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Josh Elliott

Josh Elliott is a television journalist who is the news anchor for ABC's Good Morning America. Previously, he was co-anchor for the live telecast of ESPN's SportsCenter from 9:00 a.m.

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WTW Chapter Coordinator, Josh Elliott, is heading 2 the w/ 2 chapters. Pls keep them in your thoughts and prayers :)
Slayer was caught chomping on Josh's todger at lunch. Her thoughts after were small and tasted of sweat.
Cute 'Aloha' gift bags for a wedding in Hawaii / Josh Elliott Photography
When josh posting pictures of random people
"Oh look, Josh is in a shootout with me trying to back me up, lemme pop him right in his booty hole"
starring, somehow, Josh Peck, Chris Elliott, and Chevy Chase. You know the one.
It's just pretty hard leaving Josh & Elliott in the morning
De'Jour Elliott and Josh McNair were the best WR in class of 2015(.)
Listening to my bro song Mr. Weatherman. Perfect post-workout, chill music 😌👏
So crazy when josh climbed onto the roof !!
Early flight this morning out to Spain! Testing starts Wednesday on my Morello Racing Kawasaki 󾌩󾮟 — traveling to...
Tegan & Sara performing at the Oscars ranks right behind Elliott Smith's as Most Unlikely But, Hey, There They Are.
Eric Elliott: Numbers suggest that Josh Donaldson is an impact add for the Jays
no. Matt Kenseth's first start was being a sub for Bill Elliott.
Chilled night with the boys round Josh's place
New clothes and a day exploring Manchester with Josh Hardflip Knott xx
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Spoilt in Manchester, love you Josh Hardflip Knott xx
Exactly 9 hours from now is back! All new with Geddy Lee Joe Elliott & …
Go luck to and Jordan Brandt today at sectionals, Today is what you wrestle for
Had like 9 people ask me if I like teaming with Josh and Elliott. Yes, if i didnt i wouldnt be here. but i dont like the stupid arguments.
Such a pleasure to interview Josh Elliott for Check out the story: http:…
yhh, I'm just thinking about the days off, going to have so much more free time
I'm literally going to be dragging my *** on the floor come sunday morning
that's the dirtiest thing I've ever heard
The way Josh and Elliott usually settle their disputes is by consulting me and see who's side I'm on and that side wins. I'm okay with it
LC Bird QB/DB Jalen Elliott (picked up his 4th offer from Marshall University. Highlights:
“Miami has offered Phoenix Norris Cole, Josh McRoberts, Birdman and two first round picks for Goran Dragic.” What the.
That was us on with Sam Champion and Josh Elliott.
Josh Elliott in Morello Racing deal for Superstock 1000 bid - Belfast Newsletter
But then more people clap and grunt 'yerrr'
wow ok so he played with Willie and Sonny and Josh Elliott
Torch Runner just put out a new record. James Blake's new record rules. Can't stop listening to Elliott.
Y nobody told me Orlando Lee Cooper was in "let's be cop" Elliott Lee Hatcher IV Shawn Gross Josh Davis Shaundell...
we all need a night out together when Cole is back too!
maybe when you come back from America 😜
epic midnight maccy D's trip will make it all better 😂😂😂
nope it needs to be an expensive dinner! Make sure he doesn't just do Nandos!
I know right?! 😂 not settling for a nandos this time 😜
Josh owes you an expensive dinner Tash 😉
Flipping through channels and caught a glimpse of Josh Elliott on Today Show. Please just let him cohost. Forever.
Minchella signs new Rhinos deal: JOSH Walters and West Bowling product Elliott Minchella have signed new contr...
It's Josh Mcdaniels I don't get why he forgets that we have a run game
“I hope they’ll say, ‘That guy loves to play football.’” Philip Rivers to Elliott on : http:/…
“Philip Rivers is so competitive, so fiery.”– Vince Wilfork to Costas on tonight:
Ezekiel Elliott with a 14 yard TD run!
Leeds Rhinos agree new contracts with 18 year old Elliott Minchella, and 20 year old Josh Walters.The pair will stay till the 2017 season.
.Elliott Lee is a beast. A 220# beast that is destroying the bracket at ... Next up: Rock Hill's Josh English
Funny to reflect on how Elliott is just full on retard now
me Ross tom and Elliott and quite a few overs yeah! Get your tickets
only problem is I have Luck, Dwayne Allen and Josh Gordon all going already in that game but I like Boom
I don't mind him. Yhh was more mighty boosh style rather than full on stand up. Had his brother and another guy with him
I wouldn't of pictured you as a Noel fan tbh. Was he proper weird?
QOTSA's latest album is a masterpiece, Josh Homme is like a ginger demigod or something
you best not get frisky with yourself in it then. Everyone will know what your doing
josh Elliott is there to replace Dan Patrick. Al is hard to replace but u can. Bob is not replaceable.
Josh Elliott is a chef you need to know. Guy is $. Shame he gets little play because boss Pubbelly group has spotlight.
Bourbon fans - don't miss brunch by Chef Josh Elliott w curating bourbon
Former Good Morning America cast member, Josh Elliott, appeared to be the ultimate traitor when he made inroads ...
Willie needs to replace Matt. Ugh & this exec wanted Josh Elliott to replace Matt. Josh is awful.
I would have thrown the biggest fit if that exec had done that. Josh Elliott, i cant stand that guy.
Door wide open for Josh Elliott now on Today Show
Tuukka Rask and Brian Elliott lead the Bruins and Blues onto TD Garden ice for the pregame skate. Pre on now, Game at …
I miss halo and pizza nights with my boys Jared, Josh and JB :(
Josh Elliott is like watching a train wreck on Morning Drive.
chase Elliott only has 3 1/2 years on ya n he won a NW title already!!! Buckle down n get it done!! Lol...
Miss St RB Josh Robinson went from homeless teenager to star RB of Bulldogs. Starkville he can now call home »
omg online shopping for xmas what a nightmare lol but sorted Josh Robertson Chelsea Harris and Brandon Robertson...
Aaliyah biopic actress hoped Timbaland and Missy Elliott would like the film
Took a candid picture of Brenam at MDO so Josh Denton and Tori Elliott can see the sweater they got him :)
Josh Elliott is the antithesis of a complete *** journalist.
Josh Weathers Band hosting benefit @ Keys Lounge 4-10PM tonight in the name of my talented friend, Justin Elliott 🎶🎸🎷
Josh White gets booked, even though he's a sub, for running on when Dan Thomas scored
.leads the band in playing of Rocky Top!
hi josh it's Elliott hi my phone is dead but I love u n gonna text u later hi Jess loves you too ish
Evening with josh, Soph, Elliott and rob 🙊
when do you see Chase Elliott moving to Cup and in what car?
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Hey are you excited Josh Elliott is now following you?
Josh Hardflip Knott, This is us on the third floor :P
.will help pay tribute to his late bandmate, Justin Elliott, during a benefit gig Sunday
be sure to catch Josh Elliott's feature w/ Reggie Wayne and on
Video on Today: In the latest installment of TODAY’s “Together We Make Football” series, NBC Sports’ Josh Elliott talks to Team Louisiana; their coach, Ted Sandoz, and Rita Benson LeBlanc of the board of the New Orleans Saints about the Special Olympics flag football division.
Josh Elliott has heart! Admire him! Hope the Today Show does not consume him like they did Ann Curry!!!
Josh-"I'm a spy". Little Elliott-" then why does she know your a spy, isn't that the whole point? "
Really enjoyed this chat with on this week in sports and his move from GMA to NBC.
“Your cooler than a polar bears toenail”say what Josh
2nd quarter score by the Greyhounds. Jaylin Spruill a 13 yd td pass to Josh Elliott. Norcom starting to pull away 14-0.
probably the best idea you've ever had. Just need a fancy dress party to attend now
I'll go as Vegeta and we can duel throughout the night
decided for halloween, wherever i end up going i'm going dressed as Goku & i want to be Gohan
My bike on the Dyno today at Mss Colchester kawasaki. It does sound good!
Josh Elliott, WTW Campus and Media Coordinator, shares what motivated him to start the Wine To Water Campus...
Josh Elliott is getting paid $4 million/year to do a feature on the art at Levi Stadium? Where do I get one of them jobs?
absolutely. I love josh Elliott. He's great. So open minded and fun and great journalist.
"I won't really i'll give them a hug and kiss" ayy there's the affectionate stunting Josh we all know and love
Wow, Josh. After what you did last week you want to joke around about jingle balls? Not very smart!
it is. The all you can eat buffet we always cream about every time we drive past it
where even is it? I thought it was that new Indian place
I got the same text. I want to know how they have got my number
Always great when ya take a shot at Dan w/ the Josh Elliott smack! It gets him off his game everytime!
Good Morning, Josh Elliott! Missed seeing you the past several months.
about the time my beloved Josh Elliott left the show
Josh Elliott should go back to ESPN. Sports is when he shines.
Why does Josh Elliott look sheepish on Morning Joe? Does he know ABC is staring daggers at him or sad he isn't top dog anymore at NBC?
Lucky Natalie! Surrounded by Matt, Brian Williams, Al and Josh Elliott. And Bryant Gumble is on ...
good job an the edition, Josh Elliott! He's the best!
Turned on the Today Show and saw Josh Elliott and Bryant Gumbel. I rubbed my eyes and looked again! What a treat!
Josh Elliott. Like Ann Curry ... NBC trying to push a square peg into an triangular hole. Grating
I couldn't just leave it on the side of the road like we hadn't shared anything together
that cone came all the way from Chester with me. I that a McDonald's with me and walked all the way back to mine with it
Shout out to josh for calling my sniffling attractive.
so can Goodell reinstate Josh Gordon now since all he did was go harm a fridge and not his girl
Josh McCown with the play of the year.
With Josh Elliott now appearing on the be excited for a 16-week series called 'Together We Make Football'
No video highlights? Josh Elliott tripping over his cue notes...this show needs massive help
Peyton on Sunday Sports Report set w Josh Elliott, and
*** Josh Elliott should run for President, he's lost without a teleprompter.
Boy, Josh Elliott really struggled there on that open in the postgame show on
Josh Elliott would never have an umbrella mishap on the sidelines.
Uggh, Josh Elliott? and Dan Patrick? Lemme know when the game starts please.
Here's Josh Elliott on Sunday Night Football, the guy Michael Strahan and Tony Reali try to replace on GMA.
I got food I came with dyche and elliott to pick up josh
Tonight at 5:30 pm ET, will feature an extended edition of Josh Elliott's feature on Hall of Fame QB
even 'gets in on - Hits Los Angeles. Josh Elliott gives his bud Sam Champion an exclusive tour of...
Member that spot where we got the mad wet that day that's where it started
from Josh Elliott, we get this inspiring interview with Watch it.
Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly talks to NBC Sports' Josh Elliott about his fight against cancer and how he is persevering through this tough time. Kelly says he has experienced a lot of pain throughout his life on the field, but nothing compares to this. Still, Kelly refuses give up his work in…
Great piece by Josh Elliott on NBC just now on the great Jim Kelly, the former Bills quarterback battling cancer.
Thanks NBC and Josh Elliott for that Jim Kelly story. Now I'm crying like a baby.
Josh Elliott = Award winning piece right there on Jim Kelly. Waterworks.
Josh Elliott has learned much from Chris Connelly.
NBC needs to find another guy to be on SNF. Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth gets annoying. How about putting Josh Elliott on the call?
Great to catch up with Josh Elliott at Thruxton . Great weekend!
Would you have your wear neutral colors? Photo by Josh Elliott via
Top 5 after first round of qualifying at Iowa Speedway: Brian Scott, Josh Berry, Trevor Bayne, Regan Smith and Chase Elliott.
Josh and Elliott shared theirs. The look on their faces was funny
Cheer on today for Qualifying at 3:40PM CT on at
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Lolol "oh yeah I forgot you'll die" . Everyone point and laugh at josh who's allergic to peanut butter
4: Craig Reid flattened by Steve Elliott but the freekick is is turned wide by Josh Gowling.
My favourite Sports Journalist is the other Josh Elliott and I've never seen his show ha ha
Sent in by Badman fan Josh Elliott. - Topdog
josh you norty boy! You'll need to ask Elliott though eh 😏😏
Dear Adelaide,. If you were going to play this badly, couldn't you have saved it for games against North?. Sincerely,. Josh Elliott.
Drake and Josh still makes me laugh😂
My book opening in front of the book's cover art "Sunset Moonrise" by Josh Elliott
Lots of mock qual runs now prax - first Chase Elliott to top of board, then Gaughan, then Josh Berry, now Gaughan again
starts CML Monday eve alongside with up top, confirmed by gaffer
“that a few cheeky skittles? 😂”. That's how we know he's a lad on tour
Yolanda and Elliott in Josh's bathtub lolll episode 06
Looks like Josh Elliott is Mickey Pointing's replacement at hooker..
The top 2 flyweights Tim Elliott & Josh Sampo in MO sparring this am. dethrone
Josh Berry, Elliott Sadler & Chase Pistone's paint schemes for the at Iowa on Saturday.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
ive hered fans say Landon Cassill and Elliott Sadler and your 3rd or 4th person say Josh Wise as well :)
Josh Elliott jumps from Good Morning America to NBC Sports - Fox News
NBC Sports’ newest addition, Josh Elliott will provide the voice for Golf Channel Films’ presentation of Payne, a one-hour documentary chronicling the life and career of the late Payne Stewart.
weird... Kenny interviewed Todd and Donna had John and Josh Elliott did both.
please reassign Amy Robach. Need the chemistry like Josh Elliott brought
ABC's Josh Elliott leaving 'Good Morning America' for NBC Sports; Amy Robach to replace him
I'm a self admitted GMA junkie but when Josh Elliott left and now Michael Strahan shows up, it confuses me as to what happens to the Kelly and Michael show?!?
I need EVERYONE that knows me to know that. I LOVE YOU N THANK YOU FOR YOUR PART IN MY LIFE! I had a pretty bad episode with my head tonight..and truthfully I'm scared I'm thankful to Brittany Cheyy Heather Drinnon and Josh Elliott for being there for me as I was coming back through and while I was down ...I've had a couple little episodes in the past couple days but tonight was worse than when it use to happen the past two years I have so much better but I'm worried lately cuz there's little symptoms coming back.I'm not saying I'm dying or anything but omg its scares me I don't want to be sick again I don't want to sound selfish but I would really appreciate if you would say a small prayer for me thank you...
I think it's josh Peterson but idk who that is
Sad to wake up and not see Josh on GMA If Michael leaves "Live" will quit watching ABC in the mornings.via
Max Stelling, Ben Howard, George de Cothi, Josh Watkins and Elliott Davies all showing Warriors fans what to expect
"Funding schools by clearcutting public old growth on the Elliott is an archaic scheme," said Josh Laughlin,...
Good win today with killing it in the middle. Great supporting from the sidelines was a no show
All I can Do by josh elliott, released 01 May 2008
Michael Strahan joins "GMA" a couple of days weekly to "report on stories you love." He will also add more male presence since Josh Elliott left.
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Just saw Josh Elliott in the Louisville airport. Looked like he was about to fly Delta but at the last second switched to American.
For the OSU fans out there. Oh, and for Josh Elliott, too.
Josh Hardflip Knott "I'll make you coffee this morning (:" .coffee??? More like 3 espresso shots in one,...
GMA! Only indeed sad when found out Josh Elliott left, he was my favourite host on the show.
Josh Elliott leaving 'GMA' for Sports - Josh Elliott, the news anchor on ABC's "Good Morning...
I'm sure Josh Elliott got paid by NBC, but adding Tony Reali/Michael Strahan to GMA, he won't be missed at all.
Good one. But, no it was of Josh Elliott. Lol
Question: Will you miss Josh Elliott? Hey, Michael Strahan is in the on GMA.
Good morning everyone☀ I was sorry to see Josh Elliott leave GMA..but OH SO HAPPY to see my fave GMan Michael Strahan take over! Big Blue is all over morning TV😂😂
- NBC is sending viewers a mixed message: Who is being groomed to succeed Matt: Carson Daly, Willie Geist ... or Josh Elliott?
Russell Crowe with Robin Roberts and Josh Elliott after talking about Noah Movie at GMA
Hugging for 20 seconds releases oxytocin, which can cause you to trust someone more.
I hit that hashtag and my question is, Josh Elliott's favorite band is Sigur Ros? Would have thought Florida Georgia Line.
Just wrapped a jam packed radio show. Thx to Joe Elliott and Chris from Krokus for being guests. And YOU for l…
where did you go? I so miss you on GMA. There was a look a like but no one can replace the great Josh Elliott
Martin Scorsese at the 14th Annual AFI Awards at Josh Elliott
Interesting! Apparently ratings are high since has left.
More photos to come. I'll be live tonight 6-10P ET 39 Guests Joe Elliott Chris from Kro…
James Elliott - Chair of Songwriting Program at Belmont Curb College, Josh Osborne - Songwriter
atleast people cnt confuse with Josh thomas anymore lo…
atleast people cnt confuse with Josh thomas anymore lolll 😯
PATTY JACKSON'S 4-1-1 WEEK ENDING: April 4th, 2014 A GMA shake up means Josh Elliott is out and Michael Strahan is in! Elliott wanted more money, an $8 million raise, but he was told no. Elliott felt he was a big factor in the show being number one, so he wanted to make money like Robin Roberts. ABC execs didn’t agree, and now Elliott has moved on to NBC Sports. He'll do Sunday Night Football and Olympics coverage. Meanwhile, Michael Strahan stays winning. The former NFL Superbowl champ and current talk show host has joined Good Morning America, and he will appear 3-4 times a week. Strahan will continue co-hosting his hit morning talker Live With Kelly & Michael and doing his Football analyst on FOX during football season. The top rated GMA has been in a behind the scenes battle ever since Robin Roberts signed a $14 million- a year deal to stay with the show. The other GMA members wanted more money too, and that’s when everything hit the fan. Sam Champion, the longtime weather guy, wanted more money, ...
come on now...GMA is an ensemble cast...and Josh Elliott didn't seem genuine to me
Check out our WPSD Celebrities - Megan and Alec - pictured in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette! ...
NBC Sports Isn’t Paying Elliott to Be on the Bench
Why exactly did Josh Elliott leave 'GMA' for NBC?
A look back at some great moments with as he leaves to return to his roots in sports:
Are you going to the Royals game today?
Josh Elliott speaks out for first time since leaving 'Good Morning America': 'It had nothing to do with money'
Josh Elliott would be perfect. Handsome, funny, journalist
missing Josh Elliott and Sam Champion . Bring them back
Michael Strahan then we don't have to see him on GMA. John Mueller should have replaced Josh Elliott.
Chris Wragge or Josh Elliott will fight for Letterman's Chair.
Josh Elliott praises NBC gig, denies he will replace Matt Lauer
While there is a lot of musical chairs among TV journalists (Josh Elliott, Maria Bartiromo, Cynthia McFadden),...
'GMA' Bids Farewell to Josh Elliott | Watch the video - Yahoo Good Morning America via
Photo: Josh Elliott, who departed from “Good Morning America” for NBC Sports, left fans shocked after the...
DEAD OR ALIVE - this sunday's new episode. The title says it all. Don't miss this one.
this kind of videos of pilation. . sends me in HEAVEN! love you Brent and I envy
'Good Morning America' says goodbye to Elliott: ABC's "Good Morning America" is saying goodbye to Josh Elliott —...
Video interview with about fans saving
Robin Roberts says she's "beyond sad" that Josh Elliott is leaving, but happy that he has found his dream job.
Josh Elliott: I wanted to get back to sports - KSN
Josh Elliott Leaving Good Morning America for NBC Sports - Robach, who revealed in...
Josh Elliott was so disgusted with ABC ... he took a pay cut of more than a million dollars ... multiple sources connected with both ABC and NBC tell…
ABC's "Good Morning America" is experiencing a major shakeup, and Robin Roberts opened up Wednesday on what she thinks of all the changes. Former co-host Josh Elliott jumped from "GMA" to NBC Sports over the weekend, and "...
just wrapped up my 11th year coaching wrestling and it still hurts to send off another group of 8th graders :( had a great banquet tonight; I love you guys and know that I am always here if you need anything at anytime! -feeling blessed to have the opportunity to coach these awesome guys with two of the best coaches in the world! with Lonnie Johnson and Josh Elliott
Can't believe that josh elliott won't be on gma anymore, I really liked him. Won't be watching when strahand from the kelly rippas show feels in. Can't take that show as it is. Shame on gma!!
Josh Elliott says his decision to leave ABC's 'Good Morning America' for NBC is a
Josh Elliott got his "Good Morning America" send-off Thursday morning in the form of a nearly four-minute video montage.
Oh where oh where did you go Josh Elliott?? My AM is just not the same!!! :(((
You're about to see a lot more Michael Strahan! Days after Josh Elliott quit 'Good Morning America', Michael confirmed that he's joining the morning show. But what about 'Live! With Kelly and Micha...
Josh Elliott breaks silence on switch from GMA to NBC Sports.
Ugh, my newsfeed was full of Josh Elliott departure stories, at least 10 of them! What gives? I never "liked" any of that stuff!
I would just like to say happy birthday to my son josh Elliott love from mam and stepdad Ian Purdy we love you loads xxx
Josh Elliott got a sendoff on Thursday's "Good Morning America" after it was revealed the host is leaving the show for NBC Sports. One person who wasn't there: Josh Elliott.
Departing Good Morning America news anchor Josh Elliott says he has not personally had any discussions about working on NBC News’s Today Show, that he hopes co-anchor Matt Lauer will still be at Today “when I step away from this gig 30 years down the road,” and that he loves ABC News chief Ben Sher...
Oh...first Sam Champion leaves GMA and Now Josh Elliott is leaving. guess I will be watching Channel 3
What are ppls thoughts about Josh Elliott? Please respond asap
I hate most changes. I am a creature of habit! I have new work hours, new work schedule, new boss I didn't sign up for. I miss Sam Champion and Josh Elliott on GMA. But there are changes I love - not sleeping alone and not being the only girl in the house!!
The same day ABC’s Good Morning America officially said so long to news anchor Josh Elliott, it announced it had delivered its most watched quarter in more than 22 years in first quarter 2014. The show also celebrated its first demo win for a quarter in which NBC broadcast an Olympics, since...
Having accepted NBC’s offer, Josh Elliott is out at Good Morning America and, unlike Sam Champion, won’t be seen on the show again to say so long to colleagues on-air. But the GMA gang this morning sent Elliott off with a we’ll-miss-you…
Josh Elliott has already left Good Morning America, but on Thursday morning the show paid tribute to its former news anchor. Elliott, who recently took at job with NBC Sports, made his last appearance on ABC's morning show Friday. "You know that we're so sad to see him go," GMA co-host Robin Roberts...
Josh Elliott is leaving Good Morning America? My mornings are over!! :(
The anchors at 'Good Morning America' pay tribute to Josh Elliott as he leaves for NBC.
Josh Elliott is not on GMA any was pretty to look at in the morning... ;-)
It was for the money, right? Why else would Josh Elliott leave ABC and his 'Good Morning America' show family for a job at rival NBC Sports?
Going to miss josh Elliott on GMA. My favorite on the show!
OK.I am done with morning tv!! First Sam Champion leaves GMA now Josh Elliott! Guess I'm gonna have to go back to PBS or Nickelodeon!
Amazing day skiing with Josh Elliott yesterday. Josh lost his legs in Afghanistan but continues to rip up the mountain and love doing it. Watch some of our footage (taken with my phone).
I am sad to see Josh Elliott leave ABC and GMA . but wish him all the best in his future endeavors ... just sorry to see the move to NBC .
GMA is making good changes. The Executive Producer, Ben Sherwood is gone. Josh Elliott is gone. Now if they could just get rid of Lara Spencer and her "pop news". Ginger Zee and Amy Robach have been a GREAT additions. Keep pushing through ABC. You might be but you can still tweak that format for the better.
Josh Elliott, the news anchor on ABC's
Josh Elliott: "I am thrilled to my core to be here...the ability to join the team that I join today is dizzying to think a…
Okay GMA officially said goodbye to Josh Elliott today.will definitely miss him on the show. Had to adjust not seeing Sam and now Josh is gone. Michael Straham is coming on the show so this should be interesting. Have been watching this show since the Joan Lundren days so as they say.time marches on.
I am in mourning Josh Elliott has left GMA. He will no longer be the face I see as I drift off to sleep.
Good Morning America just isn't the same since Josh Elliott left! I just don't feel excited to watch the news now ;)
I'm irrationally sad that Josh Elliott will not longer be on GMA. This just adds to my lameness as a feeling person.
Josh Elliott, the former “Good Morning America” anchor hired Wednesday by NBC Sports, is a reasonable candidate to replace Bob Costas as the prime-time Olympic host when he decides to step aside.
By Tony Maglio TheWrap Josh Elliott is leaving ABC's 'Good Morning America' for NBC Sports, where he'll cover the NFL, Olympics and other high profile sporting events as part of a lucrative ...
Josh Elliott has opened up about how it has been 'really difficult' leaving GMA and join rival network NBC in order to join their sports coverage unit.
Josh Elliott seemed thrilled when he spoke with reporters about his new job at NBC Sports on Wednesday morning. Just days after his high-profile and messy departure from Good Morning America, the broadcaster was adamant about the move being about his desire to get back to sports and nothing more.
Just been watching Dish Nation and just had not been able to sleep since last night at 11:00p.m. However enough complaining time to give you a hot topic . Did you all hear that Kelly Osbourne is going to rehab ? Plus co anchor Josh Elliott has left Good Morning America . The sources are saying that he will be moving to the network of NBC . Weigh in on these topics
Josh Elliott on Move to NBC Sports: &Here was the Best Decision for me&-
Wow!!! Michael Trahan going to GMA!! Didn't take long to replace Josh Elliott!!
Michael Strahan is joining ABC’s morning infotainment program Good Morning America. Strahan will continue to co-host daytime talker Live! With Kelly and Michael. Expect to see him on GMA a couple days a week, initially. The deal was in the works before GMA’s news anchor Josh Elliott, formerly of ESP...
After the GMA shakeup that Josh Elliott left the show for NBC Sports, Michael Strahan has announced that he will be joining the morning giant.
Such an amazing interview with Robin Roberts about Josh Elliott leaving GMA, her new book and judging Dancing With The Stars
Michael Strahan is joining "Good Morning America" on the heels of Josh Elliott's departure ... TMZ has confirmed. ABC sources tell TMZ Strahan will appear…
Here is my opus on Josh Elliott leaving for
Wow ! Michael Strahan in talks to go to GMA to replace Josh Elliott & still stay on Live !
So why didnt yall tell me that Sam Champion left GMA for The Weather Channel. And Josh Elliott is leaving for "Today". And Michael Strahan is going to GMA.
It was bad enough when Josh Elliott left GMA.but replacing him with Michael Strahan is UNBEARABLE! I for one will be switching to the Today Show.
Josh Elliott is scrubbed from GMA website just hours after quitting via
Robin Roberts apparently thought Josh Elliott was "too demanding" in his salary negotiations with their bosses at Good Morning America. On Sunday, it was
what's the real that Josh Elliott was not a fan of Robin Roberts. Got anything on that?
wow... Josh Elliott left ABC for NBC... took less money all because... he cnt stand Robin Roberts?
I was shocked to see Josh Elliott leaving GMA! We are big fans. I was also shocked to read he is a jerk! He is a sex addict-divorced-cheater-and caused all kinds of trouble on GMA. He did not mess with Robin Roberts but, Lara and the others--he did not get along with them! Too bad. First Sam leaves then Josh. Hope they get a good replacement!
Josh Elliott -- I Wanted Out Of "GMA" So Bad ... I Took a PAY CUT! via I knew there was a reason why Josh left
Matt Lauer had better watch his back — sources say ambitious former “GMA” star Josh Elliott is after his job as host of “Today.” Elliott told ABC News chiefs on…
Matt Lauer has dodged firing rumors for years. But now that Josh Elliott is moving to NBC Sports, could Lauer's declining popularity finally end his run on the morning show? Conflicting reports have emerged about whether or not the former GMA host is gunning for Lauer's job. But could Elliott be aft...
Josh Elliott after Matt Lauer's job at 'Today?'
Josh Elliott is after Matt Lauer's job at "Today"
That TMZ post made me smile but I'm not here for Josh Elliott to take over for Matt Lauer. Both suck, let's move Willie Geist up.
Josh Elliott is after Matt Lauer's job at 'Today'
Everyone seems to be wondering if Josh Elliott will be the next Matt Lauer
I was surprised yesterday morning to hear of Josh Elliott's abrupt departure from Good Morning America, so I Googled for the story: "Elliot, who joined 'GMA' in 2011, was embroiled in a contract negotiation with ABC for weeks — demanding $10 million a year, while ABC was only offering him $5 million to stay." My favorite word in that quote? "Only." Say it with me everyone, "Poor, poor Josh."
How dare "Good Morning America' expect Josh Elliott to work for $5 million a year. What an insult for a guy who reads off a teleprompter!
NEW YORK (AP) — ABC's top-rated "Good Morning America" has suffered its second personnel defection in four months, with news anchor Josh Elliott telling the netw...
Another one bites the dust: Josh Elliott leaves four months after Sam Champion. What went wrong?
ABC says "Good Morning America" personality Josh Elliott has told the network he's accepted an offer to go to NBC Sports, and he has been quickly replaced on the morning show by Amy Robach.
And I'll wait the 6 months to see Sam Champion and Josh Elliott on the Today Show. 120 days and counting!
I tell you if Sam Champion and Josh Elliott are on a morning show together, I'll be watching it!
Big shakeups in Morning and Late Night TV...Josh Elliott leaving GMA to move to NBC Sports and possible replacement for Matt Lauer on Today? Chelsea Handler to leave E! late night show...could she be in line to take over for David Letterman? hm
I'm so bummed about Josh Elliott leaving Good Morning America. He was that breath of fresh air with his sincerity, compassion, humor, professionalism and enthusiasm all rolled into one. Shucks :-(
Josh Elliott is leaving 'Good Morning America' for an NBC Sports job
GMA star Josh Elliott is quitting America's top rated breakfast show for NBC sports, MailOnline can confirm. The 42-year-old news star, who has helped GMA take the ratings crown from NBC's Today Show is leaving ABC and signing with the rival network after weeks of negotiations.
Josh Elliott is leaving Good Morning America 😭. I'm never watching it again
In mourning. No Sam Champion, now no Josh Elliott. Now no more GMA for us.# disappointed
Sorry to hear that Josh Elliott will be leaving Good Morning America he is an integral part of the show and the team!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Josh Elliott is quitting 'Good Morning America' after negotiations with the network regarding his contract fell through. It's looking more and more like the mornings may not be so good for the top ...
GMA Won't Pay Josh Elliot $10M Josh Elliott, who is seen as an integral part of Good Morning America's rise to become the top-rated morning show, is leaving GMA for NBC Sports. Elliott had been in well-publicized salary negotiations with ABC for weeks, and was reported to be asking for $10 million a year after co-anchor Robin Roberts was reported to have scored a $20 million-a-year deal. Elliott, who joined ABC from ESPN, will be replaced by Amy Robach, who recently overcame breast cancer and a double mastectomy.
1st Sam Champion & now Josh Elliott, is NBC poaching Good Morning America talent to end its domination over Today?
Celebs and news Sam Champion on Josh Elliott's ABC Departure: 'I Know That Fans of 'GMA' Are ... - TheWrap: Th...
When I tune in to Good Morning America, I do not want a morning session of The View. What were you thinking letting both Sam Champion and Josh Elliott jump ship? I think you are heading in the wrong direction. Congratulations to TWC and NBC!
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