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Joshua Rogers

Joshua Rogers is an American gospel singer who rose to prominence in 2012 when he became the first male and youngest winner of BET's Sunday Best during the show's fifth season.

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No way Doc getting fired, unless its Doc the GM getting fired
It's hard enough to get used to eBooks being more expensive than paper books but ... MP3 vs Audio CD??
You can take the boy (away from the but you can't take the away from the boy.
Spending time with a redhead on the "Coast of Carolina." - Drinking a Red Head Ale at -
I became young adult pastor at Heritage church in waldorf.
"Everything in life happens on the basis of your choices" -
"Good choices + actions that coreespond causes us to win in every situation" -
Random lady came up to me in Church and put $100 in my hands. 🙌
True story: 1st time I saw Mad Max, I didn't catch on that it was sci-fi. I thought that was just Australia in the 70s.
$4,415,658: Price paid for 1920 Babe Ruth jersey at auction.
I hate small talk honestly. i love having deep talks about different random things that pop into our heads
Perfect road trip would be from Georgia through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California all the way to Oregon. Maybe Canada t…
Lol i can only get the hashbrowns cuz the macgriddles or anything else tear my stomach up.
Harriet Tubman has won an online poll to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.
In less than one hour...Iverson drops on
Family reunion with it's too hot out here 😂😩😁
Collaboration isn't just working together. It's understanding one another's differing goals & working to balance all of the…
It turns out Lego hands make for perfect cable holders!. Upcycle old Lego pieces.
"All kids should be taught to code!" they say. Why does no one say, "At least some kids should be taught to administer serv…
ah, they always put quality on at the same time...constantly competing!! Need the split screen!
ace Ventura on Go even better Joshy !
:| ":| "T.B joshua is waiting 4 elections 2 be over and the winner announced before he tells us h…
I liked a video 21:03 - in the studio with Joshua Rogers and J.Moss
“this is how mutant animals are made. I’m going in for super powers!
There's a Cheddars at the blvd??? Um. Okay. Let's see how this goes.
I'm at the point in life that I know EXACTLY what I want
My juror number, as luck would have it.
Join us this Sunday, March 29th for Super Sunday starting at 11 am featuring Sundays Best winner Joshua Rogers!
I'm trying to make trips this summer
I really need to change my eating habits
To our subscriber Richard and the gentleman who took his so many times over the years: http:/…
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
I have a very unpleasant case of hiccups right now. I think it might be time to prepare my will.
lol I'm more so laughing at the lady in the purple lol she the only one on the panel who wanted to laugh 😂😂😂
Be accountable and make better decisions that not only benefit yourself, but the ones you adore as well.
XYZ BET’s ‘Sunday Best’ will be an all-star edition: Joshua Rogers won season 5... American Idol
If I don't take a vacation this year I know for a fact that I will be going to the SWBC. I'm not missing it.
King of Queens was such a great show!
"And on that bombshell it's time to end. Thank you very much for watching... Good night!"
Top Gear was a good show; I'm disappointed it is RIP. Punching people is bad; I do not support Clarkson's actions. The…
Hi Joshua, if you'd like to find more information on blackouts follow this link. ^ar
Dupont Circle snowball fight will begin at 5:30pm.
Showing love to some awesome artists. with Odell Bunton Jr and Joshua Rogers.
Hi Joshua. You can find out more about Extended Coverage here: ^ch
oh yeah since I'm thinking about it...who that woman that was kissing all on you for VDay 😒
you haven't heard a proper "church run" until you hear Joshua Rogers hit one 😩🙌
Challenged in operating in purpose? The Key is Development Join me tonight & be developedChurch 2760 Crain HW…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
“CONFIRMED: T.I. confirms 'ATL 2' almost 10 years after the original release:
"When a man falls in love with Jesus, it makes a difference in how He falls in love with you."
Yes! 😩 “Think we've all dated someone like this
Some people equate wealth with good, others with evil. Both are mistaken.
Horrifying. "How "routine misconduct" by Ferguson police can ruin someone's life.
Bettman says Bell was involved in World Cup of Hockey broadcast negotiations, which were competitive. Rogers won out as with NH…
Keep this in mind: Congress exempts itself from ALL open records laws. You cannot FOIA anything from Congress.
As you can see, the Bullpen set-up is a little bit different in Dunedin than at
How much snow? Looks like most of the region will see between 4-10" by Thurs PM! Let's get this party started...
I've watched this TOO many times. Everything about this video is hilarious.
Huh. “"Bitcoin is, in a sense, the least anonymous money that has ever existed."
“What it mean when he say he gon be broke Valentine's Day? That U the side chic? Or?” He just payed bills
With addition of James Shields, says won the season:
I said I am not sitting waiting anymore in 2015, taking risk and I've taken some huge ones already this year.