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Joyce Meyers and Beth Moore are both very strong Godly-like Christian but I enjoyed hearing Joyce Meyers better than Beth Moore.
Saw Beth Moore speak at a conference in Tampa. Never heard of her, didn’t have expectations, but assumed it would be similar to Joyce Meyers
No according to my studying no Pastor John Hagee Joyce Meyers TD Jakes Dr Jack Van Impe and his wife Franklin...
Joyce Meyers preaching about her brother is so much what I was going thru for 15 yrs but he is now in a home.
"One little act of unselfish obedience can trigger a series of miracles that you can never get over." - Joyce Meyers
I'm giving away: Joyce Meyers small book. Check it out -
Today's episode of Joyce Meyers Today is a teaching about Meekness. Make time to watch it and be blessed today.
Reminded again what a gifted communicator Joyce Meyers is. Living above emotional control.
"Fear is a dead end. But faith always have the future." (Joyce Meyers)
Episode 66: The pitiful and damning doctrines of Joyce Meyers and Kenneth Copeland.
I love it when people can quote things that Joyce Meyers, Billy Graham, John Hagee, Jack Van Impe or any other...
LEADERS FOR SALVATION: Joyce Meyer helps people/backsliders get saved.
Remain in every situation because equals -Joyce Meyers
CONFIDENCE BOOSTER . from Joyce Meyers’ book, Living Courageously:. Are you dreading things (like Layoffs or...
regurgitation is for the birds. Ill send my friend Joyce Meyers after you. We are all just cards in Gods poker game.
battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyers
The Inspirational Thought Of The Day: "You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind." Joyce Meyers
I liked a video Joyce Meyers You Don't have to Feel Confident to be Confident
Joyce Meyers is my favorite oh my goodness 🙏 🙌
Joyce Meyers. Seven Secrets of a Confident Women. No Confidence in Self - Put Your Confidence in Jesus.
MID-WEEK CONFIDENCE BOOSTER . from Joyce Meyers’ book, Living Courageously:. You can be assured that fear will...
From Joyce Meyers:. We all have a past of some sort that tries to keep us trapped. Our past mistakes and...
Patience is not simply the ability to wait, it's how we behave while we're waiting. -Joyce Meyers
Joyce Meyers message today - Do you ask God to join you in your day?
I have several, my favorites are Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers and my local Pastor Raphael Murtland Massiah in Guyana
Patience is the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. ~Joyce Meyers
I absolutely love reading Joyce Meyers battlefield of the mind book !
_ is the most inspiring book I've ever read. Definately Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyers :)
CONFIDENCE BOOSTER from Joyce Meyers’ book, Living Courageously:. Anytime you feel fear say, “I will not fear...
I love Joyce Meyers 365 day plan. Shes awesome.
We are as close to God, as we want to be. Joyce Meyers . We are responsible of our own salvation with fear and... featured in NBC s Science of Love
like Joel Osteen and joyce meyers. Two ecumenical preachers who teach the same msg as pope the false prophet francis
If you want to get over a problem, stop talking about it. Your mind affects your mouth, and your mouth affects your mind.Joyce Meyers-smart!
CONFIDENCE BOOSTER . from Joyce Meyers’ book, Living Courageously:. Dear Fear, . You have told me lies and prevented me from doing the things …
Are you pushing yourself and not living the life God calls for us to live, a Sustainable Life ? God even took a day to rest. Why is it so hard for us to just relax and enjoy life? Joyce Meyers Thought for Today : A Sustainable Life Are you living a sustainable life? Maybe you've caught yourself saying things like, "I can't do this much longer. I just can't keep this up forever." When you make comments like these, what you're really saying is, "I know I have limits and that I've reached them, but I'm going to ignore them and see how long I can get by with it." Our body gives us warnings when we're pushing too hard, like an ache here or a pain there. But we think, "I'll be all right," and we ignore the warnings until we're too sick to ignore them. I'm not proud of this, but for the first twenty years of my ministry, I felt physically terrible a lot of the time. I ran to doctors and tried all kinds of pills and vitamins. The doctors tried to tell me that I was simply pushing myself too hard, but I ignored th ...
Expect Something New In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation. PSALM 5 : 3 NIV Starting your day right by Joyce Meyers
"A BMW can't take you as far as a diploma." Joyce A. Meyers
Join me in reading New Day, New You: by Joyce Meyers
If you haven't, then you need to try the 30/30 challenge!!! It's so moving...spiritually! JOYCE MEYERS, thank you!
How much market share does Joyce Meyers have?
I'm reading the plan 'New Day, New You'.Check it out here: wonderful information Joyce Meyers
You could listen to Joyce Meyers for 10 years and never get the baptism of the Holy Spirit
The person that receives the baptism of the Holy Spirit you don't need Benny Hinn or Joyce Meyers or Joel Osteen
BACKSLIDERS: Get reconnected to Christ NOW. Joyce Meyer can help
I'd listen to Tax's podcast (if he had one) just like I listen to Joyce Meyers' every morning.
I love listening to Joyce Meyers preach
alot of christians Re very ignorant. They go to churches with ecumenical pastors like Joel Osteen and joyce meyers who both are
yeah. I talked with a woman today who was in love with Joyce Meyers...not matter what I showed, it got ignored
So when I need some spiritual guidance about other aspects of my life : I tend to flip to paula white or Joyce Meyers
Does Joyce Meyers teach you how to get the baptism of the Holy Ghost I don't think so
You don't need Joyce Meyers you need the baptism of the Holy Ghost
we are no where near rev.12,you have joined a real plot,ask Joyce meyers etc.
Here is gnostic thinking that was intruding into the church. You can read about its assault in 1 John epistles. Changing your thinking doesn't change anything to a Christian because our thoughts are governed by the Lord. To a Christians negative and positive doesn't even register because our life isn't secular. Joseph Prince supports this kind of thinking. Joyce Meyers supports this kind of thinking. TD jakes now supports this. Kenneth Copland always thought this way. Let us not forget to deny human philosophy. Deny human ideology. Stay the course.
Osteen is a false prophet, just like Rick Warren, Joyce Meyers & so many. They line their pockets/betray Christ
Both Joel Olsteen and Joyce Meyers they both should have said seek to do God's will in 2015 but they didn't
Somebody please tell Joel Olsteen and Joyce Meyers you don't live for yourself you deny yourself isn't that right
THREE TIMES IN TWO DAYS! God put in my path not to give up on my dreams. Encouragement when it was needed the most! No, I did NOT know Joyce Meyers was preaching on this..."HAVING A DREAM FOR YOUR LIFE". It was an AWESOME reminder that even when you feel like everything is going against you, that you feel like your can't do anything right, can't please anyone, like you are struggling and stuck in quicksand, God is STILL LISTENING, still WALKING ALONGSIDE of you! INCREDIBLE MESSAGE! Comparing whats inside of us to being pregnant. (Bethany I thought of you listening to this! LOL) Being pregnant with inside of you with a dream for your life. Joyce was told in the beginning in her ministry, that with your personality that we don't think that's possible. I have heard this, and I have SO many parallels to Joyce in her testimony, it is more than mere coincidence. Like Joyce said: "IF ONLY YOU AND GOD BELIEVE IN YOU, THEN YOU'VE GOT TO KEEP BELIEVING!"
Starting off the new year by reading Youversion's Bible reading plan, 30/30 Challenge by Joyce Meyers.
I read day 86 of Joyce Meyers -Promises for your Everyday Life and day 1 of Recovering Your Joy
This is amazing that I see this here today, as I have been listening to the series by Joyce Meyers c
I was woken early this morning about 4 by a touch of a hand, realizing that my pillow is soaked with tears, mind you there's no one here. I could not go back to sleep, so I decided to begin reading my Bible. I didn't know where to go so I asked God just me. My Bible opened up to 2nd Corinthians 12:9 and it was talking about "Grace". After I read and meditated on some chapters on Grace then I turned on the television n Joyce Meyers which on talking about grace. I think God for His grace because grace is sufficient. So therefore the word for me in 2015 is Grace. I needed this. Be Blessed.
Before I say welcome to the new year, I'd like to thank every single one of you that took out time to wish me a happy birthday yesterday,(last year). You all made my day very special even when I was all alone I felt like a party was going on around me! To those that sang especially Esther James and her sister, Christ! your voices were like angels! To those that competed to be d 1st to call me, u all were winners in ur heart and so it was in mine! To those that weren't sure which day it was, the Lord is ur muscle. To those that forgot or were too busy, may dis new year not stress u out! To my family I love you all, Jay El, Ikem Er George, L'Princess, Mum Kate, Dad Chris. May the Lord use us mightily dis year! To the Choir Family especially The Rebranded Family, my love flows like the ocean's tide! To Group KTF! You all are special, we'll make greater History this year! To the writers on Faith Journal, your inks will never run out of pace and ur minds will never cease to be creative this year! To my Pastor ...
yes always believe in miracles, with God all things are possible! Thank you Joyce Meyers, stay strong, stay close to God we pray
Heretical teaching at its best Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyers believes this mess whom else?
Happy New Joyce Meyers. May Daddy continue to guide and lead you to helping save lives with the Word.
Miracles come in cans! ... but they don't come in cant's - Joyce Meyers
Joyce Meyers: promises for your everyday life.
Listening to Joyce Meyers! Love that woman of God! Love how she reaches out to ALL. She touches upon my experiences often! Wow!
You don't need Joyce Meyers you don't need Kenneth Copeland you don't need any of them! When you have the Holy Ghost!
I see many people on Fb who claim to believe the Message of the Cross is the exclusive message that God works in however by their promotion of other false preachers prove they don't really believe its the only Message one needs for living for God. Many preachers are saying things that seem right but only to deceive. Here's some of them you need to examine more closely, Sid Roth, Mother Teresa, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyers, Rod Parsley, Perry Stone, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, John Hagee, Andrew Womack, Arnold Murray, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Bill Johnson, Todd Bentley, Rodney Howard Browne, Kim Clement, and many more. The Bible warns us. Ephesians 5:6-11 KJV Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. Be not ye therefore partakers with them. For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light: (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;) Proving ...
With all this injustice going on, where are the voices of Joyce Meyers, TD Jakes, Joel Olsteen, and Creflo Dollar?
This book just spoke volumes to me Joyce Meyers 😃
"The eagle has no fear of adversity. We need to be like the eagle and have a fearless spirit of a conqueror." -Joyce Meyers
Extract from Joyce Meyers book-Does you mouth need saving? Its possible to be born again and not sound like it.
Crean pacing, waiting for Joyce Meyers to call back. Meanwhile, lead is down to 12
it got sent to my house Im CT so I haven't even looked at it. All I know is a Joyce Meyers book ended up at my house for me.
"If you are weak in faith, in mind, in body, in discipline, in self-control, or in determination, simply wait on God. He will be strong through your weakness" by Joyce Meyers from "Start your day Right" devotional
God Can Use Your Greatest Trials for Good..Joyce Meyers God spoke this to my heart awhile ago: "Joyce, you see to the end of your nose (which isn't very far), and you assume that anything that doesn't feel good isn't good. But I see from beginning to end because I am The Beginning and The End, and I know many things you don't know." We know in part, but God knows all. In Genesis 50:20, Joseph is speaking to his brothers, who had severely mistreated him. When they threw him into a pit and sold him into slavery, they thought they were working against him, but really, God had a plan to use those trials to promote Joseph to a place of great influence. Sometimes the very things we think are awful turn out to be a great blessing. The greatest trial can develop in you the greatest faith. You might be at the bottom of a pit, but God has a plan to use that pit to promote you in His call on your life. Remember, God can see all, and He will use those trials for your good. Prayer Starter: God, I can't see 'past my no ...
When you don't know who you are in Christ you copy and try to be like other people.~Joyce Meyers
After watching Joyce Meyers today... wow I am extremely thankful.. I might not have the best of everything but I...
“Yall read a Joyce Meyers book and turn into Pastor Moore” her books are good tho.
Another Joyce Meyers book for any donation amount. People make mistakes. And God isn’t at all surprised when they...
Joyce Meyers book for any donation amount
- just saw you on Joyce Meyers Ministry program go girl!
Joyce Meyers has an awesome ministry of helps here in America in the streetsdidn't know thatdecided to be a partner.Amen
Where there is no peace, there is no power. Joyce Meyers
Joyce Meyers Moment ~. Never apologize for being the person you are in Christ. That would be like an apple tree...
Fear is in the blood. Faith is in the heart. - Joyce Meyers
Don�t be afraid of change, because it is leading you to a new beginning. -Joyce Meyers
The End Time: Discerning Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer's discussion on 'Enjoying Everyday Life' about 'unity'
You�re not a failure until you stop trying. If you have no other testimony - you have this one: �I�m still here.� -Joyce Meyers
I have you,Marcus Lamp,Noel Jones,Joyce Meyers,Joni Lamp,Joel Osteen Lakewood as friends TY.
If you choose to have a good, thankful and happy attitude, you will end up with a blessed life, no matter what your past has been like and no matter what's going on right now.Joyce Meyers..
Good word from Joyce Meyers this morning: Don't let individuals and circumstances deter you from the plan God has specifically for you! Amen!
Anyone that has an opportunity to see Joyce Meyers please go-she is an amazing woman and is able to preach the word of God like no one else. She is able to preach the way she does because God has put many struggles in her past. Thanks to God we are all forgiven of our past mistakes.
God already knows your needs and He has your answer, so when fear knocks on your door, answer with faith and you will do great things!!! ~Joyce Meyers Simply put its already done!!!
Has anyone seen Joyce Meyers sermon on selfies? You may never post another one after watching it. Lol
An über right-wing conservative followed me. . Who next Joyce Meyers? . Save yourself the trouble & unfollow me. No good can come of this.
I Want to Thank These People of God! Who ive Learnerd & Followed Ea.of All your Leads of The Biggest Leader Instuctions & understanding That Man we Simply Call King? JESUS! Thank u T.D Jakes + Joyce Meyers & Carolyn White Splawn + Alfred Bellamy & Lastly My Pastor ? D.R Gilmore ! I May not Be ordained? But iam Chosen To Tell others how Good God has been to me & To Lead other as he Jesus & All of you Have Led Me! Team God! Amen
Thank you lord for giving me my wife and our children and all of our grandchildren and a very caring mom in-law whose love never dies down, thank you Joyce Meyers for preaching ,thank you Eileen and Harry for giving us Evan and to Rosie for giving us Debbie-Jo , thank you hall beach residents for accepting me
If you get hurt while working for God, He'll pay u back. ~Joyce Meyers
"Just because u can't do something someone else can doesn't mean u have a weakness, it means u have to function in ur gifting" Joyce Meyers
Good morning - since I can't drive to church... Joyce Meyers today on YouTube 🙏
"Make a list of your blessings and read them out loud anytime you feel yourself starting to sink emotionally" - Amen! (Joyce Meyers).
I haven't been watching my daily word from Joyce Meyers :/
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Today I had the wonderful opportunity to see Joyce Meyers live! 🙏
So, I was thinking about something Joyce Meyers said about people with bumper stickers that proclaim they are...
"Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges." -Joyce Meyers
God doesn't move in your life when you struggle, He moves when you pray. Joyce Meyers
Your words can carry your faith to the kingdom of God and release angles to help you. . ~ Joyce Meyers
Michelle asked whose Joyce Meyers after someone stated they would like to be Joyce Meyer's friend.…
I wana go to a Joyce Meyers conference 😟
My mom came home and surprised me with all of Joyce Meyers books😍
Joyce Meyers was awesome today. As usual, it was a great message.
Busy weekend in Albany! Welcome Frankie Valli, John Hiatt, Joyce Meyers, and everyone who is in town to see them!
I may not be where I need to be, but I thank God I am not where I used to be. [Joyce Meyers]
Before God gives you something Big, He will give you something small. .Joyce Meyers.
" everything you can, every way you can, for everyone that you can, as often as you can." -Joyce Meyers
"If you live on the edge there is always something the enemy can do to push you over the edge" -Joyce Meyers
"God will give more to those who are already doing the best with what they have.". ~~Joyce Meyers~~
Breast Cancer Awareness
"Stop taking inventory of what you don't have and start taking inventory of what you do have and use it!" . ~~Joyce Meyers~~
"A Backbone will get you further than a Wishbone.". ~~Joyce Meyers~~
Hope brings happiness but scepticism never can ~ Joyce Meyers
If you act on your faith your feelings will catch up Meyers
Someone needs to hear this message today!! Joyce Meyers..."Seven Secrets of a Confident Woman" via
Join us tonight to hear from the women of our group that went to the Joyce Meyers conference!! You won't want to miss this! 6:30 pm
"Without Joy in your life you are powerless.". -Joyce Meyers.
Early today ! Joyce Meyers Ministries were at for our CAREER Fair so I had to come by &…
No ONE BUT; YOU! You so wonderful to me!!! I respect you! And I Love to Life!! I enjoyed the Joyce's Meyers message today💋
In class listening too Joyce Meyers, cause my professor ain't talking about 💩
If we will do what we can do, God will do what we cannot do. . [Joyce Meyers]
Lately my chakras been on some vanzant, Joyce Meyers , and erykah Badu type stuff
love you Joyce Meyers u are all right thanks for the books and the break through In 2001 at the capital center, l needed that
Change your mind, change your life -Joyce Meyers. It's a mind thing.
If Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers, TD Jakes are your favorite Gospel preachers better do your research and compare their words to Gods "bible"
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
When we make mistakes, we shouldn't withdraw from God, but we should come near to Him: Joyce Meyers
If you desire someone who will lie and tell you what you want than People like Joel Olsten and Joyce Meyers and Paula Smith will work.
However, there are so many like Joel Osteen, Steven Furtick, Joyce Meyers, who want nothing but money.
I was just watching a special on false prophets and Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers are nuts! They teach some scary things.
Walking with Joyce Meyers, Ty Ali- thinking my way out of bondage is the message
a good book to read is "Reduce me to love" by Joyce Meyers. I have the same desire & it's been challenging me.
So excited to leave tomorrow to see Joyce Meyers confrence!😆
Don't just go to church to receive a blessing. Go to church to be a blessing. - Joyce Meyers
Keep your eye on the prize, not on the pain - Joyce Meyers
"Stop remembering what God has forgotten"Joyce Meyers. .. good advice
Day 1 Joyce Meyers Conference Lesson: 'I Am' - He is who He is and therefore He can't stop being Him, the only...
Day 2 message from Joyce Meyers Conference - 'Peace & Provider': God is shalom and our provider. If He can give... http:/…
The only way to conquer fear is to confront it. Joyce Meyers
"Live for today. and dont die until. your dead.". --Joyce Meyers
Joyce Meyers' sermons always make my day so much more cheerful :)
ah ok then. I see. So in the case of like Joyce Meyers, she can teach bc she teaches only to women.
Follow GOD not OTHER people! To DO this YOU must be COURAGEOUS...~Joyce Meyers
Look at Gloria Copeland, Joyce Meyers. The Lord has anointed them to teach. All my best
Watching Joyce meyers my moms fav pastor And Mine too ;)
Your word is your honour. ..if you say your going to do something. you do it. Joyce Meyers
Joyce Meyers believes Christ went to *** and was tortured by demons and yet the Christianpost give her a column.
Stop trying doing the things you CANT do and start doing the things you CAN do- Joyce Meyers
If you were suppose to look back, God would have put eyes in the back of your head- Joyce Meyers
Live until you die and don't die until you're dead- Joyce Meyers
@ headed your way on Thursday to Joyce Meyers conference for weekend! dinner/drinks?
I just finished reading this book. Wonderful book by Joyce Meyers and a quick read. You will learn a…
I remember reading Joyce Meyers "Battlefield of the mind" .. I think I wrote all in that book..
Joyce Shaughnessy, author: Tim J. Meyers RUDE DUDES BOOK OF FOOD review of this AMAZING MG Book! I loved it, too!
"God takes it personal how you treat other people." -Joyce meyers
But Joyce Meyers has lead so many to Christ. I think it was diff in the bible days, men overuled women. Times have changed.
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That's right Joyce Meyers, keep them dumb and dumber so they don't question you robbing them blind
Why can't women preach? I disagree. Joyce Meyers lead me to God as a young teen, she's as good as any man.
I just love it when Joyce Meyers 'Goes There'. She makes the congregation feel uncomfortable and I admire that about her.
"My dear cousin has been messed up since a 3 day Joyce Meyers conference" makes me mad!
"Pride is an independent, me-oriented spirit.". ~ Joyce Meyers. "We are taught you must blame your father, your...
Joyce Meyers... Managing Emotions: via we need to do...amen
Are you doing nothing in fear, or something in faith ?. Joyce Meyers
Joyce Meyers is just a phenomenal woman! I love her and honestly hope to be like her one day
I went to bible study today and my pastors wife goes well if you want to go to Joyce Meyers conference I have tickets.
I love watching Joyce Meyers on TV. It feels good to be able to have church and bible study in the comfort of your home as well:) The message of today was simply: PEACE. Have peace with yourself and people around you, even those who offended you. TV is not necessarily a bad thing, it is when you watch programs such as the ratchetness of Real Housewives of ATL:)
We will be playing all kinds of christian music and have a lot of teaching. It will have Joyce Meyers, James Dobson, Sid Roth, Jonathan Cahn, Bro, Ron Miller, and more. Also Perry Stone on Saturday's along with Childrens programming, Adventures in Odyssey, Kid's Corner, Pawes and Tales and more.
Grace, God's Power Freely Given By Joyce Meyers If you've been in the world very long, you've learned that there are very few days that go exactly the way we'd like them to go. Thankfully, God is never going to put us in a situation without giving us the ability to be in it with joy. I believe God gives us His special grace for every situation. Here's how I like to define grace: God's power to help us do whatever it is we need to do. You can have that power today, but you have to receive it, and the only way to receive it is by faith. Romans 12:3 says that "God has allotted to each a measure of faith." Ask yourself today, "What am I doing with my faith?" Are you putting your faith in yourself, or in others, or in your circumstances? That's not living in grace, that's just living by your own strength and works. And it won't get the job done! But when you release your faith and trust God to do what you can't do, you're putting your faith in Him. Then grace, God's power, will come through the channel of fait ...
y'all can listen Joyce Meyers & TB Joshua... For the The teaching of Kenny Powers changed my life...!!!
Mercy understands the why behind the what. Mercy understands why they do what they do, not just what they do. ~ Joyce Meyers
Dang what's wrong with Joyce Meyers ? I like her 😒
Took on Joyce Meyers 30 for 30 challenge. 30 min. Studying the bible for 30's chapter Psalm 35 spoke volumes 2 me. Made me cry
My Joyce Meyers devo today. Definitely needed this. So powerful!
First God makes us right THEN He expects us to do what's right. Joyce Meyers.
Joyce Meyers. Rejoice in the Hope of Experiencing God's Favor . The Bible is full of hope-filled promises for you...
Joyce Meyers is teaching on Righteousness. She is saying call sin what it is.sin. Stop calling it a struggle,...
What if Joyce Meyers was scripted into your life & showed up with the machine gun and asked you to jump in the HumVee?
This is a good one from Joyce Meyers.
I love Joyce Meyers😇 Have a wonderful day Beautiful People💋
you can only overcome evil with good - Joyce Meyers and Romans 12:21
The Osteen's are frauds and fall under the same banner as Joyce Meyers they preach it's all about you and what you want club.
Joyce Meyers. Break Out of the Mold . The world - those we know and deal with on a daily basis - is continually...
Free: Joyce Meyers Developing Power Thoughts CDs and DVDs. Check it out -
Thanks for sharing Debbie. I'll have a listen when the kids are in bed. I was working along to Joyce Meyers today
Watching you right now on Joyce Meyers!😄
"You can improve your life just by changing some of your relationships" Joyce Meyers
"If you show me your friends. I'll show you your future" man on Joyce Meyers
"You can't love without being willing to be hurt" Joyce Meyers
Joyce Meyers book, Battlefield of the mind is a great read.
Ellen Payne wins ladies club championship joins Julie Riley and Joyce Meyers as four time champions!
you're getting it! Just search some ppl you want to follow. Like Joyce Meyers or an actor you like. I'm so proud!
"If we truly trust God, we must trust Him when He says “no” to our requests as much as we do when He says “yes” to them." - Joyce Meyers
Joyce Meyers... If you want to walk on water You gotta get out the Boat!!! This is a must see video!
What a great service this morning on false teachers like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers who only preach about "I Am" and don't tell of Christ!
Joyce Meyers said, "Worry sees the problem, but faith sees the God who can handle the problem." I like that kind of Faith! Enjoy today!
HI follow me if you wil i don´t know if you are a follower of Christ but i found you on JOyce Meyers followers..
Joyce Meyers said.see I watch her on WADL at 630.faithfully when I remember
Had a great weekend at joyce meyers conference with my hubby
Went to Joyce Meyers & it's exactly what I needed. Sometimes i forget how much I have been blessed.
If you listen to Joel and Victoria Osteen or Joyce Meyers we hear different gospels, mine doesn't tickle your ear
Joyce Meyers. God Will Never Change, But You Can! . Why is it that we find ourselves thinking, "Nothing will ever...
It's never too late for a new beginning in your life. -Joyce Meyers
Joyce Meyer's husband Dave, JMM Praise team, and Joyce Meyers preaching...Me and Willie James :)
Joyce Meyers. Jesus Is Not a Pharisee . God desires to heal His people from past hurts caused by rejection. He...
Beth Moore is my favorite, just because she tapped into a place few can. Joyce Meyers is wonderful Andrew Womack is incredible
“I am nothing without Jesus, but in and through Him, I am valuable and I can do great things.” -Joyce Meyers
When the bible says watch and pray. It doesn't me watch and gossip, watch and criticize, watch and judge. ~Joyce Meyers
How many children could be fed if television dysangelist Joyce Meyers did not INSIST on wearing her dresses only
can you send Joyce Meyers podcast to my iPad por favor?
Let emotions subside & then decide. Peace is true confirmation that we are hearing from God - Joyce Meyers
God loves us because He WANTS to, not because of anything we’ve done! Joyce Meyers book God is NOT mad at you
Joyce Meyers. Say Goodbye to Shame . When a person has a shame-based nature, as I did, it becomes the source or...
But my guess is that it COULD be done. Or maybe Joyce Meyers could wear a few thousand of her dresses 10 times..
agree on Joyce Meyers as well. Not a Creflo fan. I like Jimmy Swaggart, but I prefer his worship service to his preaching.
news travels so fast and in this day and age it seems people are drawn to programming filled with negative stereotypes and people with nothing but malice in their hearts and ill-intentions. Those negative images are trickling down into the souls and spirits of our youth because they are influenced by what they see. Are you tired of destructive reality television? Are you looking for that breath of fresh air programming that is wholesome and healing? Looking to be part of the solution and not the problem? Well, so is Cheryl Lacey Donovan! What Happens when Real Life meets Real Faith? “Real Life, Real Faith with Cheryl Lacey Donovan” is reality television at its best. Think Iyanla’s “Fix My Life” and combine that with the teachings of TD Jakes and Joyce Meyers . Think about how explosive and spiritually uplifting a show like that would be led by a former teen mom turned Motivational Speaker, Evangelist, Award-winning Author and Life Coach. Cheryl will help women become the change they want to see ...
Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyers, Joseph Prince, T D Jakes, Benny Hinn, Rick Warren, Bill Johnson, Glenn Beck, are not teachers of the true Jesus of the Bible. You listen to these and like their posts, then you are agreeing with the stupidity they preach and are helping them to send souls to *** The ONLY way is Christ and Him Crucified for Salvation and Sanctification. THE CROSS, THE CROSS, THE CROSS. Via: Tammy Tamalin Cheetham
It is better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all- Joyce Meyers
Part of trusting God is having unanswered questions.get comfortable with NOT knowing - Joyce Meyers
Part of trusting God is having unanswered questions. - Joyce Meyers
Meyers Prayer Starter: God, I'm thankful for Your love and Your presence. Forgive me for…
Joyce Meyers. Live at Peace with Everyone . An important lesson I've learned is to "bend so I will not break."...
Carl and I took a 2 mile walk on our lane this morning. A large variety of song birds, 2 deer a turkey plus Joyce Meyers
Joyce Meyers. Choose Better Thoughts, Reap a Better Life . This scripture clearly says that death and life are in...
"God is not surprised by your inabilities, your imperfections, or your faults. He has always known everything about you, things you are just now finding out, and He chose you on purpose for Himself." ~Joyce Meyers
My joy is not based on what you think of me, it's based off who I am in Christ- Joyce Meyers
nice! Okay thanks! There is one by joyce meyers my cousin told me about too. I need to pick them up.
- It's different than an actual study Bible. The Joyce Meyers "study Bible" is fleecing the flock, too. Not a real study Bible.
I added a video to a playlist Joyce Meyers I Dare You!
Awesome read today!. Love Joyce Meyers!. The High Cost of Low Living . Satan tempts us to live a low life,...
Joyce Meyers and how she spend your donations.
Took the girls to library and came back with cd's, dvd's, books for kids and my personal favorite "Joyce Meyers" books. I love her!
"Comparing yourself with others will hinder your spiritual growth.he is working in you as long as you are seeking him."- Joyce Meyers
"It's alright for us to be 'younger' than others spiritually."- Joyce Meyers
UP, NOT ROUND THE MOUNTAIN Isaiah 2:3 Joyce Meyers used to have a quaint description for our tendency not to learn from our mistakes
"Pray about everything and worry about nothing" Joyce Meyers
Joyce Meyers. The Danger of Jealousy . Anger caused by jealousy is one of the first negative emotions mentioned...
i want to read a book , & can't decide if i should finish Joyce Meyers . Or if I should dig into to some fiction ..
Joyce Meyers. Don't Meditate on the Little Disappointments . Deep hurt doesn't just come from huge...
Interesting choice of words, Joyce Meyers sent out a letter asking for funds because their "income" was lower, not donations or gifts
Just read the same thing from Joyce Meyers...must b God reminding me...anxiety has been plaguing me...thx 4 confirmation.
Meyers Children want you more than what you can buy for them. I.E. Elec,toys, clothes etc. Spend time with & go to church.
Joyce Meyers Prayer Starter: God, I know my faith is useless without love. Help me live a life…
Joyce Meyers. From Seedtime to Harvest . Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us that there is a season for everything. We...
"We all have a past; but thank God, we all have a future." Joyce Meyers
Standing on the set of Joyce Meyers TV studio.. So blessed by her staff.. Took a tour, and they blessed me with...
Joyce Meyers talked about decisions and now Kerry Shook is talking about decisions! I am going to go with this is...
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Joyce Meyers this morning talked about decisions. When we do nothing, people talk! When we do something, people...
Joyce Meyers. A Perfect Heart . Time and time again in my life, the Lord has reminded me that He doesn't look for...
Romans 15:13. "...believing in God and trusting His Word brings peace and hope and overcomes my weakness." - Joyce Meyers
It is the application of the Word of God that sets you free. Studying the word brings healing. -Joyce Meyers
" Let's wake up early in the morning and drink coffee while we watch Joyce Meyers." Lmao we are old ladies
I really love Paula White. She is very good for me. I love her teaching because she use visual and very through to make sure you understand and she use common situation that makes me understand more. I like Paula White more than Joyce Meyers but I like also Joyce Meyers too. Paula remind me more like Beth Moore. I just love Beth Moore.
I like the pic brother Meeks put up about the tickling ears. Here is a little tickling from the name it and claim it or the prosperity gospel or the word of faith movement. The question is are you little gods or as they say little "g". All these big name preachers such as Joyce Meyers, Cleflo Dollars, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn and the list goes on and on, seem to teach that you are little gods. They love to read the scripture from: John 10:30-36 30 I and the Father are one 31 Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him. 32 Jesus answered them, Many good works have I shewed you from my Father; for which of those works do ye stone me? 33 The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy: and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God. 34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? 35 If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken; 36 Say ye of him,whom the Father hath sanctified, an ...
I quit following Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyers, Creflo Dollar, and Joel Osteen. There is some question about heresy and I need to check into these things before I continue to promote their teachings. It's not just for my sake but for the sake of my children, grandchildren, children-n-law and others that I share my faith with. I do not want to bear false witness and lead someone down a wrong way of thinking. Repentance, forgiveness of sins and eternal life is to important and I don't want to risk it. I understand that my decision may meet with opposition but it in no way changes my faith, my love for JESUS or my position in CHRIST!!! It's my hearts desire to grow n Spirit and in truth and have a deeper, closer walk with JESUS!!! HE is too important to me to take any of this lightly. I hope you all understand. My love to all and may JESUS be praised and glorified through this decision.
Joyce Meyers, Joel Olsteen..the local pastor of ur church..r they only teaching "forgiveness.everyone can go to Heaven . and eternal life?" That is NOT what the bible teaches! Lets encourage our Pastors to preach the true word..the consequences of sin and the real way to get to Heaven!!
So I have really been paying attention this week to the televangelist my little old ladies watch. TBN and Daystar seems to be the go to channels. So, I grew up on billy graham and really believe he is a true man of god, his sermons r honest on heaven *** but uplifting as well. This week I have listened to Benny Hinn, John Hagee, t.d. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Joel Olsteen and Joyce Meyers. Of theses my favorite is John Hagee as he preaches as I was brought up to believe, and jessie duplantis. As for the others I am not a big fan. Joel Olsteen ... Feel good religion is not what it's all about . He never once has preached on sin or *** ... Sorry joel there is a *** and u r short sheeting ur flock. Creflo Dollar was ok but I don't like all that asking for money to support the ministry. And lastly Benny Hinn u should be ashamed . If u like hese guys that's great, not trying to bash on anyone ... Just saying the elderly listen to u and a man called to preach . Should do just that . Preach
Havent been on here for a few days cuz a bad infection n my jaw which caused kotsa pain olus my arthritis seamed to have gotten worse so instead of complainin to y'all on here I prayed a lot. Its little better but not gone. Then we switched to Medicom from AT+T + GOT THE BUNDLE PACKAGE. I watched law + order last night cuz I didn feel like looking for something good to watch then went to sleep. Now this morning I decided to look a little + Thank God I did cuz I found Joyce Meyers ó thats who I'm watchin now . She's so awesome. I love her anyways thats what I'm gona do today. Next gota find Joel Olsteen. Its so nice to be abke to watch these wonderful ppl. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. God Bless
Joyce Meyers is a false Prophet and a danger to those trying to follow Christ. If I tried to show every false doctrine she teaches it would take all day. 1) she teaches Jesus did not pay full payment for your salvation on the cross which is a complete falsehood. She teaches Jesus descended into *** where he was tortured by demons until God said enough. This is blasphemy. He did according to 1 Peters 3: 19-20 go and preach to the spirits in prison who had disobeyed God in the time of Noah. Big difference from preaching at these prisoners and being tortured by demons in *** like she teaches. Make no mistake when Jesus was crucified he paid your sins in full. She also teaches that God wants her to be rich and is a ATM machine to those who follow him and her teaching. This also goes against the teachings of the Bible. Acts:2:44-45 teaches us that all believers should be on equal financial ground. If a pastor is rich his flock should be equally well off. No Minister should have a dollar more than the poores .. ...
Tonight's word. Thoughts- Are you suffering from stinking thinking? Over the past few days pastor Jeff Leahey has been talking about attitudes and atmospheres. I want to dig a little deeper. Ever hear the saying, "if you thought it you bought it"? When you wake up in the morning your first thoughts are usually what shapes your day. How many of you wake up and think, "if only I could go back to bed, ugh it's gonna be a crappy day, why does it have to be raining, there is so much I didn't finish yesterday".and on and on? I bet your day was not that great. People either avoided you or were grumpy with you, and those who did "chat" with you, probably complained with you in agreement. You see your starting thought set your attitude for the day, and your attitude set your atmosphere. One of Joyce Meyers favorite sayings is, "Where the mind goes, the man follows". In her book Power Thoughts she says, "I wholeheartedly believe our thoughts lead us, charting the course for our lives and pointing us in certain dire ...
Staying home today watching Christian channel # 24. if you ever get a chance to Listen to a Christian speaker's ! these are good peeps to listen to on channel 24 * Billy Graham * Dr Charles Stanley * Greg Laurie * Joyce Meyers all these people are Worth listen too . Always a good msg ♥
The Law of Christ is LOVE. If all things are done in love, then things are handled properly. Joyce Meyers ***This quote touched my soul today. Deeper than I expected. It's been a rough week and sometimes you just have to be reminded to BE LOVE, GIVE LOVE, SHARE LOVE, HONOR LOVE, RECEIVE LOVE, and LIVE LOVE. Be blessed my brothers and sisters. Love and Light
Thankful to see another day. This morning I woke up wondering why people just don't get it. Sometimes when you know a person(s), they keep getting sick, falling on hard times, negative. You have to wonder if they truly have taken a good look at their lives. GOD is the record keeper, knows all sees all. In talking about others, pretending to have their best interest at heart when you really being nosey, its not hurting the person it's directed to. You will pay the price at your expense not theirs. Joyce Meyers said something like to worry or say why me, no, pray for them, they need it more. God corrects us when we are wrong. We either pay attention the first time or He will keep you on your knees all the time!
I know it's prob. Not a big deal for anyone else, but it is for me. I slept GREAT last night! I listened to a "Developing Power Thoughts" dvd by Joyce Meyers right before bed and slept all night long. All I can say is "Thank you Jesus!" I can definately relate and sympathize with anyone who has insomnia, it is a horrible thing and I am praying this thing is gone in Jesus name. I know I'm probably sounding radical right now but I'm feeling radical! Thanking God and ONLY God!
Regarding Joyce Meyer Ministries: Someone is out there saying they are Joyces Meyer rather than Joyce Meyers. They are using her photo and contacting message centers. Yesterday when they messaged me they already had 29 friends ~ beware.
Does anyone have a copy of the book Joyce Meyers: battlefield of the mind they would like to sell cheap?
What Im about to say may freak some of you out so get ready. Im changing a new leaf! Im exactly where I belong doing exactly what I was meant to. Last night I went to bed listening to Joel Osteen. I woke up and listened to my fav Joyce Meyers. I take what I need and leave the rest. Filled with God's love and true blessings I went to work. The day was fantastic. You guys may laugh but Im falling in love with God and spirituality. Ive longed for something to fill the empty spaces in my heart and I believe I have found it. Sounds cheesy I know but its true. I know today God blessed me with a great man and all our wonderful children. God has blessed me with awesome residents and wonderful co-workers who mostly I truly love and enjoy. What do I have to complain about? Truly nothing for I am blessed! Thank you God for my family and friends. Thank you for loving me heavenly father.
Joyce Meyers conference was amazing!!! Thank u Jesus.
Call those things that are not as if they Are. Romans 4:17. I am claiming this verse today. I have been struggling with insomnia for too long now and it has gotten me to the point that I am up crying at night. I believe that just the fear itself of not being able to fall asleep has caused me so much anxiety that, that in itself is causing the insomnia. I am listening to Joyce Meyers today, "Developing Power Thoughts" and it is all about fear. I am NOT going to fear this anymore in Jesus Name, and I AM NOT AFRAID!!! I can't wait to get back on here and give you all my testimony when this insomnia is defeated! 4:17
I honestly wish I could permanently block all things related to Joyce Meyers from all social media.
God is pleased with you, simply because you are His child. Joyce Meyers
(2/2) t to be a man! Tori Spelling we love you, you rock! and Joyce Meyers you rock too!
If you were at revival at wesleys chapel umc last night, this is for you. If you were not, this is for you. If you are breathing, this is for u...READ this device from Joyce Meyers! Overcoming the Fear of Lack One of the biggest fears that people face is the fear of lack. It's the fear that your needs won't be met - that you'll run out of resources and that God won't come through for you in time. You may be in a situation of lack that you've never been in before, in desperate need of finances or other resources to simply meet your basic needs. Maybe you're facing an emotional or spiritual lack. The spirit of fear might be attacking you, telling you that God cannot meet your needs and that you won't make it. You need to know today that the enemy is a liar, and God cares about your situation. He has a plan and He is working on your behalf to provide what you need at the right time. Even when it seems like nothing is coming your way, God always knows how to miraculously provide. Whatever your needs may be - ...
I am so angry right now. Believe it or not I had another *** send me pictures of his private parts without even asking me if I wanted to see them. Well I DO NOT. I have deleted and reported this person as I have warned him before about that. If you are so immature that you think that is the only way to get my attention then PLEASE DELETE MY FRIENDSHIP. I also have had a fake person posing as the former director of the FBI contact me. WELL DELETED AND REPORTED ALSO. THE FAKE PROFILES have got to be stopped. I have had so many over the last few months that I HAVE HAD IT. I have had a fake Joyce Meyers, a fake Tyler Perry just to mention a few. They are not even smart enough to use different people than celebrities. The best one was the Fake CEFLO DOLLAR. I laughed at that one. I also am sick of these young kids asking me to adopt them and help them get their education. I have my own kids to care for and I surely would rather help someone in my own country before giving to someone I do not kn ...
In case anyone in interest in Joyce Meyers Conference next week. Here is the link.
Did you know this ? You won't hear Rick Warren Joyce Meyers Joel Osteen Kenneth Copland Or all the rest of those Hollywood preachers preach this truth ! That's why I'm staying with Via: Donna Gilley
"The next time you fear or seek trouble set yourself to seek God instead!" -Joyce Meyers! Such an incredible woman! Feeling inspired! :)
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HHMMM... While reading about loose tongues... just thought of something... In all the times I've seen Joel Osteen preach. i don't think I've ever seen him pick up a bible... Peculiar thing this is... I searched for pics of this act,,, but for some reason T.D Jakes... and Joyce Meyers Pics came up... I'm not trying to bank off anyone here, it seems very strange.. Am I on an episode of the twilight zone here?
Praise God! The harvest behind sowing and reaping! Read about the parables of the seed sower. Joyce is good ground! I am thankful for you! You are a gift from God! More seed to the sower! Moving glory to glory!!?
Joyce Meyers Devotional "Promises for Your Everyday Life." Receive Forgiveness, Not Condemnation Every single day of our lives we need forgiveness. The Holy Spirit sets off the alarm in our spirits to recognize sin, and He gives us the power of the blood of Jesus to continuously cleanse us from sin and keep us in right standing with Him. But if we are overcome with condemnation, we can be certain it is not from God. He sent Jesus to die for us, to pay the price for our sins. Jesus bore our sin and condemnation on the cross (see Isaiah 53). When God breaks the yoke of sin from us, He removes the guilt too. He is faithful and just to forgive all our sins and to continually cleanse us from all unrighteousness (see 1 John 1:9). The devil knows that condemnation and shame keep us from approaching God in prayer so we can receive forgiveness and enjoy intimate fellowship with Him. Feeling bad about ourselves or believing that God is angry with us only separates us from His presence. He will never leave you, so d ...
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