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Joshua Ledet

Joshua Ledet (born April 9, 1992) is an American singer from Westlake, Louisiana.

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Etta James, Beyoncé, Joshua Ledet, I do it all. Booking in my bio
Change gunna come by Joshua Ledet is such a good song
I think I will always remember and love the interpretation of Without You sang by the great Joshua Ledet!
Joshua Ledet - Mary did you know. In case you haven't hear. Enjoy his beautiful more time.
Listen to Joshua Ledet- Mary did you know by JoshuaLedet on
Hi Vee. Love u all. Spartan Sisters.& super love, the glue; that keep us in touch.Joshua Ledet. The best singer of our time.
"A Man’s World, by James Brown, as performed by, American Idol's Joshua Ledet..."
Excited about Joshua Ledet's Performance at Herb Alpert's Vibrato Grill And Jazz on Sept 13th. Wish I could be there... Go Josh 🎵
Who is excited for Joshua Ledet's Performance at Herb Alpert's Vibrato Grill and Jazz on September 13th? We are!...
This guy never ceases to amaze me, it's n ver a moment when he takes the stage. 😀🙌🏽
Oho my goodness AGREED ♡♡♡I love me some Joshua Ledet yes I do every day
love me some Joshua Ledet yes I do &this song with is exceptional ♡♡♡
My ladies:Jennifer Hudson,Fantasia,Whitney Houston,Jessica Sanchez,Danice Glover and (Joshua Ledet).I love love a…
I added a video to a playlist Joshua Ledet Here to die.
Repeatedly on repeat during these times Love Can Do by Joshua Ledet ♫
love me some Joshua Ledet yes I do and THIS SONG! OHO MY GOODNESS. to have and be this friend serves Christ. Amen
explore in your life what Joshua Ledet's message is in his music. Notice the changes. Enjoy what L…
Just because I love Joshua Ledet, this song, and this voice.Love Can Do by Joshua Ledet ♫
Thank you Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez 󾌬󾌬 go to 4:19 minutes and you'll have fun *Josh:"maharoko kayo lahat"*
Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez did a live Q&A earlier today! Check out these 2 amazing American Idol Singers...
Joshua Ledet really can sing anything he chooses. Enjoy
Yes, he can. He can SING anything and everything Joshua Ledet! 📀🎶
Joshua Ledet - Love Can Do via is overflowing with mega talent!
I liked a video from Joshua Ledet Testimony
Listen to Joshua Ledet Hot Air Balloon by JoshuaLedet on Good morning. Start with…
Listen to Joshua Ledet blow in his newest single Me I Dr.Dre Nicole...
Loving me some Joshua Ledet yes I do joshledet Oho…
Joshua Ledet and his voice. Is a Blessing. Can't wait for. Trust Me I Lie 😘😘…
Joshua Ledet's Borken Man is the new deal for all heartbreaks lol.
It's a man's world by Joshua Ledet 🙌🙌
"Trust Me, I Lie" is the latest single from Joshua Ledet.Now available on iTunes. .
Joshua Ledet's performing is exceptional. He captures you, draws you…
Trust Me I Lie by Joshua Ledet: beautiful music to remind us to be honest, vulnerable, and sensiti…
Joshua Ledet nails his every song :) His music is now my new study buddy :)
Joshua Ledet! I swear this is the only American Idol contestant I voted for cos I happened to be in New York. Love h…
If it was based on talent she would win but given past history, it's unlikely . Remember Joshua (standing ovations) Ledet?
I only see and me voting in today. Are we still voting or what Joshua Ledet Fans?!!
Joshua Ledet Fans look who's featured as fan thank you 😀👍 htt…
Sometimes, when I can't, I count on your determination. We're all committed &dedicated to our Soulful Joshua Ledet♡♡
Whoohoo!! Good news Joshua Ledet Fans, Josh said in his interview he's getting ready to release an ep soon 😀👐
Loving me some Joshua Ledet yes I do ♡♡♡
Tune into in the 4pm hour as talks with Joshua Ledet from American…
Hope someone posts videos of ultra private event. We Spartan fans love our Joshua Ledet ♡ ♡ ♡. If not, enjoy for us
WOW! SPEECHLESS We're hearing Joshua Ledet's music on the radio♡♡♡
Will la'porche get a raw deal from Idol and receive a handshake like Joshua ledet did? It started white, you know?
I hope this is No More Drama. La'Porsha would KIL that song the same way Joshua Ledet did. -Mike
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No one compares to Joshua Ledet he's in his own lane!!
Joshua Ledet Fans tune in Trust Me I Lie is included in today's show!! Y…
Joshua Ledet Fans do not include Trust me I lie in your votes. We cannot vote for it yet. Request in …
Trust me I lie by now playing on tune in Joshua Ledet Fans
Yes, true artist, a star, an awesome performer. Joshua Ledet is the BEST. Great video, gre…
Ready For Love beautifully sung by Joshua Ledet is another side of love for Valentine's Day. Maybe…
Trend in my music library: multiple versions of the same song. Tonight's track, Ready For Love - India Arie/Joshua Ledet/Burnell Taylor
WATCH NOW! Joshua Ledet is the epitome of a true performer and star. You'll remember him from
I had a dream about Idol where Dalton Rapattoni and some guy with a puppet were top 2. Joshua Ledet returned and got 3rd and MacKenzie Bourg
I been off American Idol for a while but I was really done when Jessica Sanchez didn't win, and Joshua Ledet didn't ma…
WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN may be what Joshua Ledet performs on April 7th on American Idol stage one more time ♡♡♡ YEA
CITY FALLS by Joshua Ledet! Amazing music! Exceptional lyrics! That voice by Joshua Ledet: from his heart to yours♡♡
When you listen to Joshua Ledet for the first time and you didnt think anyone could represent and perform soul that good …
Starting my day with LOVE. Love Can Do by Joshua Ledet ♫
LOVE CAN DO - Single by Joshua Ledet. Play, Listen and Download this Powerful and Beautiful song by 💙🎶. https…
Love LOVE CAN DO! Love me some Joshua Ledet, yes I do! You will too
Listen to Carry You Home - teaser. by JoshuaLedet on I love this song by Joshua Ledet @
Joshua Ledet's music lets us start our day & week with what LOVE CAN DO! ITunes, Google…
I remember... and how Joshua Ledet sang Without You 🎤🎶 out of this world !!
Rhema please watch the performance of when a man loves a woman. Joshua Ledet ' s American Idol
CITY FALLS is hands down my absolute favorite Joshua Ledet sound! Raw,honest struggle with life f…
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