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Jozy Altidore

Josmer Volmy Jozy Altidore (born November 6, 1989) is an American Association Football player currently playing for Eredivisie side AZ Alkmaar, and for the United States national team.

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Interesting return to international duty for Jozy Altidore tonight. 😳
WATCH: Jozy Altidore maintained his composure _ just _ and then made light of Henry Romero's bite and twist.
During last night El Salvador vs US game, Jozy Altidore got his nipples twisted and his shoulder bit 😳.
USA bringing on Jozy Altidore against Mexico like Theresa May restoring Michael Gove to UK government cabinet.
When Stefan Frei shook Jozy Altidore and Michael Bradley's hands at USMNT camp in January, Chad Marshall introduced Frei as "MLS Cup MVP."
No Michael Bradley or Jozy Altidore in the starting 11 for tonight. Landon Donovan is here doing TV for FS…
Perhaps you could sign Jozy Altidore as a like for like replacement!
It's the final of the VMP Final Countdown, the surprise pick, it's Jozy Altidore. Thanks to all that helped.
he was bloody lethal when he partnered up with big Jozy Altidore. Spectacular fall from Grace.
wrong Jozy altidore is winning golden boot and will two foot messi at the half line and end his career in the final
Jozy altidore lives on in the form of the missile. He shoots to the left. He shoots to the right. Altidores shooting is. Not very good
so, that leaves Jozy Altidore at number one. who'd have thunk that a few months ago?
Yeah they need to take tek serious to compete. They already have guys built like Zlatan still... look at Jozy altidore lol
For every Luis Suarez and Ruud van Nistelrooy, there's an Afonso Alves or a Jozy Altidore.
two years ago today we swapped Jozy Altidore for Jermain Defoe, like swapping Dot Cotton for Michelle Keegan, unbelievable bus…
Can't you believe you spent 12 million on a grumpy Jozy Altidore 😂😂
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he's only 23. His speed & agility could be a nice compliment to Jozy Altidore. I've said it for a long time now, he's perfect for MLS.
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Jozy Altidore growing into Emile Heskey 2.0 was a bit unexpected
GOAL! Bobby Wood finishes with an assist from Jozy Altidore!
Two of Jozy Altidore's goals up for Goal of the Year, three of Sebastian Giovinco's:
Goals from Jozy Altidore, Michael Bradley and Jordan Morris, saves from Tim Howard and David Bingham, and Lan...
the bundesliga product step their game. with the ease from the seniors like Tim Howard, Jozy Altidore and Bradley Johnson.
With Michael Bradley suspended, Jozy Altidore will captain U.S. in Friday’s World Cup qualifier at St. Vincent and the Gre…
First it was Dempsey, then Michael Bradley, then Jozy Altidore, then Tim Howard, and now Alexander Bedayo...Like *** is wrong w/ y'all
Sunderland have signed Jermaine Defoe from Toronto with Jozy Altidore going in the other direction as a make weight
Jozy Altidore making sure Haitians will get to watch Copa America Centenario | Fox News
Jozy Altidore has hamstrings made of string cheese dude is always getting injured before big tournaments
Copa America 2016: Gyasi Zardes looms large in U.S. attack plans: Talented and improving in MLS with the Gala...
Jozy Altidore is out for the whole so put your $$ on
Am I the only one who thinks Jozy Altidore is overrated as *** I don't think he would've had any impact w/ USA at Copa America if healthy.
Can we please get past the Jozy Altidore era of US Men's Soccer and transition into the Bobby Wood era. So much more skilled, scores goals.
Bobby Wood is definitely my choice over Jozy Altidore (too inconsistent for me).
The man, the myth, the legend. Jozy Altidore.
Alexi Lalas just said Jozy Altidore doesnt have a place on the US National team anymore. ITS GONNA BE THAT KINDA SUNDAY GUYS!!!
Enjoying this pregame show with standing up to and re: Jozy Altidore. Good analysis all around
Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. just got one right re: Jozy Altidore. Time to move on.
I actually agree with If Jozy Altidore can't stay healthy, the USMNT probably needs to move on from him.
"No one can do what Jozy Altidore does" . You mean nothing?
'I think this is a stepping off point, saying goodbye to Jozy Altidore' -Alexi Lalas . One of the best things I've ever heard Lalas say.
Lmfao Alexi Lalas just said, "thank you very much, goodbye" to Jozy Altidore. First good thing he's said in ages.
Nobody can replicate what Jozy Altidore does.? Come on now Alexi Lalas.Dempsey is better in every facet
Michael Bradley, Jozy Altidore pairing blossoming with Toronto FC, U.S. team
Bobby Wood gets chance for U.S. with Jozy Altidore injured.. Related Articles:
If you ever want to feel like a failure, just remember that Jozy Altidore is paid £3.3 million per year. His agent must be incredible...
How did I miss this? Altidore hurt talking penalty kick. Seriously
Gio was the logical choice for captain this week. It appears Toronto miss Jozy Altidore for them to score.
Altidore picked up a hamstring injury 😞 jozy only 26-7 though
watched some of it when Jozy altidore and Aron Johannsson was at AZ Alkmaar
ICYMI, Jozy Altidore is out of action for the next 6-8 weeks with a hamstring injury. Tough loss for TFC.
He's as world class as Jozy Altidore...
Jozy Altidore against Arsenal that, awful decision.
Out of all the competitive games Jozy altidore played in against non CONCACAF opponents which was 10 he only scored 1 goal
Jozy Altidore on £5m a year. Has he even broke 10 career goals
USMNT forward Jozy Altidore to miss Copa America Centenario with hamstring strain
Jozy Altidore, Robbie Keane, Frank Lampard transfer listed in an effort to reduce payroll.
Jozy Altidore, Jordan Morris, Juan Agudelo, Kelyn Rowe, Jack McInerney, Villarreal, Brek Shea just off the top of my head.
Yesterday showed us the importance of hold-up play:
At A recovered Jozy Altidore was key to win over
Recovered Jozy Altidore keys Toronto FC triumph: "That was important for me," Altidore told Goal USA. "I'm fee...
Recovered Jozy Altidore keys Toronto FC triumph - The U.S. national team striker logged his first 90-minute per...
Jordan Morris is so much more direct and aggressive than Jozy Altidore.
Jozy Altidore weighing in on the attendance.
[MLS: Toronto FC] "Maybe a game like this we don't win last season." - Jozy Altidore
Armchair Analyst: Didier Drogba, Jozy Altidore & the fundamental work of the
Jozy Altidore set up the day’s only goal as took full points at RFK, defeating 1-0.
Jesus Jozy Altidore is a shocking footballer. The MLS as a whole is a *** poor
Jozy Altidore is a giant waste of money.
>> YELLOW CARD: Jozy Altidore picks up a yellow for persistent infringement
28 - On April 9, Jozy Altidore notched his first assist in 28 games since returning to at the start of 2015.…
Jozy Altidore is a yellow card machine.
Alejandro Bedoya, Jozy Altidore toss some shade at Abby Wambach following her DUII arrest
USMNT players Jozy Altidore, Alejandro Bedoya make fun of Abby Wambach’s DUI on
USMNT's Alejandro Bedoya and Jozy Altidore critical of Abby Wambach DUI - via
Bedoya, Jozy Altidore use Abby Wambach's DUII arrest to take digs at her, Hope Solo
players Alejandro Bedoya & Jozy Altidore made jokes at the expense of Abby Wambach following her DUI arrest.
Jozy Altidore, Alejandro Bedoya take digs at Abby Wambach after DUI arrest.
.knows the USMNT can and must play better tomorrow against Guatemala
I would much rather have you than Jozy Altidore.
FYI Jozy Altidore is terrible. No way he is a "given starter."
Let my dad meet Jozy Altidore, he gonna sice that forever.
And consider this: Brian McBride had 30 goals in 95 caps. Jozy Altidore has 33 goals in 92 caps at age 26.
Alli with a Jozy Altidore moment. He's been superb today so far but have to finish that one.
left right and center lol. Strike rate Jozy Altidore...but we move.
.Built a team attack that revolved around Jozy, and had no backup for if Altidore got hurt.
Yeah, Sapong would need to be good for a while. He's 27 at this point. I bet many don't realize he's older than Jozy Altidore.
I'd rather play Freddy adu at cdm than have Jozy altidore on my pitch.
Jozy altidore still play professional soccer?
Gonzalez and Orozco have a night to forget in U.S. loss to Guatemala - Bradley, le...
it's 2016 and USMNT is still trying to make Jozy Altidore a thing... smh
not to mention bringing on a injured Jozy Altidore as our ace in the whole. I just don't get it. Were we even trying to win?
It is mind blowing how fast Michael Bradley and Jozy Altidore have regressed since 2014. Maybe something to do with the club they're at.
So you've been completely incapable of breaking down a team so you throw on jozy altidore to.stand along the back line? Where's lee
Can we just leave Jozy Altidore & Alejandro Bedoya in Guatemala? Tear up their passports and leave them in the team hotel.
Tim Howard, Clint Dempsey and Jozy's time to retire.
Paulo Motta with an outstanding save to deny Jozy Altidore!
Remember when people were saying Jozy Altidore was as good as Chicharito. Good times
Jozy Altidore, that was just pathetic.
"Altidore had him dead to rights" and then remembered he was Jozy Altidore...
jozy altidore will keep playing for the US until he's 50 years old
Good Lord. Jozy Altidore saved on basically a sitter there.
MOTTA again! Robs Jozy Altidore from slicing into the 2-0 deficit. 82’
Jozy Altidore enters for Omar Gonzalez for final sub. U.S. going for it in the attack
Jozy Altidore is going to score a hat trick here. Legit prediction
It's so bad we put effin Jozy Altidore in.
Jozy Altidore makes his entrance from the US bench. All is well.
Uh. Jozy Altidore is on for Omar Gonzalez. So the USMNT is playing with 1 CB and 1 CM, basically.
If Jozy Altidore is the answer to your question, Lord knows I dont want to know what that question is asking
Jozy Altidore in for Gonzalez. USMNT shifting to the seldom used 1-6-3.
Ryan Babel, Afonso Alves, Mateja Kezman, Jozy Altidore. No disrespect to the dutch league but its no indicator of success.
Whichever of Brek Shea or Jozy Altidore who takes game back to previous high levels in 2016 will be on most improved team in MLS. Discuss.
see Jozy Altidore scored last night. if ever a player summed up my beloved SAFC. it is he.
If I was Afonso Alves or Jozy Altidore I'd hang around club car parks Just for the craic
Congratulations USA. . FINAL: Jozy Altidore, Michael Orozco and Steve Birnbaum each score to give the a 3-2...
exactly 2 years ago to this day, Liam Bridcutt and Jozy Altidore ran the show against Newcastle.
I know it's Deadline Day in England but all I see is Jozy Altidore & Steve Birnbaum.
Jozy Altidore: "Messi has already won the next decade of Ballon d'Or awards. Greatest of all time."
Nagbe's skillful possession near the end of regulation led to that game winning goal.  So stoked to see him play...
These "player ratings" are usually so harsh it makes me wonder what it takes to get a 10. Is it possible?
'maturing' for United States, finding identity - - via
delivers top performance for United States vs. Iceland - via
domain names
Jozy Altidore delivers top performance for United States vs. Iceland
Armchair Analyst: start 2016 with a win as Jozy Altidore shines
"Jozy Altidore 'maturing' for United States, finding identity -
Jozy Altidore says he's dropped 10 pounds since last year to help him stay fit and healthy in 2016.
Lee Nguyen impresses as the U.S. starts 2016 with a win
Steve birnbaum header lifts usmnt over iceland
If barely squeaking out win against a "nation" of less people than NE Philly is positive, blows donkey ***
USA 3-2 Iceland: Jozy Altidore on target in last-gasp win via
USA vs. Iceland Five Points: Late winner makes up for costly mistakes
Steve Birnbaum header lifts USMNT over Iceland: There were no grand statements or sweeping improvements in the...
I often forget Jozy Altidore is only 26.
Player Ratings: Jozy Altidore leads US national team in friendly victory against Iceland
Usa vs iceland five points: late winner makes up for costly mistakes
FFZ Football News : USA 3-2 Iceland: Jozy Altidore on target as last-gasp winner gets Jurgen Klinsma...
A 90th minute goal from Steve Birnbaum gave the United States a 3-2 victory in a thrilling match against Icela...
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Jozy Altidore 'maturing' for United States, finding identity - Klinsmann -
Quadruple bypass with Deuce. Heart transplant with Fabian Johnson. Obstetrics with Bedoya. Cold meds with Jozy Altidore
"just a poor first touch by Jozy Altidore". *finishes drink*. *opens another drink, finishes that*. *raids bar, drinks ev…
Alexi Lalas just compared Jozy Altidore to Fanendo Adi, and I'm not even mad; an apt comparison.
this is what happens when you give up on Jozy Altidore.
Three red cards in one year? It’s time for Jozy Altidore to grow up.
Jozy Altidore outdid himself in terms of uselessness last night, getting a red card while sitting on the bench.
World Class striker Jozy Altidore scores to give the United States Soccer ball team the lead against Denmark.
Jozy Altidore earns more in MLS than Andrea Pirlo and Didier Drogba. PUT TOGETHER. What is life
Jozy Altidote is in Toronto FC. I love Toronto FC, I love Jozy Altidore, Sex me Giovinco
RED CARD at BMO Field in Toronto. Substitute Jozy Altidore sent off from the bench, allegedly for abusing the official.
Half-time at BMO Field, where Toronto FC (without the red carded Jozy Altidore) and New York Red Bulls are scoreless.
YahooSports: The status of Jozy Altidore is in doubt after suffe…
Watch Giovinco's wonder goal for Toronto FC in MLS just 24 hours after he player for Italy
When Jozy Altidore couldn't get any worse.
Reminder: Jozy Altidore not available for today after he was red carded while on the bench Wednesday.
Michael Bradley returns to the lineup after sitting out Wed night with injury. Jozy Altidore suspended. Hercules Gomez on the bench.
Igalo for watford has to be one of the worst players to grace the premier league since the legend jozy altidore
Jozy Altidore managed to get a red card while sitting on the bench
The Arsenal defenders screwed Martial mentally. Dude has turned from 'The Next Thierry Henry' to 'Jozy Altidore' so fast.
Toronto FC's Jozy Altidore is dismissed from Toronto FC's 2-1 victory over New York Red Bulls for allegedly abusing the officials.
If the U.S. wants to beat Mexico tonight, Jozy Altidore & Clint Dempsey have to be clicking
Jozy Altidore: America's Andy Carroll (without the man bun)
Cyle Larin now has 3 more goals this season than either Dom Dwyer or Jozy Altidore.
Jozy Altidore, wearing the captain’s armband in Michael Bradley’s absence, received a red card in the first half. [Mlssoccer]
Some, like Anthony Wallace (Bob) or Wil Trapp (JK) got one cap off the bench. Others, like Jozy Altidore or John Brooks were/are regulars.
ESPN: Jozy Altidore's form is on the rise again after another injury-hit campaign: United St...
Our report from includes strange/interesting quotes from Jermaine Jones re:Jozy Altidore.
Jozy Altidore leads U.S. men's soccer team to 2-1 win over Peru: Jermaine Jones played well in his first natio...
Jozy Altidore brace leads USMNT over Peru in D.C. friendly: Additional Notes: Jermaine Jones returned to the U...
Jermaine Jones had some interesting postgame comments as he praised Jozy Altidore's workrate:
Jozy Altidore, also known as America's favorite son.
Paul Riley thinks Jozy Altidore had a decent stint at Sunderland.
Jozy Altidore, Bobby Wood and Andrew Wooten are part of the squad. No Clint Dempsey.
Former Sunderland striker Jozy Altidore scored last night for USA in their 2-3 friendly defeat to Chile.
Jozy Altidore basically just grabbed Kei Kamara to stop him from getting upfield and receiving Wil Trapp's pass off the opening kick.
What I think every time Alan Gordon and Jozy Altidore score, too.
finishing ability of Jozy Altidore in a Hull CIty Jersey
I miss that Charlie Davies and Jozy Altidore pairing from several years ago. That was fun to watch. Shame Davies had some bad luck.
Quillan Roberts, Ashtone Morgan, Jonathan Osorio, Michael Bradley, & Jozy Altidore will all be headed to the
Just checking squad lists, the actually good Sebastian Giovinco is at Toronto somehow. But so is Jozy Altidore so, y'know...
Jozy Altidore: The fifth highest ever goalscorer for a country that got further than England in the last World Cup.
The spotlight up front for Toronto FC this season is on Jozy Altidore and Sebastian Giovinco, just as it was on...
Serious question: who would you play behind Jozy Altidore - Adam Maher, Sebastian Giovinco, or your choice of a Sunderland …
Jozy Altidore's triumphant two-goal debut for Toronto in a Major League Soccer win at Vancouver was a welcome sight for USA national ...
"He knows if he hadn't sold Jozy Altidore, it would've been 4-4". By the beard of Stephen Quinn, I love
“Jozy Altidore. That is Jozy. Altidore. Second goal of the game. Away from home. Last minute.
lol look up jozy Altidore highlights at Sunderland lmao
WATCH: on gearing up for the season opener.
CBA done means we finally get the answer to "but can Jozy Altidore do that on turf on a reasonably warm March day in Vancouver?"
68. ~ The number of players you could pay MLS's base salary (players over 25) w/ half of Jozy Altidore's yearly salary. .
owners are trying to subsidize their lavish expenditures on David Villa and Jozy Altidore on the backs of bottom 40% of players.
But please tell us more about how MLS is a higher quality than the Brazilian league when the transfer record is Jozy Altidore.
Ty and I will meet Jozy Altidore.just gotta figure out how...
nice! We get to see Michael Bradley, Jozy Altidore, and Giovinco
Jozy Altidore would improve your team !!
Just realized this is the matchup of places in England where Jozy Altidore has been terrible.
The minutes to goals record for Jozy Altidore & Danny Graham while at Sunderland must be pretty impressive for almost £15m worth
if Benteke was named Jozy Altidore and he still had these scoring numbers, whose fault would it be?
After spending much of the day looking into why he's become Jozy Altidore's stunt double, I fully expect Pelle to score twice today.
*NEW* - takes a look at the turbulent career of ex Sunderland forward Jozy Altidore:
My latest article on Jozy Altidore's troubled time in the is now up on - RT's appreciated!
WATCH: Michael Bradley, Sebastian Giovinco combine for Jozy Altidore's first Toronto FC goal
Drake you should stick to soccer. You'll be the the next Jozy Altidore.
"Jozy Altidore, Averaged 1 goal per season for Disappointed to see this guy in here
On check out how Jozy Altidore has the opportunity to both score and drive the culture of -
Altidore provided new opportunity to score, drive culture of Toronto FC Altid…
"WATCH: finishes off a stellar passing play with an emphatic volley. Actually a great goal
"My divine essence is free of ego and guilt but my spatial awareness in the box is fleeting at best" Jozy Altidore (2014)
Same day, watched Jozy Altidore fall backwards off his seat.
Can Jozy Altidore bring Toronto to the Playoffs? via
Sick! I got to meet Michael Bradley and Jozy Altidore at IMG this past weekend! Cool experience.
Really want a white Jozy Altidore USA jersey
Breaking news - Jozy Altidore scores a goal... and it's actually really good
Jozy & Giovinco net golazos in preseason finale. WATCH:
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Jozy Altidore and Sebastien Squillaci must be two of the least gifted footballers of all time.
Taylor Twellman says that the U.S. missed Jozy Altidore when he got injured in the World Cup. Uh no DUH
Taylor Twellman has spent 1.2 years of his life publicly imploring Jozy Altidore to "do more."
ALS BLOG by Mitchell Wilson During the past two weeks the Black Cats have been exceptionally busy on the pitch and off the pitch, with outstanding performances from certain players and our newest signings. To kick things off it didn't seem Sunderland had one of their best games against Liverpool. The Reds hammered another three points in the bag with an early goal in the 8th minute from Lazar Markovic who had an exceptional game at the Stadium of Light. Not only did Sunderland lose the game they received 3 yellow cards and 1 red card for Liam Bridcutt. Costel Pantilimon, the 2.03 meter giant, was by far the best performer from the Sunderland squad. A couple of days later, Sunderland made a deal with Toronto FC to swap American striker, Jozy Altidore for English legend, Jermain Defoe. The 32-year-old has been waiting for his opportunity to come back to the Premier League for some time now, and now he has his chance with the Black Cats. Finally, Jozy Altidore's nightmare has finally ended as he gets to reun ...
Jozy Altidore has a funny voice lol
The is becoming a top notch league: makes huge splash with Giovinco and Jozy Altidore signings
Altidore on what his return to MLS means for his future:
I added a video to a playlist Jozy Altidore's Battle Cry -- or nothing -- adidas Football
Marco Di Vaio: Less than half the salary that Jozy Altidore will earn. Madness.
What does Giovinco mean for TFC, more specifically Altidore, Bradley? breaks down the club’s big signing:
Asked Gregg Berhalter for his take on Jozy Altidore returning to "I don’t have a comment on that," he said.
We’re hearing Toronto has given Jozy Altidore a $2m raise for “excellent performance”
it's a bit nonsensical anyway, the likes of Jozy Altidore offered the league absolutely nothing yet has no difficulty getting a
USA international Jozy Altidore admits: I was the wrong 'fit' at Sunderland AFC: Jozy Altidore left Sunderland AFC…
One 'mercenary' hardly equates to stockpiling ... unless we include Jozy Altidore too!
Jozy Altidore breaks his silence on Sunderland spell -
Also, I rambled about Jozy Altidore and his time at Sunderland and how we still have no answers, maybe never will --
My piece on Jozy Altidore and what his move to Toronto FC in means for his career and the success of the club:.
“It was tough," he said, "because everywhere I go I feel like people are always critical of me.." - Jozy Altidore . (eye roll)
Jozy Altidore looks back on his time at and admits he was the wrong 'fit' on Wearside.
do you remember when jozy altidore scores his one goal against CFC.
Altidore happy to be at January camp - United States forward Jozy Altidore is happy his transfer to Toronto FC is ...
Jozy Altidore happy to be back at home for U.S. men's team camp
UKIP's General Election bid feels like one of those open goals which a player like Jozy Altidore hysterically misses.. self-defeating.
TyneTeesWear News: Jozy Altidore breaks his silence on Sunderland spell - Sunderland Echo
Toronto FC has agreed to swap Defoe to Sunderland for Jozy Altidore & cash.
Jozy Altidore, involved in a swap deal to Toronto in exchange for Defoe. Averaged 1 goal per season for
“The fans were fantastic, the stadium was great, and I thank everybody there for when I was there and how they treated me.” - Jozy Altidore
“Jozy Altidore breaks his silence on Sunderland spell - . Tyneside??
Some related links on Jozy Altidore, Jermaine Jones, Bill Hamid, Graham Zusi & more
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Photo confirmation of Toronto's deal to sign Jozy Altidore. (Source:
Jozy Altidore breaks his silence on Sunderland spell
Jozy Altidore breaks his silence on Sunderland spell: JOZY Altidore admits he wasn’t the right “fit” for...
breaks his silence on Sunderland spell Load of tosh. Couldn't adjust in 18mths to Gus? Not good enough
Blog: Jozy Altidore breaks his silence on Sunderland spell
VIDEO: Jozy Altidore on signing with Toronto FC - Jozy Altidore on signing with Toronto FC USMNT forward Jozy Alti...
As a point of reference, Jozy Altidore is now earning approximately the same amount annually as Daniel Sturridge.
As if people can find something to complain about in swapping Jozy Altidore for Jermain Defoe, man. 😂
Toronto FC, Sunderland propose transfer swap for Jermaine Defoe and Jozy Altidore.
BREAKING: Jermain Defoe is having a medical at Sunderland while Jozy Altidore has gone the other way to Toronto FC in a …
With one-half of its Jermain Defoe to Sunderland deal seemingly done, Toronto FC now switches its attention to bringing Black Cats striker Jozy Altidore back to Major League Soccer.
​Sunderland are set to sign Toronto striker Jermain Defoe, in a deal which is likely to see Black Cats misfit Jozy Altidore move in the opposite direction.
Jermain Defoe to Sunderland: £14m Premier League return for former … – The Independent Sunderland are hopeful of concluding a deal to bring striker Jermain Defoe back to the Barclays Premier League as they continue advanced talks with him. The two parties are close to thrashing out a deal which would see the 32-year-old end an 11-month stay in the MLS with Toronto FC and return to English football, the striker is currently undergoing a medical at the Stadium of Light. LIVE: Latest January transfer news However, the transfer could yet depend on United States striker Jozy Altidore, whose future has been the subject of intense speculation in recent weeks. The switch would have to be ratified by the MLS, which operates an allocation process, and meet with Altidore’s approval. Nevertheless, Sunderland are keeping their fingers crossed that agreement can be reached within the next ...
Just to reiterate, I'm told Jozy Altidore will NOT be subject to the allocation process, same way Bradley and Dempsey rejoi…
Timmy Chandler and Rubio Rubin are up but Jozy Altidore and John Brooks are down on U.S. Hot List:
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Well, Sterling just one upped Jozy Altidore. Twice today.
Jozy Altidore just can't find the back of the net in the Barclays Premier League; it's baffling ...!
Sunderland 1 West Ham 1, match report: Sam Allardyce in x-rated rant at officials as Jozy Altidore blunders
Jozy Altidore was left terrified and amazed by Sergio Aguero's brilliance (via:
“Jozy Altidore can't quite believe how good Sergio Aguero is:
“Ayoze Perez now has more Premier League goals than Jozy Altidore!!. In 48 games fewer!.
TRANSFER GOSSIP Chelsea have stolen a march on Arsenal for Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira, 27, because the Spanish giants are interested in Blues goalkeeper Petr Cech, 32. (Express) Andy Carroll was a £15m buy from Liverpool during the summer after spending last season on loan with West Ham Former Newcastle striker Andy Carroll, 25, is not interested in returning to his former club from West Ham. (Newcastle Chronicle) Arsenal will bid £8m for Celtic's Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk, 23, in January. (Star) Sunderland striker Jozy Altidore, 24, has shrugged off suggestions he could move to Burnley in the January transfer window. (Sunderland Echo) Aston Villa will have to double 29-year-old defender Ron Vlaar's wages to stop him moving to Manchester United in January. (Star) Mezut Ozil, 25, has denied he wants to leave Arsenal and join Bayern Munich. (Metro) OTHER GOSSIP Real Madrid centre back Raphael Varane, 21, has revealed he rejected a move to Manchester United in 2011 because they had just signe ...
Linda Cohn and Jozy Altidore on the SportsCenter set today
Jozy Altidore willing to move on from if necessary
Jozy Altidore is willing to move on from Sunderland in January if his situation doesn't improve. (via )
Transfer news: Jozy Altidore ready to move on from Sunderland if necessary
Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore and the USA face Honduras on Oct. 14 at FAU Stadium in Boca Raton. GOING!
Some links from earlier on Andrew Wooten, Jozy Altidore, Clint Dempsey, Juan Agudelo, Christian Pulisic & more ->
All the top stories and from the back pages of the regional newspapers on Wednesday. LONDON EVENING STANDARD Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger expects Kieran Gibbs and Per Mertesacker to be available for this weekend's derby clash with Tottenham. Kurt Zouma always dreamed of becoming the next John Terry and tonight he will get his first chance to show whether he can do it at Chelsea. MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS Manchester United are lining up a sensational bid for former youth team player Gerard Pique, who is struggling to make the Barcelona team, according to the national press. Rene Meulensteen is not convinced Luke Shaw fits into Louis van Gaal's plans at Old Trafford. LIVERPOOL ECHO Roberto Martinez claimed he was "not disappointed" after last night's League Cup exit at Swansea. NEWCASTLE CHRONICLE Sunderland must rediscover their winning touch if they are to avoid a re-run of last season's struggles, warns Jozy Altidore. Papiss Cisse has sent a chilling warning to Premier League defences by insisting he is b ...
Marc Muniesa scored twice as Stoke beat last season's finalists Sunderland to reach the Capital One Cup fourth round. Jozy Altidore swept in his first goal in 30 games to put Sunderland ahead but Muniesa beat keeper Costel Pantilimon at his near post to equalise. Jack Butland denied Adam Johnson's free-kick before the Stoke goalkeeper tipped behind Will Buckley's shot. But Muniesa sealed Stoke's progression when he pounced on a loose ball and smashed home late on. It will be a disappointing exit for Sunderland after such an impressive run last year when they beat Chelsea and Manchester United on the way to March's final, which they lost 3-1 to Manchester City. They will perhaps feel a little aggrieved, having dominated for large periods, but in the end were undone by two fine strikes. The home side had made the perfect start, with Altidore, who last scored for Sunderland in a 4-3 defeat by Chelsea last December, giving them the lead with just over 15 minutes gone. Match facts Stoke have now reached the fo ...
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Today will be a day to scan the web for Capital One Cup streams as Jozy Altidore starts for Sunderland and Emerson Hyndma…
Jozy Altidore to captain the tomorrow night agaisnt the Czech Republic. Will be happy to see him back on the pitch.
Jurgen Klinsmann said Jozy Altidore will captain the tomorrow night against the Czech Republic
Jozy Altidore will wear the captain's armband when the US national team meets the Czech Republic on Wednesday (2:15 pm ET, NBCSN) in the team's first match since the 2014 World Cup, and it wil
Jozy Altidore to captain USMNT vs. Czech Republic as Nick Rimando, Brad ...
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LONDON EVENING STANDARD Chelsea's Petr Cech has trained on day off in bid to win back No.1 spot from Thibaut Courtois West Ham have stepped up their search for a defender and have made enquiries about Manchester City's Micah Richards and Matija Nastasic. MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS Alvaro Negredo has emerged as the number one target of new Valencia owner Peter Lim. LIVERPOOL ECHO Lazar Markovic insists the £20million price tag won't weigh heavily on his shoulders. Everton manager Roberto Martinez is confident that Ross Barkley is mentally tough enough to emerge from his latest injury setback unscathed. NEWCASTLE CHRONICLE Newcastle United's next phase of recruitment is under way and it is understood the Magpies are scouring Europe for potential targets for the next two windows. Gus Poyet says Jozy Altidore has returned to Sunderland reinvigorated after his World Cup disappointment. THE JOURNAL Sunderland have missed out on another attacking target with Chile forward Eduardo Vargas on the verge of moving to Q ...
it's the Netherlands. Jozy Altidore got 31 goals there then came to the Prem and got 2
Jozy Altidore had a prolific international season, and he was prolific in the dutch league, it means nothing
2014 World Cup Day 05 ]Jozy Altidore of the United States pulls up injured - Hi_story
U.S. takes a big step toward - And it got a lot closer when Jozy Altidore's second-half goal gave the...
Just as S Club 7 is a Jozy Altidore choice, publicly you deride them but secretly you love them in small doses.
Fastest Code-breaker! .. was the first to unscramble JOZY ALTIDORE in today's Conundrum. Cheers!
Next stop Countdown! .. unscrambled our JOZY ALTIDORE Conundrum. Nice one!
Jozy Altidore is gonna double his premier league goals tally against this lot.
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you can have any captain you like, as long as it's Jozy Altidore.
rule number 2) make sure you pick Jozy Altidore as your captain
i heard Jozy Altidore is a real option
jozy Altidore and Danny graham scoring 2 each :)
professional footballer it would be Jozy Altidore
BPL Silver next year will be mint, Jozy Altidore, Assadi (5* skills), Yedlin, Cleverly
state of my fantasy premier league team ONE WEEK IN: I'm starting jozy altidore. things ain't lookin too good, boys.
has delighted the fans of Newcastle United with the signing of Jozy Altidore.
Jozy Altidore scored 40 goals on two seasons in holland and he couldn't hit a barn door in England
😂😂😂😂... Let us know if you want anymore SAFC cast off's. Jozy Altidore would be an improvement on him!!
Rivière: Geordie Altidore so far. Hopefully as I love a bit of Jozy, the ebony Adonis.
But on the upside my Jozy Altidore jersey is on it's way 😏⚽️
Cleverley will be a Silver (74), Jozy Altidore also a Silver (74) & Januzaj does not receive an upgrade & will remain a Silver (73)
Why I keep following Jozy Altidore I don't know
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