williams and Eric Bolling.
Andrea Perino to Juan Williams "how abt the FISA warrant for Carter Page"?
The ONLY truth in reporting comes from in spite of the liberal Shep Smith, Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, Bo…
Other people not to trust on Fox News.Neil Cavuto,Martha McCullum,Brian Kilmeade,Shepherd Smith and Juan Williams.
Juan Williams and the are creatures of Htrae more known as Bizarro world. They have a reversed sense of r…
This poll says, see less of Juan Williams. He's on WAY TOO MUCH!
Roy Williams is the best college coach of all time
Yet Juan Williams of is positively giddy as a school gil at the prom over a fake poll re: impeachm…
Juan Williams claiming that unmasking for political reasons "a conspiracy theory" Try again Juan 🙄
Gonna boycott if Fox is going 2 parade Juan Williams on shows w/the Liberal agenda of impeaching DJT they've had since B4 day 1!
What Juan Williams knows could be put in a pinky thimble
Well, political genius Juan Williams thinks Trump's low poll numbers will get him impeached ... and you…
Fox News you are playing right in to the fake news every time you let Juan Williams talk on your show obviously a T…
A long time ago, 2 reasons why I quit watching because of Juan Williams and Bob Beckel, who now is on The…
Like anyone listens or cares what Juan Williams has to say! He never has a clue of…
I like the new set but can't stand the predictable "go to" Fox leftist Juan Williams now making rounds on your show.
Juan Williams also said Russian agents physically broke into the DNC and stole document…
, I wish you would not have Juan Williams on. He is an ***
Even Juan Williams, who is normally someone measured, has lost his mind. . It's like the entire left was infected…
Even NPR was smart enough to dump Juan Williams. Juan makes up polls to favor his position. Beckel fo…
Something looked like Juan Williams very disturbing.
No one cares what Juan Williams has to say! He is a waste of time
Do you stay awake at night dreaming this stuff up? Juan Williams: Trump's impeachment risk keeps growing |
Great 1st with Juan Williams and now with Geraldo Good God you really want to los…
Juan Williams is a joke, just when you thought he couldn't be any more ignorant, he shines
How delusional can Juan Williams be? Seriously! What color is the sky where he lives?
Juan Williams is an ignorant, POS, irrelevant dirtbag.
That is ridiculous why is Juan Williams on fox writing a stupid article like that reduces his credibility
Juan williams reminds me of the nien nunb on star wars
On what grounds Tucker? Juan Williams is a die hard democrat and a racist. I watch…
.. Juan Williams operates on One Channel---"Democrat 'Talking Points'". Can't think or comm…
Juan Williams is automatic off button. Great debate w/dyed black hair guy. Love the set!
Surprise Surprise the imp Juan Williams who was fired from . The Five is behind Impeach Trump Fake News 🤣🤣🤣🤣 . Will
Krauthammer has never impressed me w/ his psycho babble. Sorry but him & Juan Williams don't contribute anything to
Juan Williams: Trump's risk of impeachment rises
Juan Williams makes no sense. He is too dumb and phony
And take Shepard Smith and Juan Williams with you.
Juan Williams and facts don't go together he is another kool-aid drinking libtard who…
53% of Americans want Trump to resign! The gates of freedom are openin' wide, Patriots!
And then brings in the likes of Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, Meghan McCain, Geraldo and numerous others. It's a trap!
would you fire Juan Williams, Shepard Smith, and Bob Beckle...
do you know why they keep Bob Beckle and Juan Williams?
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