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Joy Reid

Joy S. Reidenberg is an American comparative anatomist specializing in the vocal and breathing apparatus.

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NBC should've done an Undercover Boss to ask Joy Reid about *** Matt Lauer about sex and Brian Williams about his stint…
Joy Reid should be apologizing for breathing our air!
I’d love to, but propagandists like Joy Reid, Peter Daou, David Brock etc. are doing unimaginable damage to this country a…
Bernie & friends realizing they aren't getting that same level of attention so they lash out at Joy Reid. Still got the…
Joy Reid is basically the flip side of Ann Coulter. Different message same methods.
You're giving Peter Daou and Joy Reid a heart attack.
Botherders like . Joy Reid & Eric G have to use increasingly more bizarre stimuli to k…
Joy Reid: Did this man work with Michael Flynn to kidnap Turkish cleric?:
Trump-loving pastor stuns Joy Reid by blurting ‘morality’ is not a necessary qualification for leadership.
I liked a video Joy Reid's Spin of Donna Brazile's Revelation is Fox News-Level Propagan…
Maybe you should check out how Shep Smith & Joy Reid blow this lie out of the water.
Joy Reid and Shep Smith have been debunked as journalists. That is quite a chart you made Mr.Chang.
Why does anyone give a flying fork what this woman says? She's down there with Joy Reid & Alyssa Milano i…
Joy Reid has spent four years depicting NSA reporting as criminal & treasonous (just as Trump does), while accusing Snowden…
I think about little Bo Peep when I think of Joy Reid
LOL!!! Joy Reid is your voice of reason?. And it wasn't debunked. Please show your work.
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Hang in there, there are others who are, Joy Reid comes to mind, a lot of sane people getting…
Ignorant and stupid? Joy Reid is a Harvard graduate. You? Trump University? MAGA, Lol!
I would pay good money to see *** Morris, Joy Reid, and Matthew Dowd in a race to be the wrongest.
HELPFUL: Joy Reid slams NRA as 'soaked and bathed in blood' after San Antonio church shooting
Nice crown...I stand by my statement.Take a look at Nicole Wallace & Joy Reid - fact based…
Nicole Wallace & Joy Reid should run for president & vice president
And, I would like to add Stephanie Ruhle, Joy Reid, Katy Tur, Chris Jansing, Kasey Hu…
Joy Reid, Ann has 12 sellers. Your liberal lunacy inspires not to reach for greatness, it teache…
I think Joy Reid definitively demolished that theory. But the C's have been public s…
Joy Reid is a rude Angry racist B_Tch!She gives no one time to answer a question! Motor mouth likes to hear herself…
In the past few days Joy Reid and now Newsweek have bashed Irish Catholics. Here's a reminder if why it's a bad idea https…
Joy Reid warns Trump & Kelly: Rep. Wilson is the wrong woman of color to make your new scapegoat | Raw Story
Thank God for Joy Reid, it’s people like her that will hand us the elections in 18’and 20’
Oh geez. Joy Reid is filling in for Chris Hayes. This means Blinky McDouble & Coffee Boy will be on. Time to switch to Anderson Cooper.
Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Joy Reid and others do it on a daily basis.
John Peter Zenger would be so ashamed of Joy Reid bc she condones & practices Censor…
I wanna be something really scary for Halloween this year...think I'll go as Peter Daou and Joy Reid's collective hatre…
I know a Few who would do that, Joy Reid, and J…
they are Pro-military pro-war just like Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, Joy Reid , Rob Reiner, Morgan Freeman
Owen Benjamin's mistake was in being too obvious in his bigotry. He should've used dog-whistles like Jesse Singal and Joy Reid.
2017, among other things, is the year I started paying less attention to Riley Reid and more to Joy Reid.
Joy Reid's Negative Ad: Trump has a "petting zoo for black evacuees," 'Puerto Rico Is Trump's Katrina'
Me on Trumpspeak with Joy Reid; best part really was Perlman's Trump imitation but I got some licks in.
I gotta give it up to Michael Smith... Joy Reid sat her *** up on MSNBC after they nixed Melissa Perry
Lol, who is this Brian Mills? Regardless: thank you Joy Reid for the truth you bring out!
I find it amazing that 'smart' people like Joy Reid don't know Comcast will "bring them to heel."…
Joy Reid is Edward R. Murrow reporting from London during the Blitz.
Shouts to Joy Reid for letting everybody know where she stands.
Currently, my ideal dinner-party guests would be Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, and Linda Holmes.
Thank you for exposing Joan Walsh and that despicable suckup Joy Reid. Pls shine light on more media cockroaches.
Again, you don't get it. I know it's hard to understand because Joy Reid and Joan Walsh won't tell you. Bu…
You can use this for anyone. Neera. Joy Reid. Joan Walsh. Lol! Versatile gif
The Humanist Report applauds David Schuster calling out Joy Reid and Joan Walsh Their MSM lies about "alt-left."
Joy Reid was sharing a Video of Fannie Lou Hammer, IMPORTANTANT Dallas News, Edramaal…
Condi Rice,Michelle Obama,Joy Reid,Kamala Harris all look alike to bi…
Joy Reid says there should be statues of Harriet Tubman. She must've missed these. There are also quite a few others.…
Talked to Joy Reid & Amb.Fried, who said "What you say has to be true. You have to stand by it, you have to mean it" https:/…
*** I'm surprised that Joy Reid didn't *** out some crap about it being a "false flag operation".
Looking at you Deray, Al Sharpton, Joy Reid, Van Jones, Don Lemon. Keep rubbing salt on old wounds you race pimps ! .
Joy Reid and Charles Blow should send this man gifts and thank you cards. He actually makes them seem intelligent.
"ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have" -James Baldwin, -Joy Reid, -Michael Scott
Why the *** is Joy Reid, Charles Clymer, Joan Walsh, & Peter Doau on this list? Definitely not part of the resistance.
Can MSNBC just be Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid all day? Chris Hayes can come too. And I guess Jacob Soboroff and/or Steve Kornacki.
Call, Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC! They are true Journalists! I also miss,…
The year of Trump, Joy Reid , The year of The Salem Witch Trials!
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IDK who Joy Reid is but I'm grateful 4 David Sirota's inve$tigative report$.From the Wolf of $esame $treet 2 Corpor…
Joy Reid was gonna book to discuss his article but she had to make room for David French & Mr. Peanut
David Sirota is just mad cause Joy Reid makes more money than he does.
Joy Reid is our hero defending America from vampire Trump and blood suckers like David
*glares at Joy Reid for defending NBC rightwing hosts*. *glares at David Sirota minimizing multiple issues and bashing the left*. No one wins.
David you are spinning rather weakly... Joy Reid has a TRACK RECORD back to the Martin Boot camp murde…
I should watch Joy Reid's show some time and see if I can work out what she does to make people so weird and angry.
Please FORCE yourself to tune to MSNBC...Maxine Waters is on with JOY REID East Coast time...ENJOY!!
Is everyone who hates Democrats' undying devotion to Corporate America a Republican? Coming up on MSNBC: ten people who agree with Joy Reid
We have the most anti-science and anti-women's rights POTUS in US history, and you *** are whining about Joy Reid.
Joy Reid Dershowitz continues to beclown himself for Trump. Maybe he thinks he can get a SCOTUS nod or som…
That is how it's been, Bernie proved it does not have to be-time to take back our govt and get rid of pundits like Joy Reid
He's a big fake fraud. MSNBC knows it. That's why the only show that will have him on is conspiracy theorist Joy Re…
Also, Joy Reid has taken to calling them racists because they don't like Harris. We are so screwed.
When is Joy Reid not In meltdown mode? Her entire existence is about attacking TRUE…
Just shills Joy Reid works for are owned by Wallstreet.
Don't forget that people like Peter Daou and Joy Ann Reid are professional Bernie…
Great description of Joy the racist beast Reid. Thank you for that it is so true wh…
Wait oh no I missed it. What happened with Joy Reid?
Trumps pissing off all the democrats by helping Americans only a democrat would hate that. Especially t…
Joy Reid Obliterates the Arguments of the Lawyer Who Said the Diversity of Trump's Grand Jury Is Unfair to Trump |
"Everybody's doing it!" . -Comcast spokeswoman Joy Reid. Thanks for that hard hitting, not at all juvenile & profoundly st…
Taking this time to thank Peter Daou, Joy Reid and Zerlina Maxwell for Trump's win in 2020.
I love Joy Reid, very touching. Thanks for sharing.
I liked a video Joy Reid and ex-Obama aide dumbfounded by Trump supporter lies about Trump economy
Joy Reid in 08: "Is Hillary becoming the candidate of white racists Or is she just the Al Sharpton of white people?"
WATCH: Joy Reid and ex-Obama aide struggle not to laugh as Trump booster blandly lies about economy
Joy Reid & Howard Dean are the most realistic characters ever created in a dystopian political science fiction movie.
I'm having enough problems with David Frum and Max Boot and Joy Reid being considered credible.
Comcast spokesperson Joy Reid brands the leader of the National Nurses Union an "alt-left activist."
We need a prime time Joy Reid show!!! I love my Chris, Rachel and Lawrence...BUT I NEED JOY TOO!
Joy Reid has taken over for Rachel Maddow as the biggest *** on the news.
Expecting Louise Mensch on next after they put nut job Joy Reid on.
Joy Reid is truly vile. Chelsea is a hero, not "acting out"
Chris Jansing needs to get a tutorial from Joy Reid on handling diversity on air. Girl, offending the us won't work! Get that tutorial!
Pelosi, Joy Reid and Rachel Madow are examples of why the left keeps losing elections. Too much condescending lecturing and back patting.
Joy Reid has an all left panel on for at least an hour talking about Russian collusion…
Most cable news talking heads do it. Joy Reid's an exception, but I'm sure she's on Andy…
Tim Black calls out Joy Reid for distorting the Truth about Jullian Assange & Wickileaks.
Joy Reid is a paid Hack, Corporate Reporter, not to be confused with a sincere & credible Jo…
No, Joy Reid did not convince Trump to regime-change Bashar so as to out-alpha Putin. The actual strategy:
Joy Reid: Founders ghosts must be wondering how we got a ‘mad king’ His name was Barack Hussein Obama
Can Dems have 1 easy to understand narrative that explains GOP health bill in the way Joy Reid did on her 1 July '17 show?
The unholy trinity of Joy Reid endorsing an idea Dan Savage promoted on Bill Maher's show was too much for me to take.
The story here is Joy Reid still watches Bill Maher every week
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But who cares for facts, right?. Joy Reid desperately needs a new SLAY KWEEN and Merkel just fits the b…
amazing how such a colossally stupid idea could come out of the confluence of Joy Reid, Dan Savage, and Bill Maher
.isn't defending Trump. He's pointing out the hypocrisy, i.e. Joy Reid would never say the same abo…
Hanging with Bill Clinton, Joy Reid looks like big Ana is following the drug trade money &corr…
Joy Reid is going IN on this binion dude on the senate bill! Lol yeazzss!.
I'm disappointed that Joy Reid was skipped over, but Ari Melber replacing Greta Van Susteren is a decent choice. Anothe…
Dear Getting rid of Greta Van Susteren is good, but why the *** didn't you give Joy Reid that time slot? Aski…
How about it, Joy Reid is fabulous as are both Ari Melber & Nicolle Wallace. Can't say that I have any int…
I'm no fan of Joy Reid's but saying you respect Ann Coulter and Megan Kelly more is suspect and over the top
You had Goldie Taylor and Joy Reid calling him a racist and everything under the sun then gloat…
Joy Reid is filling in for Rachel Maddow tonight & that's absolutely fine by me. Couldn't ask for better. Get well soon…
Joy Reid is an overweight, dumbed down version of Tawana Brawley who went to Harvard on Affirmative Action
Watch Kim Strassel absolutely wipe the floor with the grotesquely misinformed Joy Reid & Charlie Sykes:
Kimberly Strassel tried to make a false equivalency between Obama & trump's team. Joy Reid was having NONE OF IT: htt…
Thank you Joy Reid. I am a Montanan living in Iowa. My heart is broken. We are going this summer.…
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Mark my words, in 2024, Zaid Jilani and Lee Fang are going to be the left-punching Joy Reid and Peter Daou of that election cycle.
They are many more that needs sued Joy Reid,Maddow, Chris Matthews, Many more
Watch connect the dots showing Pence is up to his neck in Trump’s Flynn scandal
Welp, there goes Joy Reid's favorite thing to bring up about Assange...
Read : Roger Ailes built a kingdom on exploited bias
The one word that cannot be used to describe the Ailes demonisation of the middle/left is subtle. It was never that
Joy Reid, Marcus Johnson, Imani Gandy etc are NOT the sole voices of African-Americans, roles they see themselves as.
Joy Reid is the biggest *** to come down the pike since Maxine Waters or Sheila Jackson Lee.
Thomas Roberts and Joy Reid need to replace the Morning Joe duo, it's time for a much needed change..
42) "GOP have plotted a slew of new measures intended to make voting more difficult"
Great questioning by Joy Reid tonight to Tom Perez. His answers sounded…
Joy Reid, I love you my Sis, but stop coming for my Senator Bernie Sanders.
Joy Reid is a National Treasure & I'm not gonna lie to you, that Rachel Maddow??? She's growing on me! Her post-ele…
Perez when he got back to his hotel after appearance with Bernie and Joy Reid interview
NO! Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid of MSNBC are outstanding rep…
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Watching Joy Reid interview Tom Perez on Maddow. Hope they have the six second delay activated.
When you love Joy Reid, but wanted Maddow tonight...
Remember the time Joy Reid was so desperate for a dig at Trump she accused all of Central Africa of thug politics? So woke, amirite?
Agree, and Joy Reid is great too. Ari Melber I like as well
Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid, peppered with Lawrence O'Donnell and Katy Turkey!…
You should have told Joy Reid that you had a GREAT candidate that was worth going to the polls for. Your messaging needs WORK.
Your responses to Joy Reid were not satisfactory. Bernie is using Dems for PR and you are his personal dais. ENOUGH!!
Joy Reid: There's an 'Unpredictable Commander-in-Chief in the White House' :Racist is well known pimp
But I hear Joy Reid tonight say the opposite! Surely you don't suggest we…
Then you get Joy Reid pretending to care about BERNIESANDERS then two seconds later trashing him.
Tom, your evasiveness in answering Joy Reid's questions was disappointing & frustrating to…
Kudos to Joy Reid for the subtle calling out of Jeff Sessions Easter book choice. He didn't pick it by chance.
I really hate to say this, but after watching Tom Perez with Joy Reid (in for Rachel), I am not impressed.
Great job Joy Reid filling in for Rachel. Outstanding.
Just hearing this from Joy Reid filling in for .POS yet has 45*'s ear. Yuk.
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I'm getting there with Gus, Perez sidestepped Joy Reid's questions. Idk what the plan is but I…
I rarely notice what anchors wear, but Joy Reid has such awesome taste I crave her w…
Joy Reid cares about Bernie not being "A real Democrat" as much as Bernie cares about single payer.. 🤔
The only news I watch is MSNBC from 7pm to 11pm, Joy Reid on weekends, and Al Sharpton on Sun.…
I watch MSNBC for Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow & Lawrence O'Donnell. *them only
Joy Reid in for Rachel tonite is talking about this very subject. From one tyrant to another-with love.
Joy Reid is on now, telling the stories of undocumented people facing deportation w no criminal histories & all are brown ppl
You're doing a fantastic job Joy Reid.
Oh, I now understand. Joy Reid wants 2know if he's joining the party and, because Hillary did, sha…
Perez is right to tour with Bernie...need to unify. Put aside your anti-Bernie bias, Joy Reid.
Watching Perez with Joy Reid, am I the only one who thinks he's going to need to do a contrition tour among the base after the Unity tour?
The Tom Perez interview with Joy Reid was a disaster.
Joy Reid interviewing Tom Perez right now. She's trying to ask him if Bernie will turn over his lists or actually become a Dem, and she's...
Guy seriously had Joy Reid, Adam Schiff, buncha white guys I didn't recognize & Maxine "CREW'S Most Corrupt" Waters on his "wall of heroes".
Joy Reid: "Why does Putin want Marine Le Pen to be the president of France?". Christopher Dickey: "To destroy Europe.". —v…
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Source tells MSNBC’s Joy Reid that Carter Page wasn’t the only Donald Trump ally under FISA warrant
,Joy Reid made Jeffrey Lord look like the fool that he is. . she explains the REAL GOP
Chris Matthews, Joy Reid, Scott Pelley, Keith Olbermann, making it happen. Need more from CNN.
Joy Reid and Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II: What a team for truth telling!
Joy Reid is the Alex Jones of the center. There's almost nothing left-wing about her. 100% alt-center. ht…
Joy Reid . These are the kinds of immigrants Steve Bannon and his ilk want gone, now. Despite all they…
Joy Reid is beyond stupid. She probably didn't even read the reports on the bill before making that idiotic comment.
Wonder if we'll Joy Reid and Fernand Amandi talk about this or will it be their Usual "Trum…
Love women who are warned but persist Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Maxine Waters, Joy Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth War…
Joy Reid reminding elected Republicans that they destroyed bipartisanship in an attempt to destroy Pres Obama.
Joy Reid goes off on GOP pundit blaming Democrats: Remember 'I alone can fix it'?
why are we still being subjected to Brian Williams ... his spot or greta's belong to Joy Reid!
get off the meds you clown and stop citing Leftist stats from Brian Stelter and Joy Reid.
It take s a little less "normal" to inform the People, and while you like the Brian Williams style, I'm calling for a Joy Reid.
She ain't no Joy Reid. Good luck with this sister. 👀
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I feel the same way about Joy Reid because of AM Joy on the weekends.
Disagree. Joy Reid highlighted a division in an effective way. To simply say, "Right-wing news is siding…
Putting Joy Ann Reid in the same category as "us", is doing us a real disservice.
Who said 'the media' doesn't post stories ;)
And I'd guess that most of the people tuning in to Joy Reid's program are "hate watching".
Joy Reid’s Smear of Sebastian Gorka and other Counter-Jihadists: In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie calls out…
Reid, you are a fat triple chin racist *** ***
is on fire lately. (This will be the finest hour in journalism or we're all going down. Thank you for fightin…
Maddow, Lawrence, Chris Hayes & Joy Reid are the only programs to TRUST 󾓦
Joy Reid takes no prisoners with these liars
Hardball Chris Matthews is on the wiretapping situation he says he will not let it go away! Finally somebody in the media helping Joy Reid!
We need a Joy Reid Movement. You get to the heart of the matter. EVERY DAY. please take note.
You mean black students like the Obamas, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Michael Eric Dyson, Michelle Bernard, Joy Reid?
Joy Reid is brilliant and a quality person.
Joy Reid Did Rupert Murdoch call in a favor to get kicked to the curb? Makes you wonder:
Too bad Joy Reid is not a responsible journalist.
Joy Reid, Chris Hayes and Maddow are the most informed and refuse to be shut down when someone lies.Awesome.
Joy Reid made a great case AGAINST open primaries last night. Sheriff Clarke that m…
Thank you Joy Reid, media don't tell why ACA had such difficulties, REPUBLICAN governors obstucted!
I know I'm not alone in saying that Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, Lawrence O'Donnell & others like them give me hope. Togeth…
I think it may be time to give Joy Reid this time slot. Hayes is nice, BUT.
I like Joy Reid & Lawrence O'Donnell, but I miss Melissa Harris-Perry. Oh, well. HBO is best
Joy Reid is MSNBC token,replacing Melissa Harris Perry,whose mouth was much larger than her brain
It won't be Joy Reid naming names: she blocked me saying she'd be a sycophant if she didn't condemn her new NBC coworker Megyn Kelley
Joy Reid called him Bagdad Bob which is so fitting.
MSNBC's Joy Reid to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Ramon Villaraigosa: "Does Los Angeles have the resources to fight...
And she is excellent! Still a *** shame she's the only one...Tamron Hall or Joy Reid would be great
Gosh darn Lawrence O'Donnell is off tonight &he was the favorite part of my Monday but we got Joy Reid filling in 4 Chris Hayes. Luv u Joy
Joy Reid on tonite filling in for Chris Hayes.2/6/2017
- Great job with Joy Reid on Chris Hayes' show!
Chris Mathews totally does not get the 84 Lumber ad. Of course. Give this show to Joy Reid.
Chris Hayes Lawrence O'donnell, Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid are the ones to wa…
Joy Reid gives a soundbyte I've never heard re Trump's inability t…
Remember when Joy Reid and Joan Walsh were absolutely bashing Bernie Sanders for making nearly the same suggestion?
Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence McDonald & Joy Reid are the only reasons to watch now.
.I asked this Q's on ur forum. Why has Joy Reid not had u back on her show & Al-Sharpton has not had u at all? Please Explain?
Joy Reid just said that Hamilton wasn't nice to Mike Pence and Trump has been rejected by them. ME: So, defund the arts?!
I've been blocked by them all. Peter Daou, Shaun King, Jonathan Capehart, Bill Maher, Joy Reid, I can't keep up
" Only Chris Hayes, Joy Reid, Rachel and Lawrence." The others are unwatchable.
With commutation of Chelsea Manning, Joy Reid deciding whether or not to criticize Obama or praise him.
love the show out here in cali. need joy reid to get a prime time show the11th hr. Williams has zero credibility, while joy does
Alex Jones and Joy Reid are two peas in a pod.
Ruben seems to be the new MSNBC pet conservative. She's on joy Reid show every day it seems. I disapprove.
Tuned in for a few minutes and ... yeah. Nothing against Greta Van Susteren, but why did of all places, hir…
B.S.!. gives weekday time slot to Fox News reject Greta Van Susteren over Joy-Ann Reid via…
Thank you to Joy Reid from MSNBC for sharing my Palmer Report article.
She's another Joy Reid. I get blocked by these ditzes as well.
Why is it that a person named Joy Reid is NEVER a joy to read?
Inauguration Playlist: MSNBC host Soundtrack for the Next Four Years via
Meet with Elisabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Meet with Joy Reid (MSNBC) to get real insight heal the rift.
"Give Bradley Manning his pillow and blankie back."Joy Ann Reid, mocking Chelsea Mannning's suffering in prison.
Obama lets 2000 drug dealers go from jail. Joy Reid's lover
Joy Ann Reid... Another hack that needs to go away!
afternoon people other than Andrea Mitchell ... put Ari Melber and Joy Ann Reid for real news and commentary
This made me like Keith Ellison a lot! And makes me wonder why Joy Ann Reid is on tv.
"Trump is one of those giant robots from Pacific Rim, copiloted by Hitler and Stalin". -Joy Ann Reid, probably
is human waste personified: 'Da-mess' D'Souza trashes John Lewis and Joy-Ann Reid puts him in check
Inauguration playlist: host shares her soundtrack for the next four years
Joy Reid, respect our President or leave the US, please,quit acting like a brat, embarrassing
WON'T. O'Donnell does, but Joy Reid does, and Rachel Maddow. That's it.
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I watch anyway, sometimes if joy Reid is on I mean
Was happy with Jennifer Holliday for backing out of the inauguration until this. Defeats our point doesn't it?
Joy Reid's show was canceled for this. Lean Forward MSNBC, Lean Forward.
She did in her interview with Joy Reid 2 days ago. She basically threw Black ppl under the bus & made it sound like we never…
Will always remember Joy Reid as the lady who pulled that dumb face on Bill Maher when Ann…
.asked me for my 1/20 playlist. I picked these five resistance songs. via
I trust Joy Reid and beyond that I am discerning and fact check any article.
Joy Reid: Being Black and Muslim Puts You in ‘the Crosshairs of Trumpworld’: While Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) touted…
. Joy Reid has more than earned the slot that you've given to Greta Van Susteren. BIG MISTAKE & ratings wil…
Check on one of Joy Reid's feeds. I think I read an article from there today. It looked at the geographic distribut…
Joy Reid never said a word when Willie Geist, her coworker, made a hyper-masculine homophobic slur against me. NBC keeps him on the payroll
Joy Reid is good and Rachel Maddow is awesome...the rest suck! Bring back Olberman!
Ugh. Joan Walsh/Joy Reid one-two combo. Unfollow. They & everyone else shilling for HRC over Sanders gave us Trump. They're the traitors.
only watch when there are guest hosts - Joy Reid or Willie Giest.
Joy Reid did it, too. Then they have the nerve to talk about fake news.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
My news boycott will end 1/1/17. I will follow Joy Reid, Charles Blow & Joe Madison! All others must earn my trust!
Joy Reid you need a new rag on your head girl stop using that bleaching cream trying to look white no you hate ppl
Exactly 25 years ago today Gorbachev resigned and the Soviet Union ceased to exist. Someone tell Joy Reid.
Avoid nostalgia and longing for something better. Find joy in what is present in your life today. - Colette Baron-Reid Oracle Cards
Maybe all those things can be changed. I'm certainly not climbing aboard any ship steered by Joy Reid and Neera Tanden.
James Reid's love is definitely Yes, it's soo obvious!
What an excellent example of the this rude *** is. Thanks, Joy Reid, for not letting him steamroll you!💙. https…
I have not watched since the election..of course I'll watch Joy Reid and last night Lawrence O...between commercials. I'm done
Would make a good line of questioning for interview. "See Kellyanne Lie". Hope she uses Joy Reid's no BS…
Joy Reid is doing a charity auction of Seamus' book, autographed and PAWTOGRAPHED CARL:
So I just wanted to bring your attention to the fact that Joy Reid while hosting for Chris Mathews show yet again...
Yes. Definitely go on that joy Reid show and Good Morning America's stage w/lights just a few days later.
Joy Reid has been in for Chris Matthews so much lately I almost feel like it's her show. It wouldn't break my heart! Hardball with Joy Reid!
Joy Reid: Trump’s favorability ratings are lower than any incoming president in history of poll https…
NO THANKS. This is why I stopped watching you, Rachel, along with Chris Hayes.No one but Joy Reid is worth watching now.
Got that right... and (as Joy Reid said) "Goodbye to a lot of the 20th Century"
Saw him on Joy Reid's show, he is a pompous ***
Not Jamelle Bouie or Joy Reid, that's for *** sure
Joy Reid - the hardest working woman on MSNBC!
Joy Reid shows up Trump with video of all the times President Obama said "Merry Christmas" via
FACT: favorability ratings are LOWER than any incoming president in history of poll
Reid . Trump keeps his kids close because he has dementia
Thank you Joy Reid for exposing Donald Trumps campaign "scorched earth" statements.
I love how joy Reid made hardball her own with her interviews , pushbacks etc it's a lot better with her
Oh Joy Reid wth are we gonna do. We knew he has NO PLAN
it's all about Joy Reid need to take that show NOW!!
Doesn't Jack Kingston know better than to appear on when is hosting? Joy Reid doesn't sit still for lies.
Wow Joy Reid is actually trying to suggest that Trump.gave reporters an opportunity to engage him.SMH now...
Time to play hardball with Joy Reid! Love her!
At least you're not on Joy Reid's show, her sheep would call you a traitor, spy AND communist (Reid thinks Russia is communist)
- no one is covering this. Not even Joy Reid.
Joy seriously we need a Joy Reid Fan T-Shirt. Loved your evening subbed-shows last week!
we have always thought that the MSNBC hosts had lost their minds - particularly O'Donnell and Joy Reid - whack jobs
I kinda wish maddow & joy reid would start their own network. Still on my boycott of (& for promo…
I don't think Matthew included Joy Reid in Dem group for purging. There is a "perio…
we need other new sources now because cable news has turned into Pravda except for Joy Reid
call MSNBC 212-664-4 Demand better programming Joy Ann Reid to replace Chris Matthews or Joe Scarborough on mor…
did everyone catch my appearance on the Joy Reid Show? The last time i was on NBC i was being interviewed by Chris Hanson.
Wud LOVE 2 see Joy Reid & Ari Melber do a show together on What a winner that wud be w/FACTS
Can you imagine MSNBC if Mika & Joe were replaced by Ari Melber & Joy Reid ? Replace stagnation with Brains, Fact, & Sheer Talent
Re BO not using Red Phone to call Russia to stop HRC hacking not until Oct 31 was on 2nite MSNBC Ari Melber + Joy Reid in 4 Chris
Other than Ari Melber, Steve Kornacki, Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow on Friday nights, I'm done with MSNBC.
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