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Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo Montoya Roldán (born September 20, 1975) is a Colombian race car driver known internationally for participating in and winning Formula One and CART race competitions.

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*Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Drakeo the Ruler, Young Nudy, Vallee and many more artists.
Right 😩 cuz who move more white than Johnson's? Not even Pablo. - I came up with the Lebron/Swalla line fkn wit y'all on Tw…
I hope Snapchat never gets rid of the dancing hot dog. I named mine Juan Pablo
There should be an anniversary for when I first discovered Pablo Juan
Re: JB 2018?: Yeah I see your point.Juan Pablo,Dana,Robby Gordon,Sam Hornish,and Sarah Fisher tore up NASCAR.…
Lol just messing with ya Juan Pablo ✊🏾
Hoodrich Pablo Juan crank more than your favorite rapper
For my Argentine friend, my Tiger Victor Martinez and footballer Juan Pablo Sorin at Comerica in Detroit. Photo: Ri…
"Be a mirror, absorb everything around you & still remain the same." ~Leonardo da Vinci . 📷 Emerald Mirror by Juan Pablo De…
Chopping it up with Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Drug Rixh .
Congratulations to Juan Pablo Scarfi on what looks to be a tremendous book. Look forward to reading it!
With soccer player Juan Pablo Sorin at the Detroit Tigers game ⚽ @ Comerica Park
Puerto Rico’s debt crisis: UN expert warns human rights cannot be side-lined by Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky
Name dumb but cranks lol Listen to Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Quavo - Quablo (Prod. Zaytoven)
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Book Launch 'The Hidden History of International Law in the Americas' by Juan Pablo Scarfi
what you know bout some Pablo Juan son
Calls for commemoration rally of International Workers' Day, today. May 1st. Pablo Pernalet.
Juan Pablo Garcia don't look at me at1 Dash front Brass Band he said my wife and sure you all get me in trouble daftar me
Juan Pablo Pernalete Llovera, 20 years, KILLED by the Bolivarian National Guard in Altamira for impa…
Freshman phenom Juan Pablo Aguirre Romero, as voted by his teammates, is our 2016/2017 7s MVP. JP Couldn't be more deserving…
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She got me up all night, constant drinkin and love songs
Wow I havent felt this uncomfortable during an after the rose ceremony since Juan Pablo
There's nothing like Nick's journey as to make you seek out Juan Pablo to tell you "it's okay".
Kid Cudi has an alter ego named Juan Pablo, who he describes as "black, but raised in a Mexican family."
did you send a gift to Nikki Ferrell (winner from Juan Pablo) for getting married?
Meanwhile Andi is saying, "JoJo STAHHHP." and Juan Pablo's on the phone saying "Ees okay."
One of my favorites to watch going to a Red Bulls game😔⚽️ Juan Pablo Ángel
Happy Maligne day 2 by Juan Pablo de Miguel via featured in NBC s Science of Love
Moraine road by Juan Pablo de Miguel h…
😂😂😂 a *** named hoodrich Pablo Juan said that on a song
the song with cinco and Hoodrich Pablo Juan hard too
I liked a video from Hoodrich Pablo Juan x Diego Dose - Intoxicated (Official Video)
"Money spent getting wasted is not money wasted"- Juan Pablo Mejia
So did Juan Pablo give that speech yet.
So great to see the community come together for at Juan Pablo Duarte Park! Let's
Juan Pablo is such a brat. He cries to ride up there every time we drive somewhere. 😂
Juan Pablo Celis, Co-Chair of 66th Conference Youth Sub-Committee, emphasizes how to empower youth through education
I need to get this cut I'm looking like Juan Pablo garcia de planeta 9
How creator reacted to Juan Pablo's interest in joining
Does the creator of even want Juan Pablo back on the franchise?
"You give Juan Pablo an inch he's going to take it." -Simon Pagenaud to
I just reached out to Juan Pablo Montoya and Juan Pablo from the Bachelor to start up a podcast called The Life Of Pablos. Stay Tuned
Bob Guiney was the worst bachelor of all time... before Juan Pablo came around.
Juan Pablo's ex Nikki Ferrell is engaged -- Find out who her fiance is!
Hope we see each other you too Juan Pablo
Juan pablo called and basically said fu** Fer we like you more 😂 but I'm to lazy to walk to their house
be honest. You just don't have the time to take them down. In the words of Juan Pablo: Eets ok.
Did you miss the first speech for the candidate for MCP of AIESEC in Puerto Rico, Juan Pablo Ramos? Look for us...
I lived here every night for a while in the 90s. Where Juan Pablo Bertotto and I met, too. That'll be an...
Hoodrich Pablo Juan tape is turnt too
Discipline is going to Juan Pablo's and not eating a single thing.. 😒
I need to listen to Pablo Juan more.
Move over Juan Pablo, Ben is coming to take your crown as best bachelor ever!
If you haven't read Down The Rabbit Hole, you really should. Juan Pablo Villalobos, translator Rosalind Harvey.
We made hot dogs for Juan Pablo Jc and Joaquin. 12! 4 for each. And Fer didn't know and ate 10.
I miss Juan Pablo Angel man hes exactly the sort of talent we need right now
where is Juan Pablo Montoya when you need him?
Juan Villar, named Liga Adelante player of the Month for December.
A new favorite: Migos Feat. Pablo Juan - Designer Drugs by on
Lol they send Fer and Juan pablo to go het my suitcase 😂😂👏👏
Villa Randoms: Hat-trick hero Juan Pablo Angel is congratulated by Dion Dublin as we beat Wycombe Wanderers 5-0 in …
- Natalia -. This lovely girl is the daughter of Juan Pablo. She was amazing.
Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena elected to board of Johnson Controls
Excited to welcome Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena to our Board of Directors!
I had never heard Juan Pablo Ángel speak. The man will have a long career in broadcasting, if he's interested.
I'd LOVE to see Juan Pablo take on Le Mans. We haven't had a Triple Crown in what - 50 years?! Man.
All about Juan Pablo ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
I could really go for some Juan Pablo's right now.
its Juan Pablo, dammit. And dope. Bust some drug dealers.
Juan Pablo and his cousin I remember where the live to this day
The wife still thinks Juan Pablo resembles Bryan Ferry. Can you see the resemblance?
Alta Colombia: Splendor of the mountain by Ruiz Soto, Juan Pablo, von Rothkirch,
The Lonely Stoner, Mr. Solo Dolo, Man on the Moon, Mr. Rager, Cudder, Juan Pablo, the one and only Kid Cudi.
Little Giant Ladders
the first picture is one of Juan Pablo Montoya xD
Asking for a guys snapchat is like asking him for a ***
Juan pablo and Bryan all excited about the show omg😂
yea you should probably do the same Juan
My dad just bought 40 days worth of music... It's 500 gb's
Late but happy birthday to Juan Pablo ☺️😺
Wait. Is the French dude in Ricky Bobby supposed to be Juan Pablo Montoya? . Because he went from F1 to NASCAR.
When my brother puts on a fake mustache and starts calling himself "Juan Pablo" 💀
Love spending time with Juan Pablo Bob. @ Most Beautiful Beach on Earth!
Juan Pablo putting on a show for team Cam Jaffe
Oh, well I guess it's time for plan b, move to Mexico and change my name to Juan Pablo the Sixth
LeBron was way nicer to that camera guy than Juan Pablo Montoya would've been.
Grilled chicken salad from Juan Pablo's cause Jan asked me the other night of I gained some weight...
When Cristian doesn't know Juan's name and calls him "Pablo" omg x)
Juan is such a funny name lol so is Pablo and Carlos
Juan Pablo Montoya has never placed in the top 10 in his four races at Toronto (including both IndyCar and Cart)
let's hope. Don't want the Juan Pablo of the NFL. Lot of type, ok career, back to Formula 1
Juan Pablo Angel wearing a suit made by the same guy that made Joe Pescis' in My Cousin Vinnie!
I'm so sad. I used to be Now I just feel like she's the female version of Juan Pablo. Especially after reading spoilers. 😒
Juan Pablo Angel & the team discuss potential outcomes of 25 mins till kickoff!
Indianapolis 500: Five things to know for this year's race
Pope Francisco is using the same chair Pope Juan Pablo II used 30 YEARS ago when he came
Kaitlyn is the female version of Juan Pablo
Patent Fight - Lab notebooks could determine who was first to invent a revolutionary gene-editing technology htt…
You have heard it last night on Radio Tango Angeles! Juan Pablo Di Pace will be showing off his his singing chops...
All I want in Sulphur Spring Springs is a Chick fil a. I would sacrifice Juan Pablo's for it, we have plenty of Mexican restau…
nick &this thing deserve each other. End the *** show. its unfair 2these men. show is worse than Juan Pablo.
Neymar is the 2bd youngest player to win a Copa Libertadores and a Champions League, after Juan Pablo Sorin
Juan Pablo Ramirez talking to Alex Wurz. Ex-Caterham race engineers have moved on :-)
The last time I've seen people get mad about a TV show like this was Juan Pablo's season of the bachelor omfg
NYC Musician friends. I highly recommend checking out my dear friend, Maestro Juan Pablo Navarro who is coming...
Juan Pablo was buzzin nd tried takin a pic with me but I covered my face and he was so upset nd said "te cubres la cara porque tienes novio"
Just wrote on Juan Pablo Restrepo's profile at
"Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone." --Pablo Picasso
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a heavy traffic jam on RD-1 Autopista Juan Pablo Duarte on - Drive Social.
Tactical analysis: Bayern keep it simple with 4-3-3 against Mainz by Juan Pablo González (
Teacher :what year did Columbus discover America . Fetty wap: 1738
Oh my god, Juan Pablo Angel was such a beast! by doctor_tc_
*Mid-convo talking bout Don Pablo's restaurant.* Corey, "Wait. I've heard of Juan Pablo before.. what was he? Some kinda drug Lord?" 😂🌹
Indy 500 odds shuffled after qualifying via
Best quote so far..."Juan Pablo, I blame you guys for that" ;)
follow Juan Pablo Montoya on periscope He said he's going to "scope" it😎👍🏁
Just had a staring contest with Juan Pablo Montoya at the driver's lunch. That was cool 😂
The biggest open wheel event in motorsports is Sunday and heres what you should know about .
Andretti Autosport driver Carlos Munoz aims to follow racing hero Juan Pablo Montoya, trying to win the
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Very cool seeing the stars of Indy Car doing so much cycling. Juan Pablo Montoya, Tony Kanan and Takuma Sato at IMS.
I'm like hey wassup hello , do you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior
"It's the fastest racetrack in the world." The greatest spectacle in racing, the is here.
Breakfast of champions: is in the company of Juan Pablo Montoya, Roger Penske & Simon Pagenaud.
Got to meet the man himself, Juan Pablo
26 amazing followers in the last week and there will be more tomorrow. Growing with
Why Montoya is still my pick to win Sunday's ->
Be grateful Juan Pablo, today is especially delicious.
I don't even live on a farm, I just have roosters & sometimes Pablo & Juan get on my dang nerves in the morning
Juan Pablo got a lot of grief for 'kissing' a few women. Andi and Chris made out with everyone.
JUAN PABLO BANDA got their posted to Charlotte Mugshots
No time to pretend, dust off and try again. @ Parque Juan Pablo II
I was supposed to have one beer and go home. When Danielle and Juan Pablo come back into my life, I become an animal. A happy animal.
recent past I remember The Williams BMW. Driven by Juan Pablo and Ralf Schumacher
Saw Montoya's Son trending and hoped it was about Juan Pablo. Sadly not
The shocking news? Kelsey is with child. Juan Pablo's child. Artificially inseminated by Whitney.
Cocaine trafficker Pablo Escobar poses in front of the White House with his son Juan Pablo.
. lol I've got their names all ready! 😂. 1) Juan Pablo . 2) Hussein Ahmed Ali. 3) Ted . . 😂
Juan Pablo aimar is pure class legend
While I was in Mexico, Juan Pablo went to Mount Rushmore. I can't believe he went without me.
I feel like Chris is gonna be another Juan Pablo..
I legit thought that was going to be Juan Pablo waking up Chris with that scary music.
Juan Pablo might've been a *** but he was far by the most realistic person out there in the Bachelor Nation I admit it. ABC's The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure (although I don't really feel that guilty about it). There is just something amusing about 30 women vying for a marriage proposal from a guy they really don't know that well, and will be exposed to for about 9 weeks (all while he is dating several other women). You cant beat it. This seasons Bachelor seems a little too smart and too put together to actually be "The Bachelor". The show is best when they have some superficial hot mess like Juan Pablo as the main man. The women are gorgeous (as always), but I am trying to discern who the crazies are who will make the show interesting. Chris seems to be partial to brunettes and the choices are pretty good this season. The fact that the "winner" will move to Iowa will prove interesting (as it did last season with Andi) Much like the NFL preseason, I have taken to handicapping the favorites and will make a prediction. Allissa - She is a flight attendant, so Iowa should not be a problem. She talks ...
Why is it that most dudes are like Juan Pablo when they need to be like Sean Lowe??¿
I thought the world didn't make sense anymore but Juan Pablo and Nikki didn't last so that is extremely reassuring that we're doing alright.
When our first son was born, we named him Juan Pablo after Pope John Paul II, with the certainty that one day he...
2005 season won by Fernando Alonso, featuring great racing from Fernando, Michael, Kimi and Juan Pablo.
nah man Juan Pablo has his blondey girl. What about Ben or Drew?
Nikki honey, not saying ILuvU is not the ONLY reason why Juan Pablo took a lot of heat!! U are delusional girl!!
Need more proof Juan Pablo was full of BS? will confirm it. Ugh OR
Juan Pablo and Nikki are on Couples Therapy? Lol I could of told you that.
Juan Pablo and Nikki are already on Couples Therapy lmao😂😂😂
so Juan Pablo & his gf "forgot her name" is on Couples Therapy really?? U don't see the light yet he don't love u smdh
But how is Juan Pablo already on Couples Therapy??? 😂😂😂
Juan Pablo and the KC girl from the bachelor are on Couples Therapy 😳😳😳...
Juan Pablo and Nikki on Couples Therapy? We all saw that coming ..
Juan Pablo and Nikki are already on Couples Therapy.. Haven't they only been dating like 8 months..?
lmao wait Juan Pablo and Nikki are on Couples Therapy 😂
👀 Juan Pablo from the bachelor is gona be on Couples Therapy
Nikki Ferrell is standing 10 feet from me. Sadly no Juan Pablo.
So it's officially a year since my amazing cousin died we love you and miss you 😭😭😭 RIP Juan Pablo hernandez 🏀 8-8-13 🙏
Spotted! Sharleen from Juan Pablo's season of the bachelor! 😳
my name is Juan Pablo de la rosa Reyes qutuerez Martinez Martinez but every one calls me asael
Juan Pablo is in Cleveland and Victor Martinez is in Cleveland as a Tiger. Two outrages.
Juan Pablo got a picture with Victor Martinez.Not cool
Today was not a such a day but tomorrow i will go to BROADWAY! To see Daniel Radcliffe's show “The Cripple of Inishmaan” ! I really want to see it!! Thank you Juan Pablo dad i really love you!! Have a beautiful dad's day you are awesome !! And you know that i tried to do my best for you two Ximena. Love u guys:) ave a nice day today
OMG Juan Pablo and Evil *** on the same show. Like reality TV Heaven!!
Juan Pablo to run two NASCAR Sprint Cup races for Team Penske
do it for Gordon cowans , slobo , Juan Pablo Angel , alan wright & steve stone !!!
Join our Medford Chamber Ambassadors for a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Tumor Hater. Tumor Hater is a tax exempt non-profit dedicated to financially and emotionally supporting those with tumor related medical bills. The Ribbon Cutting will take place today at Inn at the Commons at 4:00 pm, prior to a Meet & Greet with Juan Pablo & Nikki Ferrell at 4:30 pm, who have come all the way to Medford to help support this cause! Meet & Greet:
Rocky on Broadway stars Andy Karl and Margo Seibert help Us Weekly recap the week's hottest stories, including Naya Rivera and Lea Michele's Glee feud, Katy Perry's new man, and the latest on Juan Pablo and Nikki.
Thank you Juan Pablo and Kate González for endorsing Jason Conger for U.S. Senate!
I wish Juan Pablo Ángel still played for the Red Bulls...
what good convo doesn't include Juan Gonzalez and Juan Pablo?
Ladies...Juan Pablo was at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City where a woman walked up to him and threw a drink in his face. Feel better yet?!
If you're in AC tonight stop by The Pool After Dark at Harrah's. We have special guest Juan Pablo from The Bachelor! Say my name at the guest list table before 12 for free entry! 😊
Rotherham try, Tom Cruse goes in and Juan Pablo socino converts.
Juan Pablo says Michael was reason for Ferrari's Formula One success http:/…
With all due respect to Dario Franchitti, who has been and will be a fabulous ambassador for the sport, here are ten people who would have been a better selection as a pace car driver: 1) Lara Spencer, Good Morning America. Attractive, articulate, and employed by ABC, she would move the needle. Remember, the idea is to get eyeballs on the TV broadcast and/or buzz about the event. Bonus points if you get her in a firesuit. Sex sells. 2) Juan Pablo, the Bachelor. Love him or hate him, it's publicity. Bad publicity is better than no publicity, which is what the "500" is flirting with. 3) Patrick Dempsey, Grey's Anatomy. Dr. Dreamy still creates press. Yes, he's driven it before, but maybe Indycar needs to plant a seed to get him to be a car owner. 4) Sammy Hagar. He's already going to be in town playing the Carb Day concert.why not have him drive the pace car (at 130mph), get out, and tell ABC "I can't drive 55!" 5) Ken Block, rally driver. If you don't know who this guy is, search for him on YouTub ...
Where did Nikki and Juan Pablo go for their first public date?! [
Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell CUDDLE on their vacay in the Dominican Republic: [
I just think the meaning of marriage has been lost. Juan Pablo is respecting Nikki's dad by waiting
Okay, so I don't spend much time watching television, but I do enjoy The Bachelor & Bachelorette Series. I was behind a week & have avoided all magazines, Hollywood News, & spoilers. Tonight, I finally finished watching it. I must say I'm usually on the guy's side & think women can be way too emotional & needy. I also originally thought the girls who left the bachelor in the dust earlier in the show were just being dramatic & jealous. But now, after watching the last 2 episodes, I can confirm exactly what they were trying to say... "Juan Pablo is indeed a complete *** canoe!!!" I'm glad Clare spoke her mind & finally stood up to him! As for Nikki Ferrell, that girl is beyond beautiful & she could have any man on Earth! She's also an angel with a very tough job as a pediatric nurse! She deserves a man to stand on the tallest mountain on Earth & scream to the high Heavens in front of all the world, how much he loves her! He ought to be grateful for the sacrifices she's willing to make for him & ...
you two are amazing. Juan Pablo you are a hero and a true man for not falling for media but respecting Nikki!
Juan Pablo & Nikki Ferrell publicly display their love for each other at the Miami airport!
EXCLUSIVE: Trouble already? Juan Pablo & GF Nikki Ferrell meet with with couple's counsellors!
Jodi Arias will be back in court in September, and she could still be under the penalty of death. Juan Pablo and Nikki did not show up at Good Morning America.
Now that we've seen Bachelor contestant Nikki Ferrell's kissy face, in-love face, confused face, and angry face on Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor, it's becoming more and more clear that she and Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale (Aria) could totally be sisters. No, really, Lucy and Nikki look more alike than Lucy and her own sister do — and her sis is even blonde! Between the wide smile, perfectly arched eyebrows, and light eyes, we think Lucy and Nikki could pull off a Parent Trap switch. Plus, just look at those high cheekbones! All we can say is, if Nikki goes brunette, she may be the perfect stand-in for Lucy’s scenes on Pretty Little Liars. Or, if the Bachelor favorite wants to go into acting — as so many reality stars do these days — she can totally play Aria’s long-lost sister who shows up in Rosewood unexpectedly. On the other hand, Lucy could go blonde and sneak her way onto dates with Juan Pablo. They’re all pretty good options, eh? Check out the photo of Lucy and Nikki and let ...
Juan Pablo & Nikki look like they're still going strong! Will they stay together?
STOOPSVILLE...THIS, THAT, WHATEVER...I am running a little late today...Had to be at the hospital at 7:45 for M.J.'s test for her stomach...A warm up later today they say...Bruce Pearl is back as he is the new coach at Auburn...Women's NCAA basketball bracket has been set and ready for the city of Nashville as they host the final four...UT Vols got a number 1 seed...Vanderbilt, MTSU, Western Kentucky, along with OVC champs UT Martin have their dancing shoes on...We had a busy day yesterday as I went to Dr. Whiteaker at 11:00 for a check up on my legs, then on to a funeral for a lady from our church at 1:00, and picked up Halle at school at 3:00...The Bachelor, Juan Pablo, and Nikki Ferrell, the girl that won the final rose, are doing some traveling together...Savannah Guthrie, the Today host anchor got married over the weekend, and announced that she is pregnant...Mel Tillis is home after heart surgery...Birthdays today..Latane Dunn Thomas, and Suzanne Millsaps Woods...Remember...The best offense is a goo ...
I'm up late as usual because Ryan and I are night owls that never seem get to bed! When I got home (oh, come night run) I started to watch the DVRed Dancing With the Stars I had recorded. Just when I was nearly done folding some socks (yes, I am super domestic when I put my mind to it) we as a TV audience received the best quote since Juan Pablo wooed Nikki with 'I like you a lot'! Sochi Olympic ice dancing hold medal winner Meryl Davis, who appears to be such a sweet person yet very determined, comes out and gives a great performance. The audience is going wild and we get not one, but two quotes to rival Juan! First, Len Goodman says, "You're nice on ice, but you're good on wood"! Then Bruno Tonioli says, "You must be the queen of spins. She was going so fast I thought she was fracking for gas." The look on Makes face and the roar of the audience was such awesome family friendly TV! I love this country! Here are pictures from the Shamrock Shuffle 10k and the Mini Heart Half Marathon. Th ...
Erin Andrews just won't work for me at all on DWTS. Maybe broadcast standards have changed since I took courses at IU, but the person's voice has to be pleasant and modulated, and "looks" are second, not the ultimate. Erin is gutteral all the time and sounds like she has a clothespin stuck to her nose in her nasal tones. I will be using the FF button on the dvr to speed thru her stuff. Also, this is the only photo I can find out of hundreds that does not feature her cleavage and t**s. She is attractive, but there was NO reason to fire Brooke Burke Charvet 'cause she was attractive too. Back room news is that Brooke would not wear revealing dresses and emphasized her marriage and kids too much and the male viewer couldn't relate. Seriously? ABC, the "family values" station, has just applied the *** factor" again. Will we be firing Tom Bergeron and hiring Juan Pablo next?
WISH 99.7 Celebrity News for Monday: Dancing With The Stars returns tonight. Erin Andrews replaces co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet and bandleader Ray Chew replaces Harold Wheeler. And viewers get to change the celebrity and pro pairings with their votes. It all starts at 8 on ABC. Miley Cyrus showed off a new colorful tattoo on her inner lip. She showed it off via Instagram on Friday. The "Wrecking Ball" singer posted a close-up selfie to reveal a "sad kitty" she had tattooed. That must have hurt! Comedian David Brenner has died after a battle with cancer. He was 78. Brenner was a regular on Johnny Carson's "The Tonight Show." He appeared on the show more times than any other guest -- 158. Friday night in L.A., Johnny Depp and Amber Heard threw themselves an engagement party. About 100 friends and family members, including Depp’s 11-year-old son and his mom attended. Celebs at the party included Steven Tyler, Mandy Moore and Marilyn Manson. Bachelor Juan Pablo stirred up some controversy when he not only . ...
Juan Pablo should give a rose to Daisy, the cook in Downton Abbey. She is sweet!
What am I gonna do on Monday nights now that Juan Pablo found true like?
TH5 Weekend Radio Gossip- We will discuss Bieber's bratty deposition, Lindsay Lohan's star-studded list and everything Juan Pablo. All that and more! Catch the scoopage this weekend!
Prince Charles is kind of like a Juan Pablo. Prince William is like Sean Lowe.
My interview on NPR with commentary on Juan Pablo |
Listening to the admissions office secretaries gossiping about the Bachelor and Juan Pablo has been the highlight to my morning 😂
I decided to watch the Women's Tell All and The Final Rose as I was curious about Juan Pablo. This is the first time that I did not watch any of the Bachelor as I was not intrigued by JP. Holy cow! to those who hung in all season God Bless Ya! I have seen about two hrs of info and he's annoying and contradicting, why do a show to be private??? 😱
Just watched the finale of The Bachelor and After the Final Rose. So glad put Juan Pablo in his place. is lucky!
Chris Harrison on Juan Pablo: "From the beginning something just didn't seem right."
Watching The Bachelor: After The Final Rose and am shaking my head at how deep Juan Pablo is putting his foot in his mouth. Time 4 the other
The Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell roller coaster ride has taken another twist with reports that the seemingly reluctant Bachelor has proposed to the woman he refused to offer a ring to on the show's finale. Juan Pablo capped off a wild season of The Bachelor by picking Nikki, but refusing...
What mysterious event made Juan Pablo and Nikki change their plans for the future?
Juan Pablo was literally the worst, and I figured this out just by watching after the final rose + the women tell all
Okay-Im a little embarrassed to ask this but did anyone tune into the Bachelor on Monday? I missed it and Im not a big TV watcher but I thought it was funny to watch on account of how cheesy Juan Pablo is (really helped my depression by making me laugh)- so I was following it as a kick but I missed the "final rose" ceremony. The previews looked very dramatic (hilarious) with those two blonde ladies.was it Claire or Nikki? Im really curious, ladies: Juan Pablo: hot or not? Curious as to what real women think of him (like REAL, warm-blooded women who aren't made of plastic think).
Juan Pablo gave Nikko his final rose. And it was less than 6 inches.
Juan Pablo ended the show right. Offering a FINAL ROSE not a ring. 🌹💍
Juan Pablo has the blank stare down! Can't tell if it's lack of understanding or just complete ***
Dog carcass in alley this morning, but tonight we learn who Juan Pablo picked to receive the Final Rose!
Unfortunately, Nikki is now labeled "desperate" as she sat through the final rose ceremony and took the grueling talking in circles by Juan Pablo, who when asked how he felt about HER, he responded with how he felt about HIMSELF, "I feel great!" "I feel fantastic." He couldn't even talk about one thing he liked about HER. It's sad. He is definitely the worst bachelor of all history!! Of any rate, we did have a 5 way tie (Jason, Leah, Kara, Deb Link, and Kimmy) to who picked Nikki as their choice so it came down to who has the highest number of points... And the winner goes to the person with 320 points. Jason Deb Hoffmann 290 Liz Hefel 310 Megan Schmitt 300 John Wilson 280 Jason- 320 Kelli- 330 Leah Klink Vaske 310 Kara Wilson 290 Nathan Harter 270 Deb Link 260 Kimmy Irish 290
Trying to finish the bachelor after the final rose, and I can't even finish it. Juan Pablo is worst bachelor ever.
Why is Nikki still with Juan Pablo? What was the "big surprise" he promised for After the Final Rose? Get answers:
On Monday's After the Final Rose special, Juan Pablo reunited with his winner -- but still couldn't tell her he loves her
So I watched the "After the Final Rose"show and I'm wondering, does anyone else think that Nikki must be getting paid, or abused by Juan Pablo? He seemed so controlling and their interactions were so forced! I was actually disturbed after watching it. thoughts? Ashley Farrell
I just saw "after the final rose" ooommmg Juan Pablo is something else.💩
Honestly!!! I'm only now catching up on the bachelor but SERIOUSLY!!! That was the weirdest and most insulting final rose!...gezzz. I'm stunned!!! God I hate Juan Pablo. Seriously.
I don't watch the Batchelor but Juan Pablo sounds like the Latino Spencer Pratt.
On the Bachelor 2014 “After the Final Rose” special, Chris Harrison tried desperately to understand what the heck is going on with Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell. Which is a noble pursuit, don’t get us wrong. But when he asked Juan Pablo what their plans are now that their relationship...
Just watched The Bachelor and After the Final Rose, Juan Pablo is a total jerk! Hope Nikki wakes up soon and see it too! Glad I didn't waste my time watching it this season!
Catching up on Juan Pablo's final rose and seriously... These people need to stop hating on him. He's perfect n fine. N perfectly fine. ;)
I don't get it. The put a soccer player from Venezuela on the bachelor reality show and this bozo deserved headlines in the Main Stream Media? I think there are more people upset with this dude Juan Pablo than are upset the the government lies to us and keeps taking away our freedoms. Like I said, I don't get it.
Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis may go down as the most controversial in the show's history, and after a contentious After The Final Rose interview sources say that he and "winner" Nikki Ferrell are no longer together. Season 18 of The Bachelor had controversy from almost the start, with Juan Pablo...
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"The Bachelor: Final Rose Ceremony" Party pics! ...Even though it turns out that Juan Pablo isn't what we expected..."esss ok", we still had a blast!
Ok, not that anyone cares but here's my take on Juan Pablo and what happened on the Bachelor. I personally think they are doing things the right way. They wanna start a real life without all the beautiful places, cast members, cameras, and fancy dresses. It's time for them to see if they really do LOVE each other. Love that when she is sick he takes care of her and when he is down she lifts him up. Not make believe stuff tv is asking for. He is actually a very smart guy and I agree with his decision 100%. Bc he is right his "character" of the bachelor is over now. ON TO REAL LIFE.
What to expect from new 'Bachelorette': Juan Pablo's time as "The Bachelor" has finally come to a close, and d...
Watching the bachelor after the final rose and I actually feel so sorry for Chris Harrison having to deal with that *** (Juan Pablo)
Just now watching the bachelor after the final rose. Juan Pablo, go home. You're dumb.
After being the second lady to walk away from Juan Pablo-the one who was the bachelor during ‘The Bachelor’ season 18- Andi Dorfman was granted the opportunity to be the star in the next season of ...
Chris Harrison handled that after the final rose amazingly. I would have punched Juan Pablo in the face three times over after talking with him the first time.
Chris Harrison's face when Juan Pablo cut him off.
Not sure why Chris Harrison & the rest of the world was forcing Juan Pablo to be in love.
The way Juan Pablo talks to people like Chris Harrison is what bothers me it's just rude and disrespectful
Read this. "My final thoughts on this season w Juan Pablo! via
Oh, Juan Pablo. I can forgive the fact that you've stolen 10 weeks of my life. But I cannot forgive your sass towards Chris Harrison. NOPE.
I don't care that Juan Pablo hasn't told Nikki he doesn't love her. I do care that he insults Chris Harrison.
Juan Pablo's season of came to an end last night, and has some thoughts:
Chris Harrison's interview with Juan Pablo on finale was just as awkward as Caesar's interview with Katniss in "Catching Fire".
God bless Chris Harrison and his ability to not slap Juan Pablo on the spot
I am the minority but I like Juan Pablo, and I appreciate his honesty. And no one should be forcing him to say I love you for the publics sake. He should do it for Nikki and their relationship WHEN and IF he feels it. I actually did NOT like Juan Pablo last year or the beginning of this show, but with each episode I liked him more and more. I hate the way people are treating him. I was almost in tears watching the way Chris Harrison and the audience treated him. He did nothing wrong. He was totally honest, nothing wrong with that. After watching the ending I no longer like Claire and I am glad he didn't pick her now.
Juan Pablo and Chris Harrison hate each other so much.
Chris Harrison sounds off on Juan Pablo's season finale of "The Bachelor."
I know I'm behind but dang. Juan Pablo is such a jerk!!! Nikki deserves better. And don't be rude to Chris Harrison ever!!
If I were Chris I would slap Juan Pablo he is so rude. You do NOT sass Chris Harrison
everyone was bashing on Juan Pablo but it was actually so annoying how bad Chris Harrison wanted him to say that he loved Nikki
Best quotes on Juan Pablo from The Bachelor's Chris Harrison: After a crazy and shocking Bachelor season, the ...
Just don't get why Chris Harrison wants Juan Pablo to say something he's not feeling.
I think Juan Pablo was the best bachelor, yet. He was honest and didn't just say, "I love you" to appease the crowd. Chris Harrison wasn't being very understanding of his feelings. Some people fall in love quickly others take time everyone's different. I think he made the right choice.
Andi Dorfman Is the New Bachelorette: Let's put all those nasty Juan Pablo nightmares behind us, shall we? The...
Aiy-yi-yi! For a man who shoots it straight and tells the truth always... Juan Pablo: you beat the heck around that bush last night!!! You didn't make any sense and did everything you could to NOT tell the Truth about how you felt! Oh, and poor Chris Harrison!
Now that Juan Pablo's reign of terror is officially behind us, we can start looking forward to new 'Bachelorette'
Andi Dorfman named as new Bachelorette after walking out on Juan Pablo via
while dvring NCIS on CBS, I was watching Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake history of rap versions 1 to listening to any more social media re: Justin Beiber (what a punk! go to jail will you), Lindsay Lohans new reality show (go earn a real paycheck would you and save the money and lets stop seeing you sob on tv), and Juan Pablo (go hide now no one wants to hear about you from the Bachelor anymore, bad show anyway) ok done for now...back to good tv/dvring:)
Nancy Odell ET tonight hating on Juan is incredible to watch what lazy people do to each other...rude to Chris Harrison...i don't know anyone who would be anything other than rude to Chris Harrison in those circumstances. In this life, the confusing reality is that the question is not "do I want to collaborate". The issue is that people are so confused by cooperation and collaboration, that you have to decide if you even want to have a serious conversation with other people. Obviously, reality television shows and networks have to demonize Juan Pablo to protect the notion that everyone on reality TV has to protect the networks at all costs.
Hubby and I are Bachelor fanatics...Anyone else? What do you think about Juan Pablo cutting Chris Harrison off?! Shocked! So rude!
Did anybody watch the season finale of The Bachelor? Did anyone else want Chris Harrison to hurl his chair at Juan Pablo? Just curious!
Just now watched after the final rose -Juan Pablo is even more of a jerk than I though ! How rude and arrogant to Chris Harrison! He's a major $&
Chris Harrison is a friggin tool. What an *** No respect for that dushbag. I don't necessarily like Juan Pablo as he is an *** but Chris Harrison is a real ***
Chris Harrison said Juan Pablo stormed off after the interview and he does not know why? Does he even know what this show is about?
Ok, my take on the Bachelor *** !?! Yes, I'm just watching it and just wow.I get it if Juan Pablo can't tell her he loves her, but where is the strong and mighty Nikki we knew all season long??? Who the heck was that meek little mouse sitting next to Juan Pablo?? Does ABC and Neil Lane get that engagement ring back? I loved that Sean and Catherine were there and you could just see the frustration on everyone's face. Chris Harrison was not happy either. So disappointed.and Andi for next Bachelorette? Ick, didn't like her one bit. What did you think??
I FREAKING LOVE Sean Lowe FROM SEASON 16 THE BACHELOR❤️ Juan Pablo should've been more like him..
The Bachelor might have just ended, but like most viewers at home, Chris Harrison is still wondering what the heck happened on Monday night. At the end of the two-hour finale, Juan Pablo sent Clare home, ultimately choosing Nikki. The live audience applauded as Clare gave the Venezuelan a piece of h...
Moral of the story tonight find a Sean Lowe not a Juan Pablo.
Sarah and I could have gone on and on about this train wreck of a finale. From the family throwing him under the bus to the women ignoring all the red flags to the tense exchanges between Chris Harrison and Juan Pablo . . . this show was straight-up cringey. And confusing. And a cautionary tale to w...
I think Juan Pablo is rebeling against the network, and that Chris Harrison is just the host of the hunger games!
Every girl will have met a Juan Pablo, before reaching their Sean Lowe.
I did not watch this season's Bachelor but it must have been terrible..the young woman with the black top and white slacks Andi Dorfman is going to be the next Bachelorette...this guy Juan Pablo he is a most weird fellow so people say..his dad is supposed to be so nice but he was rather rude even to host Chris Harrison..I don't believe there will be a wedding...Clare and Nikki were the last 2 girls left he dumped Clare and told Nikki that he doesn't know if he sees a life relationship with her only that he does not want to say goodbye to her forever...when the host later asked him if he is in love with her Juan Pablo said ''this is real life...we don't talk about such things as love'' girls are all too good for that good looker who has not much to offer but looks ...good for Clare to have gotten away and said if Nikki is silly enough to just being taken advantage of
By the finale I thought there was no force in the universe powerful enough to make me root for Juan Pablo... until the the conceit of Sean Lowe and incredulity of Chris Harrison were combined in one room.
Sean Lowe just gave THE biggest sigh at Juan Pablo's refusal to say he loves Nikki. I love him more every d…
star Sean Lowe admits Juan Pablo's finale episode was "painful to watch":
Most women date at least one 'Juan Pablo' before they find their 'Sean Lowe'.
WEll, having thought about the Bachelor since last night, I'm at a loss for words. I can't believe how the producers and Chris Harrison tried to push I mean really push Juan Pablo to say he loves the one he chose. I'm not really a Juan Pablo fan, but I support what he has done. All of these other contestants in the past have said I love you and got engaged and then got unengaged. Only a handful are still together. What does that really say? It smacks of insincerity. And Juan was absolutely right in saying that he needs time to get to know the girl. The only gauche thing I saw was how an audience and producers of the franchise have turned on him and made him out to be the bad guy. Not all of us can be like St. Sean and St. Catherine. Just because they knew and were sure, does that make them above or better? We will see where they are in the next few years. Juan has not disrespected Claire. She did quite a good job of that herself. It's a show, but oh the thoughts right? Just saying.
On The Bachelor's After The Final Rose special, Juan Pablo and Chris Harrison fight after JP chooses Nikki over Clare. Watch clips from the show.
Chris Harrison opens up in a thoughtful blog post about the shocking "Bachelor" finale and his feelings about Juan Pablo. Check out what the host says here!
Was flipping through the tv channels last night and came across "The Bachelor-After the Rose" special. All I can say, is I'm so glad I didn't waste my time or brain cells watching this show this season. Juan Pablo-what a winner-NOT!! I think Chris Harrison was at a total loss.
I am so *** sick of the Bachelor and Bachelorette. I've always watched it, but after Juan Pablo, I think I'm so DONE! It seems these people go on there to be famous, and to be the next bachelor/bachelorette. I'm tired of seeing the same faces, pick someone else, a plain Jane, not some beauty queen. And poor Juan Pablo, leave him and Nikki alone, they wanna live private lives. At least he's not faking "love". And Chris Harrison annoys me.
Everyone trashed Juan Pablo, Yet tho the 2 girls remaining wanted him to say something that he did not feel and even if he did he is not suppose to say anything the night before . If they watched the show for 11 years they should know that. I think that he could be rude, but I do think that he was honest. Maybe that hurt them except Nikki does not even seem to know what is going on. Clair ended up with sour grapes. Andy wanted him to say feelings too that he may of just had trouble expressing or was not feeling yet. Now she is the bachelorette.? If she gets so much into her head that is going to be a long boring show. This one was became boring too , no humor in the girls or juan at all. Chris Harrison was told not to interrupt by juan but he was interrupting and asking the same question over and over that could not be answered. Think about it the ones that have marred on that show maybe got engaged right away infact DEZ was one that got engaged after the one she wanted dumped her the same day. omg tha .. ...
What a disgusting display Chris Harrison put on last night on the season finale of The Bachelor. I personally am glad Juan Pablo defended himself and put the producers on their heals and Harrison too for him mouthing off behind a computer. Just because someone does the show doesn't mean they owe them their life once it's over (unless they sign some kind of contract that they are signing over their soul to the devil before the show). Juan Pablo didn't want to give them the satisfaction! By far my favorite bachelor for being so honest and not doing what the producers want ... "YOU MUST FALL IN LOVE AND BRING US MORE MONEY BY FLAUNTING YOUR RELATIONSHIP AND GETTING MARRIED ON OUR NETWORK, BLAH BLAH BLAH." He stayed true to himself. He was realistic that you can't be sure you love someone after a few weeks when so many others are involved. It's their life. He fulfilled the contract and its done. Leave him be. Chris Harrison is a fool and a jerk for his stupid comments and pestering them about "being in love. ...
Last night's 'After The Final Rose' ceremony was the most awkward post show of all time — Chris Harrison said so himself! 'The Bachelor' host had many more fighting words for Juan Pablo, but his ut...
The Bachelor's Chris Harrison: "Juan Pablo fought the process ... it was frustrating."
I've officially changed my opinion. Yes, Juan Pablo is an odd little duck - I think he's "conservative" and probably a misogynist and a chauvinist but I applaud his attempt to keep some level of privacy. I'd rather have someone say "I care about this person, I am glad we met, and we plan to spend time together - getting to know each other and see where our plans take us" - than to see a couple up there fawning over each other proclaiming some huge love, only to "break up" a week later. I was more mad at Chris Harrison for asking the *** question so many times...HE is the one who made Nikki feel awkward. Clearly she's fine with whatever arrangement she and JP have made. To have Chris asking time and again and again "do you love her" "don't you want to tell her you love her?" "this is what everyone wants to see.the happy time...when you proclaim your love for each other" THAT would have made me feel more awkward than anything else. No one can predict how they are going to feel after getting mauled by ...
'The Bachelor': Six ways Juan Pablo lost this season: . .
So who watched the Bachelor last night? Wasn't keen on Claire to start with she was trying to hard so it came off as fake. Boy oh boy Juan Pablo is so rude but "it's ok" he's just being honest. Poor Chris Harrison!! Tough interview but he handled it like a pro. What are your thoughts?
See what Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have to say about Juan Pablo!
I actually think that was the most realistic Bachelor finale ever. I've always thought the show should be more about 'who should I continue to date when this is over' not 'I love you and will you marry me' after 3 dates!! I think the real DB last night was Chris Harrison for pressuring Juan Pablo to say 'I love you' to her when clearly he's not there yet! Final thought, can't wait for Andi as the Bachelorette! She's fun. Ok, I'm done now.
Juan Pablo picks Nikki Ferrell on 'The Bachelor' finale but gets dissed by Sean Lowe on 'After The Rose', and burned by Clare Crawley. Also, Andi Dorfman get...
My advice to "The Bachelor". 1. Give Chris Harrison a raise for having to conduct that interview with Juan Pablo (uncomfortable at the least, maddening!) 2. Please screen future candidates for show to eliminate players, young men or women who are unable to conduct a decent conversation.
Openly admitting I watch bad TV but I see everyone commenting on how much of a jerk Juan Pablo is but what about Chris Harrison? How many times and ways can he ask Juan if he loves Nikki. I give Juan Pablo a little bit of credit for "trying" to say he is not there yet and wants to move on to see where it can go. All Chris did was completely embarrass her and make her look stupid. Again I believe he may not love her as he probably does not truly know what it is like to be with her or really know her yet. Not standing up for Juan Pablo completely but give him some credit but what a total *** that he thinks this can all be private. You signed up for this dude and I want to know in 3 mos. do you love Nikki or is it just OK. :). And yes good for Claire she handled it amazing. Now on to some bad Bachelorette in May. Can't wait! :)
Yup I watched the bachelor with the wifey and mama in law, don't trip. I'm with Juan Pablo, 2 months is too short of a time to figure it out and he's honoring the woman's dad by making sure he's 100% all in before proposal. Chris Harrison is a chump for mocking him and clowning. The court of public opinion can blow
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