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Josh Freeman

Joshua Tyler Josh Freeman (born January 13, 1988) is the starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League.

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🔥🔥🔥🔥 Josh Freeman was a beast with us. In the NFL he struggled but at least he made it in the NFL for 8 years.
Former Poplar Bluff Mule and SEMO Redhawk Josh Freeman an assistant coach for Kelly this year.
I think Kelly may have misremembered what happened because her presence on that stage o…
I think there are a fair number of people (Kelly included) 4 whom the sight of a black…
I can't get over the people who watch it and *still* think Kelly was "mostly right".
Literally all of America would look the ot…
Literally all of America would look the other way.
Thanks for clarification - though I think the point still stands (?)
Report isn't on whole U.K. Just England and Wales.
That’s why the queen said not in my house
And a white man in Vegas killed more than 35.
Good read for Trumpers that think the L hates DJT simply b/c he won or b/c he's "republican". The White-Minstrel Show
What is fascinating is that 2 terror attacks that killed a total of 35 people actually moved the need…
So tired of people defending what they don't care to keep to avoid defending what they don't want to lose (aka what they SHOULD defend)
Had a dream Josh Freeman had the game winning TD in a Super Bowl played in the street
That's why Kelly and Rep. Wilson are not necessarily at odds-Kelly gives Trump an A for effort, while M…
Always wondering- since 9/11 have more American lives been lost by being put in harm's way t…
“We spend too much time doing church that we don’t have enough time to be the church”
Really guys, Josh Freeman. He knows the receivers he attends almost all practices. I think you have…
Saying Fitz/Free is better than a healthy Winston is blasphemy. I guess Browns wish they ha…
Add the numbers, not really. And don’t compare josh freeman to Winston. He wasn’t as dedica…
could be, but his numbers are eerily similar to Josh Freeman
I rarely fully agree with Mr Albright, but here I am. I see a lot of Josh Freeman in him. Granted I s…
If you want to live in a country where not standing for the anthem is illegal, I'm sure the DPRK would be glad to have you, because I'm not.
Unless we want Ted to be this year's Josh Freeman, hopefully 0.
is close to becoming Josh Freeman for the What does he have to do to live up to the Hard Knocks hype
I've always wondered if Josh Freeman could have been involved. He committed suicide the day JA was arrested.
The fact that there has been no hesitation to politicize the death of a son and the sexual abuse of young/underage women -- just depressing.
No brainer imo. just dealt gronk for freeman bc I scooped HH off waivers last week.
either i'm reading your rankings wrong or i need more coffee? I click on M/U and it says Ellington over…
I mean, does he even remember the Josh Freeman game?
a lot of us fans are upset with u we don't want another Josh Freeman we want a winner you are 3yrs in now step it up and lead
I mean i dont ride jay ajayi because i really don’t think he is a good RB1 and dont…
The Trump doctrine: Treat every accusation as a confession.
Guess we need corporate tax cuts now more than ever!
In today's edition of "both can be true": would currently have a job in NFL if he had played better AND if he hadn't kneeled.
As a Vikes fan, it's funny to see anyone wish for Rodgers to be gone. Christian Ponder, Josh Freeman, T…
He would be Josh Freeman 2.0 came in mid-season from off the streets and got destroyed. Never played again after that year.
Joe Webb, Christian Ponder, Donovan McNabb, Matt Cassel, JOSH FREEMAN, and Shaun Hill. Not a lot of sympathy for the Packers. (2/2)
He's smart and not addicted to drugs like Josh Freeman was when he went to a new team/system
it might be a great idea to resign Josh Freeman and Vincent Jackson?
Someone get josh freeman in here to touch them this.. that was the only thing he was good at
Also said Long term give me Josh Freeman over Cam. Bette…
don't forget we lost to a Josh Freeman led Colts team who was only on the team for 2 weeks.…
.bring back the Josh Freeman to Jordy Nelson connection
You guys know Josh Freeman and Ryan Lindley played in a game right?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Mike Glennon wasn't even close to as good as Josh Freeman was and Freeman is trash
it's the same thing canon arm no feel vision. Jamarcus Russell, Josh Freeman... how do some people become GM's?
remember when Valenti said the Lions shouldve drafted Josh Freeman or Mark Sanchez over Stafford.. 😂😂 Muzzle This Guy
"He has coached and developed quarterbacks such as Kordell Stewart, Josh Freeman, Derek Carr and Blake Bortles" is…
Matt Barkley is a "Weakster". How can he have a job in and Josh Freeman doesn't.
our GM drafted Josh Freeman/ Blaine Gabbert 2.0 period. Would even give brandon allen a chance to see wat he can/cant do
But Jamarcus Russell, Troy Smith, Vince Young, Josh Freeman have a rough season (few rough games some cases) - career over
Huh. I thought I vaguely recalled Kelly Holcomb, but who can forget about Matt Cassel and...Josh Freeman...and...DONOVAN MCNABB?
Just saw others were Josh Freeman 😱 and the pride of Middle Tennessee St: Kelly Holcomb!
Chicago Bears trade Cutler to Browns, sign Josh Freeman, Bears run the table.
"Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies" Psalm 36:5
If Morgan Freeman narrated, produced, and did the score of his own biography, the Internet would explode -Mo
Not sure what the purpose was for josh norman to not be on brown. Freeman is now the cb to target in every game. Take note teams.
Was this worse than the Josh Freeman game?
That was the worst offensive display I've seen since Josh Freeman started for the Vikings.
It used to be the Josh Freeman 2013 Vikings game but now...THAT was definitely the worst offensive performance I've ever watched.
Is the Keenum game worse than the Josh Freeman Vikings game in MNF lore
Josh Freeman ain't better than any of them ***
The last time I saw a primetime football game this bad was THAT Josh Freeman game from 2013.
Blair Walsh missed some kicks on Sunday, but it could always be worse. Ex. the Josh Freeman game:
I had like one off day from Oct. 10 through Thanksgiving and it was to watch this. Josh Freeman. Heh.
This is up there. But it's Josh Freeman.
This may rival the Josh Freeman game as one of the worst ever. Not kidding. So bad.
Vikings vs Giants, Josh Freeman vs. Eli Manning. This clip says it all.
Josh Freeman couldn't hit an elephants *** that game and Eli was running for his life with no oline, 0-5 start.
How is Case Keenum a starting QB? This is hard to watch. Gonna have to watch the josh freeman game again to forget this one happened
Gotta be up there with Josh Freeman and the Vikings for worst QB performance in recent years
no worse than the Monday night game between the Giants and Vikings with Josh Freeman at QB
Is this worse than the Josh Freeman Vikings start? It may be. It just may be.
No game will ever be worse then Vikings/Giants MNF in 2013, aka the Josh Freeman Game:.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Josh Freeman arguably better than both of em. He still jobless?
This is the worst Monday Night Football game since the Josh Freeman disaster.
I think Josh Freeman vs the Giants 3 years ago on MNF may take the cake on that one
This MNF game needs either Trent Dilfer yelling into his microphone, or Josh Freeman launching 50 passes into the stands. Lackluster.
Is this game worse than the MNF game from 2013 between the Vikes and Giants (the famous Josh Freeman game)
I didn't think I would ever see a primetime game worse than the Josh Freeman game.
Josh Freeman once threw for 190 yards on 53 attempts on a MNF game. That's my pick
also the Giants-Vikings game with Josh Freeman a few years back takes the "worst MNF game ever" crown
Similar to the Josh Freeman Monday Night stinker in his 1 game in Purple.
This Rams offense is the worst football I've seen since the Josh Freeman debacle
Blaine Gabbert has run for more yards than Adrian Peterson, Devonta Freeman, Jeremy Hill and Arian Foster. Still 8+ to go i…
This from someone who watched Charlie Whitehurst, Josh Freeman and Ryan Lindley under center for Colts last year.
Can't be as painful as watching Josh Freeman, Matt Cassel and Christian Ponder start for the Vikings. I'll be fine.
Reminder: Chase Daniel is worse than Josh Freeman in every way.
Absolute gold! A must listen for leaders. Check out this cool episode:
This election is more like choosing between Christian Ponder and Josh Freeman
Our unrighteousness is precisely why Jesus came to be our righteousness, but self-righteousness will drive us away from him.
U19s v Catalan . 60'. 16-24. Widnes will not lie down and Josh Houghton scores under the posts. Sam Freeman converts
to be fair they did win it last season but we started Ryan Lindley/Josh Freeman in an actual NFL fixture.
What a fun, spontaneous trip! Had an awesome adventure with these guys!
“THIS JUST IN: Josh Freeman will start at QB for Vikings this week vs. Giants.” LMAO.
.2018's Josh Freeman gets the RBI single to bring his team within 1 run in the 7th.
Had no idea that the Colts QB situation got so bad last year that they actually played Josh Freeman Remember he was once the next big thing?
Watching the Colts 2015 highlight video. Josh Freeman won the final start of the season for Indy last year. That was a thing that happened.
Dude shut your mouth. This is coming from a guy who said he would take Josh Freeman over Cam Newton any day
I bet Sharpe still thinks Terrell Pryor and Josh Freeman should be starting qbs tho lol
Josh Freeman is selling his Tampa home.: Freeman, who started his NFL career with…
ICYMI: For $2 million, you can have former Bucs QB Josh Freeman's mansion.
So the republican platform is now "Govt can't solve your problems, but Trump can" They accuse Obama of overreach and that is their solution?
The hunger in the heart of every human being. that motivates a daily search for life, is really a hunger for God hardwired t…
The solution to the big problems is a person. The answer to the big questions is a person. Truth is a person, that person is…
Also Knowshon Moreno, Josh Freeman, Percy Harvin and Beanie Wells all out of the league, *** ..
Let's get comfortable with the tension, the inconsistency, and the messiness that ensues. Let's be the church. (Deep&Wide)
So, Josh Freeman's house is up for sale.
Former QB Josh Freeman throws an INT and fumbles 5 times in debut with Brooklyn Bolts of the FXFL.
If Morgan Freeman told me to do something or Josh Groban sang me to do something, there is a 100% guarantee I would do it without hesitation
Thanks for THAT picture. I can't stand that guy. Killed Josh Freeman's possibility of a decent career.
Want former QB Josh Freeman's Tampa home? It can be yours for $2 mil https…
So the Colts let go of Josh Freeman...for Scott Tolzien who started 2 games for the Packers then got replaced by Matt Flynn in 1 of them
Does Gordon freeman have a child? In the first game i went into freeman's locker and there was a pic of a baby?!
Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman puts his Tampa home up for sale for $2 million
Neither do players like Gaines Adams, Michael Clayton, Eric Curry, Keith McCants, Reidel Anthony, Josh Freeman come too often.
Josh Freeman has 81 career TDs Bradford has 78 lol
lol he said Josh Freeman was better than Cam Newton and he'd take Tim Tebow & RG3 both over Andrew Luck
if backs you going into the draft ur jinxed.. Vince Young, Josh Freeman, Tim Tebow, RG3, Brandon Weeden, John…
Two guys who played Colts quarterback before Josh Freeman and Ryan Lindley.
one went 6-3 with Matt Hasselbeck and Josh Freeman 😬
All due respect Dominik, he Buc Family. But he same GM that thought Michael Bennett washed up & drafted QB Josh Freeman.
Hope you talk about Von Miller, Manziel, Josh Freeman, and Water Pistol Pete
Luke McCown visits the Colts: After the retirement of Matt Hasselbeck and the release of Josh Freeman, th...
alright my head just popped of ,this guys *** think Matt Flynn, Luke Mcnown , Josh Freeman, Case Keenum,
y'all need to sign Josh Freeman or Tavaris Jackson tbh
Matt Hasselback retired, and Josh Freeman was released. The Colts have successfully made Charlie Whitehurst their 2nd string QB
So much for backing up Andrew Luck. Ian Rapoport of NFL network is reporting that the Colts will release Josh Freeman
youre crazy, Jamison Crowder is the favorite, Nicks is maybe like 4th behind Dee Milliner and Josh Freeman
He’s an unrestricted free agent. I’d expect Josh Freeman and Stephen Morris to be the QBs on the roster in 2016, behind Luck.
no. First they stole Stephen Morris from us, now Josh Freeman
I take back what I said about Josh Freeman, without him we'd still probably be stuck with Matt Cassel or Christian Ponder as starter 🙄
It's time Matt retires. Josh Freeman would be a good backup for Andrew Luck. Go Colts!
Greg Schiano ruined Josh Freeman. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
tbh, I've always been a Josh Freeman guy. I singlehandedly blame Greg Schiano for all the bad that happened to him.
Remember when Skip Bayless predicted Cam Newton's success? Nevermind, that was Josh Freeman--https:…
The day Skip Bayless took Josh Freeman over Cam in a debate.
lol @ Josh Freeman. Isn't that Huey and Riley's granddad?
Questions on Duron Carter, Josh Freeman and Trey Williams in this weekend's mailbag:
Josh Freeman will be a better reach than Geno Smith and EJ Manuel
Josh Freeman can't get a job over Josh McCown, Blaine Gabbert, or Matt Cassel. Yet you'd take him over the MVP
Josh Freeman, Geno Smith and Matt Flynn will be their trifecta of lame next year
no. that would be Tavaris Jackson. or Mark Sanchez. maybe Josh Freeman.
Seneca Wallace and Josh Freeman (before last week the colts has never had one)
Schiano tried to get Carson Palmer here & tell Josh Freeman to pack sand but Mark Dominik said no
What are your thoughts on RG3 future..And Where is Kansas St/Buc ex Josh Freeman and Tigers future major's…
Pagano went 8-8 without Andrew Luck and won Sunday with Josh Freeman at QB. Lions bar is low.
The highlight of 2015 NFL season for me was 2 of my favorite players, Josh Freeman and Tim Hightower back in the league
Josh Freeman threw a TD to Coby Fleener. Ryan Lindley threw a TD to Andrew Johnson. This happened in the same game, for the same team.
Winston is the second QB to surpass the 4,000-yard mark (also Josh Freeman, '12) & 3rd rookie (Andrew Luck, '12 and Cam Newton, '11)
Tomorrow on First Take: Should the Colts trade Andrew Luck and let Josh Freeman and Ryan Lindley compete for the job i…
QB Andrew Luck congratulates QB Josh Freeman on a win against the
So far, Josh Freeman and Ryan Lindley have TD passes in a must-win game for the Colts. Both were signed Tuesday. https:/…
Josh Freeman and Ryan Lindley have both thrown TD passes for the Colts in Week 17. I totally predicted that back in Se…
Sept. 15, 2013. That's the last time Josh Freeman threw an NFL touchdown. . Until this perfect throw.
Hey, we got a Josh Freeman sightning. It's only fitting to get a Mike Glennon sighting to even it out, yes? LOL!!!
Josh Freeman, Austin Davis, Ryan Mallett, AJ McCarron, Kellen Moore and Zach Mettenberger are just a few of the starting …
Today's Josh Freeman vs Zach Mettenberger battle will be aired on Comedy Central
Josh Freeman went from playing flag football in Centennial Park with us on Sundays months ago, to the Colts... Get that check.
Josh Freeman, Mallett, Gabbert, Kennum, Mettenburger, Moore, Weeden, Cassel, & TJ Yates have all started games in recent weeks. Wow
Josh Freeman will start at QB for the Colts. Ryan Lindley will serve as the backup. Both were signed this week.
- Josh Freeman's strange journey back to the NFL
I'll be doing my best to cheer on Stephen Morris or Josh Freeman or somebody to lead the to victory this Sunday. Anyone else going?
Last seen playing football in a park in NYC, Josh Freeman is now back in the NFL as this the latest Colts QB
Buy Miche Bag Online!
The colts signed Josh Freeman. That mean luck ain't coming back this year
The Colts sign QB Josh Freeman who has a good chance at starting Sunday. Just imagine if they beat the the Titans, and get help.
The Colts have signed Josh Freeman. So, the Colts healthy quarterbacks in Week 17 of the regular season: Josh Freeman and…
For example based on play there's no reason for Terrelle Pryor and Josh Freeman to be out of the league vs guys like Matt Cassel
Kellen Moore is on Dallas. They can't sign Vince Young or Josh Freeman? Tajh Boyd? You saying those guys aren't as good as Moore? Man...
Can you ask Terry Shea about Drew Lock? Also specifically about Josh Freeman? That is all.
If you think Royce freeman will have a bad career in the nfl you are surely wrong
Josh Freeman and Ray Rice are just sitting at home and staring at their phones. .
He are career starts: Ryan Leaf: 21, Jamarcus Russell: 25, Josh Freeman: 60, Christian Ponder: 36, EJ Manuel 16 and still more possible.
lots of players in the league. The bucs were 8th in defense the year he got fired. Our qb was josh freeman.
Will Nate Irving replace Jerrell Freeman if necessary on Sunday? Pagano: We've got options -- Sio Moore, Josh McNary.
and I got OBJ for Antonio gates and devonta freeman so they weren't bad trades.
Can't not go with Josh Freeman, Could run and throw the ball, true double threat
Love the Brock Osweiler craze. In 2 years he'll be Josh Freeman (in & out of the league). 5 years he'll be selling insurance.
None of those QBs have 427y/7 TDs rushing. That's 3rd most rush TDs in nfl, trailing Freeman & Peterson only.
At one point he said he would rather have Josh Freeman over Cam Newton..
author of joins Josh Freeman for a conversation 12/2, 6pm.
with Ryan, and perhaps bring in another reclamation project like Josh Freeman for show. A guy who is broken.
he will probably destroy Manziel and Josh Freeman (out of habit) instead.
Skip has LeBron at and Kobe at lol. This the guy who also said he'd take Josh Freeman over Cam Newton
So the had. RG3 over Luck. Josh Freeman over Cam. . Whos next?
Josh Freeman is already playing for a team better than the Browns
oh wait that's right you also thought Josh Freeman was a better long term option than Cam, I'm starting to catch on
Aaron Brooks. Mike Vick. Cam Newton. Jameis Winston. (Josh Freeman too but he was okay at best early)
Greg Schiano is a good coach. I believe that. He lost TB quick in large part to a quick regression by Josh Freeman. Would be a good hire
im glad you used that picture of Tannehill with Josh Freeman... ahhh memories...
Adrian Peterson (179) making a push for the RB1 spot, now only 5 points behind Devonta Freeman (184). Way ahead of Martin, Ivory, Ingram.
Trade for Mike Glennon or Zach Mettenberger bring in Josh Freeman for a tryout! Low risk big reward! If it works out!!
Long term give me Josh Freeman over Cam. Better leader, more consistent passer, more clutch, more poised under fire, m…
Coach is not thinking about going to Josh Freeman at this point. He says, 'This is Josh Johnson's football team right now…
All purpose parts banner
Just remembered josh freeman and started laughing. That was mean of me
Man, Josh Freeman looks big in pads. The Bucs haven't had a quarterback this big in a long time.
With the 17th pick (from Cleveland) in the 2009 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State.
why don't we sign Jamarcus Russell and Josh Freeman too
he's on pace to be every bit as good as Josh Freeman. Impressive
Would've been ok with Josh Freeman lol
4-5 with Ryan, Freeman and Julio on BYE. Strong at RB, weak at WR. Trade Julio for another WR1?
Josh Freeman, Kyle Orton, David Gerrard, Jason Campbell & Matt Flynn are all available
Does Jameis parallel the start of Josh Freeman's career? I hope it doesn't end up the same way.
I don't think all the benchings are race related, Josh Freeman was trash, would you pay a dude and keep em 4 underachieving?
I am wearing my old Josh Freeman jersey as house clothes. I must be a masochist.
Campbell, Josh Freeman, and Kaep were benched in year 5 with team... That's not enough time?
Josh Freeman kaepernick and Campbell had 5 years...
Vince Young, Jamarcus Russell, Josh Freeman, Kaepernick, RGIII were all not given enough time?
VUoung, RGIII, Josh Freeman were high draft picks.Race not an issue when drafting them but it's a factor in their benching?
Honestly, the worst deal ever made was when the signed josh freeman to a one year contract
Bridgewater, two former Vikings QBs share a connection on 23rd B-day
Absolutely not. Debating with damaged Jew hating obsessive *** like you is very fulfilling & I encourage it
Why don't you stop pretending. All u want to do is close down debate on dissent against Israel!!
Says a lot about this era of passing. Josh Freeman is second on this list, FWIW.
How is that Freeman card looking and that josh Norman ???
i can't get a sniff 4 wr trade n a 14 teamer. Nuts! Been my flex all season thnx 2 Freeman snag! Love my sub. Keep up good work!
Adrian Peterson leading the league in % of team touches (rush + rec) at 47.6%. Freeman at 43.4%.
DeVonta Freeman has scored a whopping 180 points at RB1 on the season. Ingram is RB2 at 118. (Gurley in PPG 16.5 to 20)
He might be able to spark that divisional meme qb rivalry w/cam that josh freeman almost did
I sucked too this week, had freeman, brady, gronk, julio, gates,SAINTS D(really!!) ivory, crabtree, stevie johnson
the dreaded Josh Freeman game, the Vikes coaching staff screwed him
Josh Freeman holds the Buccaneers all time TD record with 80
Josh Freeman is Tampa Bay's with a mere 80.
in 2009, this team lost to the Bucaneers...choked to a first time starter Josh Freeman. A year later they won the Super Bowl
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the big dog can't get over his man crush on Josh Freeman
So I've been watching these hacker nerdzoids on bbc1 while the beautiful nigella has been on bbc2 all this time, disappointed tbh
Freeman. Still like Hopkins to pull a 2013 Josh Gordon for ROS, but RB is so depleted and can only get worse.
torn ACL. Should I trade my deandre and Blount for freeman. Even with freeman in bye this week?
The last NFL player to accomplish the feat was Josh Freeman on Nov. 18, 2012.
They really just want Josh Freeman so their opinions are irrelevant
Only 12 rush yds on 12 att for Devonta Freeman as were stout & abandoned run game early. Still 18 pts for Freeman.
Can't stop listening to josh abbotts new album
22-34-1 all time. Less wins than josh freeman. Try to think long term. We just beat a 2-5 team starting Matt Cassel in OT
*morgan freeman voice narrating* and that was the last time we ever saw Josh
worst team in league trades Marshawn earlier. Now trades w/ top team. Trades D.Freeman & Russ for Lynch (back) & Bortles. Farce?
Freeman/10th or C.West/Decker/3rd? Freeman would be a 9th rd keeper in a keep 2, 14 teams. Decker is my 4th WR.
Dude, amazing report on the FXFL and Josh Freeman. Good stuff.
didn't JUST say he wanted a deep dive on Josh Freeman? Is Louis Bien his pen name?
Only 2 FBS players, Josh Doctson (TCU) & Royce Freeman (Oregon), have more offensive plays of 10+ yards this year than RB C.J. Prosise's 44.
Josh Freeman isn't in the league for some reason, mostly because of his lack of talent, but the other part is some unknown variable
Josh Freeman couldnt beat out Johnny Unitas for a starting gig. I get it
Like Josh Freeman played with leather helmets
09 1st Rd QBs: Matthew Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman. How the (not so) mighty have all fallen. Cant believe I used to argue for Josh.
This is what you and talked about in the pod on Monday: via
This like my whole point on Josh Freeman, how you go from A to B without some assistance from the jig
...CJA/Cobb. Keep 2 and Freeman would be a 9th rounder. West + pick and other players seems like a lot though. 14 tms 0.5 ppr
Really enjoyed on Josh Freeman trying to make it in minor league football in Coney Island:
Hey did the Josh Freeman longform piece for you
Josh Freeman isn't giving up on the NFL, even if that means battling a hurricane
Josh Freeman’s last chance depends on a 3-team football league and a hurricane
I witnessed Josh Freeman's first step to a comeback in Coney Island. He took on a hurricane
Really good story about Josh Freeman's comeback attempt & a hurricane from
Great article about Jameis. What separates him from Josh Freeman who also had a great rookie season. Would be great to know.
In other words I get to be Morgan Freeman
Update your maps at Navteq
he was just like Josh Freeman except that Josh Freeman had one good season and he had none
Andrew Luck regressing. Out there on the Josh Freeman path.
Andrew Luck is about to win the All Time Ineptitude title. He's playing worse than Josh Freeman did in the 2013 MNF game against the Giants.
Man the Colts are bad. Andrew Luck looks like Josh Freeman out there.
Andrew Luck looks Josh Freeman as a Viking bad
Same can be said for Matthew Stafford. Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman both taken after him.
The Cubs are baseballing like Josh Freeman footballs.
is Josh Freeman out there? or Maybe a Matt Flynn or Colt Mccoy
Josh Freeman is my QB and the Brooklyn Bolts are my team (@ MCU Park - in Brooklyn, NY)
Former Tampa Bay Buc quarterback Josh Freeman goes to the minors via
Ask Vince Young, Jason Campbell, or Josh Freeman about that. Soon you can ask RGIII too. Oh yea Rex Grossman just got signed.
Really, isn't as good as Josh Freeman, EJ Manual, Gino Smith, Josh McCown. Pass it to the left.
Chris Ponder...Matt Cassel...Josh Freeman...It feels like only ex QB NOT released this weekend was
For next 10 yrs, give me Josh Freeman over Cam. More accurate. Clutch gene. 25 TDs, 6 INTs last yr. Really like Cam. L…
Nevermind. QB Josh Freeman has another chance at redemption because HC Joe Philbin used all his timeouts.
How again does Josh Freeman go from 25 TDs and 6 picks for Tampa in 2010 to this, with an INT deep in Miami territory th…
Josh Freeman to Gerell Robinson for 56 yards. Touchdown! Failed 2 point conversion. Panthers still lead 31-30.
Touchdown Miami! Gerell Robinson from Josh Freeman for 56 yards and a tie game at 31.
Josh Freeman to Gerell Robinson for the 56 yard TD!!. .
Gerell Robinson just went 56 yards for a TD on third down pass from Josh Freeman.
Tight end Gerell Robinson with a 56-yard touchdown from Josh Freeman.
Josh Freeman... The Canadian Football league is calling your name!
Vinny was great in practice though. Steve Deberg got tons of chances too. Josh Freeman and Vince Young got plenty
I don't see Schefter getting in trouble for this. Chris Mortensen seemed to skate over the whole Josh Freeman thing 2 years ago.
Josh Freeman enters Dolphins camp with humility
Josh Freeman and Mike Gillislee are paired as the third team back and quarterback.
This has 2 be one of the worst list i have ever seen.Josh Freeman, David Carr,Jay Cutler,Bobby Herbert
he's probably just as hyped as I am for Josh Freeman vs Joe Webb.
Jake Stoneburner with a TD catch from Josh Freeman during 11-on-11s, but a flag is on the ground. Nice leading pass.
Josh Freeman with a nice leading pass to Jake Stoneburner. I like him.
Cam Newton is really impressing me... He done won me over, I think he gone be better than Josh Freeman... He h…
take us to the promised land! Michael Bishop, Ell Roberson, Josh Freeman and Collin Klein. U r the next QB to com…
Josh Freeman and Mike Glennon too. A group effort.
I mean, we're a franchise thats had to root for Josh Freeman, Josh McCown, and Mike Glennon. So ya'll could at least cut us some slack
who am i kiddin all of these r my soulmates , Andy Houser, Larry Adams, Josh Freeman, Ryan McDermott, (joshscott)
we share the same brain & r smart. = me, Andy Houser, Larry Adams, Josh Freeman, Ryan McDermott. my age grad. with. have to b my brothers 2
Randall Jenkins looks like Josh Freeman, & Mark Cabrera. He is my son but idk which guy is his real dad?
I'm a Bucs fan but it'll all blow up in your faces if they draft Winston, you'll see. The future Josh Freeman! Big for nothing!
First Josh Freeman, now Greg Jennings. This would've made the fins good 5 years ago. Maybe.probably not.
But we did sign josh freeman so thats good
Players you should know for 2015: Devonta Freeman, Latavius Murray, Cody Lattimer, Josh Huff, Eric Ebron, Austin Serefian-Jenkins.
I like what LW said Geno and Cutler also RG3. Plus we have Rehab Johnny. Josh Freeman is being given another chance in Miami
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