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Joshua Wong

Joshua Wong Chi-fung (born 13 October 1996) is a Hong Kong student activist who is the convenor and founder of the Hong Kong student activist group Scholarism.

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Happy Birthday Raphael & Joshua Wong. Congrats Alex. Sorry about your course.
Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, Alex Wong and Derek Lam-all currently imprisoned by Bejing for founding th…
Now in English: read the judgement that jailed Hong Kong activists Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow:
Bland and totally inadequate statement on the jailing of HK's Joshua Wong, Nathan Law & Alex Chow
"Joshua Wong, Alex Chow and Nathan Law should be honoured, encouraged and supported, not jailed.".
Excerpts from judgement on Joshua Wong et al translated by In full (Chinese): https:/…
Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow could be jailed tomorrow over offenses relating to the 2014 Umbrella Movment https:/…
😡 Occupy activists Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow jailed for up to eight months https…
Over the past year I have spent several days with Joshua Wong & Nathan Law, & met Alex Chow. Now they're in jail. B…
Joshua Wong and other jailed student leaders see political careers halted.
Best wishes to Joshua Wong, Derek Lam, and all his companions.…
Occupy student leaders go to jail: Nathan Law 8ms, Alex Chow 7m, Joshua Wong 6m. + the 13 young activ…
Joshua Wong & Nathan Law's political party faces wipe-out, as it decries 'abuse of judicial procedures'
Events this week to support the young activists Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong jailed over Occupy protests
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong jailed with two other leaders of the 2014 Umbrella Revolution
Critics cry foul as Joshua Wong and other young Hong Kong democracy leaders get jail
Joshua Wong and two other young leaders of Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement rallies were jailed for their role in 2014 pro-democracy…
The re-sentencing of activists Joshua Wong, Nathan Law & Alex Chow should shock the conscience of the world.
Also missed this depressing news — the organizers of Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement have been sentenced to prison:
BREAKING: Hong Kong jails Joshua Wong and democracy activists over 2014 Umbrella Movement protests | a very sad day
Joshua Wong and two other UmbrellaMovement leaders jailed by Hong Kong court -
Hong Kong jails icon of pro-democracy movement, effectively disqualifying him from political office for five years:…
Joshua Wong, face of 2014 demonstrations in HK, and 2 others jailed in Hong Kong over pro-democracy protest
A country that jails over peaceful dissent has been given the keys to global leadership, thanks to Trump voters.
Joshua Wong and 2 other leaders of Hong Kong's democracy movement were sentenced to 6 to 8 months in prison
Scenes from Hong Kong today as court sends activists Joshua Wong & two other student leaders of pro-democracy protests of 20…
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong jailed for six months
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong has been jailed for six months for participating in pro-democracy protests.
Joshua Wong and two other Umbrella Movement leaders jailed in Hong Kong
It's a shame what's happening in Hong Kong, a city I love.
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HK's Justice Secretary overruled prosecutors who didn't want to appeal Joshua Wong's initial sentence - source.
Hong Kong, once a beacon of freedom, now has prisoners of conscience. Anyone in the West care? Britain? U.S.? Hello? https:…
Howard Lam, Joshua Wong, Derek Lam, Nathan Law, Agnes Chow. The world should know the names of these heroes.
HK20: Joshua Wong - Beijing has shown it will do anything to suppress Hong Kong democracy
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong has been arrested ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit
John Tsang was able 2 rally more "pan-dems" 2 support him in fake selection event than Joshua Wong wa…
It was a pleasure to welcome Hong Kong pro-democracy activists Joshua Wong & Martin Lee to my Washington office last Wedne…
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong detained in Thailand 'at China's request'
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong has been detained in Thailand, his party says
Statement from the Thai student activist who was waiting for Joshua Wong at Suvarnabhumi Airport.
Thai Immigration blacklists Joshua Wong as requested by China: A deputy commander of the Suvarnabhumi Airport...
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong held in Thailand 'at China's request'
Activist says Thai govt 'received letter from Chinese govt' before Joshua Wong detained at airport
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong detained by Thai authorities in Bangkok.
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong 'detained' in Thailand via featured in NBC s Science of Love
Joshua Wong "will possibly return to Hong Kong this afternoon, but this info has yet to be further confirmed" -
Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong detained in Thailand at request of China.
(UPDATED) Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong detained in Bangkok by Thai authorities
Thailand, after Malaysia, becomes second country to bar Joshua Wong from entry.
“He was most concerned abt his personal safety, being abducted or attacked" on trip to 泰国 http…
It's not the first time Joshua Wong been detained overseas. He was deported fr Malaysia for threat to ties w/ China . https:/…
Party: Hong Kong protest leader Joshua Wong detained in Thailand: Wong was en route to a speaking engagement ...
Joshua Wong still in custody at airport having been refused entry to Thailand. Will return to Hong Kong later today http…
Detention of in Thailand "suggests Bangkok is willing to do Beijing’s bidding," says
Hong Kong's 'face of protest' detained in Thailand 'at China's request' ahead of democracy talk
Thai authorities bars Joshua Wong from entering Thailand via
Gov't can't just blame blocking Joshua Wong on Immigration. This is a Gov't policy.
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong detained at Bangkok airport
Joshua Wong, Hong Kong pro-democracy activist, is detained in Bangkok.
The Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong has been arrested in Thailand
Joshua Wong, the Hong Kong student activist who became an icon of the city’s pro-democracy…
Hong Kong activist and Demosisto party founder Joshua Wong detained at Thai airport during visit to addre…
denying leant on them to detain student leader Joshua Wong saying it was decision of local imm…
Is Joshua Wong being detained or arrested? Two different things being reported right now.
BEIJING - The face of Hong Kong's 2014 pro-democracy protests, has been detained trying to enter
Another unnecessary move. Attending a peaceful and commemorative event is not a crime. We call for the immediate releas…
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong has been detained at Suvarnabhumi Airport. He was due to speak to Thai university student…
If or when this happens in Canada, will we still say the Beijing regime merely has a "different" system than ours? https:/…
Thai govt. denies blocking Joshua Wong entry. So does Thai military. It was solely the decision by immigration at Bangkok Airp…
Interested in Joshua Wong's detention in Thailand? This 2015 piece explains Thai junta's pivot to Beijing.
Joshua Wong, pro-democracy leader in Hong Kong, is detained in Bangkok
Updated article with comments from Joshua Wong's political party, 's
Joshua Wong detained on arrival in Thailand to commemorate the 1976 student massacre. Obvious concerns over where the Thais wi…
Hong Kong prosecutors seek prison terms for new legislator Nathan Law and student leader Joshua Wong as
A magistrate sentenced Joshua Wong and Nathan Law to community service on Monday while a third activist, Alex...
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BREAKING NEWS: No jail time for Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow:
Joshua Wong sentenced to 80 hours of community service:
Video clearly says the kids name is Joshua Wong> person in the comments calls him James> me:
This 19-year-old is the face of the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. Meet Joshua Wong.
Guilty: Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong and associates could face jail over protest that sparked
Hong Kong court convicts protest leaders Joshua Wong, Alex Chow & Nathan Law by
Hong Kong student leaders Joshua Wong, Alex Chow and Nathan Law found guilty over protest https:/…
Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow convicted for actions starting pro-democracy Occupy movement by
student leader Joshua Wong convicted for democracy protests
BREAKING: Hong Kong court: Student leader Joshua Wong guilty for rally that sparked 2014 protests.
Joshua Wong found guilty of unlawful assembly in Hong Kong: A court in Hong Kong finds student activist Joshu...
BBC News - Joshua Wong: 'We had no clear goals' in Hong Kong protests
Bogus verdict in as student leader convicted w/archaic colonial law ht…
Hong Kong teen leader Joshua Wong guilty in protest trial
Student leader Joshua Wong found guilty over Hong Kong pro-democracy protest.
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Hong Kong court convicts democracy protest leader Joshua Wong: Three organizers of Hong ...
Joshua Wong and activists not guilty of obstructing police officers in 'white paper' burning https:…
. Buenas noches. . "Roads are made by the footsteps of the people" - Joshua Wong
Great quote here from Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong about pragmatic idealism!
saw your Benny Tai lectures uploaded on YouTube which is great! Are you still uploading your Joshua Wong UofT lecture as well?
Joshua Wong on HK's need for new political agenda.
Joshua Wong's favorite superhero is, unsurprisingly, Spider Man. .
Great interview with Joshua Wong, conducted by
"Like Joshua from the Bible, to lead the people out." Best Q&A I've read with Joshua Wong, by editors at
Joshua V PBS Scrips: LS1 Student Led Conference ScriptWelcome to Learning Space 1. My teachers are Mr Wong an...
Hong Kong protest leader Joshua Wong released after bid to stop China official
Hong Kong activist could face jail time
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong could face jail time
👁‍🗨I don't really know, but I suspect Joshua Wong has Zero Privacy in HK; authorities surveil everything he does, 24/7. Hidden cams & mikes.
Earlier: Joshua Wong, Nathan Law etc tried to protest to 's motorcade at tunnel entrance.
Joshua Wong:"Pan-democrats should have focused on Hongkongers’ demand for universal suffrage and self-determination"
Who would have thought Joshua Wong and Cheng Yiu-tong would be sharing the same view... on the fate of CY Leung,...
activist Joshua Wong and pro-Beijing veteran chastise pan-dems over meeting with state leader
Joshua Wong criticises pan-democrats who asked Zhang Dejiang to replace CY Leung
Police foiled attempt by Joshua Wong, Oscar Lai and other members to block Zhang Dejiang's motorcade.
5 protestors including Joshua Wong detained after bid to stop official
Joshua Wong in Hong Kong court this week, risks prison for Occupy Central, verdict to be handed out late June:
University set to attract future leaders, but Joshua Wong likely to miss out via
HSBC refuses to open bank account for Joshua Wong's new party (unsurprising given its record of pro-dem antipathy) https:…
Student activist Joshua Wong said HSBC declined him from opening bank account for his new political party
Joshua Wong says new party refused bank account - RTHK
Joshua Wong says his new political party was refused a bank account
Joshua Wong said he and Agnes Chow tried to create joint account at and were rejected
I added a video to a playlist Joshua Wong, Nicole Kwan, Paul Cheng, George Koo, and Tom Gold on Hong
Our actions were peaceful and rational, Joshua Wong tells court
Joshua Wong, who started the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, will be put on trial but refuses to give up
that's why Joshua Wong filed a Judicial Review to lower the required age
Joshua Wong, one of the organisers of Hong Kong student protests. He wouldn't be allowed to hold this sign at home.
Joshua Wong, who led pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong tells he "worries" about the UK getting close to China http:…
My regret : that guy is still free!!!. -> What Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong regrets most after Occupy Central .
& "Joshua Wong's teammate Tommy Cheung, future financial secretary will have to call Liaison Office because all money have been spent" lol
Hi would you call Hong Kong chief executive Leung Chun-ying or CY Leung? What about student leaders like Joshua Wong?
Joshua Wong is visiting Japan. Social gathering was held for him.=>
Coming to America: Hong Kong democracy trio to address forum on Occupy movement Joshua Wong, Martin Lee
Coming to America: Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong to give talks in US on Occupy Central and Umbrella Movement
Wassup, Joshua Wong. What are they afraid of? Discuss:. Sit-In Leaders Are Charged in Hong Kong.
"I believe we will have another Umbrella Movement,” says Joshua Wong, recently charged with unlawful assembly in HK:
student leader Joshua Wong charged over protests
Joshua Wong was detained lawfully. He & his misguided friends, are trying to trick rest of public to join
Joshua Wong: Student who led 2014 Hong Kong protests charged for ‘engaging in illegal gatherings’
what? and why has Joshua Wong entered the conversation?
Joshua Wong: the of association in that promised has been severely limited. china LIES... htt…
Umbrella Movement Leaders Charged in Hong Kong: Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, and Alex Chow, three student leaders ...
- Joshua Wong, teen Hong Kong protester, faces more charges -
thanks for sharing Joshua Wong Chi Fung, have a great Friday :) (insight by
Teen leader of Hong Kongs student protests I do not regret it even if I go to jail: Joshua Wong , the teenage ...
Joshua Wong faces 5yrs in prison on today's charges but says occupation of Civic Square was best decision he's made in hi…
China may send 18-year-old Joshua Wong to 5 years in prison for the My 2014 mini-film shows why:
If convicted, the Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong faces at most five years in prison.
Activist Joshua Wong among four seeking stay in trial, after charge of obstructing police
Joshua Wong charged amid cries of persecution
Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong back in court over protest
Key Occupy Central activists including Joshua Wong in Hong Kong court bid…
Key activists including in court bid to have their trial scrapped.
Hong Kong teen protest leader Joshua Wong faces new charges: Hong Kong police have charged teenage student leader…
"With great power comes great responsibility" - speaks to Hong Kong's Joshua Wong http:…
So, Apple Daily supplement out later today will feature Joshua Wong makeover in which he allegedly resembles Jay Chou ht…
Roger Wong is the father of Joshua Wong, student leader of last year's Umbrella Movement fighting for democracy...
Father of Joshua Wong, the student leader of last year's Umbrella Movement to promote democracy in Hong Kong,...
More thuggery and political intimidation? Joshua Wong and girlfriend attacked on night out
Joshua Wong & girlfriend attacked on night out - reminds me of the slap on Amos Yee's face for some reason
Joshua Wong's glasses "flied off" when he was punched last night, says the
Student leader Joshua Wong and girlfriend attacked by unidentified man via
Hong Kong teen protest leader defiant as he turns self inKTVLHong Kong (AP) -- The teenage face of Hong Kong's monthslong democracy protests struck a defiant note as he turned himself in for possible arrest. Eighteen-year-old Joshua Wong flashed a victory sign while reporting to a police station on Friday with ...
Joshua Wong expects to spend long time at police station so brought 2 books, incl one on politics/morality
Joshua Wong calls for support tmr at Wan Chai Police HQ from 10:30. Oscar Lai, Agnes Chow, Derek Lam to be arrested 11am; Joshu…
and police "booked" Joshua Wong for arrest at Wan Chai Police HQ tomorrow 1pm, Lester 17th. will they be out in 2 hours?
Or did the attack on Joshua Wong's balls come from officers who Supt. David Jordan has lost control of? Enjoy your $22k damages Josh lad.
Was attack on Joshua Wong's balls ordered by Supt. David Jordan? Did officers under his command do so because of the mindset he fostered?
In arrest of Joshua Wong, repeated attempts were made to attack his privates. So either Supt. David Jordan or his officers responsible.
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Hong Kong protest leaders face possible arrest Hong Kong: More than 30 key figures of the months-long civil disobedience movement that began in September have been contacted by the police on charges of instigating the protests and could end up being detained. Quoting police sources, the South Chine Morning Post Tuesday said the activists could be arrested for organising or aiding and abetting the unlawful tent camps set up throughout the city for almost three months which were finally dismantled by the police. Among those targeted by the police so far are student leaders Alex Chow and Joshua Wong, the main representatives of the students who spearheaded the protests, and who were arrested during the dismantling of the tent camps. Also on the list are the three main leaders of Occupy Central, the movement that triggered the unprecendented demonstrations demanding greater democratic rights in Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China. There are Rev. Chu Yiu-ming, Benny Tai Yiu-ting, and Chan Kin-m ...
My favs on the list are Mo'ne Davis & Joshua Wong!.
CONGRATULATIONS ! Modi is Time Readers' Choice of the Person of the Year WASHINGTON: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears to be the Time magazine readers' choice of the Person of the Year as he had a seven point lead over Ferguson Protestors when the online poll closed at midnight of 6th December 2014. TIME's editors will announce their own choice of the 2014 Person of the Year, who would appear on the cover of the next week's issue of the news magazine, on Wednesday. But in the readers' vote for the person they "think most influenced the news this year for better or worse", Modi led with 16.2 percent over Ferguson Protestors (9.2 percent) in the second place and Hong Kong student activist Joshua Wong (7 percent) in the third place. Nobel Prize winning Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai was in the fourth place with 4.9 percent followed by Ebola Doctors and Nurses (4.5 percent) in the fifth and Russian President Vladimir Putin (4.3 percent) in the sixth place. US President Barack Obama was in the 1 ...
Scholarism's Joshua Wong ends hunger strike: Joshua Wong -- the convenor of the pro-democracy student group Sc...
After 108 hours, Joshua Wong has ended his hunger strike and gone home on doctor's advice. 3 other students will strike on.
Joshua Wong ends hunger strike. still looking for martyr says
Following medical advice, student leader Joshua Wong has ended hunger strike after 108hrs. ht:
Joshua Wong vows to return and consider resuming the fast to press for universal suffrage -
SCMP: Hong Kong student activist Joshua Wong gives up on hunger strike after five days: . . ...
Joshua Wong started his hunger strike to demand a meeting with Hong Kong leader C.Y. Leung over electoral reforms.
On 1 Dec - the 65th Day of Umbrella Movement, Joshua Wong, Isabelle Lo and Prince Wong of Scholarism starts their indefinite hunger strike. This is to urge the government to relaunch political reform and resume the open dialogue. However, Chief Executive responded by saying that all acts of disobedience are "futile". On 3 Dec, 2 more students - Eddie Cheung and Cheng Yik-lam join the hunger strike. As Joshua Wong mentioned in his statement earlier, the hunger strike aims at awakening public concern and he hopes that citizens and students would fight shoulder to shoulder together.
Tom Grundy 2h2 hours ago 70 DAYS of the Umbrella Movement. Student leader Joshua Wong & others over 100hrs into hunger strike.
Joshua Wong, the teenage student leader in Hong Kong, goes on hunger strike:
Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong begins hunger strike to press for political reform
Joshua Wong, the Mignolet most prominent of Hong Kong's student protest
The Presidential Daily Brief - 11/26/2014 New Yorker's protest in Times Square over the Ferguson grand jury decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson. Source: Getty IMPORTANT... 1 - WILSON DEFENDS ACTIONS AS PROTESTS CONTINUE Michael Brown’s family believe that the “process is broken.” But Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Brown, insists that his conscience is clear. Protests resumed last night in Ferguson — as well as in 12 other cities around the country — and although there were reports of arson and other damage to property, authorities reported less violent disruption overall than on Monday night. In his first interview since the August incident, Wilson expressed confidence that “I did my job right.” CNN, BBC, The Guardian 2 - IS THE UMBRELLA REVOLUTION FOLDING? After nearly 60 days, the Mong Kok protest site in Hong Kong was dismantled on Wednesday morning. Police arrested more than 100 people, including leading student activists Joshua Wong and Lester Shum. When the site .. ...
[Joshua Wong, Lester Shum and others Got Arrested - Occupy Mongkok - 26 Nov 14 / HKT11:00] Police arrested Lester Shum and Szeoto Tszi Long of Hong Kong Federation of Students, Joshua Wong of Scholarism, and others in Mong Kok. Police ordered Lester Shum and others to knee down for their arrest. They followed police’s order, yet police hit Shum’s head for several times. Witness account said that police swept reporters and occupiers away and isolated Joshua Wong in the site. And the arrest took place. Police also blocked reporters from getting closer for reportage.
The clearance in Mong Kok has turned rather violent. At least two student figureheads (Joshua Wong for scholarlism and Lester Shum from the HKFS) have been arrested and will be put on trial for contempt of court and obstruction of police officers. Pepper spray has been used repeatedly on protesters through both handheld cans and larger nozzles (cannons). Various videos show police 'subduing' or (attacking?) ... 'handling' protesters with batons and shields. The police carried out an injunction order from the court to 'assist bailiffs' in clearing protesters from various building fronts. From there (if it ever started there) the clearance moved into the affected regions of Nathan Road. Since yesterday barricades have been removed and at least 120 arrests have been made since this afternoon. Protesters and shoppers alike were told to clear out, and the majority obliged, but with the police taking up Nathan Road, the clearance was extremely slow, with a human traffic jam in the sidewalks. One video (shows wh ...
Student leader Joshua Wong was detained by police force due to contempt of court
Photos: protest leader Joshua Wong is arrested in Mong Kok (via
Hong Kong Federation of Students Spokesperson: Hong Kong police have arrested student leaders Joshua Wong and Lester…
Joshua Wong, the 18 years old leader of thousands of Pro-Democracy protesters have finally been arrested this morning in Hong Kong. For nearly 60 days, Wong held the country at bay leading a pro democracy protest demanding free and open elections for the city’s highest political office. As elections approach in Nigeria, how many youths possess voters card or those who do, how many have considered turning out to vote on election day?
student protest leaders Joshua Wong & Lester Shum arrested as of 6am today, 116 people arres…
In blitz of arrests in MT Student protest leader joshua wong detained
Activists pour back into Hong Kong streets - WICU12 HD WSEE Erie, PA News ...
It'd be interesting if someone could do a quantitative analysis on the average time it takes for the Chinese authorities to arrest someone for political protest in Hong Kong, China, and Tibet. It took the authorities almost two months to arrest Joshua Wong (a true hero) in Hong Kong. If he'd been in Beijing he would've been arrested within the first few days, and if he'd been in Tibet (like this 22-year-old monk in Sershul) he would've been arrested within minutes. What we are seeing is not One Country Two Systems; it's actually One Empire, Three Systems.
Captured: Moment Scholarism's Joshua Wong was arrested by police in Mong Kok
student activist Joshua Wong arrested as police crack down on democracy protesters.
Ferguson Protesters vs. Joshua Wong. Who should be via
Worrying about the arrested, especially Joshua wong, Lester Shum and other students. Dear God, please be with them.
Student leaders Joshua Wong, Lester Shum hauled away in blitz of arrests
Person of the Year: Joshua Wong or Kim Kardashian? Cast your vote now!
Joshua Wong on protests, fame and parents via
Hong Kong police on Wednesday arrested Lester Shum and Joshua Wong, two of the student leaders at the heart of pro…
I think Joshua Wong should be What do you think? Cast your vote via
I think Joshua Wong should be Cast your vote via
BREAKING: Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong, who was recently on cover, is arrested by police http…
Joshua Wong's lawyer: was beaten while he was being arrested via
I think Joshua Wong should be Vote now
Guardian News: Hong Kong student leaders arrested as police attempt to clear protest zone: Joshua Wong and Les...
Joshua Wong and Alex Chow just now. Admiralty still occupied .
The face of Occupy Central, Joshua Wong the 17 year old. Changing the world... via
Joshua Wong, 17, is the founder of pro-democracy student group Scholarism, student leader of the Hong Kong protests, delivers a message to the international ...
Malala Yousafzai, Malia Obama and Joshua Wong among the 25 most influential teenagers of 2014 ... In the reader-...
"Student protest leader Joshua Wong makes three birthday wishes as he turns 18"
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Two teenage activists have captured the world's attention this week. 17-year-old student protest leader Joshua Wong and 17-year-old recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize Malala Yousafzai. Bravo.
I believe CIA involved, cuz banana "student" gave me was yellow, but Joshua Wong being groomed since he was 11? Funny
Hong Kong protest leader Joshua Wong wants more support from Obama. Watch:
His name is Joshua Wong. He is only 17 years old, and he is on the cover of TIME. Read Story: http:/…
I saw Joshua Wong's cover one in HMV CWB yesterday
2054: Occupy Hong Kong leader Joshua Wong still voice of his generation. (Too soon?)
Joshua Wong asks more protesters to bring tents and join rally tmr 3:30 pm to watch talksw/ govt tgt http:/…
Joshua Wong is turning 18 on Monday, vows to spend it with Occupy Central protestors
We need more of Joshua Wong of HK to speak about democracy, not hide behind social media.
Joshua Wong of delivers final rousing speech
"Sat, 11 Oct 2014 10:32:43 +0800. Joshua Wong: Govt can show sincerity by apologizing for tear gas .
Joshua Wong mentions his birthday next Monday (that he will remain in Admiralty protest site), crowd erupts in birthday son…
Lester Shum, Alex Chow, Joshua Wong, Benny Tai address the Friday day rally key figures of
"People should not be afraid of their government. The government should be afraid of their people", Joshua Wong
"Joshua Wong: We hope can have true universal suffrage under the rule of Communist Party.
Joshua Wong: Will not stomach retreating before govt apologizes for tear gas incident.
2/2 Joshua Wong: However, things like submitting a revised consultation is within the power of HK Govt.
1/2 Change of stance: Joshua Wong: Stating HK govt has no power to revoke NPCSC decision...
Maybe not involvement but World & US opinion like the way Joshua Wong puts it is still needed?
Student activist Joshua Wong, 17, makes Oct 20 cover of Time in Asia.
He's not even old enough to drive, but this teen is leading Hong Kong's democracy fight:
The age of 17 does matter. Joshua Wong of Hong Kong is 17 too.
Joshua Wong, 17, leader of HK protests, calls on Merkel for support: "too little support from Western nations":
Joshua Wong says he will stay overnight with protesters in Admiralty even on his birthday, Oct. 13
Politics not only for politicians and old people: HK student leader Joshua Wong - Channel NewsAsia
A good week for 17-year-olds- HK democracy activist Joshua Wong on cover of TIME, then Pakistani education activist Malala w…
Joshua Wong giving a speech in Hong Kong. Occupy Central Protest for Democracy
Shum asks: You can arrest us again... But can you arrest everyone here?. . Student leader Joshua Wong now…
Humbling to think Malala and Joshua Wong are both 17. What were you doing at that age?
1000-2000 will stay overnight; clearly more tents than before with Joshua Wong's urge
From a self-professed “typical teen” to the cover of Time magazine: Pro-democracy student leader Joshua Wong tells our Hong Kong Bureau Chief Roland Lim how he’s been coping and his hopes for the future of the Occupy movement.
Joshua Wong , spokesman OccupyCentral" I Call you for support : sign the petition on
Joshua Wong: “I would like to ask adults, people with capital and power, Why are they not fighting for democracy?”
Joshua Wong is the face of Hong Kong's new youth, spearheading the At 17, he could easily be part of the generation raised by Filipina domestic helpers working in the city. This Saturday on we talk to these OFWs and document the dramatic uprising through their eyes.
Joshua Wong and his fellow students have triggered a youthquake that's shaking up Hong Kong.
Joshua Wong: "it should say faces of protest. Tens of 1000s protesters together more deserving than me of cover"
.Asia cover on Joshua Wong, 17, the face of (James Nachtwey for TIME)
I think Ugandan Youths should borrow a leaf from youths of HongKong!.Thx to Alex Cho and Joshua Wong & others for being vivid on your cause!
Man on Admiralty bridge demands to talk to Joshua Wong & Alex Chow. Claims he doesn't mind dying http:…
Joshua Wong and Alex Chow have just given a press conference confirming protesters will not leave unless government meets …
"I want to meet Alex Chow & Joshua Wong. I have 3 kids. I am not against you. I am not paid" has been saying this for 2 hours
Student leaders, including Joshua Wong, address the crowd: “Hong Kong people!” they said. “Add oil” (as in, let’s go) htt…
Only 17, Joshua Wong cannot vote, but he is at the forefront of a student movement for democracy in Hong Kong. Produced by: Jonah M. Kessel Read the story he...
Scholarism’s convenor Joshua Wong calls on protesters to restrain themselves and take care of others as personal safety is of the greatest concern in any social movements. He hopes the government can lay out a timetable for the meeting with the reform consultation trio as soon as possible. He says he will question the police’s use of tear gas during the protest on Friday night. Lester Shum, Deputy Secretary of HKFS says HKFS will upgrade the protest and occupy Lung Wo Road if Carrie Lam merely repeats the stance of the government and block Hong Kong's path to universal suffrage. (02:32)
VIDEO: Interview with extraordinary protest leader Joshua Wong by
Kong protests: Key players from Joshua Wong to Leung Chun-ying
Student leader Joshua Wong in Admiralty: 'The only person who can stop the protest is Leung Chun-ying.'
Joshua Wong leads students in silent protest at National Day flag-raising in Hong Kong
We need your attention! We Hongkongers need the attention from the international community. What is going on now: A huge number of Hongkongers have been going on protests for democracy since last week, headed by a student strike and followed by the kickoff of the Occupy Central Movement (Occupy Central with Love and Peace Movement) earlier today (28/9). The manifestants, unarmed, have been peaceful all the way through, yet the police started using brutal force against them since 25/9. They pepper-sprayed unarmed students and citizens, hit them with batons and used tear gas against them. An under-aged student leader Joshua Wong along with two other student leaders have been arrested and detained for more than two days, which is against the law. We fear, if no one outside Hong Kong cares, that the Hong Kong government will request the mobilisation of the Chinese army in the pretext that the Hongkong police force cannot handle the situation. We fear it will turn into a replica of the Tiananmen Massacre at Be ...
Breaking news coming from Hong Kong: Photo: Police arrest protest leader Joshua Wong in Hong Kong's Civic Square
Teenager takes Hong Kong democracy baton: Joshua Wong, the 17-year-old founder of Scholarism, has d...
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