Joseph Prince & Joyce Meyer

Joseph Prince (born May 15, 1963, Singapore) is the senior pastor of New Creation Church in Singapore, one of Asia's biggest churches. Joyce Meyer (born Pauline Joyce Hutchison; June 4, 1943) is a Charismatic Christian author and speaker. 5.0/5

Joseph Prince Joyce Meyer Joel Osteen Creflo Dollar Kenneth Copeland Benny Hinn Paula White John Hagee Rod Parsley Gloria Copeland Jesse Duplantis Bill Winston Reinhard Bonnke Jimmy Swaggart John Piper Myles Munroe Billy Graham Jack Hayford Paul Crouch

I LOVE so very much Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer and Swaggie dem (ie Jimmy Swaggart and the gang). HOLY SPIRIT filled preaching, Amen!
me too Joseph Prince, Paula White and Joyce Meyer and TD Jakes
I like weekday mornings. It's Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince back to back! . Word we all need.
Well I guess I am ready for the day now that I got my word in from Creflo Dollar, Joseph Prince, TD Jakes, & Joyce Meyer. Yes, I need that much word to get it together today.
Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince, Ravi Zacharias, Mensah Otabil. To be a preacher,it is almost a prerequisite to be funny lookn at the names above
I just finished day 27 of Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life - a Daily Devotional Bible reading plan at Yo…
1 Tim 6:3-11...I wonder if the pope, Joel and Victoria Osteen, TD Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Marcus and Joni Lamb, Joseph Prince, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, Mike Murdock, the Crouch family, Morris Cerullo, and all the rest, got the memo on this Scripture??? Their false teachings & lifestyles of million dollar homes, private planes, and 5 star hotels are a far cry from the Word of Christ and being "content with food and clothing"...
You should NOT be listening to and/or following- Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Victoria Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince, Creflo Dollar, Paula White, TD Jakes, and Paul Yonggi Cho and people who peach on TBN, Day Star. They are shenanigans, greedy of filthy lucre (1 Tim 3 :3) who advocate devil's gospel of prosperity, health and wealth and damming millions of people to ***
As soon as Joseph Prince, or Kenneth Copeland, or Joyce Meyer, or whatever other supposed mighty spokesperson for gawd wraps up the big, ol' theological sermon and gets to the reach-into-that-wallet portion of the broadcast, the whole shebang loses its credibility. Truth, light and love are NEVER for sale. You have bills to pay? Go start a business, and leave the preachin' to somebody whose heart is really in it.Or do what Paul did: Dude was a tentmaker who made a living off of that and didn't charge a penny for the preachin'.
Paul accused Peter of heresy and rebuked and corrected him. Are you warning your fellow brethren of the same? Or do we continue to allow them to listen to, quote and agree with the false teachers out there? I've said it before, if you're following, quoting and listening to Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, Billy Graham, Joseph Prince, Kenneth Copeland, etc. you need to STOP! They do NOT preach the Messiah from the Bible. If you are warned of something so SERIOUS as this, don't just continue to support HERESY because you are accepting it and condoning it which means you agree with it and do not care about what God's word says. Please brothers and sisters in the faith, test EVERYTHING these preachers say with the Word of God. Study your Bible!!!
God is doing a great work in me these days. I thank Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen and Joseph Prince who are my basic mentors.
Understanding The Word-Faith(W-F) Movement A.K.A. Prosperity, Health & Wealth/Pentacostalism/“Your Best Life Now” False Gospel Movement [Popular proponents: Paul and Jan Crouch-TBN, Benny Hinn, Jesse Duplantis, Fred Price, Eddie Long, Juanita Bynum, TD Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, John Hagee, Joseph Prince, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Paula White, Creflo Dollar, Brian Houston-Hillsong, Ed Young Jr., etc., etc.] Justin Peters exposes the origins of the Word Of Faith movement. Amazing evidence!!! take the time to watch the full video! it will open your eyes to the root cause of these false prosperity teachers! Please note, if you don’t already know, Pastor Justin Peters has Cerebral Palsy and is sitting in a wheel chair behind that desk. For him, it limits use of his arms, hands, and legs. But he lives, travels, and ministers needing very few accommodations for his disabilities.
Had fun catching up on wrestling watched Joseph prince and now Joyce Meyer then I am going to bed in a couple of...
It's been a wonderful year. I Thank God specially for bringing Joseph Prince, Andrew Wommack and Joyce Meyer my way this year. it's been a tremendous leap! yay!
They called Reinhard Bonnke, Joyce Meyer and Joseph Prince disillusioned. They are so *** successful now. Now ppl call me disillusioned. :)
They called Reinhard Bonnke, Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince etc crazy. They all became *** successful ppl of God. Now they call me crazy. :)
We really ain't got no excuse! No matter how corrupt any generation can be; God will always find men to use for the kingdom assignment. Its so evident- Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, Sam Adeyemi, E.A. Adeboye, E.O. Abina, Kirk Franklin, Donnie Mcclurkin, Hillsong, Bishop T.d. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince, the 700 club, Gbile Akanni, Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills and many others we all know...God's is still and will ever be in the business of raising Vessels of honour until we reach full perfection (heaven) Lord help me and those reading this to be found worthy for your use.
Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer all say: there is no need for repentance. Jesus said: Repent or likewise perish...
Preachers that are close to my heart~. 1.Joyce Meyer. 2.Creflo Dollar. 3.Joseph Prince. 4.Dr Bill Winston. 5.Jankie Boesa II
Thanks for your great ministries: Charles Stanley, Andy Stanley, John Hagee, Joyce Meyer. Max Lucado, Joseph Prince, and Billy Graham.
Faith is pure. Hence we resist liars and sharpsters like Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Joseph Prince, TBN, CBN, Hillsong
If you're looking for someone to watch: Creflo Dollar, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and Angus Buchan
I highly recommend the book "Christianity in Crisis" by Hank Hanegraaff of the Christian Research Institute, which documents the false teachings of popular TV personalities including Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Paula White, Joseph Prince, Kenneth Copeland, Perry Stone, Benny Hinn, Paul Crouch of TBN, and more. The Apostle Paul warns of "wolves from inside the church" (see Acts 20:26-31). If you are a Christian and you have been listening or patronizing any of these false teachers, I implore you on behalf of Jesus to stop. Get educated and warn others to turn away from these wolves. I'm praying for you, from the bottom of my heart.
I miss my Gotv. A bit of Joseph Prince and Joyce Meyer would have made my morning
Kingdom Nuggets 50 Big Ministry or normal person. Are we all called to a big ministry? It makes sense to say no to this. Surely the ministry of Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince and Andrew Wommack are big ministries. These are all ministries I follow and all have TV Shows around the world. But what is a big ministry and what is important to God? Do you know being a person that was used to bring another person the salvation is a big thing to God. And for those who have not brought a person to Christ through witnessing, do you know that just being Light in this dark world is a ministry? God needs us little people also. God needs people to be themselves and if being just a normal on fire Christian is what He wants of you than that is what you will be. There are so many people watching us in this dark world. There are so many without hopes that are watching how a person with Jesus in their life copes with this world. Perhaps you have a desire to reach more people for Jesus. There are many wonderful books that you ca ...
Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, T.D Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Max Lucado, John Mason, John C. Maxwell, Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince, Sid Roth, Myles Munroe, David Oyedepo, Benson Idahosa, Chris Oyakhilome, Kingsley Okonkwo, Matthew Ashimolowo, Tomi Vincent, E.A. Adeboye, Kenneth Haggin, Kenneth Copeland and other great men & women of God, I love you guys! I thank Almighty God for making you guys a great blessing to my generation. I pray & ask that God gives me a thousand fold of the anointing He has given everyone of you- Amen!
i feel like going back to bed but Joyce Meyer and and Joseph Prince will be on.
Today's Thought: There is still a copy cat syndrome in the atmosphere and lack of uniqueness. God made us all Kings and Priest and poured His Spirit upon all his sons and daughters however we all have a different blueprint for our ministry. We have our own unique DNA, blood and fingerprints that no one else has like ours. God will tell five million people a game plan but give each one it's own unique plan to manifest. So why are people stifled in the Kingdom? Because they are not following the blueprint given specifically to them. There will never be another Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, Juanita Bynum, TD Jakes, Joel Olsteen, etc so why are you trying to be like them? God is waiting to thrust YOU! No longer copy cat another mans works, messages, text, titles and mantle but listen to the Voice of God concerning what your anointing is and your territory and go forth and publish the good news of Christ. Selah.
Yes, and also Pastor Joseph Prince and Joyce Meyer. Thanks for Connecting :-) God Bless
Disclaimer: I do not follow, endorse or promote in any way Joel Osteen (moralistic therapeutic deism/quasi-pantheism), T.D. Jakes (Sabellianism aka modalism), Kenneth Copeland, Rodney Howard-Browne, Kenneth Hagin, Joyce Meyer, or Joseph Prince (faith in words charismania), Jimmy Swaggart (Pelagianism, emotional/psychological manipulation, and KJV-onlyism), or the popular world view of Babylonian Talmudic Judaism aka Zionism, or any nation (such as Israel) that oppresses half of its citizens (Palestinians) subscribed to and supported by various leaders such as John Hagee, Rod Parsley, and a great majority of right-winged conservative Americans.
Oh my goodness, all you word speaking faith based, scripture talking preachers have been preaching to me just what I need to hear! Thank you Kenneth Copeland ministries, Joyce Meyer ministries, Jessie Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, Joseph Prince and many others and word speaking friends, just what I need to hear. Gods word always lines up!
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Wondering how long it will be before Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer and Joseph Prince falls. It is inevitable you know since they are not sound in doctrine. We shouldn't be surprised then if we hear of their failure in some capacity.
How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: 14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Isaiah 14:12-14 The word of faith heretics are in for a rude awakening for they believe as satan did that they can be like God. As scripture tells us, there would be a time that people would not endure sound doctrine and anyone following the likes of Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Hagan, Joel Olsteen, Joseph Prince, TD Jakes, Jesse Duplantis and many others you are either spiritually blind or do not know what the word of God says, you are NOT following sound doctrine. Satan comes as an angel of light deceiving the masses, mixing a LITTLE truth with a whole lot of lies. If yo ...
I missed Joyce Meyer and Joseph Prince this morning_mxm
Welcome to Christ Kingdom University! A Biblical University via Video projection. Obtain an International Recognized Theological Degree with ease. The program consists of outstanding video teachings, including exceptional Work books in 88 languages on earth, with live translation, from some of the greatest Christian leaders of our day. Instructors such as; Mensa Otabil, Frederic Casey Price, Jack Hayford, Joseph Prince, John Maxwell, Joyce Meyer, Rod Parsley, Jimmy Swaggered, Maurice Cerrullo, John Bevere, Reinhard Bonnke, Creflo Dollar Marilyn Hickey, Bill Winston, T.L. Osborn, A.R. Bernard, T D Jakes, John Piper, Brian Houston, Cindy Jacob, Bill Harmon, John Hagee, Dag Howard Mills and 98 more from across the World. OUR FOCUS IS TO EQUIP THE BODY OF CHRIST TO FULFILL PURPOSE AND ACHIEVE DESTINY. IT IS AFORDABLE, AVAILABLE, FLEXIBLE AND ACCREDITED INTERNATIONALLY. This is a Lifelong Ministry opportunity that you will never forget. It will be a plus to your life, family and ministry! This School has shape ...
I am at Home checking out my morning sermons on tv, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, and Joseph Prince. What a good way to start the day.
sharing from a brother in Christ Anthony English.."While talking to a fellow believer @ Chipotle 2day, he told me some of the people he likes listening to & his list broke my heart. T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince, etc. These are all false teachers & a part of the health & wealth, prosperity false "gospel" movement. I'm thankful for all the true men of God such as John Macarthur, R.C. Sproul, Sinclair Ferguson, Paul Washer, Voddie Baucham, Steve Lawson, etc. who faithfully, boldly, & unashamedly preach the Word of God!"...So True - you go Anthony!
Brian) The notion that "faith" can heal, is based on a presupposition that "men are gods". In word-faith theology, false teachers teach that God is bound by faith, and that God created The Universe using faith. Faith is seen as a force. "Words" are the containers of the force of faith, and by saying words, men can create their own world, just as God does. People who teach this are, Joseph Prince, Ken and Gloria Copeland, Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Paul Crouch, Myles Monroe, Andrew Womach, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, and a entire further litany of false teachers. Faith in God, does heal when it is God's will. But people do not always get healed. Joni Eareckson Tada is just one example I will give you. Joni is a world-wide renown Christian Apologist who has been confined to her wheel chair for more than 3 decades. Joni discovered over the years that being bound to her wheel chair automatically prevented her from committing a number of sins that were no longer possible. Likewise, with much more alone time, Jon ...
Don't drink the Joel Osteen kool-aid. .or the Joyce Meyer kool-aid, or Joseph Prince kool-aid, the TBN kool-aid, Rick Joyner kool-aid, Paula White kool-aid, T.D. Jakes kool-aid, Kenneth Hagin kool-aid, Kenneth Copeland kool-aid, .you get my meaning! Stay away from kool-aid kids. Bad for your spiritual health.
Interested in having The Lift Your Voice TV Show on The Impact Network come to do a LIVE TV Taping at your church? And it will air to over 23 Million people on Dish Network channel 268 Sat. at 4pm EST. With the Pastor Preaching and having an being interviewed on National TV. Contact Pastor Kyle Self at 864.553.2275 or visit The Impact Network is also the home for Bishop Greg Davis, Bishop TD Jakes, Joel and Victoria Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince, Kenneth Copland and many more ministries! This network is watched in over 23 million homes in the Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico! Lift Your Voice will be aired every Saturday at 4pm on channel 268 and Comcast Cable Channel 397.
I absolutely get excited when God affirms something to me. As I was getting dressed this morning, I am listening to Joyce Meyer talking about how her words have to be annointed by God or they mean nothing. So, silently, I begin talking to God about anointing my words. Then, Joseph Prince comes on. Guess what verse he's preaching on . . . John 10:27-29. Of course, he has a whole sermon on it, mine is just a devotional.
Thankful for people like Joseph Prince (!!!) Jentezen Franklin, Joyce Meyer, Gary Clark and Bishop Jakes.. Thankful for their podcasts
The ministries of Pastor Mike Moore,Joyce Meyer,Joseph Prince&Troy Gramling have changed my life.Thank you all for making this journey easy!
...Hey TC I'm loving your list of leaders..I like Noel Jones, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, and MY-MAN...Joseph Prince!
Please subscribed to Joyce Meyer's one year devotional plan or to Joseph Prince. It'll help you alot. ;))
I love Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, Joseph Prince, and Paula White; awesome i listen to at least one of them almost everyday!
Wendi Thornton PAUL MENTIONED NAMES AND I WILL TOO; FALSE TEACHERS... Paul and Jan Crouch, Beth Moore, Rick Warren, John Hagee, Todd Bentley, Rodney Howard Brown, Rick Joyner, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Joel Osteen, Francis Chan, Mark Driscoll, Hank Hanegraaff, T.D. Jakes, Carlton Pearson, Mike Murdock, Rod Parsley, Joseph Prince, Derek Prince, Oral Roberts, Robert Schuller, Charles R ussell, Joseph Smith, Ellen G. White, John Wimber, and the list goes on...Each one takes scripture out of context, and gives their own 'revelation from God', changing the verses to make them support their false teachings. All you need to do- like I did- is get your KJV Bible and read it, know it, and God will show you error and expose the false teachers to you.
Today I am thankful for T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince, Creflo Dollar, Ron Carpenter Jr and my husband, Mark Messer, who can preach the house down, speak directly into my life and has a direct connection with our father above! God gets all the glory! I am thankful that God has placed them in the position they are in to change this world!
Roman Catholicism had a stranglehold on Christendom as a whole for more than a thousand years. In a similar way the word of faith movement is attempting to destroy Christianity from the inside out. The cast of Characters; Todd Bentley, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince, T.D. Jakes, Myles Munroe, and many others.
I wish had my own place. I miss my shows and my Joel Osteen, Charles Stanley, Joyce Meyer, and Joseph Prince. my music too geez I need to rest my knee but don't get to. Therapy is helping and Surgery is coming up and don't know how that is gonna be. I want my Dory!!! Miss her so much!! I need prayer!!
I never get tired of watching Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince, Benny Hinn, Doug Bachelor & Creflo Dolar preach. They help you .
I absolutely love the Fall weather! I can hardly wait to light the fireplace and sit in front of it reading book after book after book after book.LOL! Kenneth E. Hagin (who was my spiritual dad), Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Benny Hinn, Jack Hayford, Myles Munroe, Jerry Savelle, Bill Winston, Joseph Prince, John and Diana Hagee, Kay Arthur, John Bevere, Lester Sumrall, Paul Crouch, Carman, Smith Wigglesworth, Billy Graham, Joyce Meyer, and the list goes on and on and on!
Anything written by Joyce Meyer or Joseph Prince is always worth a read if you're looking for something to strengthen the good ol' spirit.
watched Joyce Meyer & Joseph Prince this morn. And I rededicated my life! Thank u 4 saving me Eternally greatful!
Last week while returning to work after my vacation studing on the word and meditating after hearing the word made me more aware of just how much God our father still loves me after all I've been through. Waking up listening to the powerful messages from Joyce Meyer and Joseph Prince gave me that reassurance. After taking notes and realizing I had ran out of paper, I began to use my hand to continue to write down important notes. I remember going to work and being asked what do you have on your hand and that's where it all bagan. To listen to the word and be able to share what you heard with someone else is definitely what God wants us to do everyday. Enjoy your day today and may God Bless you all.
Back on track.watching Joyce Meyer, my hero. Now gotta find Joseph Prince and heart will be for filled
Joyce Meyer and Joseph Prince are always on our TV in the morning.
Pipo of God who hv helped me grow 1) Pastor Chris Oyakhilome...sir u grounded me in da Word. 2) Joyce Meyer.sir u tot me da "big" thinz dat xtians often ovaluk such as forgiveness,bitterness etc 3) Joseph Prince..sir ur revelation of grace z amazin 4)Guillermo Maldonado...sir u r teachin me on da glory of God
Why do some famous preachers start w/ J? Joseph Prince, John Maxwell, Joyce Meyer, Judah Smith, and of cos.. Jesus Christ :) why J?
Everyone I tuned to from Joyce Meyer to Joseph Prince to Jentezen Franklin etc. all had a word just for me. Every message was tailored to me
Funny thing I've just realized, my favorite Pastors/Preachers their names all begin with the letter 'J' Jesus Christ Jeffery Smith Joel Osteen Joyce Meyer Joseph Prince
Joyce Meyer preaching at Hillsong Conference tonight.! Opening night Last Nite was amazing. Joseph Prince preached gr8 message on grace.
Joseph Prince shared the following link and had this to say about it: Hillsong Conference is about being refreshed and inspired and finding great strength and unity amongst the diversity of the local church worldwide. Guest speakers this year include Joyce Meyer, Louie Giglio, Steven Furtick, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin & Joseph Prince! More info: - 1...
OH MY GOODNESS The bible scripture I wrote for today, I got out of Battlefield of the mind, by Joyce Meyer, is the same scripture Joseph Prince wrote on this daily scripture. Coincidence or Godincidence???
LOVE this Bible app! I've got 6 reading plans going. Have u tried Joyce Meyer or Joseph Prince? Both gr8!!!
I'm glad that they have Joyce Meyer on after Joseph Prince, He teaches on resting in the finished work of Jesus and she teaches on what we have to do to be in the finished work, whatever has nothing to do with grace is not the finished work of Jesus it is us trying to finish it.
TBN at 8pm, then DayStar at 8:30pm. Joyce Meyer and Joseph Prince (respectively) adding value, daily.
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