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Joyce Myers

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Joyce mashes RHP, Jennings mashes LHP, if they find another OF to go along with Myers that's dirty.
I love starting out my day with Joyce Myers!
My Joyce Myers app hasn't been working! I love her little devotions😢
Franklin is a 6 hitter if u throw him in with Myers,longoria, zobrist, loney, joyce its an ok lineup but the bullpen is thin. Lot of holes
Need one of those Joyce Myers inspirational books
Striving to be Go to the Joyce Myers' link. She explains it right on❤
Joyce Myers Team help City life India... Dear Friends, . I hope you had a very good weekend. . Am pleased to...
I love Joyce Myers. She speaks to my soul.
Big Joe Joyce is the closest thing to Michael Myers than I've ever seen!!
If you don't want to have regrets later, do something about it now. -Joyce Myers
People who laugh a lot last a long time! -Joyce
will the Rays have an outfield problem when Myers returns? Guyer, Jennings, Dejesus, Joyce, Zobrist, and Myers?
The woman in the artwork could be Joyce Myers. The Lips!? Since I'm getting married, Joel can give me my tithes for a wedding gift.2dachurch
In the majors we have Jennings KK Myers Joyce DeJesus so thats pretty *** good.
i think they have to unless Joyce (really hope not) or someone else in the OF gets traded. Myers and Dejesus coming back soon
Trading Jennings makes perfect sense because then we free up space in outfield for Myers, Kiermaier, Guyer, Joyce, and DeJesus.
Price, Myers, Zobrist and Joyce for Trout? The Angels need a legit number 1.
Joyce, Guyer, Archer, Rodriguez, Myers, Torres, Odorizzi. . All guys we got by trading away top pitching. Yes, we need to trade Price.
I hope that Friedman does some work on dealing Zobrist or Joyce, not going to DFA Guyer when DDJ/Myers return.
Think Zobrist or Joyce will be dealt? Going to be a logjam in OF with DeJesus and Myers returning and not wanting to DFA Guyer
Education levels the playing field, allowing everyone to compete. - Joyce A. Myers.
A question was emailed to me today so I thought I would just answer it here. For the thousands of people who listen to me live every week either in church or on the radio, you know I am an Evangelist. I was not always a Christian and had no need for GOD in the least bit. However, TODAY there is not enough money in the world to pull me away from THAT CROSS. It is my life! I am a fan of early Billy Graham, Mordecai Ham, Billy Sunday, W.A. Criswell, David Wilkerson and many others. I preach as if the church was a tent and a revival was about to happen. I DO NOT believe in the prosperity doctrine of Benny Hinn, Joyce Myers, Joel Osteen or the others. I do not believe that buying someones book or a large donation to their ministry gets you into heaven, Your faith does. By giving them money all you are doing is making them richer and you poorer. The book you need to buy is the Holy Bible. I do believe they do lead people to the cross, my opinion is they do it for self gratification and wealth, not for the b ...
Excuse me, why are there Calvinist books in my local Christian book store?! They're getting in the way of all the Joyce Myers books!
"God will help you be all you can be, but he'll never help you be someone else." --Joyce Myers
Joyce Myers says when you give up your peace you give up your power. Use this a lot with kids as a counselor. Glad it blessed.
well first time been on today my shoulders been hurtin all day s put call out DR. Ibuprofron to rescue mom n I watched cards vs cubs cards won didn't sleep got burn up all night goin watch passion of christ on up channel then goin watch little einstein agent oso higglytown heros chuggington then church time joealm osteen n then joyce myers pray that mpain goes away
Some great qoutes from joyce myers that in the world, not of the world.2.dont go to the phone 3.people dont hear what we mean but what we say.4.telling someone youre gonna do something and dont do it is a Lie.5.not surpose to be doing what others are doing but the opposite6.speak your mind(without anger)7.if you cant forgive others God cant forgive you.and not going to give up.thank you Lord
Joyce now in RF. Myers moves to CF. Loney at 1b. bell pitching and batting 2nd.
keep Joyce in RF, move Myers to CF. And have Loney at 1B
Joyce Myers conference this weekend Talking on (how to fight like a Christian) This is a small sample of the light show and praise songs Look for the 3 crosses
Apostates__It's sad that we've turned into couch potato T.B.N. "hoodwinked" hallelujah feel good T.V. worshipers. If your feelings get hurt "OH well" Know the truth! and the truth will set you free! Prosperity doctrine, common in today's twisted ministries. My research in past years recording the statements made below by the feel good, un salted ministries, is dangerous and unapologetic. I want to fit in this new heresy by Kate Bowler Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity in the United States. More "bling" the better really? This is nothing more then someone trying to sell a dogmatic heretic view on Christianity it's garbage. L.A. Preachers Ron Gibson a bishop in the Largest Pentecostal denomination in the US: His statement “P. Diddy, Jay Z. They’re not the only ones who should be driving Ferraris. Really? Jesus rode in on a donkey wearing sandals made by a beggar. 2 Corinthians 2:17 Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak b ...
I will not be afraid to speak the truth that God himself is revealing to me for the rake of not offending those who are faithful followers of defiled babylon and the contaminated doctrines all the defiled false prophets and lukewarm people/followers are advocating in her/babylon. It is time that the people awake and come out from associating themselves with the accursed gospels being preached and contaminating many in there defiled assemblies. I will not covet/lust after or love being favor by hypocrites/man whilst inadvertently trampling on the fear of God so that man's philosophy can be comfortably exalted without objections. God have blessed me with his Spirit of truth and I will not choose to be favorable with those whose honor is to human fallible idols instead of honorable to our infallible Holy God. I just saw yet another one of Joyce Myers motivational speeches theories being advocated by another Christian and after having exposed her false spirit many times before whereby I corrected my brother . ...
Ha! What a beautiful Sunday! Took my friend's invitation to visit her church and FINALLY finished a book by Joyce Myers! Lol not a shabby start to this week at all.
All the Joyce Myers & Joel Olstein videos in the world can't seem to change a person! You are who you are! If you wasn't taught how to respect people you will never get it! I was taught respect! Thanks mom & dad! Can't stand hypercrit
Really hate missing church... I'm gonna throw down with Joyce myers today though... working late and insomnia may have kicked my butt for this morning bit god is in control and gives me what I need... I'll work today be happy and praise god for a whole weekend off this week!
Why We Ask 'Why?' Do you ever find yourself in a tragic situation and asked God, 'Why? Why is this happening to me?' For one moment, let's imagine that God actually answered that question. Would His explanation change anything? The effects of the tragedy would still be with you, and the pain would be just as severe as it was before. What would you have learned? When we ask God that question, I think the real questions we're asking are: 'God, do You love me? Will You take care of me in my sorrow and pain? You won't leave me alone, will You?' Is it possible that, because we're afraid God doesn't truly care about us, we ask for explanations? Instead, we must learn to say: 'Lord, I believe. I don't understand, and I'll probably never grasp all the reasons bad things happen, but I know for certain that You love me and are with me, always.' I believe it often takes more faith to go through something victoriously than to be delivered from it. Put your faith in God and you'll come out stronger on the other side. ...
Scenario: you're stuck in an elevator all day. Who would you rather be stuck in it with: Joel Olestein or Joyce Myers?
Ask for and expect God's favor today and everyday. God can open doors for you that no man can open. ~Joyce Myers~ Getting my rest for church tomorrow may God's favor find you.
True words , someone send that to joyce myers
This comes from Joyce Myers From the time we are born, our minds are like computers that have had a life time of garbage programmed into them. But God the best programmer around is working on us everyday to reprogram our minds as we cooperate with Him. Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.
Joyce Myers.. Is she legit and is her doctrine right?!
Peace fills your heart when your mind is on the Lord.Joyce Myers So very true!!!
If GOD wanted us to look back he would of put eyes in the back of our head look forward and push through your situations- joyce myers
The best part about this weekend was our speaker. Denell Dennis. Beth Moore and Joyce Myers has got another Christian on their side!! She has written 2 study books. (I got them both). Can't wait to share with Vannessa Gomez
This is for you my sis..Joyce Myers
Who is going to be to see JOYCE MYERS TONIGHT
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Great read about the spirit of offense. Very insightful. Check it out. by Joyce Myers
Marianne and Roger at the Joyce Myers conference with us
Room full of people praising God. Wonderful. Joyce Myers conference.
Good morning everyone I am closed today I am currently arena watching the beautiful awesome JOYCE MYERS speak and pray over my business, my clients and all my wonderful fan of the Hairmisstress ... Thank you for understanding TY THE HAIRMISSTRESS BE BLESSED AND BE FABULOUS
Jesus' Tough Love Tactics He then said to the paralyzed man, Get up! Puck up your sleeping pad and go to your own house. (Matthew 9:6). Although Jesus had compassion for hurting people, He never merely felt sorry for them. And whenever possible He helped them help themselves. He instructed them to take some particular action, and frequently His instructions were shocking. For instance, He told a crippled man to get up, take up his bed, and go home.( matthew9:6) He told a man who had just received a report that his daughter was dead to not be afraid.(mark 5:35-36) When Jesus saw a blind man, He spat on the ground , made some mud by mixing dirt with it, and then rubbed it on the mans eyes. He then instructed the man to walk to the pool of Siloam and wash himself in it. When the man did as Jesus commanded, he was able to see(John 9:1-7) We see that Jesus often told people to do things that were not only surprising but seemingly impossible. How could a crippled man rise, take up his bed, and walk? After all h ...
Waiting for morning worship than another message from Joyce Myers
"If God can't give you what you want, then you have no business wanting it!" Day 3 of Joyce Myers !
I came to Sacramento for a Key Club Convention and found that Joyce Myers was in town! I hopped in a cab and here I am to get my praise on! Have a Blessed Day!
Joyce Myers in conference sac yeahzzers
We hope everyone that has/had the opportunity to go to the Joyce Myers conference was able to enjoy and absorb her word and wisdom.
"They want enough of Jesus to stay out of *** but not enough to walk in victory. Your relationship with God has to be more than fire insurance" Joyce Myers (love her)
Up and at em. About to rock back to Sac. Joyce Myers here we come.
God Can Raise the Lazaruses in Your Life Remember when Jesus visited Mary and Martha after their brother Lazarus had been dead for four days? When He finally arrived, Martha said, "Master, if You had been here, my brother would not have died" (John 11:21 AMP). Martha was clearly in a state of despair. Then, "Jesus said to her, 'Your brother shall rise again.' Martha replied, 'I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day'" (vv. 23-24). I don't think she really understood what Jesus was saying. She was looking toward a future possibility, not a present reality. She didn't really expect things to change. A lot of us are like Martha, stuck in our troubles, not realizing that God can turn things around. But Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, and He can raise the 'Lazaruses' in your life. Don't lose hope. You might be hurting now, but out of every disaster, God can bring a new beginning. Believe in God, and watch Him show His glory in your life. Prayer Starter: Lord, I know that You will ...
Belive Loved the Joyce Myers show she was wonderful.
Joyce myers was awsome headed home to my babys an my best friend Herman Shepard
Hello HTAG ladies, Our Thursday evening bible study will be starting a new study on April 24 @ 6:30pm @ SECC coffee shop if anyone would like to join us we would enjoy having you. We will be studying Joyce Myers book Be Anxious for Nothing. You can purchase the book and study guide from Amazon for around $10.00.
Amazing night!!! "Your worst day with Jesus is better then your best day without him!"- Joyce Myers
I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be present for the Joyce Myers Convention. It was such a blessing to be present while everyone was touched by the Holy Spirit. What doesnt sit well with me, is the fact that I left for a smoke break. God never takes a break from caring for my needs..EVER! So, with that, I will commit myself to asking God to remove my obcession from smokeing everyday until it is removed. Have a good night y'all and sleep sweet.
Joyce Myers was great. Just what Jesus ordered
Ok, My Baby sister Krystal got LOST at The JOYCE MYERS CONFERENCE and HAPPILY BLAMED it on US, I was Near TEARS, we Finnally FOUND her, and we said what in Da World were you Doin? She said I was Looking for my Highlighter.ok, we said Baby sis, we wud have bought you pack of Highlighters, she called us a Pack of Rats that took off and left her, Wow, then she said I know My" Angie" was Looking for Me, hence my bis Sandra was looking at shoes in the Bathroom Stalls, well, just like back in Da Day, Krystal stuck to her Story and Blamed it on Us! Wow, what a Supersized Brat, Joyce Myers was AWESOME and To The True and LIVING WORD of GOD go FORTH was TREMENDOUS! Amen, Dear LORD please put a GPS in my Baby sis, she wont get LOST again! God is GOOD! We were BLESSED!
Your attitude makes all the difference in your life. Have a positive, aggressive, take-action attitude, and you will enjoy your life more. It may be difficult at first, but it will be worth it in the end.-Joyce Myers
At Joyce Myers convention in Sacramento. What a blessing. I'm with my dear sweet sister Liz Hernandez. Camarillo. Wish you were all here to hear the word if God.
Don't run at your giants w/ your mouth shut. Run at 'em saying, "I know who I am and I know who I belong to. I am a child of the living God. Joyce Myers
I think I need to go buy the Joyce Myers video we watched tonight. A dose of that everyday would be good for me. Yea I'm my own worse enemy.
Getting ready to party with Joyce Myers! Fill my cup oh Lord!
Cueto gets Longoria, Loney and Myers in order after the Joyce HR. Mid 3 2 0
Cueto rebounds from Joyce's homer by recording three straight outs, including a strikeout of Wil Myers. Reds down, 2-0.
You have both Myers and Joyce in RF. :) Which is in LF?
God can do more in one moment than you can do in a lifetime. –Joyce
Today's devotional questions what type of love are you pursuing. Another Great one from Joyce Myers.…
My feed includes :my pastor, Andy Stanley, Joyce Myers, Rick Warren, mixed in w/ the kardashians, the bachelor, & some teen moms.Interesting
The Apostle Paul reminded the Churches of Christ 2Timothy 2:14-17 Remind them of these things, charging them before The Lord not to strive about words to no profit, to the ruin of the hearers. 15: Be diligent to present yourself approved to GOD, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 16: But shun profane and idle babblings, for they will increase to more ungodliness. 17: And their message will spread like cancer. Because your T. D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Benny Henn, Paula White, Joel Olsteen and Joyce Myers would come along with false doctrine of seeking worldly pleasures. 2Timothy 4:3-4 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; 4: and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. The Apostle Paul told the Churches of Christ this will happen. 2Timothy 3:1-9 But know this, that in the last days perilous ti ...
My favorite thing about dish network compared to cable is that I get ALL the church channels! Joyce Myers, Joseph Prince, T. D. Jakes, Arnold Murray , love it!!! This morning Joseph Prince sang the most beautiful song a Capella, OMG! I want him to make a cd of lullabies.. Sleep problems over! Have a good day everyone...
All of Fort Myers beach officially knows me as Grandma Joyce.. & Germans sure love grandmas
If you complain you will remain. but if you praise you will raise up ~Joyce Myers~
By Joyce Myers Trusting God Through Emotional Trials Growing into a mature Christian who follows the Holy Spirit is not something that happens overnight, it is a learning process that takes time. Little by little, one experience after another, God tries and tests our emotions, giving us opportunities to grow. God allows us to go through difficult situations that stir up our emotions. In this way, you and I are able to see for ourselves how emotionally unstable we can be and how desperately we need His help. Jesus exemplified this for us. The night before He died for our sins, He was in great emotional turmoil. He didn't want to die, but He moved past His emotions and prayed to God, "Not my will, but Yours be done." Things certainly didn't get better immediately, but in the end Jesus emerged victorious through the greatest trial possible. You can make it through your emotional trials. Jesus wasn't led by His feelings, and you don't have to be either. When God lets things affect you emotionally, seize the m ...
Watching Joyce myers this lady has powerful words from God anybody should check her tv show out its really good Casey Greene u might like her
Listening to Joyce Myers, from Ashes to beauty, on YouTube. Audio. Check it out. Goodnight!!
I wanted to let people know that if people complain about something u will remain in it. I didn't know that. I heard this from Joyce myers
Who wants to go with me? Joyce Myers coming to: Winston-Salem, NC March 13-15, 2014 SCHEDULE Thursday, March 137:00 PM Friday, March 1410:00 AM Friday, March 147:00 PM Saturday, March 1510:00 AM Schedule is subject to change. Each session is unique and will include a powerful message from Joyce as well as worship with Matt Redman and Christy Nockels. LOCATION LJVM Coliseum 2825 University Parkway Winston-Salem, NC 27105 (336) 758-3322 Admission is free. No registration is required. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis. Doors will open two hours prior to each session, so be sure to arrive early so you can grab a seat and have time to check out the resource tables. Interpretation for the deaf will be provided. Spanish translation will be available. These sections will be reserved until 30 minutes before the start of each session. *Joyce Meyer Ministries and venue will not be responsible for any vehicle that is parked in the non-designated areas.
For those who don't know me... FROM BED BOUND TO HEAVEN BOUND! My name is Tammy Renee Howard. I was born in the year of 1971.. I was raised up to believe in God and to go to church whenever the doors were open. I loved God as a child and I love him more so now. I was in a 4- wheeler accident in April 1997. This accident broke my back in two places. . The ATV and the one driving it landed on top of me and my back landed on a rock. When I got to the emergency room, after the Emt's got me out of the woods, the doctor after checking he Xray, could not believe I was not paralized. God was with me!! I had to wear a back brace for three months. This injury started more illnesses in my peripheral nerves. The pain became unbearable. Sharp, searing, knife like pains, achyness, the feeling of needles stabbing in my extremities. Eventually I wasn't able to walk due to lost equilibrium, the pain and this put me in the bed, I had to have assistance to walk. The next step was being discussed by my pain doctors, ...
We are getting so excited to go see Joyce Myers this Thursday ! God loving life !!!
Why people classify joyce myers as a word of faith preacher is beyond me if anything she is a grace teacher a true grace teacher
When we place our focus on the thorns and not the roses we loose sight of the beauty and blessing that is in the roses themselves and in doing this..we get stuck! A sweet friend shared about a message that she heard Joyce Myers speak on today and I paraphrased this little nugget. We must learn to count it ALL joy. and keep our eyes on the roses, even if we do get stuck.roses smell so nice.
i read that in Joyce Myers book Dailey reading! Love her
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So excited about this weekend! Going to see Mrs. Joyce Myers in Winston Salem. And I can not wait to hear her teachings live. I have been wanting to go for the past 5 years and now I finally have the chance to go! I knew if I waited, that one day I would get to go! YAY!
I must speak this and then I am out. Today we have favorites when it comes to the word of God. How many times have we said I love TD Jakes or Joyce Myers Min. We really need to love God and come to know the word for ourselves ! I was studying in the book of Matthew:4 this morning and in verse 6 the devil mentioned to God what was written as well and had Jesus not known the word for Himself the devil would have decieved Him. Study the word for yourself and know WHAT IS WRITTEN, AMEN.
Eating lentil soup...drinking tons of water...listening to Joyce Myers...getting healthy! Amy
I was wacthing joyce myers this morning and she said we got some isrealites in our lives!!! Griping neighborites friendlites? Church memberites? See she said something that rminded me of my church. she said some of u are grumbling well the music is too loud! Well ur preaching to long!!! Hmm sound familiar? Choose to praise his name choose to be happy!
WORD FOR TODAY: John 8:36, If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. THOUGHT FOR TODAY: For we can't just wish to be free. We have to take action. It is necessary for us to obey God's word and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, so we can't just hear or read the word to get results, but we must also do what it says. Freedom is yours, now step out and take it. Follow the Holy Spirit and be free to enjoy all that God has for you in Christ Jesus. *Written by Joyce Myers * TAKE ACTION FOR YOUR FREEDOM! *HAVE A BLESSED DAY!*
Sometimes I just sit and purposefully think if all my blessings no matter how small they are (e.g. Clean running water at anytime that we just let run down the drain and it's hot when we want it to be!) Complain means to remain. So I choose to praise in order to raise ~ Joyce Myers
Tommy Davis March 6 I'm sorry, but I do not have any TD Jakes, Juanita Bynum, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, or Joyce Myers books in my library. I can't read their stuff. Neither will I allow my family to. There is a reason why they can't get published by Baker, IVP, Zondervan, Nelson or Crossway.
I woke up with a lil headache but i got up got lexi some lucky charms and started watchin joyce myers and read my daily bible verse! My day has already turned around no headache and listenin to joyce about be a blessin and to others and think positive and i love jesus he has really been there for me when i felt like layin in bed and never get back up! God put me here for a reason and i have a mission for him and everyday i strive to live for him! Im not perfect and have flaws but i have a god that loves me so much that forgives me for my imperfness and no matter what will love me!
Joyce Myers is correct.When you complain you remain,when you praise you are raised. We make our own minds what we choose to do.
If you praise you raise, if you complain you remain - Joyce Myers
You Know I would like to say thank God for Joyce Myers When the Lord first said her name to me I thought He wanted me to study under her and he did have me study under her not in person but he sent me to everything she had written or preach and said I will be meeting her that women helped me to control the temper I have when satan try's to attack me she is so blessed in the Lord and has taught me so much battle of the mind everyone should go out and buy what she has written the Lord has gave her wisdom out of this world and as she walks she is not of this world this women is blessed if you learn nothing from me or any message I give you look her up . Amen !
Alright yall Joyce Myers is here this week come on out starting Thursday night at 7pm. Who will meet me there? It's always a blessing, free admission and powerful teaching!
Let me make me a candle light bubble bath an listen to Joyce Myers speak the word!
I often wonder why won't and don't the leaders of some of the largest churches in the country speak out against the injustices that continue to destroy the community. Why can't Bishop T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Apostle K.C. Price, Bishop Paul Morton, Joel Osteen, Pastor Fred Luter Jr., Bishop Timothy J. Clarke, Bishop Donald Hillard, Rev. Cynthia Hale, Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie, Bishop Joseph Walker III, Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwelll, Joyce Myers, Bishop Rudolph Mckissick Jr., Pastor Anthony Mangum, Apostle Kimberly Daniel, Pastor J. Edgar Boyd, Rev. Floyd Flake and the other so called prominent leaders use their platforms to speak publically to condemn what is going on in this country? If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., could do it and still preach then so can they.
Doing the 30 day challenge with Joyce Myers.OMG the revelation you get when you truly study than just reading a...
Think beautiful thoughts and there will be no room for the ugly ones. -Joyce Myers
Watching Joyce Myers before I head to bed 😌🙏
Joyce A. Myers~ A pencil and a dream can take you anywhere.
"Don't take the people that love you for granted – being loved is a beautiful gift from God." -Joyce Myers
yeah nd they love us blacks!! Who knows I might just read a little Joyce Myers and call it a day😂😂
"Learn to enjoy yourself, with all your imperfections & weakesses" -- Joyce Myers @ Lakewood Church
"God's Word says that we inherit the promise through faith and patience!" - Joyce Myers!
Myers scores Joyce from second to extend the lead to 4-0 with an RBI single. But he's thrown out trying to stretch i…
depends. He was with club at end of last season. Numbers game though with Joyce, Jennings, Myers already set
Fans of both teams cheer when of sun came out from behind clouds here in Dunedin. Also, Joyce doubles, scores on Myers single to RF.
The things I express on here usually stem from other conversations throughout my day and I don't take myself seriously. I am a dude with a email address and a social network account that attempts to be a critical thinker whether I am addressing something serious or silly. All of this is my opinion based on my analysis, experience, knowledge, wisdom, spirit and prescriptions of belief but I am everyday people. I said that to say this.My way of thinking is broad because my influence is versatile, Your talking about someone who has Eldridge Cleaver, Joyce Myers and Stephen King on the same bookshelf. Someone who loves Immortal Technique AND B.G. I am working on a song that expresses my rage at a white supremacy at the same time one of my closest homies was not only white but a redneck!! LOL ...My point is because I flashlight a moral discrepancy doesn't make it my total way of thinking and besides, Black History month is the month people are exposed to knowledge I study all year long. Again..the struggle is ...
ONLY MY WORD In Joh n 8:31 JESUS said to some Jews that believed him, if you CONTINUE in my word, you are INDEED my disciples (FOLLOWERS) and in vs 32 then you will know (MY TRUTH) and my truth will set you free. FREE from sin So its not Prophet Taylor's truth that sets you free, or Bishop Jakes, or Dr. Charles Stanley, or Joel Osteen, or Joyce Myers or Prophetess Bynum's, but ONLY his If they are not telling you my UNADULTERATED word (NON DILUTED or NOT WATERED DOWN) word, then they are not giving you my truth, but their truth that CANNOT save
Coffee,sit ups,Joyce Myers,sit ups,Creflo Dollar,back in bed.*in that order*
Getting to be with Rushwood Wesleyan Church as I serve with them until my ordination as a Wesleyan pastor. Very blessed to be able to serve such wonderful people. I was watching television about a week and a half ago and a pastor said something that I just did not get. " The anointing is transferable and it is tangible" is what he said. Maybe my orthodoxy has me missing something but I do not see that anywhere in New Testament. I hear this alot when the televangelist are trying to raise money for their ministires but I see very few who receive Joyce Myers, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, T.D.Jakes, Marilyn Hickey results from the transsfered anointing. Like I said mayby I am missing something and certainly open to receive.
I love listening to older people they're filled with so much wisdom if you just my free time I love to go back and study the sermons my pastor and other pastors give.I absolutely love Noel Jones,T.D.Jakes,Cindy Trimm,Joyce Myers and Benny Hinn(of course my pastor is in my book 😉)
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Tonight is the last in a video series from Joyce Myers called "The Battlefield of the Mind." If live in Washoe County, Reno, Sparks and you missed the teaching, it is great. They all stand on their own so come out and grow through the last night of this great teaching.
How do y'all feel about Joel Osteen & Joyce Myers ?
Joyce Myers blessed my lil spirit last night
Joyce Myers is speaking to me right now.
*Right about na, I should be read'n Joyce Myers..
When we find fault with someone else it diverts our attention from *** we feel about ourselves. - Joyce Myers
my thought exactly! You can be the Anita..I mean Joyce Myers of skepticism!
Just heard Joyce Myers said " as long as we stay hopeful the enemy can not come in." So lets stay positive guys...
yes ma'am I want u to read the one that I'm on now... This thing is powerful by Joyce Myers
Wow they got Joyce Myers to preach this Grace message also? When will pastor here in the Bahamas dig into Romans...
you sound like my cousin... she got me a Joyce Myers book for christmas
Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Myers is a outstanding read .
Joyce Myers is putting it down this morning
My mom has been watching Joyce Myers for yrs , She's a true fan !
Bonus points with Me if Joel Olsteen is first and he carries Joyce Myers.
T main thing I miss about not having cable right now is that I don't get to watch Joel Olsteen n Joyce Myers , n that I missed Duck Dynasty Christmas special n t end of walking dead 󾰟󾰦
Guys I am gona be selling some really great Christian books, cds and dvds at fantastic prices . So just hold on to ur dollars and place ur heart where ur treasure lies this Xmas . Well known names like Juanita Bynum , Td Jakes ,Joel Osteen , Joyce Myers . God Bless . Leisel - 079 4872870 .
Interesting fact learned in church this morning. If you wonder if God is working in this world, you might want to know that 55 million people made decision for Christ in crusades in Nigeria between 2000 and 2009. Can you imagine!: (excuse the spellings) in Jos Yola - 1,276,000- in Abdujar 1,046,300- in Lagos 3,461,171 - in Abrekda 1,936,881, - in Ibadou 2,650,790 and after that I could not keep up with the names and numbers as they showed the people swarming to respond to God's call. NOW I understand why Franklin Graham and Joyce Myers, etc are all flocking to work in Nigeria. The Holy Spirit is alive and well there and doing fantastic things! Thank you for all those working to bring God's love to those who do not know Him. How exciting.
Finding a real good movie to walk the treadmill with Maybe just a cassette tape of Kenneth Copeland or Joyce Myers my sister Marylou Richards let me barrow will do the trick! I still have them I might trade them out the next time I am down there for different one's. :)
I feel for GOD some days. I also can understand why it saddened HIM that HE made man. Man is arrogant and lives by his ego. Even the Christian who claims to be a childof GOD lives by his ego and pretends to live in the SPIRIT. How GOD loves us I donot understand the depth and breadth of HIS love. I would love to just put my arms around HIM and pat HIS back. I was listening to a group of Ravi Zacharias friends talk down about him because Ravi says that Joyce Myers is one of the greatest Biblical teachers of our time. Now his very friends and mentors are crucifying him because she is a woman. What happens when we go to heaven? Do we still argue and fight? Do we hate each other for the rewards we get? If I get more than you do I rebel as Lucifer did? Did not lucifer hate on Adam and Eve. Is the behavior that Sarah Palin, a born again Christian, the behavior that CHRIST would portray? How about me? Good old Dr. Miles , so spiritual and so anointed but underneath there is still some unforgiveness, bitterness, ...
These prophets and teachers, once bought by the blood of Jesus, are now sowing heresies denying the Lord. An example of such heresy is Jesus became an unholy sinner on the cross by accepting the nature of Satan, died spiritually, suffered in *** for three days for our sins, and had to be born again when He resurrected from the dead. Paula White, Creflo Dollar, Ken Copeland, Joyce Myers, Benny Hinn and Bill Johnson are all denying the Lord by teaching the heresy Jesus had to die spiritually and be born again. For Til Eternity:
It is our responsibility to bring all these false teachers to the attention of the public I.e., Joyce Myers, Benny Hinn, The Crouches, Joseph Prince, Frederick Price, Morris Cerullo, Juanita Bynum, Paula White, Todd Bentley, Creflo Dollar, Rod Parsley, Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Sevelle, Kenneth Hagin, John Hagee, Jesse Duplantis and there are many more. I am sorry but if you post any of these people on your face book page on a regular basis, I must block you from my friends list. I still love you but I cannot stand to read these posts on a daily basis and continue to feel the pain knowing people I care about are being deceived.
Recovering from a red eye flight from Bangkok, watching Dr. Joyce Myers in San Fransisco... A big hug from God
Bishop, s want you to know that Joyce Myers, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, and Fred Price have Grounded in the Word.
Why do American churches ignore their neighbors? Why do big mega churches like: Joyce Myers, Cleflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, TD Jakes, and Joel Osteen Ministries neglect the calling of God? Why are they neglecting the poor needy churches in Africa, Asia, and Middle East?
If your a supporter of the prosperity gospel by that i mean pastors such as Joel Olsteen, Benny Hinn and Joyce Myers im gonna ask you to do some Major research because these people mix more poison with good teaching then any I've ever seen. "The poison [The doctrine that teaches God wants all Christians to be rich] is spread all over the world. If money is the object, if prosperity is the object, you've missed the cross. You've missed the gospel and you've got to repent." -David Wilkerson
Ever since I heard Joyce Myers talking about how we need to be more amazed by God’s daily miracles in our lives I have been trying to be more diligent in this area. It wasn’t hard for us to do that last weekend. We were amazed and awestruck the entire weekend because we could see God’s mighty hand in absolutely everything that occurred. To begin with we were fascinated by the way HE led Larry Cunningham to find Phil through Point Man Ministries, and by the fact that there just “Happened” to be a reunion close to us right after he contacted Phil. Even before the reunion started we were astonished by the way God changed our minds about not going to Ft. Belvior on Friday. If we had gone on Sunday as we’d decided to do we’d have missed talking to a very important contact, which will open doors for a lot of ministry in the future. We can clearly see how every contact Phil had during the reunion was without a doubt a Devine appointment. We were able to listen to them and pray for them even tho ...
sEe ~ told yA iT wouldn't last for lonG ~ ( speaking of my post right before this one ) lol ~ since getting the gOOd news of my MRI ~ mY first thoUght was thank U so much LORD ~ I didn't realize tiL about a week haD goNe bY ~ that I was NOT pRaYing much or watching Joyce Myers as I once was ~ i haVe no problems praYing for others sO as i was praYinG for anOther i realiZed i had ~ had no personal tiMe with HIM ~ I realiZed as I saT stiLL befOre HIM ~ The reasons oF thE wHyS~ iTs because ~ i am NOT trUsting the results from mY MRI ~ hOw can one make themseLVes haVe fAith whEn iT is NOT there ~ I'm jusT N nO waY a faKe ~ •triGGer• ~ with PTSD there is A freeze flight fight faint fall response ~ mY rEsponSe most usually iS to frEEze eVen thOu aT times depending on the trigger ~ i can gO thru each of those responses & sometimes wiLL geT stUck theRe ~ i realiZe I'm N a frOzen sTate ~mY minD is telling mE something isn't right ~ the sO called lipoma shrunk down to a diMe but now it's back again & bigger & .. ...
can you tell your Rays to boot Scott, move Joyce to DH, and bring up Mr. Myers to play right please?
Paula White, Joyce myers, Kenneth Copeland.. Robert tiltan.. pretty much everyone from TBN
I actually was thinking of Myers in LF, Zobrist in RF and Johnson at 2B. Joyce DH. Not the worst lineup, depending on opp. pitcher.
so the outfield is too "crowded" for Myers??? with who exactly? Luke Scott? bench him, DH Joyce. your welcome.
I know. I'm not about canning him. I'm just saying 3 guys in lineup for Myers to replace: Johnson, Joyce, & Scott.
if forced into a decision today, platoon. Not sure Myers > Joyce in outfield...
ok. Johnson in left. DH Joyce. Myers in RF. DFA Luke Scott
I love Joyce Myers she is a great Christian minster:)
Use your time wisely!!! Joyce Myers Time is such a gift from God! I see every day how He takes His…
I have been trying to trade Matt Joyce away for like 60 days (Myers) and finally dealt him and Matt Holliday for Justin Upton. Any thoughts?
Joyce defending is so funny. Also no place for Wil Myers!
I'm sorry, you want me to believe Tampa won't call up Wil Myers because Matt Joyce and Kelly Johnson are blocking him? Are you MAD?!
Wil Myers is already a better fielder than Matt Joyce in RF. Joyce to DH and moving or releasing Scott is the best option.
KJ, Zobrist, Jennings, Joyce, Myers AND Fuld would be too many IMO. Luke can bring power off the bench
Sure, but if Joyce is Dhing, fewer guys to defensive sub for. Either way, he shouldn't stand in Myers' way.
Seems pretty simple to me - you waive Scott, DH Joyce and let Myers play everyday in the OF.
DFA Sam Fuld, Myers in right, Kelly and Joyce rotate in left field. Luke Scott, Kelly and Joyce can also rotate at DH.
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Kelly Johnson down to .269, Joyce looks like manny on D. Wil Myers will be here soon. Very soon.
Would give Myers Fuld's roster spot, then find him PT between OF and DH. Could get every day ABs if they wanted.
Undoubtedly. Saying Fuld should be odd man out. Between RF, LF and DH, there are ABs. Myers could do what Scott is
Myers not coming up to be 4th outfielder ppl.
The best way to have the last word, is to apologize.- Joyce Myers
Where they plan to play him? Do you think Joyce and Fuld will hold Myers back? Are you kidding me with that comment?
Luke Scott might be more done than Carlos Pena. They could very easily rotate DH among 4 OFs, especially Joyce, KJ, and Myers
It's funny to me that fans are still calling for Wil Myers. Who does he replace? Johnson, Jennings, Joyce, Zobrist?
But I think I will get up take a shower an listen to Joyce Myers
“We're only cheating ourselves when we don't live the life God has for us. - Joyce Myers”
Pray about everything and fear nothing. - Joyce Myers
Joyce Carol Oates has her admirers, but sadly, I am not among them.
Don't spend today planning tomorrow and avoiding the issues that confront you now. (Battle if Mind devotional by Joyce Myers)
Don't make the choice to go back to where you came from. God has a much bigger plan for you! Joyce Myers
When you don't forgive, you bind yourself to the people that hurt you! Joyce Myers # quote
If you walk in wisdom you will find peace - Joyce Myers
will host starting June 13. If there was ever a good time to call up Wil Myers...
“Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.”~Joyce A Myers
Learn to think about what you are thinking about~ Joyce Myers
Joyce Myers Your future has no room for your past.
Joe when Myers gets called up don't sit Matt Joyce. He's been a beast. Play Zobrist at SS. K. Johnson at 2b and sit yunel
Sebelius should have a heart transplant. Her's seems to be non-functioning! Joyce Myers Streamwood, IL
Joyce Myers Trust Fund curling scholarships and grants announced: The trustees of the Joyce Myers Trust Fund, es...
Sheila Jackson wrote: "The best way to get along with people is to NOT expect them to be like you." -Joyce Myers
Do you talk too much or don't communicate enough..? Either one can be an issue." Joyce Myers
You can be pitiful or you can be powerful but you can't be both. Joyce Myers
Getting my praise on with Joyce Myers.
Rom 16:17-18 KJV (17) Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. (18) For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. In case you haven't figured it out, I am one of the few that actually obey the scripture's command above. However, let us not make the false conclusion that marking them which use clever "preaching" and deep "teaching" to teach things contrary to the doctrine given to us by Jesus and His apostles belongs to a select few. That commandment was given to the BRETHREN in general. It is the responsibility of us all to MARK THOSE who teach things contrary to the teachings of Christ Jesus. So, let me mark a few. FALSE TEACHERS TO AVOID: Myles Munroe, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, Rod Parsley, Joyce Myers, Paula White, T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Jamal Bryant, Benny Hinn, Tony Smith, Paul Crouch, Kenn ...
anyone want to go with me to see Joyce Myers in Saturday August 24 at 10AM. I can fit 3 people in my car. afterwards we can grab something to Eat.
Men are spiritual leaders, not women!.Joyce Myers is not a preacher or whatever she calls herself!.What is this world comming to?
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All things are possible with God! No matter what your bad habit is, God is able and willing to set you free. - Joyce Myers
Anyone else at a glance misread "Joyce Myers" for "John Mayer" in a quote and get thoroughly confused?
Proverbs 4:23 Just started reading Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Myers
Joyce Myers is the lady. She has good word of encouragement! I love reading her book!
Making good habits, Breaking bad habits will be my next book written by Joyce Myers. Lord knows I have a few to Break! LoL
You don't have to feel like doing what's right to do what's right! Joyce Myers
A very appropriate message I status-jacked from my soror... Joyce Myers: Learn to Say "It's None of My...
Thanks again for your generosity. I really enjoyed sleeping in the same room once occupied by Joyce Myers.
Joyce myers thankyou when I make a mistake I ask Gods help I fall him but he never falls me you showed me that bless you .:-)
Best line up they could have: Desmond, zobrist, longo, myers, luke, joyce, anderson, loney, gimenez
Watching Joyce Myers, something she said just hit me, maybe it was the way she said it "complain and remain, give glory and rise"
"I want you to think about what your thinking about" Joyce Myers
the difference between Wil Myers and Fuld/Joyce is like a beer league hockey player and Wayne Gretzky
Watching or listening to ppl like Joel Osteen or Joyce Myers always gives me a positive vibe for the day 😊
So what exactly does Joyce Myers teach on that you do... — I never said I don't agree with her. I just don't wat...
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Matt Joyce has one rbi. Wil Myers has nine.
the rays will definitely improve, my ideal order is: Jennings, Myers, Johnson, Longo, Zobrist, Escobar, Joyce, Molina, Fuld
Wokee up reading Joyce Myers todays going to be a good day.!
When you see a need in your relationship or marriage, try to meet it. Indifference makes an excuse, but love finds a way. ~ Joyce Myers ~
or wise post in general like LL cool J post, Joyce Myers, Joel Olsteen etc... I guess that's why wisdom is a gift not all posses it. You
I think I cry every time I hear Joyce Myers testimony. It is so touching and motivating. No matter what happens to u u can come out
It ain't working. Myers in left, DJ in center, Joyce in right. Send Gonzalez down, bring up Archer. He proved himself last year
Guyer over Joyce, Myers, Gimenez over Loby. Archer over Fausto, with Fausto moving to the pen. Lee over SRod, more tools.
The Joyce Myers Joker comparison was spot on!
there is something called the 'prosperity gospel' that pastors and speakers like Joyce Myers and Joel Olsteen are preaching.
Don't ever be jealous of what someone has unless you are willing to do exactly what that person to get it- Joyce Myers
Not what we do once that calls us faithful, it's what we continue to do. Joyce Myers.
We start out doing the right thing but when we don't get the results that we want we change- Joyce Myers
Your going to like yourself more when you control yourself more- Joyce Myers
" I may not be where I need to be, but I thank god I'm not where I use to be." Joyce Myers 🙏😊❤
We DO have an option on Joyce! Boot his *** back to Durham and get Myers up here asap!
if Sam Fuld can hit, I would love to see Joyce or Myers at 1B/ rotate the DH w the outfielders. Looney any good?
only the Rays would have a DH hitting 9th, need Myers/Jennings/Joyce to be the everyday OF.
omg I just learned this from Joyce Myers , good stuff man! 👌
Listening to Joyce Myers preach. She cracking me up!!
One thing joyce myers was right about no one has a perfect realationship
Joyce Myers's book "Battlefield of the Mind" is on point! I'm happy my nana let me borrow it from her.
Sadly those quotes from earlier came from Joyce Myers!!!
Now that I'm back, time to get back into my Joyce Myers bible study. 💜🙏☕📖
Make a decision to say, "God has given me today. I will rejoice and be glad in it - Joyce Myers
We live life forward but we understand it backwards - Joyce Myers
It's possible this is his ceiling. Still a good player. If Myers puts up Joyce's numbers as an every day player you'd take it.
i checked 385 and Joyce Myers is on at ten
Let me tell you, these You Version Bible Joyce Myers daily devotionals b on point!!!
Start making your own decisions and stop checking to see if everyone around you likes it. ~Joyce Myers
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Joyce Myers ministries - Procrastination is a thief. It steals our time, our potential, our self-esteem, our...
from Joyce Myers. “Lord, I care about what You think, and I don’t want to be doing things You don’t want me t...
Amen! & Amen! i love you Sis. Joyce Myers...u don't know this but I've claimed u as my Mother. ;)
Its not just him though, Joyce, Loby, Scott, i feel better with Anderson, Myers, and Gimenez from Durham than them.
I want to give Don Stewart, Joel Osteen and Joyce Myers my Pastor Matt and Preacher man T- Money a Special Thanks for helping me find my way
The 2012 Hillsong Conference featuring Joseph Prince on Grace (Joyce Myers was also a speaker at this conference).
Let me listen to my Joyce Myers podcast this morning so I can stay in peace.
Seek his face not his hands and what's in them!!! whew.. Joyce Myers going in right NOW.
Thank you Lord for the wise words of Joyce Myers.
We need Joel Osteen and Joyce Myers wrapped up in one .every day before we start the day.
This fool told me I had to read this Joyce myers book she brought, and do the workbook before my fam Japan trip lol
As Joyce Myers would say, Don't let them steal your joy!
One of the most important things in our life is who we allow to influence us. -Joyce Myers
I just don't understand how people are so easily deceived by Joel Osteen and Joyce Myers.
Stop looking to people to meet your needs and start looking to God. Don't make others responsible for your happiness! Joyce Myers
But joyce myers is war heavy snow ya *** what fire does, it every weekend because that LMAO How often.
Tonight we had our 'thank you' pizza party for team Carol. This is my treat to my team for all of their dedicated work throughout the year. We had a wonderful 2012-2013 year with passing our goal of $5000.00. We are meeting on a monthly basis to plan our upcoming events for this year taking us into next year when we have our big event in January. Please stay tune as we will continue to post all of our events on here. I would like to thank the following people who help me to make this a 'huge' success Sherry Hazel, KC Gregory, Tamara Parker, Corey Hohenbery, Chris Hohenbery, Trudy Hoehn, Crystal Gray, Joyce Myers, Brenda Boise, Karen Dehne, Todd Light, Melissa Godsey, Chrsty Bunting, Brian Parker, Matt Happach, George Roach, Brad Patterson, Debbie Adair-Mahon, Diane Burroughs, Kyle Bunting, Austin Bunting, Jonathan Bunting, James Bunting, Shelby Breen, Buck, Mike Zachman, Kristin Martin, Wendell Covert, and of course the families of Easter Seals. Remember we do this for you! If I missed your name it is ...
Ephesians 4:30-32 Read from Joyce Myers about being forgiving and loving to people to everyone. I asked God to forgive me and I will do it.
My mother is taking me a Joyce Myers conference. I wanna get front row seats so i get on tv
God will give you favor. But you have to be happy where you're at. -Joyce Myers
A confident woman is positive. Confidence and negativity do not go together. - Joyce Myers
Joyce myers confress is coming up next weekend
Joyce myers in the morning is the best way to start ur day be blessed & have a productive day everyone..
I was talking bout a different joyce...
I was wondering how come Joyce Myers on my timeline, but then i remember I following Zaki.
Me encantó esto de Joyce Myers hoy: Stop worrying about the people who don’t like you and start getting busy...
Stop worrying about the people who don't like you and start worrying about the ones that do!! Joyce Myers
"lust has no conscience"-Tye Tribbett by the way of Joyce Myers
Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, TD Jakes, Joyce Myers, and the rest of them are of the devil.
Slowly but surely things are falling into place :) maybe mom was right with all her Joyce Myers/ Joel Osteen talk ;)
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CHRISTIAN MEN: One of my favorite Theologians is RC Sproul. I listen to him every morning. What I admire about him, Dr. J. Vernon MeGee, and Dr. Charles Stanley is the humility of Jesus displayed in their lives and ministry. Although they're millionaires their wealth isn’t flaunted and spent on cars, luxury items, multi-million dollar mansions, and numerous properties all over the world (Philippians 2:3-8). This is why I personally wouldn't follow Bishop TD Jakes, Joyce Myers or Creflo Dollar out the door of a 7-11. I don't believe in reaping financial gain from the Word of God for personal wealth. Jesus is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and owns everything; nevertheless, He wasn't riding around in chariots, but walked with the lowly.
God is so good and merciful. Prayer is our greatest channel to our Almighty Savior. This brings to mind TV Evangelists. Remember Jim and Tammy Baker, Jimmy Swaggert, Oral Roberts some of the older ones. Remember Jim Jones, who killed hundreds by convincing them to drink a liquid potion in the name of religion because he had such an influence over their minds. They all had the charismatic/pentecostal ways of making claims of miraculous healings if you send in your cash. Today they have been replaced by a newer version such as Juanita Bynum, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Benny Hinn, T.D. Jakes, Joyce Myers, who by the way has reached a $100 million dollar religious empire. Believe with all your heart and soul, they tell the faithful and give, give, give until you can't give anymore. What has inspired me to write this is now another new comer, Sid Roth who is teaching "It's Supernatural". He is another one who has a ranch for so-called religious puposes. Watch out, just another one after your money and your m ...
Pastor Kent Carroll is doing a series on “Discerning.” The 1st installment was “Discernment …The Biggest Problem Facing the Church!” The 2nd installment was “Strange Doctrines”, and the 3rd installment was “Strange Doctrines and Strange Manifestation.” The next installment will be “Tools Needed to have a Discerning Spirit.” Here is what I learned Sunday! TV & Radio Ministries to be apprehensive of: TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, Paula White, Joyce Myers, Kenneth Copeland, Gloria Copeland, Robert Tilton, Benny Hinn, Myles Monroe, Leroy Thompson, Eddie Long, Peter Popoff, Rod Parsley, Juanita Bynum, Ceflo Dollar and Fred Price just to name a few. These people preach God’s word and add a spin to it. Iso-Jesus. This is putting a twist on a scripture to make it fit what they want. They do not use Exo-Jesus which is correct doctrine. Most of these preachers are prosperity preachers. Their message will always include asking for money but then they want to help you get out of debt. They tel ...
The FATHER didn't move the Cross from JESUS' path. History records that most of the apostles died horrible deaths that HE could have prevented but didn't. CHRIST talks about not having a place to sleep. Paul said he went hungry a lot. There's nothing wrong with asking GOD to move our mountains but don't let T.D. Jakes, Joel Olsteen, Paula White, Joyce Myers are any of these other prosperity teachers trick you into thinking you can pray all of your troubles away. If HE would let HIS Son die for HIS glory is it unbelievable that the same could happen to us. Or at least some suffering? Some of our troubles are ordained by HIM for HIS purposes & with this in mind our hearts should be like JESUS: no matter what FATHER Your will be done!
Ever wonder what T.V. Preachers make Joel Osteen 's Net Worth is about $44 Million Also known as: Pastor Lakewood Church And the list goes on. Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Myers, T.D.Jakes, C. Dollar all make more than Osteen but won't report it. Big winner is TNN that station kills it.
Obituary for Clinnie White, Clinnie was a great example of morally correctness always for the underdog and loving the game of Bingo. Clinnie loved our Father God and loved Billy Graham, Joyce Myers and Joel Osteen. She
Battlefield of the Mind-Chapter 21"My behavior may be wrong but it's not my fault." by Joyce Myers. ***Satan works *** our minds- building strongholds that will prevent us from facing truth. The truth will set us free, and he knows it. ---I don't think there is anything more emotionally painful than facing the truth about ourselves and our behavior. Because it is painful, most people run from it. It is fairly easy to face truth about someone else-but when it comes to facing ourselves, we find it much harder to handle.
Joyce Myers is going to be in Houston in November at Lakewood Church!I realy want to go.
I really love Joyce Myers. She's so relaxing to listen to! Perfect evening Joyce t preaching-Paula Deen cooking for me-- while I am snuggled up on a huge couch with Guy Fieri !! All bout the Food Baby!!
Myers is definitely everyday and Zo I think becomes the everyday 2B when he is called up. I don't think Joyce platoons this year.
Bad deal for Myers though. Zo will be RF/2B , Joyce will be LF and Scott will be DH. I still love Scott but Myers is who I want AB
‎"I may not be exactly where I need to be. But I thank God I'm not where I used to be" ~ Joyce Myers
This morning Joyce Myers is talking about the same thing we went over last night. So cool!
"Just because you can do something doesn't mean you are called to do it."- Joyce Myers
Stayed up late last night talking to God n He tore me up thru Joel Olsteen n Joyce Myers.then my son woke up arnd three am and gave me a kiss on the head n said smiling "mom, I LOVE U" .God is so AWESOME :-)
When you remain peaceful,the devil doesn't know what to do with you !Myers
As will gaining a full season of Longoria and Joyce, and adding Wil Myers, and Moore's likely development.
Seeing as we hate spending money, a perfect world has Joyce at DH and Myers in RF on OD but no way do that
Watching Joyce Myers shes a trip lol
lol aye. I'm reading this Joyce Myers prayer devotion . Helps me keep my life on track & at peace . ☺🙏🙌
Watched Joyce Myers this morning & it seemed like I turned the TV to her just in time. I needed that
Before you ever get a problem, God already has your deliverance planned. ~Joyce Myers
i'll stick to my Joyce Myers books, currently reading Enjoying Where You Are on the way to Where You Are Going...thats whats best for me,smh
Joyce Myers. Anyone so-called Evangelist Afraid to speak out against Same Sex Marriage, Abortions. Run out of those Congregations. Agree?
Joyce Myers gives life indeed I been missing out.
If you ever wanna have a great day wake up, pray, read your bible, be enouraging to someone, watch Joyce Myers and Trust in the lord :)
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