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Joshua Rogers

Joshua Rogers is an American gospel singer who rose to prominence in 2012 when he became the first male and youngest winner of BET's Sunday Best during the show's fifth season.

You know, if you stop doing both your job and anything you enjoy, it's more or less possible to take care of a house.
I'm the only 30-something on my team at work, and I can't explain MST3K to anyone on either side of the age gap.
Oh you said windows not simple pizza. my b.
Instead of a chef or anything else, I stick to aging my own dough a couple days, putting it on a s…
Help me out. Chef, Ansible, Salt, Terraform, etc. What configuration management have you used on Windows, and what was your opinion of it?
We'll get this fixed once we find someone who can decipher the regex.
Joshua Rogers - I Got Joy For more of the REST of the best in gospel music, listen at…
And this is why women live longer than men..
I'm stoked to see on the truck. Seems like a perfect team sponsor.…
ft. Joshua Rogers 'Pass It On' - the laid back reggae feel on this is absolutely lush!
LAS VEGAS! March 23rd see you there! Along with Myron Butler, Micah Lee, Joshua Rogers, Dr.…
DT Joshua Rogers commits to Texas A&M on National Signing Day
Texas A&M is now just waiting on the LOI for Tyree Johnson and the announcement of Joshua Rogers:
See Gospel artists Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Joshua Rogers and Lisa Knowles on this Saturday!
HCS is singing with Ricky Dillard and Joshua Rogers for Homecoming?! That's wassup
weekend Open Post is up with news on who is out vs TCU & more on newest DT offer, Joshua Rogers (ht…
Hamilton Collection
New swisspeace working paper by Joshua Rogers: Civil war and state formation: Exploring linkages and pot. causality https:/…
Joshua Rogers and Kathy Taylor - Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus: via
Joshua Rogers leading us in worship! @ Chene Park Detroit
If you're sick of hearing about Pokemon Go for the past week let me tell you what hearing about sports is like for the past…
Look, here is my question: Is Nintendo prepped for the demand this time?. Take as many as you think you need for this Christm…
*finishes watching Independence Day with my 14yo*. ...and that's how the Fresh Prince saved the planet.
Oh my goodness. I better get done anything I hoped to accomplish in life by November.
"Process is not a substitute for skill." - Jim Highsmith, software engineer & author.
"I want a salad for health reasons, but I want a pizza for mouth reasons."
Sasse: "If we normalize candidates who think that grabbing power makes it okay to say whatever they need to — then we will b…
man Childcare is more expensive then my mortgage smh
So Y'all do know it is not Biblical for a woman to be a Bishop right? And you are about to go partake in that mess? SHAME ON YOU!
BREAKING: Microsoft wins Ireland email search case at the 2nd Circuit. No power to order company to turn over email stored ou…
Want to see Britain rejoin the EU? Just get Nintendo to place Pokemon gyms exclusively in EU countries.
Every time I hear that a company I like has been acquired, my expectations of them drastically decrease.
Was a great event. Thank you to Joshua Rosenthal, 21st Century Group, and Darrell Rogers' team for this amazing...
I wonder if Donald Trump is as curious who he's going to pick for VP as everyone else is.
How do you explain this gap in your resume?. "I was in jail." . Okay. Sure you weren't working for Trump's campaign?. "Swear…
Wait…what? Not everyone is cut out for a life of
let me live, bruh. There's more to being a newlywed than making babies lol.
Ladies; if your date is late cause he is playing Pokemon Go, he might not be the one. 😀
Guys, Segway minis are only $699 on ! So hurry up and never buy those ever! Ever.
Any chance they're taking applications?
Yeah we know Charizard is rare but don't let Officer Monello & his new partner catch you! Don't & drive! https:/…
Today was a long day. If anyone needs me, I'll be at the bar. The salad bar.
pitch-perfect from President Bush: "too often we judge other groups by their worst examples, but judge ourselves by our b…
Driver in this car is watching the passenger play Pokemon Go. On the driver's phone. Only slightly terrified.
Good argument for throwing this case out if the FBI won’t provide the exploit used.
This is an excellent analogy of how lack of encryption adversely impacts forensic integrity.
Pinfir, Clefairy, Weedle, and one other that got away.
People are at this one. Let me check Pokémon though...
FBI: Encryption is detrimental to forensic integrity. These are the people doing forensics for our country.
Looking for office space that's near a Pokemon gym. The nearest one is like 4 blocks away and this just isn't cutting it.
Buffalo Wild Wings has almost no one here. Also, no Pokemon. Coincidence?
How long before we see the first lawsuit against Nintendo for disruption of business, trespassing, or reckless endangerment…
Dear I caught 4 pokemon inside the secured area of the airport. What, exactly, are you protecting us from? Apparently…
My new sounds: MIDemo ft.Destiny Rogers on
Joshua Rogers will be with us at Nehemiah Christian Center this…
Just saw a pic of Joshua Rogers.thought it was John P. Kee for a moment.
I added a video to a playlist Joshua Rogers - So Good
Our final round of awesome backers: Joshua Varner, Jennifer Carroll, Andrew Carrier, Chris McDonald and Greg Rogers! Thanks to all of you!
With all the discussion about real programmers, I'm reminded of this timeless XKCD strip:
Getting ready for JSU Football Camp and Marching Southerners Camp. That means freezer Pops!.
I’ll spend 45 minutes doing something online to avoid a 5 minute phone call with customer service.
Dude why is the purple one so accurate :(.
Be the problem you wish to solve in the world. Wait, something is very not right with that.
.Information about the Orlando terrorist act is newsworthy. The biopic of the terrorist that NPR is becoming is not. Please stop.
One idea is an AR pistol with SigSauer arm brace. Gives you an ATF-approved SBR without the tax stamp.
But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!
I. Eleven the Jets really just drafted the QB for their future. Have a feeling he will be starting this year.
in retrospect, he has been one of the best K ever lol
nah Raider took Sebastin Janokowski in the 1st round
Christians have become blood brothers, but it’s not the blood of an ancestor in us, but the blood of our Savior that was spi…
I think I am going to go fly fishing tomorrow.
When your two year old calls from the other room that she needs paper towels, this is not what you expect to find. https…
the baby is mesmerized by this Daniel the Tiger cartoon which I guess is a modern Mr Rogers? anyway, perfect time to g…
Jones fits in Gruden's offense alot better then Morris. Since he can catch the ball out the backfield.
skins should've never released him, Matt jones isn't a better back, though he's younger, he fumbles way too much.
Is there a button in iTunes for "Seriously, I don't now, nor will I ever care about Life of Pablo, or any other Kanye?" There should be.
Leonard Floyd never caught my eye. Surprised he went so high in so many mock drafts - and this high to the Bears.
Don't really like the Pick for the Bears.Wanted us to get a Defensive back.
I don't think so, Alfred knows he was brought in just to be a short yardage back. Alfred was not the future.
Rebecca Rogers and Joshua Brumfield showcasing our Drafting and Design program...
This morning, I am reminded of an album I enjoyed very much in its day. //
I am down to join a remotely collaborative musical side project where we create these things (and more).
"Whole New World" has the same syllable count as, and arguable consonance with, "West End Girls"
After reading that, I got the Growing Pains theme song in the style of New Order. What is going on?!
I'm not sure Disney fully understands what a pirate is
I've got "A Whole New World" in the style of Pet Shop Boys stuck in my head.
Got 2 Anthony Joshua tickets not seated together but in the same block, block 103, any takers??
If you can't. Find. It look up Joshua. Rogers i will be the one with skull kid
if you want. To see me die a lot. Look me up on YouTube. Joshua rogers
Congratulations to Joshua Hodgeson and Jeremiah Rogers, students in Liberal Arts majors who were honored for...
no, from what I'm gathering, they got married to be married but didn't really understand marriage.
I honestly couldn't imagine being married & looking at my spouse w| dead eyes. Like no fire at all. Nah, let me pray a…
Get 6 Free VitaTops
maybe they got married just for the wedding. I know my love and desire for my wife has increased since we said "I Do"
In her victory speech last night, Hillary Clinton called out unaccountable money in politics. I don't even know where to begin.
Holy crap! Per that looks like Independence Day!!! over
Opening night of Shows tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday at 7 at Rogers Heritage High School!
"Premature optimizations can be troublesome to revert, but premature generalizations are often near impossible." - Emil Per…
I want to watch an episode of Wheel of Fortune where someone tries to solve every time it is their turn.
Consider the FBI's logic on encrypted comms, as its top lawyer cites Garland, Texas. cc
Happy 21st Birthday to Joshua Rogers from his oldest fan Allways remember Jeremiah 29: 11-From Gra…
One of my favorite songs of his. RIP - "Silver Wings"
Looking forward to Saturday's card at the O2. Can't pick a winner between Joshua-Martin but gonna go with Joshua by stoppage in Round 8
How to identify a vehicle at risk of collisions:
Mossack Fonseca's security measures: Not good. (v/
You just triggered a Vietnam flashback. Credit: Brandon Rogers (Vine by ItMustBeHard)
Our Film Pick Up is nominated for best actor Travor Thompson and best director Joshua Alan Rogers! Come check it...
Today, you can choose to be self-aggrandizing, or you can choose to be encouraging to others in your field. Choose wisely.
The population of Iceland is only 330,000. Largest protest by percentage of population in history?
Get you an Ellys Rogers. Get you a spunky, supportive, and adorably hilarious friend like this that has your back💚💚💚
Follow someone you don't know and commit to praying for them once a day, every day, for 90 days,…
DL Joshua Rogers has had a nice day and just won back-to-back one-on-one battles at and offer…
"Clap Back: How to Twerk for your husband" by: Sarah Jakes?
h. Yes! Every time we're about to spend, I want to save lol
Soldiers refuse unlawful orders. So do engineers.
Apple employees threaten to quit if forced to build GovtOS, report says
This is about as close as I'll get to celebrating
I'm learning to stop criticizing everything
no that is very wise. LOL that could be down payment money
I need to make sure to get my hair cut before This meeting on Saturday, I'm looking rough boy lol
I'm continually perplexed by recruiter comms
And closes with "I really look forward to hearing from you and will continue to creep on your page until you reply in so…
When the recruiter email subject is "Linkedin stalking lead me to reach out to you."
It is why people cant binge watch I've literally heard Oprah talk about eating bread 20 times in one day.
I get off work at 5. With traffic could be in HSV by 5:45.
Nothing like an hour of therapy at to help get your day back on track.
Might not stay for the movie, but I could totally do food.
He's saying dinner and a movie. I could go for Big Ed's, but you're the local.
Not really. I'll get with Evan on that, but we're open to suggestions.
I have absolutely no plans for tomorrow. Have anything in particular in mind?
I've got company on Friday, but I might be able to reschedule. :) Sounds fun.
Evan and I are trying to something on Friday probably. If we go to hsv, do you want to meet up?
Definitely been jamming Randy Rogers and Randy Houser alot lately.
LIVE on Recognizing curses and blessings!!!
Hey, kids, guess what time it is... - Drinking a Peanut Butter Jelly Time by -
Apple to court: "The Founders would be appalled" by the government's demands in this case. And you know what? Apple's right.
I'm trying to sleep off a headache. Jessa is rather intent that I don't succeed.
You know what's funny? Freenode is completely free, volunteer run, funded, and has much better uptime.
lol you will be okay. I'm going to pray that God gives you the opportunity to do it or witness it happen.
Kanye did it when white fashion designers wouldn't let him play dress-up with them. Soon as he got a fashion label racism b…
I won't call Jada a hypocrite. I will black celebrities often exploit the injustice of the system to use to thei…
Every child deserves to be born. Every child deserves to have a voice.
Hey Omaha, remember these days when you rejoice at lower taxes. We get the snow plows we deserve.
If I'm elected, we'll spread mutability to numbers, strings, and symbols!.
I added a video to a playlist Fantasia & Joshua Rogers singing Destiny
Mr. Rogers watches over as the sky turns into cotton candy behind him during a stunning winter sunset
Probability of GUID collisions with different versions
When a politician says "national security," remember what they mean by it. Always.
If you have never seen this movie, your school system is TRASH!!!
The real star of the Bernie Sanders' side eye. (h/t
It would appear that the old acronym, "Doesn't Even Leave The Airport," still rings true.
I can't state this enough: Programmers don't burn out on hard work, they burn out on change-with-the-wind directives and not 's…
It's going to be awfully hard to make the world think that Jesus cares about them if you make them think that you don't.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
"A creative turn from leaves Arnautovic on the floor 0-0 (52)
One for the Ages! Thank You for one of, if not THE best finish to a game ever. I love Postseason 🏈
I'm sure the residents of these towns would reply simply with "Roll Tide" - The 10 Dumbest Cities In
Rogers Media names Rick Brace as replacement for outgoing head Keith Pelley. Rogers Media is division that oversees the
Wendel Clark and Peter Holland visited the Maple Hockey School presented by Rogers today.
Snow Storm's coming to July 19 for Snow Day in July! 1st 20K receive Winter Mittens.
OH: "She don't know nothing about no English."
Better free agent acquisition?. Rt: LaMarcus Aldridge to the Spurs. Fav: DeAndre Jordan to the Mavericks
coach Mike Babcock is on the ice helping the Maple Leafs Hockey School presented by Rogers today.
"Has ignoring important books become the norm, both in education and life in general?" writes Joshua Rogers (A98).
STYLE GUIDE: 4 Ways to Rock that Cookout Rag This 4th of July
After almost 5 years with no album! Adele's '25' is finally completed and is due for a winter release.
I had to take matters into my own hands
Japan would've had a better chance against Godzilla.
When your homie bumping Meek Mill, but the car that just rode by is bumping Future.
I made it three minutes into Top Gear USA.
.Thanks for the RT, Joshua; Joshua Lee Rogers, author of Mukon Suicide.
It's really cool how fast people go from learning that something exists to being disgusted with their peers for not being…
Haitian mother defending her son from Dominican police officers
Join us this Sunday at 11:00 am for The Heritage Church International Youth Service. We are also…
Join us this Sunday at 11:00 am Heritage Church Youth Service. Brother Chuck Lane will be guest artist, . 2760 Crain H…
Govt needs to publish report of all the big companies w/ % of employees getting govt assistance to survive.
New Jersey judge orders newspaper to remove a news article. The paper's response is awesome. ht…
VIDEO: Anthony Joshua with this absolutely brutal combination to finish off Johnson! Scary!..
"Rogers thinks they'll be good at football... the very thought makes me sick"
Turns out you can't import lethal injection drugs from India without FDA approval. Who knew? (Answer: Everyone knew.) …
Best Part is I don't have to pay for it, mo loans or anything. 🙌
Received my acceptance letter today from Wesley Theological Seminary, going back for my Masters in Theology and Doctorate of Divinity.
What time does the brook fight start and what time is the joshua fight?
I guess is now a trigger for violence. - "Woman stabbed with fork for 'taking the last rib,' police say"
yh I've got some really nice photos to reminisce :) want me to share them?
Congrats to my man Joshua Scott on graduating from Fort Smith Police Academy this morning. Also to Tyler Porter abd Anthony Rogers.
Tracy is walking again. That's awesome
Of all the Fifa corruption this image has to be the most sobering.
You're kidding?! Wow. I wonder what they do for other cases, like just changing your name because you don't like it.
These GPA looking gas prices gotta die. Gas $3.69. My gas don't have to be Suma *** Laude. Give us academic probation p…
Yall kids on vine rappin Shy Glizzy and throwin dey pull up in a circle ... Riley Curry bein a 2 year old ... Chile
When u did most of the work on the group project and get none of the credit http:…
When church let out but your parents keep firing up conversations with folks
When a kid won't sit still. Or shut up. Or stop fidgeting that kid is not being bad. That kid is being kid.
"People talk about evil in the world, but very seldom do they talk about the evil within them: lust, greed, pride."
They Screwed over Marc Jackson, this was his team who just got better, Steve Kerr did not make much of a difference
You can tell a lot by a woman's mood just by her hands. For example, if she's holding a gun, she's probably angry.
Thanks Joshua Lee Rogers for the follow! Visit for daily writing inspiration!
First look at the gorgeous Joshua Oakes-Rogers - how the lens loves him!
The roof will be open for today's game
Telling someone how much stuff you're printing for your side business at your workplace probably isn't the best idea.
Less than a week left for my Wave 4 If you haven't entered yet, GET TO IT! http:…
I can't comprehend how funny I found this
OK. If you'd like more info, I'd expect there's contact info on the letter for someone familiar with this.
Its was from regarding saying they found some illegal activity on my IP address
I don't know, Joshua. What did it say?
The roof will be open for tonight's game
How can Anthony Joshua ever be beaten
-Compassion (video by Joshua Rogers for Broken Machine Films)! . Check em out at
If i had a dollar for every girl that found me unattractive; they would eventually find me attractive.
Maryland removes parallel parking from driving test.
Getting married to the person you love has to be the best feeling in the world
It's super discouraging to see how Christians will only forgive certain sins. We go so hard to not look like the world…
Christians only willing to accept/forgive certain sins is 1 of the main reasons why ppl refuse to expose who they were…
- we've all done things that none of us are proud of. However, through repentance, God forgives.
I'm so happy that none of you are God. Due to your standards of which sins are forgivable & unforgivable, I'd still be…
I'm a firm believer that when you put God first and center in anything you do, he will multiply it. My theory hasn't been pr…
It would be nice to have someone do something for me once in a while smh 😩
Turn your Dreams into Plans and Plans into Action
The only way I can effectively express myself is through writing.
Cool car! Ghost busters owned by Joshua Rogers.
Ghost killer owned by Joshua Rogers ecto pt
Women can boob flash at Mardi Gras and we record and praise it. However feeding her child in public is detestable? htt…
Black women ripping the control of their bodies out of the hands of White supremacy is one of the greatest acts of liberation.
Don't think I've shared this video (or I haven't for a while): . 'Pass It On' ft Joshua Rogers
The only vine that matters honestly
I liked a video from Joshua Rogers - I'm Still Standing
I applaud show of restraint in arresting Mathew Pryor last night, but let's be real, he should've been shot or mauled by K9s
Arbitrary code execution via fonts on your watch. A thing in 2015.   10% Off
No way Doc getting fired, unless its Doc the GM getting fired
It's hard enough to get used to eBooks being more expensive than paper books but ... MP3 vs Audio CD??
You can take the boy (away from the but you can't take the away from the boy.
Spending time with a redhead on the "Coast of Carolina." - Drinking a Red Head Ale at -
I became young adult pastor at Heritage church in waldorf.
"Everything in life happens on the basis of your choices" -
"Good choices + actions that coreespond causes us to win in every situation" -
Random lady came up to me in Church and put $100 in my hands. 🙌
True story: 1st time I saw Mad Max, I didn't catch on that it was sci-fi. I thought that was just Australia in the 70s.
$4,415,658: Price paid for 1920 Babe Ruth jersey at auction.
I hate small talk honestly. i love having deep talks about different random things that pop into our heads
Perfect road trip would be from Georgia through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California all the way to Oregon. Maybe Canada t…
Lol i can only get the hashbrowns cuz the macgriddles or anything else tear my stomach up.
Harriet Tubman has won an online poll to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.
In less than one hour...Iverson drops on
Family reunion with it's too hot out here 😂😩😁
Collaboration isn't just working together. It's understanding one another's differing goals & working to balance all of the…
It turns out Lego hands make for perfect cable holders!. Upcycle old Lego pieces.
"All kids should be taught to code!" they say. Why does no one say, "At least some kids should be taught to administer serv…
ah, they always put quality on at the same time...constantly competing!! Need the split screen!
ace Ventura on Go even better Joshy !
:| ":| "T.B joshua is waiting 4 elections 2 be over and the winner announced before he tells us h…
I liked a video 21:03 - in the studio with Joshua Rogers and J.Moss
“this is how mutant animals are made. I’m going in for super powers!
There's a Cheddars at the blvd??? Um. Okay. Let's see how this goes.
I'm at the point in life that I know EXACTLY what I want
My juror number, as luck would have it.
Join us this Sunday, March 29th for Super Sunday starting at 11 am featuring Sundays Best winner Joshua Rogers!
I'm trying to make trips this summer
I really need to change my eating habits
To our subscriber Richard and the gentleman who took his so many times over the years: http:/…
I have a very unpleasant case of hiccups right now. I think it might be time to prepare my will.
lol I'm more so laughing at the lady in the purple lol she the only one on the panel who wanted to laugh 😂😂😂
Be accountable and make better decisions that not only benefit yourself, but the ones you adore as well.
XYZ BET’s ‘Sunday Best’ will be an all-star edition: Joshua Rogers won season 5... American Idol
If I don't take a vacation this year I know for a fact that I will be going to the SWBC. I'm not missing it.
King of Queens was such a great show!
"And on that bombshell it's time to end. Thank you very much for watching... Good night!"
Top Gear was a good show; I'm disappointed it is RIP. Punching people is bad; I do not support Clarkson's actions. The…
Hi Joshua, if you'd like to find more information on blackouts follow this link. ^ar
Dupont Circle snowball fight will begin at 5:30pm.
Showing love to some awesome artists. with Odell Bunton Jr and Joshua Rogers.
Hi Joshua. You can find out more about Extended Coverage here: ^ch
oh yeah since I'm thinking about it...who that woman that was kissing all on you for VDay 😒
you haven't heard a proper "church run" until you hear Joshua Rogers hit one 😩🙌
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Challenged in operating in purpose? The Key is Development Join me tonight & be developedChurch 2760 Crain HW…
“CONFIRMED: T.I. confirms 'ATL 2' almost 10 years after the original release:
"When a man falls in love with Jesus, it makes a difference in how He falls in love with you."
Yes! 😩 “Think we've all dated someone like this
Some people equate wealth with good, others with evil. Both are mistaken.
Horrifying. "How "routine misconduct" by Ferguson police can ruin someone's life.
Bettman says Bell was involved in World Cup of Hockey broadcast negotiations, which were competitive. Rogers won out as with NH…
Keep this in mind: Congress exempts itself from ALL open records laws. You cannot FOIA anything from Congress.
As you can see, the Bullpen set-up is a little bit different in Dunedin than at
How much snow? Looks like most of the region will see between 4-10" by Thurs PM! Let's get this party started...
I've watched this TOO many times. Everything about this video is hilarious.
Huh. “"Bitcoin is, in a sense, the least anonymous money that has ever existed."
“What it mean when he say he gon be broke Valentine's Day? That U the side chic? Or?” He just payed bills
With addition of James Shields, says won the season:
I said I am not sitting waiting anymore in 2015, taking risk and I've taken some huge ones already this year.
I found myself being like blind man who got tired of being blind and followed Jesus until he received what he needed from him.
I think there are seasons in your life where you sit and wait patiently for God's timing, and other times where you just can't wait no more.
This I know bro...I look forward to that day 💯 “One day soon I'll hold my own
“Sometimes you have to just take a risk”
Sometimes you have to just take a risk
All I be wanting to do is lay down when I get off !
A much needed XCode and Swift 1.2 update!
We’re pumped up that is back this spring! Get a first look at
The Federal Reserve's attack dogs are at it again today. Will you stand with me to Click here ►►
Kanye West is executive producing Rihanna’s new album.
Kanye West told a *** who plays like 14 instruments that he needs to respect the artistry of a woman who needs 4 write…
When we reduce talent to Beyoncé. That she is the end all be all we narrow the market for other versatile black artist. We sn…
When Drake found out about Nicki and Meek Mill
Samsung warns customers not to discuss personal issues in front of their new tv. This is considered reasonable now?
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