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Josh Ramsay

Josh Ramsay (born 1985) is a Canadian singer and songwriter, producer, guitar engineer, and the lead vocalist of the multi platinum selling band Marianas Trench.

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credit to Josh Ramsay for helping write this amazing song
Josh Ramsay || Honestly there is nothing serious about this edit. πŸ˜‚ (Vine by
no offence but I would literally jump in front of a train for josh ramsay
Josh Ramsay makes me question my atheism
Josh Ramsay's voice is so calming most of the time.
i mean it. listen to Sour Candy right now. the version w/ josh ramsay
A good slap in the face from josh ramsay is what I need right about now
im gonna sle i love josh ramsay so so so much and I miss him
If you want to look like Josh Ramsay I found this cool picture on yahoo photos.
I made 's Rock and Roll Carole aka Mexican Whitefish. Are you proud of me Josh?
"He's so beautiful" u whisper as u see josh ramsay in the store aisle u cringe as he reaches for miracle whip…
I want to be the reason Josh Ramsay writes a love song
I want someone to love me as much as I love Josh Ramsay
my son Cody says hi . he idolizes you . He's my little mini me . can't wait till the josh Ramsay phase
why hasn't josh ramsay adopted you yet β€” What kind of sick fetish do you have? This is disgu...
Hope you're having a good night! Throwback to Emily Osment and Josh Ramsay's duet "Hush". (πŸ“·:…
Try Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench. His voice range is crazy. Anything acoustic he will showcase.
Josh Ramsay looks like if Nick Cage went through a scene phase
I would like to blame Josh Ramsay for getting me into LIGHTS...
You just look even more like Josh Ramsay with your blue hair
B-Sides has the better groove and the better Josh Ramsay ham tho
Had a dream that I met Josh Ramsay and went to a Marianas Trench concert. I was so happy and told everyone. But then I woke up. So
Josh Ramsay and Billie Joe Armstrong were my first loves
Josh's fave moment when recording Astoria.
The Day Ramsay Bolton dies I'll be the happiest person.
Josh Ramsay's ranking is 1,673. Know why? Go to and tell fans why
I actually hope that Sansa delivers the death blow to Ramsay
I can't stop thinking about how Josh Ramsay flew and descended right above me during the concert.. what the heck
I love everything Josh Ramsay makes his songs are always good
Oooh, home made breads and pan cooked pizza β€” watching Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course
Listening to Marianas Trench makes me so upset I miss Josh Ramsay so much
LIVE on watch if u love Josh Ramsay
I really wanna meet Josh Ramsay man
moved up on INQUIZIE celeb ranking by "3". know Y? Goto & tell β€œJosh Ramsay's fans
I want Josh Ramsay to knee me in the face :)
I feel like Josh Ramsay would look great in nothing but pair of white boxer briefs while wearing black eyeliner
i get excited when i find something i DONT like about josh ramsay like that's how perfect i think he is
When ppl are like "I'm the biggest fan of josh Ramsay" I'm like "o really what's his shoe size when's his b-day what's his old address"
lowkey crush on Josh Ramsay wtaf is that about
I'm pretty sure I'd let Josh Ramsay cut my limbs off if he wanted to
I want to write an album with Josh Ramsay then cuddle with him and watch movies ugh I love him
I don't know Josh Ramsay just seems so sweet I don't know how people couldn't like him
Josh Ramsay's eyes make me want to cry. I don't even have anything sexual to say. They are just beautiful.
Not dirty I just want Josh Ramsay to know how important he is to so many people & that he makes me very happy that is…
Not sexual, but j just want to hang out with Josh Ramsay & get to know him
It should be illegal for someone to be as physically attractive as Josh Ramsay is...
Throwback to when I really did sob listening to this song bc it was co-written by Josh Ramsay 🚢🚢
One of my favorite moments from the Stampede a few years ago! Photographed Josh Ramsay of…
Big goofy ball of sunshine: Josh Ramsay
I cannot believe how beautiful josh ramsay is
with anyone else as much as I ship myself with Josh Ramsay. Bye.
Josh Ramsay ruined my life, that is all
Josh Ramsay literally looks so odd now.
I'd kill to have angry sex with 2012 Josh Ramsay from the Hit Me Up music video πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Josh Ramsay: *whispers* if I can't have you, no one can. Me: *shUDDERS*
3 years ago today since i met josh ramsay for the first time i'm noT CRYIN I SWEAR
Man, I want to date Josh Ramsay even more now.
why did I yell at josh ramsay who do I think I am
Josh Ramsay in the earlier years of MT. heh heh.
Josh Ramsay is such a good vocalist, I can't get over it 😭😭😭
Hey here's a video of me touching Josh Ramsay and squealing like a fricking pig, how's your night
Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench tonight at the Air Canada Centre in…
josh ramsay is such a beautiful human being, today I finally got to see him irl and wow he looked heavenly πŸ˜πŸ’•
oh my god you look just like shakira, nono you're Katherine zeta, actually your names josh Ramsay
me: guys, take a second to imagine josh ramsay shirtless. kenzie & brittani: NO
Josh Ramsay of walks through a crowd of screaming fans during their set
I would just like to repeat o touched josh Ramsay!!!
Holy crap Josh Ramsay's eyes are so amazingly beautiful I am blown away
Because of Josh Ramsay's vocal power and high notes. Really really love the band. One of the underrated ones, really.
Apparently I now argue by sending multiple photos of Josh Ramsay to whoever disagrees with me.
I want to teleport to Toronto to meet Josh ramsay
Josh Ramsay has really nice legs and I am very attracted to them yikes
everyones flipping *** over my profile picture and i'm over here like yes ok but have u seen Josh Ramsay
"the best thing to come out of the 80s: Matt Webb and Josh Ramsay" their words not mine but I concur
"Best thing to come out of the 80's: Matt Webb and Josh Ramsay"
|| I guess none of my accounts will have Josh Ramsay sex. ;(
Little Giant Ladders
and I'm here like...did I miss something? Am I not involved enough in Josh Ramsay's life?
I want Josh Ramsay to tie me to a bed and then set the bed on fire.
Josh Ramsay might be the best male vocalist I have heard
Amazing concert, but I was so sure that Josh Ramsay's pants were gonna fall down, it was stressin me out the whole time …
omg um. Hayley Williams, Josh Ramsay, Gerard Way, blue and purple, Mac and Cheese, and glitter
goodnight i love Mike Ayley and Matt Webb and Josh Ramsay and Ian Casselman!!!
Josh Ramsay has a picture of someone on his Profile Picture on here. I think Jacob Hoggard & Josh copied one of each other.
So ready to meet Josh Ramsay and Matt Webb and Ian Cassleman and Mike Ayley
Why obsess over fetus Josh Ramsay when you can obsess over fetus Ian Casselman.
I met 5sos at a signing couple weeks ago, and I told Luke that it was awesome that he wrote with Josh Ramsay, bc I'm Josh Ramsey AF πŸ˜…
imagine how great it would've been if 5sos brought Josh Ramsay on strange and sang a Marianas Trench song
// I'd die if i were to take a picture with *melts* Josh Ramsay.
My sexuality is Josh Ramsay licking his mic
Josh Ramsay is so cute even when he forgets words and trips over things he is so so cute and his smile is so so cute
Josh Ramsay went to high school at Magee Secondary School.
I liked a video Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench covers Nicki Minaj's Anaconda
Lmao I think Josh Ramsay has a little razor burn down under
Remember when Josh Ramsay preformed wearing a bra that was thrown on stage
I would watch a threesome between Patrick Stump, Brendon Urie, and Josh Ramsay, just to see whose voice goes highest
I still laugh about the Danny Fernandez song with Josh Ramsay doing be chorus. He sounds wonderful but the song is awful
favourited by 31 people but Josh Ramsay ain't 1 :/
Nothing sexual or anything but I'd pay an unreasonable amount of money to watch Josh Ramsay hit himself in the face re…
Sitting here counting down the days till I get to see the beautiful Josh Ramsay again.
your so hot,cute,funny,sweet,charming, ahhh I'm screaming I love u so much omg I'm crying right now I love josh ramsay so much
I would put Josh Ramsay in a box for ur birthday okok
I suddenly started thinking about Josh Ramsay and now I'm feeling quite chipper.
Only josh ramsay would have a maple leaf shaped guitar
to when Josh Ramsay's life was literally in our hands bc crowd surfing
here's a picture of me literally telling Josh Ramsay that his voice is witchcraft
but liKE CAN WE JUST TALK ABout how close Josh Ramsay was to my face
It's currently 12:45 am and I'm crying over Josh Ramsay :)
Leonardo DiCaprio, Josh Ramsay (I don't even consider him a celebrity idk but ye)
josh ramsay crowd surfed on me and I touched his tattoo. carry on
makes it better that Josh Ramsay looks like AmazingPhil
I'm close enough where I may possibly touch Josh Ramsay at some point I can't
josh ramsay from mtrench has one of the best voices it gives me the Tingles. the Tingles i'm tellin ya!
Josh Ramsay hitting his high notes in front of me is the cause of my death.
I just saw Josh Ramsay at a gas station and talked to him for like 2 seconds I'm really stressed out
I would love to see Tyler Carter and Josh Ramsay in a room together singing riffs
I have to write a bucket list in class like what am I gonna write . "1. Kick josh ramsay in the face"
what happened to the song you wrote with Josh Ramsay?
Singer Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench is on the toddcastpodcast
Cause of death: Josh Ramsay's high notes
Brb gonna listen to Josh Ramsay tell me that he is stuttering
"I F***ing, I f***ing BREATH manliness" . -Josh Ramsay. This...this is my most favourite out of anything else Josh Ramsay has said xP
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Made my 11 year old sister do a josh Ramsay quiz. she got 69%...
all I'm gonna say is that I hope josh ramsay never finds out about a little tv show called galala
I love it when Josh Ramsay does this thing with his like.. Pitch perfect high notes πŸ‘Œ
Josh Ramsay makes my heart hurt goodbye
Josh Ramsay in the "Good to You" video is something I actually can't handle
Josh Ramsay: the only human to make a great pop song about making a great pop song.
yes you can forgive him, and he only said it because he's jealous of how beautiful Josh Ramsay is compared to his ugly face
"Cross the line if Josh Ramsay is your idol."
I sent a follow request- libra and Josh Ramsay or calum hood
I sent a gif of Josh Ramsay and well...
You know the versions of "Good To You" w/ Kate Voegele & Jessica Lee. Here's Tania Hancheroff's.
sounds like time to look for a new job Josh...
Ima be real, I love packing for camping trips while blasting Here's To The Zeros and trying to do Josh Ramsay's runs
Don't thank me yet, a good few people don't like Josh Ramsay's voice lol
josh ramsay is the actual loml . is he problematic, NO. is he talented, YES. is he beautiful, YES. aka man of my dreams
Electronic Device Insurance
Josh Ramsay- it's the stuff like this that makes me love the guys from Marianas TrenchπŸ’™β€¦
Is josh ramsay secretly an 80 year old lady
what is Josh's nickname besides Ramsay?
Which famous person have you met or been close to? β€” I met Josh Ramsay once but that's it lol
If you could have dinner with anyone, who would you c... β€” either josh ramsay, phil lester or jk rowling can't d...
I love josh Ramsay 's personality and energy πŸ’
Josh Ramsay is probably the best thing I have discovered
I'm so excited!😝 I aspire to be Josh Ramsay sometimes.πŸ˜‚
I wish my life was as fun as one of Josh Ramsay's music videos
Josh Ramsay gives me chills here. Wow!!
I am only attracted to you if you're Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Mike Ayley, Ian Casselman, Russel Wilson, Cameron Wake, or Colin o'donahughe
Ben Haenow's voice is up there with Josh Ramsay, Adam Gontier, Chris Robertson & Chad Kroeger
Am I the only one who thinks Josh Ramsay and Phil Lester [AmazingPhil] look really really alike
Man I can't wait to do my hair like Josh Ramsay. Holy eff Im stoked.
Josh ramsay is disgusting but i love him
I'd like to meet Josh Ramsay please and thank you Jesus
but forget that because I need to make my daily statement about how jealous I am of Josh Ramsay's voice
β€œStory time with Josh Ramsay why is this happening
josh ramsay is gonna be 30 years old in six months I'm puking
Josh ramsay is the only guy who can
Josh Ramsay's voice is life tbh it's amazing I love him
Only Josh ramsay can still look good in a space sweater and shiny pants
Cover of Josh Ramsay's Baby Please Come Home (cover contest) if you like please vote 4 me at
I will gladly have Josh Ramsay's children
Do u ever just jump into random conversations about Josh Ramsay bc same
Fans himself as he watches Youtube videos of Josh Ramsay.
"One day you'll meet someone who changes your life. Your standards won't matter, just him. That's when you fall in love" U mean Josh Ramsay?
California Trencher Laney Short (posted this. Seems like something Josh Ramsay would share.
please literally never ask me to choose between Josh Ramsay and Fox Mulder because I can guarantee I will either cry or punch you
Josh ramsay acoustically covering anaconda is the best thing i have seen to this day
Just a reminder that Josh Ramsay's cover of Anaconda is the best thing
Everyone always tells me Seth looks like Josh Ramsay and I just laugh like yeah Seth is way more attractive
I didn't believe in perfection, but then I found Josh Ramsay and my belief was immediately altered.
You're nice most of the time but Josh is just a plain old ***
The only time you want to sound like josh Ramsay is when you are singing
in other words you sound like Josh Ramsay
Not dirty, but I just want Josh Ramsay to give me a hug
Idk what I'm doing! But Josh is the greatest reindeer of all time!
Trying to convince my mother to like Josh Ramsay is like trying to convince the world community that Hitler was a good…
Forever loving and . Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench covers Nicki Min…:
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