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Juan Perez

Juan Pérez de Montalbán (1602 – June 25, 1638), Spanish Catholic priest, dramatist, poet and novelist, was born at Madrid.

Oscar Taveras World Series Brandon Crawford Oscar Tavares San Francisco Giants Joe Panik Tony Cruz Wade Davis Hector Sanchez Jarrett Parker Bryson Smith Rusney Castillo Kansas City

La Casa Estrecha in Old San Juan is one of the World's Thinnest Buildings
Tech executives pick the best non-biz book they read this year. UPS CIO Juan Perez loved 'The Wright Brothers'…
Juan Mata is helping out at the supermarket this xmas
2-run HR for Juan Perez in the top of the 1st. NAVY leads 3-0.
I've gained so much weight, its time to go back to the gym
Rain Drop . Drop Top . I get ignored non stop...
Rarley invited anywhere now tbh lol
When the kids are late for soccer practice...
I don't really exactly know how but I think when they were racing on horses or something and some guy died
Baseball America reports that Juan Perez has landed with the Detroit Spent last season with the I-Joins Logan Watkins.
I bet the browns can beat the 49ers
Chargers are a *** shame. Yall really gonna give the Browns their first W of the year
No matter your team, let's pray for Carr 🙏
Feliz Navidad a todos ustedes, from our family to yours! w/ &
Cant believe the Chargers lost to the Browns
Xmas without the family will be like.
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"Afternoon walk.", thank you Juan Carlos Perez Garcia for sharing.
gonna try this SongShift: Simple Playlist Transfers by Juan Carlos Perez.
After more than 45 years in ISTOBAL, Enrique Lli and Juan Pérez, start a new stage. Congratulations!
Juan Carlos Perez: Lol at the Pony theme in the Reddit update: Lol at the Pony theme in the Reddit……
Got pulled over by a Georgia state trooper 😬🚔
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always a good time to ride your *C*, thank you Juan Carlos Perez Garcia for sharing.
Stop by Room 514 of White Library for free poetry reading by Juan Manuel Perez at 2. to live webcast at…
Courtesy visit of Executive Director Juan Antonio Perez III, MD, MPH of Commission on Population (POPCOM) to...
Crowning city of Bangkok is located a singular building interpreting the future of the country in form pixelated. https:/…
Congrats to the Cubs, my friends who are Cubs fans, and Juan Carlos Perez who plays in the Cubs Organization on winning the World Series!
That foo is a pimp and had gotten trashed by me so many times lol
That's my *** and he better be on the field with us next year.
I think it's because he was just so mediocre. He was the Juan Perez of his time.
Im just gonna do my work something you should go do
Update: Tatianna has he hair in a bun, might be a little difficult now. Bounty is now double price !!
Tati is holding onto her hair so much rn trying to cherish those last moments with it
You better keep that hair in your hand before it's chop time ✂️
Lmfao she started to grab her hair all scared
Got a bounty on Tatiannas hair. Anyone who cuts off at least 6 inches their will be a cash reward.
Wonder if Jose is going to da da da gym today
You put more work then booboo i bet he ain't got no gains
Why not 7 days a week 3 times a day . ?
Why are there so many bodybuilders in this class
Its because she goes to da da da da gym
If you get me in trouble, you get yourselves in trouble. Just remember that
Im about to fight all of you guys right now
Let me ask pankratz if that is true real quick
This is academic decathlon, I do what I want
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"“Oil is the Devil’s Excrement…. Ten years from now, twenty years from now, you will see. Oil will bring us ruin.” –Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonzo
*** Life is way too short. RIP Juan Perez. . My condolences go out to your family and brother Jose. 😢🙇🏻🏈
Announcing our first Student of the Month, Juan Perez! Check out his nomination video!
Juan Mata has gone 305 appearances, at clubs Valencia, Chelsea and Manchester United without missing one game through…
Hey Mario it's me dude; I think.. there's a Juan Perez in your family man... cause the spirit keeps showing me your face dude...
SAP types, this looks really interesting session on HCP / HANA vulnerabilities...
Juan Perez, CIO of currently presenting "Building an IT Strategy" at at Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta.
kicks off with Juan Perez, VP, UPS Information Services discussing "Building an IT Strategy for the 21st Century Enterprise"
UPS CIO Juan Perez talks about building an IT strategy for the 21st Century enterprise
Great agenda today starting with the CIO of Juan Perez
POPCOM Executive Director Juan Antonio Perez III endorsing Miguel Tanfelix as the new U4U Celebrity Ambassador.
Tonight is a night to remember as the best and worst night ever
Drake's the best concert I've ever been to hands down
Gorkys Hernandez has Travis Ishikawa and Juan Perez written all over him. He could be a playoff difference-maker
Wow late night thinking really gets you deep into your thoughts 🤔
Join Juan Perez-Etchegoyen of for his training session - ERP Security: *** exploit and defend SAP platforms - a…
“Always remember and support the family of the fallen.” – MDPD Director Juan J. Perez . 🎥:
Has Florentino Perez Had More Transfer Hits or Misses in 2nd Spell as President?: Real Madr...
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bruh I'm never gonna forget 8th period 😂
One of our beloved employees, Juan Perez, was killed in a hit and run incident. To assist the family please visit https:/…
Im perfectly fine w speed killing me
A TOUCH OF CLASS: have donated £200,000 to the cause of tonight's Sunderland mascot,
Over is 9-3-1 in L13 road games Over is 10-3 in last 13 games following a loss M. Perez v D. Fister htt…
The Mud Hens score a pair in the top of the first. . Juan Perez, Jose Peraza, Jesse Winker due up for the
Prairie tennis star Juan Perez focused on having fun in his return - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
10 years from now, 20 years from now, oil will bring us ruin. Were drowning in the Devils excrement. Juan Pablo Perez founder of OPEC
Julian - A Watch Complication by Juan Carlos Perez good job on release!
UAE Pavilion simulates being in the desert with a demountable structure and showing an audiovisual of the country
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Just cause he got a heart don't mean he got heart
And if I say I got your back then hold my spine for me
When mike and jusn bully me it makes me sad because im a mami chula
Nakahiga while nursing this headache & watching Juan For All.
hey Juan Perez wanted me to ask if you have a game tomorrow with the team the new transfer plays in.
Juan Perez, a great friend of mine and brother in arms, posted this about soldiers. I switched it back to police...
McLaren:Fernando meets the former King of Spain, Juan Carlos.
Also got word today on McGehee, Arias, & Sandoval. Any word on Ysmaro. Petite, Hector Sanchez, or Juan Perez? Lincecum?
When she can't stay mad for 10 minutes 😍
tell him the special today is underage women with a side of an appearance on Dr.Phil
Today's haul: bats from Susac and Shaw. Balls from Juan Perez, Ray Black, Miguel Montero, John Lackey and Jake Smith
UPS names Juan R. Perez CIO - UPS Inc. said today it has named Juan R. Perez as its new chief information offic...
and Executive Advisor Juan Perez is named and of Congrats!!!
UPS names Juan R. Perez CIO: Dave Barnes to retire after 11 years in job.
Liege-Calatrava-New York. Two railway infrastructures designed by Calatrava that are icons in its respective cities.
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Phil Rogers' anxiety over how Cubs are gonna fit Shane Victorino, Matt Murton and Juan Perez makes me wonder if he knows what year it is.
In 1624, A feud between Archbishop Juan Perez de la Serna and Viceroy Diego Carrillo create unrest in the population of New Spain.
I still can't stop laughing at how funny Jacob and Juan look on the video. 😂😂
Hey Juan alexander perez thanks for the follow!
Congratulations to Juan Perez Class of 1986 the new Miami Dade Police Director
"Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair" inspired this broach by RIT's Juan Carlos Caballero-Perez.
LMAOO savage boyfriend gives cheating girlfriend printed screenshots of her cheating as a valentines day present.
Junior Juan David Molina Perez notches a GLIAC title in the 200 back with a time of 1:46.54!
Time to stand up, work and take to the place it deserves
Junior Juan David Molina Perez won the 200 back prelim with a time of 1:47.97!
A New Station for New York, the Governor Andrew Cuomo offers 325 millions for a construction of 3 billions
Perez clutches sunglasses while making catch - 8/4/14: Juan Perez makes the grab in left to take a hit away fro...
starts on Feb 18 230pm at San Juan Arena. Entrance is free!
Latin-america never have had a gobernment as dishinest, corrupt and diabolic as this of Juan Manuel Santos, who is acti…
.investiture ceremony for Director Juan Perez at Sworn in by Judge Bertila Soto. https…
Men's Volleyball. NU takes on UP tomorrow, 10:00 am, at San Juan Arena. Live on Sports and Action. Go Bulldogs!…
New chief in town: 25-year veteran Juan Perez sworn in to lead Miam...
They just mad cause of what you have
Miami-Dade police veteran Juan Perez sworn in to lead largest department in southeastern U.S.: Perez, 4...
Ryan Gosling and Leonardo DiCaprio considered for film about footballer Jamie Vardy
Coach Perez would still be there...
Where I can sue Perez and Benitez for making me hate my life every weekend
Now on interviews Acting Director Juan Perez to talk
Congrats Alyssa Conroy, Taylor Goodwyn, Paige Stapleton, and Juan Perez for participating in BCHS Debate Team's first tournament! 🎉
Its funny how Sr. Salas never noticed my apron😂😂
A new favorite: Juan Gimeno, Vicente Ferrer, Victor Perez - Checked (Andrea Tufo Remix) by
Shadow of Mordor was a lot of fun 100%
This beef gotta be the funniest beef out 😭😭
Agnes Perez and me teaching a hybrid class in San Juan. 8 hours with our new Spanish book. She is really smart.
CLICK HERE to support MOSAICO: An album by Juan Perez Rodriguez
Jarvis Cocker's written a letter to Santa
The of Angelina and Johnny Depp. has one of the best of the
Never forget: A praying mantis hangs out before the game at PNC Park and climbs up Juan Perez x
Melido Perez was used as much as Juan Agosto😄Loved Bulldog but looks like salary dump
A new indiegogo project: Fri Dec 11 '15 Announcement from MOSAICO: An album by Juan Perez Rodriguez
When I grow up i wanna be ballin like juan
Captain Miguel Hernandez presented with his 30 year service award by Acting Director Juan Perez. Congrats!
You're pretty, good looking but I'm looking for a way out!
Been doing album demos this week for one of my projects. Sounding murderous
Hardest thing in life is seeing momma cry
Help make it happen for MOSAICO: An album by Juan Perez Rodriguez on
Leave it to an Baseball Tonight to neglect to show Juan Perez' web gem in St. Louis where he scaled the wall...
Old *** just told me his name Juan Perez lol ain't that a street in the 9 somewhere?
Lefferts finally got Perez with a hard slider.
A/Director Juan Perez was interviewed today on murder case of Rabbi Raksin and other topics. today @ 6
.Hey! no big deal. if the IRS revokes my passport I come in as Juan Perez, an undocumented refugee and get all the goodies :)
we also are going to be adding a SP and a LF at some point who will be > Vogey, Juan Perez.
People always ask me, "Mr. Trump, how are you going to deport all the illegal immigrants?". It's quite simple.Juan by J…
Aaron Wilcox, left, and Juan Perez take advantage of warm temperatures Wednesday and paint the exterior trim of a...
Winning wishes to Juan Perez and Carrie O'Dell tonight! Y'all got this!
Juan Perez Sectional runner up for the boys!
GC treasurer Juan Prestol-Puesan offered prayer, and president's secretary Magdiel Perez Schultz is now welcoming packed hall.
OK, it's been a year now, and I still can't believe that Juan Perez hit that long double off Wade Davis in Game 5.
Return of Juan Perez-Isidoro to center viewed as a positive for the UTSA offense.
Depth chart update: Juan Perez listed as starter, WR JaBryce Taylor to make his first start
Juan Perez back at center. Pratt is backing up McKinney.
Woohoo! jose juan perez = following me , Thanks jose juan perez ! Listen 2 my new track
Best quote of the day: "Miracles only happens in religion but not in IT departments" Juan Carlos Pérez Fuertes
1821 - @ La Bahía men under James Long yielded to Mex. army led by Col Juan Ignacio Pérez. Long was killed by a guard about six months later
Congratulations Juan Perez and Evelyn Andrea! I know you're far away, but you now have your little girl to come...   10% Off
Coker calls Juan Perez-Isidoro a little better snapper than Austin Pratt.
Juan, what is your starting 5? You think Darragh, McKinney, Woods, Pratt, Perez would work? I'd try it
I'm hopeful that Juan Perez getting healthy will solidify the line more and open up passing game.
We sound like white girls waiting in line at Starbucks for the pumpkin spice latte..
Peach Juan Carlos Perez and Yevgeny Vasilyev, on the one hand, sincerely rejoice that the Dominican Republic,...
Also, I saw ESPN's top 10 plays of the year and Juan Perez's spider man catch wasn't on there.
Hey, this is the cover by Juan Carlos Ruiz for ROGUES with interiors by Diego Pérez Galindo and words by...
Happy Birthday to Juan Perez from our IT department! We wish you a wonderful day!
Now that the mlb season is over my favorite highlight is juan perez's jumping on the wall catch
1971 Camaro Rally-Sport By Juan Carlos Perez Cuevas. from Muscle Car . Click for more -...
Bethel High's Juan Perez leading boys soccer team to wins, first place tie
One thing for sure is Juan Perez wont do as bad as Aubrey Huff playing 2nd
Perez hilton calld me *** so I had my homie shoot up a *** wedding. wasnt his but still made me feel better
Juan Perez would make a great Spider-Man. (via
Happy 19th Birthday Juan Perez. We love you and miss you :(
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Giants CF craftily ambles up wall to rob Cardinals of HR -
I agree, especially because he's a good hitter.And Juan Perez should have replaced Aoki in LF.
The ESPN Sports Science of the Juan Perez catch was pretty cool as well
This is a game where terrible roster management really hurt the Keeping Juan Perez over Lollis left no LH pinch-hitter on bench.
First play Juan Perez steps in at center he springs a 20 yard run thanks to a block at the second level
no where near as great as Juan Perez
Praying mantis finds best seat at PNC Park: The top of Juan Perez's hat
Richard Ashcroft to make live return with two festival dates later this year
The look to rebound tonight vs. at 7:05 pm - NYPL All-Star Juan Perez gets the start!
ICYMI: Juan Perez climbs the wall to make a ridiculous catch and rob a home run.
Juan Perez reached 17 mph during his crazy play that saw him scale the wall and steal a home run. ... - via App
73' - Perez is upended in the centre circle and break. Juan Mata slams a volley over the bar from Rooney's cross.
11' - Free-kick in a good position for after Perez fouls Matteo Darmian. Juan Mata and Memphis Depay stand over it.
Juan Perez of the Giants scales the wall to rob a home run against the Cardinals.
Welcome to the Juan Perez! Giants OF scales the wall to make incredible catch & rob Stephen Piscotty of HR. htt…
VIDEO: Giants’ Juan Perez climbs the wall to rob Stephen Piscotty of a HR
Sorry, Harry Doyle: I think Juan Perez had a rocket up his *** to catch that one
The have 5 guys headed to the NYPL All-Star game: Casey Grayson, Leobaldo Pina, Mike Pritchard, Landon Beck and Juan Perez
B8: Juan Perez and Bryson Smith hit a pair of doubles to bring it to a 3-2 deficit. 2 outs as Ryan Wright comes to the plate.
Don't go anywhere yet! Bryson Smith knocks an RBI double to score Juan Perez. BLX 3-2 B8
Guess who? ANOTHER south of the border Mexican savage named Juan Perez. Allegedly, of course.
lmao shout out to everybody and future victims don't ever let Juan Carlos Perez borrow money he cheap af 😂
confirm Juan Luis as their new head coach.
Florentino Perez: "De Gea is a great goalkeeper, but he belongs to another club. I can't say anymore on that."
It is with great sadness that the WFO San Juan announces the passing of Dr. Jose A Colón-Pérez,office director from 1964-1986. R.I.P.
When your girl tells you to get her a ball or she gets to go through your phone
Call Juan Perez at 479.271.4828 to see this great 3 Bdrm Bentonville AR home -
One last dream in my career come true. I am excited about the next chapter in my life with
RBI doubles from Angel Villalona in the fourth inning and Juan Perez in the sixth lead the Giants offense tonight.
Juan Perez with a two-out RBI double in the top of the sixth to extend the Giants lead to 2-0!
Juan Perez has been AWFUL in AAA this year. Not an answer.
my point was mostly that I think he's ailing and its contributing. This person is demanding Juan Perez
yeah well, he thinks Juan Perez is better so that in itself tells you something
*** even Juan Perez could do just as well
Juan Perez drops a pop-up between three Biscuits and just inside the chalk for a double. Fair by a few inches. MTG 2-1 B5
Kids "If we beat you in basketball, you gotta be our dad" ... Me :
Medlar Park at 7:05 tonight is the place to be as Juan Perez (2-1, 2.87 takes the hill for the Spikes.
The 25-year-old Italian defender joins on a four-year contract with the option to extend for a further year.
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San Jose ties the game but Kyle Petty throws out Juan Perez at the plate to keep it 2-2. Extra innings here we go
*** it! Tyler Horan hits into a could be double play but beats out the throw. Juan Perez then runs into an out at home plate on same play 😒
A leadoff double from Juan Perez in the bottom of the seventh, but the Giants can't get him home. Still tied 1-1.
Juan Perez (wrist) off the DL and starting in center for the tonight.
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We proudly announce our newest member of The Heat Realty Of South Florida LLC Mr. Juan R Perez. Juan is an...
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My son & I are translating MIS RECUERDOS by my great-grandfather, Juan Pérez Rolo, about coming from Cuba in 1869.
Position changes for Juan Perez from 3B to LF. Seth Mejias-Brean from 1B to 3B. Kyle Skipworth to 1B. Jacob Johnson pitching
so Andrew Susac and Juan Perez are better than Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, Barry bonds, Randy johnson, frank Thomas?
Don't understand the Susac option other than he has options. Don't think Sanchez does. Juan Perez optioned too = good move.
Lee Daniels a selfish thief let his brother go to jail for 3 years no lawyer money. Juan Perez wife who work for jay z is a informant.
Thanks juan nova perez for the follow! I´m very pleased you have joined us.
Giants' Juan Perez scratched with lower back tightness
Recommendation by :Juan Juan Perez played in 61 games ...
Jesse Jackson backs Garcia over Emanuel for Chicago mayor by Juan Perez Jr. via News - Chicago Tribune
Juan Perez was scratched from the Giants' Cactus League game Monday due to lower back tightness.
Juan Perez scratched for Giants today. Tightness in his lower back.
Juan Perez scratched with tightness in lower back
Juan Perez has a tight lower back. Jarrett Parker playing in the outfield.
SF lineup change: RF Juan Perez scratched with lower back tightness. Parker replaces him, batting 9th. DH Arias elevated from 9th to 2nd
Juan Perez scratched with lower back tightness. Parker now starting in right field today.
PUERTO RICO! I'm excited to bring & visit San Juan 4 the 1st time on Oct12! Tix on sale Mar16
Juan Perez and Joe Panik were the starters in Game 7 in left and at 2nd
Perez hoping to seize chance to stick with
[Bluebird Banter]Scott MacArthur, at TSN tells us that the first cuts of the spring have been made…
Perez hoping to seize chance to stick with Giants
Gary Brown is having a solid Spring, but so are Juan Perez and Jarrett Parker. There's real competition to be the fourth OF
Juan Perez with an RBI double to give the the lead. He and Brown are both performing well in the early goings of the Spring
Theres a irrational anger that comes out of me whenever I see/hear Hector Sanchez and Juan Perez are playing I'm going to try and control it
You and Juan Perez both totally posted pictures on Instagram holding your nephews tonight.
With one out to get for the 2014 World Series title, a colossally bad defensive play threatened to lose the Giants a championship. San Francisco center fielder Gregor Blanco missed a fly ball. Left fielder Juan Perez kicked it. Kansas City's Alex Gordon sprinted to third and the Royals sent Salvador…
Extra Baggs: Game 7 (!) lineups: It’s Juan Perez in the biggest game of the year: The “Defense Wins Championsh...
Brandon Crawford and Juan Perez = 5 RBI. I have no emotion to share, just leaving that information on your page.
I guess we forgot to add an even more recent addition than Abreu to the giants, that being Juan Perez, and sure enough, he's hitting not 30-50 points above his lifetime (minor league) average but closer...
Juan Perez, emotional on the bench earlier upon hearing of Oscar Taveras' death, hits a 2 run triple to make it 4-0
Last night, Juan Perez, having just learned of his friend's death, came up big. There is *nobody* on like that. Thanks, Colletti!
Crazy that Juan Perez finds out his good friend died during a World Series game & still entered the game in the 8th with a 2-run RBI double!
A reminder there are more important things than sports, but also that sports can help people get through tough times.
Please read, even if you dont like the Giants. "Perez delivers key hit after learning his good friend Taveras died htt…
Giants' Juan Perez gets emotional after death of friend Oscar Taveras
On 1 of the biggest nights of his life, Juan Perez got awful news about his friend.
A great read if you're ok crying in the middle of your morning. Via
Devastated by passing, comes up big for
Last night's story on Bumgarner the Badass, Juan Perez's double for Oscar Tavares, great work by the Brandons & more
Shortly after Juan Perez learned his friend Oscar Taveras had died, Perez became a World Series hero. My column:
Giants player Juan Perez weeps over death of pal Oscar Taveras -- and then hits a key double:
So many emotions packed into 500 words. Excellent reporting by on Juan Perez and Oscar Taveras.
Juan Perez was having a difficult time talking with reporters after Game 5 about his friend and winter ball teammate, Osca…
Minutes from a World Series win, Juan Perez pointed to the sky and thought of a lost friend. "That was for you."
"That's for you." After tragic news, Juan Perez comes up huge for in Game 5.
alum Juan Perez making most of opportunity with
Update your maps at Navteq
Several Giants players have come over to my TV in dugout when heard news abt Taveras..Juan Perez in tears in dugout..
This is so sad: Juan Perez saw a picture of his friend Oscar Taveras' body from the morgue midgame. Somehow composed himsel…
A teary Juan Perez delivered big hit despite seeing terrible proof of the death of friend Oscar Taveras
Definitely teared up reading that Juan Perez/Oscar Tavares story. I’ve lost friends before, the pain is so real
"I don't know how he played": Juan Perez sees the unseeable, lives the unthinkable and does the unbelievable. Column: http:…
Juan Perez battled tears and emotions in a clutch Game 5 performance:
"Taveras at the morgue, on a table, blood everywhere, a horrible image Perez couldn't shake."
Beautiful piece on digging deep in the face of the heartbreaking loss of his friend Oscar Taveras.
Overcome with emotion after hearing news that Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras had died, Juan Perez did his best to stay strong.
With his mind reeling from the news of his close friend Oscar Taveras’ death, light-hitting San Francisco reserve outfielder Juan Perez ripped a double that drove in a pair of runs that helped the Giants to a 5-0 win in the World Series Game 5.
Seeing Juan Perez show tribute to his fallen countrymen last night after his double shows true class...Although the two were competing for a championship against each other just weeks ago, he showed last night that the game of baseball goes beyond wins and losses. True Class and True Character by the Giants outfielder.
SAN FRANCISCO — Juan Perez was in a training room at AT&T Park, getting ready to enter the biggest game of his life, because the Giants — wait, what did they just say? Oscar Taveras? No. Car...
San Francisco Giants outfielder Juan Perez is saddened by the death of his friend, St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras
surprised you haven't mentioned Juan Perez dedicating his double to Oscar Tavares and Fox not showing Williams Tribute.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Madison Bumgarner smothered the Kansas City Royals for the second time in a week, pitching a four-hitter that led the San Francisco Giants to a 5-0 victory Sunday night and a 3-2 World Series lead. Bumgarner struck out eight and walked none in improving to 4-0 in four World Series starts. He has allowed one run in 31 Series innings, an astonishing 0.29 ERA. Brandon Crawford drove in three runs and Juan Perez hit a two-run double for the Giants, seeking to become only the second NL team to win three titles in a five-year span. James Shields lost to Bumgarner for the second time, allowing eight hits and two runs in six innings. In the 41 previous instances the World Series was 2-2 in the best-of-seven format, the Game 5 winner has taken the title 27 times. After a day off, the Series resumes Tuesday night at Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium. In a rematch of Game 2 starters, Jordano Ventura pitches for the Royals and Jake Peavy for the Giants. Kansas City manager Ned Yost moved up Perez t ...
A Black Cat Statement by the Fox Crew Tonight. Especially Harold Reynolds. Saying that Royals 8th inning reliever Wade Davis had not allowed an extra-base hit this year until July 31st. And then Juan Perez hits a 2-run double off of him. Wow!
A lot of people don't notice that Juan Perez is from the Bronx and went to DeWitt Clinton high school 😮
Next: goes 1-on-1 with Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, Joe Panik and Juan Perez on
Pierzynski is also out of the game in a double switch, with Tony Cruz replacing him behind the plate. Oh, and Juan Perez is pinch hitting.
Petit does his job again. Marco Gonzales will pitch to Juan Perez, hitting for Petit, and throw to Tony Cruz, who replaces The Clown.
Former SS & RHP Carlos Martinez was loose to face the RHB Juan Perez after the LOOGY Randy Choate walked LHB Brandon Crawford, right?
Juan Perez may have just moved past Michael Morse on the depth chart, even if he couldn't get down that bunt.
Steve Levy just called Juan Perez "Juan Lopez" and Sergio Romo "Sergio Ramos" on SportsCenter. His best Stan Verrett impersonation.
Justin Wilson out. Travis Snider out. Jared Hughes in. Jose Tabata in. Juan Perez running for Ishikawa
I actually believe that Gary Brown is a better option to make the postseason roster than Juan Perez is. Keep Brown as your 4th OF.
Agent: Rusney Castillo eligible to start playing in games: Juan Perez, the president and CEO of Roc Nation Spo...
Rusney Castillo has obtained his work visa and is eligible to play in games, according to Juan Perez, CEO of Roc Nation Spo…
prospect Juan Perez. Remember that name. He's a Right Handed pitcher for the Johnson City Cardinals.
Juan Perez with an inside the park homer! Blaze lead 5-2!
That's the biggest issue. When Joaquin Arias and Juan Perez are your "threats off the bench" you deserve to be the Astros
Google packs Classroom off to school ((Juan Carlos Perez)/Computerworld News)
Saw this "eye chart" and thought of my brothers Ricky Perez, Juan Carlos Mendieta and Marcel Moreno along with my...
TRANSACTIONS: C Rossmel Perez has been transferred to the from Pensacola. IF Juan Silverio has been transferred to Pensacola.
lmao bro I went nuer, I scored and I was the goalie
I was on another planet yesterday with juan and joshua drunk & high. Still won that scrimage in soccer doe
Why can't it start raining now so I don't have to even go to work
The last time the Jays asked a pitcher to wear it, Juan Perez' arm fell off.
All I ate today was the chicken fries and they disappointed
Wonder how Juan Perez is doing. Was a year ago Saturday he went down.
Juan Perez and his crew on Spanish ship Santiago sight and name Mount Olympus on August 11, 1774.
Late upload...had fun with them while eating bff bundles with coaches Dico Joe Ili Lucky San Juan and Gibson Perez :))
yoo Juan you look mad cheesy in that picture 😂
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