Joshua Chamberlain & Little Round Top

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (September 8, 1828 – February 24, 1914), born as Lawrence Joshua Chamberlain, was an American college professor from the State of Maine, who volunteered during the American Civil War to join the Union Army. Little Round Top is the smaller of two rocky hills south of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania—the companion to the adjacent, taller hill named [[Big Round Top|[Big] Round Top]]. 5.0/5

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SUPER Jealous. Check out Little Round Top when you're there. We'll talk about Col. Joshua Chamberlain when u get back.
N'yup. Another one of those hinge moments, like Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain on Little Round Top.
1914 Joshua Chamberlain died. Civil War hero on Little Round Top at the Battle Of Gettysburg.
Joshua Chamberlain received the Medal Of Honor on Aug 11 1893 for gallantry on Little Round Top and Great Round Top.
Joshua Chamberlain led 336 Mainers in the defense of Little Round Top on July 2nd, 1863 while Patrick Kelly led...
The Battle Of Gettysburg was fought 148 years ago...July 1st through 3rd, 1863. We all know how famous Gettysburg is for its Civil War ghosts, but did you know that the father of our country (in spirit form), George Washington, is said to have played an integral role in the battle? The 20th Maine Division, under command by Col. Joshua Chamberlain, claims to have seen the phantom of our country's first president that July day...despite the fact that he had been dead since 1799. While versions of the tale vary, the basic story is that the division, low on supplies, and confused as to which fork in the path to take, was about to give up hope. Low on morale as well as the supplies, the men claim a figure in a tri-corner hat, riding atop a white stallion appeared before them and led them to a strategic point on Little Round Top. The man, who was initially thought to have been a Union commander, was said to have given off a faint glow. Many men later recalled that the strange glowing man resembled painting ...
The Knightly Soldier Before he enlisted in the Union Army to fight during the US Civil War, Joshua Chamberlain was a quiet and unassuming college professor. In the crucible of military combat he distinguished himself for his heroism in holding the line on Little Round Top during the Battle Of Gettysburg. He was later awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. To recognize Chamberlain’s contribution to the Union victory, General Ulysses S. Grant designated him to receive the first flag of surrender at Appomattox Courthouse. The defeated troops of the South expected to be ridiculed and humiliated. Instead, Chamberlain showed them kindness and respect. For this, the Confederate commanding officer wrote in his memoirs that Chamberlain was “one of the knightliest soldiers of the Federal Army.” As a committed Christian, Chamberlain reflected the grace of Christ. We too need to stand for what we believe but also to be kind to those with whom we disagree. Paul exhorted Timothy, “as a good soldier of Jesus ...
Last week, of course, we celebrated Independence Day. Also last week was the 150th anniversary of one of the most significant events in our nation's history, the Civil War's Battle Of Gettysburg. That battle, in fact was the turning point in the entire war, and the struggle for Little Round Top, on the battle's second day, was the moment that the very survival of the Union as we knew it hung in the balance. On that day, the 20th Maine Regiment, under the command of Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, was ordered to hold the far southern line of the Union forces on Little Round Top. The regiment held again and again, until everyone was exhausted and out of ammunition. Chamberlain ran up and down the line and ordered the men to fix bayonets and prepare for a charge down the hill. It was a big bluff, but it worked. Hundreds of Confederates surrendered to men with empty rifles. Chamberlain was later wounded twice and was awarded the Medal Of Honor. At the Confederates' surrender he supervised the surrender . ...
Yes, I'm back home again in time for another "Kathy's Civil War 150 Minute (or 2): While I was in Vicksburg things were hopping at Gettysburg. Both battles concluded in Victory for the Union on July 4, 1863. In honor of Gettysburg and Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, the hero commander at Little Round Top, I am doing a re-post of a favorite tribute to Chamberlain. He was amazing! Check this out!
"What we're fighting for in the end is each other." -Jeff Daniels as Col. Joshua Chamberlain in the film Gettysburg. Do we realize that had it not been for this man and his 20th Maine, Little Round Top would probably had been overrun by the Rebs and the battle been lost? Just sayin'
Home from Gettysburg. No rest for the wicked I find myself both dealing with a fun but busy holiday and an on rush of queries in my mailbox on various issues. In addition myself and the family have all come down sick. But some thoughts before I crawl into a medication induced coma. Gettysburg was beyond memorable. A fantastic experience with fantastic people. It was my honor to portray Col. Joshua Chamberlain of the 20th Maine on Little Round Top for the 150th Anniversary. I cannot express how moving this was for me to perform this role and to offer this assignment to my battalion, one of the youngest organizations in the living history field. It will be a cherished memory for the rest of my life and to those great volunteers who stood with me this past weekend on that hill I say thank you, I am forever in your debt. This event had bumps and obstacles but in the end we all worked to overcome them and come home in one piece, a unit made better by the trial of it. There were tears, stress, injuries and bad ...
A dear friend and mentor sent this to me today: "Today my sons and I spent the day on the ground where 150 years ago, more than 50,000 American boys were killed, wounded, captured, or were declared missing in action at the hands of other American boys. We stood on the spot where Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain saved the Union left flank on the second day by repelling Texas and Alabama troops six times on Little Round Top. We saw the little cluster of trees which served as the objective of Pickett’s Charge on the third day and we stood next to the spot where Confederate Brigadier General Lewis Armistead, after inquiring for his friend Union Major General Winfield Scott Hancock, fell at the point where the Confederate troops breached the Union line for a brief moment. It is impossible to stand on this ground without tears in your eyes. God Bless America: North, South, East and West and deliver us from our arrogance."
The hill is called Little Round Top. It's at the extreme left end of the Union defensive line. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain's 20th Maine Regiment is protecting the Union flank there on the battle's second day. The stone marker shows the 20th Maine's left flank. The very last man in the whole Army of the Potomac fought there. They they withstood multiple Confederate assaults until they ran out of ammo. Then Chamberlain ordered them to fix bayonets and charge. They broke the rebel attack and captured several hundred Alabamians. He won the Medal Of Honor.
As part of their sesquicentennial commemoration, Gettysburg National Military Park offered a battlefield hike through "The Valley of Death." Led by Troy Harmon, this hike covered the Slaughter Pen, Devil's Den and Little Round Top. Here are a few photos from the hike.
Having fought bitterly for Little Round Top all day, out of ammunition, how many commanders would order a bayonet charge?
Was it my imagination, or did the speakers at the CSPAN 3 coverage @ Gettysburg display an OBVIOUS distain and negative attitude towards the importance of Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, merely because a major portion of the film 'Gettysburg' focused on the actions of the 20th Maine at Little Round Top?
Col Joshua Chamberlain and his troops from Maine reached Little Round Top at the same time Rebel troops did.
Gettysburg Day 2 - The Advantage of Moving Down The Hill Around 4:30 PM on July 2, 2013, my covivant and I were approaching what I thought might be the high point of our Gettysburg experience, well my experience anyway. At 5:00 PM, Ranger Jim Flook presented the last of the Key Moment presentations at Station 1 - Little Round Top. Ranger Flook wanted us to learn how it took all soldiers operating in concert to save a position. General Governeur Warren perceives the importance of the position. We stood right behind the general's statue. General Warren was Chief Engineer of the Army of The Potomac with no troops under his command. He sends a courier to ask for troops to be detailed to defend the hill. Colonel Strong Vincent intercepts the courier, learns of the need and, on his own authority, moves his brigade to defend the position. Among the regiments in Colonel Vincent's brigade is the 20th Maine commanded by Joshua Chamberlain. It is Vincent that orders the regiment to hold at all costs.
150 years ago Gettysburg Battle ended. A little trivia. Col McClellan took over command from Col Ames. Then headed to Little Round Top. Had Kin folk also on that ridge next to the 20th Maine. T.R.Sutherby from the 51st NY Zouaves.
And now it's raining but I've got a big golf umbrella to keep me and the lap-top dry. It is morning, July 3rd, 1863 in the movie. Yesterday, July 2nd. 1863, 150 yrs ago, Colonel Joshua Chamberlain and his 20th Maine saved the Union far left flank from being "rolled up" by defending Little Round Top w/a bayonet charge, downhill into the gallantly charging Texans and Alabamans, after these Maine men had run out of ammunition. Keep to your posts.
On July 2nd, 1863 on a hill outside of Gettysburg, Little Round Top, a professor from Maine, Joshua Chamberlain,...
I am often drawn to the story of Joshua Chamberlain's "Fix bayonets!" in defense of Little Round Top. There's a business lesson there too.
Would love to be at today. To stand on Little Round Top and salute the 20th Maine and its great leader, Joshua Chamberlain
1863: Col. Joshua Chamberlain's 20th Maine is relieved of its position on Little Round Top.
Liz, my blog post today deals with Little Round Top, Col. Joshua Chamberlain, 20th Main Infantry, V Corps ht…
Lee's forces hit there breaking point on the crest of Little Round Top, and Joshua Chamberlain's 20th Maine out of ammunition charges downhill into the woods, and the Confederates buckle. Then a lost company of the 20th Maine fires into their rear, the Rebels break and run or surrender to Chamberlain's outnumbered survivors.
150 years ago today the fighting at Gettysburg intensifies. Sickles has blundered his III Corps into the Peach Orchard and Wheat Field (places which will forever more be proper nouns) and gotten it slaughtered by Longstreet's Corp. A little to the south, fighting in the Devil's Den and the Valley of Death is overshadowed by the intense battle for Little Round Top, where Joshua Chamberlain of the 20th Maine will earn the CMOH this day. To the north, Slocum's XII Corp and its miners and lumberjacks will fortify and hold Culp's Hill against Ewell's men. VI Corps has arrived late in the day after a 20 mile forced march and will reinforce both flanks. Thousands of men have fallen this day and both armies will end the day right where they started it, and just as determined to continue the fight tomorrow.
Never thought I had much interest in history but now my husband has me obsessed with the Civil War. Shoulda had him as a history teacher I guess. Tomorrow is 150 years since the battle at Gettysburg, and the more I learn the more I am intrigued. Lots of major players having profound effects but my personal hero for this battle has got to be Col. Joshua Chamberlain who held the extreme left flank at Little Round Top preventing the south from gaining the high ground. Read a book about his life called Soul of the Lion- highly recommend it!
On my way to Gettysburg battle grounds to search the area where the Maine 20th under Joshua Chamberlain turned the tide on Little Round Top. 150 years ago July 2-3.
Texans & Alabamans tried to take "Little Round Top," just above this deadly "Devil's Den." So many good men died on that fateful American day. Joshua Chamberlain returned each year until he was 85, he could never forget the Maine men he led at the top, "the finest soldiers fighting for America I have ever known." Colonel Chamberlain was personally wounded six times, had multiple horses shot from under him, as he fought for what we take for granted. Does America still produce such men? Only l/2 of l per cent even try. Most Americans today prefer a skiing trip or a trip to Hawaii, rather than seeing the "Devil's Den." Historical sites not even discussed. America will reap as it sows.
Great piece from Marvin Olasky in WORLD Magazine: How fine is the line between victory and defeat? If the path of a St. Louis batter’s ground ball just after midnight on Oct. 13 had been a few inches to the left, Washington’s shortstop would have scooped it up and thrown to first for the final out—and the Nationals would have won the series. In several tight, nationally significant races on Nov. 6, U.S. senators and aspirants will be hoping that one out of a hundred voters flips their way. As the Battle Of Gettysburg at one point hinged on the leadership of future Maine governor Joshua Chamberlain at Little Round Top, so control of the Senate may hinge on one triangular contest in Maine. As passage of Obamacare in 2010 depended on the gullibility of several pro-life Democrats—an executive order restricting use of Federal Funds for abortion has big loopholes and can be rescinded by any president at any time for any reason—so most voters decide on House of Representative candidates without much in ...
Dedicating new headstones for Union soldiers buried in Indian Head Park, Illinois today at 2:00 PM. Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and other groups participating. Weather looks great. Happy Birthday to Joshua Chamberlain, 20th Maine Infantry and one of the heros at Little Round Top, Gettysburg.
How about a RT. Been sharing the story of Joshua Chamberlain "Fix Bayonets" while standing above little Round Top!
As a side note for the day. 99 years ago this month, July 2nd to be exact, the boys from the 20th Maine saved the day for the Union Army and our country. Col. Joshua Chamberlain led his troops to the top of Little Round Top at Gettysburg and executed one of the most daring charges down the hill in the history of the US Army. Because of this manuver, Chamberlain along with his men became heros and the rest is history. A toast to the boys from Maine, courage, honor, and the will to never quit. God Bless the 20th Maine.
Today marks the first day of battle at Gettysburg, 1863. By the 4th of July, the townspeople of Gettysburg, were helping bury the dead on a ridge that Abraham Lincoln, would later deliver words etched in history. The battle was by accident. Scouts discovered each other and as it would happen both armies had large armies handy and the quickly orchestrated attack by the Confederacy cost General Lee a major set back. There were serious heros made that day, Custer, Picket, Meade, Longstreet and Joshua Chamberlain. Chamberlain, from Maine, recruited many others with his roaring oratory of what was justice in this world if we tolerated the enslavement of men. It was this philosophy, this insight to men's motivations in the face of fear that Chamberlain rallied his out numbered men at Getteysburg. That if we die today we die with a cause close to God. They held the top of the now famous "Little Round Top" to overwhelming odds as the Confederates were never able to overtake the furious fighting Chamberlain, men. ...
I was tired from the heat yesterday, so I spent the night laying in bed watching 'Gettysburg.' My favorite officer of all time Gen. (COL in the movie) Joshua Chamberlain is played by Jeff Daniels and he does a great job. Chamberlain convinces a bunch of mutinees at the beginning of the movie to fight with the Union soldiers and defend Little Round Top. Chamberlain was such a brave soldier and he never forgot the big picture of why they were fighting. He knew that the efforts of his men and him would give the slaves freedom. He tells his men that they are not fighting for land or money but for freedom for every individual. He described America as a land of opportunity for all. What a great leader he was!
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