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Joshua Ledet

Joshua Ledet (born April 9, 1992) is an American singer from Westlake, Louisiana.

White House Rather Go Blind Red Cross Man Loves

Joshua Ledet! He is our 2nd Luther Vandross . I love his album as well...I'm glad to see him Still run us over...
You raise me up to more than I can be~ β™« You Raise Me Up (American Idol Performance) by Joshua Ledet β€”
joshua ledet-when a Man Loves a woman RTMost Played Song On Your Phone ? . .
Joshua Ledet Come Together by mocha_nyanko on
Joshua Ledet Blue Suede Shoes by mocha_nyanko on
DeAndre Brackensick, Heejun Han & Joshua Ledet - Michael Jackson Medley by TeamDeandreB on
Brah Joshua Ledet Voice is out this world ! I luz him
Joshua Ledet I'd Rather Go Blind by mocha_nyanko on 😎. This is how you do it. I'd Rather Go Blind
Joshua Ledet - A Change Is Gonna Come by iamghoulz on 😎. πŸ”₯🎀πŸ”₯
Joshua ledet - you raise me up - top 4 - american idol season 11 by iMusaini.Almustafa on 😎. πŸ™Œ
Listen to Joshua Ledet It's A Man's Man's Man's World by mocha_nyanko on
Joshua Ledet - When A Man Loves A Woman [Live at the White House 2013]Anytime. Anyday. Anywhere. You are the best htt…
Joshua Ledet - A change is gonna come. You are. And always be THE BEST. You are ONE OF A KIND. Your voice is UNIQUE
Joshua Ledet - "I'd Rather Go Blind" - AI Top 3. I heard a version on the The voice. Mistake They shouldn't do that.
Do you ever see Joshua Ledet since leaving American Idol. I used to LOVE watching the two of you together!
I liked a video Joshua Ledet Performs "When a Man Loves a Woman" at In Performance at the White House
check out from Joshua Ledet here for . and…
check out from Joshua Ledet here for . and coming soon!
check out more from Joshua Ledet here for newsingle and coming soon!!
check out more music from Joshua Ledet here
check out more of Joshua Ledet's here for and
Joshua Ledet Crazy Little Thing Called Love by mocha_nyanko on
Jar Of Hearts - Joshua Ledet by farizfadillah94 on
Joshua Ledet can sing to me any day😍
Joshua Ledet - A change is gonna come Amazing update of . πŸ’™πŸŽ€
Well, maybe Joshua Ledet.. But apart from him, there ain't no one
Me too Anita! DVR time today! Joshua Ledet singing The Temptations, James Brown songs. Love!
via Knew You were waiting for me Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez
If you don't know me by now. Joshua ledet
Joshua Ledet: When a Man Loves a Woman 😎🎀❀️. πŸ”₯ you'll LOVE this too !! . Standing O 😎 !!
Stronger with Joshua Ledet, JessicaSanchez, Hollie Cavanaugh on AI! Joshua was Awesome! He came AI to Entertain!!!
now having a "Joshua Ledet Party" at our house. Thanks again for folowing me. U hav no idea how happy i am ryt now. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
For a good cause- Check out and his jacket I designed for him on
Joshua Ledet to Auction off American Idol Jacket for Red Cross on New Web Series [VIDEO]
Yea! If only we could sing like Joshua Ledet! Wow! Send me that jacket! Soulman Joshua Ledet is a Big Star!
Check out Joshua Ledet auctioning off gorgeous JACKET he wore SINGing BID HERE!
Thanks Cookie! It was such a great joy to make it! I 'm sure Josh loved all our Birthday Greetings! Love Joshua Ledet
:Thanks for the follow. Please listen to Joshua Ledet on YouTube and soundcloud. He sings from his soul
Joshua ledet can sing like an angel πŸ™Œ
Joshua Ledet You Raise Me Up by mocha_nyanko on
And I know it's been years but HOW DID JOSHUA LEDET NOT WIN AMERICAN IDOL!?!? 😩😩😩
I just discovered Joshua Ledet. Holy Cow, what a voice!
Great article from Josh'd hometown on his upcoming appearance on Celebrity Auction Doctors.
Broken Man by JoshuaLedet, this man's voice kills me
You know you don't have to ask Joshua Ledet for sure!
Joshua Ledet - When A Man Loves A Woman. Never stop to sign this song my Bra
Website Builder 728x90
Joshua Ledet - When A Man Loves A Woman. Wish you a great my dear queen.
β€œThe voice that's blessing the world! Joshua Ledet "You Pulled Me Through" So good, so good!! 🎀🎢🎢✨
Joshua Ledet I Look To You by mocha_nyanko on
Joshua Ledet's version of without you πŸ˜©πŸ™Œβ€οΈ
American Idol Season 11 Joshua Ledet Top 8 If you don't know Simp...: vΓ­a
yes Josh is on so many levels, check out from Joshua Ledet here
for breaking down the riffs, do the riff at 1:35 of Joshua Ledet's performance of Jar of Hearts please :)
NP -To Love Somebody by Joshua Ledet God I luv this man's he my and Wow πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ
NP - If You Don't Know Me By Now by Joshua Ledet, love the way he sings this song the he adds to this song!! ht…
Joshua Ledet Here to words need it. Beautiful ..
Joshua Ledet - Broken Man NEW SONG!. The way he makes you feel the song is incredible. What a talent
I'm a huge fan he's check out from Joshua Ledet here
That's who I was talking about, Laura Collins and Helen Jaras - "Joshua Ledet- when a Man Loves a woman"...
I want to see Joshua Ledet singing this song! A great song! Made for Two
Joshua Ledet To Love Somebody by mocha_nyanko on 😎
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Joshua Ledet Here To Die by mocha_nyanko on . A song Josh wrote . for fun 😎 WOW🎀
Who remembers Joshua Ledet from American Idol? Listen, when I talk about SANGING. Gawd.
This is a man's world, but it would be nothing without a woman… β™« It's a Man's Man's Man's World by Joshua Ledet β€”
Sam smith slick sound like Joshua ledet
Would love to see a mashup between Joshua Ledet and Sam Smith!!! :D
"Dr. FeelGood" by JOSHUA LEDET is in order... Enjoy!! 🎀. MVI 5221
Joshua Ledet "Here to die". He wrote this song for fun,. JOSHUA LEDET 🎀🎢🌟.
Good things come to those who patiently wait, you are almost there, the world will know your name JOSHUA LEDET.
Joshua Ledet Hot Air Balloon by JoshuaLedet. Ok last for today. Spartans your time to keep his voice on the airway htt…
Joshua Ledet from AmericanIdol was an incredible vocalists.the last male sanger sanger in t…
Joshua Ledet Here to die.. I love everything he sing. But this one is on the top of my list. Love his voice
Love Josh new music,he has the total package: looks, talent, intelligence, l love Joshua Ledet!
This dude KILLED this performance at the White House and had POTUS & FLOTUS on their feet! A phenomenal talent... Joshua Ledet! Enjoy, Pastor Chris Harris, Sr., Chris Harris, JoJo Harris
True! Joshua Ledet blows people minds! Josh voice is so powerful and his stage presence is Awesome!
ok so listen up...Joshua Ledet is the greatest male vocalist to grace idol support real sangers and get on iTunes…
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