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Juan Rodriguez

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo (ca. March 13 1499 – January 3, 1543) was a Portuguese explorer noted for his exploration of the west coast of North America on behalf of Spain.

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did j cole win best song of the year Grammy for folding clothes
not in the slightest pal. I'm really only delusional when it comes to 'ye
I know you're heated Mike Posner didn't take song of the year
Alicia Keys been wifey since the If I Ain't Got U video
When you're done packing the hookah in the middle of a get together
All of Boston simultaneously cringes as John Legend and Faith Hill butcher Sweet Caroline. How do you not know that song?!
I need to go to a Daft Punk show in my lifetime
smh I would come shower and miss that 😔
Don’t miss our Special Guests; Comedian Juan Villarreal and Monica Piquet-Rodriguez, Mirna Madrid and Veronica...
I knew it but didn't wanna sound like a *** but them tails are so unnecessary and unpleasant !
I need these summer nights back fammm. I'm not built for this weather
of & xcellent Juan J Rodriguez. Kunde gingered up his performan…
you're your mom is teaching your cousins the difference between a platano banana and yuca LMAO
lmaoo. Facts tho, restaurants out here should sell that
If you hit the club tonight you're a true savage and I'm judging you
Great to have Emmanuel Amoah, Juan Rodriguez, and Kierahn Johnson, lead various parts of our…
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📷 fagunt: anatomy of lust  shot by Juan Camilo Rodríguez and styled by Carmen Triana for Pressure Paris
When it hits you that there's no NFL Sundays till September but then you realize it's the 1 week anniversary of Atl…
*** go full retard for some RTs and Likes
Panda cub Bei Bei seems to enjoy being held by keeper Juan Rodriguez, but does the animal really care? (Smithsonian…
lola (Untitled) - Juan Rodriguez - PMI/LEPA has added a photo to the pool:
I just saw it on ig. I wonder what happened?
lmaooo keep these coming sporadically please I love it
excuse me?. My name is Muhammad Bilal Ricardo Rodriguez Martinez Juan Jan. Put some respec on it. And you can
MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN Juan Rodriguez to John Rodgers, Maria Garcia to Mary Gray, Pablo Lopez to Pat Logan ICE the new Auschwitz
I’m grateful to of & for being w/ us in San Juan today for the dedication of the F…
What are you selling i dont see anything
I totally agree. You do not have to be rich to make a difference. The power of the purse is one way to bring down...
Been waiting on Mendez since 11am to go eat at Tipico and the *** still not here
My phone is dead 60% of the day becuase I always forget to put it to charge at night
Don't let KD's 1st game back in OKC tonight distract you from the fact that the Pats scored 31 unanswered points to win the Super Bowl
juan rodriguez Hi I needed to advise this website adult has superb movies click my page
"His name is Juan Rodriguez and he was once, a very powerful cartel lord." . UNEARTHED-
CCS Kudos from the School Board go out to: Jerry Bowman, Juan Rodriguez, Lisa Fortney, David Wyant and Frank Andriole. Congratulations!
Latinas add names instead of changing their last name after they get married. . *** kids be named Julio Juan Romero Rodriguez Soto Mendez
Alex Rodriguez Officially Released by Yankees: Latest Comments, Reaction: One day after get...
If the woman that gave birth to me is smiling, I'm smiling. End of story
We really convinced my moms to come have drinks at Terra Luna w us lmao
And that does it for Alex Rodriguez as a Yankee. Dellin Betances presents A-Rod with the ball. A-Rod puts infield dirt in h…
Enjoy your sweat because hard work doesn't guarantee success, but without it, you don't have a chance-Alex Rodriguez h…
Happy Birthday, Gustavo Juan-Marcellos Rodriguez III. He would have been 4! Miss ya bud!
hello mike and mike my mane is Juan Rivera I am from Boston mass my Faver baseball playe is Alex Rodriguez
The homie Brendan Dassey is free. Drink to that
Ruben Sierra, cans eco, Ivan Rodriguez, Juan Gonzalez, palmiero. Lmao should I go on? Steroids are only ok for your players?
Mad respect to this young lady for speaking from her heart. There was truth in everything she said.
Call it a preview of things to come... Juan Rodriguez
(2) Never won anything with Rafael Palmeiro, . Ivan Rodriguez & Juan Gonzalez in Texas.
AR15 is a beast. Most under rated WR in the league.
30 y/o, Juan Chico Rodriguez is wanted for felony Domestic Violence. If you have info call LPD at 932-2010.
My conservative army buddies have a hard time admitting this. To busy blaming Obama when the Republican Congress...
I'll Google song lyrics & 15 minutes later I'll end up reading a tutorial on how-to pop a shoulder back in place. Idk how (or why)😭
lmao I legit have gotten mad cause I can't figure out how not to save Google search history when you type it in 😒
Something is morally wrong with this country when is set to pass 600 homicides this year. While we spend...
Juan Rodriguez Jr just left us a 5 STAR review saying: "My experience at Harley Davidson has been a great one on...
My Rio 2016 body match is shooter Juan Miguel Rodriguez Martinez. How about yours?
Bettor sportsbook at Max Casino put $10,000 on Team USA to beat Australia straight-up at -10,000 odds. They…
That red Nike USA polos the coaches have on are to clean
That's Juan Manuel Rodriguez Torres showing Trump that he can't build a wall high enough.
How ya like those apples ya racist ***
sorry, but I am stealing this idea as I will be there in 2 months. I'll give you & Cam credit
Wouldn't even get in the pool I see somebody stretching like this
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
should bring you back to childhood bro. Its goood.
They trying to get as much population out of the Island in a plan to take over the Island and bring in a new...
I was just thinking the other day that we needed more fire tornados.
Started watching Stranger Things on Netflix last night. Very good
Welcome, Greg Mills, William Miller and Juan Rodriguez to the team!
Angels do a nice video of baseball folks who died in past year, including Tom Singer, Joe Strauss and Juan Rodriguez...
The East wrestling family lost a good one with the passing of Juan Rodriguez. He was great parent and supporter. Proud…
Military Working Dog Lucca after her leg was removed due to an IED. Thank You for your service via Juan Rodriguez ❤❤ https…
Sun-Sentinel beat writer battled Brain Cancer for 3 years. Help his family if you can
My memories of Juan .C Rodriguez. Simply the best.
Juan Rodriguez was definitely one of the good ones.
“Tell us the truth, LeBron. Did you have anything to do with Blatt’s firing?“
Internet really don't slack a second
Terrible news. Juan Rodriguez lost his battle with cancer.
If you know of anyone living in this area please spread the word.
As this storm approaches keep this in mind 󾍇.
I got that part. I just always wondered if it was just Wandy, as opposed to Juan Diego Rodriguez or some such.
Class move by to pay tribute to the late Juan Rodriguez during Dee Gordon's press conference
Cause it's the most lit in the whole airport 🇩🇴
You can instantly spot the gate where the flight from DR landed at in Logan the second you walk in
Classy move by Braves mgr.Fredi Gonzalez to attend funeral services,for our friend Juan Rodriguez
Who's that holding Bei Bei? Get to know the man behind the bear
Dundee Complete Signing Of Arturo Juan Rodriguez Perez-Reverte... how much to get that on the back of a shirt?
Anyone interested in helping Juan Rodriguez's family can kindly contribute here: …
Juan Rodriguez's funeral full of love - lots of Marlins officials (iGM Michael Hill ...) Fredi Gonzalez from Atl, from Minn..
In lieu of flowers, the Rodriguez family kindly asks that you consider contributing here:
He's a Dundee player, but tonight will come too soon for Spanish new boy Arturo...
Folks they are not downgrading this storm. Take heed and be careful.
Dundee complete signing of Arturo Juan Rodriguez Perez-Reverte - but will he play tonight?.
As I mentioned on the air, those who wish to donate to Juan Rodriguez's family can do so here.
I'll be heated if Isaiah Thomas isn't a reserve for the East team in the all star game
Dundee seal Perez-Reverte loan: Dundee have completed the loan signing of Spanish striker Arturo Juan Rodrigue...
Josh Kusnick writes a heartfelt tribute to the late Juan C. Rodriguez. Please donate to Juan's family if you're able https:/…
.shares some memories about Juan C. Rodriguez (Free)
Sad news about the passing of Marlins beat writer Juan Rodriguez. Prayers to his family
I did not know Juan Rodriguez well, but here's a wonderful tribute from David Hyde who did.
Juan Rodriguez was an old-school pro — and a great friend, too. A sad farewell. My column:
Bugs and legendary rock critic Juan Rodriguez yakking about Nick and Long John Baldry
If you think that destiel is abusive and ship wincest, change your name to Juan Rodriguez and leave to Mexico. You're no longer welcome here
Vick really 3/8 passing for 6 yards in the 3rd quarter
I feel like the TD rules change every week.
Alex Rodriguez Overthrows Target, Breaks Screen on 1st Day at Fox Sports: As of Sunday, New ...
Just used my Double Up on Juan Rodríguez on for vs
VIDEO: Alex Rodriguez overthrows football, breaks TV screen on 1st day at Fox Sports
Congratulations to JUAN RODRIGUEZ! Your name was drawn to win the Chicago Jersey Toothbrush & Holder!...
Sundays are my favorite day of the week
I read somewhere in a comment where a female said, "I want a man with a career not just a job." I remember when a...
When you ain't trynna wait in line for the hookah
snapchats genuinely make me happy. Thank you Juan!!
I've tried every kind of wine. Haven't found one that's worth it
You & Jess need to go to a vineyard and go wine tasting. Especially take a tour to learn the process.
lol I'm sorry. Just see no point in it
MSOC: 61' | NSU 0, RC 2 - Juan Rodriguez enters wearing 26, not his usual 14. Asti Brun with the best attack yet for the Sharks, but saved.
Just got asked for ID at the hookah store lol. Highlight of the day 👶🏽
Today, the Office of Vocations asks for prayers for Dallas Seminarians Miguel Rodriguez, Juan E. Rojas
one day im going to be wrestling for wwe remember the name juan Rodriguez
Congratulations Katrina Rodriguez on your 2016 Ford Fusion Se! Come see Juan Delgado in the future if you have...
*** I left my card too lmao. I went & grabbed it a lil while ago and my tab was $40. I thought all I had bought was 1 pitcher
Hey Juan R. Rodriguez : JuanRRodriguez7 Want to get FREE iPh0ne 6 TODAY? Simply check my bi0. Thx
I can support this over arming teachers. Security officers and Resource Officer are the front lines when a nut...
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Happy Birthday to my brother Juan Rodriguez. Love and miss you!
The won last night and their fans are excited. Especially those North Jersey fans that swear they are from...
Where can I go get a cracked iPhone screen fixed? In Lawrence
Juan Rodriguez Congrats You are picked Grab your tickets at our site.
Hang out with Juan Rodriguez and other fun new people nearby, when you sign in to Badoo!
Happy Birthday bro. It's okay to break it out early in honor of you.
why are you ignoring Alex Law who is running for Congress? Is it that you are afraid to fall from...
The 7th inning of that Blue Jays game yesterday was an Instant Classic
Jessica blessed me w the illest bday gift basket 😁😁
I want to wish my brother Juan Juanka Rodriguez a speedy recovery from his surgery. I love my brother & baby...
Thank you Juan Jose Rodriguez from Bajo Zero for the awesome interview yesterday. 🎶🎧🎤👍
I added a video to a playlist La Gitanilla-Revolver Cannabis ft. Juan Rodriguez
Im gonna be Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez for Halloween. Whos gonna be my Juan?
.photojournalist Juan Rodriguez looks at me like I'm nuts as we get the story filed for 10PM.
Joey Bat's bat flip today reminded me of Manny's bat flip back in 07. Legend
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
One of the craziest innings of baseball I've ever watched
Lmfao that's crazy we've discuss this before
Golden Pirate wins the Armed Forces Stakes at Gulfstream Park Saturday for trainer Juan Rodriguez!…
Huge addition to football: Juan Rodriguez (who played QB at Centennial last year. ht…
S. Florida people and anyone else who knows our colleague Juan Rodriguez, our reporter, please have a look:
Master class with Juan Rodriguez and Paula Jeanine Bennett. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift and artistry...
What an amazing master class with Juan Rodriguez and Paula Jeanine Bennett. Technique and style in full swing. We...
When you're idea of is "John Smith," you forget Lamar Jackson, Juan Rodriguez, Sun Li, other non-Anglo-Saxon descendents.
TNT just used a Jeremy Lin layup in their opening highlight to hype up this game 😂😭
Maaan ain't no one beating Kentucky 😏 good try tho LSU
Alex Rodriguez Apologizes to Yankees Organization over Past Actions: The long-awaited meetin...
Juan Rodriguez whoever that is smfh
lmfaooo. They were everywhere. Idk where they got all those *** napkins. Looked like a music video. 😂
whoever that was had ill technique tho. All those napkins just floated perfectly down
Mir on Saturday when someone made it rain napkins instead of money
domain names
Lol yo this is one of the craziest hypothetical questions
.says midweek clash with Burnley is a must-win in the race for a CL spot:
10 things you should know about Chelsea’s new signing Juan Cuadrado >>
went like 2 years ago and it was weak. Might've been cuz it was a weekday too tho. A Wednesday
Diverse media outlets does diversity
San Diego was earlier named San Miguel by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo; the first Portuguese explorer to land here.
- private home needed in at Juan rodriguez-villa snediker. Apply now!
Working hard today during the physical fitness test. Hailey Flores, Juan Pena, Oscar Rodriguez
Any one caught a good movie recently on Netflix?
2-9-15 Central Bridge will be shutdown from 10pm-6am tonight into tomorrow for snow removal.
lola PH-HZG - Sunweb (Transavia Airlines) Boeing 737-8K2 - Juan Rodriguez - PMI has added a photo to the pool:
Power Ball is up to $450 million. I don't even want all that. Just give me the 50 and keep the other 400
Just caught last night's Walking Dead 😐 wow
Photo: geek-art: Star Wars official screen print by Juan Esteban Rodriguez for Bottleneck...
Our post w/ shots of the now sold out Star Wars prints we screened for &
also sign catchers Juan Graterol and Eddy Rodriguez to Minor League contracts with invites to
Which reminds me...Adele needs to drop some heat asap
LMFAO THE *** WHOS CONTROLLING THE "yo u talking too much walk of the stage" MUSIC A SAVAGE!
If kanye woulda been on that Hennessy wave he would've grabbed the mic
They have Juan Alvarez Rodriguez with some BS performance but no rap artists. Ok
Photo: pixalry: Star Wars - Created by Juan Esteban Rodriguez Official screen print available for sale at...
Lmao why Pharrell dressed like Juan Rodriguez Akaumsjshava Gonzalez from The Suite Life of Zach and Cody?
Just got that email from job. Work from home day tomorrow 😏
Beautiful day. Sitting outside, sipping on some beer and soaking up the sun. Like I read some where, "Out with...
but you weren't driving! That last chug had me driving like...
lmaoo how about y'all making me chug the Henny?! Yall killed me.
Juan Rodriguez on streaming music royalty payments in citing David Byrne, &
Catch Juan Carlos Rodriguez - Pres, discuss the role technology played in 2014 WC growth @
it's better at some things. They're both good tho
Is a year 12 months or is 12 months a year? - *hits blunt*
Juan Pablo Rodriguez of Santos (R) tries to block a pass of Luis Noriega of Puebla (L): T... Follow me for update
FIFA Photos > Juan Pablo Rodriguez rises the Champions trophy as his teammates celebrate
Lol this *** posted a selfie on the gram in cuffs 😂
Ooh nice guess who just got arrested
The definition of too much time on your hands -->
aren't you Juan's little brother lol
I legit only go to the mall when I have to hit the Apple Store. That place is the worst
Today is a very important day. and can send a message to the
FILM . Thanks Juan Rodriguez! I enjoyed your LOS VATOS puppet short too!
You and Juan Perez both totally posted pictures on Instagram holding your nephews tonight.
Just connected with Juan Carlos Rodriguez via Linkedin. Interested in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery:
*** coulda sat court side and then popped bottles at Venu after
The spread for that vs game should be at least Broncos (-10) .they're gona smash NE at Foxboro!
Had 1 beer too many during the Pats game 🌀
I challenged Juan Rodriguez and won:) Let's play!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Juan Jose Rodriguez (recaps losing its season finale to Baylor:
Is it really snowing that hard in Foxboro?
Trying to piece together these fantasy football lineups. My teams are all hurting this week
Congrats to our coaching staff Mike Rodriguez, Jamal Knibbs & Juan Garciga. And a special shoutout to Andres Cerrato!!
Di Maria first 16 games with RMA (3 Goals + 5 Assists). James Rodriguez first 16 games with RMA (4 Goals + 7 Assists) h…
You're not living until you're dead- Juan Rodriguez
Mone pick Barca and I grabbed Real Madrid. He got 4 pieced. Now he's mad cause I picked Real lol
Juan Rodriguez - the first Black, Latino, Dominican and non-Native American New Yorker | Abagond via
Northern Illinois University: Let Juan Rodriguez finish his Engineer degree at NIU. via
Lmfao totally ya'll Juan Rodriguez , Jon Kerstan Martinez lol jk
Juan Rodriguez: There’s no escape from Michael Jackson: Even in death, the King of Pop haunts the charts — a...
Just wrapped up a successful 70th birthday party for my dad Santiago Arroyo!! He was surprised-great food-lots of great family and friends! Thanks Angela Lorenzo-Theresa Flint-Suseland-Billy Pugh-Eusebio Rodriguez-Abby Fugman(DJ) Stephanie Miller Weldy-Madeline Shelby-Jeff Pugh-Cody Miller-Dolores Arroyo-Juan Rodriguez-for making it such a special day!!
I have a new drinking cup thanks to Gorda Irizarry and Juan Rodriguez
Sign-Up already Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo High School. Bite of Reality, a financial reality simulation event is April 8th. Teens walk through a real-life like scenario of budgeting after receiving their career profile, a calcular, notebook and pencil. Volunteers learn too while upselling teens budget items (wish list and necessities) during this simulation event. Join us, have fun while learning!! Snacks, prizes, scholarships, money and prizes,... You've got to sign up and come to claim them. What are you waiting for?
Singer Brenda K Starr is gonna sing Happy Birthday to excited..tonight 9pm or Club Mega Mix app on ur phone . Thanks Juan Rodriguez
Just got done working our with my bro Juan Rodriguez
Making lasagna with a salad and baking a cake for dessert :) hope u like :p- Juan Rodriguez
Mom we should've went to Taco Bell they have 12 tacos for 10.99 lol I haven't been there in a long time. Margie N Juan Rodriguez
Whatever happened to PartyNextDoor? Son dropped that mixtape last year and disappeared
My Juan Rodriguez this man is very special to me we have been friends for a while and i can honestly say we have never fight argued had beef nothing he is one of the realist people i know he handsome smart and driven i have nothing but respect for you love xoxo
Now all of a sudden everyone loves selena
LibertaGia - Conquer your freedom now Posted by: Juan Rodriguez Email: juandfr1967 Skype: juandfr1967 Link to Registration: Excellent! Summary: LibertaGia - business opportunity you've been waiting! - business opportunity you've been waiting! In recent months, I've been looking for the right kind of business opportunity to introduce them. Like most MLM leaders, was bombarded with at least two new projects per day - risk free returns, offers "one-time" as well, to be honest, everywhere I looked was the same old story, which plays an old song so familiar to many of us ... Sign up now, it takes less than 1 minute.
First load of laundry done second load I'm dryer Wanna.visit mommy nd get some of Juan Rodriguez anniversarry gifts
give them to bums! There's one always standing near your house. Water st and broadway!
lol, I haven't played in a little while but I'll make sure to put your lucky red remote to the test
Aight I'm probably gonna eat them, but still
Places that only take your card on a $10 or higher purchase *** me off. I was just forced to buy 4 patelitos I know I'm not gonna eat
Missing him like crazy I want to see him already love u baby Juan Rodriguez
I'm still waiting for that match in FIFA
Spanish author Juan E. Rodriguez Garrido wrote a book about the football life of ex-Galatasaray player Arda Turan.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
lol it sounds like you have just as many questions as me. And we gotta wait till October 😫
did they kill the baby? Someone said there was 3 crosses at the end of that episode. Beth got taken? And Rick is the MF man
that episode left me with too many questions. And where is Tyrese, Carol, Beth and baby Judy??
Juan E. Rodriguez Garrido has written a book about Arda Turan 'the genius from Bayrampaşa
Juan Carlos Zamudio Rodriguez will direct the QV Ensemble this evening in a free performance, A Lenten Concert of...
Congratulations on your brand new Corvette! A vet for a veteran! How perfect!?. Great job, Juan Rodriguez for...
3 favorite of all time. Ruben Sierra, Juan Gonzalez, and Pudge Rodriguez
My uncle was like . " I am no longer Juan Rodriguez .. I live in America so now my name is Jon Rod. "
So exited my brother will be my beautiful model tomorrow Sancho Panza will be the character his perfect!Juan Rodriguez
Not sure if I really got a B for Avila or there's something wrong with the site... Juan Rodriguez
I complimented Starring Juan Manuel Rodríguez... as JuanMa’s page at Check it out
March 30, 2003: Juan Gonzalez goes 3-for-5 and he, Alex Rodriguez and Michael Young hit home runs as the Texas Rangers beat the Angels, 6-3.
Tea time with Wade & Juan Rodriguez! Cranberry orange scones, lemon cookies & my greatgrandmother Holloman's fruitcake with Earl Grey tea.
Just came from church and beautiful worship :)- Juan Rodriguez
Sunday fun day in pottet at my bro Juan Rodriguez and mom Irma Wilborn barbacoa and tamles with mickey and natasha having fun with there tio will be here all day bro putting transmission in my car so hope all have a good day I will I'm go fi d me some berrys to eat and go check out the grnds see what here woooho
Juan Rodriguez ill get this for you
This goes out to Janice Figueroa Joan Brosnahan Miranda Carmona Crystal Robbins Clarissa Madrid Juan Rodriguez Juan Ramirez an who i didn't name you know who you are love you guys a lot
Lol explains why I'm fat jeje and they still love me that way :p Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez Reeces Pieces Kyle Sander Keith Faulkner Jordan Max Gebhardt Matthew Flax would you be brave enough to give her a dollar if she was on the pole.
Missing my sweet boy. .ty Juan Rodriguez 4 sharing
ICYMI: The Miami Marlins are upset with the Red Sox for fielding a substandard lineup, writes Juan Rodriguez.
THACO DESIGN NOTES: PLAY TEST. first test adventure for Thaco went well last night. Tear of the Marauding Monster, was set for player of 4-6 level. We had a Wood elf ranger, A Human Fighter, playing the Divine Acolyte Theme, and a Nightsider thief, with the assassins theme. The session went really well, with an old time player returning to the fold, in epic fashion. The sessions allowed for tweaking of edges and talents, breaking in the new terminology and default setting Van'maeril, which myself and John Galvin, DM Extraordinaire helped me brain storm to create. My thanks go to my designs Juan Vargas, Sherod Ford, and Juan Rodriguez for their help and excellent play.
Cesc Fabregas of FC Barcelona shoots towards goal as Juan Rodriguez of Getafe CF looks to challenge -
Was at the L.A Auto show with the homies Juan Rodriguez
I just wanted to send a shot out to all of the people that helped Donna and I move to our new house yesterday. If it wasn't for you guys, who know when we would be done. Thanks again Justin Fordice, Nick Olszewski, James Rutherford, Fred Moore, Dean robinson, Russell Erickson, Allen Jones, Juan Rodriguez, Mayra Rodriguez, Bobby Oaks, Scott Taub, Danny Mitchell, and Cassie Randolph.
About Diego Velasquez Velasquez, Diego (1833 - 1883), his father, Juan Rodriguez, belonged to the Portuguese family of Silva; the child took the name of his mother, Gerónima Velazquez. He entered the studio of the aged Herrera, but could not stand his temper, and soon left for the studio of Pacheco, whose school at Seville was the most frequented. Although one of the most tiresome of romanticizing painters, Pacheco was a cultured mind, appreciative of a genius opposed to his own. As a critic, poet, and man of the world, Pacheco was the centre of the first literary salon in the city, and from this society young Velazquez received an education through contact and conversation with superior men. Before he was twenty he had married Pacheco's daughter Dona Juana. Two daughters were born to him before 1622, when the young painter decided to seek his fortune at Madrid. Here, through Canon Fonseca, a friend of his, who held a post at Court, he was enabled to visit the royal collections at the Alcazar, Prado, and ...
Juan Rodriguez...heard you just had Taco Bell !
meet Juan Rodriguez, 1st immigrant to NYC (from what is today the Dominican Republic no less), in 1613!
THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK OFFICE OF THE HON. YDANIS RODRIGUEZ CITY HALL NEW YORK, NY 10007 (212) 788-7053 ***Press Advisory*** May 13th, 2013 Contact: Russell Murphy (917) 584-9574 Russmurphy55 THE FIRST IMMIGRANT TO New York City EARNS A PERMANENT HOME IN NORTHERN MANHATTAN Northern Manhattan to Celebrate as Broadway is Co-Named for Juan Rodriguez, the First Non-Indigenous Person to Settle in New York City New York, NY-On Wednesday, May 15, 2013, Northern Manhattan will honor the history and legacy of Juan Rodriguez, recently documented to be the first immigrant to settle in what is today New York City, with a street co-naming of Broadway from 159th st. to 218th st. Through the dedicated work of CUNY's Dominican Studies Institute, historians have found that Juan Rodriguez, a free black man from the island of Hispanola, traveled with Dutch traders in 1613 to the Hudson Bay area where he disembarked and set up a trading post to trade with Native Americans. This year marks the 400th anniversary of ...
Finally it's here. Time once again for America's favorite weekly episodic entertainment extravaganza. That's right. It's time for Sunday-Funday. It'll be ED MILLS - Live & Acoustic from 6 till 10 PM at Rigby's Rehoboth. The Johns are out of town. All the fun people are in town. We'll have absolutely no adult supervision and yes on top of all of that. Pork Chops, Pork Chops, Pork Chops. Mike Pierce behind the bar, Juan Rodriguez in the dining room and a whole night of Music, Booze, Food, Fun & Friends. Can't Wait To Get There & I Hope To See You There!!!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Packing for an emergency trip to Texas tomorrow. Gotta help my sister with a new family illness. I am riding on the wind this morning after singing Mark Soskin's new arrangements on "The Music of Clare Fischer"..'tweeks to come' but I'm on the right track. Thanks so much to Grace Testani and Jack Di Monte, Juan Rodriguez & Rafaela Gurtler (Consuelo Castaneda) for taking the time and money to hang last night. You're so talented and I love to see you. Jack, I'll get my chart on "Two Lonely People" back in the book. Now on to packing.
Juan Rodriguez of Peninsula Road, North Bay was the lucky draw winner of the SportsPal canoe. All tickets were sold and the draw made at the NBSC Board of Directors Meeting on December 19th.
The following students need to report to callbacks on Monday, December 17th from 4-7 in the Black Box. Scripts for these auditions will be made available on Sunday, December 16th. You can pick them up from 4-5 at the FRHS Theatre Shop (in the back). Elia Agudo, Christian Brown, Daniel Brown, Christopher Cabral, Maddie Caster, Maya DeBruce, Nick Lisenbee, Kimmy Merry, Amelia Minnich, Mallory Pfeifer, Emily Phyathep, Annie Phillips, Julie Rodrigues, Amanda Rodriguez, Juan Rodriguez, Michelle Rondon, Elena Salyer, Aimee Schmidt, Ann Sergeant, Paige Stefanchuk, Paige Walker, Ryan Westbrook, Jacob Wyckstrom
Going to make me a 'Hot Toddy' and sip on that for a little while! Trying to 'Relax, Relate, Release' like my boy Juan Rodriguez says! Did another Thelma and Louise run. So enjoyed the 'me' time driving with baby sis!(She my rock ya know!) Big Bruh coming 'round tomorrow to ease the pain in my belly and my pocket (that's what big bruh's for) walked the dog and now I'm just coolin'. Simple pleasures - God is Good!
I love my new crew :) they always know how to make me smile Zulema Orellana, Juan Rodriguez, Jose Ramos, Armado CraxIe Lyfe Vazquez
Had an awesome day! Spent the whole day with my 2 best buds Juan Rodriguez and Jose Ramos :)
Link to a presentation SCIA gave on October 21, 2012 at an National Autism Association of North Texas event. NATIONAL AUTISM ASSOCIATION OF NORTH TEXAS (NAA-NT) 214.925.2722 Autism is Caused by Medical Disease…. and Diseases Are Treatable NAA-NT presents Juan Rodriguez, founder of Stop Calling it Autism. Juan will discuss autism as an immune system disease. The therapies needed to help children diagnosed with immune system diseases heal and help their brain heal. He will also talk about the scientific studies proposed to provide a treatment protocol for immune diseases in autism. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to learn about new promising biomedical treatments that have yielded results for many children with autism and new research that will help many, many more children! When: Sunday October 21st, 2012 6:00pm to 7:30pm Where: Central Market @ 5750 East Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX
Who was the first non-Native American settler in Manhattan? Dominican immigrant Juan Rodriguez in 1613  ...
*** in the Life: Pedro Juan Rodriguez: Pedro Juan Rodriguez was a volunteer some 20-plus years ago at STOP AIDS ...
Three miles of Broadway will also carry the name of Juan Rodriguez, who is widely considered the first non-Indian to settle here, in 1613, before the Dutch named their community New Amsterdam.
So very sad. GIANT PANDA CUB DIES AT National Zoo By Michael E. Ruane and Victor Zapana, Published: SEPTEMBER 23, 6:49 PM ET The distress call had gone out at the National Zoo: The week-old giant panda cub was in trouble, perhaps dying, and the keepers had to get it out of the den for treatment, with its agitated 240-pound mother a few feet away. It was a practiced but dangerous maneuver. Standing behind protective bars, one keeper, Marty Dearie, distracted the adult female with honey-flavored water, while another, Juan Rodriguez, reached in with a long-handled “grabber” and pulled the cub through the bars. The baby was then whisked to the keepers’ office in the panda compound where veterinarian Nancy Boedeker used her fingers to do gentle heart massage on an animal that weighed about four ounces. But there was no heartbeat and no respiration, and after about 10 minutes Boedeker stopped. The zoo’s giant panda cub, born amid hope and fanfare Sept. 16, was pronounced dead at 10:28 a.m., after a li ...
Thought Alex Rodriguez and Juan Rodriguez would like this.
Plus the sound of The Great Julio Salgado and Friends, Featuring: Joe De Jesus, JR De Jesus, Maximo Rodriguez, Mike Freeman, Cheo Colon, and Juan Rodriguez, Guaranteed to give you Happy Feet!!! Hope to see you there!!!
Really excited to have a stacked card for August 31st! Alex Perez, Derrick Webster, Juan Rodriguez, and more!
returns August 31st at in the Poconos! Alex Perez, Derrick Webster, n Juan Rodriguez
Electronic Device Insurance
, We regret to inform you, although many were probably aware, that we came back to California from our Laughlin trip with one less person...Juan Rodriguez. Our beloved friend, cousin, father of a beautiful five year old named Delilah, passed away in Laughlin during our trip in an accidental drowning. We are trying to help raise money to Bring Juan home and lay him to rest. We are pleading with everyone who attended the event, and anyone who did not get a chance to go but would still like to help, to donate. No amount is too small. Our hearts are broken beyond repair due to this tragedy. Any donation and prayers would be greatly appreciated. There will be a car wash in Long Beach at 12 pm at the intersection of Cherry ave./Pacific Coast Highway on AUGUST 8th, 9th. This will be in the Los Potros Restaurant parking lot. Non car wash Donations will also be taken. Thank you all
Juan Rodriguez, Animal Keeper of Asia Trail, National Zoo, Washington DC Full text of the interview can be found at:
Tonite Harp On This! is at Morelia's (7/18), 9700 W Parmer (west of 620) , ATX. Starts at 6:30ish. COME ON DOWN! We'll be inside playing in the dry. Kristen Smith on Harp and vocals, Juan Rodriguez drums, El Loco Bajista Joe Zito
There’s still time to buy tickets and attend the first round of Fort Worth Texas Magazine’s Top Chef Competition. Reata’s Juan Rodriguez along with 5 other chefs will be competing at Texas Appliance at 6pm tonight.
As we head into the final weekend of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, fest veteran Juan Rodriguez shares his best bets.
Imma drop the carlos and delgado so i can just be Juan Rodriguez ^_^
I think I want Juan Rodriguez now instead of Juan Francisco.
"from sean Rodriguez to Juan Rodriguez"...that would make sense, but it's Juan Francisco
Okay I think I have narrowed it down to two themes which is Thomas the Tank or Finding Nemo. Juan Rodriguez and I are gonna go shop around this weekend! It will be June 2nd Idk where yet! Anyone know of some good places to make 1st bday party???
North Texas and specifically Fort Worth is home to some outstanding restaurants and chefs : Juan Rodriguez at Reata, Tim Love at Lonesome Dove, Molly McCook at Ellerbe’s, Jon Bonnell at Bonnell’s, Blaine Staniford at Grace and Michael Thompson at Michael’s to name a few. Fort Worth Food & Wine Festi...
Daphne Curtis & Juan Rodriguez are the proud new owners of the beautiful Burton snowboards Showcase generously...
Great Lakes Loons get pitcher Juan Rodriguez as part of Los Angeles Dodgers trade
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