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Josh Dun

Joshua Josh Dun (born June 18, 1988) is an American musician from Columbus, Ohio. He is the drummer of Twenty One Pilots and former live drummer for House of Heroes.

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Pls dun distop me again...u can keep the son.😒💅🏽
Josh Dun during the hiatus be like :
Me and my friend are gonna play the drums in band so we can be like josh dun. true friendship goals right there children 😤👌💯
Woman just did a double take, tentatively approached, and asked "are you...are you Josh Dun?". Why, yes. Yes I am.
Because watching Josh Dun play the drums never gets old
Last year I talked to Josh Dun about X-Files... I miss X-files and Josh Dun 👽
*breathes in*. Tyler Joseph and josh Dun. Gerard way and frank iero. Shrek and donkey. Mickey Mouse and Pluto. Winnie th…
Josh dun is such a beautiful human being
My all time fav lyric from blurryface is "josh dun" at 4:25 in the judge, Tyler is honestly a lyrical genius
Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. And Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson have good chemistry. Miley and Lily from Hannah Montana.
you've made it this far kid👽. We all are so proud of you & WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE JOSH DU…
I was in the same room as Josh Dun's tattoos
I honestly stan josh so much it's bad
I love josh dun with my whole heart
Why is josh Dun such a perfect human bean...?
Like I like andy biersack and josh and all that fun crap but I couldn't even watch it because it was that bad this year
Only i actually nut when u see Josh Dun
WATCH: Frank Zummo, Adrian Young and Josh Dun drum together in this awesome drum performance at the
This is my new favorite picture of Josh he looks so done OMG WAIT HE LOOKS DUN I apologize
I added a video to a playlist APMAs 2017 EPIC Drum Moment with JOSH DUN, Adrian Young and FRANK ZUMMO
Definition of iconic: josh dun playing trumpet to and backflipping during all-star
Josh dun really does have the prettiest eyes on the planet I can confirm I've seen them with my own two eyes
Frank Zummo x Josh Dun x Adrian Young at the 2017 (2/2)
So my coach asked me "are you okay? You look hurt." I replied "I'm fine." But I was actually tearing up because of Josh Dun.
9 - I met Fall Out Boy, Josh Dun, Mark Hoppus and Bry and these days are the best of my life
How did Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun become friends? Josh Dun discusses it & way more in an epic new interview.
I'm gonna put this to rest. Josh Dun is a good friend of mine and he BARELY reaches 5' 5", if that. For reference, I'm 6' 2…
Tyler Joseph was introduced to Josh Dun through former band mate Chris Salih. Both dun and Salih worked at Guitar Cent…
today at 630-8pm at the food court at the polaris mall in front of chick-fil-a. come say hi to me and Josh Dun and...…
Video of Josh Dun in drum battle with himself (twenty øne piløts at Dunkin Donuts Center, Rhode Island, 1/17/17).
A short story from me . Tyler Joseph + Josh Dun. = l... — life savers? do they work at bondi beach?
Any human with a working brain and eyes when they see a photo of Josh Dun shirtless
Josh Dun hated my tiny Dahvie Vanity O.o
Calum was at John's party with Travis Barker, Josh Dun, Debby Ryan, etc. -G
"Josh Dun ain't gonna die and he will live a long and healthy life and be successful all of 2017"
I had a dream where I was Josh Dun, and another dream where I was Billie Joe Armstrong's best friend
"he's important to me, okay. HE'S THE LOVE OF MY LIFE.". - Tyler Joseph about josh dun, lady's and gentleman
Right now Jaxon is hanging out with Josh Dun & Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots !!!
It's hard to be in the limelight and write songs that cater to fans that ha...
My favorite part of blurryface is when Tyler says Josh Dun
"Josh dun will sing in the new album"
Barber: what kind of haircut would you like?. Tyler: do you know Josh dun? . Barber: say no more
Joshua William "Josh" Dun (born June 18, 1988) is an American musician. He is best known as the drummer for the musica…
Twenty One Pilots in Dusseldorf! Here's my little impression of last night plus TOPs new song "Josh Dun"
Video: Twenty One Pilots Performs 'Suicide Squad' Soundtrack on 'SNL': . Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph treat the '...
I missed 11:11 but meet and have a conversation with Josh Dun pls
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how am I "highly ill" if I love Corey Haim, Josh Dun, and Tyler Joseph? I don't get it 🙄.
I really love Corey Haim, Josh Dun, and Tyler Joseph. it warms my heart that they're all such lovely people. I'm proud I love them.
George Watsky and Josh Dun on the same track...😏
that's funny and I also think my daughter has a friend named Josh Dun. And a Friend named Pete Wentz. And also Andy Hurley
Josh Dun ate kind of an Dahvie Vanity !!!
Josh Dun blazed with a beautiful Dahvie Vanity .
PSA George Daniel said Josh Dun was a sweet guy those words came out of his mouth for real my heart hurts I love them
Josh Dun saw a great Dahvie Vanity owo
Dan and phil, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, Brendon Urie, troye sivan etc 👀
Congrats Josh now you've gone and done it twice, can we please give a hand for Josh Dun and his destructiveness https:…
💭jus thinkin...what color is Meghan Trainor's hair this week, or while we're on it, what color is my home boy Josh Dun's t…
stop comparing Josh Dun to Ashton Irwin. that's like comparing Neal Peart to Buddy Rich. they're both phenomenal drummers
Petition for Josh Dun to start wearing eyeliner
Brendon Urie will always be in my heart - along with Josh Dun and Dallon Weekes
Brendon Urie, Tyler Joseph, Josh Dun, Patrick Stump, Colleen and Josh Evans. I like the name Josh apparently.
My subs name was Mrs. Dunn. I asked her if she knew Josh Dun. Close enough right?
Good night everyone. I love Nathan Sykes and Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun too.
Josh Dun's jawline can save your heavydirtysoul
HOW did I have no idea that Josh Dun and Debbie Ryan were together?!
happy birthday to the Josh Dun to my Tyler Joseph! I love you so so much ❤️💕
I need a man like Josh Dun, Or vic fuentes, or maybe just a man in a band, or maybe just a man, might even settle for a boy.
Sometimes, I just want to cry all day because Josh Dun is so beautiful and adorable and lovely. No words can explain how cool he is to me.
I just found out the love of my life, Josh Dun, is for Kanye 2020. I am...I just..I'm so happy.
Twenty One Pilots is a surprise success story. So why are Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun so stressed out?
Mark: I have no idea who Josh Dun is let me look him up... Mark: Apparently he's in Twenty One Pilots I don't think I've ever heard them...!
I don't even know who Josh Dun is hang on I gotta look up.. I still don't know who that is. He's apparently the singer of Twenty One Pilots.
I think i cant concentrate, never, like im just trying to do something and im thinking abt josh dun without shirt u know
Though not perfect, I isolated the judge and the "Josh Dun" is so clear phuk me
Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun deserve the world
I really love Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph goodnight
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me & my friend are gonna prank call hot topic & ask about josh dun working there bc we tried target & Walmart & it didnt work
josh dun is not the singer from twenty øne piløts he's the drummer get your facts straight pal
. Josh's eyes look blue here and blue-eyed dun (an evil eye (no phun intended))…
Me : Tyler Joseph. people : so u hate Josh?. Me : Josh dun. people : so ur abandoning tylers lane to steal our Josh how dare …
If I ever meet Josh Dun I'll probably call him daddy by accident
But like COME ON why is Josh Dun allowed to be that hot it's NOT FAIR
I want Josh dun to hold his pee for me
When someone asks you out and they aren't Josh Dun
All I want is to be in a room with Dan Reynolds Wayne Sermon Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun and talk to them until I don't have questions anymore
"How do I put Frank Sinatra on my phone?". I think it's actually pronounced Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun mother X
I need an hour-long video of Josh Dun sitting on the Golden Bridge staring at the sunset with that stupid San Francisco song playing on loop
I want Josh Dun to stare into my soul with his big brown puppydog eyes as he pounds me as hard as he can
At least now I can tick having a starting competition with Josh Dun off my bucket list
to people who don't like Geminis:. Josh Dun. Lana Del Rey. Dave Franco. Chris Pratt. Dan Howell . 🙃
List of some of the beautiful people only 4 hours away from me RN. -Jenna Joseph. -Tyler Joseph. -Josh Dun. -Mark McMorris. -Stale Sandbech
|| When I typed in "Ryan Sitkowski" I totally meant Josh Dun and Harry Styles, glad pictures of them have to have Ryan's named tagged.
Josh Dun more like josh done. Gotta Ryan Ross.
I am going to bed sorry if I don't dm you back xoxo I love Max Joseph and Nev Schulman and Matthew Gray Gubler and Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun
Josh Dun makes me Josh DONE. Pete Wentz makes me Pete WINCE. Dallon Weekes makes me Dallon WEAK. Ryan Ross makes me want to DIE
Michael with Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots last night at Halsey's concert in LA - Nov 18 5SOS
Michael "interviewing" Josh Dun last night 5 Seconds of Summer
Part 2: Michael on Josh Dun's Snapchat last night (joshuadun). 5 Seconds of Summer
Michael on Josh Dun's Snapchat last night (Part2) || || 5 Seconds of Summer
Michael on Josh Dun's Snapchat last night (Part1) || || 5 Seconds of Summer
5SOS were at the nice guy last night with Brian Dales & Josh Dun! -isa || (5SOS
I was in literal tears when looking at their wedding pictures 😭 I need me a Tyler Joseph or a Josh Dun. Or both.
sister: i still don't understand why you're so in love with the drummer. me: josh dun is everYTHING I HAVE EVER WANTED
Josh Dun could kill my best friend and I would still thank him for his time
I hate that band 21 Pilots. That drummer Tyler Dun and the singer with the neck tattoo Josh Joseph.
“Sometimes I am two people. Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble. They fight.” - Johnny Cash.
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Josh Dun custom themes for . color icon with color header. black and white icon with matching header
I really need to be friends with a Josh Dun fake 😣
is there anything I talk about other than Josh dun in the group chat with Carson and carpe
only reason I'm still alive.. freaking josh dun smiling
So when is Josh Dun going to become my best friend
Kaylee is the Tyler Joseph to my josh dun
I love Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun so much I'm so :-)
I just want part of my hair red so I can complete the josh dun transformation is that too much to ask
it's 3:30am I very much love Josh dun So long and goodnight
Does anyone actually know how Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun met
Zack Merrick will leave ATL to play the sax on tour w Josh Dun playing trumpet.
Josh Dun will be the new face on America's $1 Bill
Josh Dun's tummy gives me life but also kills me at the same time
When Josh Dun smiles, his eyes squint and I love that so much.
I want to ride a gondola in Venice with Josh Dun and then I want him to push me out and let me drown :-)
wow I loved Josh Dun in this movie.
Shower thoughts: Josh Dun has indirectly kissed Cole Sprouse
SAme not that I know who Josh Dun is :3
I want to worship Josh Dun's chest (lick his nipples, kiss his chest, etc) and then drown in his chest sweat
I once called Josh Dun a man bean in front of my mom and she's now concerned for my mental health
why can't josh dun beat me aggressively with his drum sticks I'd be blessed
anyone that has spent .5 seconds around me know that i absolutely love Josh Dun
I think I will always love josh dun
What are 5 things you love? — Ashley Costello, Ashley Purdy, Tyler Joesph, Josh Dun, and Matt Walst
for Debby and coach Shaw. FAV for Debby and Josh Dun
I feel like things in my life will be right once Josh Dun and Debbie Ryan get back together
Parker and I went as the one and only Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun for Halloween. …
in playing the drums pretty much my first inspiration were Tré Cool, Andy Hurley, Spencer Smith and Bob Bryar and now here comes Josh Dun
Halsey and Josh Dun with a fan at the Austin City Limits Festival
sorry if your timelines were spammed because of the Hayes Grier vs. Josh Dun argument and I had (Josh Dun won)
Currently less than 5 miles away from Josh Dun, what is life
"Tyler Joseph or Josh Dun?". Everyone: "why would u make me chose this isn't fair-". Me: JOSHUA WILLIAM DUN BORN JUNE 18TH 1988 IN COLUMBUS OH
Opgevangen: At the Twenty One Pilots concert on the 8th - Tyler: Who here is pleased with Josh Dun tonight?...
“Josh Dun or Matty Healy?” josh. Matthew needs to cut his hair amirite
I want Josh Dun to get one of his drumsticks so deep in that it will make me throw up and faint
But mom I'm in love with Parker Cannon, Ben Barlow, Josh Dun, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Dan Lambton !¡!¡!
When people say Josh Dun is ugly, please reevaluate your life's.
I want to do the stressed out handshake with Josh Dun while he kicks me in the face
I didnt know josh dun owned a restaurant
In the name of the father,. and of the son. and of Josh Dun.
there's like a thousand snapchats of me singing, screaming and talking about Josh Dun
I don't really have so many pics on my phone and 80% are Josh Dun so
Josh Dun, am I right sentient life forms?
Josh Dun in black suspenders, sign me the f up
Do u ever just see a guy and you're like "Josh Dun?" But u get sad bc no
just in case you needed to be reminded of how cute Josh Dun is (Vine by
So I was listening to the judge by Twenty One Pilots with the window rolled down. And someone yelled " Josh Dun " right at me. Life complete
Exclusive pics of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun practicing for a new song rumored to be called "A FOR APPLE"
Josh Dun is a Gemini. Lavern Cox is a Gemini. Angelina Jolie is a Gemini. Chris Evans is a Gemini. Pete Wentz is a Gemini
Tagged by 4 pics of my celeb. crushes. This is hard. Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Josh Dun, & Pete Wentz ht…
I liked a video Debby Ryan talking about Josh Dun @ the never ending concert July 2014
What does Hayley Williams,Pete Wentz and Josh Dun have in common?. THEY'RE STILL IN THEIR BANDS
If I were to use the word "idol": Hayley Williams, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tyler Joseph, Josh Dun, all of CTE
Josh Dun's favorite movie is Fight Club is this
Jack Barakat and Josh Dun both had birthdays and Memphis May Fire & Pierce The Veil both released new songs. I'd say today was a good day
Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph are friendship goals
2102: Brendon Urie still doesn't acknowledge Ryan Ross' existence. He cries over Josh Dun's death and becomes singer of Panic at the Disco.
I've met 3/4 of my heroes/idols already. Austin Carlile, Josh Dun, and Tyler Joseph. All I need now is Ashton Irwin 😎
Josh Dun > the Great Wall of China being built
I want to be crushed between a wall and Josh Dun's v line
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"I want Debby Ryan and Josh Dun to get back together."
I watched the video to Guns For Hands and realized Josh Dun is/was Debby Ryan's bf
I swear Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots and Dom Howard from Muse all get their clothes from the same place.
Josh Dun, Dustin Heveron, and Debby Ryan all liked my vine so my life is complete.
Boys are stupid. I'm just gonna go marry Josh Dun now. Ok bye.
List of people I need to hug in my lifetime: Harry Styles, Ryan Ross, Josh Dun, Derek Sanders, and maybe Hayley Williams
I just realised that I'm 90% going to see Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun live I'm hyperventilating
I will not be covering travel expenses. Thanks. - Josh Dun, drums.
I just want a relationship like Josh Dun and Debby Ryan. Absolute cutest couple.
Debby Ryan is my role model because not only is she fierce as *** but she's dating Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots
I hate Debby Ryan for dating Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots bc I love him but at the same time they are the cutest couple ever UGH
Synester Gates on guitar no doubt, and Josh Dun on drums
Thanks for the nomination Cody Mcparland I nominate Crystal George Millie Alliston Abby McParland and Josh Dun. You have 48 hours to complete or donate to breast cancer Foundation. ❄️☔️
Josh Dun and Debby Ryan should get married right now because they are the perfect couple
all I want in life is josh dun's and Debby Ryan's relationship they are so cute im gonna puke
Josh dun is apparently god and from queen according to my friend
“Josh to Jane: Anong ginagawa mo dun? Dami mo ng pawis. Hm's are practicing their part on the new song.
If i were a guy id want to look like josh dun
I would like to dye my hair like Josh Dun!
No one can pull off josh duns hair like josh dun. Let that be a fact in, two different ways
josh dun is so hot I want to die wow
I slightly obsessed with Josh Dun. It's always the drummer 😍
guy who looks like josh dun DOES NOT LOOK LIKE JOSH DUN ANYMORE
I only follow Debby Ryan on instagram so I can see pictures of josh dun tbh
HOW I MET JOSH DUN - ohmyemmah: So. This is going to be very long, and most of you already read the story...
Josh out of season candies unveils dun long suit boxes on quit bearing: BdGi
4 hour car ride consisting of annoyinf my family with Tyler Joseph's voice & Josh Dun pounding beats
no u don't understand, today I am Josh Dun
Had a dream that josh dun was at my house and making coffee for me and I never want to be awake again
Anything interesting on in DUN this chilly eve?
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is this about josh dun or josh I callalalagh
Muh boy Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots getting my votes for best Drummer of the year award AP Awards style✌️
Josh Dun and Debby Ryan they would make pretty babies
If josh dun doesn't win best drummer at the AMPAs:
Public Announcent:. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are goofy goober's who eat at Weeny Hut jr. and Taco Bell
Josh Dun and Debby Ryan are the cutest couple, I swear
I want to be friends with Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun sO MUCH OK
Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun's friendship is the reason I exist
Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph are literally the cutest people ever
True friendship right here. Someone be the Josh Dun to my Tyler Joseph.
I would love to meet Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun soOooOO much but i can only imagine if I did meet them I would totally melt down
Photoset: ninas-suite-life: Debby Ryan and Josh Dun at the 5th Annual Thirst Gala
wow okay when Spencer smith, Josh Dun or Patrick Stump smile my whole day is brightened.
Photo: Josh Dun and Debby Ryan attend the 5th Annual Thirst Gala hosted by Jennifer Garner in partnership...
Should I fake Josh Dun now that my wife is Debby Ryan
... so Debby Ryan and Josh Dun are dating, ooh
Wait is THE Josh Dun going out with Debby Ryan?
am I the only one surprised by the fact that Debby Ryan (from Disney channel) is now dating Josh Dun (21 pilots drummer)
Twenty One Pilots always just makes life better. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are gods. 👌😍
Do you want to go to prom with me? . Are you Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon, Ben Mckee, Daniel Platz, Ryan Walker, Tyler Joseph, or Josh Dun?
Photo: celebstarlets: 1/4/14 - Debby Ryan + Josh Dun out in Los Angeles. Look at their faces. Looks like...
remember when Debby Ryan from The Sweet Life On Deck, and Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots, were dating??
Here's my yesterdays blog. Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Twenty One Pilots 7-3-13 Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots is a duo from Columbus ,OH. (Members) Tyler Joseph (lead vocalist, piano) and Josh Dun (Drums)have come a very long way from playing live shows at cafes and I'm sure around friends and family too. All the up to playing live shows at Festivals all over the place. Twenty One Pilots have played in Asia, Philadelphia PA, and even in there home town in Columbus ,OH and so much more other places too. Twenty One Pilots then got signed to Fueled By Ramen. That's Amazing! I look up to Twenty One Pilots a lot, and I'm always saying that i hope some day my music and lyrics can inspire Twenty One Pilots, just as much as their music and lyrics have inspired me.I believe Twenty One Pilots deserves every thing they have and yet to come. They deserve to be listen to, not just heard. Look. These guys are amazing, and if you can't see that are get their music like my self and millions of other Twenty One Pilots f ...
HEY WELL is telling me Nick Santino, Alex and Josh Dun and it all makes sense now omg
REALLY? While you're at it get Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis, Taylor York, Tyler Joseph, Josh Dun, Tom Felton, Emma Watson, ..
as some of your probably know, I sometimes listen to a band called twenty | one | pilots. well tonight they played a sold out show in Columbus, OH, and it was phenomenal. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are wizards in a world without magic. I apologize to Anson Reppermund, Holly Johnson, Kayla Johnson, MaryEllen Mott, and whoever else was unable to attend. It was three hours of greatness. Kinda like that 5 gum commercial where the guy lays in a huge tub of little metal balls that bounce around.
© 2012 WMG. Tyler Joseph knew music did something to him. After spending many nights writing and recording in his basement he recruited Josh Dun to bring tho...
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