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Juan Alberto González Vázquez (born October 20, 1969 in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico), nicknamed Juan Gone , Juando , and Igor , is a former Major League Baseball right fielder. The Daily News of New York City is the fourth most widely circulated daily newspaper in the United States with a daily circulation of 605,677, as of November 1, 2011. 4.7/5

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.honoring Juan Gonzalez who is retiring from Daily News
Foundation-funded Democracy Now/Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez bangs the drum about the financial waste of the Queens Library president
De Blasio "Insources" IT Work For New York City: Juan Gonzalez in the Daily News: Mayor de Blasio is about to ...
great column by Juan Gonzalez of the NY Daily News (FYI; I don't read the NY Post anymore because it's too much of an apologist for the police): Not since the acquittal of the cops caught on videotape viciously beating Rodney King in Los Angeles more than 20 years ago has the nation been so gripped by the issue of police abuse. For more than 100 straight days, black residents marched peacefully every single day in Ferguson, Mo., while they waited for results of the grand jury probe into the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown. The preemptive state of emergency decree by Missouri’s governor; the Monday night announcement of no indictment against Officer Darren Wilson; the massive release of grand jury testimony — all of these underscore the raw racial nerve this case has exposed. The looting and arson afterward is inexcusable. But the nationwide protests that erupted afterward are bound to grow from here on. This case is far from over, Quite simply, most African-Americans and Latinos are fed u ...
Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez asks Gov. Cuomo about the corruption investigation.
Left: Minister of Education Juan Gonzalez. Yes NYC. The guy who now writes TRUTH in the Daily News.
Juan Gonzalez, of the NY Daily News, reports NYSED is using kids as guinea pigs to field test. "A few hundred thousand children are forced to take an unreliable practice test to save the state some money."
More on Vieques, Puerto Rico by Juan Gonzalez at NY Daily News: "Fisherman Cacimar Zenón discovered the huge...
props to Juan Gonzalez of the Daily News for clarifying that Puerto Ricans have not voted towards preferring to become a state
My fellow voters please read this article that I posted from Juan Gonzalez's column from the Daily News. If this is how he preceives latinos I can't even imagine how he preceives all other races. Mitt Romney went on the Univision Spanish-language network Wednesday, hoping to improve his dismal polling numbers among Hispanics — the fastest-growing segment of the country’s electorate. He did so only days after his now notorious “47%” tape was revealed. The tape where Romney told wealthy donor friends he’s already written off half of Americans — “those people,” he said, who pay no federal taxes and “believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.” In that tape, Romney also disparaged low-income immigrants and joked it would be easier to capture the White House if his grandparents had been Mexican. Juana Velez, who came to this country from the Dominican Republic 25 years ago, didn’t catch Romney on Univision. She was too busy doing her own clean up. Busy ...
An important article to read by the Daily News' Juan Gonzalez
Troubling actions by Board of Elex members (Juan Gonzalez / NY Daily News)
Juan Gonzalez in today's Daily News: "Wall St. big shots and prominent politicians worried about Charles Barron's" -
I would recommend you all see the documentary "Harvest of Empire" based on the book written by Juan Gonzalez, the Daily News columnist. The documentary has tons of news reel film that documents the atrocities committed by the US, as well as the colony-making powers of Europe. It will show you how immigration waves are a direct result of the policies instituted in the native country. It's an eye opening film that is surprisingly emotional. And please stop calling people illegal, they are undocumented.
Another great article by NY Daily News award-winner Juan Gonzalez: "HP fleeced city for $163M: audit"  
Child abuse by NY schools gets worse: Juan Gonzalez, NY Daily News - Students will spend 270 minutes in English ...
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