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Joshua Ledet

Joshua Ledet (born April 9, 1992) is an American singer from Westlake, Louisiana.

American Idol Jessica Sanchez American Idol Season 11 Bruno Mars

Love Josh new music,he has the total package: looks, talent, intelligence, l love Joshua Ledet!
This dude KILLED this performance at the White House and had POTUS & FLOTUS on their feet! A phenomenal talent... Joshua Ledet! Enjoy, Pastor Chris Harris, Sr., Chris Harris, JoJo Harris
True! Joshua Ledet blows people minds! Josh voice is so powerful and his stage presence is Awesome!
ok so listen up...Joshua Ledet is the greatest male vocalist to grace idol support real sangers and get on iTunes…
First responder for the guys is - James Durbin, CJ Harris, and Joshua Ledet move on
Cool! George is a Joshua Ledet's fan. He is indeed one of the best voices to have ever crossed the stage.
I love Majesty Rose. But you have to admit she looks like Joshua Ledet.
Not feeling this version of Man's World by Bria. Nobody can touch this song since Joshua Ledet left his mark with it.
B r i n a made a mistake singing A Man's World because Joshua Ledet covered it on Season 11 & his performance was a knock out.
Yes exactly. Joshua Ledet SINGing "It's A Man's Man's Man's World" is what I'm going to listen to now.
Sorry Jena but the standard has been set by Joshua Ledet. - It's A Man's Man's Man'...: via
No one should sing This is a Mans World unless it's Joshua Ledet!
No one does mans world better than joshua ledet
No one can ever slay that song the way Joshua ledet did
Is it just me or. THESE FOLKS ARE NOT GOOD ON American Idol.Where are your Joshua Ledets Burnell Fantasia Carrie Underwood like I need vocalist to give me life from beginning to end
Excuse me but this is a Joshua Ledet song...
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I think Emmanuel of is the next Joshua Ledet. cc:
3rd spot belongs to Emmanuel "Brrrck" Zidor He's the Joshua Ledet of this season. :)
Agree! Does not get any better than Joshua Ledet! He is the Winner for Me!
Norman Billiot and Joshua Ledet yell need to read this !!
I was looking for a Burnell Taylor moment or Candice Glover, Jessica Sanchez or even Joshua Ledet but I didn't get it ugh!!! Four of my recent favs from idol
I agree with George Joshua Ledet was one of my favces too but top 2 ever was David archilla and Colton Dixon in that order
I agree. And he's the type of singer she likes, remember how much she liked Joshua Ledet and Jacob Lusk
Y'all remember that season of with Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez tho? LAWWDD HA'MERCY. My praise hand ended up in a sling!
As far as male vocals on Joshua Ledet is the best.
Joshua Ledet literally makes my life :)!..Pure talent!!xxx
I love Malaya Watson, so is just amazing!! When she performs she reminds me of Joshua Ledet. She is talented.
Some Joshua Ledet to kick start my day πŸ˜…
then there's Joshua Ledet. I pray that whatever shackle is keeping his album from coming be broken. Brake every chain (that reggae version)
Okay so I have zero desire to watch American Idol for any reason but while youtubing yesterday I came across something. Season 11 Joshua Ledet. OMG amazing. Who knew. I never heard of him but he is amazing! Why is he not famous?
There's nothing that can pull us away from this little love jam. We can easily slay you with classic versions of Calvin Lewis's ballad, "When A Man Loves A Woman", one of the most treasured charms in our catalogue, but here's a newer take from American Idol's Joshua Ledet, with a vocal rendition that will most definitely melt your heart. We're sure all of you lovers out there (and friends!) can agree that there's definitely one thing we all have in common-- our burning love for music (insert cheesy 'aw' here).
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Random remote surfing got me Booker T. Jones and Joshua Ledet on the same stage. Jones son can play too. Sometimes I just want great live music, a soft breeze off the water, a great drink and peace.
Joshua Ledet belts out a version of "I Believe" in this video. He's done quite well for himself on season 11 of American Idol.
Hands down the best to have ever been on American Idol are Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Joshua Ledet, and
AMAZING SINGER. I cannot stop listing to his music over and over again, LOL my son ask me do I have a consistency problem, because Im playing the same songs over everyday aLL DAY LMBO, I WOULD LOVE TO HERE YOU SING GOSPEL TAKE ME TO CHURCH BABY BOY!
A photo of Joshua Ledet in action doing what he does best...SINGing ✨🌟
I listen to this CD every day and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Joshua Ledet
Here is another great Joshua Ledet photo!! 😍
This young man is handsome, Joshua Ledet πŸ’™βœ¨
would the real joshua ledet please follow me. or tell me how when I have been blocked for some reason I don't know
Another one of my I made of Joshua Ledet Cyber Music Fest 2013 I had a blast watching Josh perform πŸ™Œ
"When a man loves a women"-Joshua ledet, for some reason I'm really feeling this song right now
this Majesty girl on AI looks like Joshua Ledet
As good as American Idol is this year, I want a number to call each week to vote for Joshua Ledet. He won all of American Idol forever.
There will never be anyone who sings this song better than joshua ledet. I feel every song josh sings in my heart and soul.
So Tiquila Wilson is not continuing on American Idol... So now how am I gonna get my gospel fix?!?... Every season I had it from Fantasia to Joshua Ledet... And Candice gave it to me last year... OMG! Sigh. But I respect her choice.
Yes, no question. Joshua Ledet it is 🎀
this one was easy.Joshua Ledet of course...β™‘β™₯
Thanks, now I'm lowkey obsessed with Joshua Ledet frfr, lol... but seriously
I want somebody on American Idol to give me chills the way Joshua Ledet did.🎡
You know who should've won Idol a couple years ago. Joshua Ledet. I can't believe he was like 19 back then.
No don't sing and I am telling you and he was like joshua ledet
Joshua Ledet - Jar Of Hearts (at Hollywood week American Idol Season 11) Need this SONG on ALBUM JOSHUA πŸ’™
Joshua Ledet - A change is gonna come. Josh killed this Song!!!🎀😎
Joshua Ledet - To Love Somebody - American Idol - Season 11 Keep coming back to this by Josh-AMAZE
Joshua Ledet Performing Whitney Houston's "I Look To You" I'm always so moved by the way Joshua performs this song this is so remarkable, Wow ...
I can't enough of Joshua Ledet's voice. That man is BLESSED
While I'm still listening to Joshua Ledet the Americal idol 2012 third runners up, I still think the Americans voted wrong by giving that Phillip Phillips a victory
I'm sorry...but Bruno Mars is NO Joshua Ledet!!! Josh shoulda got that check!
I think Josh Joshua Ledet sings that song much better than Bruno Mars!
Listening to Joshua Ledet- This is a Man's world. the dude from American Idol Season 11, This dude is still my favourite male singer in the world.
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Any thoughts on Joshua Ledet not making it when he is such an amazing performer?
Just like Joshua Ledet, Paula brought a tear as soon as she started singing. Love her voice & happy she's going to Hollywood!!
Joshua Ledet is by far the best singer ever on American Idol, can't believe he didn't win!
Play the piano like Elton John, write music like Professor Green, sing like Joshua Ledet...and a thousand Grammys are coming your way!
Joshua Ledet - The Bee Gees - To Love Somebody - Studio Version - AI S11. and can he SING... JOSHUA LEDET🌟
Hollied Cavanagh & Joshua Ledet DATING!!? American Idol 2012 Top 06 Thoughts song list and guess as too who will sing what The Show Must Go On: ...
Joshua Ledet is still one of my fav singers from American Idol because of performances like this
This is man's world, this man's world.. But it would be mean… β™« It's a Man's Man's Man's World by Joshua Ledet β€”
singing Joshua Ledet - You Pulled Me Through all the day long~~
Yeah I still don't know how Joshua Ledet lost American Idol in 2012.
you are so welcome I love your voice best I've heard since Joshua Ledet!
Enjoying myself watching Joshua Ledet (my cousin) on you tube. God has blessed him with an awesome voice!
Joshua Ledet Here to die. The song JOSHUA LEDET wrote for fun & can he SING!!🌟
Joshua Ledet from American Idol just sent me a really disturbing snapchat
When a man loves a woman. Can't keep his mind on nothin'… β™« When a Man Loves a Woman by Joshua Ledet (at Warmot) β€”
Good morning from Denmark! And then we got some snow, very important for the Nature! Make some Soulmusic Joshua Ledet!
Has anyone heard Joshua Ledets album?? If not YOU SHOULD. This is one of his songs 'Broken Man' lol
Am I still the only one fangirling over Joshua Ledet?
Joshua Ledet vs. Joshua Rogers Joshua Rogers is amazing but Joshua Ledet is a no one compares!!
Joshua Ledet - Broken Man NEW SONG! Wish I could've been at this show What a Performance by the 1 and only!!
Joshua Ledet Cyber Music Fest 2013 "I Look To U" Josh gave his all in this performance Watch!!
I stopped watching once Joshua Ledet was voted off. I'm still not over that.
Joshua Ledet Cyber Music Fest 2013 " Body Party" by Ciara Josh did his thing in this performance Watch!!
Joshua Ledet Cyber Music Fest 2013 Earth Song same song but different performance see how he changes it.
Joshua Ledet FTLOP Benefit Concert 2013 You Pulled Me Through This song gets better and better Watch!!
My task for this week: to accomplish Joshua Ledet's 'You Raise Me Up' riff. It's tricky.. been at it for days.
Joshua Ledet FTLOP Benefit Concert 2013 Josh takes u to another place in this performance Watch!
Hi CaliGirl! I'm listening to Joshua Ledet SINGing Earth Song now. The real music to my ears...🎢🎀🎢 TV on mute.
Joshua Ledet FTLOP Benefit Concert 2013 Earth Song so powerful, so much passion, so captivating Watch!!
Go Nominate Joshua Ledet For in all categories u see under his name. You can use other accts if u have any GOVOTE!!
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Go Nominate Joshua Ledet For in all the categories you see under his name all fans!!!
Go Nominate Joshua Ledet For in all categories under his name.
Watch the complete program at / (US Only) Sam Moore and Joshua Ledet perform, "Soul Man" // "In Performance at the ...
Right! Who were your favorites?! I had so many! β€” Joshua Ledet (all time fave) Jessica Sanchez, Deandre brackens...
My favourite AI duet remains Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet 's " I knew you we waiting( For Me)" Love it still
Listen to veeluv / Joshua Ledet, This Is A Mans World Studio Version! | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of...
So far this is the best season of American Idol. I want to see if any of them compare to Joshua Ledet
Tryna get this last meal in with a couple of't eat after 9 tonight..gotta redo my glucose test in the a.m.3-4 hours at the doctors office tomorrow is gone kill me but anything to make sure my son straight.I claim it in the name of Jesus, NO Gestational Diabetes for me...oan: Getting ready for American Idol...So far, they is killing me this year...I miss my Joshua Ledet.
Omg...Joshua Ledet's version of Etta James "I'd Rather Go blind" has me sitting here in awe
Joshua Ledet via YouTube Love this classic Josh sang it beautifully!
Joshua Ledet Sings his cover of a change is gonna come by Same Cooke All rights belong to UMG, NBC, UMPG Publishing, EMI Music Publishing, Sony ATV Publishin...
Joshua ledet. One of my favorite contestAnt. :))
Listening to some Joshua Ledet, drinking a hot cup of tea, and talking to a beautiful man.
Joshua Ledet-change z gon *** n how to love on repeat i love these songs.
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