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why don't you call on local law enforcement to do same? Juan Thompson was a Leftist Vassar grad in St Louis
nor will you investigate source--have you asked Sanders to disavow Leftist suspect Juan Thompson?
Full details on arrest of Juan Thompson for threats to JCC:
...i think Juan Thompson is calling these in from jail, lol 😂
More on former reporter Juan Thompson, who is accused of calling in bomb threats to JCC, via and
Juan Thompson in court today in St. Louis. Good ruling to continue detention. NY Extradition hearing March 15.
Did guy making bomb threats against Jewish community centers work for Trump? Oh no! He worked for YOU,
How the Jewish left avoids confronting the fact that the anti-Semite was a Muslim, black, leftwing anti-Trumper:.
the guy arrested was a leftist, fake news reporter named Juan Thompson... sorry your narrative doesn't work here.
Federal prosecutor telling judge if he gets out, Thompson could get back on the internet and make more threats.
From Juan Thompson's detention hearing today: Prosecutor says he tried to "destroy" ex-girlfriend's life.…
The prosecutor says Thompson is an "unstable" menace and a threat to his ex-girlfriend if he's released from custody.
JCC bomb hoaxer Juan Thompson emailed his ex's employer, sent her mom photos with a target on her face
Here is a picture of Jewish bomb-threat suspect, Juan Thompson with Hillary Clinton! .
I serve at the way to halt momentum and give the media outlets not showing the image of Juan Thompson
journalist Juan Thompson should be heading to prison. .
Link to updated story on Juan Thompson:
Turns out Juan Thompson, the man arrested with Jewish center bomb threats, was a Hillary supporter. Let that sink in. h…
Well you got the one non white guy Juan Thompson off the streets... Keep looking at the non white liberals, there most likely to blame!
Given his goal--"to fight against Trumpian fascism"--I wonder if he was trying to frame the right for this crime
U have to read the NYT story re Juan Thompson. This is just the first 2 lines. https:…
same thing happened to me with Juan Thompson last year. Btw, if you're concerned, no ones else thinks your a nazi 😀
You mean the ones made by liberal journalist and Shaun King's friend, Juan M Thompson?
FBI has made an arrest of Juan Thompson for allegedly making threats to Jewish Community Centers. Full details to come from…
Let's not let the arrest of Juan Thompson distract us. White people are still like REALLY BAD!
Leftist journalist Juan Thompson was arrested by the FBI for making some serious threats.
This certainly does not fit into the Left's "Angry White Man" narrative. Look for this story to be buried quickly. http…
Meanwhile at a Park in the UK. (SILENCE FROM MEDIA) . A Muslim like Juan Thompson explains his feeling about Jews.
FBI has arrested "reporter" Juan M. Thompson for Jewish bomb threats & stalking of his ex. The unknown woman i…
Weird how I'm not seeing anyone call Juan Thompson an African American-Hispanic
FIRST PHOTO: of Juan Thompson arrested by FBI & NYPD for making bomb threats to JCC's
FBI arrests St. Louis man in connection with ADL bomb threats
Juan Thompson 'threatened Jewish centres to frame ex' -
Remember all that outrage at the President for even suggesting this? Two words. Juan Thompson. . Trump was right again.
We demand an investigation into the ties between the Clintons and Juan Thompson, the Jewish Center bomber. Fair for one, f…
Juan Thompson, another anti journalist arrested. Charged for harassment, cyberstalking and death threats: ht…
When will Media STOP pretending to be surprised when ANOTHER Muslim threatens Jews. Muhammad commanded them to KILL ALL JEWS.…
Hey I can't find your story about leftist Juan Thompson, the black man, who called in bomb threats to the Jewish Centers. Did I miss?
ALJ: Juan Thompson 'threatened Jewish centres to frame ex' - More than 100 other threats remain unsolved after ...
This is Juan Thompson is behind the Jewish Attacks & Bombings!. Both & Silent. ht…
Islamic Terrorists & Democrats stand UNITED!. Muslim Juan Thompson is a HUGE Bernie Sanders supporter but, in 2003 he loved Hil…
Oh look, Trump was right again. Juan Thompson is an anti-white, anti-Trump, Bernie supporting, Muslim. False flag.
Muslim Juan Thompson would have adored her.
Before his arrest in threats to Jewish groups, Juan Thompson fumed at racism
Juan Thompson, Jewish center bomb threatener, says Ivanka Trump (a convert to Judaism) should be harassed. .
Bomb hoaxer Juan Thompson & Hillary Clinton?. Interesting how this is going isn't it?.
Disgraced reporter accused of making at least 8 of 120 recent threats against Jewish institutions across the US…
"Juan M. Thompson was arrested in Missouri on a federal cyberstalking charge. He allegedly made eight bomb...
Juan Thompson 'threatened Jewish centres to frame ex'
27 minutes since Juan Thompson's arrest announcement and Bernie Sanders STILL refuses to condemn one of his anti-semitic sup…
Looks like Juan Thompson worked for an NGO linked to George Soros! Gateway Housing Foundation -> CHS -> Open Societies! Mo…
Muslim convert Juan Thompson who just got busted for anti-Semitist attacks.
Juan Thompson is everything MSM hoped he wouldn't be and because of that, he gets minimal media coverage.
Juan Thompson was a Bernie Sanders supporter. When will Bernie disavow?
Juan Thompson is the very definition of fake news. He phoned in fake bomb threats to Jewish centers to create a narrative. T…
Juan Thompson, SJW diversity hire, arrested for bomb threats to Jewish Centers to stalk a white girl. *** Trump!
Arrested for terrorism today, here is what Juan M Thompson wrote at the Intercept. .
What did Hillary Clinton know and when did she know it?. We need a full investigation into her ties with Juan Thompson…
What am I reading here ? Juan Thompson had access to CAIR email ?
Juan Thompson, 31, was arrested and is on a charge of cyberstalking after he made threats against Jewish...
FBI just picked up Juan Thompson, former NPR reporter working->"The Intercept" for the Jewish false flags.h…
Juan Thompson arrested 4 calling in bomb threats to Jewish organizations; was "journalist" at Glenn Greenwald
Juan Thompson was under Glenn Greenwald's employ. Yet won't own up to hiring the SoB. SAD!
Keith Ellison wouldn't stand for William Owens he'll have Juan Thompson slimy back
Left Wing men are just as likely to be misogynist *** as Right Wing men. Real feminists have known this for years. "Juan Thompson"
The same folks who were intent on labeling Glenn Greenwald a “left-wing blogger” have no compunction calling Juan Thompson a journalist.
Wait, is the Juan Thompson arrested for making bomb threats the same one who worked for Glenn Greenwald?
Statement on the arrest of former Intercept reporter Juan Thompson:
From what's come out so far, Juan Thompson sounds like he's pulled a John Hinckley or Jared Loughner.
That these are just quotes from some Stephen Glass/Jayson Blair/Juan Thompson type of reporting is kind of comforting.
BTW - Hunter's son Juan Thompson will be here to talk about his dad Monday, may 9:
Joe, why not put together a podcast with Juan Thompson, Hunter S's son? That would be the bomb. He just wrote a great book on
Correction to article about Juan Thompson: not a documentary about Stephen Glass. Shattered Glass was a plain old movie-movie.
The Intercept's Juan Thompson, like Lisa Bloom, is very critical of FBI Director James Comey's recent speech:
IACA CEO Juan Thompson talks about the Music-Sports Expo, the Diamond Mic Series, and the first-ever Music-Sports league season in Hampton Roads, VA.
On a serious note. . . My son's best friend and my God Son, Juan Thompson, is working on his Eagle Scout Project. . . and he needs volunteers to help with his project this weekend -- November 3, 2012. Starting at 8am to 5pm, @ 7200 Circle S Road in Austin, at the Maria De La Luz Cemetery, bring wheel barrows, shovels, gloves, hammers, and other tools for a day of refurbishing and rebuilding structures around the property. Please wear: jeans, proper shoes, long sleeve shirt to protect against the sun and a hat. Monetary donations will also be accepted to off-set the cost of supplies. Many Thanks!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
It's gonna be a party. . . minus the weird kid who only listens to Norwegian death metal and carries around a butterfly knife. . . but Juan Thompson, Tommy Sinbazo, Thezz Grimes, Michael Edward Adams Jr.., Joe Greenway, Leelend Clayton, Matt Mahaffey, Justin Hancock and Mike Turpin will be there to protect you if he does show up.
I just saw Juan Thompson, Hunter's son. Will talk to him in a sec. Until then: Gonzo Cake.
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