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Josh Barnett

Joshua Lawrence Barnett (born November 10, 1977) is an American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler who currently fights in the heavyweight division of Strikeforce.

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I too am unable to recognize a difference between the heroes who defeated fascism and the rancid losers w…
Way to go to ALL the rookies especially Josh Dobbs and Derek Barnett
Derek Barnett, Alvin Kamara, and Josh Dobbs all get mentioned in this
As always, Josh Barnett is a badass mother trucker.
Ariel Helwani manages Josh Barnett when he wrestles
Josh Barnett will help Ronda train for her WWE run? Should be interesting.
Bas Rutten, Josh Barnett together best episode make it happen JRE
🆚🏈Barnett, Lewis and Dobbs leading the way. I think Josh will carve himself out a backup slot on the 53-man.…
Nick Barnett was what the are trying to do with Josh Jones & Morgan Burnett in the Nitro. Only difference was FT starter @ ILB.
The Archers try to catch the Druids out as E.Evans plays in Josh Barnett but his low cross is collected by the keeper.
Dobbs got his first TD, Barnett had two sacks, and Josh Malone had a TD reception of his own. Love it
85: Barnett looks for Josh Agbozo with the free kick but just can't find him! Ball cleared.
I just discovered NJPW on AXS, Fri at 8pm with repeats on at other times. JR (yes, that JR!) and Josh Barnett on the mic. Dope!
I always enjoyed josh Barnett as a fighter but watching him on made me love the guy!
Former Vols stand outs Josh Dobbs, Josh Malone, Derek Barnett and Alvin Kamara all left their debuts with positives.
Barnett getting sacks, Kamara making highlight runs, Dobbs throwing TD's, Josh Malone catching TD's -- and we lost to SC and Vandy
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weird mma sighting: flipping thru channels & see something called Spellslingers... it is Josh Barnett playing Magic the gathering w sum dude
Josh Norman wanting $15M per year was the logic for letting him walk.
Wasn't this the same logic for letting Josh Norman walk and then their pass D was awful the next year?
The only duo to call well in English were Mauro Ranallo & Josh Barnett. Nobody else can hold a candle.
sincerely, thank you for talking about the band Bolt Thrower! On YouTube, all comments say Josh Barnett brought me here 🤘🏻
😂How ironic as he rode against us last night! Good luck to the team and get well soon Josh G
♫ Hey There Delilah, what's it like in North Korea. we're not trying to provoke you. Trump's got verbal diarrhea ♪. Don't…
3. Josh Barnett knows what anime is and it shows so hard that he's trying to carry the commentary on this match
Here is the MMA Roasted Podcast w/ legends Mark Kerr and Josh Barnett. It's splendid.
Will be talking to Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, Josh Barnett, Josh Matthews this week ahead of Slammiversary and G1 Special
Do you of any atheists in MMA Ariel? I know Frank Mir, Jason Miler and Josh Barnett are, is their any others what you know of?
pressure of Josh Barnett, flare of Jeff Glover and the passing of Rodolfo Vieira
Jim Ross 'not angry' about firing, calls Josh Barnett 'perfect partner
Jim Ross 'not angry' about WWE firing, calls Josh Barnett 'perfect partner
way to pull a Kevin Randleman, Josh Barnett and Ken Shamrock
Meet Black Singles 300x250
is bryan alvarez better than halek gracie? We need u & Josh Barnett in a ufc invasion angle
Jim Ross and Josh Barnett have been at the NJPW commentary helm the past year.
[Image/GIF] Ben Rothwell shocks the world, submits Josh Barnett
I liked a video Travis Newaza learning from Josh Barnett at CSW
Finally someone speaks out against unfair beauty standards
on the edge of brum and Worcester Barnett x
There's a girl at my school that is khaleesi and I want to go up to her and say "so u gotta khal?"
Derek Barnett's 3 sacks Saturday pushed him to No. 2 all-time in history w/29. The Antioch native is just 3 sack…
Less than a week before Worlds No-Gi, Josh Barnett teaches how hand con..
Less than a week before Worlds No-Gi, teaches how hand control is vital for passing the guard.
WATCH: Dobbs, Barnett, Kelly and Barnett answer questions about Jalen Hurd, private team meeting:…
WATCH: Tennessee’s Josh Dobbs, Derek Barnett, Todd Kelly & Brett Kendrick press day
Don't be surprised if Josh Barnett pulls out of this challenge with some excuse. He's got too much to lose.
I told you the unveiling of Sarge with Josh Barnett
I added a video to a playlist Josh Barnett "You are already dead" to Fedor Emelianenko
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Got a picture with the bearded flash⚡️@ Barnett
ahem. Thanksgiving has yet to happen
I never notice signals from girls who actually like me until it's way too late.
"Josh Earnest" refuses to bash and says doesn't think is trying to influence the election. Wow.
Josh Earnest offers the president's personal defense of Comey but refuses to supply an institutional defense.
I watch the josh Barnett and u match at least once a week. Amazing. 2 warriors going at it and respect from start to finish.
The rest of the season should be like the last game in Varsity Blues. HC: Josh Dobbs. OC: Jauan Jennings. DC: Derek Barnett
With 3.0 sacks on Saturday, Tennessee's Derek Barnett now 29.0 in his career - THE MOST AMONG ALL CURRENT FBS PLAYERS!. 26…
[Thread:] Mark Kerr submits Josh Barnett at the ADCC. on /r/MMA
Spent the entirety of last night hitting on my moms coworkers and I regret none of it.
Many know Josh Barnett has been going through a tough few months. This morning he passed. I have lost a friend...
I'd like to see rhat happen. Like one of Josh Barnett's shirts a few UFCs ago.
Tonight, coaching was terrible. As were the players outside of Berry and Barnett. Do the Vols want to win it all or win some? Decision time.
I have no idea what game the refs were watching at the end but TEXAS
Tennessee's Derek Barnett has 26.0 sacks & 44.5 TFLs in his career. Remarkably, 23.0 of those sacks & 33.5 of those TFLs wer…
I legit popped for the Josh Barnett comment of "You couldn't convince me he even knew a guy named Jim" lmfao
I thought Dave Raymond was worse than Buzz but I thought Dave Barnett was terrible and Josh Lewin was great so whatever
Against tiny little dudes like Josh Barnett, Bigfoot Silva and Roy Nelson.
I would love to see you throttle Stipe Miocic! I would also like to see you fight Josh Barnett, Mark Hunt, and Arlovski.
Josh Barnett vs. Andrei Arlovski set as main event for UFC Fight Night in Germany.
-Kushida vs. Kenny Omega for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship. Powell’s POV: Jim Ross and Josh Barnett ar...
*goes out to get tacos in pajamas* *sees every good looking girl in south Austin*
I added a video to a playlist Rihanna - Umbrella (Lachie Barnett Bootleg)
Yes they are indeed making Never Back Down 3. Josh Barnett is in it
Spotted Josh Barnett tonight, most I've marked out all weekend
Just ran into former UFC Champ Josh Barnett at Shimmer What a time to be alive
I like that. He wants to try a big boy. Mark Hunt is as big as your gonna get. I would also take Josh Barnett
I wish we could see Jon Jones vs Josh Barnett.
No I don't like that. Only HW fight on this short notice I like is Josh Barnett
Personally, if Rumble is out, I'd like to see Jones vs a true heavyweight. Someone like Josh Barnett
would need to be someone in limbo in the top ten to take that risk... Mark Hunt or Josh Barnett would be fun
what about Josh Barnett. I'm trying to make this fight happen, Bones HW been along time coming.
Pride, UFC and Catch Wrestling bad *** Josh Barnett will be coaching at Premier Harrow for 3 days in May
If you have AXS TV on demand, you could watch NJPW w/ JR and Josh Barnett calling the matches. No NXT-type crowd there, for sure.
Mayhem thought he was fighting Josh Barnett 😂😂😂
The 10: Plenty of Action on Tap in Amazing April: Fresh off becoming the first man to submit Josh Barnett insi...
your corniness is the reason I quit
you're just lucky you weren't at work today. Just ask
Your corniness is going to come back in the form of in grown beard hairs. Hope you're prepared.
That one dude announcing NXT sort of sounds like Josh Barnett on axs but not as good. He's pretty good though.
Jeff just found Josh Barnett in the lobby. Pininski having a nerdgasm legit. I'm praying for a kimura on him. S
Guy asked for a couple of limes at work and I gave him three cause I'm an April fools aficionado.
Refs don't call travel when the guy gained literally no advantage from it. No point
Josh Barnett and I discuss the potential for teacher evaluation in April 2016 Phi Delta Kappan.
What's Mr. T's favorite month of the year. April, fools
WA Premier Colin Barnett arrives at COAG and says "we all love each other". It is April Fools Day
Made some spinach and mushroom enchiladas for my mom and regular ones for me and I ate hers instead cause they were bomb
"Don't be a if you don't want to Barnett. Whatever you convene, be willing to the best and worst.
Watch Josh Barnett Star in Trailer For “Never Back Down: No Surrender”: Josh Barnett has one of the more diver...
Confused thought he was fighting Josh Barnett not 3 May 21 🤔😜😂
took me ages to work out who the blonde was I thought it was josh Barnett at first !! Bayley 😍 amazing !
Just saw a commercial for Band Aids. Are there people who still don't know what a Band Aid is so they need to have ads on television?
Haven't been to a concert in a hot minute and that's not okay
Colin Barnett says giving WA a slice of income tax would allow it to "get rid of some of the nuisance taxes" like stamp duty
Colin Barnett concedes WA would be better off than other states through income tax changes due to higher than average wages
Colin Barnett backs PM on income tax; the other Premiers "are getting down to penny pinching, how many dollars are in it for me"
Video: Josh Barnett acts, body slams fighters in latest 'Never Back Down' movie: I've been tolerating this Nev...
Rothwell just subbed Josh Barnett and fans went nuts but they forget that Hunt was seconds away from arm-baring Rothwell
Just watched Josh Barnett v. Dean Lister - twice. So good. Just so, so good.
Oh, also, I really like Corey Graves on commentary. Subtle heel commentary, clever lines, a lot like Josh Barnett.
They are going to start doing an all English show on AXS TV w/ Jim Ross and Josh Barnett doing commentary
Just saw the video of Mayhem saying he is fighting Josh Barnett. He's completely wasted and confused. I actually feel bad for the guy.
you out of all people should know that Josh Barnett didn't have the urgency he usually has
// Oh, man... The president of the organization doesn't even know it's Josh Barnett he's fighting?!
Josh Barnett should be exempt from Rousey and Pals, he's a nice man.
Can't wait to hear what a will sound like with but will Josh Barnett be joining him?
Josh Barnett has never been one to take life too seriously, and the former UFC heavyweight champion continued the trend as…
What if mayhem actually thinks he is fighting Josh Barnett, and he didnt just get the name wrong.
. Also Josh Barnett is a total war master ;-)
What are the chances that Mayhem actually thinks he's fighting Josh Barnett and not Luke Barnatt?
"When darkness blinds you, I will shine to guide you." - Josh Groban
Is Miller's alleged upcoming fight against Josh Barnett now off?
Lmfao, Josh Barnett is a HW that would prison rape you in the cage for 15 mins if he felt like it.
Will fight with barncat Josh Barnett be off?
Did you see his "announcement" video. He thought he was fighting Josh Barnett.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Is drunk in this video as he talks about fighting next -
Well, since as of now that retard thinks he's fighting Josh Barnett, he's in for a real surprise at the weigh ins :)
UT didn't storm after any of their upsets. Probably cause they were road games though
Jason "Mayhem" Miller comes out of retirement to fight Josh Barnett in I... via YouTube
you should have Josh Barnett join the party lol
Jesus. That video of Mayhem Miller out of shape drinking a beer taking about fighting Josh Barnett (Luke Barnatt). Train wreck.
Waves picked 2nd in WCC poll and Barnett, Caruso, Wilson named preseason all-conference.
Jason Mayhem Miller wasted in this new video, thinks he's fighting UFC heavyweight Josh Barnett, and we don't...
Highlights of this uncut video?. 1. N-bomb. 2. Josh Barnett. 3. Awkward Wingo. 4. Spitting on the floor.
hey retard you are fighting Luke Barnett no Josh Barnett
Does Mayhem really think he's fighting Josh Barnett? Cuz I prefer that fight.
He thought or may still think he's fighting Josh Barnett
idk but you can watch him call his Filipino friend the n-bomb on my Periscope rip here:
Confused Miller thinks he's fighting Josh tells 'Warmaster' to go f--k himself
ICYMI: Ben Rothwell makes Josh Barnett tap out at on FOX 18
I thought Mike Tenay was the worst commentator in wrestling --- Josh Barnett by far is the worst ever
Ben Rothwell was calm/cool/collected beating Josh Barnett but you know he was like this on the inside. https:…
If Ben Rothwell beats Josh Barnett, is he next in line to fight Jim Ross?
UFC 30 FOTN Pedro Rizzo vs Josh Barnett on [That was a *** of a good fight!]
Remember when Stipe Miocic ducked wouldn't it be funny if Big Ben fights for the title against Josh Barnett?
We bet you can't guess what Ronda Rousey and Josh Barnett talked about the first time they met...
also. Strange that NJPW never used Mauro Ranallo and Josh Barnett on NJPW world… They use Kevin Kelly and Matt Striker.
Roy Nelson has a big fight coming up on Sept. 26 with Josh Barnett. Live on
The MMA Hour - 307 - Josh Barnett: Josh Barnett will preview his UFC on FOX 18 fight against Ben Rothwell.
Ben Rothwell looking at fights against Frank Mir, Josh Barnett after 'raw deal' in Dublin
Ben Rothwell vs Josh Barnett has me like...
Josh Barnett vs. Ben Rothwell in New Jersey on Jan. 30. Who takes it?. Story:
Josh Barnett describes Ben Rothwell bout at UFC on Fox 18: "Two big Viking sons of b*es going at it" -
Josh Barnett, Ben Rothwell set to clash at UFC on FOX 18
A heavyweight match-up between Josh Barnett and Ben Rothwell has been booked for UFC on FOX 18,…
Josh Barnett vs. Ben Rothwell slated for UFC on FOX 18 in Newark
Josh Barnett vs. Ben Rothwell Set to Go Down at UFC on FOX 18
Heavyweight contenders Josh Barnett, Ben Rothwell face off at UFC on FOX 18
Josh Barnett vs. Ben Rothwell added to UFC on FOX 18 in New Jersey
Ben Rothwell vs. Josh Barnett added to UFC on FOX 18. via for
Ben Rothwell vs Josh Barnett official for UFC on FOX 18 on Jan. 30
Josh Barnett (6-2 in the UFC) & Ben Rothwell (5-3 in the UFC) will collide @ UFC on FOX 18 in Newark, New Jersey on January 30th.
Matt Brown, Rory MacDonald, Josh Barnett and Nick Diaz are the guys who rep the metal world in the Octagon so I'll back em til the end.
Josh Barnett should fight The Winner of Mark Hunt vs Antonio Silva. . Roy Nelson should fight Todd Duffee.
Josh Barnett made Randy Couture's dirty boxing look like a joke last night. Defensively excellent and always looking to do damage.
Josh Barnett and Roy Nelson keeping it classy in their post-fight interview. Kudos to these guys! via
Barnett outworks Nelson at UFC Fight Night: Heavyweight Josh Barnett made his first appearance in the Octagon ...
Wow great fight Josh Barnett and Roy Nelson!!! True heart definitely reminded me of Bigfoot and Hunt!!
Fights I'd like to see after UFC Fight Night 75. Heavyweight . Josh Barnett vs Winner of Hunt vs Silva. Roy Nelson...
Roy Nelson can take 33-7 former UFC champion Josh Barnett down, but not 10-10-1 Mark Hunt. Records never have mattered to me.
How to Watch UFC Fight Night 75 Live Stream Online: Heavyweights Josh Barnett and Roy Nelson square off in the...
i would say Josh Barnett was in his best shape in his Randy Couture fight
Josh Barnett has no contract to fight Chael Sonnen at Metamoris, willing to school him anyway
rumble and Patrick cummins and big foot and whoop Josh Barnett and Frank Mir DC went decision with jones bader
My upcoming highlights are Pentagon Jr in LU, Wagner, Josh Barnett, Mike Awesome. In that order
Ignorant Josh Barnett is now a no go. Online I/V go well for you? WWE doesn't need thuggish crossover wannabes as future. This is wrestling.
seems josh Barnett is on a new diet
jOsh Barnett comments on the woman that can beat Ronda.
>> Josh Barnett is building the next generation of war masters
Josh Barnett is quietly building the next generation of war masters
Just arm wrestle with Josh Barnett as ref and get it over with lol
Josh Barnett talking about pressure in Jiu-Jitsu and demonstrating it on one my favourite positions.
*** that I have to pretend to not care about a girl in order to have her.
Kevin Barnett will never be a real zoologist. That time has past for him. --
Hey Dave, will you be having Josh Barnett on the show before his upcoming fight?
Josh Barnett's protegé Victor Henry makes his Pancrase return at Pancrase 270 on 10/4. Opponent TBA.
Josh barnett vs fedor ufc would you watch that on fox... I wld
Part two of my exclusive interview with talking WWE, NJPW on AXS, Horsewomen and more!
I just renewed mine because I have an unhealthy obsession with josh barnett
the ol contanimated supplment excuse. old schoolers call this the Josh Barnett
Do you think that Josh Barnett outgrappled Dean Lister at metamoris?
Some of you might know Billy as the trainer of MMA fighters Josh Barnett and Kazushi Sakuraba (6 of 9)
We live in a world where Josh Barnett sat down with Steve Austin and showed him Bolt Thrower, life is amazing
Mauro Ranallo and Josh Barnett are the best Announce team going today.
Due to a schedule conflict Frank Shamrock will debut as a pro wrestling announcer, working with Mauro Ranallo, as Josh Barnett's replacement
Jun18.2011. Josh Barnett advances to the semi finals of the Strikeforce Grand Prix,. when he submits Brett Rogers
METAMORIS 6: Josh Barnett vs Ryron Gracie Countdown || Catch Metamoris 6 and more at
why cant i watch Josh Barnett vs Daniel Cormier on ??? What's up with that.
After finishing Bigfoot,. Daniel Cormier advanced to the finals of the Grand Prix,. where he would fight Josh Barnett …
May19.2012. Daniel Cormier defeats Josh Barnett by Unanimous Decision,. to win the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix …
*** Josh Barnett giving owens props is really cool. Love when the MMA/ProWrestling worlds collide in a good way
I liked a video from Josh Barnett vs Roy Nelson at UFC Fight Night Japan
BIG NEWS for the hardcore fans, Josh Barnett and Roy Nelson will be coaches for Road to the UFC: Japan reality...
Josh Barnett vs. Roy Nelson set to headline UFC: Japan, coach new reality show
Just announced: Sept 27, UFC: Japan at the Saitama Arena headlined by Roy Nelson vs Josh Barnett. The pair will be coache…
Josh Barnett hopes Roy Nelson is allowed to use steroids for UFC showdown in Japan
UFC sets Roy Nelson vs. Josh Barnett for Japan, launches new reality show via
History Of MMA: Josh Barnett is a legend of and long live the King.
Josh Barnett is the king of submission grappling
New Podcast- Hector Lombard explains the PED situation, calls out Josh Barnett in Metamoris and more
I liked a video from Joe Rogan Experience - Josh Barnett
Josh Barnett would make Travis Browne pay in a rematch: 'You will get your *** handed to you'
Josh Barnett wants to take off Travis 'HAPA' Browne (Official Verified Fan Page) head and says that Travis will...
Josh Barnett wants to smash Travis Browne. Do you want to see the rematch?. Morning Report...
Stefan Struve joins the Blackzilians/Josh Barnett has decided to come back to the wants to fight in the summer.
Blake Barnett and ESPN's Kaylee Hartung shooting hoops in the players lounge.
Josh Barnett & Tim Sylvia didn't look like guys on roids.
I keep hearing it over & over lol to think you guys ranked Blake Barnett over Josh Rosen is comical 😂😂😂 almost epic irrational
Blake Barnett is better than Josh Rosen? How is ESPN even allowed to have recruiting rankings?
Hey Blake Barnett you lost the recruiter of the year award today to Josh Rosen.
WATCH: Our 'Year of the Quarterback' features & highlights on top QBs from
It's just the cutest thing when people from anywhere but Texas try to pretend they know barbecue.
josh barnett was running through people. Big foot silva was no joke. I was talking about his athletics.
CSAC suspended Josh Barnett for the same thing Anderson got busted for... NSAC sure didn't suspend Andy... Gee I wonder why?
Colin Barnett says Brian Pontifex "has been a very good CoS ... I wish the best for Brian whatever path he ends up taking"
I remember chatting with Rick Victor, when he was working as Shadow in njpw. He said that he had trained with Josh Barnett.
Barnett says he'll miss his CoS if he takes up OECD ambassadorship but "I take an approach people should pursue their careers"
You could test positive for steroids and still be respected in MMA. Look at Josh Barnett and Chael Sonnen.
Colin Barnett has confirmed scoop. His CoS Brian Pontifex has been approached, but no offer yet.
Colin Barnett says the current model of the CCC is not working. Along with the AG, will look at changes throughout the year
Anderson's legacy is tarnished to me. . *Goes back to watching Josh Barnett fights*
WA Premier Colin Barnett says CoS Brian Pontifex's been approached for Paris-based job with the OECD. No offer yet
now Kevin Barnett . There's a haircut you can set your watch to.
Josh Barnett interested in competing in the WWE. . I'd pay to see him face Brock.
please do not draft Marcus Mariota. He doesn't deserve it
nowhere to go but up bud. Keep at it
For the first time Colin Barnett has said publicly what has been discussed privately - he wants Liza Harvey to be his Deputy
Colin Barnett tells the PM has been let down by colleagues, "I don't think the treasurer has done a great job"
WA Premier Colin Barnett tells he expects Liza Harvey to be a candidate for Deputy Premier ... when it comes up
He wouldve had multiple downs to try
My favorite, however, will always be this one. It was an adorable thing to put in a headline.
Jay Weatherill & Colin Barnett are now the only of Australia's 8 state & territory leaders who've been in office more th…
Fair to say whatever have paid for Barnett we've mugged them right Crawley did to us.
Shrewsbury when they wake up tomorrow and realise they've paid £300'000 for Tyrone Barnett
BARNETT HAS GONE. What a time to be alive
The football club can confirm that Tyrone Barnett has joined for an undisclosed fee. Tyrone has signed a two …
“Marshawn Lynch ran the ball 5 times from 1-yard line during regular season. He only scored ONCE. 🐸☕️
Our generation really needs to get over itself.
I don't mind Game of War ads because Kate Upton's sexy *** is in them. There, I said it.
Rob Kraft is so drunk in that interview 😂😂
Kim Jong Un has nothing on my love for Katy Perry.
“"Chick-fil-A was closed on Sunday." -Ana don't act like babies are the only ones who cry about this
Ice T is my favorite part of Law and Order.
alright. info at my name dot tv. . Josh Barnett
.offer their thoughts on California's dream QB class. It's big time.
The Year of the Cali QB is here, with assist from How good will it be?
Don't really like Josh Barnett guy comes off as an *** and talks as if was some sort of big draw when it comes to Wrestling come on
I'm loving your work calling the NJPW action on AXS TV, Mauro! Josh Barnett provides legit color too. Greetings from Chile!
If you have AXS, watch them. They’re all good and the English commentary from Mauro Ranallo and Josh Barnett is outstanding.
Myself and Josh Barnett last night at @ SparStar MMA Promotions Inc @ Hollywood Park Casino
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Here is a video from AXS TV’s Inside MMA with Josh Barnett joining Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten in a preview of...
Josh Barnett says 'MMA in Japan is not dead'
and winner over top heavys like Roy Nelson, Josh Barnett, Bigfoot Silva, and beat HOF Dan Henderson
However. 1.) The last relevant fighter he faced was Josh Barnett in 2012. . 2.) The lack of challenge says far more about Jones.
Don't forget. Roy Nelson vs. Alistair Overeem , if you could'nt make it happen Josh Barnett vs. Alistair Overeem !
Active fighters qualified to be anchors, commentators or analysts for MMA media: Dominick Cruz, Frank Mir, Josh Barnett. That's it.
Exclusive interview: Mark Hunt talks about KO’ing Werdum, fighting Josh Barnett and Cain Velasquez and about his…
Josh Barnett and Bobby Lashley back it again in the TapouT LA cage. These big dudes go hard!! Tapout Los Angeles... http:…
UFC's Mark Hunt and Josh Barnett are apparently ready for a rematch -
Josh Barnett vs. Dean Lister slated for Metamoris 4 in August - MMA Fighting
BJJ Community: What do you call that submission in Catch Wrestling?. Josh Barnett: We just call it a head and arm.
maybe top 10, fighting Stefan Struve, Roy Nelson... He might have a chance with Josh Barnett, but not likely.
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Josh Barnett shoots down claims from WWE manager Paul Heyman that no fighter could have beaten a healthy Brock Lesnar, insisting he would have "crushed" the former division champion.
Josh Barnett made the entire catch wrestling community so proud last night. R.I.P Coach Robinson
Someone might slip and fall on Josh Barnett's sweat patch.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
“You can say there’s going to be malicious things happening Sept. 27… Daniel, you know that I am going to bring that to you, I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure you never forget the night you stepped in the Octagon with me.” “I’ve fought many great wrestlers before. I think there’s a huge difference between a great wrestler who’s learned how to throw a few punches and kicks and a martial artist. I embody the spirit of a martial artist, the heart of a martial artist, what it truly means to be a martial artist. I’ll give up my arm. I’ll give up an eye. I’ll give up a toe. It doesn’t matter. “No one has tested you that way. You have not fought anything like me. You will see the difference between all these old, washed up fighters you’ve been beating. You have a sense of security beating Dan Henderson? A guy who’s almost 50 years old? Patrick Cummins, a guy who’s only 4-0? Josh Barnett at the end of his career? You have not tasted what I have to offer and you ...
So ready for mass today going with my son Josh Barnett
When it comes to talking to women, "Jesus Take the Wheel" comes to mind.
If I had one wish, it would be to get up in face and tell her how and why she's the biggest *** in the world.
One more shift at the salt lick, then it's 86 Josh Barnett. 😭
hel ragdoll him.he threw Bigfoot josh Barnett Frank Mir Dan Henderson about like wee boys.i cant stand jones sir.arrogant guy
. Changed his tune. Buswell seems to have the upper hand where Barnett is concerned. Hmm
Barnett could go one step further as the Leader and demand Buswells resignation- man up Premi…
Josh Barnett, arguably the most famous catch wrestler in the world, is quoted as saying that catch is much more aggressive than Jiujitsu
Josh Barnett Conquers The World (Shayna Bazler): via A new podcast for my enjoyment
"My guys" to watch during Browns TC: S Darwin Cook, WR Jon Krause, S Josh Aubrey, LB D Eubanks. know is high on Cal Barnett
Kick off Friday right with Josh Barnett Conquers The World - Also on iTunes and YouTube.
"if you think you know it all you don't know it all" (c) Josh Barnett.
Didn't do anything productive today and I couldn't be more exhausted.
Nick absolutely needs to work on his wrestling... Call up Faber and the boys or Josh Barnett...All there in California
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"Bill Millers is better than Casa Alde" -
Another shoutout to for an awesome episode with - catch it here now:
DC lifted Josh Barnett above his head and slammed him just wow Jon Jones would be nothing in comparison.
Affliction's 3rd MMA Event was set to be headlined by a Heavyweight bout. between Josh Barnett & Fedor on August 1st
metamoris's photo excited for this Dean Lister vs Josh Barnett
We're very excited to welcome attorney Josh Bobich to the team!
just showed my dad DC lifting up Josh Barnett and slamming him on the mat.
If you haven't listened to the live episode - and , get your fix now! …
I think Logan Lindsey is really attractive
.on podcast-Josh Barnett Conquers the World, while at
I would say in a realistic fight, I'd wanna see Cain fight Josh Barnett. But a dream fight, I'd still want John Jones!
Chael Sonnen vs. Andre Galvao to headline Metamoris 4, Josh Barnett also on August 9 line up
Josh Barnett has agreed to meet Dean Lister at Metamoris 4 on Aug. 9 in Los Angeles.
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