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Josh Hartnett

Joshua Daniel Josh Hartnett (born July 21, 1978) is an American actor and producer.

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Josh Hartnett at the screening of his film OH LUCY! See more:
Josh Hartnett in Oh Lucy! The 5th feature film at the competition
I have to say the scenes with josh hartnett i probably would
Portrait reveal: Josh Hartnett in for Photo by
video - Eva Longoria & Josh Hartnett Dress Up for Cannes Red Carpet!.
I still get excited every time I see Josh Hartnett film-related news. HiπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
Josh hartnett by anders stills for usaid FWD campaign.
Josh Hartnett, who's film 'Oh Lucy!' just debuted at hit the carpet for 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer' premiere h…
Josh Hartnett hit the heatthrob scene in the late '90s, stealing hearts when he appeared in "The Virgin Suicides."
Colin Farrell and Josh Hartnett in elegant suits from for the screening of 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer…
Hmm.. Oh Lucy! review – Japanese tale of office worker in love with her teacher is a little wonky
Archie from Riverdale reminds me so much of Josh Hartnett.
.and Josh Hartnett got all dressed up on the red carpet tonight!
Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, and Eva Green all on the same show about vampires. Good time.
I don't think President Thomas J. Whitmore is "a Josh Hartnett type"
Starring Michiel Huisman, Hera Hilmar, Josh Hartnett, and Ben Kingsley. In theaters March 10th! FOLLOW now for updates!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Josh Hartnett, Josh Brolin, and Tommy Lee Jones are just the same person at different ages
Rory Kinnear. I believe he won an award S02. Just don't give Josh Hartnett any mind lol He's TERRIBLE!
Josh Hartnett attends the L.A.M.B. reception at Milk Studios on February 11, 2010 in New York City.
I love Black Hawk Down mainly because I love Josh Hartnett 🚁
Looks like Taylor Swift broke up with Tom Hiddleston & is already moving on to photo opps w/ Josh Hartnett...
My one line reviews for are killing me. Fave is "why would anyone choose Ben Affleck over Josh Hartnett"
My MCM(s) for all time forever are Steven Strait and Josh Hartnett
Weren't Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett the main stars and on the movie posters?
Aaron Pauley looks like a hotter Josh Hartnett. This pleases me.
For real. Also Josh Hartnett and Timothy Dalton and Rory Kinnear and just all of the characters (Sembene especially) omg.
People care about my fame, not me. But that's fine. I have my own life...
Will never forgive josh hartnett for what he did to lux TBH
I'm very 'spur of the moment'. I'm always trying to think of fun thing...
That was a powerful father and son moment that Josh Hartnett nailed. Nicely done.
Eva Green is delicious. Josh Hartnett's not too shabby either.
I just remembered that Josh Hartnett was in Pearl Harbor. What a terrible movie.
I always thought Clea DuVall and Josh Hartnett were the same person..
Time for - Josh Hartnett and this new haircut... so fine. So fine.
Brian Cox and Josh Hartnett deserve a truckload of awards
why not call him by his real name, barely famed 00's actor Josh Hartnett
and also Josh hartnett and a few other cast members live about 10 minutes away during filming 😯
From Deep Something: Lucky Number Slevin A case of mistaken identity lands Slevin (Josh Hartnett) into the middle
cant get the again? I hav been labelled as Ryan Gosling or Josh Hartnett
When the director has a vision for a piece that I've never heard befor...
The Fellowship of the Ring, starring Nigel Hawthorne and Josh Hartnett. Directed by David Cronenberg, music by John Williams. Budget: $100m
My childhood crush on Josh Hartnett has been revived after rewatching Pearl Harbor 😭😭😍😍
I never really considered acting as a career. I kind of fell into it. ...
Not living in L.A. gives me a different perspective. I'm not so caught...
Young Josh Hartnett in is a bit difficult to cope with after falling in love with him as Ethan on !
Josh Hartnett tells us why we should all be watching Penny Dreadful
I really think that the movie would have been far better if Josh Hartnett had had Chris Klein's role. IMO.
Josh and Tamsin walking with the babygirl in London-
05.30.2016 - Director Lech Majewski and Josh Hartnett on the set of "Valley of the Gods." - Agencja Gazeta
Josh Hartnett and cast in Valley of the Gods Press Conference - May,30
reminds me of when I found out true detective season 2 guy was not josh hartnett
How did a jabroni like Josh Hartnett land such a critical role in Black Hawk Down? Smh
The film lingered and was OK up until the point that Josh Hartnett arrived. His energy was contagious and it seemed to add spark.
josh hartnett in Black Hawk Down is everything I could ever want and more
I've just walked past josh hartnett. And had to literally stop to compose myself.
We're all on a journey. The average American switches professions four...
My inner 90s kid crush on Josh Hartnett is being rekindled as well. Who wants to come watch his 90s and early 00s movies with me?
My abilities on the computer are limited pretty much to iTunes and You...
Josh Hartnett on what makes Penny Dreadful great: dead bodies, Gothic heroes & fab co-stars # via
Behind the scenes shot of Josh Hartnett and Sarah Greene (via official Instagram).
'josh hartnett is one of the reasons why I love Pearl Harbor πŸ˜β€¦ see more
Josh Hartnett explains why we should all be watching Penny Dreadful
Honestly, I guess if you looked at my CV, I've been doing independent ...
He gets Ethan so well, I love it -- 'Penny Dreadful': Josh Hartnett on his chemistry with Eva Green
so I’ve heard! I love Eva Green and Josh Hartnett, so I’m in
Josh Hartnett spoke to Magic's Green Room about Penny Dreadful on Sky Atlantic-May,10 2016
Yes, i loved Josh Hartnett before, two years ago. It's because (i know this sounds crazy) he's not cute anymore, and well not kinda famous..
Josh Hartnett was a popular actor at one point.
I never thought Josh Hartnett was that cute back in the day but I'm watching him on Penny Dreadful like πŸ‘€πŸ˜πŸ‘…
Mary and Max meets Rebecca - Josh Hartnett stars as a friendly lover. Music by Eminem.
"To admit that they need each other is to admit that they have no control." Josh Hartnett on Ethan and Vanessa
# Stopru Penny Dreadful Season 3: Josh Hartnett reveals the β€œreal” reasons for the break between Ethan and Van...
reveals some new details on the return of Hecate! .
I feel like all we really learn from Wicker Park is all women are super into Josh Hartnett. Like, duh.
If you put him in the Nic Cage, Josh Hartnett generation, we all lose
Did you know 2001 high school movie O with and Josh Hartnett is based on Othello?
Josh Hartnett did not fall off the face of the planet. He is in this cab video.
There are some films that really break the mold, and some films that don't.
Josh Hartnett coming out of The Spirit Awards - Sta Monica, California - april, 2009
She was in Penny Dreadful with Josh Hartnett, who was in Pearl Harbour with Affleck who is currently Batman
I am the Josh Hartnett in Pearl Harbour of Uber users.
I'm sure they'll all reunite in Season 3. Can I say that Josh Hartnett embodies his character so beautifully. I'm drawn in to his character
Channing Tatum really came and took Josh Hartnett's niche
Lucky Number Slevin was on Showtime. Such a good movie, but what happened to Josh Hartnett? Haven't seen him in anything recently.
Eva Greene and Josh Hartnett are dancing in a secluded cabin.
If you told me even five years ago that I would love a show with Josh Hartnett, or have a Jo-Bro in my sexy playlist, I'd've slapped you.
Did you meet Josh Hartnett at Virgin Suicides? You both actually could play brothers.Liked that you play the same character
Serious plot & character conflation occurring. It's like Dickensian or Penny Dreadful but without a unifying era/author or Josh Hartnett.
Remember how Josh Hartnett's hair was? That was pretty great, eh?
Did Josh Hartnett just turn into a Winchester.
What's Josh Hartnett been up to lately?
Josh Hartnett just stabbed Jon Stewart in the eye with a drug pen. In case you were wondering where the story was at.
you must! And I think it's on Netflix right now? It also has Josh Hartnett and Clea DuVall.
Here's something you haven't thought about for awhile: Josh Hartnett
ME EITHER. Josh Hartnett on the other hand...
Josh Hartnett in Penny Dreadful still gives me Gambit vibes
So far we have Josh Hartnett, Frodo, Jon Stewart, and some girl that I know I know but I'm not sure from what.
I'm turning on a movie about alien teachers that has Frodo and Josh Hartnett in it so I guess there's that.
The announcers keep talking about Josh Hart from Villanova & I keep thinking they're going to say Josh Hartnett. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
I only just found out that Josh Hartnett plays a bisexual werewolf and was mad that everyone withheld this information from me
There's this TV show with Josh Hartnett and Eva Green that I've been following entirely through Tumblr photosets and fanfic.
Josh Hartnett in an interview with CBS News - 2014
Josh Hartnett arrives at the premiere of "Wild Horses" during the 2015 SXSW Music on March 17, 2015 in Austin, Texas
Penny Dreadful: Eva Green and Josh Hartnett the new trailer for the third season -
Josh Hartnett as Danny in Pearl Harbour gets me every time 😍
Peyton Manning to announce retirement Monday see more
I lost interest in American men ages ago, but Josh Hartnett as the gravel voiced wolf man on Penny Dreadful is beyond dreamy.
Josh Hartnett - The most beautiful man existing in the world!
Eva Green and Josh Hartnett will scare you in the new trailer
Josh Hartnett so sexy in Black Dhalia - 2006
Five-time MVP Peyton Manning will announce his retirement on Monday, per ESPN's
I woke up to a draft that just says:. is josh hartnett ok
remember how Josh Hartnett was part of the Handsome Men's Club and was the most handsome
Found Hollywood Homicide on DVD. Josh Hartnett really dates this movie but Harrison Ford is in rare form.
Josh Hartnett set to play lead in Scott Waugh's "6 Below"
Bet ya 5 bucks Frankie Muniz and Josh Hartnett are doing bumps off of Tara Reid's breasticles in an Arby's bathroom right about now
"Hollywood Homicide" is now streaming on Netflix. πŸŽ₯Harrison Ford, Josh Hartnett, Master P,…
Charlotte Rampling joins Josh Hartnett and John Rhys-Davies in Lech Majewski's new movie, sold by Fortissimo
Lucky Number Slevin in mind blowing. My mind has been blow. Josh Hartnett is a cutie
Ugh forget how good this movie is! Lucy Liu, Stanley Tucci, Bruce Willis, Josh Hartnett, Ben Kingsley
Lucy Liu, Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis, Ben Kingsley, Morgan Freeman. WOW! I need to write a post about under-appreciated it is.
Berlin: Charlotte Rampling Boards 'Valley of the Gods' - The Oscar nominee joins Josh Hartnett and John Rhys-Da...
items signed by Eva Green, Timothy Dalton, Billie Piper and Josh Hartnett!
at one stage I had Alec Baldwin as JG. Kate Beckinsale as SK/CW. Cuba Gooding Jr as LF &. Josh Hartnett as HJ/GL.
More pictures of Josh Hartnett for Marc O'polo SS2016 by
πŸ“· Josh Hartnett & James Woods by at the Sundance Film Festival, January 2000.
πŸ“· Josh Hartnett behind the scenes for Marc O’Polo S/S16 campaign, shot by Bruce Weber.
Josh Hartnett for mag shot by Steven Klein in November 2000 is yet another 2016 aesthetic. http…
So many thoughts about Evil Jon Stewart, (you can tell by the goatee) Josh Hartnett's confusing haircut...
I flipped over to SyFy just in time to see Josh Hartnett stab Jon Stewart in the eye with a pen. I love this movie.
Natasha Richardson...Alan Rickman...please don't let the curse of Blow Dry take Josh Hartnett.
Lucky Number Slevin and Black Hawk Down then we never saw Josh Hartnett again.
R they're rolls played by Kate Beckinsdale & Josh Hartnett in the
Finally watching S2 of and *** have I missed Josh Hartnett. Doesn't hurt that I get to see my bb
Today at work: A ginger Josh Hartnett lookalike. Luckily I wasn't giving all my attention to him while completely ignoring his girlfriend 😢
is that the one with Josh Hartnett? If so 😍 also I remember nothing else about the movie other than he's in it, innit. 😁
We all kinda had a thing for Josh Hartnett in Pearl Harbor...
watching Josh Hartnett turn into a *** goat rodeo tonight.
Kate Beckinsale,Josh Hartnett,Ben Affleck..One of my favourite movies of all time
'Josh Hartnett en Pearl Harbor ' see more
We should totally have a Josh Hartnett night
Famine,War and Drought in the Horn of Africa Josh Hartnett talks about you can help. via
Still can't deal with how hot Josh Hartnett is.
Plot twist: Ben Affleck isn't dead but josh Hartnett made sweet sweet love to kate Beckinsale anyways.
If, like me, you've been wondering where the heck Josh Hartnett is, he's in the Miami episode of Drunk History. You're welcome.
Josh Hartnett: β€˜I’ve definitely said no to some of the wrongΒ people’
Simon Russell Beale and Josh Hartnett's scenes together in are such a delight.
Josh hartnett was so hot in the faculty
Waited for Josh Hartnett for hours but he never came... @ Wicker Park,…
The Lovers (2015) I'm asking Bernie Sanders to draft legislation that will keep Josh Hartnett away from period films.
I don't know how they managed to make Corey Stoll look taller than Josh Hartnett but A+, A+
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Josh Hartnett just said "the only James Bond is Timothy Dalton" and I MISS A LOT.
I didn't particularly like Josh Hartnett for a long time but I do now so I'm FINALLY watching it and it's SO good *** yes
I like watching war movies with Josh Hartnett in itπŸ˜›
Josh Hartnett signed a one year exclusive modeling contract with β€œLowe Alpine”-2008-
'Got out of the shower and somehow I had Josh Hartnett's hair from The F… see more
I’m pretty sure Josh Hartnett said something about Dr. Seuss and Rudyard Kipling, but it was hard to concentrate…
Every time I watch Pearl Harbor, I fall in love all over again with Josh Hartnett and Ben Affleck.
Josh hartnett as the tormented detective Kline in I Come with the Rain
he was great. so far he, Ryan Phillipe and Josh Hartnett are my favorite
Eva Green & Josh Hartnett in Penny Dreadful are brilliant match in chemistry πŸ‘Œ
Josh Hartnett wears some type of mil spec watch in "Black Hawk Down", tough to tell what model though. -
Harrison Ford e Josh Hartnett no palco do MTV Movie Awards 2003. Foto: Getty
Josh Hartnett, Eva Green and Timothy Dalton face their demons in Season 2. Here's our review:
Give Steph Curry the MVP now for his Halloween costume. I've never seen such a next level version of Josh Hartnett from the Faculty.
*** yeah, main character too, they're both really awesome in it. Josh Hartnett surprisingly kills it.
THATS WHERE HE'S BEEN?! I just heard that's where Josh Hartnett has been hiding.
"30 Days Of Night" I love this ending, Josh Hartnett should do more horror movies.
If u wanna c Josh Hartnett making out with Dorian Grey, just watch
For some reason i picture Beau as a younger Josh Hartnett..except hes supposed to have blue eyes idk...
The end of Season 2 with Ethan's voice reading the letter, so Josh Hartnett
Still can't accept that we were so so close to a Batman vs Superman movie starring Farrell, Josh Hartnett, The Joker and Lex
number 17, Josh Hartnett is giving me al the feels still
Also, Kate just pointed out that Jamie Lee Curtis and Josh Hartnett have the SAME haircut.
the movie the faculty stars Josh hartnett, Jon Stewart, jordana Brewster, Salam Hayek, Elijah wood, usher, etc.
Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett are so handsome in Pearl Harbor holy moly 😍
Seriously Vin... Josh Hartnett would open that movie better than you.
Freaking *** Just 9m for Jobs? Honestly Josh Hartnett would open that movie better than Fassbender.
Greatest thing on earth after food is Josh Hartnett on Pearl Harbor
"He looks like a sloppy Josh Hartnett. Which usually I don't go for, but he's great with conversations." conversation
I found some beautiful photos of Josh Hartnett in this site:
We have not stolen Josh Hartnett from the set. Although we wanted to.
πŸ’˜πŸ’˜It was lovely to watch Josh Hartnett in Wild Horses, even though his talent has not been explored.
Checking out "mountains and stones movie first poster" on Absolute Josh Hartnett:
Lonely Hartnett: An old interview with Josh, super interesting.
Josh Hartnett is aging like a fine wine, my God. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Hollywood star Josh Hartnett talks to the South African child author who has penned a monologue he plans to perform as part of a star
Does it bother anyone else that Allison from was the chick from that rapes Josh Hartnett to win the bet? πŸ˜”
Josh Hartnett takes his future baby mama on a stroll.
That Josh Hartnett for Columbus is a pretty solid player
Remember when Usher and Josh Hartnett were in the same movie together lol what a weird time
Check out the new short film, "But Beautiful" featuring Dree Hemingway and Josh Hartnett for Marc O'Polo. Now...
I visualized a shark to help me but also I cracked wise and that apparently helped. Woke up before we finished tho, poor Josh Hartnett
Thanks drive thru lady for saying I resemble Josh Hartnett in Pearl Harbor! Made my day!
Josh Hartnett as Clark Gable on Drunk History brings together four of my favorite things.
Just started watching Penny Dreadful. I'm hooked. I love you Josh Hartnett 😘
Ferzan Ozpetek 's movie will play with Josh Hartnett...
Benedict will be joining Chiwetel Ejiofor, James McAvoy, Josh Hartnett & to name a few at the gala
Pearl Harbor (2001) I mainly watch it for Josh Hartnett 🌚
Josh Hartnett as Clark Gable on Drunk History can get it.
Josh Hartnett and Eric Bana in one film 😍
Josh Hartnett is having a baby with Tamsin Egerton?? It could have been me!
Our Ridley Scott season continues at 9pm with Black Hawk Down, starring Ewan McGregor and Josh Hartnett.
Josh Hartnett has still got it. Not that it ever went away:
the movie 40 Days and 40 Days should've been about Josh Hartnett eating graham *** in real time for 2 hours
"Looking for someone who's not quite Ryan Gosling and not quite Josh Hartnett" - casting notice for white guy on Narcos
Josh Hartnett cuts a dashing figure in Victorian ...
I'm suffering from a case of Josh Hartnett and Danny Walker and I don't think I can recover.
The answer to last nights trivia was Josh Hartnett
Still trying to figure out what happened after Josh Hartnett banged Dorian Gray. They didn't explain it. β€” watching Penny Dreadful Season 2.
So, like, what happened after Josh Hartnett banged Dorian Gray? Is it just me or they didn't connect the events? I'm totally lost here.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Please join us in wishing many happy returns to Josh Hartnett on his day of birth!
5. I could watch Josh Hartnett & Eva Green in scenes together for the rest of my days
Josh Hartnett and Bradley Cooper at the tennis today
Watch Rob. John Logan is the writer. Eva Green, Tim Dalton, Josh Hartnett. It's so good!
Yay! Third series of Penny Dreadful means I can continue to hunt Josh Hartnett around town
Could victim mean "victim of an attack" but not necessarily killed? Could we please get Josh Hartnett & Michelle Williams back w/their kid?
Josh Hartnett wearing a wooly jumper on a windswept moor in those promo pics from the next Penny Dreadful
Me everytime i see a picture of Josh Hartnett..
Penny Dreadful reminds me of my intense crush on josh hartnett when Pearl Harbor came out
Acording to Michiel will be playing a Turkish soldier in his upcoming movie Mountains and Stones, opp Josh Hartnett
Josh Hartnett and Simon Russell Beale's facial expressions are beyond priceless.
I need to sleep. I'll be dreaming of you, Josh Hartnett πŸ’•
Oh, I missed Josh Hartnett and his performance in . Ring-ring-ring-ring. "Hello, this Josh Hartnett and I'm phoning it in."
So many good looking people on this show. Eva Green is absolutely gorgeous. Josh Hartnett is a babe.
My 10 year old self isn't over him surviving Pearl Harbour when Josh Hartnett died.
I don't think there's a problem with being a teen idol, if that happens to me, I'll be happy to deal with it. ~Josh Hartnett
Incredible talk with war hero Portrayed by Josh Hartnett, Matt was immortalized in Black Hawk Down...
Josh Hartnett in this weeks is awesome...such a wiked actor
absolutely loving Penny Dreadful at the minute. Dark and Sinister and of course Josh Hartnett πŸ’œ
But *** if Josh Hartnett doesn't get my jimmies rustled hoo boy 😍
I've not watched any this season yet. Does Josh Hartnett make out with more boys, or...
β†’ Josh Hamilton: Back with Rangers, he returns to something I love to do 768
I'm so in love with Josh Hartnett right now
aaahhh! Penny Dreadful? it's on my list to watch coz,. JOSH HARTNETT
Young Jonathan Rhys Meyer and young Josh Hartnett will always be my fav
I never had any interest in Josh Hartnett until he became a sexually fluid gunslinger.
Maria, while working on if you'd by some coincidence secure Josh Hartnett's screentest for Brett
OH THAT IS SO GROSS! I love the goo, Penny Dreadful. Tell me more bloody Victorian tales co-starring Josh Hartnett.
LOL i hate josh hartnett let's see how this goes
Wait wait. Is josh hartnett gonna make out with dorian grey!? Suddenly interested in Penny Dreadful.
I also never realised how beautiful Josh Hartnett is because I was always too busy crushing on Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbour 😻
Why did no one tell me Lucky Number Slevin was on!? Hello Josh Hartnett 😍😍
O with Mekhi Phifer and Josh Hartnett isn't your favorite? :p
Josh Hartnett in Lucky Number Slevin is the one πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
Penny Dreadful has Josh Hartnett's butt in it if The Flash doesn't thrill you.
Josh hartnett was such a babe back in the day 😍
Every morning I wake up and remember I'm not Josh Hartnett. And it gets that little bit harder to get out of bed.
DJ INDIE NEWS Penny Dreadful - "Penny Dreadful" star Josh Hartnett recently revealed that Ethan Chandler will be a...
shoutout to my friend who just yelled "MARIANNE, YOUR SCREENCAPS FOLDER IS ONLY 3 PICS OF JOSH HARTNETT'S BUTT?!?!" in front of my mom
HUMP DAY HOTTIE!!!: Josh Hartnett from the cable TV show Penny Dreadful is today’s hottie. What hotties would...
Josh Hartnett 'regrets saying no to people'
Josh Hartnett on the cover of Vanity Fair (July, 2001). Photo by Annie Leibovitz.
Obsession with Josh Hartnett RT"10.What is something about yourself that you hope will change but probably never will?"
Well now that I see Josh Hartnett is in this movie I'm more interested. πŸ˜‘
What did Josh Hartnett name his inner wolf? He told that & more!
if you had a picture of Josh Hartnett on your wall
I'm watching 30days of night: dark days ... Thought it was the Josh Hartnett one
I feel like Minnesota isn't really utilizing Josh Hartnett
Watching Penny Dreadful and can I just say, I'm so happy Josh Hartnett is back on my TV πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜™
Wear a beanie, with scruffy face n all I can still tell that's it's you Josh Hartnett. Those pretty eyes of yours
Hey Minnesota, your favorite prodigal son is back for the weekend. No, not Josh Hartnett. Me!
No you don't, you look a bit like Josh Hartnett imo
Actor Josh Hartnett and it came out so great Frank Miller was convinced to accept, and they used
| Josh Hartnett ~ On the set of his new movie in Prague (12.05.2015) (1)
Josh Hartnett, Ben Affleck adore you in film Pearl Harbour !!!
Josh Hartnett talks about how he changes the older he gets in a new interview:
Josh Hartnett Always Felt He Could Do 'Whatever the *** He Wanted': Josh Hartnett rides on a horse on the set...
One constant in my life has been and will always be my love for Josh Hartnett.
At -- Bummed I didn't see Josh Hartnett, but this place is still pretty cool.
Josh Hartnett and girlfriend Tamsin Egerton wear synchronised ...
Things I know 20 min into . Eva Green's eyebrows don't move. Josh Hartnett is able to shoot guns. Demons? are from Egypt
Watching fave Josh Hartnett in Penny Dreadful. So far I've seen one terrible wig and one terrible fake mustache.
Good Morning, Josh Hartnett: .I guess I'm tempting fate even bringing this up but I haven't watched last night...
Gold star for whoever is in charge of Josh Hartnett's wardrobe and hair in Penny Dreadful. Swoon.
Creature of the night, are you? Then don't miss Josh Hartnett on tonight!
.and Josh Hartnett cast in and more casting news:
"Dorian and Ethan, well as far as I know so far, it’s only a one night stand" - Josh Hartnett on his character and Dorian. . *major sad face*
Josh Hartnett and girlfriend Tamsin Egerton jet out of LAX for New Yor
Lol. I like Eva Green and Josh Hartnett is my ni99a. Season 2 is even weirder, i'm so confused
Josh Hartnett looks like a discount Brad Pitt.
Penny Dreadful has majorly rekindled my teenage crush on Josh Hartnett.
Josh Hartnett's delivery of lines is the most dreadful part of the show.
Josh Hartnett is like a fine wine.he has only gotten better with age
Alright Josh Hartnett let's murder some people!
I just want Josh Hartnett to punch me in the face.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Confession: I never thought Josh Hartnett was good looking but I do v much think Jesse Eisenberg is.
I'm feeling cheated that it's been 39 minutes and I haven't seen Josh Hartnett's butt yet.
Hollywood heartthrob Josh Hartnett reveals what's ahead for second season of on
Josh Hartnett is so fine lord Jesus
I just checked to see who the other talk show host's are going to have on their and Josh Hartnett is going to be on Late Ni…
OK about that time. . Gimme all the Victorian horror and literary genius. . Oh and Josh Hartnett & EvaFreakingGreen
I love Josh Hartnett as the handsome savior of all
For any of you guys who don't know Josh Hartnett nor Ben Affleck they starred in the movie Pearl Harbor together and that movie is the bomb.
Though it was cool seeing The Weeknd and Josh Hartnett...and then PARKER POSEY and CHRISTOPHER LLOYD entered the green ro…
Harrison Ford to reprise his role as Sgt. Joe Gavilan, alongside Josh Hartnett in "Hollywood Homicide" reboot.
Josh Hartnett talks Season 2 of premiering tonight. 5 Things to Know:
This gif from shows you a glimpse of the glory that is Josh Hartnett's hair in Penny Dreadful.
Doesn't matter what anyone says, Josh Hartnett is still fine af 😍
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