Josh Elliott & Robin Roberts

Josh Elliott is a television journalist who is the news anchor for ABC's Good Morning America. Previously, he was co-anchor for the live telecast of ESPN's SportsCenter from 9:00 a.m. Robin Evan Roberts (September 30, 1926 – May 6, 2010) was a Major League Baseball starting pitcher who pitched primarily for the Philadelphia Phillies (1948–61). 5.0/5

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I liked a video from Dan Abrams talking with Josh Elliott and Robin Roberts at Good
Russell Crowe with Robin Roberts and Josh Elliott after talking about Noah Movie at GMA
PATTY JACKSON'S 4-1-1 WEEK ENDING: April 4th, 2014 A GMA shake up means Josh Elliott is out and Michael Strahan is in! Elliott wanted more money, an $8 million raise, but he was told no. Elliott felt he was a big factor in the show being number one, so he wanted to make money like Robin Roberts. ABC execs didn’t agree, and now Elliott has moved on to NBC Sports. He'll do Sunday Night Football and Olympics coverage. Meanwhile, Michael Strahan stays winning. The former NFL Superbowl champ and current talk show host has joined Good Morning America, and he will appear 3-4 times a week. Strahan will continue co-hosting his hit morning talker Live With Kelly & Michael and doing his Football analyst on FOX during football season. The top rated GMA has been in a behind the scenes battle ever since Robin Roberts signed a $14 million- a year deal to stay with the show. The other GMA members wanted more money too, and that’s when everything hit the fan. Sam Champion, the longtime weather guy, wanted more money, ...
Robin Roberts says she's "beyond sad" that Josh Elliott is leaving, but happy that he has found his dream job.
ABC's "Good Morning America" is experiencing a major shakeup, and Robin Roberts opened up Wednesday on what she thinks of all the changes. Former co-host Josh Elliott jumped from "GMA" to NBC Sports over the weekend, and "...
Good Morning America’ says goodbye to Elliott (AP) ABC’s “Good Morning America” is saying goodbye to Josh Elliott minus Josh Elliott. The top-rated morning show paid a brief tribute to its departed news anchor on Thursday’s show. Elliott left last weekend for a job at NBC Sports, turning down an offer to stay at ABC. With Elliott now in the employ of another network, he didn’t appear on ABC’s set Thursday. The show ran a series of clips from his time on the show, including when he met Pope Francis and had an animal poop on his shoulder. Said Robin Roberts: “We love you!” The show maintained the appearance of a happy broadcast “family” after a personnel move that caused some off-screen bitterness. ___ Online: Source:
Josh Elliott has already left Good Morning America, but on Thursday morning the show paid tribute to its former news anchor. Elliott, who recently took at job with NBC Sports, made his last appearance on ABC's morning show Friday. "You know that we're so sad to see him go," GMA co-host Robin Roberts...
Such an amazing interview with Robin Roberts about Josh Elliott leaving GMA, her new book and judging Dancing with the Stars
ROBIN Roberts apparently thought Josh Elliott was "too demanding" in his salary negotiations with their bosses at Good Morning America. On Sunday, it was
what's the real that Josh Elliott was not a fan of Robin Roberts. Got anything on that?
wow... Josh Elliott left ABC for NBC... took less money all because... he cnt stand Robin Roberts?
I was shocked to see Josh Elliott leaving GMA! We are big fans. I was also shocked to read he is a jerk! He is a sex addict-divorced-cheater-and caused all kinds of trouble on GMA. He did not mess with Robin Roberts but, Lara and the others--he did not get along with them! Too bad. First Sam leaves then Josh. Hope they get a good replacement!
GMA Won't Pay Josh Elliot $10M Josh Elliott, who is seen as an integral part of Good Morning America's rise to become the top-rated morning show, is leaving GMA for NBC Sports. Elliott had been in well-publicized salary negotiations with ABC for weeks, and was reported to be asking for $10 million a year after co-anchor Robin Roberts was reported to have scored a $20 million-a-year deal. Elliott, who joined ABC from ESPN, will be replaced by Amy Robach, who recently overcame breast cancer and a double mastectomy.
Watched "Good Morning America" today.When did this show get so bad.Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer got to go.Even though George Stephanopolos wasn't there I can understand now why he looks like he doesn't want to be there.This show has turned into a two hour tabloid show with three minutes of news at the top of each hour.I feel sorry for Robin Roberts because I like her so much.The Today Show isn't much better either.I found myself switching more the "CBS This Morning".
"Good Morning America" anchors Robin Roberts and Josh Elliott met with Pope Francis today after he used his weekly audience in St. Peter's Square to focus attention on the poor as millions of Catholics worldwide prepare for Christmas.
'GMA: Lara Spencer, Josh Elliott feel 'slightly' by Robin Roberts' new salary
Robin Roberts fans, you'll be seeing her on ABC for years to come. She's just signed a long-term deal to stay with the network. According to the New York Post, she's inked a contract for close to $10 million a year for multiple years. Sources say it was a friendly negotiation -- ABC appreciates her nearly two decades of loyalty, and Robin is grateful for the patience the network showed during her cancer surgery and recovery. Next up for ABC -- negotiating deals for GMA co-hosts Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer. - Charlie
GMA anchors Robin Roberts and Josh Elliott had the chance to meet with Pope Francis on his last general audience of the year at the Vatican.
Watching Good Morning America and Josh Elliott and Robin Roberts are in Rome at the Vatican with Pope Francis. His message is Joy of the Gospel, which He explains as LOVE AND MERCY...this has Jesus all over it because Jesus' walk on this earth, He showed Love and Mercy to everyone he met. Sure makes me think!!! I wish all who read this LOVE AND MERCY IN JESUS NAME FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR.
Sipping my coffee and watching Robin Roberts and Josh Elliott at the Vatican. It brings tears to my eyes remembering that I was there seven months ago. Such beautiful memories of the greatest trip of my life. Thanks, G
ABC's Good Morning America sent two of its anchors, namely Josh Elliott and Robin Roberts, to The Vatican this morning to meet with the Pope. It amuses me that neither of them is Roman Catholic! In fact, one of them is Jewish. :-D
Robin Roberts to Josh Elliott during SportsCenter's V Foundation banter: "Ain't nothing little on this man." Live, not a blooper reel.
As Fusion is Born, a Morning Party for Parents ABC and Univision ...: Josh Elliott, Robin Roberts, Raul Gonzal...
"Big negotiations" at notes Robin Roberts, Josh Elliott & Lara Spencer all have contracts that expire soon
Top-Rated 'GMA' Faces 'Nightmare' Contract Talks: Multiple sources tell THR that Josh Elliott, Robin Roberts and Lara Spencer are all...
Set of gma. Josh Elliott, Robin Roberts, and emeril. @ Times Square
What a Fantastic Day today was over at Good Morning America for DJ Friday, Robin Roberts, Josh Elliott, Lara...
Here's a bit of synergy ESPN (surprisingly) has not tried yet -- have Robin Roberts and Josh Elliott anchor SportsCenter one night.
GMA really puts me in a great mood every morning. I live Robin Roberts and Josh Elliott grooving to Marvin Gaye while noshing in sex cereal.
Love GMA!! Josh Elliott is a great addition You can tell he has great respect for our Mississippi's Robin Roberts. Don't know About all that's "diva " talk... Hope it's not true. You can tell GMA is back on track as far as Professionalism since Robins back!!! Yeah
So glad to be watching Robin Roberts big come back to Good Morning America. It is great to see her back WIth George, Lara, Sam Champion and Josh Elliott
"You've looked into the depths of human frailty and returned. There's not anything to not like." Josh Elliott, welcoming back Robin Roberts to GMA
Tune in for a special edition of Good Morning Mississippi honoring our friend and ABC News colleague, Robin Roberts. In the next 90 minutes of GMM, meet a local teacher who is a bone marrow donor, find out how you can become a donor, and hear from the GMA team about Robin's homecoming. Josh Elliott and and Lara Spencer have a special message for South Mississippi .
"We listened in shock and sadness to the diagnosis. We cried when she left us, promising to return soon. And then, doing whatever we could, we waited...and hoped...and believed. And all pays off. I love you, Robin Roberts, for your courage and your fight, your strength and your grace. But most of all, for your friendship. So I'll see you tomorrow, then. I'll be the one, to your immediate right". Well put, Josh Elliott
Can I just say I LOVE starting my day watching WSB-TV.Fred Blankenship, Linda Stouffer & Karen Minton.and then Good Morning America (in New Orleans this morning!!).Sam Champion, Josh Elliott and a little hint of Robin Roberts.and then at 9am Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan. And in just a couple minutes, Tim Mcgraw is playing on GMA.
Got to greet Robin Roberts and her co-anchors Sam Champion and Josh Elliott in New Orleans with some
Monday on GMA: As always your morning headlines, plus Oscar Host Seth MacFarlane will be here to Co-Host GMA and Robin Roberts starts to prepare for her return to GMA. Also GMA's Superbowl Tailgate week kicks off, Josh Elliott and Sam Champion will be reporting Live from New Orleans. ABC News is always on at, be sure to tune into World News later today, Nightline after Jimmy Kimmel which follows your late local news, and Good Morning America Monday morning at 7 AM (Local Time) only on ABC.
GMA Live! - s1 | e23 - Mon, Jan 14, 2013: Josh Elliott and Sam Champion discuss Robin Roberts' good news and Mis...
Does anybody ever get the feeling that something is going on between Robin Roberts and Josh Elliott? There's something there
I hope Robin Roberts comes back to GMA soon. But man, Josh Elliott & Lara Spencer are great morning show hosts/talent
Or Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer turn morning news into a bloodsport
Now that RadarOnline called attention to Josh Elliott's off-screen persona, his trouble with Lara Spencer, etc., you can see it when you watch GMA. Josh to the far left of the table, and Lara on the far right, with poor George in the middle is kind of telling. They are really missing Robin Roberts in the combo.
Even though this is a two-parter, I would like to throw in a bonus post. This one is for Robin Roberts who is still at home recovering from her recent surgery. So this is my bofer (or tri-fer in this case), Josh Elliott. I saw a sneak peek of tonight's episode of the new ABC drama Nashville (A drama about country music singers? Who knew?) at the end of today's GMA. This one featured scenes with Robin Roberts herself in it. Hard to believe that she did the show before getting her bone marrow surgery, but she did; I even recognized the dress she wore on her last day (which is not her last last day mind you. She'll be back!) It's amazing to see how much has changed since her surgery (very little). Robin, I enjoyed hearing your voice over the phone last Thursday when Oprah Winfrey guest hosted and I for one am glad that the annual GMA Halloween party didn't happen, cause it wasn't the same without you, not after seeing you as Nicki Minaj; and I'm afraid to see who or what Amy Robach or Liz Vargas might look l ...
Early morning news/talk show with co-hosts George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts, Josh Elliott and Sam Champion.
You all have heard of the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Well, I think I can get to President Obama in four degrees. Okay, here it is: 1. in 1986 I worked at McGuire's Irish Pub in Pensacola, FL. One night Brooke Shields was in town for a Navy celebration and came to the pub. I was working the front door and I held it open for her as she walked in. 2. Brooke Shields was on Good Morning America with Josh Elliott. 3. Josh Elliott works with Robin Roberts on GMA. 4. Robin Roberts interviewed President Barack Obama. ta-dah! :)
Robin Roberts 'is almost too important to me,' says 'Good Morning America's' Josh Elliott
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