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Josh Ramsay

Josh Ramsay (born 1985) is a Canadian singer and songwriter, producer, guitar engineer, and the lead vocalist of the multi platinum selling band Marianas Trench.

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Man I can't wait to do my hair like Josh Ramsay. Holy eff Im stoked.
Josh ramsay is disgusting but i love him
I'd like to meet Josh Ramsay please and thank you Jesus
but forget that because I need to make my daily statement about how jealous I am of Josh Ramsay's voice
“Story time with Josh Ramsay why is this happening
josh ramsay is gonna be 30 years old in six months I'm puking
Josh ramsay is the only guy who can
Josh Ramsay's voice is life tbh it's amazing I love him
Only Josh ramsay can still look good in a space sweater and shiny pants
Cover of Josh Ramsay's Baby Please Come Home (cover contest) if you like please vote 4 me at
I will gladly have Josh Ramsay's children
Do u ever just jump into random conversations about Josh Ramsay bc same
Fans himself as he watches Youtube videos of Josh Ramsay.
"One day you'll meet someone who changes your life. Your standards won't matter, just him. That's when you fall in love" U mean Josh Ramsay?
California Trencher Laney Short (posted this. Seems like something Josh Ramsay would share.
please literally never ask me to choose between Josh Ramsay and Fox Mulder because I can guarantee I will either cry or punch you
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Josh ramsay acoustically covering anaconda is the best thing i have seen to this day
Just a reminder that Josh Ramsay's cover of Anaconda is the best thing
Everyone always tells me Seth looks like Josh Ramsay and I just laugh like yeah Seth is way more attractive
I didn't believe in perfection, but then I found Josh Ramsay and my belief was immediately altered.
You're nice most of the time but Josh is just a plain old ***
The only time you want to sound like josh Ramsay is when you are singing
in other words you sound like Josh Ramsay
Not dirty, but I just want Josh Ramsay to give me a hug
Idk what I'm doing! But Josh is the greatest reindeer of all time!
Trying to convince my mother to like Josh Ramsay is like trying to convince the world community that Hitler was a good…
Forever loving and . Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench covers Nicki Min…:
Am i the only one finding it weird that Dan and Josh Ramsay share a birthday??
I dreamt josh ramsay covered chandelier and I took my phone out to record so I could show my sister when I woke up. smh
when is 5sos gonna write a song with Josh Ramsay?
There are fan accounts with more followers than josh ramsay
[EDITED] Pierre and Chuck on studio with Josh Ramsay
theyre sO GOOD. um a pomegranate going in a place a pomegranate shouldnt go ft josh ramsay
"Heart of the Matter" first song I hear today. Awesome singalong, never forget when Josh Ramsay covered it. Morning, world.
So I was searching Josh Ramsay and I found this I thought they were actually holding hands
Mark Hoppus, Alex Gaskarth and now Josh Ramsay. The new album of Simple Plan is gonna be so *** awesome!!
"On February 24th, the new Jonas Brothers cd comes out" ~ Josh Ramsay
my celeb crushes Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Ian Casselman, Mike Ayley, Adam levin. My fav colours blue and black. Fav ship is
The number of comments saying Phil looks more like Josh Ramsay when he dyes his hair blue though.
Reasons why Josh Ramsay is a better chef than Gordon Ramsay: not only can he sing, but he also doesn't have anger issues and he's hella cute
I told Seth he was hotter than Josh Ramsay & he got really confused
Can Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Josh Ramsay write and sing a soundtrack for my life?
Josh Ramsay's screams and high notes give me chills
..seriously.. I have so much to say about every MT song I could go on for days! I do love watching me some Josh Ramsay dance moves!
There's this kid at my school and he's the perfect combination of josh Ramsay, Eric Osborne and my best friends faces😍
let me tell you a thing about Josh Ramsay
I'm still not over being sassed by Josh Ramsay
Josh you should go as Gordan Ramsay for Halloween. Sorry I just like the idea of you two cooking together
Aw Ramsay Street is torn down the middle but we wish Naomi could be there for Josh too. He needs a friend
I am never getting over the fact that Luke and Josh Ramsay are on speaking terms
“You are what you listen to” who's eminem and who's josh ramsay is the question
Josh Ramsay and have literally saved my life. Can't thank you enough💕😔
What would you do If Josh Ramsay Followed You? I am just wondering honesty I am bored
Josh Ramsay makes me feel like dirt
You, Josh Ramsay, are the best songwriter!
The work in progress Josh Ramsay presented yesterday is stars cascading down from the night sky like a waterfall upon all of us.
Gerard Way and Josh Ramsay have the most amazing voices I've ever heard!
I made edits too but I'm laughing bc if you just search Josh Ramsay in images all these funny things pop up
if you want a good laugh just search Josh Ramsay images
throwback to when Josh Ramsay had a haiku phase
Can I get a hug from Josh Ramsay please
Update your maps at Navteq
I love how one of the very few accounts that follows is a Josh-Ramsay-hate account.
If I see one more picture of someone who got to meet josh ramsay and hear his new songs I'm going to eject myself into the Atlantic Ocean
while I was napping I had a dream that I ended up at a mcdonalds that served pizza and josh ramsay was working there.?
Like I'm literally going to meet Josh Ramsay today. I can't even comprehend this
That one really emotional note that Josh Ramsay hits really gets me and its just so perfect
If you could live anyone's life for a day, who would it be? — Josh Ramsay
2010 Josh Ramsay was so freaking sexy, still sexy now but ***
Josh Ramsay's vocals are so important. 💕😍
I love old Marianas Trench but I hate them now cause Josh Ramsay turned into such a ***
My fan fiction, "Josh Ramsay is a LIAR" now has 506 reads! Why don't you go check it out on Wattpad! .
Aw! Josh can't get over Amber in today's Maybe he needs a Ramsay Street rebound?
LMAO😂😂 I love Josh Ramsay more than I love the actual air that I breathe
Josh Ramsay is in Vancouver and my moms not letting me go find him. . What has the world come to?
I just meet josh Ramsay from Mariana's trench basically one of my top 3 fav bands
Ok wait Josh Ramsay is without a doubt the only reason I consider myself to be a relatively happy human being
why do no josh ramsay body parts follow me I'm offended
"Josh Ramsay realizing he shouldn't hold the award like that" im laUGHING SO HARD
josh ramsay can I put ur finger in my ear
for sure josh Ramsay will always be my role model lol and a great dancer justin bieber no one cares about lol
I'd be happy to be like 0.5% as good a writer as josh ramsay ngl
and we got everyone in line to start singing along, ugh good times, josh Ramsay makes me weak
Great to be in Ballarat tonight with & join Simon Ramsay, Mayor Josh Morris,
Imagine you are constipated on the toilet, hopelessly pushing but to no avail. Nothing. Then Josh Ramsay emerges from the window. (C)
experiencing ventricular contractions I think my heart is failing if I die tell Josh Ramsay to dye his hair black for me bye
are two of the most amazing guys ever. Josh Ramsay. And Robin Williams.
this is the most unsettling picture of josh I've ever seen. god dammit ramsay
Josh Ramsay,Matt Webb,Mike Ayley & Ian Casselman duh they never aged since they left high school!
in love with Josh Ramsay's voice, i could listen to it all day every day
you are secretly Josh Ramsay though right
if you are secretly Josh Ramsay would you use a super high note on ur friends to kill there ears
are you actually Josh Ramsay but you didn't want the media to know because you'd get mobbed?
Overheard: Josh Ramsay: So if someone doesnt know what band I'm from-but they know that I'm like, in a band...
Josh Ramsay will always be my person okay
What is your favorite month of the year? — June bc josh ramsay and dan howell's b-day 6/11
What would your dream house be like? — Josh Ramsay's face everywhere and like a trampoline and a bunch of food a...
Remember when Josh Ramsay walked by me outside of the venue and I started crying BUT I DIDNT TALK TO HIM BECAUSE IM STUPID YEAH ME TOO
this guy asked me to grad like a month ago and I told him "sorry I'm already going with Josh Ramsay" and he just like accepted that like thx
josh ramsay used to let his life revolve around self destruction and now he's the reason I've tried to stop letting myself do that im so sad
Let's all take a moment to appreciate Josh Ramsay's insane voice
""Quote this with pictures of josh ramsay please"
See this man? He's overcome bulimia and a heroin addiction. He's a talented musician. Meet Josh Ramsay, my idol. http:…
I lost my mom in the mall once when we were there for a Marianas Trench concert. I found Josh Ramsay & had him help find her (X
Can we just talk about how inspiring Josh Ramsay and Marianas Trench are pls.
Yeah that's what I thought but people on instagram are freaking out because "Josh Ramsay liked my vine!?!?!"
I'm Josh Ramsay one of the co-writers of Call Me Maybe. I also have a band called Marianas Trench... and stuff. I'll be answering questions starting s...
Yeah Mariana's Trench *** now but that doesn't mean that Josh Ramsay isn't still a fantastic singer
This will be 2 in 1 since I got 2 bands. I got Marianas Trench first. Am I a fan: YES! SO MUCH SO! Favourite song: I'd have to say By Now or Acadia First song: Lover Dearest got me hooked Seen live: No, I really want to though Favourite member: Not to be total fan girlish and pick the singer but Josh Ramsay is perfection. I got Nirvana Am I fan: Sort of, my brothers listen to them a lot and I find myself rocking out in my room Favourite song: Smells Like Teen Spirit First song: Smells Like Teen Spirit Seen live: Nope Favourite member: I don't really have a favourite member. Keep commenting bands guys. ~Daydreamer
I just wanna meet Leonardo DiCaprio and Josh Ramsay, then life will be complete
Doug Willis arrives in Ramsay street and offer to teach Josh some of his skills as a builder
Josh Ramsay's voice is pure perfection. I can't wait for MT's fourth album to come out.
"Quote this with pictures of josh ramsay please"
Is it just me or are Josh Ramsay and Himchan like i dunno similar???
I think Abby is attracted to Josh Ramsay
Josh Ramsay's voice is the most beautiful thing
Forever hoping that Josh Ramsay will love me
if you're saying Josh Ramsay is as cool as me you are WRONG
Can we have a Josh Ramsay appreciation day please?
If you could meet a famous person, whom would you lik... — Josh Ramsay and then I'd become best friend with him ...
"I painted these nails with josh ramsay's blood" . "The blue?" . "The blue and sparkly" my friends, everyone bye
Never going to receive a follow from Brent,Jacob, a magcon boy,an o2l boy,Josh Ramsay,Fob member,P!ATD member,ect. ;~;
Kellin Quinn, Trenton Woodley, Johnny Craig, Tyler Carter, Alexander Deleon, and Josh Ramsay are some dang good singers tho.
50 Facts About Josh Ramsay & Marianas Trench 1. Josh Ramsay and Matt Webb went to the same high school and were in choir 2. Josh Ramsay was born on June 11, 1983 3. Josh grew up in a musical family 4. He was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia 5. His childhood address is 1712 Acadia Road, Vancouver BC 6. He produced the song “Give Him Up” - Faber Parkway Drive. 7. Josh is 6’2 8. Josh Ramsay tried Heroin for the first time at a friend’s party at age 16, he was then addicted for two years 9. He has two tattoos, that represent his heroin addiction 10. His parents are Miles and Corlynn Gordon Craig Gordon Craig Ramsay. 11. Josh has two sisters, Ange and Sara 12. He had his first solo gig at a coffee shop, at age 14 13. Before Marianas Trench, Josh was in a band called Ramsay Fiction. 14. Josh cut himself, because it “released the pain”. 15. Josh has wrote most of his songs through self-pain, addiction and other life issues. 16. Josh is 31 17. He suffered from an eating disorder, Bulimia. 18. Mar ...
just to get it straight Espinosa is MINE Niall is Jenny 's Louis is Eleanor's Harry is Kendalls (-.-) Liam is DANIELLE'S! Zayn is Perrie's Matt Webb&Josh Ramsay is Bri's. Cameron Boyce is Emily's. Brent Rivera is Caitlyn's. Nash Grier is Maxwell 's. Justin bieber is Skylar 's. comment and ill add your names!
Carly Rae Jepsen - Sour Candy ft. Josh Ramsay one of my fave duets
His kisses>>>>you (unless you're Josh Ramsay or Ian Somerhalder or Jacob Hoggard or Johnny Depp) :)
This is my video of me asking Josh Ramsay to go to my grad with me.
My Josh Ramsay feels are coming back.
we have a lot to discuss, starting with Josh Ramsay's voice
lol I did. He just seems to have a thing against Josh Ramsay. Probably because I never shut up about him. XD
Top 5 guys I like: David Preston Harry Styles, Josh Ramsay, I have no more friends so don't judge me
Can you write a haiku like Josh Ramsay using the word "bacon"?
I feel like Josh Ramsay is a very big inspiration to Luke Hemmings.
“Quote this with your lock screen if your idol is there” Josh Ramsay of Mtrench
Remember when Josh Ramsay was nominated last year for Best Producer?
Iol guys remember when josh ramsay was at the Grammys last year
Throwback Thursday to last year when josh ramsay wore a tight red leather suit and spikey Prada shoes to the Grammys
But remember last year when Josh Ramsay was nominated for a Grammy and we all were so proud
just a reminder josh ramsay was at the Grammies last year
This time, last year, Josh Ramsay was at the Grammy's making Trenchers EVERYWHERE, proud. :') . ~ *Trench Wench
I still remember last years Grammy, hoping Josh Ramsay'd win a Grammy for songwriter of the year (I think) for Call Me Maybe.
I love how Josh Ramsay shows off his voice in the acoustic version of cross my heart :)
I wish Josh Ramsay was nominated for another Grammy this year cause that would make me want to watch the show.
Where's Josh Ramsay im not watching this if there's no Josh Ramsay
If you even want or need a picture of Josh Ramsay, Dan Howell, or Phil Lester you can ask me.I'm one of those fans with 100+ photos of them.
This is my Josh Ramsay ~ Backstage Action (final pt), hope you guys like it! And as always, I'd love to get feedback
The music video is HILARIOUS. Josh Ramsay is amazing.
"If you're not Michael Jackson or Josh Ramsay this is gonna be difficult"
If you want a band member to reply try being NICE. I did that on my personal and Josh Ramsay and Matt Webb both replied to me.
and I'm not sure if they still are, but all the comments used to be "Josh Ramsay!!" Loolol
I had a dream about Josh Ramsay that doesn't happen often
My celeb crush is Harry Styles and Josh Ramsay
if u ever feel down remember that sometimes josh Ramsay forgets the lyrics to his own songs
I've been listening to Marianas Trench a lot recently. Amazing band! Also Josh Ramsay has one of the most amazing tenor voices ever.
to when josh Ramsay was on the worst dressed nobodies at the grammy's list
I just saw josh Ramsay on Granville st?
Josh Ramsay,. Your hair is sex. I encourage all men to take a lesson from you in grooming. I'm dead serious. I want to love it.
XD mine ish with things that are new i just love the look of them and josh ramsay.
can you please draw Josh Ramsay and/or Lzzy Hale?
Have you heard of a Josh Ramsay, before?
I would sell my soul to meet josh ramsay tho
So tempted to make a Josh Ramsay fake.
You're All Invited: Pro Bowl Watch Party. Ramsay will be there. I hate Ramsay.
My friend told me that his friend met josh Ramsay and I was like OH
I CALLED JOSH RAMSAY CUTE AND MY DAD SAID "cute wouldn't be the word I'd use to describe him" OMFG
Get well soon Josh Ramsay! video created by organized by and Thanks to everyone who sent in pics ...
OMG josh ramsay hairs back to normal :o
Josh Ramsay is looking more and more *** day by day
sorry but Josh Ramsay has to be *** .no straight guy puts glitter in his hair
I'm going to see Down With Webster in Vancouver next week, and I just heard somewhere that a sassy man called Josh Ramsay was going to be there. Eheh! - Primetime
Im composed of Jack Barakat, Chris MIW, Alan Ashby, Oli Sykes and just a bit of Josh Ramsay
|| YASMINE APPRECIATION POST. Well, where am i supposed to start? I've known her for nearly a year in March, I think. Which is a crazy long time, in my opinion. It seems like I've known her for all my life though, it seems. I remember accidentally starting to talk to you, thinking we were part of the same rp, which, we weren't. But, we instantly clicked and i can't thank you enough. We used to have petty little arguements about who had which hot actors. And to this day I still have Orlando Bloom, Aidan Turner, Dean O'Gorman, Nicholas Hoult, Josh Ramsay, Ash Stymest, Marcus Butler, Chris list still goes on to this day. We start all conversations with CHUMMY, which is unique to us, and us only. And since then, I swear, there hasn't been a day we haven't spoken. We're a bit like Miranda and Stevie, a bit like Zoella and Louise, and a bit like Patrick and Spongebob. All of those combined are our friendship. I honestly, love you Yasmine, and I tell you it a lot IC but. Never OOC. Which I should because ...
Guitarists I know: uhm... Tony Perry is awesome... Matt Webb, Jack Barakat, Jason White, do Vic Fuentes and Josh Ramsay count?
Another difficult find but Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench
How did you guys come to like Marianas Trench? For me it happened on Instagram. My Newsfeed was covered with Marianas Trench, Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Mike Ayley, and Ian Casselman and I had no clue who any of them were. Finally I decided to check them out and BAM! I was a Trencher. ~PerfectDisaster
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