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Josina Anderson

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I got to this from someone else calling out Josina Anderson. White reporters do need to speak up
Right and he got vaild points and that hairline straight af. What about Josina Anderson?
If i was an espn analyst ill try to bag Josina Anderson everyday on set
Coates or Howard Bryant, for example, can make arguments and statements that, say, Josina Anderson probably shouldn't.
ruins sportscenter for me …where's josina Anderson or Cari Champion at
One of my favorite commentators in football is Beth Mowins. The best NFL talk show host is Josina Anderson. FOH
I love Josina Anderson and I'm trying to be understanding but her outfits are consistently terrible 😔
Go home Josina Anderson, your eyelashes are drunk.
Josina Anderson gettin sassy on those sideline reports
Also made this reference to josina Anderson of espn
He shldnt hve even had to. God forbid Becky isnt made to feel royal. Wld it be the same uproar w/Jemel H…
F1 moving to ESPN , Wonder if moves off to ESPN
ESPN has acquired Formula 1 rights, signed a Fox Sports broadcaster and extended two from its NFL team:
.Were you in the room the day circa 2010 when Tomlin straight up just laughed when Josina Anderson asked…
Do you seriously think CAm would've said the same thing if it was Suzy Kolber or Josina Anderson asked that question?
ESPN gives NFL insiders and contract extensions:
Josina Anderson was PREACHING today on Cam Newton. That was ultimate disrespect by Cam.
There are josina Anderson the one on nfl network but none that talk routes
Now I can sympathize with Josina Anderson and the rest of the female reporters. But the one he said it to, na...
What Molly Qerim, Joy Taylor, Josina Anderson are correct. They have a job to do also. What Cam said was outta line.
Can’t agree. I don’t talk sports with most women. But the ones that can make it onto ESPN USUALLY know…
Congrats to two of ESPN's signature NFL voices - new deals for and
Paraphrasing ESPN reporter Josina Anderson on the sexist comments made by Cam Newton (comments that cost him his...
Cam would’ve be fine if it was Josina Anderson
Josina Anderson and Pam Oliver were literally the first two women I thought about reading them comments yesterday.
I listened to Josina Anderson on ESPN this morning, and she sure isn't white, s…
I saw the segment w/ Josina Anderson and she listed some names. Know your history in JAYNE KENNEDY. 1st…
Was it disrespectful when Josina Anderson got ran over in the Giants locker room a couple Mondays ago?
Josina Anderson has the potential to be sooo bad why does she wear so much *** makeup
Josina Anderson wrote an article on Michael Sam's teammates thoughts on him showering w them...was she reprimanded for it?
Y'all, Josina Anderson is looking so good in this white today. Sweet Christmas!
It's ironic that you talked about the treatment of women and then you seem to dismiss what Josina Anders…
Well Josina Anderson making excuses for Cam Newton... pathetic. Lost all respect for her
Josina Anderson is gold standard of football journalism... thoughtful, Beautiful, knowledgeable of the game, and professional
New video by ESPN: Josina Anderson analyzes Cam Newton's 'female' comment to reporter | First Take | ESPN
As soon as I saw Josina Anderson on the opening scene of First Take I already knew what it was lol
Josina Anderson is the best NFL reporter by far!!
Anyonr know what happened to Josina Anderson's lips? They are very swollen.
You know This Cam Newton comment is taking out of portion when they bring in Josina Anderson to First Take to talk about this lol
Josina Anderson is going straight off right now!!
*** first take leading off about Cam and got Josina Anderson. They bout to drag him smh
Josina Anderson look good lol , first take Lit now
Watching First Take, first one to give their opinion abt Cam? Stephen A. Then Max Kellerman. Both Molly Qerim & Josina Anderson are on set.
Am I the only one who think Josina Anderson is pretty?
The first time Josina Anderson interviewed me, I smiled. Not to discredit her. I had never heard that language come from…
To be totally honest, I had three women in my younger life that knew football really well. And toda…
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what would the response be today if Cam made that comment to Josina Anderson or…
ESPN signs NFL Insider Josina Anderson and NFL analyst Damien Woody to new multi-year contract extensions:
Ryan Clark & Josina Anderson speak out on Colin Kaepernick's ongoing NFL... via
Just send in Mike Freeman and Josina Anderson in a They already represent…
Josina Anderson is moving way up my list of people I want to hear give NFL analysis. Not sure she can catch Louis Riddick though.
Josina Anderson lookin good on the set
That *** Josina Anderson look like something from Land of the Lost...why do black women always want to be blonde?🙄🙄
I swear josina anderson name drops more than most on the four letter network
Just not a fan. If it were just her strange attire and jewelry that would be acceptable. Her reporting and player opinions are at odds with what others state as facts. She is hard to trust much less believe. Makes me look elsewhere for my nfl player news.
I'm still waiting on a response. Is Josina Anderson fun buns?
Josina Anderson looking like a snack on ESPN right now.
What the *** is Josina Anderson wearin on NFL Live
I wouldn't say that... Michael Smith, Jamele Hill, Damien Woody and even Josina Anderson be going in
ESPN NFL insider Josina Anderson discusses how she prepares her wardrobe. Full conversation here…
Why NFL Insider has become ESPN's most eloquent + compelling analyst on the Colin Kaepernick story. https…
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Josina Anderson: "A lot of this started when Colin Kaepernick decided not to stand for the anthem"
Josina Anderson has a very distinctive and unique wardrobe. She describes her strategy below https:…
Josina Anderson (espn) had more nuts in her discussion on kaepernick than the 3 men she was debating! Herm Edwards…
Wow, I never seen Josina Anderson speak so eloquently and passionately pushing back against her colleagues about Colts Kaepernick. Great Job
I can't stand josina Anderson at all
NFL live is having a Kaepernick discussion, Trey Wingo & Schefter on one side Herm & Josina Anderson on the other. You can guess how it went
What *** comments does Josina Anderson have for us today???
She's probably the worst thing on ESPN, and that is saying a lot. Her interview with Richard Sherman was so cringe-worthy, I felt like she was trying to hit on him the entire time or something. As much as I like Sherman, I couldn't watch it.
go find Don lemon interview with josina Anderson jack brewer and donti stallworth. About Kaepernick was on last night.
NEVER LIKED!! josina Anderson she is a MILLITANT BLACK!! much like Stephen a smith and others from ESPN
ESPN reporter Josina Anderson says she is willing to speak to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on…
Josina Anderson on NFL live looks and talks as if she's a character on SNL
Right now on ESPN, Josina Anderson is trying to rationale Kaepernick's Castro t-shirt as "A chance for discussion." On what exactly?
Josina Anderson really be holding it down man
Typical ESPN - "Now let's go to Josina Anderson to talk and eventually bring everything back to Colin Kaepernick" . yawn.
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Look at what Josina Anderson, & Amanda Seales had to say compared to Ray, MV7, Fat boy Whitlock, etc.
I got nothing but love and respect for Josina Anderson and
Hey Your race baiting reporter Josina Anderson is a classless no talent "reporter". Y do u keep trash baskets & fire good reporters?
Look it, lets understand who the 'source' is. Josina Anderson of ESPN. This is pure fic…
Josina Anderson, who begs the NFL to give CK a job, reports a 'source' saying Dolphins weighing CK. Okay.
Yet Josina Anderson continues on. I turn the channel when she is on.
its funny, Josina Anderson cites a "source" now you guys cite her.LOL. Its never ending.
Ha ha, no way. Josina Anderson you say?
ESPN's Josina Anderson reports free agent Colin Kaepernick's "name was raised" in the Dolphins' front office as a potential Ryan Tannehill …
Curious as to why Josina Anderson wore that particular type of neck wear
Josina Anderson is on espn with a dog collar on.
I'm watching NFL Live and can't figure out if that dog collar Josina Anderson is wearing is considered fashion or j…
Josina Anderson coming from the game of thrones shooting
why is Josina Anderson wearing a dog collar today??
Okay, so Josina Anderson is breaking the Internet, huh?. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Whatever Josina Anderson is wearing on her neck looks uncomfortable
um so that's a dog collar on Josina Anderson
Josina Anderson looking like she broke off her leash
Josina Anderson outchea in her game of thrones styled outfit.
Is Josina Anderson trying to dress up like the Undertaker today, or does she legit think that's a good look for her? Lol smh...
Josina Anderson looking like she wants to be someone's dominatrix tonight. ***
Big Josina Anderson fan but come on... is that really considered fashion nowadays? Every pitbull in the kennel has…
Whos the stylist who told josina Anderson that her outfit looked nice?
Watching ESPN this morning and Josina Anderson's outfit had me like.
Josina Anderson has a dog collar with blue storm trooper outfit. I forgot the shoulder pads to top it off
why is Josina Anderson wearing a dog collar? She always has RBF. Its a bit much.
What is Josina Anderson wearing around her neck? 🤔
Josina Anderson got a full fledged dog collar on.
This choker Josina Anderson has on is causing me internal distress
Josina Anderson on sports center preaching!!!
Turned to ESPN. man what the heck is Josina Anderson wearing today? smh lol
Josina Anderson out here getting ready to host the hunger games
What the *** is josina Anderson wearing on sportscenter. Omg.
Who dresses Josina Anderson on ESPN? My sweet lord
why josina anderson wearing a slave or dog collar on ESPN ?
Just turned on and saw Josina Anderson. I have so many questions.
Josina Anderson looked in the mirror this morning and said. Pseudo-Jedi outfit✔️ -- Choke collar✔️..."let's do this…
What in the world does Josina Anderson have around her neck??
Josina Anderson on sportscenter with her bondage accessories on
Umm, what are you wearing Josina Anderson.
Does Josina Anderson have a Dog Collar on , or a S & M collar on ??? 🤔🤔🤔
*** is Josina Anderson wearing on right now?
Is Josina Anderson kidding me with this game of thrones choker??
Josina Anderson came with that real speaking on NFL owners' treatment of Colin Kaepernick.
Taylor Rooks just took Josina Anderson spot lol
because my baby josina Anderson can walk circles around this lady
I love Russillo but this is the most inaccurate thing someone from said since Josina Anderson was told she lo…
Don't let your friends be in charge of changing your exes name in your phone cause you'll get a text from Josina An…
And she's just one example. Jackie McMullen, Sarah Spain, Pam Oliver, Josina Anderson, Michelle Tefoya. Lavar wouldn't faze any of them IMHO
Adam Schefter and Josina Anderson of ESPN reported on Friday that signing Adrian Peterson “remains a possibility” for the
Josina Anderson (jsaid on ESPN NFL Free Agency Frenzy that she got a text from someone that CLE may be looking into Jimmy G
Broncos Buzz: Denver interested in re-signing DT Sylvester Williams - Josina Anderson; started 48 games over …
ESPN's Josina Anderson reports free agent DE Chris Baker is expected to draw interest from the Colts.
Josina Anderson was the first to report Okung to DEN and that DEN wouldn't be picking up his option. I trust her over RapSheet tbh
Please, Josina Anderson and Britt McHenry would be great starts. No talent hacks! Mc Henry should have been fired!
How many people tell you look like Josina Anderson daily? Lol
Josina Anderson blocked me. No idea why whatsoever. I've never even followed her 😳😂
Myles Garrett tells Josina Anderson he doesn't want to see anyone taken ahead of him in the NFL d... - via App
WR John Ross speaks with Josina Anderson after he set the NFL Combine record at the 40-yard dash. - via App
Deshaun Watson explains to Josina Anderson how his mother's battle with cancer made him grow up q... - via App
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Is Josina Anderson in the family way???
According to ESPN's Josina Anderson, free agent Alshon Jeffery is looking to play for a contender. #
Former LSU running back Leonard Fournette talks to Josina Anderson about his expectations at the ... - via App
ESPN's Josina Anderson reports the Raiders are "catching the attention" of free agent Adrian Peterson.
Can't be the only person that watches ESPN that finds Josina Anderson.
what do you make of his comments to Josina Anderson? Sounds salty Pace won't pay him what he wants to me
Here's the statement from Alshon Jeffery to Josina Anderson:
WR Alshon Jeffery releases curious statement on looming free agency to ESPN's Josina Anderson. Early post:
Josina Anderson just rolled her eyes so hard when Trey Wingo went to Sal Palantonio first. Lmao
what was that pink lace jacket Josina Anderson was wearing on this morning?? not a good look esp with the big black gloves!!
.talks beauty and what it's like to be first female National Insider:
What did that troll Josina Anderson say?
josina Anderson blocked me... the hypocrisy continues.. much like if you don't agree with her your wrong
.on What It’s Like to Be the First Female NFL Insider on via
Josina Anderson is the Michael Jordan of her profession.
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Cari Champion and Jemelle Hill are "boughetto" and Cari leans toward being a *** Bed Wench. But Josina Anderson is my type of sportscaster
We have Josina Anderson.lets get a white lady
NEWS: ESPN's Josina Anderson reports Anthony Lynn is "currently scheduled" for second interviews with both the...
Chargers: Bills OC Anthony Lynn currently scheduled for second interview with team this week - Josina Anderson (ESPN)
I think Josina Anderson was in depth and informative. Where are you and where is your support by your colleagues. # Jemelle
I feel the same about Josina Anderson
I liked a video from Josina Anderson (ESPN)
Josina Anderson was on cloud 9 interviewing OBJ yesterday lmfao
Josina Anderson blinks excessively while on air... now you won't be able to watch her without seeing it too
Anderson is certified ghetto, the hair the nails, the neck roll. No professionalism
Odell Beckham Jr. tells Josina Anderson that the offense needs to do better and credits the Giant... - via App
sports center when he was talking to Josina Anderson
Josina Anderson reports on the break-in at the home of Giants fullback Nikita Whitlock and the ra... - via App
Josina Anderson reports on the break-in at suspended Giants FB Nikita Whitlock's home and the rac... - via App
Josina Anderson be lookin like the hood mother with the government job when she on sports center 😂
Earl Thomas ‘just needs time,’ will ‘be ok’ – Earl Thomas | SEA: ESPN's Josina Anderson reports people close to...
If ESPN's Josina Anderson had longer fake eyelashes, they'd be palm fronds. If she had longer fingernails, she'd be Edward Scissorhands.
Has Josina Anderson ever appeared on ESPN in a segment where she didn't talk about results from text messaging players or team executives?
Josina Anderson on NFL Insiders looking like someone grandma
I know it gotta be multiple NFL players hittin Josina Anderson.
ESPN's Josina Anderson reports people close to Earl Thomas (broken leg, injured reserve) said the safety will "be okay" and "just needs tim…
Josina Anderson on Mike and Mike looking like a ratchet goddess. Mary J Blige Vol. 2.
Love how Matt Forte handled question from ESPN's Josina Anderson concerning Ryan Fitzpatrick. He was diplomatic but direct. Bravo my brother
Watching SportsCenter and it donned on me.. Josina Anderson's hair on fleek.. I just wanna lay in it 😂😂
you're right... Josina Anderson looks like a female Steve Urkel 😬
Ravens: Free-agent OT Eugene Monroe plans to retire - Josina Anderson; released in June, played 17 games last 2...
Seahawks: DE Michael Bennett's agent plans to meet with team about contract extension - Josina Anderson (ESPN)...
Seriously cannot stand Josina Anderson. Her commentary is trash. Her reporting is trash. Hope ESPN never sends her to cover anything at FSU
I never realized how short Josina Anderson was until I saw her standing next to Jay H on SportsCenter this a.m. Or maybe he's just tall🤔
Josina Anderson hair is on point why they can't help her out. I know there is a Keisha that's cold with hair in every city
Jojo sounds like Josina Anderson. That's not a good thing.
Josina Anderson ain't get that hairdo in Bristol, I know that much.
Stephon Gilmore tells ESPN's Josina Anderson he'll be on time for training camp. .
Josina Anderson looks terrible with that blond weave and purple makeup.
Just give me one night with Josina Anderson
Anyone seen Josina Anderson and Blac Chyna in the same room before?
Stephon Gilmore told ESPN's Josina Anderson that he will be planning to be at training camp.
Bills CB Stephon Gilmore will not hold out in hopes of a new contract, telling ESPN NFL Insider Josina Anderson,...
Josina Anderson on espn. Love ya.but thats s lot of makeup you dont need
Josina Anderson going blonde. She wants to look like so bad
Josina Anderson, you're beautiful; but you are not poppin today on ESPN. Something is wrong w/your whole steez today.
Josina Anderson got that blond hair going.
Josina Anderson got a big mouth. Like elastic jaws big
Bills: CB Stephen Gilmore won't hold out as he seeks new contract, tells Josina Anderson \"It'll happen eventually…
Field Yates looking at Josina Anderson like she has no idea what she's talking about.
The last time I was by ESPN’s Josina Anderson was across from The Q on the day of LeBron coming hope. Full circle!
Did Josina Anderson really just say "Look at the joy in his hat" on ESPN? Please someone take the microphone away from her.
Josina Anderson just name checked God Shammgod on SportsCenter.
Josina Anderson got a text from one of the Cavs at 5am pacific time?. You know how this ends:. "Ay you up bb?" - JR SMITH
Josina Anderson said she got a text from a Cavs player saying they just left the club at 8AM EST. JR def sent that "you up?" text
"I'm sure the players are eager to get home and get some sleep"... Josina Anderson really doesn't know how players celebrate titles
So josina Anderson text one of the Cavs players lol
Josina Anderson got two different eyebrows lol
ESPN & Sportscenter got sumn fine black reporters. Cari Champion, Sage Steele, Josina Anderson.
Josina Anderson please get off my TV thank you
I hate Josina Anderson. She's the worst reporter on ESPN
Boy Josina Anderson need to let me eat
Josina Anderson looks like Russell Westbrook in the face
Why does Josina Anderson never get anything right? Lol
Josina Anderson just said LeBron is from St. Vincent St. Michael y'all are garbage
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Josina Anderson just said St Vincent-St Michael. That was the easiest line ever and u screw it up...
Why they got Josina Anderson at LeBron old High School ?! 💀
Oh man Josina Anderson botched the name of St. Vs
Actually I was wrong - it was Josina Anderson who reported that!
Josina Anderson stepping her game up.
Mark Dominik, Dan Graziano and Josina Anderson make their picks for which NFL team had the best o... - via App
Josina Anderson, Amber Rose, and Sasha Banks the 3 women id change for
Josina Anderson is just unfair fineness
Josina Anderson looking fire on NFL insiders
Josina Anderson is one of the gorgeous woman on ESPN 😍
Josina Anderson said in 20 years it might be Robot Refs. I said this 5 years ago because the refs suck. Bring in the programmed robot refs😭
NEWS: ESPN's Josina Anderson reports the 49ers have "preliminary interest" in free agent Eugene Monroe, and that...
Josina Anderson looks like she had a stroke in a Burger King bathroom
Doris Burke Josina Anderson and Rachel Nichols may be in there somewhere as well
Josina Anderson so *** sexy but I hate the fact she wear so much *** make up she look like a casket mode sometimes
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she better than Cari Champion? 😕 Cari forever gone be bae. And Josina Anderson 😭
U are proof that beautiful women like U, Cari Champion, and Josina Anderson can thrive in sports reporting. U guys keep inspiring.
are signing OT Terron Armstead to a five year extension According to Josina Anderson,…
Yep she all so sensitive and chooses her spot to enact her feminism BS. Cari Champion & Josina Anderson needs their own show
Bears agree to 1-year deal with free-agent QB Brian Hoyer, source tells Adam Caplan and Josina Anderson; 19 TDs in… I the only one feeling risky for Josina Anderson?
ESPN's Josina Anderson loves inserting herself into the story. She says "I" and "me" a lot.
Josina Anderson looks like she's about to drop a mix tape today.
Her and Josina Anderson was on at the same time and I *** near dropped my food looking at em
Josina Anderson is fun to pause face
Josina Anderson on Sportscenter looks a lot like Nikki Manaj.
How long ya'll think it takes Josina Anderson to get ready in the morning?
Josina Anderson said "I'm feelin some type of way" in 2 straight sentences and then quoted a Kanye song..trying way too hard
all the Syracuse fans combined was not as bad as Josina Anderson.
Oh snap Josina Anderson getting her hair done by Cesar
Sorry I missed it, I love Josina Anderson, great insight and a fun personality. I will catch you next time!
Y'all *** trippin if you think Josina Anderson looks better than Cari Champion
Josina Anderson just said Gary Barnidge told her "when Josh Gordon is back"
Giants: DE Charles Johnson tells Josina Anderson he \"came pretty close\" to signing with NY before returning to C…
Charles Johnson will return to the on a one-year deal, according to Adam Schefter and Josina Anderson . b…
DE Charles Johnson expects to re-sign with the Carolina Panthers. The announcement was made by ESPN's Josina Anderson.
FA DE Charles Johnson had dinner with members of the organization on Sunday and was told it "went well." - per Josina Anderson
will meet with DE Charles Johnson Monday. Johnson is presently scheduled to fly to Tampa after Giants stop. - per Josina Anderson
Giants Buzz: DE Charles Johnson to visit with team Sunday - Josina Anderson; 20.5 sacks last 3 season for Panthers…
Jackie Mac "Sage Steel, Carri Champion, or Josina Anderson who y'all taking?"
Cari Champion and Josina Anderson on one screen. Thank you SportsCenter .
Cari Champion, Sage Steele, and Josina Anderson be on ESPN looking wonderful
Even Josina Anderson is crying over the Philly hire of Coach Pederson
Jesus someone let Josina Anderson inside the NovaCare Complex it's too cold
PFT reported that via Josina Anderson. Can't imagine that report was true...
I guess everyone forgot the Josina Anderson report. FO sees him in their plans. She's as solid as it gets.
Josina Anderson couldn't even open her mouth to fully speak right now, that's how cold it is lol
has all the dudes like, "yo you see Josina Anderson interviewing Fitzgerald, She 🔥🔥"
Josina Anderson was yelling with all her might while interviewing Fitz while he was just speaking calmly
You see josina Anderson looking at Larry Fitzgerald in that interview 👀
Why does Josina Anderson ALWAYS yell? We can hear you, that's what the microphone is for
Josina Anderson picks up for black women in sports where Pam Oliver let us all down.
No one has ever yelled louder than Josina Anderson is in this interview.
Josina Anderson asks the worst questions. It's awful.
I think Josina Anderson is ready to risk it all
How in the world does Josina Anderson have a job?
Josina anderson looks be tripping me out☹
I don't know why josina Anderson is screaming. But fitz is the man. Couldn't imagine burfict giving that interview
Larry Fitzgerald's post game interview with Josina Anderson is one of the classiest interviews ever. Go find it everyone.
Josina Anderson was definitely shone at one point ...
Why is Josina Anderson yelling at Larry? It ain't that loud in there
why is Josina Anderson yelling relax dude
Josina Anderson said pep Hamilton is considering the job as associate head coach and offense do you think that's why flip is out
Ray Horton, Hue Jackson's DC choice will interview with the Titans Sat for the head coaching job, per Josina Anderson.
Oh Josina Anderson blocked me and I'm pretty sure I've literally never said anything to her but you go girl
Countdown's Cris Carter responds to Adrian Peterson's criticism of him in Peterson's interview with Josina Anderson.
Am I high on meth or does Josina Anderson look like this muppet?
Josina Anderson is determined to never be called Pam Oliver.
Caught the Brandon Marshall piece on Countdown. ESPN should give Josina Anderson a lifetime contract IMO. Top-line reporter
Not interesting in Josina Anderson . . . Changing the channel. SMH.
Ravens are starting QB Ryan Mallett this week According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, Ryan…
According to ESPN's Josina Anderson and multiple reports, Ryan Mallett will become the Ravens' fou... - viaApp
Co worker just opined that Josina Anderson wants to "get with the players" because she dresses so nice. I might get arrested today.
d by Josina Anderson, not exactly a world class journalist, but what if it's true?
Is it just me or does everyone else immediately turn the channel when Josina Anderson has a segment on ESPN?
Somebody tell Josina Anderson I like them glasses, though.
contradicted by other reports earlier in the day by Josina Anderson.
And yet spoke factually that there was evidence lol 'ESPN’s Josina Anderson (cont)
I don't believe anyone at this point about the suspension being over turned. Not until I hear Josina Anderson tell me.
Josina Anderson be smiling her life away 😂
Can someone tell Josina Anderson she's missing an earring?
Josina Anderson can get all 8 inches I swear!
Now let's go live to Josina Anderson's Hand Gestures for the latest on the Odell Beckham Jr. suspension appeal.
Josina Anderson is bad have I been boycotting sports center that long
Josina Anderson always looking right on ESPN. Unlike. 😂
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