Josina Anderson & Pam Oliver

Pamela Donielle Pam Oliver (born March 10, 1961) is an American sportscaster known for her work on the sidelines for various NBA and NFL games. 2.0/5

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Pam Oliver need to borrow a wig from Josina Anderson πŸ˜‚
Josina Anderson and Pam Oliver were literally the first two women I thought about reading them comments yesterday.
And she's just one example. Jackie McMullen, Sarah Spain, Pam Oliver, Josina Anderson, Michelle Tefoya. Lavar wouldn't faze any of them IMHO
Josina Anderson picks up for black women in sports where Pam Oliver let us all down.
Josina Anderson is determined to never be called Pam Oliver.
Pam Oliver needs to take notes from Josina Anderson
I just saw Josina Anderson on ESPN she needs to call Pam Oliver and give her some tips
Josina Anderson = Pam Oliver + Better weave . Cari is still the. well, Champion
Josina Anderson will have none of that Pam Oliver backlash.
Aight so sista to sista why doesn't Josina Anderson hook Pam Oliver up with her stylist
Ummm NFL I'm tryna see Josina Anderson on the sidelines this year. Pam Oliver's time is about up.
Josina Anderson looks like what Pam Oliver thinks she looks like
Josina Anderson makeup be so over the top smh. But she do need to hook up Pam Oliver with her hair stylist lol
Josina Anderson needs to show Pam Oliver how to look on TV!
Pam Oliver gotta step aside for Josina Anderson
If it wasn't for Josina Anderson, Pam Oliver would be my number choice for sideline reporter sex.
I really want Josina Anderson to sit down with Pam Oliver and have a sister to sister moment with her about this hair
Josina Anderson looks so nice this morning . Lawd... What will Pam Oliver look like today??? Let us pray.
Josina Anderson needs to hook Pam Oliver up wit her hair stylist B!
Pam Oliver & Josina Anderson are pretty good because they're delivery is natural. But Erin Andrews can chew glass.
Can someone, ANYONE, PLEASE get Pam Oliver some help?!?! You don't see Josina Anderson out there ratchet like that.. *** shame.
Fox needs to take Pam Oliver ugly *** off their network! Every Sunday she comes on tv with that wig about slide off her head and those teeth about to crawl out her mouth 󾌦 she's a disgrace to Ebony Queens all over the world! We want Josina Anderson
Pam Oliver's pride won't let her ask Josina Anderson for her weave connect/stylist contact.
Josina Anderson putting the pressure on Pam Oliver. ESPN doing the elderstateswoman no favors with them unchained weaves
God please deliver me Josina Anderson, Cari Champion and Pam Oliver, so i can have a 4 some with all of them plus my fiance.
I wonder if Josina Anderson would be opposed to kinda hanging out with Pam Oliver for a sec, not like become beasties or anything 😏
Pam Oliver needs to see Josina Anderson hairdresser
Im not a Lisa Salters fan, or pam oliver fan...but I AM [!!!] a Josina Anderson and Sage Steele fan! lol
Josina Anderson might take over Pam Oliver job. Smaller forehead and she isn't wearing weave
Can we sub Pam Oliver for Josina Anderson or Sage Steele? If we gon have women on the sideline, at least let em be sexy
Josina Anderson ,Sage Steele, Jemele Hill Lisa Salters, and Pam Oliver still got my attention though ;)
I used to want to be like Pam Oliver, but now im more interested in Lisa Salters & Josina Anderson
Josina Anderson & Lisa Salters are exceptional reporters & look great on camera, Pam Oliver on the other hand has been looking ruff lately
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