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Josh Barro

Josh Barrow is a multi-sport athlete who has competed in both winter sports of bobsled and biathlon. He is currently

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Didn't Josh Barro write an article about this?
Suddenly lost respect for you Josh Barro.
Josh Barro will always be a republican no matter how much he denies it.
AND, involving a hetero man and a hetero woman . . *** Josh Barro must be projectile vomiting . . I am
I have the biggest crush on Josh Barro.
As an aside, I cannot stand that Josh Barro guy.
Josh Barro is the gift that keeps on giving.
This is the perfect emblem of why you should never listen to anything Josh Barro says
Will white, male MSM--including some on MSNBC, looking at you especially, Josh Barro--gang up on John Kelly like th…
You should've turned their offer down when they insisted Josh Barro become your cohost
Gorka, Cernovich, Josh Barro, and Jonathan Capeheart for some reason.
Roger Stone, Seb Gorka, Hugh Hewitt, Josh Barro. Off the top of my head.
Yes. I was blocked by Josh Barro when I made a sarcastic comment about some sympathetic piece…
Josh Barro: "Donald Trump is a jerk, but that's what the people who voted for him wanted."
👍 "Trump is a jerk"~Josh Barro. GOP knew this and voted for this vulgar, narcissistic, liar, cheater who lacks empa…
Josh Barro with the most tepid criticism of Trump and Trump voters: Trump's a jerk and the voters wanted a jerk.
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This seems not dissimilar from Josh Barro's take:
Yeah man, but like, they're not operating openly in the vicinity of Josh Barro's Manhattan apartment, so I think you're mistaken
The Trump Derangement Syndrome is in this thread is astounding, not surprised though since MSNBC's Josh Bar…
Wait. Josh Barro is saying people should be less annoying. Am I reading that right?
Katie reminds me more and more of Chris Cillizza or Josh Barro: clueless, careless, and more impressed with her opi…
I bet Josh Barro's shrink absolutely hates him.
Seems like Josh Barro outlived his usefulness as of Nov 9th, 2016.
Today I learned Josh Barro is the heir to the Sbarro pizza fortune, which explains pretty much everything
That's exactly what I wanted to ask! Where's Josh Barro? Ken Dilanian…
Liberals' embrace of conservatives like Josh Barro, David Frum, and JD Vance is why liberalism is morally bankrupt.
Why does Chris Hayes have Josh Barro on his show? It basically makes me want to change the channel.
Chris Hayes doing his best to get me to turn this off by bringing on Josh Barro.
A committed Democrat like Hillary Clinton should go away but Josh Barro who claims to be a Dem for 20 mins. is a Dem party lea…
This is why you shouldn't take Josh Barro seriously. . Well, this and his obsession with Chelsea Clinton.
The guys who raised this issue was Matt Yglesias and Josh Barro, but if it…
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Josh Barro was a Republican until last year and he's busy lecturing Obama on the right way to be "progressive" .
Chelsea, how much money are you saving living rent free in Matt Yglesias and Josh Barro's heads?
Josh Barro, Matt Yglesias, Byron Tau will never harass Ivanka for one reason & one reason only: she's a hot blonde and they are spellbound.
Hey I'm really sick of your writer Josh Barro's sexist attacks on Chelsea Clinton.
it's odd reaction from males like Josh Barro, Andrew Kaczynski, and others. Even if she were running for office!
That MSNBC 'journalist' Josh Barro? Here's he is with husband Zachery Allen. A former DNC finance official.
I imagine you too have noticed the 'by rote' trolling that Matthew Yglesias does and how him & Josh Barro hav…
Chris Hayes is now the Emcee for Jonathan Chait & Josh Barro to spin their nonsense. Also: how many times does Hayes say "sortof" per show?
On All In, Josh Barro notes that the only foreign policy people who support Trump are "marginal, weird cranks"
Josh Barro says it wasn't in the prepared remarks so it's 100% Trump
Josh Barro said it wasn't in prepared remarks so he ad-libbed that little jewel, all on his own.
Pajama Boy (aka Allahpundit) does not aspire to greatness. Just mediocrity. Hence --> Josh Barro.
This year's strangest conspiracy theory is that I am
"As if that isn't bad enough, Lochte is even getting dunked on by noted Business Insider nerd Josh Barro."
had no idea you were AP. least it all makes sense now.
domain names
Jig is up! || Wikileaks: DNC email exchange with Allahpundit (Josh Barro)
Hillary is America's Merkel, but not in the way Trump thinks Josh Barro
ahh yes. the Josh Barro theory of pop culture as a predictor of locality based intelligence.
(relationship between and Zach Allen of DNC reported here: )
Let no one say that Josh Barro tries to hide his homosexual depravity.
I seriously only watch MSNBC because my baes Ari Melber and Josh Barro are contributors.
Josh Barro did call me a moron once, but that felt more validating than anything.
Is Josh Barro sending a signal to his betrothed?
Josh Barro seems to really hate Russia. Of course he does.
Josh Barro: one of millions of smug and ignorant fellow USAns
Josh Barro is Michael Porfirio with an Ivy League degree
. Josh Barro = reason why British schools need proper teachers.
Alright I'll just say it, Josh Barro has way too many Intelligence-Quotient jokes
It's amazing how much personal pride Josh Barro has, considering how little he has to be proud of.
I hate to sound like josh barro but the american electorate sure is stupid
Josh Barro should know Russia saved Europe from that monster Hitler and only bulwark against war mongering USA
There is only one sin to Cultural Marxists like Josh Barro. Being white & not ashamed of it.
Lol Barro is so mad that people lust after Lochte even after learning he's not smart. Not smart like him, Josh Barro
every new line of this makes me want to pour even more acid into my eye, so I'm inflicting it on you too
"Meet Josh Barro, the brilliant and hunkalicious *** opinion journalist who makes Anderson Cooper look like Meryl Streep"
after this week's boss ross bufu, can't wait for the uncucking of Josh "Elites are usually elite for good reason" Barro
Trump's 'rigged' election claims aren't likely to stick after November Josh Barro
I don't know who Josh Barro is but he'd look great under the tires of a Ural 4320 truck.
Josh Barro isn't his father. Josh is a pretty small minded, weak little man. Sad.
The most vomit-inducing thing I've read this week not from The Daily Beast via
lol Paul Ryan is hotter than Josh Barro
Oh no. Just get ready to truly gag:.
Josh Barro is just a term for tired liberal journalism that explains any GOP popularity as result of racism.
Josh Barro employs a butler to masticate his pizza and drop it in his mouth like a baby bird so he doesn't get any on his face
I would love to see Augusto Pinochet's goons drop Josh Barro out of a helicopter over the ocean
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Top story: Josh Barro to return to Business Insider - POLITICO see more
Josh Barro to return to Business Insider - POLITICO via thanks
All In with Chris Hayes 140214 A Happy Valentines Day from Scalia, with Josh Barro: via
Link to my appearance today re on Josh Barro's show, w fellow guests Rich Lowry and Bob Scheer
Abby Huntsman makes Josh Barro look down to Earth and relatable.
I've never seen such racist &bigoted remarks as from Josh Barro & *** responding to his twt,spreading Hate/Ignorance
Josh Barro made the same joke. For many people, that is not good company to find oneself in.
Judging by Josh Barro's "don't be elitist against salt-of-the-earth nativists" outburst, the US center believes that, too.
Josh Barro's press release for Soul Cycle doesn't just sell the product, it sells the IPO!
Josh Barro is depressed by him many first-world problems. Poor, dear boy.
Josh Barro is a corporate shill and intellectually dishonest. He is the very problem Sheldon Wolin wrote of. A disgrace to the 5th estate.
Also I like Josh Barro's respect of Replubicans with explanation GOP attacts on Trump because he would be a bad POTUS
Oh course Josh Barro is going to defend The Facist Trump.
Isn't Josh Barro the NYTimes guy who tried to undermine Hillary Clinton with that bogus e-mail story?
I take it Josh Barro still has a job.
Josh Barro characterization of fascism was brilliant!!
regarding nepotism, there area lot of your fellow pundits who are nepotism, Goldberg, David Frum, Josh Barro, etc
Has anyone been blocked by Josh Barro? Thinking about going for it...
If I see Andy Borowitz use this next, I'm going to say that Josh Barro thought of it first!
you are as big an *** as Donald Trump Josh barro! you are disgusting to listen to as well!
Josh Barro shaved off his beard. And more Trump. It's all too much. I already miss bearded
"Jobs Forecast Is Another Reason for the Fed Not to Raise Rates" by JOSH BARRO via NYT
My default reaction to seeing Josh Barro is rolling my eyes
Josh Barro is the best way to start a day.
Prescient Observation. If Elizabeth Warren wanted to be President, she'd be running for it. -- Josh Barro
Nice to hear some intelligent conversation on on with Jared Bernstein, Robert Reich and Josh Barro! Thanks !
Sharing URL - Right... Treachery is immaterial, like 4 dead citizens in Benghazi, & more here!
Josh Barro and Justin Wolfers on the Ashley Madison leak: What, if anything, does it mean for the economy?
Has MSNBC done any studies to figure out why none of their viewers found Josh Barro appealing. . Cuz there's a real head scratcher.
Economists Josh Barro and Justin Wolfers on how the Ashley Madison breach could trouble US economy.
Wages of Sin: An Ashley Madison Recession? Or an Ashley Madison Stimulus? by JOSH BARRO and JUSTIN WOLFERS via NYT…
Why hotels won’t charge you for Wifi anymore - Josh Barro talks with Martha White and Robin Wiggleswor...
Josh Barro is a Dbag. He made an *** out of himself on Chris Hayes when people were matching in NYC over the police
I linked this piece... He ignored it because Josh Barro is not "a real con…
Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: Bill Maher and his guests – Dr. Atul Gawande, Josh Gad, Wes Moore, Josh Barro and Kathryn Bigelow ...
People the new New Republic should aggressively recruit:. Josh Barro. Jill Filipovic. Cord Jefferson. Armond White
QB change works for campo verde as Dylan wright connects with josh barro on a 30-yd TD pass. 7-0 Coyotes, 2nd qtr
and NYT reporter Josh Barro is worried about an Ebola breakout in NYC?
Esp., when NYT reporters like Josh Barro Stop trying to scare people and stay with facts he's familiar with...
Josh Barro would have blocked them by now (I speak from experience.) So, there is that.
By JOSH BARRO Three more months of data are in, and the state is still collecting much less income tax than it e...
well, yeah... wait, Don Young or Josh Barro?
I think petty on-background sniping to reporters will be the main thing. (Incidentally, Democratic staffers, I'm josh.barro
Josh barro is probably one of the premier breakfast menu reviewers in the nation about now.
Sounds like a new Herman Wouk novel: Josh Barro Bourbon Czar.
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Paul Krugman: Oh, my. Josh Barro tells us that conservatives are once again touting Canada as a role model, in...
Gives me a sad to know no one loves Josh Barro or Jonathan Alter enuf to explain to them how they're creepy fascist freaks.
Do you see a day when Josh Barro replaces Ezra Klein as the face of pseudo-progressive wonkery?
I. AM. DONE! Josh Barro, Dorian Warren, and now John Stanton. Seriously MSNBC, whats a man to do.
Why do Chuck Todd, Josh Barro & Kornflake have more to offer than Lambchop? If I want analysis, then it want it from
Looking forward to having Matt Miller back on Left, Right and Center. Though, Josh Barro was a fun guest moderator.
Government by the few: Tara Dowdell, Josh Barro, and Dorian Warren talk with Chris Hayes about when t...
Is the U.S. officially an Oligarchy? Political Consultant, Tara Dowdell, Associate Professor at Columbia University, Dorian Warren, and MSNBC Contributor, Josh Barro join All In to discuss.. XFINITY_TV customers, tune in now with
Josh Barro, Jason Kuznicki, Andrew Sullivan, it's like you have to be *** to be in high places in political journalism these days.
Josh Barro to join New York Times - The outgoing Business Insider editor will take part in a new policy venture at...
All In with Chris Hayes and Josh Barro is back!
Bob McDonnell and the 'Virginia Way' - Chris Hayes talks to MSNBC contributor Josh Barro about the perils...
looks like for Friday's "Real Time" with Bill Maher: Erin Brockovich, Willie Nelson, Josh Barro, Gov. Howard Dean and Carly Fiorina
Democrats readying champagne for 2014?: Josh Barro, Jonathan Capehart and Karen Finney dissect the GO...
Cranium Shout Out: Hottest men on the News that aren't Anderson Cooper and are openly *** (plus two that I wish were): Josh Barro; Jonathan Capehart; Don Lemon; David Muir; Ezra Klein (straight); and Van Jones (straight)
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Joining us for our Friday episode tomorrow we have. Make sure to tune in! Sam Stein, Leigh Gallagher, Joy Reid, Josh Barro, Jonathan Allen, Jonathan Martin, Ronan Farrow, Alan Greenspan, Richard North Patterson and Carol Burnett
He's following in the footsteps of David Frum, Josh Barro, and David Brooks. Institutional NRO.
sure. And you took several tedious paragraphs to attempt to smear Josh Barro. My way is MUCH more expeditious!
This person has said it best to answer the condemnation of Phil Robertson' osh Barro, you should start looking for a new job now. The three loose points you made failed to support your article. Robertson said the blacks around him were treated just fine. Josh Barro was not there; therefore, cannot weigh in on the topic. Robertson's observation and opinion. The groups Robertson mentioned do not honor Jesus, bottom line. He never stated a lack of Jesus made them do it. Finally, his statement about *** never included the word hate. I won't bother dissecting it because you failed to make a point altogether.
Love Josh Barro the policy wonk; hate Josh Barro the Business Insider "writer" who produces garbage like this
Josh Barro we have the freedom of independent thought and beliefs or least we used to have them you ignorant journalist.
I feel like some of my family members could have written those letters to Josh Barro.
Ohhh ahh you're Josh Barro. Firstly let me send you a big hug,& a nod of support. Read the Tea Party/White Citizens emotional rants.
Those on iPhones,Androids etc will never be able to read Josh Barro's lament on Business Insider. It took me 25 minutes. Too bad.
New at RRND: Matt Yglesias and Josh Barro admit they have no honor
bias article on Phil Robertson Josh Barro is right I agree with the article and what I have been trying to say about defending PhilRobertson
INBOX: Pinhead and self styled intellect, Josh Barro sounds like a manure salesman with a mouth full of samples. (cc:
Josh Barro, on the Phil Robertson package: via
Josh Barro, you are one ignorant *** Christianity has nothing to do with it, you *** via
When Josh Barro writes about Phil Robertson, You get a dishonest HACK piece.
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Josh barro is one of the most idiotic "writers" ever, just read his article on Phil Robertson and you will understand
if i didn't love Josh Barro then i certainly love him now
Much like Oliver Willis, Josh Barro is a marketing genius.
Literally the only thing I know about Josh Barro is that he's the coxswain of the *** canoe.
I don't think I've ever read a Josh Barro column..I suspect if I polled a hundred people about 89 of them are the same as me.
Josh Barro is the Politics Editor for Business Insider. Previously, he was a blogger for Bloomberg View, a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, and a commercial real estate banker at Wells Fargo. Josh was profiled in the June 2013 issue of The Atlantic as "The Loneliest Repu...
Robertson the writer of that article Josh Barro is *** so is it surprising it is one sided.
I was gonna read josh Barro's story on but decided not to.Then I thought to read drew guarini's. Nah. Hacks.
Nice to see a hit piece written by Josh Barro on Duck Dynasty issues. Glad you are clearing up the issue. Not Biz.
Josh Barro from Business Insider is a complete *** I hate his alleged journalistic writings. You, sir, can shove your politically correct, extreme sensitiveness, lopsided opinions where your head ought to be.
Just read a "hatchet ed." in B.I. by Josh Barro, "What Everyone Should Get Right About Phil Robertson." In it he has a very suspicious long
Josh Barro, opines in Business Insider "Soylent Green is people"
"There are Two Americas and One Is Better than the Other." Excellent excellent piece by Josh Barro
"In one America, it's OK to attribute Pearl Harbor to Buddhists' failure to accept Jesus. In the other America, that is not OK." ~Josh Barro
Lol.. "When a Real Housewife of New Jersey does that, she's doing her job just fine." - Josh Barro
When MSNBC hosts go out for fast food, they order water then fill up that little clear cup w Sprite.
Matt Yglesias and Josh Barro Admit They Have No Honor: I promise you guys, I was going to let this go. I said ...
Hey Josh Barro, are you eager to get the Duck Dynasty guy fired? Like with Derbyshire? Josh Barro is the Thought Police.
"No clause in the First Amendment establishes a right to star in a reality show in A&E regardless of what you say to GQ about *** and anuses." - Josh Barro
Josh Barro: There are 2 Americas, and 1 is better than the other
Yeah, and twice in one show! I'm not interested in Josh Barro hosting a show on msnbc.
I'm liking Josh Barro more every day :)
Allow me to be the first to say, I'm glad Chris cut Josh Barro off before he got into 'culture war' [not as before]
It’s beneath him, for he is Josh Barro.
Josh Barro & Ezra Klein team up2 try& still Lie& politicize Website, even though it's working. Both are paid Liars
I'm here, a little late but nevertheless. Josh Barro? Really? Way to harsh my buzz, man. He looks good, though.
Also, Rick Santelli is pretty clearly a lunatic.
Censoring yourself so people will like you is as good as lying, and no matter what Josh Barro says, lying isn't a good thing to do.
There are people in this country who think Josh "Southern culture is pathological" Barro is on the right. The GOP is doomed.
"Mr. President: If Duck Dynasty did an episode featuring *** Black Santa, would Josh Barro forgive them?"
Racist and homophobic comments are bad, but if they confirm Josh Barro's sense of bourgeois superiority...worth it?
Best deadpan ever from Josh Barro: "It's actually very non-standard on the right to defend the Jim Crow South."
The Stupid on MSNBC right now is edlining. Naturally, Josh Barro is at the center of it.
The Duck Dynasty Stupid on MSNBC right now is red-lining. Naturally, Josh Barro and a BuzzFeed reporter are in the center of it.
Re: Phil Robertson and A&E I love how people who are virulently anti-gub'mint are trying to use the gub'mint to get their way. The first amendment protects you from being punished by the government, not your employer. A&E is not the government, it's a private company. Phil hasn't been arrested and thrown in jail, he was suspended from his job. I'm sure if any one of us ran around our jobsite (or while acting as a representative of the company) telling people that *** people are evil and that black people were better off during the Jim Crow years we'd be suspended or fired too. He can say what he wants, A&E decided to suspend him because he reflects poorly on their brand. Freedom of speech does not mean a guaranteed paycheck. As journalist Josh Barro said, "there's no first amendment right to star in a reality show." Besides, I don't know why the Sarah Palin crowd is complaining about A&E suspending him. If they're as pro-business and anti-regulation as they say they are, they'll understand that A&E made . ...
Maybe Santa will bring Josh Barro some self-awareness next week. After a month in the fetal position, he'll be a less loathsom…
real America doesn't even know who Josh Barro is
Every morning, I wake up and thank my lucky stars I'm not Josh Barro or Matt Yglesias.
Slate economics blogger Matt Yeglesias sparked a firestorm of controversy when he wrote a post discussing the process of inventing a fake child in order to take advantage of’s discount for mothers. On MSNBC, Business Insider’s Josh Barro talked about how he replicated the process and how…
"Conservatives have no idea what to do about recessions…. Conservatives favor the same set of economic policies when the economy is weak and when it is strong…. The implication is that conservatives believe there is nothing in particular the government should do about economic cycles…. As with health care and bank regulation, economic recessions are a policy question to which conservatives have not the wrong answer, but no answer.” - Josh Barro of Business Insider Recessions Create Misery: GOP Favors "No Answer" To A Possible The Answer
Josh Barro is no liberal. We need more conservatives like him!
The problem with Uber's giant surge pricing spike this past storm weekedn isn't easily dismissed by random (and poorly substantiated) free-market economics, as Josh Barro's recent post in BI suggests. The problem is that it's a mismatch with Uber's brand, and a real PR problem. Their stated reason for raising prices by 7x (to match supply with demand during spikes), is such an obvious LIE that people are right to be skeptical. The airline industry uses a similar practice, raising prices when they think demand will warrant it (e.g. if you try to buy a same-day ticket to London in business class, you will pay full full price), and many other industries are experts at this as well. I don't fault anyone (least of all Travis Kalanick and his awesome team) for trying to do demand-based pricing. What you won't see, however, is the airline/hotel/car rental industry trying to put a smiley face on a bold, blatant, unapologetic grab for more revenue. They mostly don't address the question of how their "surge" pricin ...
I have been listening & watching this Analyst - Josh Barro. I assume he is a Republican. Though I don't agree with all he says, but at least he is rational.
is it me or Josh Barro has gotten hotter?
Josh Barro should feel like a *** Richard Wilson did everything right& b/c of RW non-policy's his dreams have been stalled!
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 a Tip by John Nolte 2 Nov 2013 255 post a comment ***UPDATE: Josh Barro strikes    Barro' s playing dumb and obviously didn't bother to click the last link in this piece. In the 1973 near-classic sci-fi film "Soylent Green," the year is 2022 and everything the left has always wished for has come to fruition. In this society, The Few control The Many, assisted suicide is all the rage, and The Many are reassured by their townhouse-living technocrat overlords that the bulldozers dispersing their free speech and the soylent green that feeds them is all… for the greater good. Although there were many advance warnings, now that it is too late, America is learning that under ObamaCare there are losers -- millions of them -- and almost all among the working and middle class. Up to 20 million will lose the insurance President Obama reassured them they could keep, and as the cost of premiums and deductibles spike, they will find their health care choices limited. But the only reaction to this human carnag ...
Josh Barro has a good post this morning that lays out two possible reasons for why Republicans are supposedly close to agreeing to a deal that relaxes the sequestration cuts in 2014. First, it increases defense spending and second, it prevents another politically damaging government shutdown. As...
Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, minus the cut away at 8:40 for Josh Barro on MSNBC
hris Christie Is About To Win A Landslide, And He Wants Republicans Everywhere To Understand Why Business InsiderBy Josh Barro | Business Insider – 1 hour 43 minutes ago.. christie mary pat christie toms river Josh Barro/Business Insider Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) speaks to a campaign rally in Toms River, New Jersey, on Nov. 2, 2013 Mitt Romney's infamous "47%" remarks were a despairing message to the Republican Party: only a bare majority of Americans are interested in anything other than a government handout. Republicans can forget about landslides. Their best hope is to line up nearly all of the non-taker voters to win by a slim majority. As Gov. Chris Christie (R) prepares to romp to a landslide re-election in New Jersey on Tuesday, he has a message for Republicans everywhere: There's no need to limit yourself to 53% if you stop despairing and follow my lead. On Sunday evening, here's what Christie told Morris County voters, at a rally held by the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: We need to show the R ...
All In with Chris Hayes Agenda Thursday night on All In with Chris Hayes: President Obama has fallen victim to the same second term downward spiral as his predecessor, George W. Bush, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. A Virginia gubernatorial election fell in both presidents’ fifth year in office, but thanks to the rise of the Tea Party, the political environment in the commonwealth has shifted significantly since ‘05. Guest host Steve Kornacki will look at Obama’s ratings fall through the lens of the VA race with E.J. Dionne, Washington Post Columnist and Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution, Josh Barro, Politics Editor at Business Insider, and Rep. Gerry Connolly of Virginia.
Video on Sen. Ted Cruz vows to not attack fellow Republicans in their 2014 races. Lawrence O'Donnell, Jonathan Capehart and Josh Barro discuss Cruz’s decision.
Kathleen Sebelius Told Congress She Can't Enroll In Obamacare — And She's Wrong Business InsiderBy Josh Barro | Business Insider – 10 hours ago Email Kathleen Sebelius AP Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (D) testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee Wednesday about the rocky rollout of the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges. Twice, Republican representatives asked her a stock question: If Obamacare is so great, why don't you enroll in a plan through the exchanges? This is an inane question. Sebelius is both a federal employee and old enough to qualify for Medicare. Asking Sebelius why she doesn't decline the Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan and Medicare so she can enroll though the exchange is kind of like asking the Secretary of Agriculture why he doesn't decline his salary so he can qualify for food stamps, if food stamps are so great. But just because a question is inane doesn't mean you're allowed to give a wrong answer to it. Sebelius did that twic ...
Obamacare Deadline Delayed; Beware the “Insurance Death Spiral” Says Josh Barro Thu Oct 24th, 2013 6:56 PM EDT Glitches and tech problems that are plaguing the website could lead to additional Obamacare delays. Josh Barro, politics editor at Business Insider, tells The Daily Ticker, "The government needs to get the website up and running as soon as possible." If it doesn't and only the sickest Americans sign up--because younger and healthier individuals don't--there could be an "insurance death spiral," says Barro. He explains: "If only people who are especially sick buy health insurance, then you end up with a pool of people who are really expensive to cover, so insurers have to respond to that by raising premiums. Then more people drop out of insurance because it gets more expensive and you have a death spiral where only extremely sick people paying extremely higher premiums are in the insurance market." Related: Obamacare: Separating Truth from Fiction - Here's What You Need to Know ...
Josh Barro, a political writer & Republican says "The GOP ie Ted Cruz are just too dangerously incompetent to be trusted with…
I hope Josh Barro isn't going to try to debate Joe Stiglitz.
reminder that financial columnist Josh Barro actually argued this
Poor Josh Barro with the new make over and the well paying job. Why should you care about anyone but yourself?
Josh Barro on Bashir Live Republican were no show in NY primary today lol
Josh Barro,Steve Schmidt 2 of the very best objective political analyst on MSNBC better than many of their dem.peers
No doubt Josh Barro one of the smartest,most objective political analyst on MSNBC,being a republican notwithstanding.
Josh Barro on talking about voting GOP in NYC. And he is one of MSNBC's go-to pundits. SMH.
Dear Josh Barro the GOP REP 4 Mayor has about as much chance NO MATTER the DEM field as WINNING as I do becoming Dunno... Asian?
Josh Barro on why NYC should switch to nonpartisan elections MT
good for you. Must be hard to deal with blow back from actions of others. Btw josh barro is really good
Stupidity is stupidity. I don't agree with, say, Josh Barro's worldview, but obviously he's not dumb.
Josh Barro McCain does not need any facts to form his opinions. Bomb Bomb Bomb, period.
“Josh Barro is a stud. Ummm...yeah, THIS too!
Looks like Josh Barro gets younger looking by the week.
lol can i help you save them? I know you dont need help since you are the almighty Josh Barro
Josh Barro is changing before our eyes ! Getting younger by the day.
Josh Barro looks like he's dressed for a BBQ at Aaron Shock's house.
If Josh Barro is right about the reasons that Obama wants Summers for the Fed that sums up a lot of the "odd" appointments.
OK, what is Josh Barro trying to prove?
Nice to see that Josh Barro could dress up for the show
Gosh, Josh Barro on looks like date night at the disco.
I still can't get used 2 Josh Barro without facial hair.
But Christie will no doubt be the media's darling and we can read vomit inducing pieces by people like Josh Barro on how he is what Rs need.
It was definitely Ezra Klein. But I agree re: Josh Barro - his needs to come back, too!
maybe you were thinking of Josh Barro? He should grow it back!
Just looking through Josh Barro's timeline and saw him interacting with you . You're a star!
.GOP policies "substantively bad and politically unsaleable": Josh Barro on libertarian populism etc.
Because OBVIOUSLY every conservative needs to listen to Josh Barro's plans to reform the GOP...
Josh Barro just responded to me. I win
Chuckle, Josh Barro interned for Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform & worked as Koch Associate at Tax Foundation. Yawn
"Some people even defend the insane idea of getting a graduate degree in journalism" Josh Barro, being awesome.
glen beck in a towel is enough to make Josh Barro str8!
Immigration reform passes the US Senate; now begins the hard part | 9Digg - What the web is talking about right now comprehensive immigration reform bill that would reshape the population and workforceof the United States today passed the Senate with a bipartisan vote of 68-32. From there it will go to the House of Representatives, where it must be approved for final passage. It’s no surprise that the bill did well in the Senate. It enjoys the support both of business lobbyists and of the Democratic party’s key constituencies. Things get harder now because in the Republican-controlled House, immigration skeptics have more power. It’s not clear whether the speaker, the Republicans’ John Boehner, can politically afford to let a bill that most Republicans oppose pass largely with votes from the Democratic minority. Some, like Business Insider’s Josh Barro, think it could happen, because many Republicans in fact support the bill, though they can’t be seen to vote for it: … For many, many House R ...
Video on Texas Gov. Rick Perry visits Connnecticut on a tour of the Northeast to convince gunmakers to move their business to Texas. Josh Barro, Maya Wiley, Maggie Haberman, and Basil Smikle join MSNBC's Steve Kornacki to discuss.
"I keep being told that the Christianist base of the GOP is calming down, they learned their lesson, they’re not that important, etc. Josh Barro said that in a recent Ask Anything. Ross and Reihan are always poo-pooing the notion. So why did everyone who’s anyone in the GOP turn up for Ralph Reed’s religion-fest last weekend? Rubio, Paul, Jeb, Ryan, to name four, along with the usual nutters. Even Rand Paul – the supposed libertarian – said that there was a 'war on Christianity' being conducted by 'liberal elites at home and across the world.'” - - Andrew Sullivan
Video on Ginger Gibson, Liza Goitein and Josh Barro share their thoughts on President Barack Obama’s reaction to the NSA report and whether the government is overstepping their privacy boundaries. Marc Morial also joins to discuss the balance between security and privacy.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
On MSNBC's Up with Steve Kornacki tomorrow morning at 8:30, along with Rick Hertzberg, Joan Walsh, and Josh Barro. Tune in if you're awake!
Video on Chris Hayes talks with Heather McGhee of Demos and Josh Barro of Bloomberg View about President Obama's trip to Texas and what the Texas economic model would mean for America.
Working on a piece about conservative reformists, already spoke to Avik Roy, Josh Barro, gonna do Ramesh tomorrow.
Video on Bloomberg View’s Josh Barro and Lehigh University’s Dr. James Peterson determine whether President Obama’s dinner with Republican senators is a sign that both sides are tired of continued partisan budget battles – even as Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is set to propose another austerit...
Video on NJ Gov. Chris Christie says he "can't sweat the small stuff" after not being invited to speak at CPAC 2013. What does it mean for his GOP future? MSNBC's Chris Hayes and Krystal Ball discuss with Bloomberg View's Josh Barro.
Josh Barro on why New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is liked at home but unpopular nationally.
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here is a Topsy analysis comparing "Josh Barro" + "Nectarines":
I was reading and listening to some of the stuff Josh Barro had to say tonight. He is a reporter from Bloomberg TV. He seems like a sellout for the Liberal party entirely, but this is where I think people should listen to someone like him because his points are valid. If your conservative or liberal, I think it's best to listen to everyone's ideas and poach the *** out of them. Who cares where they idea came from? I know I don't, when you hear a good idea... pass it along. Hopefully we can stop this partisan crap and just find the best ideas out there.
Josh Barro brings up a great point about too much red tape on issues regarding high-power wire and high speed rail, and not enough on oil
Uh... Scuse me but who is that man with the beard on Real Time with Bill Maher?.
In other words, Josh Barro thinks the GOP should just become the party of Democrat Lite. Bring on the collective.
Read all articles, columns and blogs by Josh Barro. Josh Barro is the lead writer for the Ticker, Bloomberg View's blog on economics, finance and politics. His primary areas of interest include tax and fiscal policy, state and local government, and planning and land use. Previously, Barro was a Seni...
I get so out of breath seeing the adorable Josh Barro that I get thirstier than Marco Rubio.
Bill and his roundtable guests (Tina Brown, Josh Barro, Martin Bashir and Lawrence Krauss) answer fan questions from this week's show. For more on Real Time ...
Why Josh Barro prefers an expanded EITC to an increase in the minimum wage.
Josh Barro identifies the main problem with Rubio’s speech: via
"The question will be is the majority of Americans as brain dead as Josh Barro."
Josh Barro explains why everyone misunderstands California home prices.
Josh Barro, will you be my Valentine?
Grab a friend and bring them to practice tonight! Lets make the Scorpions a force to be reckoned with! Remember HS tonight 4-6pm @ Islands and Jr High at MHS 6-730pm.
Nesse calorão, correr pelado até a bica no passinho do LekLek, vamaê?
Julian Assange, Tina Brown, Josh Barro, Martin Bashir, Lawrence Krauss chillin' and watching th...
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange; editor Tina Brown; journalist Josh Barro; journalist Martin Bashir; theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss.The Interview:Julian Assange is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks and co-author of Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet. For the past…
Bill Maher tonight was exceptionally good tonight. Started out with an interview featuring Julian Assange who has been 'housed' at the Ecuadorian Embassy since 2012. (I for one believe he's doing the job JOURNALISTS once did and are SUPPOSED to do). His panel consisted of a brilliant man (whom hitherto...I've never heard of), a professor of physics at the Univ of AZ (they actually learn something in AZ?), Lawrence Krauss, Martin Bashir and Josh Barro, a reporter for Bloomberg TV. Topics included: Finding remains of Richard III (which I personally find fascinating) and having an eery resemblance to one of the Shrek characters. Supply Side Economics (which has proven to be abysmal failure and yet... A poll that was taken saying that 27% of the population believed God played a role in the outcome of the Super Bowl. SERIOUSLY! (If God indeed had played a role...the Giants would have been in and won; that's how I know GOD had NOTHING to do with the Super Bowl!) Professor Krauss astutely noted how more people b ...
Laurence D. Fink, chief executive officer of BlackRock Inc., talks about the U.S. budget accord and the outlook for stock and bond markets. Fink, speaking with Erik Schatzker, Scarlet Fu, Josh Barro, Hans Nichols and Al Hunt on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers," also discusses the U.S. economy ...
Peter Orszag is making the same silly arguments in that piece that Josh Barro made earlier
Yeah they do. Sometimes Reihan Salam, Josh Barro, etc. I believe Rand Paul + Coburn went on Etc.
david brooks in latest column: In contrast to many members of the conservative political-entertainment complex, they are data-driven, empirical and low-key in tone. They are united more by a style of feedback and mutual scrutiny than by a common agenda. Some politically unorthodox people in this conversation, such as Josh Barro of Bloomberg View, Meghan Clyne of National Affairs and Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute, specialize in puncturing sentimentality and groupthink. Since Nov. 6, the G.O.P. has experienced an epidemic of open-mindedness. The party may evolve quickly. If so, it’ll be powerfully influenced by people with names like Reihan, Ramesh, Yuval and Derek Khanna.
Josh Barro: "George Will to Mitt Romney: 'Quit despising the American people'" Sense to George Will, think before you speak next time.
Ppl like Ross Douthat, Josh Barro, Mark McKinnon, need to be the voice of conservatives ..
Josh Barro throws down the gauntlet to the Libertarian Party
To all my friends who love NJ Govenor Christie, I posted this as comment to another one of my post. So if you didn't see it here it is. As of July, New Jersey's unemployment rate stands at 9.8%: higher than the national average, fourth worst among the 50 states and the highest level in 35 years. The rate is higher than on the day Christie took office in 2010 and nearly a full percentage point higher than earlier this year, when Christie's State of the State address exultantly and repeatedly claimed that a "New Jersey Comeback" was under way. "A hard truth Christie absolutely will not tell is that every one of his budgets has been unbalanced by more than $2.5 billion," notes Bloomberg news blogger Josh Barro, citing Christie's bad habit -- started by previous governors -- of skimping on payments into the state's pension fund. This year, for example, Christie paid just over $1 billion into the fund, a record amount but far less than the $3.74 billion that actuaries said was needed, according to Barro. Those ...
Mitt the twit famously proposes to cut taxes by 20%, and to avoid increasing the deficit by closing “tax loopholes” to increase revenue. Equally famously, The Mitt refuses to describe exactly which “tax loopholes” will be closed. A lot of professional tax and economic analysts don’t think it can be done. In the face of withering criticism from Josh Barro at Bloomberg, the Romney campaign sent an email to Barro, saying, In fact, no fewer than six independent studies have confirmed the soundness of the Governor’s tax plan. Rather than wasting time trying to discredit the proposals of the Republican nominee, perhaps Mr. Barro and other journalists should investigate President Obama’s tax reform package. Or, more accurately, his lack of one. Jonathan Burks Deputy Policy Director Romney for President And Mr. Burks was kind enough to forward links to the “six independent studies.” Josh Barro’s review and analysis of the “six independent studies” is roughly what a Cuisinart™ does to che ...
That Mitt Romney's economic plans are slapdash is practically beyond argument. (To see just how slapdash, read Josh Barro on his tax proposal and Glenn Kessler on his jobs proposal.) The question is why.
The Tax Policy Center recently concluded that it’s mathematically impossible to keep all of Romney’s promises for tax cuts and still reduce the deficit. Other economic pundits from Paul Krugman to Josh Barro agree. So who’s likely to get slammed? Many suspect the middle class. Still, it’s hard to tell, given that Romney has been less than forthcoming about the specifics of his plan. At Tuesday night’s debate and in many media appearances, Romney has avoided giving details of his plan. Watch him skirt the issue every chance he gets.
Coming up on Stand UP! w/Pete Dominick: Founder of No Labels, Mark McKinnon previews tomorrow’s debate. Bloomberg’s Josh Barro looks at Romney’s tax plan. Political comedian Kate Clinton tells us about her new one-woman-show. Author and former Capitol Hill veteran, Mike Lofgren discusses partisan politics in DC. Plus, your calls!
Imentionedthis during last evening's live blogging of the VP debate. The plan can't cut as much as it claims while also being revenue neutral. Sorry, but it's a fantasy. I was going to expound on this today, but Josh Barro'sgot it covered.
Video on Former chairwoman of the FDIC Sheila Bair, Joe Weisenthal of Business Insider, The Grio’s Joy Reid, and Bloomberg View columnist Josh Barro all join Up host Chris Hayes to talk about how many prominent conservatives are voicing their skepticism of polling on the presidential race...
Josh Barro: Romney's working on an economic plan for the first 200 days. Will he show it to us? ...
Josh Barro puts his neck out: You can mark my prediction now: A secret recording from a closed-door Mitt Romney fundraiser, released today by David Corn at Mother Jones, has killed Mitt Romney's campaign for president. On the tape, Romney...
I got home late last night and missed most of the hysteria over Mitt Romney’s remarks at a fundraiser in May, but I’m glad to see I didn’t miss all of it. Here’s Josh Barro at Bloomberg, telling us we can take a 50-day nap, because the election is all over now that Romney has described 47% of voter...
Video on Gary Younge, a columnist for The Guardian; Julie Cavanagh, a special education teacher in Brooklyn; Josh Barro, a columnist for Bloomberg View; and Melissa Boteach of the Center for American Progress join guest host Sam Seder to talk about the teacher strikes in Chicago and dig i...
Melissa Boteach & Josh Barro don't understand reforms Gates & CAP support don't improve learning even if test scores go up .
hey Josh Barro what the Gates foundation wants is to get their hands on the $600billion the US spends on public education
Who needs Janeane Garofalo when you have Josh Barro to explain the world of conservative ideas.
EconLog -- The Sector with the Sticky-Wage Problem, by Arnold Kling: As Josh Barro points out, it is the public...
The panel on Up With Chris Hayes this Saturday of Sam Seder, Bob Herbert, Josh Barro and Victoria Defrancesco Soto had a discussion on the growing wealth inequality and lack up social mobility which are being made worse by things like Republicans …
Josh Barro on Mitt Romney's Evolving Approach to Medicaid - National Review Online (blog)
VIDEO: Josh Barro of Forbes Magazine Challenges and Chris Hayes on the Morality of Civil Disobedience
"On the National Review’s website, editor Rich Lowry called Derbyshire’s column “appalling” and asserted that “no one at National Review” shares his views. But Lowry did not indicate whether Derbyshire would continue to be employed. Does the National Review have a no tolerance policy for racism? For the National Review, which has frequently complained about unfair accusations of racism, this ugly moment provides an pportunity to demonstrate leadership. As National Review contributor Josh Barro writes in Forbes:This is the problem for Lowry and other conservatives who want to be taken seriously by broad audiences when they write about racial issues. Lowry wrote a column containing advice for black Americans. Why should black Americans take him seriously while he’s employing Derbyshire? If Lowry wants NR to be credible on race, he should start by firing John Derbyshire. ~
I'll be on tomorrow at 7, along with Amy Goodman, Jerry Nadler, Josh Barro and Jennifer Psaki.
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