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Juan Williams

Juan Williams (born April 10, 1954) is an American journalist and political analyst for Fox News Channel.

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would you fire Juan Williams, Shepard Smith, and Bob Beckle...
do you know why they keep Bob Beckle and Juan Williams?
No different than Geraldo or Juan Williams/ don't care about the old or poor/ begged for an interview/ no deal/ just money
Please don't have Juan Williams on your show. It's so hard to listen to his illogical Liberal drivel...he's wastes my time.
Bring back He is a Reuther. Get rid of Bob Beckle, Juan Williams, Bret Baier and all antitrumpers that spew fake news.
and Joe Madison said Juan Williams called Fox News out which shocked me. Someone grew a pair over there at Fox.
Juan Williams for those who don't know is a Democratic strategist for Fox News.
Put him in JAIL! Sean Hannity denies pointing gun at Juan Williams on Fox set
Juan Williams should have laid him out. If it was reversed Juan Williams wld B live @ 5 from Rikers Island.
Fox News host Sean Hannity says he never pointed a gun at colleague Juan Williams on the set despite CNN story.
Sean Hannity pointed a gun at Juan Williams off-air, CNN report says
Fox News host Sean Hannity once aimed a gun at political analyst Juan Williams following an on-air debate.
Sean Hannity pulled a gun on Juan Williams at Fox, reports. Apparently that's OK newsroom behavior
Juan Williams wrote "The worst Trumpcare suprise of all," which truthfully laid out what is wrong with Obamacare. Dems can push this now!
Hannity & Williams deny this Fake Story described by make-believe sources. FAKE NEWS runs with the LIE! .
wow the media really hit a new low they smeared you and your friend Juan Williams.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Juan Williams' statement renders this piece nothing more than opposition media propaganda
The same people outraged that a rapper pointed a toy gun at a clown are now defending Sean Hannity, who aimed a real gun at…
According to CNN, Hannity allegedly turned on the gun's laser sight "causing a red dot" to appear on Williams' body:
In case you still have any doubts that CNN is totally FAKE news, ask Juan Williams via
had is very own moment👊😂 👀pointed gun at FoxNews colleague Juan Williams https…
But isn't it possible that he was just LASER (caps mine) focused on educating Juan Williams on gun safety?
.According to both and more importantly, Juan Williams, this is Upholding low st…
Hannity is a devot racist it's well documented shame you Juan Williams defending this racist bigot Hannity !
FAKE NEWS: CNN claims "Sean Hannity pulled a gun on Juan Williams," Hannity & Williams call BS, CNN complains "there is no r…
He his referring to this false article by May I suggest a lawsuit is in order?
Juan Williams asked for this by his many stupid comments made in that last year with no proof!
"Read Juan Williams editorial today, titled " The worst Trumpcare surprise of all". Dems fail to message info consistently it's TRUTH!!
Hannity brought a gun to work and reportedly pointed it at Fox colleague Juan Williams:
What an up & down week for Sean Hannity. First euphoric about Steve King comments then sad about gun pointing at Juan Williams. Bipolar?
"Latest fake news: Hannity 'pulled gun on Juan Williams'"
Sean Hannity now admits he pulled a gun on Juan Williams on the set of Fox News via
'that guy JUAN Williams' should be OUT of Fox - an obvious destroyer of FOX Integrity!
I would say CNN has raised fake news to an art form except they're not very good at it, not even crafty.
Sean Hannity 'pulled gun on liberal commentator Juan Williams' after Fox News interview
Juan Williams slams CNN about Hannity pulling a gun on him!
It's fun to make jokes about Hannity pointing his gun at Juan Williams but he should have gone to jail for that and been fi…
One more nothingburger story. Sean Hannity and Juan Williams are FRIENDS. There is no story. This won't stop a
Hannity Brought a Gun to Work at Fox News, Reportedly Pointed It at Colleague Juan Williams on Set
More totally normal behavior at FOX:
Fox News host Sean Hannity 'pulled out gun after on-air row with guest' |
I stand by my reporting, Juan. Every word. 110%.
lol CNN "stands by reporting" aka fake news when the real Juan Williams (primary source) is saying this is stupid
Sources: Sean Hannity once pulled a gun on Juan Williams -CNN nail Hannity.This is not an opinion piece. Wow.
Workplace Violence: Had Juan Williams pointed a gun at Sean Hannity I wonder if he would have tought it was for "Education…
continues to dumb it down! Barf to Marie Harf, Juan Williams & Eric Bolling. Their Sick attempt to keep it Fair…
Electronic Device Insurance
Sheriff how are you . Do you have space in your facilities for Sean Spicer, Trey Gowdy, Juan Williams and Seantor Ben Sasse
Marie Harf is as bad as Juan Williams. They both have that same "Obama worshipper" look in their eyes.
Juan Williams calls Kimberly Guilfoyle a "saint," and Eric Bolling's roundtable makes a strong case for his canonization.
And what's with FOX hiring Marie Harf and Ezikiel Emanuel as pundits? Isn't Geraldo, Juan Williams and Bob…
: Unfortunately some at FOX are NOT helpful: Shep Smith, Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Dana Perino 😬
Hannity, & his team obviously do extensive research. Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky do theirs by rea…
Producer the five has ruined show liberal pundits are out of control. Juan Williams. Bob Beckel. Julie…
Who would you rather punch? Shepard Smith, Juan Williams or Mary Anne Marsh?😜
He might be worse than Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera and Julie Uglystinski😜
ONTARIO CHRISTIAN CENTER- Dr. Juan Williams, Sr. The word of God which lives and abide in you forever Pt. 2
If Trump can only deport you Julie we be better off. Take Bob Beckel and Juan Williams with you.
The problem with Fox News; Juan Williams, Julie Rodginski ,and fat *** . Bob Beckel.
Megan, please lose it with Juan Williams go after him, my beers getting warm and iphone battery dying watching but all is forgiven if you..
. hey Megan, I love it when you put Juan Williams in his place. SMACK DOWN!
PLEASE get rid of Juan Williams. He is a sick warped liar
I was still working. I'm so bummed. I turn on the tv and whose talking Juan Williams 😡
Juan Williams's cult TV show boasts striking, haunting imagery and a great performance by Andrea Tantaros as the alien.
Juan Williams: You just slandered me before the ENTIRE WORLD! Fair warning-next time it's a lawsuit.
After a 12-year hiatus, Andrea Tantaros is back in action as Juan Williams.
I like Beckel better than Juan Williams, but in this case, Beckel crossed the line:.
Seems like the "Good Ones" die ahead of time, those like Bob Beckel & Juan Williams keep on keeping on! Can't say l…
Shep, Bob Beckel, Juan Williams all need to goof FOX wishes to save face and their audience!
Fox News - drop Juan Williams and Shep Smith PLEASE since I turn you off when they are on since they always attack Trump
Shepard Smith, Marie Harp, Juan Williams, Megyn Kelly, Matt Lauer, Geraldo should be on there too
I watch Fox News mostly. I find Shepherd to be not my favorite. I actually enjoy Bob Beckel. Juan Williams not so much. But fox 1
and Juan Williams and Shepard Smith sorta suck too!
Juan Williams and Shepard Smith need to transfer to CNN!
Juan Williams, FOX's Fake News Contributor. I guess they have 2 now with Bob Beckel.
should terminate both Shepard Smith and Juan Williams.
Turn Fox News off when Shepard Smith and/or Juan Williams are on!
.I like Fox News.. Shepard Smith, Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera are hard to swallow…
Juan Williams is a disgrace to FNC. He and Shep Smith need to go. FNC is becoming "Fake News"👎
Shepard Smith is definitely worn out his welcome. Juan Williams back to NPR 2! many people stop watching the five when Juan Williams is on. Bob Beckel is so much better. Juan needs to be gone
They need to get rid of him, Juan Williams, and Bob Beckel!
What do you feed Juan Williams , Robert Fowler and Bob Beckel, just sour grapes? After a bit these threse are a pain!
.Juan Williams & Shep Smith are ruining your network. Lou Dobbs and Stuart Varney are your true stars. Cl…
please fire Shepard Smith and Juan Williams or get them jobs with CNN please do a poll it will speak for itself g…
while at it please get rid of Sheppard smith and Juan Williams and the bill guy on the five
did they now? Was that Shepard Smith or Juan Williams? Sometimes even fair and balanced is neither.
the five is on so We switch to a different channel because of Juan Williams. The same with Bob Beckel.
I have never seen people that are so negative as Juan Williams, Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, Chris Mathews, Charles Schumer.
You're losing me! I don't watch "The Five" because I hate Juan Williams. NOW I don't watch Shepard Smith.
So Easy to hear Juan Williams talk liberalese rather than Bob Beckel.
Juan Williams and Bob Beckel. both annoy me. Thank God for my remote. l
Fox rid itself of Shepherd Smith, Geealdo, Juan Williams, and Chris Wallace.
Tuning out Goldberg. He's as bad as Geraldo, Juan Williams and Bob Beckel. Too bad their lack of perspective ruins your show
there are at least 7 liberal fake news networks already. Can you please remove Shep Smith, Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky, Bob slob.
Love the Five but can't watch Bob Beckel,insufferable. Juan Williams is intelligent I enjoy him. .
Anyone but Shepard Smith or Juan Williams or Geraldo Rivera or...the 'bad' list is long 🙄
Fair and balanced... Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams. One hour of Shepard Smith is just too much... good time to tune out!
Shepherd Smith needs to move to CNN. Along with Juan Williams. Dislike them both BIGLY.
Juan Williams is to liberal for me. I think FOX uses him for fair and balance. I still can't figure out why Bob Beckel is…
We turn off TV when Shep Smith, Juan Williams or Geraldo Rivera are on
Not likely will listen to Fox viewers abt Shepherd Smith. We've been screaming abt Juan Williams & still they keep h…
I will not watch Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, Bob Beckle or Juan Williams, or the shows they appear on.
Four Demoncrats I cant stand.Juan Williams,Harry Reid,Chuck Schumer and Bob Beckel.Williams is on tv because of his color
Juan Williams: Republicans collide with reality. Something Dems will never have to worry about.
I'm sorry but I'm about to change the channel if Juan Williams continues to spew his liberal Nonsense! Not Today!…
I can't stand Juan Williams, but he's 100x better than Bob Beckel! He's so annoying and has most ignorant views!
They love our POTUS. Juan Williams is an *** but they're balanced, so...
Fox. Juan Williams and Julie are one in the same *** sociaty. Julie who hates democracy should take her illigitmate son and go to Russia.
Hey Bob! I mean this in the nicest possible way. You're a jerk! You have really given me an appreciation for Juan Williams!
//Fire Juan Williams. U need to drain some from your swamp. B…
You would have the best News Casting Show on earth if you would "FIRE" the Hateful, Liberals, Juan Williams & Bob Bec…
please get rid of "that broad" Bob Beckel (if you saw Greg's show tonight) OMG even worse than Juan Williams.
where's that old liberal with suspenders anyway he is the big reason in the 5's dip in ratings - is really bad miss Juan williams
I change the channel whenever Geraldo is on.also Juan Williams, Shepard Smith & a few others!
juan williams Betsy devos is right about guns in schools it is up to states rights and the school administrations if guns…
is ur Juan Williams. There's got 2B someone else u can have on show. If a cramp took human form, it's her.
I am joining the growing number of people tuning out Shep Smith, Juan Williams, Geraldo, etc. if they are on the chan…
Stopped watching .because I couldn't take Juan Williams any longer there's…
Stagey Juan Williams show with Kimberly Guilfoyle spectre for laughs.
Put him on Fox News` The Five with Juan Williams and that *** brunette thot (what`s her name?) and Gutfeld
Let me be clear..I cannot stand Shepard Smith. He belongs on CNN,along with Juan Williams,Julie Rozinski,Jessica Tarlov,Mar…
Who are they? Juan Williams? seriously, Peeps need to know this
GROSS! I turn Fox off when he is on, I can't stand him!! Or Juan Williams!
Lou Williams to the wizards please 😩
,,, it's easy 2 see rating must be slipping, ppl r tired of Juan Williams , so they put Side Show bob back in,
Agreed. Geraldo and Juan Williams would fit in better on MSM.Rachel Madcow perfect for them.
She's horrible, along with Juan Williams, and why did they bring back Bob Beckel-he is a complete moron!
Juan Williams "you ran over like a child and wanted a picture" (07/03/2015)
going backwards w/ Beckel? Makes show even worse than Juan Williams! Appeal to real audience not mythical.
He is clearly 's new Juan Williams - LOL!
has a serious self important attitude. 70yr old *** who thinks FNC revolves around him. Hate him,…
How do you keep from smacking Juan Williams?
Bob is a fat old white Juan Williams that lies about POTUS every chance he gets..I refused to watch that bs!
He is comedy, not to be taken seriously. A fool exposing himself. Like Juan Wil…
please get rid of Richard Fowler, He is so RUDE talking over you. Send him and Juan Williams to CNN
I can't "demand" anything. But I always change channel when I see him (same for Juan Williams).   10% Off
does this moron Richard understand how dumb he sounds is fake news! it has been for years. He is worse than Juan Williams
got Juan Williams fired 4 saying he got nervous around ppl identifying themselves first & foremost as Muslims. P…
Hi Why, after giving viewers a glimmer of hope, do you persist in driving away viewers w/ J…
ask Juan Williams where his moral outrage is regarding the treatment a senator Scott by his party
When he comes on we change the channel. He is another Maghn Kelly, Juan Williams, Geraido, Rivera.No respect!
after him put Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera on the list then you will have a perfect New…
I thought I would always trust Fox News, but Jessica Tarlov and Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera are getting on my last nerve.
I can't stand him or Chris Mathews or Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera. Fox could save money and we wouldn't have to h…
Shep, why not get Juan Williams and y'all join Megan Kelly??
Wish Shepard Smith would join Megyn Kelly. And take Geraldo & Juan Williams too
Shepherd is on the same level as Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera. Dispicable
Sorry NBC NO taken Megyn Kelly back to FNC!! Got a few more you can take! Juan Williams & Shep Smith heads the list!
Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera and Shepard Smith are the main reason I don't watch Fox News as much as I once did.
is Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams the same person
. Maria Harf is on the team with Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, Jehmu Green, Judith Miller, etc.
Juan Williams, Shepherd Smith, Megyn Kelly, Marie Harf...Fox is going to *** in a hand basket. Geese!!! PI
you do very well get job with trump or move to Fox trade spots with Juan Williams he need CNN you are doing a good job jim
Juan Williams," Trump is telling people to not trust the press, this is very bad for democracy."
Please tell us, is Juan Williams going to be a member or is Bob Beckel on board? If no logic Williams is back color is gone
sean is on a list at Fox News, Bill Orielly, Juan Williams, etc etc is so good at telling others what to do and how to act
Fox, you are part of main stream media. Juan Williams, Richard Fowler, Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly, etc.
these pundits all have the answers, sad thing their answers are wrong and Juan Williams should go the way of George Will
Juan Williams, Karl Rove, Geraldo Rivera, need to go next.
Don't know why they have him, Juan Williams or the other extremely annoying Julie Roginsky.
Tell me again why Bob Beckel was brought back? He's such a jerk. He's worse than Juan Williams and Juan is bad. Fox is turning left
BOO! Bob is an *** and I can't stand him. I will quit watching. Juan Williams was bad enough
Bob Beckel back on "The Five," that's fine so long as Juan Williams leaves. Can't take two lefties on the same show.
Not only that, but retaining Leftist Shep Smith, Juan Williams and now Bob Beckel.
I DVR Fox News and fast forward through Juan Williams...ain't nobody got time for that!!. Julie Roginsky too.
So happy to see Bob Beckel back on the Five. Can't stand Juan Williams,Geraldo, or Julie Roginsky.
Thank GOD Bob Beckel is back on THE FIVE... I'm sure he and Juan Williams agree on many (most?) but Bob is always genuine and kind.
Boo. no one likes him. as stubborn as Juan Williams and as annoying as
How bad must Juan Williams be if Fox's "The 5" brought back that 'ole souse Bob Beckel?
So much better than Juan Williams! . Fox News Welcomes Back Bob Beckel to ‘The Five’
I will take Bob Beckel over Juan Williams any day of the week! . The Five .
Juan Williams & Bob Beckel both need a job at I think they fit perfectly there! I won't be watching "The Five" even…
oh no; the only thing worse than Juan Williams is Julie Roginsky
Juan Williams with Krauthammer on Special Report? OMG. Juan usually makes no sense.. it's going to drive Charles nuts!
Bob`s a lot better than Juan Williams or Julie Roginsky
. The Five is going to have a liberal on & If I get to choose between Juan Williams, Julie Rodinsky or Becktal, I'll take Bob
Juan Williams is the Pete Best of the Five He is a drag. He needs to be replaced with Julie Roginsky a pretty version of Ringo!
Juan Williams and Julie Rogokinsky are not cuttin' it as villains.
Megyn Kelly is gone, Hooray! Juan Williams, Shepherd Smith, and Julie Roginsky next! Housecleaning time, FNC!
.Juan Williams is tolerated by Bolling & others bc his JOB is The Devil's Advocate. Just like Julie Roginsky, and m…
John Lewis you are an *** Same as Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Julie Roginsky, all the other nut job, brainwashe…
Are yes from the mouth of experience we all know Juan Williams is not a legitimate journalist media personality Nor a…
I like Kimberly Guilfoyle for Megyn's replacement. And could you PLEASE dump Juan Williams? Thank you
Juan Williams needs his diaper changed, a bottle and a nap. He is so cranky esp. When told he's wrong. Poor thing. Julie &Shep do too
Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky, Shepard Smith, two more after Fox and Friends
Julie is morphing into Alan Colmes & Juan Williams.same blind the party.
Shepherd "SKIPPY"Smith, Juan Williams, and Megyn Kelly have BEEN what ails for a long time. All…
Juan Williams can't see anything wrong with what Lynch or Holder did, yet he sees racism when Jeff Sessions appears.
Juan Williams is a caricature of a Leftist. Sort of along the lines of Alan Colmes. Johnny Wrongly. Everyt…
you must be in a good mood today Patricia. So much more you could call Juan Williams
"Agreed (Juan Williams is an embarrassment to He should follow Megan Kelly to one of the MSM channels…
take Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera with you please
Megan Kelly may need a backup at NBC. I think Juan Williams would be a good fit there...and Eric Bolling would help Juan pack.
Fox News needs to get rid of Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera.
.. add two *** to your list of IMBECILES : Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, for both sides of the their mouths 'bout YOU!
JW almost as bad as Geraldo Rivera. I can't stand listening to either one. Juan Williams never fails to disappoint.…
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Juan Williams & Geraldo Rivera are reminders of just how STUPID liberals tru…
The only thing missing is a pic of Juan Williams & Geraldo Rivera. All lying nasty people.
Dear Megyn Kelly. Take Dana Perino, her pet monkey (Gutfeld), and Juan Williams with you as well or stop using "Fair and Balanced"
No longer watch The Five Dana Perino was never Trump and Juan Williams is just stupid
We don't watch because of Juan Williams and Dana Perino. Maybe Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric Bolling will ge…
Juan Williams: Hey Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Party is now yours for the taking |
Pete love when you r on. Thanks for your service and love of country. Get rid of Juan Williams his act is growing old. Rich
Kimberly Guilfoyle and Juan Williams both shine in an impressively executed basic cable drama.
why the *** do u have that moron Juan Williams filling in for u. REALLY Bill...get ur son Jesse Watters…
would rather watch Kennedy on than joker Juan Williams filling in for bill
Fox News Channel Please shut up Juan Williams, who cares what his opinion is?
I can't stomach Juan Williams he is so out to lunch!
Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams can stick their opinions where the sun don't shine.
I don't know how the *** Kimberly can deal w/Juan Williams. I actually like him think he's crazy.
it's getting to the point to where if Juan Williams doesn't go I no longer watch my favorite show. He's gone wacko
Laura Ingraham completely destroys Juan Williams for using the term “radical” for patriots like Flynn and Mattis.
Byron York? The bottle of White-Out that walks erect? Has he ever even met one of the brothers outside of Juan Williams?
Juan Williams again... and again... pretty soon the money paying him to say this crap will dry up.
Erica hope you get your own show, tired of having to listen to Juan Williams&his la la land ideas, not of this world,same old🇺🇸
I Loved the five , I like Juan Williams but he interrupts you so much and gets to loud ! I loved everyone else on The Five , Loved your book so did my son he just retired after 20 years in the Army, Hope everyone at the Five have a wonderful Chritmas. Cheryl Peek Where can I buy the Five mug ?🎄
Juan Williams is an *** Providing lawyers for illegal immigrants to protect their rights. Are you kidding me!!
Hope Laura Ingram kicks Juan Williams butt right off the TV LOL
Laura Ingram destroying Juan Williams! It's always funny watching Juan's "I don't know what's going on" face.
We LOVE Laura but her debating with and destroying Juan Williams is like Mike Tyson fighting an amateur to easy
Juan WILLIAMS is like Megan Kelly dress in black.
How does Juan Williams keep his job ? He has alienated so many viewers from .
You were awesome on Fox News Sunday today! Thank you for calling out Juan Williams! I hope you are the next Press Secretary!!
Juan Williams has become a whiny baby crying liberal. FOXNews could get a much better liberal point of view.
Kellyanne Conway outstanding on Fox's "The Five." Stood her ground and debated very well, especially against Juan Willia…
Laura Ingraham all over Juan Williams this morning for comments he made about Administration picks...I love it... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Radical Juan Williams is another reason for Fox's slide in the ratings.
Juan Williams is a racist punk anti American anti cop piece of crap
Laura Ingraham stated the case against Uber liberal Juan Williams & his ilk's outrageous truthless trashing of conservatives
Once again, shows why he should be canned
WOW! Her take down of Juan Williams at the end... His expression was priceless!!!
Laura beat the snot out of juan williams, him and that goofy face he makes.
With his "team of radicals" comment on Fox News Sunday, Juan Williams has disqualified himself from ever offering polit…
Juan Williams, like most liberals, only see skin color. Never merit. Hence, HE'S the racist. 👍
I was saying this earlier...(just not as articulate) This is exactly why I would like to see Laura as Press...
.decimates Juan Williams 'team of radicals' taunt on Fox News Sunday
watch Laura tear down Juan Williams for his radical comments
The last time Juan Williams spoke a word not on liberal talking points was when he accidentally spoke the truth on NPR. They…
Fox News, are you listening to your viewers? They want Megyn Kelly, Juan Williams, Shep Smith, Leslie Marshall to move on. W…
Boycott this lying witch along with *** Juan Williams & Shep Smith,and
I cant choose! Juan Williams, Megan Kelly, Dana Perino and Shep Smith are all terrible. Editorializers. Not journal…
Please Fox News. Get rid of Juan Williams and Geraldo. Geraldo is a screaming lib and Juan is just plain old…
This man Juan Williams of Fox News is corrupt and crooked; just as corrupt and crooked like Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Coope…
Today is the day I can no longer watch the five because of Juan Williams. All I have left is Neil, Sean, B…
Ok get to work! First on the agenda!. 1. Megan Kelley off the Air. 2. Juan Williams off the air . 3. Boycott all MSM except Hannity & Dobbs
One thing's for sure, I'm having a far better day today than Juan Williams is. 😂 .
Hannity talking Juan Williams off his ledge. Leave him alone Sean, let him jump.
Would someone smack Juan Williams please? What is wrong with him.
"I'm not sure this is good for America," said Juan Williams.
Well its official Juan Williams and Megan Kelley are bitter. We have lived the last 8 years under Obama and are sick of it.
Juan Williams: In the 2016 election we jumped the shark, America: We jumped the shark on…
.✅ out this mental gymnastics. Insanity. Juan Williams: It's not cheating to prepare
Video: *** Juan Williams defends Hillary's CHEATING at the debates.
no way am I letting Juan Williams or Dana Perino ruined my weekend. They both give me a headache
Juan Williams and Megan Kelly should go away
Megan Kelly is Fox News Trojan horse against Trump, at least you know Juan Williams is a brown nose lefty, & he does not…
Bob Beckel has gone off the deep end so he shouldn't go back and Juan Williams has just become another democrat par…
I've got an idea put Juan Williams and Megyn Kelly together and you'll have two two face *** Megan can pretend to disagree ???
Things learned during this election: Never want to see Megan Kelly, Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky, Shep Smith, Stirewalt..…
Bring back Bob Beckel. Juan Williams is a wimp and Bob Beckel was the drug addict we need
Stirewalt is ANOTHER dud that needs to be fired on Fox (includes Juan Williams and Meghan Kelly).
listening to Juan Williams today makes me yearn for that scum Bob Beckel.
Perhaps you don't watch Fox News much or listen to Alan Combs & Juan Williams? Or haven't watched & heard Bill O'Re…
I really hope Fox rids themselves of Juan Williams and Megan Kelly after this election. They both stink.
Greg Gutfeld adds another stunning performance to his resume with this small-scale neo-noir by host/anchor Juan Williams.
yes I am being truthful! Megyn Kelly is now a liability for Fox News like Juan Williams an…
Juan Williams at it again. Jesus he is the worst.
Hillary Clinton is calling for an estate (death) tax of 65%. Juan Williams thinks it's a great idea. Elizabeth MacDonald... not so much.
you and Juan Williams do Geraldo Rivera. That I gotta see.
Juan Williams. If in fact he is like Donna Brazile, Clinton agent, he is just one of the countless Deplorable MSM hacks.
Know-it-all Geraldo Rivera on Fox News right now being a liberal *** put him and Juan Williams out of TV Fire them both liberal jerks
Update your maps at Navteq
Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams drive me nuts
Geraldo Rivera must be about 5'6" because he really has napoleon syndrome. He should be on the 5 with Juan Williams,Dana Perino
. Juan Williams & Donna Brazil must come from the Devils School of Defending Deception & Corruption
Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera.birds of a feather.
Oh, you are not talking about the Dem operative, Juan Williams, are you Lou?
If there was ever an "out of touch" reward, Juan Williams would certainly be on the list of nominees.
Juan Williams of the five took it I think Geraldo Rivera helped him
She spends too much time around Heraldo Rivera & moron Juan Williams. Both morons!
Juan Williams is embarrassing himself re whether Gore and Dems accepted 2000 election results. He's a hack.
Someone give Juan Williams and Megan Kelly a job at CNN. Fox should trade them for a couple ash trays.
So sick of Juan Williams, Alan Combs, Heraldo Rivera & a few more of Hillary & Obama apologizers.
Megyn Kelly.Geraldo Rivera.Shepard Smith.Dana Perino.Juan Williams.just some of the reasons not to watch Fox New…
Juan Williams (Fox News) wanted to "set a date" with Podesta. Another hack on Team Hillary.
it really has. Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, now Brit Hume. All earning clinton money.
I want to see ufc match between Donald and Hillary. also Donna Brazile and Juan Williams tag team against Hannity and ingram
This group this morning are so pathetic Donna and pathetic Juan Williams this is the reason I only watch Judge Jeanine& Hannity
Fox News is good except for Megan Kelly, Shepherd Smith and Juan Williams.
FNC won't make it twenty more days if they don't get some better people and get rid of the likes of Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Steve do
Juan Williams you are a raciest Black Man just like Barry Obama Just shut the F-Up nobody believes you no one you are an *** to the world!
Since Roger Ailes departed FOX, the talking heads like Brit Hume,S.Smith, Megan Kelly and Juan Williams are now pushing Social Marxism w/MSM
These people ruining Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, Carl Whoever, Dana Perino, Brit Hume, Megan Slob Bimbo. Hope they go to
m Kelly has one big ego. Juan Williams only sees the world through *** liberal glasses
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