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Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon (born April 13, 1991) is an American football wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL).

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Josh Gordon will be a mark my words...
I hope Josh Gordon ends up being a comeback story like we've never seen before. Guy is a special talent. Has to keep…
$100 says you field at least 1 Josh Gordon call.
NFL reinstated Josh Gordon after 2 seasons. Mr. Goodell it's time to take a look at returning to…
NFL announces Browns WR Josh Gordon has been suspended for at least 1 year without pay ->
Browns announce WR Josh Gordon has been reinstated on a conditional basis by commissioner Roger Goodell.
Josh Gordon is two months younger than Kelvin Benjamin.
Last time Josh Gordon played, Jim Harbaugh was guiding the 49ers to a 3rd place finish in its division. So, not much has chang…
Browns expectations should be higher with Josh Gordon in the line up
I’m happy Josh Gordon is back in the league😎
Josh Gordon when healthy and playing was such a difference maker.
Josh Gordon the best player on the roster..
Josh Gordon has been reinstated to the NFL and is eligible to play week 13 this year:
Just a thought: When’s the last time Josh Gordon got a paycheck? That’s another temptation he’ll have to handle egoldie80
Top five plays in Josh Gordon's tenure with Cleveland Browns - Top f…
Dont worry, Josh Gordon will save us! Not joking featured in NBC s Science of Love
Josh Gordon has the chance to save himself, not the season
Roger Goodell, on reinstating Josh Gordon: “Playing for the Browns is a harsher punishment than not playing at all, so…
If Josh Gordon & Cory Coleman make Kizer like QB by the end of the season then who's *** will you kiss?
Text from Michael Johnson, business manager for WR Josh Gordon: “The best football player in the world is back in the…
Josh Gordon's presence will lead to a win in 2017:
Josh Gordon to be reinstated on conditional basis
Josh Gordon is officially back in the NFL
Fantasy Update: Browns WR Josh Gordon reinstated nearly three years since his last NFL game, eligible to play again…
Browns WR Josh Gordon conditionally reinstated. He’s eligible to practice on November 20th, be on the 53-man roster Novem…
Would you say this josh Gordon is better than any receiver we have right now...?
Amen 🙏 I hope so too. Hope Josh Gordon. can be that player to help get a…
Josh Gordon’s business manager, Michael Johnson, on type of condition the reinstated WR is in: “Josh is in the best shape…
Josh Gordon celebrating being reinstated like
Why y’all didn’t tell me Josh Gordon and Johnny Manziel had an apartment together when they played in Cleveland 💀💀
Dude, remember that year I won my league picking up Josh Gordon and played him 2 games. That was awesome.
Live look at myself and when the Josh Gordon news dropped.
Will Josh Gordon be the player he was in 2014? ||
Depending if Josh Gordon himself when he comes back, Julio just got moved to the 2nd best in the game.
Chris Kirksey on Josh Gordon: "It'll be like our brother came from out of town'
been stashing Devontae Booker. Drop him for Josh Gordon? Ppr keeper league
"The Vikings saved my life...So I'm cheering for Josh & I hope the Browns are able to help him"—reacts to Josh…
If you’re wondering about the road WR Josh Gordon has taken since college, here is a snapshot of what he’s gone throu…
Commissioner Roger Goodell notified WR Josh Gordon today that he will be reinstated to the NFL on a conditional basis…
Josh Gordon to be reinstated to the NFL. 📰 »
Josh Gordon's return and the impact on the .
Josh Gordon averaged 117.6 yards a game with Brandon Weeden, Jason Campbell and Brian Hoyer throwing him the ball. He'…
Mitch Trubisky and Josh Gordon could be our new Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall.
Josh Gordon can practice starting Nov 20 in Berea . Has been indefinitely suspended since Sept of 2016
I picked up Morris & McFadden today (Zeke on my bench still just in case) but just dropped McFadden for Josh Gordon
Josh Gordon reinstatement is near, young boul will be back on top as an elite receiver in no time‼️
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Dan out of Josh Gordon, TY Hilton and Demarco Murray, anyone a real possibility in Dallas?
Eagles will acquire Jay Ajayi, Calvin Johnson, and Josh Gordon all in one day. Amazing
Browns WR Josh Gordon spotted in NYC today and league source confirmed he will meet with NFL on Tues. Browns could look t…
Also, “Offense will be great once Josh Gordon comes off suspension”
or you can provide to Josh Gordon and he can confirm to the publ…
3rd round pic to browns for Josh Gordon screw it
Kenny Britt, Dwayne Bowe, Josh Gordon, Greg Little... it occurs to me that there might be a Browns…
Josh Gordon always seemed thoughtful, distant when we encountered him in locker room. Obviously has been sorting through…
Chiefs to sign Josh Gordon upon reinstatement, per source
Man I’m ready to see this Josh Gordon documentary.
Josh Gordon to KC? Thoughts or even think there's potential?
I hope Josh Gordon gets one more chance
Josh Gordon on how he was enabled by coaches at to beat drug tests. Glad that program is now in shambles. Hoping…
If Josh Gordon gets reinstated we will win every game the rest of the season
Josh Gordon opens up about his troubled past with drug addiction
It looks like Josh Gordon finally got it. Got past the drugs and lying. Rooting for him.
Josh Gordon on how Baylor coaches helped him pass drug screens:
Josh Gordon honestly my favorite receiver ever. I just hope he comes back ✊🏻
Josh Gordon will be a pro bowler in the next 3 years
Josh Gordon Opens Up About Drug Use, Rehab and NFL Return. it's a must watch.
Josh Gordon details drug abuse in documentary, plans to file for reinstatement. Watch⬇️.
In 2013, Josh Gordon led the NFL in receiving yards with 1,646. He played in only 14 games and had Weeden, ***
Fmr Baylor WR Josh Gordon says while at BU a coach gave him bottles of detox to mask drugs in his system before being te…
Josh Gordon says coaches at Baylor helped him cover up drug use
Dudes beat up women and get suspended a couple games but Josh Gordon gotta beg to be reinstated for smoking weed. https:/…
Josh Gordon explains how Baylor coaches helped him cheat on his college drug tests.
Incredible perspective from Josh Gordon as he gets ready to apply for reinstatement. On drug use, being enabled, etc
This *** Josh Gordon was addicted to weed, percs, and lean and still led the league in recieving lol
I think we've moved past fingers & are having to use toes to count the number of times the NFL has giv…
For those who wanted to hear from Browns WR Josh Gordon, told his story:...
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This 13-min documentary on Josh Gordon is worth watching to understand what he's been through & where he stands now: https:/…
Josh Gordon tells Uninterrupted a Baylor coach helped him beat drug tests. Is there a more corrupt athletic department…
Your friendly reminder that Josh Gordon put up god-like numbers over a 3 game span with Jason Campbell throwing to him.
Oh really? Josh Gordon had Brandon Weeden, Brian Hoyer, and Jason Campbell. Led the league in yds pla…
Josh Gordon isn't the first athlete to cope with something by using drugs... Lamar Odom, Daryl Strawberry, Andre Agassi and a lot more
Josh Gordon really going through what I went through in high school. But on a whole different stage
I already have enough self-loathing for actively pursuing Latavius Murray. Can't afford to take it up to the Josh Gordon level.
When you drafted Allen Robinson and David Johnson but also Kareem Hunt and Josh Gordon
it's that time of the year should I add Josh Gordon? I would have to drop Jamaal Charles or Zay Jones
Our WR core at one point was Josh Gordon, Terrell Pryor and Corey Coleman. It's now Rishard Higgins, Kenny Britt and who T…
Why are we over looking that Commissioner of the NFL is racist. Look how Josh Gordon is treated compared to Brian Cushing
You think Josh Gordon is worth a stash yet?
hey, you know your stuff... so what's the scoop on Josh Gordon?? Is he coming back? Fantasy relevant this year (bench spot)??
Is Josh Gordon Gonna be at the top of your rankings after his return next Thursday against the Colts?
NFL really won't let Josh Gordon play all over some weed that's terrible lmao
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
G'day Matt! Is Josh Gordon worth a stash in a 12 team league?!
Josh Gordon's really been out of the league almost 3 years for weed while some dudes are out here Chokeslaming women &…
yes it is , if he doesn't get his life in order he will Josh Gordon himself out of the league ...would be a shame
Right but Josh Gordon is gone indinfinely for weed and can get back into the league
Report: A year after suspension, Josh Gordon applies for...
PEDs twice and only gets 10 games? But Josh Gordon smoked some weed and he's been for for years lol. Cheaters…
The NFL is something else. Cushing suspended fewer games for second PED offense than Josh Gordon for weed/booze. Nice league,…
I've jumped on the Josh Gordon bus every year... Told myself I wouldn't do it this year, but...
Josh Gordon worth the stash with the recent news?
Wait, so Brian Cushing was caught with PEDs for the second time and gets a 10-game suspension, but Josh Gordon is basically banned for life?
you think josh Gordon is worth a stash?
Suspended WR Josh Gordon will be out of rehab soon and hopes to be reinstated, according to his trainer.
Me racing once again to pick up Josh Gordon on the waiver wire
He keeps testing positive for PED's, but he's still in the league... Josh Gordon smoke…
I swear, Josh Gordon is that ex you know is no good for you, but you just can't let go. BABY WE CAN MAKE THIS WORK
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you and always hoping that the commissioner frees Josh Gordon
sad to see go down. Hope for a speedy recovery. Would love to see Braxton Miller or Josh Gordon fill in though.
God, Blackmon was so good. He was the Josh Gordon before Josh Gordon.
Ezekiel Elliott suspended 6 games for domestic violence . Josh Gordon suspended 3 years for smoking weed. The NFL is a we…
Again with Josh Gordon?? How about we get Jeff Faine on the horn while we're at it. 😒
Why are people still talking about Josh Gordon? Guy is a loser, threw away his gifts
must retain Josh Gordon since he serves as example of how drugs ruin amazingly talented athletes.
Wow! Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon. U got a thing for the Browns! Lol. What Team do u feel Man…
BREAKING: Josh Gordon is facing a season long suspension after failing a drug test.
Is this you Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns??
Terrance Williams went third -- which is p good. Josh Gordon cost the Browns a 2nd in the…
Bold prediction: Browns sign Justin Blackmon, Justin and Josh Gordon form an unbreakable bond, and they win the Super Bowl against the Lions
You mean the Browns passed on finding the next Josh Gordon?😎
Maybe that Josh Gordon selection by the in 2012 ruined the notion for teams.🤔
Week 3 preseason last year watch Josh Gordon beat grimes on the jump ball (browns vs bucs) lol
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Breaking: The NFL has denied Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon's bid for... by via htt…
I was at the Browns game in the dome. I left SMH! I remember seeing Josh Gordon live. Freak of…
Ugh. The Browns have gone through that with Manziel and Josh Gordon. Suspensions are especially maddeni…
Can anyone rationally explain to me how Letroy Guion is in the NFL and Josh Gordon isn't? Didn't that clown get caught playin Tony Montana?
The Browns have suspended WR Josh Gordon for a violation of team rules. WR Phil Bates has been added to the roster.
I've flushed and flushed but I can't quit Josh Gordon. Name one other player w/ his upside @ his adp. You can't!
Imagine if the Browns still had Josh Gordon in this stacked offense they're building 👀👀👀
This should be an annual holiday to remember Josh Gordon for browns fans
RE: Josh Gordon. If the Browns even want him
Campbell was one of my favorite QBs who never even had a chance or a line to protect him. That arm made Josh Gordon famous.
in case he becomes friends with Johnny Football and Josh Gordon?
One thing I know is DB and WR talent, Chris Goodwin, will be Josh Gordon with the baggage, Curtis S…
Once again Josh Gordon has been denied reinstatement by the NFL. If only he beat women instead of smoking a plant he'd…
Josh Gordon was such a screw-up in college that ART BRILES kicked him off the team. Think about that.
Today we're talking Josh Gordon, Seth's re-take on Mr. Pace, and Tiers vs. Rankings!
"Jabrill Peppers denies ex-radio host's claim that he's 'another Josh Gordon'" via { } (by Will Brinson)
Had Josh Gordon been smart enough to just take super addictive opioids, he'd be playing
& I am also not trying to argue just defending people like my husband and Josh Gordon. A lo…
Josh Gordon can't get reinstated but there are several wife beaters allowed in the league
From earlier, on the Browns' plans for Josh Gordon and the perception they've flip-flopped recently.
"If josh Gordon had punched Mary j instead of smoking her he'd be suiting up this fall, my column"
NFL denies Josh Gordon's petition for reinstatement: (via
Should the NFL have rejected Josh Gordon's reinstatement?
Josh Gordon timeline: Browns WR still working to get off troubled path
Still can't believe Josh Gordon when to rehab for smoking weed
NFL report: Josh Gordon's reinstatement denied by the league - Los Angeles Times
Josh Gordon smoked weed and can't play football but Joe Mixon broke a girls jaw with one punch and just got drafted 2nd ro…
Josh Gordon denied reinstatement by the NFL. Remember kids, smoking weed is bad, but popping unlimited pain killers is tota…
Free my man Josh Gordon he just wants to burn an L and ball
I wish the NFL would let Josh Gordon back in so he could get addicted to prescription medication like a respectable person.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Free Josh Gordon. Nobody should ever been banned from a violent, physical sport like football for smoking weed. . Period.
Josh Gordon not getting reinstated really put a damper on our chances of a 16-0 season.
Josh Gordon denied NFL reinstatement. I'll state obvious by saying I'm confused that smoking pot gets you banned, but b…
Moral of the Josh Gordon story: You can beat women in the just don't smoke pot.
Josh Gordon's response to the NFL denying his reinstatement.
Josh Gordon shoulda just hit a chick. He'd be reinstated in no time
Breaking news: Josh Gordon DENIED reinstatement into the NFL.
how in the *** is josh Gordon still not allowed to play? He is going into his third season out, he smoked pot and did rehab..
Josh Gordon: I'd like to be reinstated please. Goodell: i'D LiKe tO Be ReiNsTaTeD pLeAsE. (via https…
If only Josh Gordon had beaten women he'd be playing in the NFL right now.
Suspended WR Josh Gordon has been denied reinstatement
If a Josh Gordon had beaten Mary Jane instead of smoking her, he'd still be in the league. Roger Goodell is a pathetic commissi…
Aldon Smith hearing Josh Gordon's reinstatement was denied-
What kind of NFL is Fidel Goodell running?!! he reinstates that no good, no edge rush move having self Dion Jordan but not Josh Gordon...
Josh Gordon smoked weed & gets banned from NFL but Ray Lewis KILLED a man stayed in the NFL & now do commentary . Greg hardy got to stay also
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Josh Gordon banned from NFL for smokin weed but ben Roethlisberger raped a lady and Ray Lewis killed a guy and they didnt get banned? 😒
Josh Gordon has been punished for marijuana more than: Lewis (murder) Rice (DV) Vick (dogfighting) COMBINED. *** is that. Forget the
why the *** did you guys deny Josh Gordon's reinstatement? You are acting like he killed a guy.
$20 says if Marvin Lewis is still the Bengals coach and Josh Gordon becomes a free agent, the Bengals pick him up.
So let's get this straight, Ray Lewis can go to trial for murder and still play 10 more seasons. Josh Gordon smokes…
So the NFL loves Ray Lewis even though he killed someone but keeps banning Josh Gordon for smoking weed
Ray Lewis Donte Stallworth & Josh Brent killed people are were able to remain in the NFL. Josh Gordon smokes pot and is denied reinstatement
NFL won't reinstate Josh Gordon for smoking weed but they will promote the *** out of a murder in Ray Lewis & let Joe Mixon in the league.
I'm completely off the Josh Gordon as a Brown train, but this is BEYOND unjust to Josh Gordon and his attempt at a…
The things I would do for Josh Gordon to be and stay in the league as a brown are crazy
Idek why Josh Gordon is still a brown he disrepected ever aspect of us
Source: The NFL has denied WR Josh Gordon's reinstatement petition. He can reapply this fall.
I send an bad news drops about All-Star, Josh Gordon a few minutes later (He's younger than: John Brown, J. Abbrederis)
prediction ... Teddy comes back, has an exceptional year ... loses CBPoY to Josh Gordon (and/or Aldon Smith) b/c.vikings
tell me how Josh Gordon can't see the field.Meanwhile we have vontaze burfict, pac man jones and Joe Mixon starti…
Any info on Josh Gordon. Martavius Bryant and Daryl Washington were reinstated.
Also very underrated as a writer. He's the co-author of Josh Gordon's new book, "Drug Tests for Dummies"
You can blame luck for, say Courtney Brown. Not Johnny Manziel or Josh Gordon, or not drafting Julio Jones ...
why is the quick to reinstate steeler martavius Bryant b4 draft but dragged feet on Josh Gordon multiple times?
Josh Gordon and Keith Kelsey doing a little one on one today at Numaspeed
ESPN is down for the week shooting a story on Josh Gordon and Numaspeed. My second impression is going to be...
Todd Gurley and Josh Gordon!! Oh my!!! Bring back the greatest show on Earth!
"Garrapolo and Butler to Cleveland for Joe Hayden and Josh Gordon"
One note on Josh Gordon, if he returns: envision Gordon & Kenny Britt on the outside, Corey Coleman working the slot.…
Random Thought: AJ Green, Josh Gordon, Tyler Eifert and Tyler Boyd would be quite the arsenal for the Red Rocket.
Josh Gordon is gonna come back at 100 percent, patriots will sign him, and Tom Brady will throw for 10,000 yards this year.
Josh Gordon seems like he's been working out during his time suspended
Josh Gordon is looking ripped. 'Who gon' stop me, huh? 👑'
Josh Gordon is working out with former Olympian turned speed coach Tim Montgomery in hopes of resuming his career.
.Dir., Dr. Josh Gordon with NIDA Dir. Dr. Nora Volkow at the Nat'l Drugs & Alcohol Chat Day
The Colts can threaten the pats if they can get Josh Gordon, and draft OJ Howard, or a running back. 👀
Maybe if they want to pony up a Pick & Daniels. Josh Gordon is on another level, even if he lacks self control.
a Browns offense of Joe Mixon, OJ Howard, Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman... The Next QB is may have a good set of weapons.
Shouldn't Geno Smith be selling cars or something, not trying to play football. Josh Gordon knows a place !
Josh Gordon hype is the cherry on top
Hugh Jackson smoking the same weed that made Josh Gordon want to sell cars instead of play football
if pats want a WR. look at Josh Gordon. sign him for a year or 2 with conditions in his contract. guarantee he will clean up
Josh Gordon trying to get instated 😂
hey DJ, in a dynasty keeper league.who you take, JJ Nelson, Josh Gordon, Marqise Lee, Kyle Rudolph.GO!
Suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon will reportedly apply for reinstatement, again
After missing the past two seasons, Josh Gordon is applying for reinstatement to NFL
Report: Josh Gordon to apply for reinstatement Wednesday; mum at the moment but Sashi Brown talks at noon https…
Browns WR Josh Gordon, who has not played since 2014, is applying today for reinstatement, per his business manager Micha…
Who cares where Peterson and Charles go? Wake me up when Josh Gordon signs so I can waste pick on him for the 3rd straight year…
I honestly don't know what's sadder... My undying belief in Josh Gordon or Jeff Janis' merry band of truthers
Hamilton Collection
12 team full PPR. I have Mike Evans, AJ Green, Dez, DT, Pryor, Josh Gordon, and Martavis Bryant
Na dude...Martavis Bryant, Michael Vick, and Josh Gordon are making a move to politics. Didn't you hear? :P
Josh Gordon, DeSean Jackson, & Corey Davis. Won't cost a lot to go from worst WR corp to best! Take a chance on Gordon!
B Dawk we the Eagles need Josh Gordon. D Jackson and Dalvin Cook as well. That's a potent offense. It can be done
Gunner The Eagles will get Josh Gordon book it and K Stills. MO Claiborne and draft D Cook and Adore Jackson.
I'm going to remind you about Josh Gordon please tell Howie to bring him aboard. He's your Julio Jones. Stills is your D Jackson
49ers get a Big division road win! Josh Gordon with 2 Td catches and defense plays much better than Week 1
Saints in Free Agency should go and get DeSean Jackson, Kenny Stills, or Josh Gordon for that WR spot we need. Maybe sign a TE as well!
Joe must have got into Josh Gordon's stash
love the positivity but I hope Joe hasn't been hanging out with Josh Gordon lol
Since I brought up Josh Gordon, lets bring up Justin Blackmon. Remember him? He was good for a few games
what does the cap look like for free agents? I hope BQ is looking at Martellus Bennett, Blount, AP, Josh Gordon.
As for WR Josh Gordon, he remains on the reserve/suspended by Commissioner list until further notice.
The browns could do something if they keep Terrell Pryor, Get RG3 back to his early pro form, and got Josh Gordon to put the blunt down
We should be watching Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon lighting it up every Sunday
The need to sign Josh Gordon for the injury of AJ Green and Ray Rice for Giovanni Bernard being out for the season
Josh Gordon, Kendall Wright, Terrance Williams, Corey Coleman, KD Cannon. Who's the next great one for Watch out for
Weed is officially legal in California. Josh Gordon instantly demands trade to either Raiders, 49ers, Chargers or Rams.
the browns are a solid 0-9 right now. Also Trent Richardson, Johnny Football, and Josh Gordon were all great draft picks.
buddy offered me Jordan Reed for Josh Gordon the day before he went into rehab
Curses! (I drafted both Jamaal Charles and Josh Gordon this year...)
Sam Bradford consumed more grass than Josh Gordon last night.
Nelson Agholor and Josh Huff have got to go. Trade for Jeffery, sign Josh Gordon, keep DGB and Jordan Matthews and we're good.
In one fantasy league I have Allen Robinson, Alshon Jeffery, John Brown, & Josh Gordon (refuse to drop him); looked so good in preseason.
Get Jimmy Graham to the Rams. Get Josh Mcdaniels to the Rams. Get Alshon Jeffery or Josh Gordon to the Rams.
What's the exact low down on Josh Gordon? How much trouble he in suspension (if there is any ) etc
Aye how do you suspend Josh Gordon an entire season for weed yet has multiple DUIs and felony gun charges ye…
dude I got Josh Gordon in 2 of them, Lamar Miller has sucked too
6 weeks ago, my home league receiving corps was AJ Green, Keenan Allen, Sammy Watkins, Eric Decker, and Josh Gordon. Ah th…
Hey Brad, wondering if I should give up on the Josh Gordon stash move, and add a Dion Lewis stash. Right move in PPR?
I think next weekend the Browns will beat the Patriots when Josh Gordon & Tom Brady return. it's the 1 game I rea…
This is gonna be such a great game, Tom Brady is back! Josh Gordon is wait... oh my god were going to get killed
Josh Gordon would have been and interesting comeback vs the Pats and a Tom Brady comeback.
Came up on tickets to a game where I get to see Crazy Tom, but I also thought I was going to see Josh Gordon smh
It's a video version of Hey, Questions about Cody Kessler, Sarah Thomas and Josh Gordon.
Stephen A. Smith calls Browns WR Josh Gordon an addict and is both saddened and disgusted with hi... - via App
So how long before Jerry Jones signs Josh Gordon
If anybody is gonna go after Josh Gordon it's gonna be Dallas. Jerry loves taking players w history of drug abuse
Hey how long until Jerry brings in Josh Gordon. I need to know if I should drop him or not.
The best ability as Stephen A Smith says is availability which Josh Gordon has seemed to not be able to have
Bold predictions: Jerry Jones signs Josh Gordon after he gets released by browns
All y'all were fighting over the 2012 Josh Gordon fantasy this offseason and I was just sittin back clicking the add button on Pryor.
If we lose Josh Gordon and JR Smith in the same year someone is going to be murdered by yours truly. Pray 4 me
Stephen A smith is such a *** Josh Gordon is trying 2 better himself and you wanna sit there and take shots at him? Smh. No class
Hey Jerry - Josh Gordon seem to be a nice pick up while dez is down.
Dez gone miss some time and Jerry Jones gonna sign Josh Gordon when he gets out of rehab. Remember this 📸📌
Browns plan to release Josh Gordon: (via
Browns gonna cut Josh Gordon... Jerry Jones go head and make that happen. Lol
Jerry Jones about to jump all over Josh Gordon...we all know Jerry has to pick up everybody with issues, LOL
If the cleveland lose Josh Gordon & JR Smith. . somewhere is a crying bud man 😂😂😂
LoL Josh Gordon can be roommates with Aldon Smith, what could go wrong?
How long does it take for Jerry to sign Josh Gordon to the
Reggie took a chance with Aldon Smith. Does he do the same with Josh Gordon?
.tackles J.R. Smith, Josh Gordon and the Indians in the ALDS in the latest D-Man Podcast.
Josh Gordon might be the NFL's biggest star right now if Marijuana was legal. --
Josh Gordon getting released!? If he could just stop smoking weed... someone ask Jerry to sign him to a 4-week contract.
Per ... the Browns plan to release Josh Gordon.
Who wants Jerry to roll the dice on Josh Gordon? .
Adam Schefter: Browns intend to part ways with WR Josh Gordon, per DanGrazianoESPN.
When you search Josh Gordon on here it's all cowboys fans saying they want him when he comes back. Shocker, Jerry loves lost causes too.
Does this mean the Browns are going to cut Josh Gordon?. *Jerry Jones signs him in 5.. 4.. 3.*
So Jerry Jones like taking chances on players and giving them 2nd chances, bring Josh Gordon opposite of Dez!
Josh Gordon going to rehab for weed is like me going to Liquormax for an AA meeting. Signed, Cutty Sark
Just a matter of time before Jerry Jones signs Josh Gordon
Hey fans & fantasy owners, if you're hot at Josh Gordon because he screwed your team.STOP. He's fighting for som…
Honestly surprised that Josh Gordon is the first Browns player to check in to rehab this year
Statement from Josh Gordon. "After careful thought and deep consideration I've decided that I need to step away... https:/…
When you have Josh Gordon stashed on your bench and you see he just checked into rehab
so the Josh Gordon experiment is officially over?
Josh Gordon enters rehab, tenure with Cleveland Browns could be over: Josh Gordon ...
BREAKING: Cleveland Browns announce WR Josh Gordon to step away from football and enter rehab
WR Josh Gordon announced he is not returning next week and will enter a rehab fac
Hope is that Josh Gordon gets the help he needs. Hard to imagine him playing for the Browns again.
Josh Gordon announced he is not returning to Browns next week and instead will enter an in-patient rehab facility.
Josh Gordon on his first day of rehab for weed.
People will make jokes, but I've got a lot of respect for Josh Gordon recognising he needs help and seeking it out
Josh Gordon walks away from football to "gain control of his life".
Josh Gordon is a real person, not a fantasy football commodity. Here's hoping he gets the help he needs to turn his li…
Although it took Josh Gordon forever to make the change he needed, I'm glad he is. Should've checked in last year
BREAKING: Josh Gordon says he has put his return to the Browns on hold as he enters an in-person rehabilitation facility.…
When you drafted Josh Gordon in fantasy...
Josh Gordon is a little kid, just go play flag football or something
Let's take a second and pray for everybody that drafted Josh Gordon in the mid rounds and thought they had a steal.
Hearing there's much more to the Josh Gordon story. And it's worse than a failed drug test.
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