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Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith, Jr. (December 23, 1805 – June 27, 1844) was an American religious leader and founder of the Latter Day Saint movement, which gave rise to Mormonism.

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For the Kirtland temple dedication Elijah appeared to Joseph Smith + Oliver Cowdery & bestowed upon them the bong o…
Dean Collins jailed over Joseph Smith's crash death
'No memory' of crash that killed Joseph Smith, 5 via a taster
You can't tell me my bruised thigh isn't the Angel Moroni visiting Joseph Smith. It's uncanny.
It was the Angel Moroni. The same one that came to Joseph Smith. He couldn't share the Golden Plates either.
To put it bluntly, Neal, you worship an idol. The "Jesus" you know is an invention of Joseph Smith, not the biblical Jesus.
Exodus 33:20, John 1:18, no one has seen God. Stephen did not say he saw the face of God the Father. Joseph Smith did.
How did Brigham Young's receiving the key to the sealing power qualify him to succeed Joseph Smith as president of…
Thomas S Monson can't be exalted in any way unless he confesses that I was both Father Adam & Joseph Smith
not fair they have Joseph Smith on their side
Trouble is, that isn't Joseph's FLDS minister Warren Jeffs.Now in prison for his pedophilia out of Tex…
Jesus is the only way to Heaven. Not Buddha, Mohammad, or Joseph Smith.
.Mo's no different than Joseph Smith, yet nobody at South Park got killed.
Joseph Smith brought forth fruit, just like ancient prophets & did.
The is the fruit, or proof, of Joseph Smith as a prophet, just like & ancient prophet said.
Joseph Smith corrected false teachings in the just like ancient prophets did.
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Joseph Smith bought a printing press. Lots of Mormons. Js.
Joseph Smith was a true prophet, just like ancient prophets & were.
Joseph Smith was falsely accused, like ancient prophets & were.
Joseph Smith was labeled a false prophet like ancient prophets, & were.
Joseph Smith entertained angels like the ancient prophets did.
Joseph Smith was martyred just like many ancient prophets & were.
Joseph Smith brought forth new scriptures just like the ancient prophets & did.
Joseph Smith prophesied just as the ancient prophets did.
Joseph Smith saw just like ancient did.
Joseph Smith received Priesthood Keys just like the ancient
Joseph Smith cast out devils just as the ancient prophets did.
Joseph Smith healed the sick thru the Authority of the Priesthood, just like the ancient prophets.
Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. God appeared to him in visions, just as He did to ancient prophets.
Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism, was a high ranking Freemason.
Friends of the Stirling Smith invite you to an illustrated talk on topographical artist Joseph Farington 27th Feb.
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Joseph Smith was clearly a false prophet. When a prophecy that a "prophet" makes doesn't happen, that proves they are false.
One of the grand fundamental principles of Mormonism is to receive truth, let it come from whence it may. . By Joseph Smith, Jr.
Those who know Joseph Smith was a prophet also know Jesus is Christ 'cause they have the Holy Ghost. The is the only true Church.
Reading the before going to 😴 brings 😇. Joseph Smith was a prophet. Jesus is the Christ. is a living prophet.
Yes. Joseph Smith had the gift of prophecy, healing, tongues, interpretation of tongues, discerning of spirits, etc.
Joseph Smith was convicted of fraud before founding the Mormon church. 10 Creepy Polygamous Prophets
Where are Aldon Smith and Joseph Randle's friends and family?! Can someone put them in check please??
Jesus said "by their fruits ye shall know them [true prophets]". The Book of Mormon is the fruit of Joseph Smith the Prophet.
Jesus called Joseph Smith as a prophet & Joseph translated the Book of Mormon by the Gift of God. That is his fruit.
Interested your thoughts on Seer Stones used by Joseph Smith and the Mormon's and the fate of Jews.
Chad Morton had been sharing RB coaching role with Sherman Smith this past season. Move to Morton was in works for a while,…
Fate of Persecutors of the Prophet Joseph Smith & Law of God regarding Sodomites
He's pushed him to the brink before, but can Joe Smith upset Jason Nolf Sunday? Relive their 2016 Scuffle final ->…
"Mormonism is the pure doctrine of Jesus Christ of which myself am not ashamed." ~ Joseph Smith, Jr.
.I thought that ppl saying Joseph Smith was a fraud & a conman was a lie. Then I actually, honestly looked at the evidence.
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I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion..…
Utah was so good at this the US banned it :D You see people that look just like Joseph or Hyrum Smith walki…
.used his power to sleep w/teenagers & other men's wives. How can you condone Joseph Smith's actions?
JR Smith was casually eating McDonald's with the Larry O'Brien trophy today:
I have never thought of Joseph Smith as being very poetic, but that quote by him I just posted makes me wonder!
“I have got the oldest book in the world [Bible]; but I have got the oldest book in my heart, even the gift of the Holy Ghost.” Joseph Smith
I'm gonna trample all over her little friend Joseph Smith
My little sis learned about Joseph Smith and Calvin Harris in primary today. What church she goin to
Leaving the church for not understanding Joseph Smith.
Leaving the church for not understanding Joseph Smith. -->
Rejoice in the Lord for He has restored His only true & living Church, the thru Joseph Smith the Prophet.
Canadian parents convicted of taking daughter to marry Warren Jeffs. Substitute "Warren Jeffs" for "Joseph Smith,"…
"Prophet" Joseph Smith, an immovable facts, a fraud, con artist & dishonored God. The same applies to all the LDS Church leaders
So, the Bible is wrong? If Moses, Isaiah, Peter, Paul, or John can see God, so can Joseph Smith. Remember. God is the same.
There is nothing wrong with asking honest questions. The Restoration began when Joseph Smith sought an answer to a sin…
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ya and they believe Joseph Smith taked to God in Wayne county
The says God is the same (Hebrews 13:8). Therefore, calls now, starting with Joseph Smith thru Thomas S. Monson.
I know Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet because I have received revelation. Joseph Smith also is a Prophet. Revelation is real.
The bishop's wife asked a girl to give us a summary of the first vision and she talked about Martin Luther King Jr instead of Joseph Smith
"No one can ever enter the celestial kingdom unless he is strictly honest." --Joseph Smith, Jr. -->
In my hands, I hold the fullness of the Gospel, restored by Joseph Smith jr., Prophet, seer, and revelator.I thank…
Carthage, Illinois -- closed caskets and closed religious polygamy cases. Thanks for the re-death of Joseph Smith, Jr.
The Joseph Smith Jr and Emma Hale Smith Historical Society supports a new website produced from the Joseph Smith...
FAQs: The church was founded on the 6th April, 1830 by Joseph Smith, Jr.
Yeah I've often thought I should become a Mormon. Joseph Smith seems so honest!
"This life is the most vital period in our eternal existence." ~ Joseph Fielding Smith
have you ever seen a worse ride then that from Joseph Azzopardi
A fitting tribute. A religion started by a con man,Joseph Smith, pays homage to another con man. Congratulations.
Joseph Smith's successor Thomas S Monson is a prophet and holds the same keys and is a pr…
The lengths to which TBM's will go to defend Joseph smith marrying a 14 year old are extreme. Guy commenting on th… htt…
I texted my friend the story of Joseph Smith's battle with diarrhea
what lesson? is it a lesson from the Joseph Smith manual?
This ban was established by the Mormon false prophet, Joseph Smith, who was RACIST to the core. Mormons are hypocrites.
"He [Joseph Smith] lived great, and he died great in the eyes of God and his people." . (December 23, 1805 - June 27, 1844)…
Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church, borrowed many of his church's signs, grips, symbols, and rituals from the Masonic Lodge.
don't get your mormon underwear in a bunch. Joseph Smith was a con artist & his followers are ***
Good thing the Mormon singer didn't quit over Joseph Smith they call prophet comparable to Moses & Elija
Joseph Smith was a manipulative liar who built a religion based on sexism and power. These people worship him. Lmao.
Memorial 2 Joseph Smith from the One Mighty & Strong He called me
Look at all those stupid fools believing in the most insane religion ever created by a criminal con man- the Pedophile Joseph Smith
david koresh is dead tho. and dont forget joseph smith, L ron hubbard and the popes... well the list goes on really
*** you missionaries for stopping me in this cold to talk about Jesus and Joseph Smith
I didn't want to burst the bubble but as you have said it, there is no problem.Founder of Mormonism,Joseph Smi…
A New Year brings many new fellow travelers to our world. Moses grew from baby to
The Miracle and Wonder of the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible should also never be forgotten.
A New Year reminds us of need of a sense of direction, purpose, fulfillment. What is the lesson of the bees?
Joseph Palicke lol do true I even know this!
Joseph Smith was the so-called founder of the mormon church.
Plat of Zion: the too-big blocks of Joseph Smith's utopian city orient you to the temple: P…
how many do you know that preach the Gospel? It is all about Joseph Smith and Not Jesus Christ. Where did sin go?
LOL...If that's true, then why did God order Joseph Smith, upon the warning of eternal damnation, to practice it?
St. Joseph’s Hospital in Riverview, Florida puts the hospitality in hospital! Learn more at
Have you *seen* what Joseph Smith got up to in his lifetime?
McMullen ... Romney ... Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon ... Can't trust 'em
yes mike smith or Vance Joseph as HCs would be good too
Even people who fell for Joseph Smith can see through Trump 😂
Joseph Smith. The Prophet of the Lord, Jesus Christ in our day, in our own dispensation. Amen.
Joseph Smith only claimed he had the "sealing power" after he had been caught with other women behind Emma's back. .
L. Ron Hubbard, Joseph Smith and Anton Szandor LaVey! Rarefied company to be Sure! Indeed! All dead. Me too.
I definitely referred to Joseph Smith as "The All-American Prophet" in an essay question last year
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Brad synthesizes the righteousness of Joseph Smith and the faithfulness of Mother Teresa.
Joseph Smith is to Joe Smith as Santa Claus is to Saint Nicholas -->
3 teaching. They had a major shake up concerning their founder Joseph Smith that split them and put…
Sorry, dude, Jesus foretold the coming of Joseph Smith.
Repeating America Unchained and, when talking about Joseph Smith's time in Nauvoo I see similarities with Donald Trump
When I slept with Joseph Smith, he didn't tell me he still liked women.
Joseph Smith's explanation of the Egyptian text is as silly as . "Who was Joan of Arc?". "Noah's wife?".
Put down the book of Mormon,read the 66 book Bible,Joseph Smith is/was a FALSE PROPHET,the Holy Spirit confirms this in me
An angel threatened to kill Mormon founder Joseph Smith with a sword if he didn't marry young girls and women marr…
Get your people strait. John Smith married Pocahontas. Joseph Smith talked to God the Father & the Son Jesus Christ.
Not nice, Cameron. You are supposed to be an example. Joseph Smith is crying right now
Joseph Smith's letters to Orson Hyde were sources of light along Hyde's difficult and depressing journey to the Holy Land.
what's the gig with Saul/Paul? Why was he believed? "Dead Jesus said I'm in charge". Just like Joseph Smith. And Mohammed.
meaning Saul said so. Uh huh. You see my problem? Joseph Smith claimed the same. As did Mohammed of course.
A Mormon leader has called on members to defend Joseph Smith's sorry from "misinformation". - Dustin
Susan Easton Black presents on how Joseph Smith was a dark-horse presidential candidate of the 1844 election
Mormon leader, Joseph Smith, is said to have had as many as 40 wives, some as young as 14.
193 years ago today the Angel Moroni visited Joseph Smith and the religion was founded 🙂👏😇
Make of Joseph Smith and the LDS Church what you will, but this is some cool history, from
Joseph Smith returned to Kirtland from his unsuccessful treasure hunt in Salem, Mass. [Source: Broadhurst, Dale R.,…
Happy Sunday!. Joseph Smith boned 48 women. How many have you?. "Man is that he might have joy." Or Bob's wife Tracy.
The entire Mormon faith is based on fraudulent claims of "miracles" encountered by Joseph Smith.
The keys Elijah restored to Joseph Smith permit our hearts to be bound and each of us linked to those of our ancestors. —R…
Fun day the Church History museum, temple square, the Joseph Smith building, and the Confrence Center.!
Karl Marx wrote a theology so he could lay around while his wife worked and Joseph Smith wrote a religion so he could hav…
In his upcoming book “Liars”, does Glenn Beck include Joseph Smith and Brigham Young?
Joseph Smith and the Doctrine and Covenants by Milton V., Jr. Backman (LDS BOOKS
Currently attending the smallest church congregation in history. I'm talking first sacrament meeting held by Joseph Smith small.
Memorial for Joseph Smith: A memorial was held at Horizon High School for Joseph Smith, 18, a recent Horizon…
Joseph Smith, as mayor, ordered the city marshal, John Greene, to destroy the press, scatter the type, and burn...
Weird confirmation of Joseph Smith's health code: it was not a ban on coffee, as many believe, but on hot drinks...
I just want the world to know and love the gospel as I do. It's True!. Jesus Christ Lives!. Joseph Smith is a True Prophet!
maybe the next prophet? Who knew Mel would do a series? Muhammad. Joseph Smith. Ron L Hubbard.
I have same Authority because it was restored thru Joseph Smith by Peter, James, & John.
I liked to trigger them by telling them Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were charlatans. They loved my drug stories too which was weird
temple work masonic rituals stolen by Joseph Smith .
Why did so many unite against Joseph Smith? Here's the obvious answer by - Elder Bruce R. McConkie, a member of...
look it's more of Joseph Smith's house and also me and my mom w some lamanites from the hill cumorah pageant
Attempts by the wicked to demonize Joseph Smith have been going on since he left the sacred grove. You can keep trying, though.
Joseph Smith with his brother Hyrum "brought [to Kirtland] my grandmother, Mary Smith, aged ninety-three years. She…
the bible testifies of god and so does the Book of Mormon it's stories from prophets Joseph smith ain't in it lol
Mrs. Smith can't hold me back, and neither can these hashtags
For Mormons to call themselves Christian will need them to call Joseph Smith a false prophet or just abandoned his teachings all together
Most people who listen to Glenn Beck. Do not know that founder of Mormonism was a Polygamist with 33 wives. Joseph Smith.
"Is a narcissist who believes he is modern day Joseph Smith on mission from God to derail He's plain crazy!"
Yeah I would have preferred to read it in the English version translated by Joseph Smith (pbuh) Himself.
Thank you Joseph Smith for opening up this current dispensation!
Joseph Smith indisputably existed, doesn't make Book of Mormon true, likewise with Jesus & gospels
“Joseph Smith was chosen to stand at the head of the work of the Lord in the last days, and his work was assigned...
2018 Scotlandville (La.) CB Kelvin Joseph adds offer from The commit is La.'s No. 1 CB in 2018
The party is a lot of fun and M.R. Joseph has such a sweet genuine personality ! Author Megan Smith is up now !...
Patrick Mason, author of "Planted," joins John Turner in this episode of Radiowest to talk about Joseph Smith's...
I got "You are an expert on Joseph Smith!" on "Test Your Knowledge of the Prophet Joseph Smith" What about you?
"187 years ago today, Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery found a secluded spot to pray about baptism by proper...
you let them know Jesus saved you, not Joseph Smith! Lids don't play that. Or send em to Alex ..Let him sing them away 😂😂
What a feeling! Massive well done to all the boys 👏👏 what are you doing 😂😂😂
Wembley Wembley were the famous Sheffield Wednesday and were off to Wembley .
Imagine Joseph Smith about to blow you and your friends 😩👅💦
Joseph Smith had a magic stone that showed visions but only when it was in his hat and pressed against his face so no one else could see it
Joseph M. Smith is pushing the boundaries of suburban design.
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love that couple feeding dinosaur, as anachronistic & wrong as anything Joseph Smith pulled in Book of Mormon
How much should you drop Balducci Mr Handicapper?. How much has John Joseph Smith just pocketed?
Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan are my two favs actors oh and Will Smith and Liam Neeson
Now we Karl Joseph, Smith and Nelson, out there talk about a no fly zone lol
In December 1834, Joseph Smith Sr. gave the Prophet Joseph a blessing, confirming that he was the seer of whom...
Mr Justice Peter Smith's complaint about Lord Pannick QC's newspaper column tells us more about judge than columnist h…
Anne Watson claims to have found the famous Joseph Smith painting while playing LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean.
if it says Joseph Smith is a sorcerer I swear...
John Turner and I will be talking about Joseph Smith's First Vision today on
Clearly, the knowledge that Adam had the Gospel from the beginning, which Joseph Smith taught could be placed in...
Now here is a serious question. What about Mormons. Is this a real religion, or Did Joseph Smith make it up?
Romney's a Mormon just like Beck! Christians aren't this wild! JudeoChristians are not into their Joseph Smith prophecies!
187 yrs ago today, the Aaronic Priesthood was restored to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery, by John the Baptist. h…
Joseph Smith was true to his calling and fulfilled his duty even in the fac...
At -- Behind the Joseph Smith building lies a lovely garden. Love temple square in the spr…
David Koresh, Jim Jones, Joseph Smith, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa all had a burden for souls.
Parts of the Book of Mormon were copied right out of the bible by Joseph Smith. There are 1769 King James Version …
Historians to discuss Joseph Smith's polyandrous children, Mormons on YouTube, and Winston ...
Yes, two modern Prophets (Joseph Smith & Lorenzo Snow) both taught that "As man now is, God once was. As God now is, man may be."
I liked a video The Strange But True Story of Mormonism and Joseph Smith
Did you know that Joseph Smith listens to Yanni before he jumps into his big, gigantic, humongous truck? They pray and they drink gas, duh.
The Book of Mormon is an eye-witness account, as was Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, Sidney Rigdon, Lorenzo Snow, & current
From 1823 to 1829, the Angel Moroni appeared at least twenty times to Joseph Smith and others. Those...
Hitchens on mormonism and Joseph Smith & Angel Moroni
has anybody else seen the awful Restoration short film where Joseph Smith is played by a Kenneth Branagh lookalike because that's a good one
I may or may have not mixed up Joseph Smith and John Smith because I just recently rewatched Mr. and Mrs. Smith and I'm not even sorry
Joseph Smith was Cain, proved to the chief apostle, as a man can help and second quorum of the Doctrine and with him?
She left out Joseph Smith and the Angel Moroni
this is a Guy claiming Cruz is the fulfillment of Joseph Smith's golden Mormon tablets that know one but him saw...
In future campaign appearances, John Kasich will lecture Mormons about Joseph Smith, Yankee fans about Babe Ruth:
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probably something like an LGBT cast telling the story of Joseph Smith on Hill Cumorah
Emma Hale Smith Married Joseph Smith and was widdowd after the Death of Joseph Smith
Romney just doesn't want an administration that will crack down on Joseph Smith's multiple wives, right Mitt?
Joseph Smith no more prophet than I am the book of Mormon a false book I believe n the holy Bible the teachings of Jesus Christ🐾
First thing read your bible. Recognize Jesus as the last true prophet and recognize Joseph Smith and as frauds.
Perceptions change when you are seen and heard...they cannot be unseen or unheard...only changed...Forever... ~~ Joseph Smith
" For every rule...there is a loophole " old USAF saying... which applies to the new anti-LGBT laws in NC... ~~ Joseph Smith
Make no enemies in your travels...only friends...for they will be there to protect you when you least expect them to be... ~~ Joseph Smith
ZERO physical conflicts...wage your fights with your mind not your physical chess with your enemies to win...~ Joseph Smith
The Leaders of the Mormons: The Lives and Legacies of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young "Our Missionaries Are Going
Joseph Smith was a proven charlatan, but he's Beck's major prophet.
no real Christian believes in the prophet Joseph Smith or his magical underwear. Just saying!!! You're Weird
I testify that Joseph Smith was and is a prophet of God, that the Book of Mormon is truly another testament of Jesus C…
Well, Beck is an LDS priest. His "truth" is as real as Joseph Smith's gold tablets. He fancies himself as a prophet. Baloney.
If transgender women need mammograms, why can't they use the ladies bathrooms ? ~~ Joseph Smith
HB2 compares transgender women who have NEVER been convicted with actual convicted child predators...THAT is discrimination...~~Joseph Smith
quite highly if their names are Joseph Smith or Brigham Young.
Brigham Young and Joseph Smith had multiple wives denied blacks and the priesthood don't tell me how Christians should vote
So now the man who follows the false prophet Joseph Smith thinks Christians will listen to his admonitions?
Joseph Smith founder of LDS Church ran for Pres in 1800's and lost there's 2 prophecy's he made interesting
You know this is a lie. You don't need to know secret handshakes to get to heaven. Joseph Smith is a false prophet.
Joseph Smith had many wives. Does Mormon prophet has many mistresses?
“Let all the Saints rejoice, therefore, and be exceeding glad, for Israel’s God is their God.”—Joseph Smith
When you see a picture of a transgender person...RT it to show YOUR support for transgender fights worldwide !!! ~~ Joseph Smith
a little clarification: Peyton is NOT like Joseph Smith in the regard that he has not been called to be a prophet-both men slandered tho :(
Do NOT sugar coat or talk around bigotry...tell it like it is...point it out in front of everyone...for all to see... ~~ Joseph Smith
NC Republicans...your prejudice and bigotry will NOT make trans men and women WILL only make us stronger... ~~ Joseph Smith
Mormanism I'd a cult. Joseph Smith is a false prophet. Jesus Christ is the only way. Cults don't believe in diety as Christ
Joseph Smith claimed to be a prophet However you cannot find the name Joseph Smith in the Holy Bible.
.Just saw your commercial. Follow who? Jesus? Sure. Or are you talking about that nut job false prophet Joseph Smith?
"Joseph Smith was a prophet of God…settle this in your mind and move forward.".
Be graceful under powerful, succinct and solid in your not fear your fear...Own it... ~~ Joseph Smith
A single LARGE step away from an attacker buys a trans person time to run...practice both directions... ~~ Joseph Smith, black belt
A flashlight with a back button...EVEN IN DAYLIGHT will blind any person...carry one into the bathroom with you trans girls...~ Joseph Smith
Transgender women...look directly into the eyes of all you meet...if you see can defend yourself... ~~ Joseph Smith, black belt
Do not look below the not look down...look up...and face others as are beautiful and worthy. ~~ Joseph Smith
Despite all that is happening around you...You will always have the same allies as before...many more are now on your side. ~~ Joseph Smith
you must not be familiar with THE prophet. His name was Joseph Smith and he would rebuke you if he were here
their prophet, Joseph Smith, dictated the book of mormon by looking into his hat and a peep stone or something like that...
Mormons believe Joseph Smith was God's prophet. "No man can come to Christ except through Joseph Smith."
Mohammad was self proclaimed prophet, believed in polygamy, has religious book based on him. Joseph Smith (LDS) did same.
The Church of Joseph Smith ( you MUST be baptized he is their prophet to be one) are narcisstic robots voting per leadership
THIS as a NOH8 Zone !!! :"> Dress as you wish and kiss who you love... ~~ Joseph Smith
Rot in *** mitt cause only thru Jesus will u see God not thru ur MORMAN false prophet Joseph Smith say hello toGlen
If it was so important then why didn't God allow Joseph Smith (or another prophet) to finish TRANSLATING the Bible Correctly?
(corrected) On June 27, 1844 in Carthage, Illinois, Mormon prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were murdered by a violent mob.
I believe Joseph Smith was a Prophet and Thomas Monson is a true Prophet today. I pray for non-believers to open up.
My bi, les, *** and transgender friends are NOT yours to freely discriminate against...THEY define MY friendships not yours. ~~ Joseph Smith
Another prediction based on the false prophet, Joseph Smith
is NOT the fulfillment of a White Horse prophecy.Joseph Smith=a false prophet.
Because He loves us now He spoke to & they Joseph Smith & revealed new scriptures & continues to to do so thru His Prophet
Be happy in who you are...worry not about what others think of yourself.and others will follow you... ~~ Joseph Smith
Falling in Love with Joseph Smith: My Search for the Real Prophet
TIL, In 1928, the body of Mormon founder and prophet Joseph Smith was exhumed from Nauvoo, IL, and his skull was p…
Patriarchal Blessing of Sally Baker given by Joseph Smith, Sr. ... thou shalt see Zion built up and the people of…
My martial arts instructor once said to me...Don't try too hard...just be yourself...that's the best you can do...patience...~~ Joseph Smith
NEVER...EVER...doubt what you feel yourself to be...even when others is the is You... ~~ Joseph Smith
When someone says to you not to use the bathroom you've chosen...Say to them I am not transgender temporarily, this is MY life. Joseph Smith
Be known...come known for being different in a sea of others who've chosen to look the same... ~~ Joseph Smith
The and Sean Smith agreed to terms last night, oh, around 3 am. He's flying to Oakland today. Oakland gets their guy.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Former Dolphins CB Sean Smith and Raiders reached agreement on 4-year, $40 million deal, as reported.
The and CB Sean Smith agreed to a 4-year deal worth $40M, source said, with $20M guaranteed
goddammit get your facts straight Snack-nieuws! This is on your hands too,
Now this book is better because it was translated by a Prophet of God called Joseph Smith and one other prophet...
The Rocky Mountain Saints: A Full and Complete History of the Mormons, From the First Vision of Joseph Smith to the
On page 86 of 576 of No Man Knows My History: The Life of Joseph Smith, by Fawn M. Brodie
do you heed the revelations of Joseph Smith?
Tara is a Mormon living in Utah. . Joseph Smith was founder of Mormon church
A message to all those who have lost people close to them. I believe Joseph F Smith and what he…
I'd love to draft Jaylon Smith and put him in the middle with Trevathan but it won't happen. Karl Joseph would be nice.
Stressing out about calculus. Then you realize that neither Moses, JesUs, Muhummad, Bhudda, Krishna, Or Joseph smith knew Algebra 😂😭👍🏾
Hadn't heard that one. Just the Joseph Smith story.
At the end of the lesson, the investigator said she wanted to learn about Joseph Smith's history and asked me if I knew of a good biography.
I had a revelation that Joseph Smith was a charlatan. Sorry. I believe it was real. So did he.
Truth is Mormonism. God is the author of it.
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Aldon Smith, Suh, Vernon, John Joseph, Michael Bennett. Those are a couple big names over the past couple years that were FA's
.how did Joseph Smith translate the golden plates from reformed Egyptian? What was his process?.
Almost everything on the internet about Joseph Smith are lies. -->
if we lock of Smith or another CB in FA what do you think chances of them going someone like Karl Joseph or Von Bell with the 28
Joseph Smith didn't copy everything; he got and from above.
what religion were your brought up as? . How did you figure out that Joseph Smith is honest?
I did read a biography of Muhammed years ago and was struck by his story. You should read the story of Joseph Smith 1/2
I plan on it, but for interest only. I was raised Mormon. Our Joseph Smith story was copied from the story of Muhammed.
“Joseph Smith performed his mission; . He was not afraid to stand before the pleasing bar of our Father in...
You should know something about frauds and phonies, having spent 30 LONG months promoting Joseph Smith and the Book of Moron.
Like what I hare, love to have Smith and Weddle no doubt and draft Ezekiel Elliot but would love S Karl Joseph in the 2nd.
The champion North team, led by Okeechobee head coach, Joseph Smith.
Maybe Sean Smith will come and Joseph will realize he has to switch to man...but wait then Maxwell...well crap.
The Book Shelf: Joseph Smith from a Philosophic Point of View by Lee Young 1900.
Yep that's who I want. Sean Smith & Eric Weddle/Tashaun Gibson. Draft Artie Burns & Karl Joseph and our DB situation is good
Hamilton Collection
13yo Jesus: You're not my real dad! I HATE YOU!. Joseph: One of these days boy, I'll— [distant thunder] I'll do nothing. Absolu…
Still waiting on deal for Olivier Vernon, Sean Smith, Eric Weddle and Derrick Shelby, who all happen to be clie…
You laughin to hold back the tears, Alex Smith, Ryan Tannehill, Matt Ryan 😭😭 you shivered when I said that didnt you
lol just say you're right dude like seriously Alex Smith. Y'all literally played Rookie and backups
Joseph Smith tried to kill Christianity. Burning in *** heretic and all those who follow him. Accused. Con…
parent shares how he taught his child about Joseph Smith, Book of Mormon
“A murderer for instance,one that sheds innocent blood,cannot have forgiveness.” (Teachings Of Prophet Josep…
not making excuses for the Wealth Orange. But management gurus quote Lenin, Mao, Joseph Smith, Genghis Khan, Capone, etc
Taylor Halverson: Teaching our kids about Joseph Smith's Book of Mormon translation | Deseret News
children bear "testimonies" because they KNOW Joseph Smith was a true prophet & they also KNOW that Sponge Bob …
I know the Book of Mormon is true & Joseph Smith is a Prophet. You should study the Book of Mormon & ask God in prayer to find out
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