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Josh Norman

Josh Norman (born December 15, 1987) is an American football cornerback for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League (NFL).

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I want to dip the annoyin reporter in the dez/josh norman galaxy note 8 commercials in honey, stake him to an ant hill, and set him on fire.
Can we please stop those Dez Bryant & Josh Norman commercials, They're terrible
That Josh Norman commercial was crazy lmao
I'm really over the and Josh Norman commercials. They were never funny.
Am I the only one who hates those NFL Samsung commercials with Josh Norman and Dez?
That Josh Norman samsung commercial is really annoying. They should've hired an actor to play Josh Norman
Josh Norman warmed up in these spiked cleats ☝️
Redskins could be would out Josh Norman, Bashuad Breeland, Deshazor Everette, and Josh Allen on Monday night... boy
I’m so happy that we get Josh Norman back the same week that we play the eagles
Is Josh Norman gonna play against us?
I hope he and Josh Norman comes back. We likely got Darby coming back.
Do you think maybe Kyle Fuller might just be coming into his own this season. Sort of a late bloom…
Josh Norman leading the DB huddle before 🔒⬇️
josh norman not in the same league as rhodes. i got Rhodes at the top tbh
Redskins: Almost lost to a winless team because they cannot play defense without Josh Norman
Panthers had Josh Norman back then. Their secondary is weaker now
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These Josh Norman - Dez Bryant commercials need to be buried somewhere where they'll never be found again
My *** Was that Josh Norman holding up his fist like the National Anthem was playing? How my mans catch his helme…
You gonna jump in and play some cornerback? Taking Josh Norman’s place???
Xavier Rhodes and Josh Norman the best Corners in the NFL . Don't @ me. Marcus Peters should be ashamed of this pathetic *** p…
Redskins Gameday: Trent Williams active, but Rob Kelley joins Josh Norman on sidelines for 49ers game - Washington…
The Redskins are a good, solid team with no clear weakness when Josh Norman and Jordan Reed are on the field. They depend on Cousins tho.
2022's Caleb Williams brings a Josh Norman mentality to the gridiron.
Josh Norman is out 4 weeks and will miss the game against the week 7 on Monday Night Football.
Gruden says Trent Williams is getting a MRI on his knee, Rob Kelley day to day with ankle sprain, Josh Norman week to week wi…
Bye comes at good time for Josh Norman, Washington Redskins
Kelce got away with taunting and Josh Norman lit him up on the next play
This defense without Josh Norman is a dumpster fire all fell apart when he got hurt
Extended: Josh Norman calling out Crabtree and Cooper after they combined for 2 receptions and 13 yards on SNF. (via
.DB Josh Norman had plenty to say after helping to shut down the Sunday night . More→
Josh Norman puts Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree in their place after the game.
I want to go against Patrick Peterson, Sherman, Marcus Peters & Josh Norman & whisper my route at the line of scrimmage befo…
. he still gets Josh Norman twice, Sherman, Janoris, Marcus Peters, Desmond Trufant ans more, could be a long season for
Josh Norman rips into Donald Trump: "Not my president."
Josh Norman is the best fumble-puncher on the planet. It used to be Charles Tillman's move. Norman has perfected it.
Pacman Jones vs Hopkins is the bargain brand version of Josh Norman vs OBJ 🐐
Individual Matchups to watch today in Lane Johnson vs Ryan Kerrigan. Alshon Jeffery vs Josh Norman
[NBC Sports: Pro Football Talk] - Alshon Jeffery on Josh Norman: I let my play do the talking
This game might not mean much for Kirk Cousins or Josh Norman, but it means a lot for a lot of other guys.
It's not easy to juke Josh Norman out of his cleats, but rookie RB Joe Mixon made it look easy. . http…
Josh Norman always been like this lol
Josh Norman wanting $15M per year was the logic for letting him walk.
Wasn't this the same logic for letting Josh Norman walk and then their pass D was awful the next year?
WR Terrelle Pryor Sr. beats Josh Norman in 1-on-1. You can watch Pryor-Norman pt II on my Instagram story (master_…
Never forget when Cam Newton had to beat the greatness into Josh Norman 😭💪🏾
During training camp, Dale Earnhardt Jr is going to give Kirk Cousins, Josh Norman, and Ryan Kerrigan a ride around
I think Dan Graziano is incorrect to subtract FT from $ as if it was already paid and to be forgotten. Josh Norman learned this last year.
Gettleman released Steve Smith, Josh Norman, Tolbert, Ted G, Philly Brown, an almost Olsen,TD and Panthers culture before Jerry woke up!!
Umm Kirk is the most "Sure fire thing" on the whole team?! There's this guy named Trent Williams! Also this Josh Norman guy!
Josh Norman is the best DB in the league. Hands down.
You're probably Panthers aren't going to be winning for a while because of Josh Norman leaving. Th…
I just watched a interview of Kirk Cousins and Josh Norman raving about how good Dak is...
Humprhies getting out in space on the WR screen and throwing Josh Norman out of the club.
Lack of Josh Norman & Bashaud Breeland here is surely an oversight and not an intentional omission, right…
I respect OBJ just as much as the next guy he's a top 5 receiver but Xavier Rhodes... Josh Norman? They shut the ma…
You better than Josh Norman but Janoris Jenkins better than you
Jenkins had to play every teams so he's the best in the division. DRC after him then Josh Norman
With Redskins DC Greg Manusky confirming today that Josh Norman will be shadowing WR1s this season, I had to come up w…
It's Friday so here's a video of Nate Sudfeld and Josh Norman playing soccer.
Y'all agree with CB Josh Norman that 2016 was the best year he's had? Peep what he said:. h…
Redskins cornerback Josh Norman says 2016 was ‘by far’ his best season
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
VIDEO - Josh Norman and Nate Sudfeld showed off their soccer skills after Redskins OTAs yesterday:…
csnwashington​.com >> VIDEO: Josh Norman and Nate Sudfeld show off soccer skills after Redskins OTAs
WATCH - Josh Norman and Nate Sudfeld played a little soccer together for 15 minutes after practice today:…
Redskins OTA: Jay Gruden Presser. Injury updates, No joint practices at training camp. Josh Norman to play off more
Jay Gruden on Josh Norman playing off coverage : "He can see the quarterback. He's a route-reading machine."
Jay Gruden calls Josh Norman "a route-reading machine." Thinks playing off more will suit him.
Long post-practice soccer game between Josh Norman and Nate Sudfeld, who has some skills.
Comparing the careers of Janoris Jenkins and Josh Norman. Who would you rather have on your defense?
Can't pay Cousins, can't pay Jones. Who they paying over there, Josh Norman? Ha ha
I liked a video Mike Evans & Josh Norman get into altercation before half time
Josh Norman expects his battles with Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham Jr. to be even more heated in 2017.
Terrelle Pryor and Josh Norman battling it out at Redskins OTAs. 📸
Didn't see Josh Norman mention Alshon Jeffery when talking about NFCE WR's. I understand why, though.
"He tries to be a tough guy. He tries to put on this persona which he's not. He's a big kid." -- Josh Norman on Odell B…
Josh Norman says Dez Bryant, NFC East receivers are just guys; 'I'm not enhancing my craft' against them.". INTERESTING.…
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I have a love-hate relationship with Josh Norman, but I'll be damned if that man wasn't born to wear Black and Blue.
Football star Josh Norman is back as Dwayne Nate Johnson on an all-new Catch it at 11:30/10…
Dez Bryant is barely a top 10 WR, Josh Norman is not overrated at all, David Johnson > Zeke, Richard Sherman is the…
Saturday will mark a year since New Orleans missed out on Josh Norman. We’ll now see what happens with Malcolm Butler.
Odell Beckham Jr.'s drops. First 25 games (before first meeting with Josh Norman): 4 drops on 266 targets. Since: 19 drops on 188 ta…
went after Janoris Jenkins, Josh Norman and Gilmore. Also tried to trade up for Jalen Ramsey. Have they solved CB?
Josh Norman has to face Alshon Jeffery, Dez, Odell, and Brandon Marshall 6 times a year lmaooo
Ziggy Hood to Josh Norman he stole LifeSavers in the middle of the game😂😂😂
with Desean Jackson and then Josh Norman, could the redskins go big on a free agent this year?
DeAngelo Hall, Bashaud Breeland, David Bruton, Shawn Lauvao, Jordan Reed, Josh Norman all had injuries on turf fiel…
Josh Norman wants to make sure that Kirk Cousins stays with the Redskins.
Post Ray Lewis I feel is the same as OAK. Worst I'd say is OBJ-Josh Norman for chippy. Suh still is, and Bennett...
but Josh Norman is better than Julio Jones. Therefore Josh Norman > Richard Sherman
Josh Norman lying about HIS coverage against Julio Jones.
Fox Sports just said Josh Norman shut down Julio Jones in 2015. Julio had 9 catches for 113 yards against Norman. Stop it.
Josh Norman is on TV trying to explain how to shut down Julio Jones. shut up
People say Josh Norman is overrated, but he's the only DB in the league who hasn't allowed Julio Jones to score or have a 100 yard game 🤔
Why are they asking Josh Norman how to stop Julio Jones? He can barely hang with OBJ lol
Josh Norman out here talking about how he contained Julio Jones while his team didn't even make the playoffs. Hate this clown
"Josh Norman joins us to tell how to stop Julio Jones". Yeah, have fun with that
How in the world can Josh Norman know anything about stopping Julio Jones when he can't do it?
Apple Harvests Gold Coast Eagles CEO Peter Gatley in Mexico oil factory, hundreds to Josh Norman part of 9/11as ur in your
Given the Panthers regression post Peanut Tillman, Josh Norman & Jared Allen this is pretty weird 🤔🏈
Josh Norman is the greatest CB since Deion Sanders retired.
*** it won't Josh Norman who jaw Steve Smith broke. It was some Lucas guy nose...Still tho
Rain drop. Drop top . Redskins signing Josh Norman was a Flop Flop
The Rousey/Nunes affair was more manly than this Josh Norman vs Odell Beckham Jr slapfest
Odell vs Josh Norman would be a more interesting fight than Rousey vs Nunes was
"Josh Norman so good. Best CB in the league."
he's taking it with josh Norman sticking him
Hamilton Collection
can't wait to see Josh Norman vs OBJ
Still can't do anything against Josh Norman 🐸☕️
A must win game for Redskins... Josh Norman vs Odell Beckham again
Redskins vs Giants is must see on Sunday. with the chance to torch Josh Norman and knock the Redskins out the playoffs.
Panthers did Steve dirty, they did Josh Norman dirty, and they even did DeAngelo Williams dirty to some degree.
U don't need the Josh Norman headache next week. Wear a Craig Sager sweatshirt on sideline
as a CAR fan, can't have Josh Norman in the playoffs during an *** year. I was blessed enough to have Denver not make it 😂
why would Josh Norman want to come to Detroit we suck
now...Josh Norman on D and Replace both Guards on offense
Here the squad update am a 94 overall very happy with the team Randy Moss leads the offense and Josh Norman leads t…
right, that's why Josh Norman got paid regardless of his flaws
If Josh Norman intercepts Cam Newton last week... I would be in my league championship game
I aint a cowboys hater just a Dez truther. Man is overrated just like his daddy Josh Norman
Good to know body-slamming a guy is illegal in the NFL. Why wasn't it called on Josh Norman against last year?
Odell beckam vs Josh Norman is just to me the most beautiful rivalry in Football
whats that have to do with Dez getting locked down by Josh Norman
the Redskins don't have Jordan Read. Odell would also burn Josh Norman
Josh Norman may have the best press bail technique
If Dez has one on one with any of these CBs, you have to feed him. Josh Norman ain't walking through those doors.
Dez wouldn't have caught that against Josh Norman.🐸🍵
and cmon Josh Norman on the team! Wouldn't it be nice for Giants to end his season??? 😂😂
CB- flashback Janoris Jenkins or josh Norman WR- Fo diggs or base julio and MLB- 88 Dansby or milestone burfict
ha!!! You're starting to talk like Josh Norman
Panthers.. They made a big mistake letting Josh Norman walk in free agency. The Broncos just didn't have a quarterb…
Josh Norman is going to BULLY you next Sunday !!
vs Josh Norman in today's game. I go with Ocho having 6 catches, 85 yards and 1 TD. 85 hasn't lost a step!!
Josh Johnson gonna throw his first pass since 2011 and embarrass Norman. .
James Bradberry becomes a mini-Josh Norman. Not as good, but very solid.
Josh Norman really sent personalized bathrobes to the entire Panthers team.
I'm getting Josh Norman some talent to back up his trash talking for Christmas.
Brown said he's hoping to have one of his signing in tomorrow. He said Norman had made money available
also pulled josh Norman 89 overall so he's at my number 3 CB
Port Vale Chairman Norman Smurthwaite, has today accepted the resignation of Manager, Bruno Ribeiro, following the 1-0 de…
OBJ and Josh Norman will forever be a classic 💯🔥🏈.
Rain drop. Drop top. Josh Norman got exposed by Dak Prescott
except for when he beats josh Norman and Washington right? Still don't know what to think of it
"Sports was everything to me. It pretty much got me out of where I was.". Josh Norman reflects on how sports changed his life gro…
Why is the Vikings DBs even a story ... even when they told Josh Norman to do the same thing earlier in the year ...
.film session: Bears QB Matt Barkley learns going at Josh Norman no way to make living…
just think if they was playing with josh Norman and I'm sold on tre but he need show up on a consist basis and he will be great
It was a year ago last night that Josh Norman took the time out of his Christmas Night to deal with me.…
Happy birthday to the man, the myth, the legend of fort hill football 💪 enjoy your day young man! Expect big things from you Josh Norman 😈😈🏈
He like Josh Norman... good one year and Act best and then come back trash next year.
Josh Norman picks up 4 Tackles and 2 Interceptions as the Washington Redskins humble the Chicago Bears 41-21.
Matt Barkley throws INT to Josh Norman as he's getting taken down by Preston Smith.
Terrific catch by Alshon Jeffery along the sideline vs. Josh Norman for 37 yd gain. on the move with 0:41 remaining 2…
QB Kirk Cousins, CB Josh Norman and WR Jamison Crowder have been selected as alternates.
Four Redskins named to 2017 Pro Bowl, but Josh Norman and Jamison Crowder snubbed - John Keim (ESPN)
really struggling with PPR decision on Alshon vs D-Hopkins. Weather and Josh Norman hurt Alshon. Can Savage free Hopkins??
Josh Norman just got burned like...
Hopkins. He had 17 targets last week plus new QB that sparks the offense. Josh Norman likely to shadow Alshon
who should be the Redskins winners -. Crowder. Vernon Davis. Ryan Kerrigan . Compton. Maybe -. Baker. Hopkins. Josh Norman .
Josh Norman's revenge on the foiled by Cam Newton. The Monday night recap
Cam Newton throws for 300 yds for the 1st time since Week 6 to help the Panthers defeat Josh Norman and the Redskins, 26-…
Redskins' Josh Norman wanted more of a challenge from Panthers' Cam Newton
Tedd ready to cook Josh Norman. Good be a long game for y’all boy.
"I want to try and show him up every chance I get" - Lisa Salters on what Josh Norman told her about Norman's animosity towards Gettleman
The best CB in the league meets Josh Norman on
Here are Josh Norman and Trent Williams yelling at each other after Williams blocked Norman during last year’s game. https…
TEXT from Bruce Allen: "Tell Jonesy thanks for sticking up for Josh Norman."
Preston Smith, Ricky Jean François, Josh Norman, Chris Baker. The only people that care on D
Give me Mason Foster, Junior Galette, Trent Murphy, and Josh Norman. After that, clean house and start over.
It's Chris Baker, Ryan Kerrigan, Trent Murphy, Half of Preston Smith, and Josh Norman with literally all backups beside them.
Breeland and Dunbar got me missing Kendall Fuller...seriously. This defense is Josh Norman, Chris Baker a bunch of guys + w/e Kerrigan is.
Only people that jobs are safe on our defense is Chris Baker, Josh Norman and Ryan Kerrigan. Everyone else is on ice
Stephen Jones on Dez Bryant's 'maturity' in matchup with Josh Norman, shades of Leon Lett on defense https:…
Steve Smith in his prime talked trash like Josh Norman but would actually beat you up if a fight was started.
I get so sick of hearing about Steve Smith & Josh Norman... get over it... & again if we were winning this wouldn't be discussed...
Clinton Portis responds to radio callers blaming Josh Norman and Kirk Cousins
lmao you didn't see Stephen A Smith of ESPN going back and forth with Redskins players? They talk about our offense & Josh Norman
a team without the leadership of Josh Norman & Steve Smith. ...the in-your-face type guys!
y'all telling me to trust a guy who let Steve Smith and Josh Norman go ?!
Nobody on this team has any heart besides Luke and TD. But so glad we got rid of Steve Smith and Josh Norman 🙃
Joe Barry is using Josh Norman how Gregg Williams used Shawn Springs lol.
Diontè Moody Hawkins You just saw some real good DB play that last series. Good anticipation and textbook tackling by Josh Norman.
Josh Norman with the tackle for loss of five. See, he's a complete player. Not just a good cover guy.
Throwback to OBJ stepping over Josh Norman and mocking Cam Newton's dab 👀🏈
Josh Norman (ends with a warning to offenses: "You do not want to test my side of the field. I ha…
Josh Norman and Chris Baker need to take their two Ls and go home.
Dez Bryant and Josh Norman settle their feud in the ring.
Josh Norman: Dez Bryant never said “Where I come from we unload the clip”
Josh Norman on Patrick Peterson: 'He shouldn't be trolling me' -
Not caping for Joe Barry but with the exception of Josh Norman (who essentially fell into our laps) and a couple of non first round rooks,
Dez Bryant ran routes against Josh Norman in man coverage 18 times. He had three catches for 29 yards.
Stats don't support Dez Bryant's claims of domination of Josh Norman
Despite claims of domination, actually schemed to get Dez Bryant away from Josh Norman
Dez Bryant's postgame comments on Josh Norman after the Cowboys 31-26 win over the Redskins.
Things got a little heated between Josh Norman and Dez Bryant last night:
95 Josh Norman, Mel blount, and night train!! Rip to whoever plays me..Lol
Candidly Cowboys podcast: Everything you need to know about yesterday's win, also hear from Dez Bryant & Josh Norman https:…
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Giants fans tag-teaming with Cowboys on Josh Norman 😳
Josh Norman talked to the media about the postgame scuffle with Dez Bryant 👀 (via
"Josh Norman gets cooked .. Josh Norman is overrated" the haters hate off one play .. Cmon .. Stats don't lie
Dez Bryant didn't hold back on Josh Norman.
Dez Bryant to media members: "Better tell Washington to get their money back" . Obviously speaking of Josh Norman https…
Josh Norman says Dez Bryant told him after game, 'where I'm from, we unload the clip' - Washington Post
I really don't like Josh Norman. No bias at all, just an average player who talks way too much trash.
WAIT Dez told Josh Norman he had people who would unload the clip and Josh Norman on live tv apologizing and snitchin…
People are taking shots on Josh Norman saying he got burnt but that is not true
Between Josh Norman, Dez Bryant, and OBJ the NFC East has the three biggest cry babies in the league
Goodness, what was Josh Norman doing here? Going to get water on the sideline???
Josh Norman is easily one of the league's best shutdown corners. When did this suddenly become controversial? Dude is…
Josh Norman: Now all that talk is just talktalktalk. Because you just went 0-2 vs Dez Bryant.
Some say that Josh Norman is still running in that direction.
Josh Norman vs. Dez Bryant went to the next level after the final whistle:
I repeat Dez Bryant only had 3 catches for 32 yards lined up against Josh Norman. Dallas should get their 70 mill back i…
We gon act like this negga Josh Norman ain't just snitch on Dez doe?😂
It's just funny how Dez Bryant talks as if he had a stellar game going up against Josh Norman when in reality he didn't do ANYTHING.
"I got a message for Josh Norman. Tell Washington to get their money back!"
For all you saying Josh Norman *** ask Carolina Panthers how bad he *** Last year they were unstoppable this year.…
Who would win in a fight Dez Bryant or Josh Norman
Josh Norman basically said "Dez I know you got killers, please don't send them at me."
Never forget when Cam Newton took Josh Norman to the upper room with a smile on his face
But the FACTS are Josh Norman only gave up 3 catches for 32 yards against Dez Bryant. That's a lock down in the modern d…
Dear Josh Norman now a distraction to the ? Or is there a different standard for OBJ.…
"He only had 72 yards. I did a good job shutting him down. He's the easiest receiver I've had to cover all season" - Jos…
Josh Norman allowed 3 receptions for 32 yards and ZERO touchdowns. People will say he is not a shutdown corner though...…
Josh Norman just made himself look like a snitch😂
Dez to "I was just wearing (Josh Norman's) *** out the whole night. I enjoyed it. Washington needs to get their m…
Josh Norman don't care if it's a holiday, he's gonna lose and act poorly like he always does...
Josh Norman: I got burnt again. Inner Josh Norman: Talk trash anyway.
.Did y'all keep the receipt for Josh Norman? seems to think he's defective.
Dez has some words for Josh Norman and the Redskins.
Dez Bryant and Josh Norman had to be separated by teammates after the Cowboys' win over Redskins.
To avoid Josh Norman, Dez Bryant ran 37% of his routes from the slot tonight (averages ~23%). Caught both targets for…
NFL - Josh Norman after scuffle with Dez Bryant: 'Where I'm from, we unload the clip.'
if you've scored as many TDs on Josh Norman as Dez Bryant has.
Dak Prescott threw in Josh Norman's direction five times today. The results:. 3 completions. 32 yards. All were thrown to Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant still taking shots at Josh Norman
Dez Bryant on Josh Norman: "Washington should get their money back".
3 catches for 32 yards and Josh Norman is takin a L???!! You gotta be kidding me😂 Dez Bryant is 🚮
Dez Bryant on what would've happened if Josh Norman acted same way couple of years ago: "I would've beat him up. Right on t…
Dez Bryant on what he said to Josh Norman: "I was just telling him, Washington needs to get their money back."
Dez Bryant is going on a full on rant about how Josh Norman can't check him. . OBJ:
Dez Bryant on Josh Norman after the game.
Josh Norman discusses Dez Bryant after the game.
Josh Norman said Dez Bryant approached him and told him, "Where I'm from, we unload the clip" to start the postgame scuffle…
Dez Bryant calls out Josh Norman following Dallas' win.
Josh Norman being a sore loser to Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant on Josh Norman postgame. Here's the link
Things got heated between Dez Bryant and Josh Norman on Thanksgiving.
Josh Norman wears ankle socks therefore he cannot play well in big games
man I'm sorry but you ended up in a tie for second as all time *** with Steve Smith to Josh Norman. Drop the ball again.
Steve Smith Sr. and Josh Norman are fake tough guys. It puts a smile on my face when someone calls their bluff.
Dez has 478 and 5 tds acting like he's having a Zeke or Dak type season 😂 Josh Norman fell for it though
On 12 career targets, Dez Bryant has just four catches for 38 yards against Josh Norman.
Josh Norman is a shutdown Nope.
Not sure who is more of a whine bag Josh Norman or Richard Sherman
Dez Bryant just asked Josh Norman if he was coming over for
Why everyone hating on Josh Norman? They tight cause he was locking up Dez all night 😴😴😴
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Smh why my boy Josh Norman gotta do that
Chris Baker, Josh Norman, Robert Kelley and the whole Washington Squad I don't hear anything anymore?!!
Josh Norman is so sorry. . Tried to tell y'all last year when y'all fell for the Panthers hype.
Watching Dez Bryant of the Cowboys and Josh Norman of the Redskins jaw and yap at each other is like watching Joy...
Josh Norman fell off the face of the earth.
Josh Norman got saved in Carolina because they front 7 was dope. the redskins fell for it again..but remember they signed Haynesworth lol
Dez Bryant on facing Josh Norman and Redskins Secondary, "I don't care who is on me. I'm going to play my game." https:…
Kirk Cousins is proof that much can change over a calendar year. Josh Norman certainly witnessed the evolution.
I mean. Diggs got all that yardage on Kendall Fuller. Not Josh Norman
Check out my thoughts on Patrick Peterson vs. Stefon Diggs, Jordy Nelson vs. Josh Norman, and other matchups here:.
Josh Norman had an interesting comparison for Aaron Rodgers.
This team with Steve Smith, KB, Luke, Josh Norman, Thomas Davis, Cam Newton.woulda been so nasty man 😪
Janoris Jenkins held AJ Green to 4 catches for 23 yards; Josh Norman committed 5 penalties for 20 yards on AJ Green.
I would rather see him take sacks if I was a fan of your team, then throw INT's to Josh Norman.
Josh Norman and Charles Tillman are just ripping the NFL and its officiators😭
Josh Norman just refused to sign Stevens jersey 😂😂😂😂
I am giving my first-half Redskins MVP award to Jamison Crowder...narrowly edging out Josh Norman & Kirk Cousins
this was a better example but yeah. I don't hate Josh Norman or Kirk Cousins. I hate the team they play for.
Josh Norman, Jordan Reed will travel to London with Redskins
Jordan Reed and Josh Norman, both recovering from concussions, have been cleared to travel to London tonight.
NFL stars Cam Newton, Josh Norman and Richard Sherman vent frustrations about officiating
Josh Norman and Richard Sherman are considered the greatest because of their mouths and their cheating ability
CB Josh Norman blowing away field in penalties this year. Flagged 13 times already. Only other player in double-digits is…
The are without starting running back Matt Jones today. Both Jordan Reed and Josh Norman are IN.
Josh Norman takes a shot at the refs post game.
Cam Newton, Josh Norman, and Richard Sherman all called out officials independent of each other today. Fines coming. Cha…
The two big-name players battling concussions -- TE Jordan Reed and CB Josh Norman -- have been cleared and are set…
Can the Buffalo Bills sweep the Patriots?. Will Jordan Reed and Josh Norman play in London? .
🏈⚽. Look who went into the locker room to see Josh Norman after today's game...
Josh Norman is slowing evolving into Carlos Rogers
Josh Norman is doing his best Carlos Rogers impression.
Josh Norman's Carlos Rogers hands make me sad.
It appears Josh Norman has the hands of Carlos Rogers.
Josh Norman hit his head so hard last week he turned into Carlos Rogers
Since it's Halloween... I guess Josh Norman dressed up as Carlos Rogers today
Josh Norman channeling Carlos Rogers. Gotta pick that one.
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