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Josh Homme

Joshua Michael Homme (see below; born May 17, 1973) is an American rock musician, and record producer.

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.Geddy Lee attends show at London's O2 last week, hangs out with Josh Homme
PODCAST 58 features a rambly convo with frontman Josh Homme and came along too! It's on
Josh Homme on how AC/DC's Malcolm Young inspired the start of Queens Of The Stone Age - NME via
Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age always made sure everyone had a drink and was enjoying themselves at a party
interviewer: what's it like for you guys? Has it been sex, drugs and rock n' roll? that stuff? . Josh Homme: Six Dru…
We have Josh Homme on 6:50pm 🤘. He says it's his biggest gig yet. We agree. 😜.
Dave Grohl and Josh Homme on Cal Jam, rock 'n' roll and their decades-long bromance
Dreamt josh homme had driven his car out of a lake and had come and picked me up on my birthday. He was covered in green lake goo.
Right off the bat, it sounds A LOT like Brent was influenced by Josh Homme and
PJ Harvey. No discussion, Chris. [thumbs up]. Hope she works with Josh Homme again...and Johnny Marr.
Having a conversation with my bud. If you could have dinner with three celebrities who would they be?. Josh Homme. Richard Ayoade. Al Franken
I never realised Josh Homme is a bit *** I like it
Having a brilliant night watching Jools Holland A-Z and can't stop thinking how much Josh Homme should take me for dinner/sit on my face
Josh Homme is one of those tall guys who got the girly bum
I know, cheeky *** Josh Homme has been copying mine as well
Have you reached out to the author of this piece?
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Sounds a lot like queens of the Stone Age. No surprise josh homme played on the album.
Always been curious, are Josh Homme and Craig Kilborn the same guy?
On the 6th October, Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme will read Zog on via
Let me be Josh Homme, . Just for one day...
Can we just admit Ryan Adams and Josh Homme are the only decent rock artists left?
Not saying that my girfriend is looking forward to Josh Homme's but this entry in her diary is…
You don't have to worry about Josh Homme going solo.
Josh Homme: an advocat... — my mans out there doing the good work and getting a...
The latest release is a real turd. Can only assume that Josh Homme was being ironic when promising the greatest…
Josh Homme, guy is hilarious. And qotsa can be the musical guest. 2 birds 1 stone
Main man Josh Homme slays on this song.
Josh homme and Dave Grohl whispering in my ear: come to Brazil
(I'm a dirty hobbit, and she's a sexy elf...) - Josh Homme,
Actually, PJ Harvey is in there, singing with Josh Homme for The Desert Sessions
Marilyn Manson on his bizarre experiences hanging out with Johnny Depp, Hunter S Thompson and Josh Homme -
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
OK, what other bands has Dave Grohl played in with Josh Homme?
Josh Homme busts some moves in new music video
Josh Homme: "One foot in the gutter. One in the clouds. Feet don't fail be now. I've just gotta move on."
"Life is hard, that's why no one survives." -Josh Homme
Cool! Did you know that Josh Homme was on this past week. He even joked about the Freitag 4:15 tattoo.
From Richard Ashcroft to Josh Homme. . Notable (AKA James Lavelle) collabs from the past 20 years > https:…
“There is a sense of bearing witness to history-in-the-making and of the unlikely melding of soulmates.”…
JOSH HOMME | painting based on work for new album "Villains". this album's aesthetic is so *** choice…
need a Halloween costume. my best bet so far is gender-bent Josh Homme of QotSA
Death From Above made a better Queens of the Stone Age album this year than Josh Homme.
"Life is hard . That's why no one survives" . Josh Homme
I saw a picture of Jake Busey that I thought was Josh Homme.
Our most rock n' roll reader yet 🤘. Josh Homme is reading Zog for our Tune in on Friday 6th October 🙌.
Oh mah gaw, yes. He's done a bunch records for Josh Homme, Lanegan etc. Never realized he worked on that song.
Love this new album so much. Josh Homme is what we need
Josh Homme has signed up to read kids a bedtime story on British TV
One track has synth on it. Josh Homme owns
If I can one day be half as cool as Josh Homme I'll be happy
I liked a video QOTSA Track by track with Josh Homme - Talk about the new album "Villains" PART 1
I liked a video Queens of the Stone Age - Josh Homme and Mark Ronson discuss making Villains
Queens of the Stone Age: Josh Homme and Boneface on the Art Behind "Villains". Read our interview here:
Finally got the time to read the article in Q about Queens Of The Stone Age and a picture of Josh Homme dressed in… https:…
Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol... 😉
All true: & I talk about hair, Iggy Pop, Bataclan & the new album on
Josh Homme has recorded a CBeebies bedtime story
"Close your eyes and dream me home. Forever mine, I'll be forever yours. Always, evermore, and on and on". -Josh Homme
Josh Homme came my favorite guitar player.
"Ronson was our sixth member". Josh Homme & on making And yes, Dave Grohl turned up https…
Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme to read a bedtime story on a children's TV program
Lordy me. *fans self like a swooning Victorian lady*
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Prepare to be crooned to sleep! There's a Josh Homme children's bedtime story coming
Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme to Read Bedtime Story on Kids Show via
New album gets the X-Posure Album Playback treatment. Hear chat to the legend that is Josh Homme
Get your pyjamas on, Josh Homme has recorded a CBeebies bedtime story
Young Josh Homme is so attractive it hurts
Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has recorded a CBeebies Bedtime Story .
Two of our favourite people on the planet, frontman Josh Homme and comedian sit down for a chat https:…
Josh Homme isn't done tweaking Queens of the Stone Age's DNA on new album, 'Villains'.
Check out footage of Josh Homme hitting back at a Splendour heckler
Josh Homme 💜looks super hot in the new video of 🔥🔥
My new problem is that every song Josh Homme ever wrote is perfect on this mix loosely about tauruses
Dead serious. I've seen a lot of live music and Josh Homme is Robert Plant for our time. Unbelievable live show.
Josh Homme unquestionably one of my favorite musicians ever.
Josh Homme's guitar tone is my spirit animal
is in the 's 10 best things to do this week! Book your tickets now! !
Joshua Homme records QOTSA live, and keeps the mistakes. "That’s how I can prove that we’re humans."
Watch Josh Homme’s hilarious comedy sketch as he plays the part of each of QOTSA’s old albums:…
in tears watching Josh Homme stuff . best music but FUNNIER than ***
Breaking news! Josh Homme and his Queens of the Stone Age will be live on next Thursday. 🎸
It really is Josh Homme FC, 4 years since Like Clockwork uno, been too long
Watch Josh Homme voice the band's older albums in funny new focus group clip for
Josh Homme voices Queens of the Stone Age’s older albums in funny focus group video: Watch
Here's my new hard hitting interview with 's past albums. (voiced by Josh Homme). .
"...rigorous, ambitious and unaligned with passing trends." is out Friday! interview:
It felt like Josh Homme was playing my bar-mitzvah. It was incredible.
"Josh Homme is no stranger to left turns, & this is one of his finest in years":
"Whatever's there is either gone for good or there forever" Josh Homme
Good golly, those two new songs are quite ridiculously good:
Josh Homme looked so young back in 1983 when he was Geoff Downes from YES...
Queens of the Stone Age/Josh Homme is the most underappreciated major rock artist of our era. Take your elsewhere, they're no good here.
Trump looks a little bit like Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age!
Queens of the Stone Age are the greatest and Josh Homme is king, end of
"In a new video from Noisey, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme sat down with comedian and..." …
Saw QOTSA at Brixton Academy, & Josh Homme had dyed his hair black. My aub…
Nikki Sixx, Josh Homme, Jerry Cantrell, Dave Lombardo. Call it whatever you wanted, I'd still pay to see it.
Explore how frontman Josh Homme shaped the upcoming album 'Villains' with a looser uptempo approach:.
21 times Josh Homme looked like the absolute greatest
Iggy Pop, Josh Homme movie coming to cinemas
Greg Dulli, Duke Garwood and Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme all pop by on 's great new LP Gargoy…
There's a guy on the subway next to me who looks like josh homme and o m g feelin a type of way
3 at work:Josh Homme,John Paul Jones & Dave Grohl.True will never die! 🙏>>
Originally made in Oldham by a Josh Homme fan I do believe...??
What do Josh Homme and Donald Trump have in common? via /r/Jokes
I saw the reformed KYUSS (w/o Josh Homme) a couple years back and same thing. Just an assault via amps.
This Sunday, we’ll be joined by and Josh Homme. There’s still time to send in que…
imagine her and Josh Homme's kids, like having 2 dope parents who both made classics. Not one, but TWO.
Josh Homme of QOTSA seems really cool dude to me . Especially for a ginge
Josh Homme looking worryingly like the chap from Kaiser Chiefs in this bbc4 screamadelica doc 😐
can you do podcast? He already had Josh homme, Troy, Jon Theodore, Nick and Joey. Please.
Writing music is like grabbing smoke. You have it for just a second and it's gone. Always press record. - Josh Homme
Then he turned around and it was Josh Homme and I was like, you are the one. Respect, man.
Just ran into Josh Homme in front of the 101 Coffee Shop. He was on the phone & gave me that, don't even think about interrupting me look.
Josh Homme is in the studio with Arctic Monkeys again I'm yodelling loudly
this megabus journey has been saved by the discovery of Josh Homme's radio show on apple music tbh
Never really considered that David Lynch is probably Josh Homme's dad.
quite the opposite, Josh Homme is behind Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures
you look like Josh Homme went through the 90s
only Josh Homme could make a song called 'Born To Hula' sinister
Josh Homme & Q-Tip are 2 great spirit animals to have. Lol. Those are mine. Who's yours?
My biggest musical hero, for my rock n' roll spirit, is Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. His outlook on music is what I emulate.
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"I own 47 per cent of the name. Josh [Homme] will never probably have me back." -…
Another underrated musician is Josh Homme - lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age. Dude pretty much created a whole genre of music.
Took a catnap...dreamt Josh Homme liked my riffs. So, I curtsied...and he curtsied back with a giggle.
. Hope your bro is doing okay. But it's a fashy haircut on anyone else. Okay, your brother and Josh Homme.
The U.S. Desert episode of No Reservations is amazing. Josh Homme, desert cookouts, Rancho De La Luna. Want to go.
The only way this week can get any worse is if something was to happen to Josh Homme. (Can someone keep him safe please).
k but Josh Homme would be v disappointed in u
is this guy a truck driver who looks like Josh Homme or is he Josh Homme looking like a truck driver?
To quote Josh Homme: Ignorance is bliss until they take your bliss away.
With Songs of Experience probably not out this year, my only hope is Josh Homme and new album.
Josh Homme is the freakin Man! I Sat By The Ocean by Queens of the Stone Age
Wonder what Sir thinks about some of the melodies written by Josh Homme from QOTSA. Like this one:
What better way to celebrate than PJ Harvey presiding over Josh Homme & co?.
The Canucks DJ is starting out spinning some Queens of the Stone Age sung by Josh Homme (Devan Dubnyk's musical alter ego).
What are Dave Grohl + Josh Homme doing together in the studio? Mysterious pic surfaces, then *poof* gets deleted.
Josh Homme has such a weird style for his solo's, its like he knows what to do and then just does something different instead
Cheating, but this entire album is underrated. Josh Homme does it again.
I did a little squeal when I read this. Love The Walking Dead & love Josh Homme even more.
UNKLE is wonderful, but I don't really think of him as tip-hop. More like dance rock. His stuff with Josh Homme is great.
Records don't have to be perfect. Everyone doesn't have to move left wh...
Josh Homme is a right-libertarian gun-nut. Not shocking really, but still a bit disappointing.
I want Josh Homme to sing me to sleep every night. Like.tuck me in, too. Also.
.Josh Homme will be on to discuss his love of Reply with questions for him, and we might ask them live!
Josh Homme from on Talking Dead next week 🤘
Josh Homme on bass,. Dave Grohl on drums,. Trent Reznor on keys... I'd die in this room. Mantra:.
Josh Homme will be on I'm literally screaming, crying, and running in circles. Ok, maybe internally, but still!
Josh Homme hip swing my way into work.
My sub teacher looks like Josh Homme 👀
Josh homme will be on talking dead next week. I might die.
Regular reminder that Queens of the Stone Age rock pretty *** hard and Josh Homme is ginger Elvis. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Them Crooked Vultures (Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones) They put out one very good album.
I'm going to Josh Homme at Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, CA - Dec 13
Ay josh homme is going to be on next week. and are my two favorite things!!
Josh Homme is going to be on next week and I am already losing my *** mind. 😍😍😍😍
Of course Josh Homme is a fan. Of course. .
Not sure if the ladies are cooing for Josh Homme or Chandler Riggs on next week's
Josh Homme on next weeks talking dead. That rules.
This album sounds like is partying with Ronnie James Dio, Josh Homme & Sammy Hagar...and they're eating fairy bread. So fun!!
the one in desert with Josh Homme is good
I will remember this in my Grammy acceptance speech with Josh Homme's arm round my shoulder
I want josh homme to come and take me home
Queens of the Stone Age might as well call me now, I think I'm better than Josh Homme at this point...
My love and thanks to the brilliant gentlemen I made this record with & Josh Homme
I've decided within the past few months that they've taken over the spot as my favorite band. Josh Homme is a god.
*Josh Homme realizes he gave the wrong address after paying for delivery online voice*. . Pizzas were stolen from me . Dare I say. Given away
I think you can separate yourself from your fears. You know what you s...
Storksky, yet another lame Josh Homme copycat band. when does the hurting stop?
I think they'd have to have Josh Homme drop kick the ceremonial puck whilst shredding some sweet licks.
my aesthetic: when Josh Homme got asked if he was influenced by the Fray and he just laughed and said, 'Fray'd not'
Have you heard new track 'A-Yo' yet? It has Este Haim on drums and Josh Homme playing guitar on it
Kevin Parker, Father John Misty, Josh Homme and Beck all star on Lady Gaga's new album 'Joanne' - what a dream team! https…
Lady Gaga and Josh Homme and Kevin Parker and Mark Ronson all on the same album oh lord help me
Cool. I've listened to her collaborations with Mark Lanegan and Josh Homme, but I'm just now getting into her albums.
It makes me wonder where Josh Homme stands. 😐
Making people uncomfortable is one of my hobbies.
Hallucinating running into josh homme at the bathroom sink and asking if he remembers visiting me in my dreams
Pretty sure Josh Homme is in like every band
Hallucinating josh homme carrying me into the sun as i fall, dying of thirst and time, at peace
Iggy Pop & Josh Homme on Later with Jools performing passenger.
Thom Yorke is becoming my new Josh Homme.
I think the best thing I could ever teach my daughter is that she's no...
God I love josh homme and Iggy Pop so much. the finest of cool dudes
my God that is uncanny. Josh Homme is also a self centred, egotistical *** 😉
Josh Homme IS basically. Louis Van Gaal Jnr. is there something we aren't being told ??
Sorry what Iggy Pop and Josh Homme have a collaborative album out? Have I been living under a rock?!
Thank heavens for turns out I've been pronouncing Josh Homme's name wrong all these years
So I've been pronouncing Josh Homme's surname wrong for years. Homm-ee! I thought it was Home. 😂
Everybody go to BBC 2 now... Iggy Pop, Josh Homme and Matt Helders
Iggy Pops performance on Jools Holland the other day blew everyone else right out the water. Rock and roll. And Josh Homme is simply godlike
The fact that Josh Homme had Rob Halford in the studio with him for his 2nd main band album and was just like
QUEENS OF THE Stone Age - Like Clockwork is my favourite album of all time. I cannot name one song by them I dislike. Josh Homme is amazing.
Alex turners dancing makes me feel uncomfortable. You're not josh Homme mate
Krazy that Josh Homme made both these great albums in the past year. What'd I do?
So Nate is old enough to be in Iggy Pop's new band, but young enough to do side projects with Josh Homme?
Making people uncomfortable is one of my hobbies. I'm always hoping th...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Man, Josh Homme is dope, and I hope he distances himself from an islamophobe... but reading that they have been friends since youth.
Interesting connection between EODM's Jesse Hughes and Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme .
69y/o Iggy Pop's great new collab with Josh Homme
Sometimes Queens' music is dark, but somehow it's ok to deliver it wit...
Happy Birthtime to dessert seasoning JOSH HOMME! 60 today! Happy Birthtime John! Priscilla Queen of the Desert! https:/…
Realizing I like watching Steve Gunn playing guitar 1000 times better than - for instance - this Josh Homme guy (with Ig…
Sometimes you actually get caught in the web of things where people ar...
Best guitar lesson I've seen in a long time - Josh Homme
I'm just going to put out three or four releases a year and make it so...
Some folks care deeply about the best band ever: John Paul Jones, Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, and Alain Johannes.
ICYMI earlier this week, Iggy (Pop, not Azalea) on the BBC with Josh Homme: Lust for life.
2/2 with Iggy Pop, Josh Homme and Dean Fertita from Queens Of The Stone Age, and Arctic MonkeysMatt Helders.
Josh Homme & Dean Ween both have guitar tones that match my brain. It made sense to me. Sorry. Move along.
Iggy Pop en Queens of the Stone Age-frontman Josh Homme stonden gisteravond in de Heineken Music Hall. Soundz was...
I'm at Heineken Music Hall - for Iggy Pop, Josh Homme and U.S. Girls in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
Electronic Device Insurance
Last night, I asked Josh Homme if Jimmy Page was still alive. He said "Are you joking? I invited him to our show at Royal Albert Hall" 😳👐🏼
TIL There was a rock supergroup called Them Crooked Vultures that consisted of Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age
Failing that, I'll take Josh Homme instead. Rob Zombie a close third.
Um josh homme was on an episode of portlandia? Bye
I know there are some labels that put out music for art's sake, but I don't...
Josh Homme made a mix CD for Mojo Magazine and this UNKLE song that he did vox for was in the mix. I'm hooked:...
Really enjoy and everything Josh Homme does, but the theme to this show is my least favorite part of it.
met the legend that is Josh Homme at LAX yesterday.
Josh Homme and Iggy Pop made a pretty good David Bowie album.
.interview with Josh Homme of will re-air today at 9am and 5pm ET on (Ch.2…
The brain food that is your podcast is addicting. Ever consider Josh Homme as a guest? would be cool.
Forgot to post this! Saw Iggy Pop and Josh Homme at the and they melted my face off 😆
It's Officially May which means I get to see Iggy Pop w/Josh Homme and Bruce Springsteen. Goodtimes
Josh Homme's voice makes me super horny.
I got into guitar because no parent will buy their eight-year-old kid drums...
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I will always want to be able to sing like josh homme
& Josh Homme 'The Art of Post Pop Depression' just awesome!
Hear interview Josh Homme of today at 12pm & 7pm ET on (Ch.22).
Hear a replay of interview with Josh Homme today at 11 am and 8 pm ET on (Ch.22).
Mark Lanegan, Josh Homme and Pj Harvey - I wanna make it wit chu
I think I may have a heart attack if Iggy Pop turns up to the IOW festival with Josh Homme, Dean Fertita & Matt Helders!
Last night destroyed with the help of Josh Homme from Matt Helders and Dean Fertita⚡️
Just ran into Josh Homme and Matt Helders cautioushorse…
Iggy Pop, Josh Homme, Dean Fertita, and Matt Helders in an hour
Iggy Pop, Josh Homme and the gang, live on KCRW. Fantastic session, not to be missed...
Here are 4 of my Mum's celebrity crushes: Wayne Coyne, Josh Homme, Billy Bob Thornton and Dave Navarro.
32 minutes of being as great as usual live. with Josh Homme + Dean Fertita + Matt Helders.
I have quite the impressive collection of t-shirt targets. Ryan Jarman and Josh Homme to name just a couple!
I think I learned years ago when I went to Hawaii that you don't bring puka...
one of my favourite bands of all time! Enter lead singer Josh Homme
Just walked behind Josh Homme for an entire block downtown. He's a giant man. My claim to fame.
Love love love the new Iggy Pop/Josh Homme track, Gardenia. Listening to my fabulous friend on the Underground Ga…
is a good record. Josh Homme created a smart diverse soundscape for it.
Is it me, or does Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson look like a doughy round faced Josh Homme
Slowly preparing myself for the high voltage intensity that Iggy Pop and Josh Homme will bring tomorrow night
This song haunts my dreams. I can't shake it. Thanks Iggy!
Took a billion photos of Iggy Pop and Josh Homme. Only a few were even remotely good. This one was the best.
Last night was so great. Iggy Pop was a little rockstar god ball of love, Josh Homme and the…
The Amazing Iggy Pop and Josh Homme rocked the Opera House last night.
Dreams are cruel because they make you believe that Josh Homme would jump on a train and leave his wife for you.
on Underground Garage: I'm listening to Gardenia by Iggy Pop/Josh Homme.
Iggy Pop wrestles with the ghosts of his past:
Interview of Josh homme by Sarah Silverman. When comedy was actually funny, way back when.
Iggy Pop and Josh Homme in Denver TONIGHT... the excitement is beginning to build.
Iggy Pop & Josh Homme @ the Masonic -- if you ain't dead you might as well live ... & Iggy does
PHOTOS from x Josh Homme show now on
It's about to get really weird with Iggy Pop and Josh Homme @ Keller Auditorium
Luke warm on the Iggy and Josh Homme song 'Gardenia'. Giving it the same name as a behemoth Kyuss song doesn't do it any favours neither.
have you checked out the album that Iggy Pop did w/ Josh Homme yet?
for Iggy Pop & Josh Homme in for monday, apr 11 are still available
Matt Helders touring with Iggy Pop and Josh Homme. Better than Miles Kane.
Josh Homme and Nick Swardson are my favorite *** couple ever
these misteries of life...that just ain't my thing...I wanna make it I wanna make with chu! Magistral Josh Homme.
"The last of the one & onlys." A great read to start the weekend from & Josh
Also, Josh Homme's cheek bones are my new fitness goal.
I just realised that Iggy Pop and Josh Homme look like a very cool father and son team.
Iggy Pop sits down with Josh Homme to discuss the new that could be his swansong.
I've been a QOTSA/Josh Homme fan for 10 years. In love.
Excited for the new album by Sody Pop & Josh Homme!
When you expect anything from music, you expect too much.
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OH *** . didn't even see this: Iggy’s upcoming tour will include members from the Arctic Monkeys, Josh Homme, and the Dead Weather
Josh Homme is a mad genius and I love his music.
Iggy Pop sent Josh Homme three essays about his sex life before recording new album together
Hear Iggy Pop and Josh Homme's winding, scorching new song "Sunday"
it's a josh homme band. Him and his best mate Jessie Hughes. They were the band at the bataclan in Paris on the shootings night.
Iggy Pop and Josh Homme collaborate on Post Pop Depression album & tour. Learn more:
I liked a video from Sound Like Josh Homme Without Busting The Bank
Oh my god. Just discovered two of my favourite men in music have made an album together.
May 15th & josh homme @ me grand rex theatre roadtrip to France. So happy about it ✌
It's bucketing down but I'm snug indoors with a mug of PG Tips reading about and his new Homme. htt…
Iggy Pop & Josh Homme share some excellent stories with XRT [Listen]
I heard one song. As a fan of all things Josh Homme, I'm excited.
He looks so much like josh homme in this picture
Read a full interview with and Josh Homme in the current of
Josh Homme on his musical hero Iggy Pop: “He’s the last of the one-and-onlys”
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Post Pop Depression feat. , and Josh Homme is a bloody ***
Josh Homme on Iggy Pop: ‘Lemmy is gone. Bowie is gone. He's the last of the one-and-onlys’
" Anthony Bourdain explores the Mojave Desert of California with Josh Homme.".
Congrats to & Josh Homme on new son Wolf! B/c of Josh's new tat, I called the name 5mos ago, right ?
Congratulations to Josh Homme and Brody Dale on their new baby Wolf!
Josh Homme and Brody Dalle announce birth of third child, Wolf via
*sends a low key message with a song*. *sings Make it with chu* . *hopes to be as attractive as Josh Homme*. *winks like Josh Homme*
will tour in support of his new album with Josh Homme 'Post Pop Depression.' - MB.
Just announced: Iggy Pop plays the Fox April 7 with Josh Homme from QOTSA: As we reported last week, Ann Arbor's…
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