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Joy Behar

Joy Behar (born Josephina Victoria Occhiuto; born October 7, 1942) is an American comedian, writer, actress, and a co-host of the talk show The View.

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Guess she hasn't seen the pic of Joy Behar, grabbing the late Robin Williams by the crotch?
Hypocritical liberal jerk. Joy Behar probably harasses herself too. that photo of her with Robin Williams is disgus…
--You should check out the picture of Joy Behar of " THE View " grabbing Robin Williams by his crot…
Check out Joy Behar groping Robin Williams 2006 Comic Relief photo. Gives you a VIEW of her hypocrisy
Brian Williams was there when Gloria Allred saw Roy Moore sign the yearbook & . Brian Ross reported it to Joy Behar. I'm…
Same incident from a different angle, with Whoopie Cushion standing right there. Joy Behar appears to sexually assault Robi…
Joy Behar said it right on "The View": "We're losing a democratic voice in the Senate. Franken interrogated Jeff Sessions…
Meghan McCain don't forget you are a Conservative Republican, and do not let Joy Behar bully you! She gets nasty wh…
The View: . Joy Behar calls BS on Meghan McCain for claiming Trump’s success is America’s success . —.
Single berry ugly Joy Behar forced to walk back her excitement over false Brian Ross report on 'The View'
You know last week there were pictures of Joy Behar grabbing Al Franken-stein crotch She is just as nasty…
Joy Behar finding out about Michael Flynn's guilty plea on "the View" is a live TV moment to remember
I see you, Dom Irrera, Steven Wright, Jeff Stilson, Joy Behar, late great Kevin Meaney, possibly Rick Moranis and Marc Maron.
Never forget that Joy Behar called all of Bill Clinton's accusers "tramps". . Disgusting.
It wasn't Joy Behar who told Corey Feldman to STFU when he tried to talk about sexual harassment..but it was on ..S…
You know, Joy Behar looks like an evil Kathy Lee Gifford...
Joy Behar: You know, we never heard about nuclear war with North Korea when Obama was ..
Well our best advice is for you to stay away from Feminist, Democrats, Joy Behar, Nancy Grace, & Paul Elam. Thanks for calling!
Does that mean I can sue Chuck Todd, Gayle King, Joy Behar ect..?
Joy Behar of the view shame on Beulah today attacking Chelsea Clinton she needs reprimanded
This segment on The View is infuriating for SO MANY REASONS. Joy Behar attempts to leverage the The Late Show...
Joy Behar is stuck in 2012! On Thursday, The View host's phone went off while the show was filming live -- and...
This show is supposedly about 1997,yet these C-list celebs can't stop discussing Trump.😂Joy Behar:only U should suffocate.
There were still play it was Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Meredith Vieira, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Star Jones, and Talented.
I really wanna see Joy Behar on your show, that would truely be a night to remember
lead with Joy Behar grabs guest *** laughs ask Ms piggy to show us her proof of trump via
why even bother going on that show. Joy Behar thinks she knows everything and jus…
The View is so far from the good show it once was. Joy Behar is impossible to watch. She's not funny!
The View's Joy Behar "fired from her last show for lack of ratings" (01/07/2016)
Joy Behar is a jealous bitter pig and this show is the most disgusting POS on TV
Joy Behar is not a funny comedian She should show r…
Isn't Joy Behar meant to be in Canada with Whoopi by now? For a show called "The View" they sure are blin…
Joy Behar is another disgrace to the italian-American people. Who would even listen to anything Whoo…
I haven't watched you since you went on that show. Joy Behar is that worst! Not sure how can sit there with her...
Joy Behar, Rosie O'Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, all the same, deplorable people and the show is popular??
5 years from now ESPN will have a show called "The 8", hosted by Joy Behar & Kris Jenner.
Joy Behar is out of her mind. I can't see how some people watch that show 😡
Someone insisting Joy Behar or John Fugelsang are comics, or worse, writers.
Anne Hathaway stuffed you this morning about Ivanka! 👏🏻👏🏻 . Joy Behar speechless with a shrug...PRICELESS! 🤣🤣
Joy Behar: Trump Wants to Cut Education ‘So we Can All be as Dumb as he Is!’ [VIDEO] – Eagle Rising
I need more Douglas Wilson VS Joy Behar in my life...
when you're naming pathological liars, Joy Behar, please remember to include your girl Hillary Clinton.
The women of The View have some thoughts about the President (via
Linguini Head Joy Behar is at it again
"Joy Behar: "sorry Joy 4 more years go better get used to it
Joy Behar - Melania Trump pushing the racist narrative that Barack Obama was an illegitimate president.
Joy Behar is such a fool in my opinion, and "The View" is such a waste. What a cesspool since Barbara Walters left!
That was a long This Is Us intro scene
Yea, haven't seen that in a very long time. Even Joy Behar isn't sure how to criticize it.
Joy Behar should stick 2 her comedy act on view & STOP THE HATE we voted president TRUMP in/now deal with next 8yrs
Whoopi and Joy nailed it in the first 2 minutes!
and Joy Behar, let's add her to the pile.
The People like Chelsea, Madonna, Rosie, Cher, DeNiro, Judd, Whoopie, Joy Behar and the likes ARE an…
A rare moment of sanity from Whoopi. Sadly, it probably won't last. And forget about hearing anything rational fr…
Joy Behar is two faced sex molester - see the Images for proof
I for one think Joy Behar would thrive under Sharia law
I think looks do matter on television.
Who let this insecure man out of a straight jacket. Who's more of a yenta Keith or Joy Behar oy vey.
And that greater than sign can go against anybody
*puts on black tux like Best Man Holiday*
tell Joy Behar to move to Canada if she's not happy. The View ***
Johnny Gill like "What in heavens have I got myself into zaddy"
That's "I got a bad dimepiece girl waiting for me if you don't want me" move
Man, you tell me I can make the male "Control", I'm on board 😂
Get you a bae who thinks you belong in the convo with MJ
Why oh why is Joy Behar still in the USA
Joy Behar has a solution for voter fraud: ‘If the election was rigged — then let’s just do it over’
Women always want more money lol. Seductive ***
So then Biv learned the business and did the same thing to Boyz II Men and ABC??
Biography been on two days n new edition ain't made $2 yet smh
Dion Waiters in two games has been more exciting than the entire NFL season
My 12 year old knows more about firearms than Don Lemon, Joy Behar, and the entire staff of 60 Minutes co…
When I've had a really bad day, I think I am not going home to a Joy Behar - and I feel better instantly.
PUTTIN MY TOOTS SENSE IN... Hey Joy, you delusional ditz!! You'll be glad to know that we actually are having a...
McCain can only be eclipsed by Joy Behar. My appetite has ben wetted.
Joy Behar you are the fraud and a waste ! Please just shut your whinny voice up! Can't stand the View !!!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Our new First Lady had great interviews with Larry King, Joy Behar, Lesley Stahl, Anderson Cooper & more. Very smart.
If Whoopie Goldberg, Jill Stein and Joy Behar all jumped off a 10 story building...who hits first? . .answer: who cares?
Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Kelly Osborne and Joy Behar all walked into a bar. TWH!
Sitting home alone watching repeats of The View w/Joy Behar and Whoppi Goldberg discussing politics
Kimmel has as much political prowess as Cher, Joy Behar, Michael Moore, and Whoppi Goldberg.same same.
Asked by Joy Behar if she's enjoyed her time on the show, 40, responded, “Very, ve…
Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar r sure to get big thank-you from Hillary along with the Obamas, Bill Clinton and Chelsey, Beyonce, Jay z
Meredith Vieira, Star Jones and Debbie Matenopoulos reunited with Joy Behar on today:…
Joy Behar flat-out calls Kellyanne Conway 'delusional' on 'The View'
I wonder if Joy Behar thinks these woman are Tramps as well!!?
If Billy Bush deserved to be fired, then why does Joy Behar still have a job?
Joy Behar apologizes for calling Clinton accusers "tramps" should she be fired from the view?
Does anyone have a link for Joy Behar's apology? This oughta be rich 😒
Feminists like Joy Behar show the world that they truly hate women. RAPE IS NOT A LAUGHING MATTER.
Great, now Joy Behar "apology" is that "it was a joke" calling women claiming sexual assault are . Where have we he…
On The View today Joy Behar referred to Bill Clinton's victims as "tramps"- shame on you Joy - shame on you.
Well well. Did you hear Joy Behar's apology today? Unacceptable 15 seconds of whining. Talk about deplorable.
Will Hillary disavow people calling her husband's accusers "tramps"?
Rotten Hillary supporter Whoopi Goldberg said women who were raped by Bill should be beaten up.
Joy Behar is about to kill Gary Johnson on national television. THIS DISCUSSION IS HEATED.
Bob tell me Joy Behar doesnt look like Rocky Dennis?
love Joy Behar. Candice Cameron on the other hand-she needs to go pray w/her brother on this.
Joy Behar and Paula Faris face off in a travel-themed game of with and
Fun and Games this morning on The View with Joy Behar and Paula Faris. We'll try to post a link to the segment...
Paula Faris, you're no Joy Behar. Stop trying to make jokes lol
Joy Behar is one of the most annoying women on The View next to Whoopi Goldberg and Raven Simone!
correctly. Joy behar said she doesn't care about Bill Clinton's indiscretions or stuff like that. All she cares about when
values of helping the needy & sick & believes we should help refugees. She is disgusted by trump but joy behar asked her if
Joy Behar: blocking Obama's SCOTUS nominee is due to racism. Does Joy support Ben Carson for President? Why not?
So that nasty Joy Behar admits Bill Clinton is a rapist!She's very messed up! Wonder if she had a bad childhood to blame
Jeb should have started a feud with Joy Behar.
. When Hillary dinner barking Act was she actually calling to Joy Behar ?
Madeleine Albright, when you see her, she's not a beautiful woman and she's...
I don't get jealous of people. Jealousy is such a waste of time because you...
Who do YOU want to see as moderator? . ??
joy Behar desperate for a roll in the hay even with rapist.
I'm going to be on Joy Behar's show tonight. She's so much fun.
I've seen Joy Behar in that jacket.
Whoopi Goldberg at war with Joy Behar over The View's moderator chair via
Melania Trump on Joy Behar show what a great classy first lady she will be!
my wife thinks Killer Mike is a sweetheart and that Joy Behar just wanted to shuffle him off the stage last Friday
You have to have dinner every night with Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Joy Behar, and Gwyneth Paltrow
Joy Behar: Timothy McVeigh was a Christian, you know. Reality: Actually, he wasn't.
I doubt your house is as fabulous as Cher's anyways, no worries, Joy Behar, Matt Damon & Bill Maher will pick up the slack!
Don't miss the Joy Behar at Broward Center Au Rene on Feb 28!
Watched Kimmel Live (13-140) "Bradley Cooper, Joy Behar, music from Esperanza Spalding, Paul Shaffer sits in with Cleto
Joy Behar finally gets a smooch from Sanders on The View and Raven-Symoné gets him mix... - Daily Mail
Is it just me or should Joy Behar never host The View again??
Chris Mathews got a thrill up his leg for Obama & Joy Behar thinks Sanders is eye candy. We need a cure for liberalism, Doc!
not to mention anti-nurse comments from Joy Behar & Michelle Collins related to Miss America runner-up & nurse
the south, bro. California is v different
I do. But I don't expect it from others
Can't believe yall allow smoking inside bars. Yall never heard of cancer
oh I don't try's them. It's just cute they say excuse me lol
Heard more Thugga than future. Color me surprise.
I'm leaving now. It's a bar. I wasn't gonna make it to Jesse in time
People in Atlanta have hella manners
Why is James Harden dressed like he's about to play volleyball
hi if you got a quick min can u check out my friend Ms Kriss song
either Jesse, El Bar or MJQ tonight. Tomorrow is the W hotel then Kelela concert
Update your maps at Navteq
nah im workin. On the fence about going down to atl tomorrow anyway. What you got planned?
they hating. You going to Jesse boykins tonight?
*they lied to *us. They were talking like we should get noah's ark 2 ready its just been drizzling. If that.
I always think a city is too *** big when it's split in quadrants but then I remember LA is too.
same boat. Yeah man I'm a try to make that. I just landed, got to head to the hotel first.
yessir. Came down for the cancelled *** AfroPunk
I better see you this weekend cousin!
ENIGMAS OF THE MYSTICAL: Pasta pot has image of Jesus Christ or, at least, Joy Behar!
I miss Will Smith memes. That was a simpler time.
Your MCM is called the glue guy on the basketball court cause he has no discernible talent
whatever stuff they need isnt already paid for? Would it save them any money to cancel at this point?
man we got ponchos lol. They stopped cause they didn't sell enough tickets IDC IDC
you're talking about twist outs vs. ppl who play in rain on purpose. Know your demographic
My living room, right here, between Normandie and Western (in Smokey's voice), art by
You don't even wanna know the nasty things I would do for this. Things I've said no to would become yes
Afropunk looking funny in the light talmbout weather when there's a Foo Fighters concert outside w/ 20K people
the only airport I've seen with no McDonalds IN it, they think they slick
I gotta start packing a lunch when I go here lol
oh it was? Lmao I haven't been on SW in a minute
Joy Behar said the shooter killed himself but he didn't, he got in a gun fight with the cops
probably why I don't watch that trash *** show if that's considered humor *Pam from Martin scoff*
They take advantage of you in the airport. This poorly made sandwich isn't worth no *** $12
Liberal *** Award What did Joy Behar say in response to Mitt Romney's calls for less government? ... - Says it all
The View knew what they were doing, and the nurses of America played right into Joy Behar's trap. Cmon ppl, nobody watches The View anyways
Joy Behar is returning to The View-Yay!. Now Sherri Shepherd needs to return as a host to add more comedic wealth.
Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd are returning to 'The View' for Season 19.. Related Articles:
Susie Essman in Conversation with Joy Behar at the 92nd Street Y - Susie Essman | Speakers ...
I miss Joy Behar on The View. But i'm glad she told them to kick rocks. Her quick wit made the show.
Whoopie Goldberg, Joy Behar, Geraldo Rivera: All three have stated they'll leave the US if Donald Trump is...
lmao naw I do analytics but we still are very careful abt patient information
Hamilton Collection
"You know how much you can get for a slip & fall at the sto!" Lookin ***
A lot of my followers are in the medical field I see. Hungry hungry hippa
The Confederacy lost the Civil War. Native Americans lost the Indian Wars. Africans lost our homelands and memory. US sym…
The unfortunate fact is there is no American national symbol that isn't stained with the blood of the country's sins agai…
throw aways. Some were good but most weren't. People were just excited about new music
I once showed Pluto to Pluto. He looked delighted. Or maybe that’s his reaction to everything.
A producer named Aphex Twin did it. Most of it wasn't good tho lol
I don't doubt it is. I'm guessing a major artist has/does this. Put up random songs to be stumbled on.
I bet Jay Electronica album is uploaded on some random soundcloud with no followers.
bruh people could really get to view this country if that existed. No more just knowing your surroundings.
yup. Bought all the railroads to destroy them. Spread us apart so we had to get cars.
And as beautiful as this state is from the mountains to the beaches it would be breathtaking without all this god *** smog.
If they didn't dismantle the railroads we probably would have the most advanced public transport system in America. By FAR.
I'm so glad I stopped watching that show a year ago. I only watched it for Joy Behar anyways.
do the tour dates match up? I know he's performing San Jose on like the 8th/9th of August
would be HUGE if Kendrick guested at the Low End Theory fest.
true. there's that rumor of Kamasi being at OSL with Kendrick, which would be awesome but not sure where the *** it's from
helps they all released their own work with him too minus Kamasi
I imagine dancing to "We found love" while on a bean to be a magical experience.
When you successfully participated in a humorous event on the internet with your peers
if I was a 21 year old millionaire I would have 3 STDs. Maybe an overdose
DJ is staying in LA. I would bet money on it
Knicks fans hate their team so much that's it's the strongest form of love. Like a meth head father who's never there on your birthday
Deandre said he going to Dallas. Doc is going to Houston to convince him otherwise. Chandler is going to Houston so he stays a Mav
.If DJ signs and Paul Pierce doesn't say "That's why I'm here!" then this is all for nothing.
he couldn't even get a good picture at least Mann
Now if can let Nicolle Wallace go and bring back Sherri Shepherd and Joy Behar, they'll stand a decent chance at a return to glory
Bought a pizza at noon cause I wanted one.
For DeAndre, it would be a 13 for 30
The only host on The View I acknowledge is Meredith Viera, Lisa Ling, Joy Behar, and Star Jones.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I'm ok with this. Downside? Michelle, like Joy Behar did previously, cracks too many jokes during serious topics.
Deandre doesn't get front row tickets to Beiber's roast in Burbank as a Mav
Barbara Walters , Joy Behar , really miss you on Somebody needs to check Whoopi Goldberg or let her go down with ship.
A little bit of knowledge is dangerous. . The show has no one. depth. Star Jones, Joy Behar & Rosie O'Donnell-at least have brains.
These people all went to the same college. Fran Drescher, Joy Behar, Jon Favereau, Ray Romano, Paul Simon, Art...
. Joy Behar is always great. Jenny McCarthy was a breath of fresh air. Think back.
Not without Joy Behar and Jenny McCarthy it can't. Present line up is B Team except for Whoppi and Rose
CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENTS...Trombone Shorty, Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues & Joy Behar perform on our stage!
Barbara was feted by original host Joy Behar, and current panelists Nicolle Wallace, Rosie Perez, and special guests Mario Cantone for the
Dr Fredric Brandt was last pictured on November 17, 2014 alongside life coach Tony Robbins and wife Sage Robbins ...
Dr Brandt, a cosmetic dermatologist and well-known art collector pictured in front of a piece from his collection ...
*** Joy Behar follows me? OMG! So excited. I was checking out who I had in common with Jack... um HI. xoxo
Being unable to handle the bants, he committed suicide.
Joy Behar remembers celeb Dr Fredric Brandt after he hangs himself Huh?
OMGee Cosmetic dermatologist to the stars Fredric Brandt was found dead.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
:( well hopefully she comes back to tour her EP after May
idk maybe they're not promoting it well. Surprised it isn't sold out yet
How do not know about the Kelela show? I'm out of it.
*** you spin the same day as the show if it ends early I'll try to hit it
you gonna be in LA and not tell me g? 👀
Behar/Ripa honor surgeon to the stars after hanging himself. and a month after TV show 'spoof' on Netflix
Sad day in the skin industry.Joy Behar remembers celeb Fredric Brandt after he hangs himself via
But the trick is to just do it. Don't think on it too much. Just do what needs to be done. Adapt. Survive.
There comes a time where you have a lot, almost too much, to do all at once. It will overwhelm you. You will feel helpless.
I'm confused. So now bullied Granted I only have a degree from
CRUELTY BULLIES--are the worst---Causing this man to commit suicide!. Joy Behar and Kelly Ripa memorialize tragic...
Joy Behar memorializes tragic surgeon Fredric Brandt to the stars after he hanged himself in Miami mansion just one…
me too. Why can't the private firms who the stadium is going to be named after fund the whole project?
Taxpayers paying for sports stadiums never made sense to me.
Who Cares . Joy Behar greeting card by Bebbers via
Ha, you are! That's why the ladies appreciate you. Manners and consideration go the longest way my friend.
These ladies tryna scoop you up out here and you ain't having it?
I don't recall seeing it but I'll double check tonight
I ain't seen yours lol. Stall me out cuhh, and I did miss breakfast *** -_-
I'm not your boyfriend, I'm your homie
also is my gray jacket in your car? I looked everywhere and I can't find it
Joy Behar might be returning to the view?? . IS this true?
Joy Behar might be returning to the view?? . There's reporters of this!
I think he's been there since the lineup dropped
good, just working trying to finish a few projects and not get distracted. What about your way?
The drums in "Beams". Bruh. Can't even properly explain it cause I don't know music that well but it's incredible.
This new Shlohmo album might be my favorite album this year behind TPAB
That video made me download SelfControl. An app I desperately needed.
Colmes, Kirsten Powers ,Bob Beckel, Juan Williams and Joy Behar will be on suicide watch
Good morning! It'll be cloudy this morning, then partly sunny with highs in the upper 30s. Tonight: lows in the upper 20s. On Brian Lehrer today, Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter tells us about some of the magazine’s best pieces from the 20th century. On Leonard Lopate, Al Pacino talks about his latest movie, THE HUMBLING. Plus, Martin Short on his return to Broadway, and Andy Cohen shares off-screen antics from his cable TV show. Comedian and talk show host Joy Behar guest hosts!
LOL, has Motley Crew on the "couch" and has Joy Behar sharing View spew with Explains the ratings.
Joy Behar to fill in for Whoopi Goldberg on 'The View' next week
the first few seconds are fire. When I get some time to myself I'm a give a clear listen
People are hearing the rap, but wait until the RnB sounds come through... Tink x Timbaland 2015
Joy At the Cafe Edison on Tuesday there were…
she has a tour to promote. She'll promote it and her fans will be none the wiser.
This girl really thinks she's Kid Capri in this cabin
oh when we talk actual fans, like awesome furs that support what we do: not even close. We kick Joy Behar's *** in that. :)
Joy Behar was far worse the next day. But it’s probably not worth it to get her to confront her own ignorance.
I'm just not gonna sleep tonight and I have to accept that
Matte of fact someone take my phone from me
Altitude getting the buzz started early.
You gotta let the DJ take you on a journey sometimes
Joy Behar says goodbye to Cafe Edison with one last blintz.
and hit cafe edison for one last order of blintzes. Latest piece.
The best performance/experience I have ever seen with before he passed . Gil Scott
"They’ve got to do something about the rents in this city. It’s destroying New York.”
Joy Behar was basically her neighborhood's TV set as a child in Brooklyn
Joy Behar interviews Marlee Matlin on Larry King Live about her new book, "I'll Scream Later" 4/13/09. Subtitled for all my deaf friends out there!
Joy Behar's opening night finds a key target right in the audience, as Barbara Walters drops in
Joy Behar "I dont think a white president would have the same trouble".
BREAKING - GRAPHIC VIDEO: Unmarked car plows over protesters in
The hilarious Joy Behar tells us about her must-see one woman show, "Me, My Mouth and I" at the Cherry Lane Theatre and weighs in on the latest Hot Topics. Watch Now.
I hope got a lot of money from his interview with ABC. He deserves it.
Why twelve shots for an unarmed teenager? Joy Behar asked that question when weighing in on Ferguson and the…
Tink might be. She opens for ASAP on the 30th
Joy Behar on Wendy Williams..pure genius she speaks the it!
lol I'm disappointed, they selling placebos with the Reese's wrapper, smh. Gonna cop today.
I'm a try it again today but the peanut butter was no different than any peanut butter I ever had lol. Granted I also
Us Magazine Joy Behar: Nicolle Wallace Is "a Day at the Beach" Compared to Elisabeth Hass...
So happy that Joy Behar does not seem bitter about leaving especially in comparison to Sherri Shepherd that gave her real start
Joy Behar: Say, isn't it racist to call it Black Friday?
* Joy Behar likens Sarah Palin to Vanna White, basically on
Meredith Viera just taught Joy Behar to do keegles on television and I can't deal
Haven't watched TV much lately but was glad to see Meredith Viera and Joy Behar doing Kegels in front of a live studio audience.
Can't believe this! Joy Behar said on GMA that Joan Rivers will be most remembered for being a great example to... (now) husband, (presciently) that woman (Joy Behar) is really funny. I think she's going to be famous one day. Nailed it.
Years ago, my husband (then boyfriend) & I were at a small, dark Upper West Side restaurant. Joy Behar was there. I said to.
Good to see behar. I will watch view again, glad & are there but wish & her quick wit was there
"Joan Rivers' lasting legacy is to girls. Speak your mind... If you are funny, go for it." - Joy Behar on GMA
Good Morning America! Joy Behar and Robin Roberts go down as my first celeb sighting.
Joy Behar celebrates Joan Rivers lovely memories sharing with
Joan Rivers was throwing crazy punchlines before she died,she was a true comic.I equate her humour to that of Joy Behar
Just ran across an Instagram of a dude selling counterfeit money & people trying to get down. Time for bed.
Ok that new Aphex Twin's really good.
Audre Lorde's poems about her children and child birth>>>>
Every hipster girl used to have that Moving Units tote bag
"You a mark like Sanchez" is a terrible line that works because Mark Sanchez is horrible
unfortunately, yes. Literally would have gone to both. Been wanting to see Sango!
Yo Problem & Gambino went off on that Dollaz And Sense 😱😱😱
I had the joy of working w/ Joan Rivers during the many times she came on Joy Behar's show. The most generous spirit. Always remembered me.
TV has the audacity to have closed captioning like that won't take up half the screen
Beast Mode drinking and driving in an 18 wheeler
No but really what was that commercial?
I'm excited about staying in the crib this winter.
you gotta risk it especially if your running game is good. Don't want that option taken away
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