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Joseph Lowery

Joseph Echols Lowery (born October 6, 1921) is a minister in the United Methodist Church and leader in the American Civil Rights Movement.

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The yte folks riding they bikes with their goofy helmets and fitting Patagonia bubbles vests in the HEAT of Joseph…
thank you my friend for your life and service...I remember meeting you and talking with during the mar…
Atlanta Police are on the scene of another deadly crash involving a person walking on the interstate. The crash is…
Alert: APD working an auto vs pedestrian fatality in the area of I-20W near the Joseph Lowery Blvd exit ra…
"Stony the road we trod, bitter the chastening rod, felt in the days when hope unborn had died"--James Weldon Johns…
For the Moore-ons usin’ Joseph and Mary as justification, please note that Roy was definitely not shootin’ for an immaculat…
Republicans are trying to defend Roy Moore’s pedophilia using Jesus. "Take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and J…
Happy 95th birthday to my dear, dear friend, Rev. Joseph Lowery. Check out his great speech about "good crazy". https:/…
TODAY-1921: leader Dr. Joseph Lowery was born in Huntsville, AL.
The man of the hour Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery. So honored to share your 96th birthday with you. You are a constant inspirat…
Joseph Lowery, civil rights activist and founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
Let my weekend begin 😌 — feeling relaxed at Seneca Casino and Hotel , NiagraFalls Ny
We not going nowhere. The Bluff is our community. Joseph e lowery was the worst intersection in Atl. We said let's…
Unless your web-building workstation is buried deep in the earth,you've probably heard the term "Responsive Design Joseph Lowery
Obama Inauguration: Joseph Lowery Benediction Prayer, Jan 20, 2009 Remember this??? I'm just gonna leave it here
See Civil rights leader Reverend Dr. Joseph E. Lowery as he asks us what we can do help those in need!
.according to the interwebs, in '08 Rick Warren (Purpose-Driven Life) gave the invocation. Joseph Lowery gave benediction.
" for that day...when the red man can get ahead, man..." -Rev. Joseph Lowery, Jan. 20 2009
I don't recall you complaining in '09 with Rev. Joseph Lowery giving a benediction for Obama.
Wayne Jackson, I'ma let you finish and all but Rev. Joseph Lowery had the greatest Inauguration Benediction of all time
A reminder that Rev Joseph Lowery, civil rights leader, blessed Obama's inauguration with this beautiful prayer -->.
I'm remembering and re-reading Joseph Lowery's benediction from 8 years ago—the best part of that Inauguration Day.
...and recalling the inspirational inauguration benediction from Rev Joseph Lowery
Approaching the eight-year anniversary of Joseph Lowery's benediction
Speaking tonight for the Joseph Lowery Change Agent program. the next generation.
I hate when people get into relationships just so they won't be alone. If you were alone more you'd probably find...
Bradley Lowery has just 2 months to live after battling cancer. His last wish is to receive 1000's of Xmas cards. Ple…
We all live off Joseph e lowery and james p brawley
So, about these potholes on Joseph E. Lowery .
asking all toon fans to show appreciation to young lad Bradley lowery in the 5th minute.
All I ask is for the student body to remain unified and no longer continue to financially support Circle K on Joseph E. Lowery
Once again if you have had or know of any one having a terrible experience at CircleK located on 343 Joseph E Lowery Speak up and Speak out
Please don't support The BP - Circle K on Joseph E Lowery. They racially profiled me and all my guys and call the cops every…
Learn to share & kindness Shout out to my brothers on Joseph E. Lowery & MLK jr dr
Karate of the Gods on Joseph E. me your moves
Joseph E Lowery now reminds me of Pitkin Ave
I just seen two *** on horses by the KFC on Joseph E Lowery 😂
He's a 27-year veteran from Niagara Falls fighting a new enemy, cancer. Joseph Argona had a Bills Sunday to remember tha…
"a searing, affecting, sharply-written treatise on one of most important crises the U.S. faces today.”. preorder: https:/…
the most ghetto parts of Atlanta be named after black leaders. Like MLK, Ralph David Abernathy, Joseph Lowery
Was honored to fly this aircraft last night and the Great Dr. Rev. Joseph Lowery and his wife…
i often get "are you related to Rev. Joseph Lowery?" And i'm like - "if so, does that mean the interview is a go?"
Police activity in on US 278 between Joseph E Lowery Blvd and Marietta Blvd
I hate people say they not a people person. Life's to short for that. Love them while you can. They can be gone...
Rev Richardson should be connected to rev Joseph lowery correct
I'm listening to A New Beginning feat. Joseph E Lowery by Psychemagik.
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A MUST READ: Share this story from the News On 6:
This painting was presented to Civil Right Leader Rev. Joseph Lowery through John Lewis
Joseph and Evelyn Lowery change agents facilitating mock job interviews with FHA students.
Free Thanksgiving meals to anyone who shows up at the corner of Joseph E Boone and Joseph E Lowery, Atlanta,...
Last night vs the K Lowery was called for a arm hook foul with 25 seconds left and C Joseph was also called for a foul on a clear
on click on-air to hear Highlights from Dr. Joseph E. Lowery's 94th Birthday…
The Artist Spotlight features the highlights of the 94th birthday celebration of Dr. Joseph E Lowery…
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a pot hole on Joseph E. Lowery Blvd SW on - Drive Social.
See wrap up of Rev. Joseph E. Lowery's 94th birthday celebration in ADW.
Joseph E. Lowery 1924 ~ (activist and president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference) is born in Huntsville…
Kyle lowery nor Cory Joseph should've been able to get those lay ups off vs. Robert Upshaw. He should have 2 or 3 blocks out of that.
here is a recap of Dr. Joseph E. Lowery birthday celebration
here is a recap of the Dr. Joseph E Lowery birthday celebration
check out the Dr. Joseph E Lowery birthday celebration
Blessed to help Dr. Joseph Lowery celebrate his birthday yesterday. My internship rocks!
Had 1 of the most wonderful experiences last night as we celebrated 94th birthday of Rev Dr Joseph Lowery. What rich legacy!
Dean of the Civil Rights Movement Joseph Lowery is 94
Rev Dr Joseph Lowery about to blow out his candles
Photos: Joseph Lowery, dean of the Civil Rights Movement, is 94
Reverend Joseph E. Lowery celebrates his 94th birthday with a host of family & friends at the Delta Flight Museum...
I added a video to a playlist Dr. Joseph E. Lowery 94 Birthday Celebration done with style
Happy 94th Bday Dr. Joseph Lowery! Thanks for all you do to cultivate new agents of change in our communities.
Happy 94th birthday to our American hero, Dr. Joseph Lowery! Honoree, humanitarian and leader.
Joseph Lowery, dean of the Civil Rights Movement, celebrates 94th birthday.
. but in the words of Rev. Joseph Lowery at Coretta Scott King's funeral a few years back, (2)
Dr. Joseph Lowery reflects on deadly church shooting (article & video)
Wisdom from an Elder, American Hero, Civil Rights Icon, and United Methodist minister, the Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery...
The Rev. Joseph Lowery, pastor & civil rights icon, reflects on the terrorism at via
Joseph Lowery is still alive. His eulogy for Coretta King is the closest we will ever get to Bush's impeachment trial.
I liked a video from 2015 APS Dr. Joseph Lowery Lecture Series
Dreamweaver: 2015 Creative Cloud Updates with Joseph Lowery. . Stay up to date with the latest and greatest...
Great Civil Rights leader and my Pastor of many years ago Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery. Let's stand for...
Dr. Joseph Lowery reflects on deadly church shooting. at Noon.
Dr. Joseph Lowery reflects on deadly church shooting
In response to church shooting Dr. Joseph Lowery told me "God gives us a choice and sadly many choose the evil paths.
Words can not describe how honored I was to interview this living piece of American History. Dr. Joseph Lowery.
On at 11 see my interview with Civil Rights Icon Dr. Joseph Lowery. He reflects on the
people think of their job in terms of $. "We should see our job as a calling rather than a vocation." -Joseph Lowery
Joseph Lowery honored in Selma with statue via
Joseph Lowery honored in Selma with statue - Rolling Out
Joseph Lowery honored in with statue:
Joseph Lowery honored in Selma with statue:
FACT: D.M. Therrell H.S. is home to Atlanta Public Schools' Joseph E. Lowery Lectures Series on Civic Engagement!
The Rev. Joseph E. & Mrs. Evelyn G. Lowery to be recognized this wkend. with memorial monument unveiling in Selma, Ala. 4 civil rights work.
And of men and women like John Lewis Joseph Lowery Hosea
Meanwhile, Mayor Kasim Reed claims the reason there hasn't yet been an is due to Rev. Joseph Lowery
Watch as Bernice King, Congressman John Lewis, Ruby Bridges, the Rev. Joseph Lowery, and former Sen. Harris Wofford discuss Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy and how became a national day of service.
The real, deal Holyfield backstory behind story about the murders of Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner…the Revelations of the Revolution continue… + Hey, Ya’ll, I AM making faith! On this historic 50th anniversary of the assassinations of civil and voting rights activists James Earl Chaney, Andrew (Andy) Goodman and Michael (Mickey) Schwerner, it would be a disservice, in my humble opinion, to not share the “real, deal Holyfield back story” on the newspaper and TV stories covering the trial of KKK’s Grand Wizard Dragon Edgar Ray Killen, who was convicted nine years ago, also, to this date, to manslaughter charges for being the mastermind behind the deaths of the Philadelphia, MS trio. This version of MS’s real history is long— real, real long, but so factually based, that you WILL NOT read about THIS backstory on the story!! Or, those who are more prominently highlighting THEIR roles in being there with Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner back in the day and/or the re-trial of Killen, will NEVER giv ...
1 of 5 stars to Dreamweaver CS3 Bible [With CDROM] by Joseph W. Lowery
Joseph lowery walking down the hill
if you dont remember when Joseph E. Boone was Simpson and J.E. Lowery was Ashby
A Scotts Bluff County District Court jury has found a Rosalind, Neb., man guilty on a drug charge. Joseph Lowery...
**BREAKING** Jury finds Joseph Lowery guilty of possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver. Sentencing...
Overturned vehicle in on Joseph E Lowery Blvd at I-20
Tonight I have been listening to voices of giants who are no longer physically with us. I began by listening to Maya Angelou giving tribute to Coretta Scott King who died of cancer. Maya began by singing "I opened my eyes to the Lord and I want turn back, I will go, I shall go to see what the end is going to be." Maya, and Coretta, and Rosa, and Martin and Malcolm and Dr. Joseph Lowery were just a few of the voices that I heard tonight. Each of them understood the call of service. Each of them lived their lives trying to call forth the best of humanity, each of them died trying to set us free from not just the physical chains that oppressed us but the psychological ones that were in the end a much greater challenge. I miss their voices because they were such genuine and authentic voices. They had a love for their people and they had a love for freedom and justice for all people. Maya said at Mrs. King's funeral that she would step in now and speak for Coretta who when she was alive fought for the right's ...
Years ago while working as a one man band for WLOS (now called multi media journalist) I had the good fortune of meeting Maya Angelou at Clemson University and interviewing her. I had listened to several of her lectures in the past, but finally getting to meet the woman I held in such high esteem was almost more than I could ask for. During that time of my employment at the station I got to meet and talk with several well known people, from Richard Nixon to Joseph Lowery, but none the likes of this incredible woman. She will be missed. I am thankful her life touched mine if only for a few minutes.
Looks like my one-time sports hero has gone the way of Jesse Jackson, Joseph Lowery, Andy Young and Al Sharpton.
Liberal revolt grows over Obama judges By Adam Serwer A revolt against President Barack Obama’s nominees to the federal bench in Georgia has spread from the civil rights icons who paved the way for Obama’s presidency to the abortion rights movement. The abortion rights group NARAL Pro-Choice America last week announced its opposition to nominee Michael Boggs, joining a coalition of Democratic members of Congress from Georgia and celebrated civil rights leaders like Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis, C.T. Vivian and Joseph Lowery. The group had already been calling for the president to withdraw Boggs, a former Democratic Georgia state representative, and Mark Cohen, an attorney who defended the state’s voter ID law. Both judges were approved as part of a package deal between the White House and Georgia’s two conservative Republican Senators, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson. The deal was put together before Democrats abolished the filibuster for most nominations, but Senate Judiciary Committee C ...
Joseph Lowery was born on October 6, 1921, in Huntsville, Alabama. In 1952, he became pastor for the Warren Street United Methodist Church in Mobile. There, he helped launch a drive to end discrimination in Mobile. In 1957, Lowery helped form the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and in 1968, he became the SCLC's chairman. After retiring, he continued to fight against social injustice.
SOCIALLY CONSERVATIVE JUDICIAL PICK TICKS OFF DEMOCRATS - Jen Bendery: "President Barack Obama has now infuriated abortion rights advocates, civil rights leaders and Democratic lawmakers in his push to confirm a Georgia judicial nominee they argue is too socially conservative. NARAL Pro-Choice America announced Wednesday that it is launching a new campaign to defeat Georgia state Judge Michael Boggs, whom Obama nominated in December to serve on the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. The group is alarmed by votes that Boggs took -- as a state legislator in the early 2000s -- to 'channel funds to anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers and make a parental consent law even more extreme,' according a petition emailed to NARAL supporters... Boggs has already come under fire from civil rights icons Joseph Lowery and Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) -- both of whom were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Obama -- for a vote Boggs took in opposition to removing the Confederate insignia from G ...
I know I am a day late, but I want to say "Happy Black History Month!" Let us all celebrate prominent African-Americans from the civil rights leaders: Martin Luther King, Jr., Joseph Lowery, Dorothy Height, Andrew Young, Ralph David Abernathy, Atlanta's own Alberta Williams King and other powerful civil rights figures. To great musicians like Whitney Houston for being the only Black woman to have her 1985 debut album debuting on the Billboard 200 and for being the Black female artist to debut "How Will I know" on MTV and breaking down those barriers on MTV. Actors, Basketball, Baseball, Football players, everything we will keep all your accomplishments cherished. Let us not forget our great and hard past, but let's focus on all the good blessings that are coming. The thing that I value and very thankful to have is to get a good college EDUCATION!!! I REALLY thank my ancestors for fighting for this wonderful opportunity so that I and others can have it!!! Means so much to me ;-)
I am so thankful for 2013. I have grown so much this year. I attended 23 funerals, wakes and 9 graduations. This year brought new additions to my family. I stepped back and allowed my peers to grow as a leader and not jump in right away when they looked like they needed help and most of them figured it out and did a great job. I am learning not to freak out when I fail at something. I still am not the best in math, but I am working on it. I joined a church that I am proud to be a member of. I have learned so much about being a better Christian and servant of God. I believe I opened myself up to meeting new people from different countries, faiths and backgrounds. When I saw an injustice no matter how small I did something about. I stop trying to please everyone and just to please God. I sat on panels with some of this country’s most respected civil rights leaders from Dr. Joseph Lowery, Ambassador Andrew Young, to Melanie Campbell Rev, Sharpton and so many more. I spent more time with my younger brother. ...
Today in honor of our veterans of the civil rights struggle, I salute you. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Joseph Lowery etc.
Joey owes me $100... now accepting applications for whoever wants to get my money. Find Joseph Lowery!
Posted in Dr. Joseph E. Lowery's office helping my cousin with the polls today!!! Atlanta residents…
today! Met Joseph E. Lowery's grandson last night... He went to art school 😂 Who else…
Orange sign with near King Plow Arts Center and Joseph E. Lowery
God held back the rain - don't miss worship tonight!!! 6pm - 200 Joseph E. Lowery, Mt. Moriah Baptist Church across from Forbes Arena
Meet me at 6pm!!! 200 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd @ Mt. Moriah Baptist across from Forbes Arena at Morehouse!!
There is extra parking in the 900 building of Joseph Lowery Blvd... The building also says King Plow...See you soon!
Busy weekend. Going to Blogalicious Conference, Georgia Music Hall of Fame, 100 Black Men Football Classic (Suite tickets yay!) and of course the Dr. Joseph Lowery 92nd Birthday party with Tyler Perry, Jamie Foxx, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Demetria McKinney and more.
Civil Rights Icon Evelyn Lowery Dies Evelyn Lowery, Activist and Wife of Civil Rights Leader Joseph Lowery, Dies After Suffering Massive Stroke (BALTIMORE)—In response to the passing of Evelyn Lowery, civil rights leader and wife of activist Joseph Lowery, the NAACP released the following statement: Roslyn M. Brock, Chairman of the NAACP Board of Directors: “A pioneer and champion in the Civil Rights Movement has passed on,” stated Roslyn M. Brock. “Evelyn Lowery’s leadership was essential to the longevity and power behind the movement for equality. Ms. Lowery was a drum major for justice in her own right. Her spirit lives on in the initiatives she founded and in the activists she mentored across the nation.” Benjamin Todd Jealous, President & CEO of the NAACP: “Today, we mourn the passing of a champion for civil and human rights,” stated NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous. “Ms. Lowery’s foresight and leadership pushed the envelope of what organizations like the SCLC and the ...
Wife of Rev. Joseph Lowery suffered “irreversible damage” from strome - Evelyn Lowery is a civil rights icon...
Stop US from suicide via Dr. Joseph Lowery, Civil Rights Icon and Leader: via
At the march yesterday amazed at all the applause for Oprah: the minimal applause for John Lewis, Joseph Lowery, etc. smh
Civil Rights icon Dr. Joseph Lowery speaks for the Voting Rights Project:
"to let anybody turn back the clock on our journey to justice."Rev, Joseph Lowery at yesterday's 50th anniversary of the March on Washington
Joseph Lowery should not have been on stage yesterday for he was a total embarrassment with his self-serving remarks.
Congressman Lewis & Rev. Joseph Lowery emphasized the need to go forward. We have to work to keep the vote!
Civil rights icon Rev. Joseph Lowery criticizes some states' recent voting rights laws: "We ain't going back"
"Everything has changed ... Yet nothing has changed." - Joseph Lowery
Rev. Joseph Lowery standing in the place of a friend, in the shadow of an ally.
Joseph Lowery is a beautiful spirit. What an advocate, what a legend.
Video: Rev. Joseph Lowery: "We ain't going back" - Civil rights icon Rev. Joseph Lowery criticized recent moves to...
"Rev." Joseph Lowery should take his "We Aint' Going Back" voting rights rhetoric to NY and MA.
"We ain't going back, we've come too far." Rev. Joseph Lowery
On the Mall for w my sister Maya and Pastor Amos C. Brown listening to Rev. Joseph Lowery. http…
"We've come to Washington to commemorate, and we're going home to agitate." ~ Joseph Lowery
Rev. Joseph Lowery: We join in prayer for a nation that continues to seek to deny rights and restrict freedom for the right to …
“Okay, this image took my breath away: The Reverend Joseph Lowery.
Rev. Joseph Lowery a United Methodist pastor, like me ;)
Rev. Joseph Lowery, one of our United Methodist clergy was just honored for his leadership 50 years (cont)
Tonight at 6pm NBC news rev. Joseph Lowery "he believes white people going to *** and now he wants people to believe he wa…
Honored to shake hands with Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery at Ebenezer Baptist Church before he talks about voting rights.
yea I forgot you do stay off Joseph lowery. *backs away slowly*
“But in the morning, will words become deeds that meet needs”. – Rev Dr. Joseph Lowery on the occasion of Mrs Coretta Scott King’s funeral.
Up and Running with Google Cloud Platform With Joseph Lowery: Up and Running with Google…
There is one happening now in on Ralph Abernathy and Joseph Lowery.
TODAY IS 6/25 or is it 9/11 Today, is monumental with the changes /invalidation of parts of Section 4 and the inability to enforce Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Today, the safeguards that ensure a people freedom of discriminatory practices in voting are now sanctioned by the U. S. Supreme Court. Their argument was the formula is outdated. Discrimination is not outdated, but the formula IS OUTDATED. Listen do you hear, WHAT I HEAR? Shelby County, Alabama a place where racial discrimination is practiced broke the back of justice for ALL today. I can hear the cries of Dr. M.L. King, Jr., John Lewis, Jimmie Lee Jackson, Viola Liuzzuo, Marie Foster, Julian Bond, Ralph David Abernathy, Rev. James Bevel, Stokely Carmichael, Claudette Colvin, Aurelia Browder, Medgar Evers, James Farmer, Andrew Young, *** Gregory, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Joseph Lowery, E.D. Nixon, Sr., Amelia Boyton Robinson, Rev. Fred Shuttleworth, Hosea Williams, Denise McNair, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, Addie M ...
Black leaders who have been charged with being anti-Semitic: J.A Rodgers, Richard Wright, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Joseph Lowery,
I'm glad Jessie Jackson was there to hear Rev. Joseph Lowery say: "We've got to stop turning on each other and turn TO each other."
"(Joseph Lowery) said that when he was a young militant, he used to say all white folks were going to ***
May I remind you of Coretta Scott King's funeral and the political speeches by Carter, Clinton, and Joseph Lowery!
Just before taking his official inauguration oath, President Obama attended church, receiving the accolades of the media for doing so. Obama, of course, has a rather checkered history with religion; his old pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, used to deliver fiery anti-American, anti-Israel diatribes from the pulpit. At Obama’s first inauguration, Rev. Joseph Lowery gave his invocation by listing racial slurs and implying that white people were responsible for the world’s ills. Now Obama’s newest pastor, Rev. Ronald Braxton, is joining their prestigious company. At Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, Braxton reportedly crafted his speech around Obama’s personal political slogan: “Forward!” Obama, said Braxton, was just like Moses facing the Red Sea: “forward is the only option … The people couldn’t turn around. The only thing that they could do was to go forward.” Obama, said Braxton, would have to overcome all obstacles – like opposition from Republicans, presumably, or the b ...
I often tell youth in my audiences to "Sit up front." "Why?" many of them inquire. Then I break it down: The back is reserved for those who won't make it in life. Their entire being will be defined by sitting in the back, preparing to sneak out, text, or slump down in their seats and sleep. The back is symbolic, especially for African Americans and other people of color who were unjustly placed there as an example of their destiny individually and collectively. When asked WHY she did not move from her seat, Rosa Parks, who was actually seated near the middle not the front, said the following: I was NOT tired; i was just TIRED of giving in. For the sacrifices of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's, Rosa Park's, Malcolm X's, John Lewis's, Joseph Lowery's, Fannie Lou Hamer's, Freedom Riders[ Black and White], and countless others whose names did not make the history books or documentaries, SIT UP FRONT! The only time you should seek to sit in the back is when the front and middle have been occupied!!! SIT UP . ...
We shall, and will continue to honor the life and legacy of Dr. King. However, in the spirit of his honor, I think he'd be appreciative that we also make sure we teach our kids those who lead the struggle before and after he did--unSung Civil Rights heroes and heroines: Medgar AND Myrlie Evers, Betty Shabazz (wife of Malcolm X), Coretta Scott, Hosea Williams, Congressman John Lewis, Bayard Rustin, A. Phillip Randolph, Shirley Chisholm, Fannie Lou Hamer, Joseph Lowery. Who am I missing?
When I get that kind of question, I stress figures like Joseph Lowery and Fred Shuttlesworth Also Freedom Riders.
President Obama no longer disappoints me. After all, I know that he is a pragmatic centrist who functions as would a now defunct moderate or liberal Republican in office. I know that the Dixiecrat-Teaparty-Dominionist Republicans are wholly unacceptable. I know that this President is not a liberal and is a progressive if he can compromise an outcome. There is a difference between an "invocation" and a "benediction". The former begins the proceeding with a prayer, and the latter terminates it. In 2008, the Invocation was Rick Warren and the Benediction was Dr. Joseph Lowery. In 2012, the Invocation will be a woman and non-cleric, the widow of Medgar Evers, and the Benediction will be the Reverend Giglio. Yes, Warren and Giglio are homophobes and right wingers. It is classic Obama.Bush-era continuation of war policies, and homophobes to begin and end his prayerful inaugurations. A *** person, a Spaniard and later Cuban and now US activist, will recite the poem in lieu of Maya Angelou. Yes, I am miffed. I re ...
Dr. King inspired us to build "the beloved community." This video featuring civil rights luminaries Congressman John Lewis, Rev. Joseph Lowery, and Ruby Brid...
No doubt in anyone's minds but the sheeple
Joseph Lowery, this is why we hurt so much!!! LOL.
Brittany lol my moms last name is Lowery and Joseph e lowery the activist in Atlanta is our cousin
hm are you related to Joseph lowery ?
Quality time with the hons tonight...rolling forks & napkins for the Gems of Georgia first Thanksgiving Breakfast for the needy. Citi Package Store parking lot on the corner of Joseph Lowery & Donald Hollowell [Bankhead Hwy] 8am. Giving back to the community on this day of thanks!
Fireworks 3 Bible (with CD-ROM): From vector drawing to bit map editing to animations, Fireworks 3 puts all the ...
"If you can take care of the internal, you can easily take care of the external. Then you can avoid the infernal and latch on to the eternal." Joseph Lowery
Joseph Lowery's Beyond Dreamweaver: Joseph Lowery's Beyond Dreamweaver is for Dreamweaver designers and develope...
Atlanta: Crash...I-20/wb before Langhorn St. currently blocking all lanes. Slow at Joseph Lowery Blvd.
The most addicting app to hit your phone! Nov 20 08:45:24 PM
Rev. Joseph Lowery remarks, in part, at the memorial services for Coreeta Scott King in Lithonia, GA. January 2006.
Absolutely. You can drop it by our front desk at our warehouse. Our address is 732 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd NW, Atlanta, 30318.
I'm on my Perry swag!!! Finally found someone to do it S/o to the nail salon on Joseph Lowery in West End
Today 1503 of the Obama countdown is Sun most will be going to worship as you do if you remember during obama's campaign Rev Joseph Lowery cracked a "joke" about where white people will spend eternity y'all try to forgive him he's very old and got the address crossed
Joseph E lowery and I!!! This is the man who fought tooth and nail for us to have what we have. I am so hono
I got to meet Dr. Joseph Lowery today.. a real american hero
Dr. Joseph Lowery, who was part of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s inner circle, will participate in the Georgia State University African-American Studies 20th anniversary celebration of a major student sit-in at GSU. Check it out:
What a sharp-tongued Joe Lowery said over the weekend 9:24 am November 1, 2012, by jgalloway Updated with new video at 2:55 p.m.: We told you last night about the radio ads put out by an anti-Amendment One group, declaring that Tuesday’s ballot issue on charter schools was an effort to recreate an educational system that separates black and white students. Several of the 60-second spots featured the Rev. Joseph Lowery, the 91-year-old civil rights figure. “Don’t let them resegregate our schools,” Lowery says in the ads. As it turns out, the sharp-tongued Lowery was already an Internet topic on Wednesday – but not for dipping into the charter school debate. Rather, it was for comments made over the weekend in Monroe County, as part of a Southern Christian Leadership Conference trek across the state to encourage support for President Barack Obama. Former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young was there, too. But it was Lowery — the same fellow who gave the benediction at Obama’s 2009 inauguration — who ...
I voted because its my right as a citizen of the United States of America. I will never forget the struggles of the people who made it possible for me today to cast my ballot. As a child of the 60's and witnessing the riots right here in Chicago and the anger and hatred we observed in the south, my vote will always count to make a difference. Martin Luther King, Ralph Abernathy, Joseph Lowery, Rosa Parks, Brown vs. Board of Education, The Little Rock Nine, Sanitation workers of Memphis, freedom riders, North Carolina sit- ins, and countless other historical events that had to come to pass to get us here today. Go and vote , make a difference. God bless the United States of America.
Joseph Lowery's race charged comments from last weekend are being spun as a 'joke that failed'
POTUS friend, Joseph Lowery, said comments about "white folk" a joke. Why aren't black folk outraged at this racist? |
Re: Rev. Joseph Lowery's remarks on the election. Dear preachers, You chose the pulpit...stay out of politics. I don't care if you're Joseph Lowery, Pat Robertson, or the Pope, your picked a job that requires you treat all of your flock equally and that you not judge them on their political opinions. I'm pretty sure the votes I cast will have jack to do with whether I see heaven or *** How about concentrating on the far more important question of where we'll spend eternity than with who is going to live in the White House for the next four years.
First it was Rev. Jeremiah Wright, now Rev. Joseph Lowery. Some of these Revs need to keep their mouths closed! Smh
Jeremiah Wright is not the only racist “pastor” Barack Obama has run with. . . . Joseph Lowery, the man who delivered the benediction in 2009 at his inauguration said “I don’t know what kind of a n—– wouldn’t vote with a black man running,” and that all white people are going to *** . . . The Monroe County Reporter reports, “We’ve turned our backs on the faith,
Longtime African-American civil rights advocate Rev. Joseph Lowery told The Daily Caller that he was joking when he told a get-out-the-vote event that all whites will go to *** “It was a joke
So, Jeremiah Wright wasn't some coincidence. You have Joseph Lowery, you have black liberation theology, Obamas books, etc
Atlanta Journal / Rev. Joseph Lowery. Seems his comments out of context? Thoughtful tho wrong comments follow. Hmm
Joseph Lowery is a RACIST and established that the 1st time he made that joke...apparently, Andrew Young is too...but, we knew that didn't we? This is not the 1st faux pas that a prominent African American has made...those remarks just get glossed over, swept under something, rationalized or ignored...well...I'm offended..oh, that's right, the NAACP doesn't defend me...there, I said it!
Joseph Lowery, if a white man would have said all blacks are going to *** would you and Andrew Young still consider it a joke? Or would you cry racism?
Hey, I already know that FB it's going to have some strong opinions...but comments and people like Joseph Lowery is the reason why racism will stay alive in the Bible belt South! If someone of another race made the same comment that Rev. Lowery made we would be calling Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to protest!
Joseph Lowery is not a Reverand! He is another Wright who claims to be a converted muslim b-hood cult member to a Rev.these people that stand in the pulpit and live in America by their own choice and preach hate to for this Nation and White people! He should be Stood Down and given a ticket Out Of America to somewhere he would rather be. Martin Luther King Jr if he were alive today would throw these black men and women out of America who hate America and are standing with the muslim b-hood cult like the NAACP! He was a Christian and he was not marching to be superior but to be equal and black people have had equal Rigts for a long time, but because of *** like Wright, Lowery, obama, Jesse Jackson Jr the NAACP has changed it's agenda and became a cult and perverted racist sick and twisted, lawless organization that has no place in America. Even the LBGT organization have made their unnatural lifestyle a part of the NAACP and they can't be a race at all! The real American Black people are standing up and ...
These folks are trying do a Shirley Sherrod on Joseph Lowery straight out of the Breitbart playbook
Townhall Tipsheet shared the following link: Seems like all us white folk are headed for *** according to Pastor Joseph Lowery (following Reverend Jeremiah Wright's lead) appears as though Jeremiah Wright isn't the only unhinged, race-hustling pastor in our president's rolodex. Rev. Joseph Lowery, who...
ATLANTA--In an effort to get out the vote in Georgia for President Obama, Ambassador Andrew Young and Rev. Joseph Lowery have been speaking inside local churches. One such event occurred last weekend in Forsyth and Wednesday afternoon the Monroe County Reporter went to press with a front page/ botto...
Last night, I listened with great admiration to a well known and very popular leader (in the Atlanta Area) make a speech at a town meeting... I hung on to just about every word, but I studied his appearance. And I felt honored to be seated next to the speaker's wife and told her that her husband was one of my favorite speakers(Rev. Joseph Lowery)... Anyway, doing the speech, I noticed that the speaker had monogrammed socks. Intrigued by this, I looked closer and saw that the momogram had four letters, rather than the usual two or three initials. Mind you, the letters didn't seem to have any relationship to the man's name-they were "TGIF." Afther the speech was over and I had complimented the speaker, I turned to Mrs. Lowery and said, "I couldn't help but notice the monogram on Mr. Lowery socks. And like always I'm always asking questions, so I asked Mrs. Lowery, Is there some reason he has chosen 'Thank Goodness It's Friday' for a monogram?" She shook her head and said, Oh Erick, that's not what the lette ...
Joseph Lowery was born on this date in 1921. He is an African-American minister in the United Methodist Church...
Clashes with the Ku Klux Klan began Joseph Lowery's life long fight for equality.The man who became one of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s chief lieutenants was born in Huntsville, Alabama. Early encounters with bigotry would shape the direction of his life as a Methodist minister.Inspired by Rosa...
Dr. Joseph Lowery, civil rights leader, speaking to Philip Yancey in 2008: "I remember when baseball teams chose their first black managers. Seems to me they always got to manage teams that were at the bottom of the pile, near bankrupt. That's how I feel about this election-- proud we have a black president, of course, but man, look at the mess he's going to face."
Joseph Lowery spoke about voter suppression laws at Clark Atlanta University's 2012 Convocation Ceremony on Tuesday, September 18th.
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These were the EXACT words DR. JOSEPH E. LOWERY said as he spoke at President Obama'S inauguration in 2009!
Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery speaks at CAU today firing up young voters
Opening Convocation was good! Can't believe Joseph Lowery is 91 & kicking still 🙌
Joseph E. Lowery>>> one of my idols and the cutest old man! Lol
Dr. Joseph E. Lowery is an amazing man . 
We will remember this day for ever! Got to meet Dr. Joseph E. Lowery, Dean of the Civil Rights Movement. He delivered a powerful message.
Literally sitting in the presence of greatness. The Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery. convocation.
It was such a privilege hearing Dr. Joseph E. Lowery speak. I appreciate CAU for giving us the opportunity to hear him.
Probably one of my proudest moments at CAU !!! Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery,,, he was telling me I did a job pr
How can you have a Joseph E Lowery Program and Not Once mention he's an Alpha Man?? An Active Alpha too
I can't lie. Joseph E. Lowery was a great speaker. Kinda funny too.
Hearing Dr Joseph E Lowery speak brought me to tears today.
As a nation we must take a look at ourselves to determine who we ate as a nation!!! -Rev. Dr.Joseph E. Lowery
Joseph E. Lowery got me in here bawling . Y'all please go vote!
Joseph E Lowery jus said dnt make him come back and hang the *** outta us lol.
Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery is a BLESSED man..91 years on this earth..60 years of marriage with his wife..Historical civil rights activist 👍
Take Martins picture down! You don't deserve to have it if u don't VOTE!! Rev Dr Joseph E Lowery ♥
I'm caught up in the joy of this new beginning - Joseph Lowery
Joseph E Lowery is a cute old man. He's too funny
"Don't get caught with the weapon of mass distraction" - Dr. Joseph E. Lowery
Hearing Joseph E. Lowery speak in person right now is BIG this man is walking history and the reason for our freedom
But s/o to The Dean of the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Joseph E. Lowery for being at CAU today!!
Joseph E Lowery looks good to be 91! 😏
Wow Joseph E. Lowery is 90yrs old.dis mane speak with so much wisdom...I'm really glad I came
S/o to Rev Joseph E Lowery right now giving us the word.
"We are they who have been better to this nation in times of war than it has been to us in times of peace" - Dr. Joseph E. Lowery.
Listening to Rev. Joseph E. Lowery, the Dean of Civil Rights speak..
"We know who we are, even when we don't act like it"- Joseph E. Lowery
The dean of the Civil Rights Movement said he disagrees with some African-African ministers who are urging parishioners to stay home on Election Day.
Normally I do not comment on political views or concerns but however I am compelled to make a statement . In reading the Charlotte Observer this morning there was an article that was saying that they are African -American pastors who are recommending that their congregation forgo the election this year. Reason being that President Obama is pro *** marriage and Mitt Romney is a Mormon and there is no clear candidate running!! Are You Serious!! First let me say that I am a minister and I do not support the *** marriage issue on no uncertain terms. I am a democrat and has been all of my life! However I will vote for President Obama not because he is black but because he offer the best solution for our Country! Now the fact that there are African -American pastors are telling their congregation to forgo the election dis annul the Frederick Douglas',Martin Luther King Jr'.,Joseph Lowery's, Hosea Williams Jesse Jackson and Rosa Parks etc. enduring hostility,physical harm and risking their lives for us to ha ...
The Reverend Joseph Lowery took some time to speak out against the Charter School Amendment that Georgians will be voting on in November. When asked his political affiliation, he will respond “Methodist,” however, he makes the conservative case against the Charter School Amendment – that it will tak...
Most of us have spent the day remembering... and that's a good thing. Let us close this day with a prayer that looks forward: "Help us, Lord, to work for that day when nation shall not lift up sword against nation, when tanks will be beaten into tractors, when every man and every woman shall sit under his or her own vine and fig tree, and none shall be afraid; when justice will roll down like waters and righteousness as a mighty stream. Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day." Rev. Joseph Lowery
Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Joseph Lowery and all them want to dictate terms but this is not about quieting the truth. For too long we said nothing. Now, we cannot let anyone dictate what we can and cannot say.that's what the devil wants. Last I checked, He sits high, and He looks low. He is on the throne and no one is able to stop the truth and the hand of God. I have nothing to lose and all you brothers and sisters don't have anything to lose. It's not about disrespecting a person. It's about respecting God above persons and their agendas. - Fred C. Rochester
It's day 3 at the Right now I'm at a Voting Rights brunch honoring Dr. Joseph Lowery, Congressman John Lewis and Rev. Al Sharpton. It was fantastic to celebrate my birthday helping to nominate our President for re election. Thanks to ALL of my friends for your warm birthday wishes. I am overwhelmingly blessed!
Charlotte, N.C. -- Just before midnight on Wednesday, 90-year-old Joseph Lowery, the sharp-tongued civil rights veteran, helped announce that 124 Georgia
On, Wednesday, August 15th, Our DNC National Secretary, Alice Germond, sent official Congratulations on behalf of the Democratic National Convention on my being selecting as a delegate to the Convention to be held in Charlotte in September 4-6, 2012. What an honor of a life-time for anyone!!! I was over-joyed to receive this email and to be among such distinguished Georgians, including our Super Delegate President Jimmy Carter, Dr. Joseph Lowery, Chair Mike Berlon, Leader Stacey Abrams, Honorable U. S. Reps. Sanford Bishop, John Barrow, John Lewis, Hank Johnson, David Scott and other fellow district and at-large delegates it is an esteemed pleasure!!! Just knowing that I will be in the number to witness the the re-nomination of our President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden is Awesome!!! Wow! The excitement un-folds in that my St Paul Church Family wants to do it up and wishes to send my daughter, Kelsey, and myself off in style with a benefit at R&J's in Statesboro on Saturday, August 18 ...
In good company with Roland Martin, Rev. Joseph Lowery and Hank Stewart.
Joseph Lowery now making a rare recent public appearance: "1 of the things about being 90 years old, I can say whatever I *** well want"
Dr. Joseph Lowery is on fire " The one thing about being of 90 year old is that I can say whatever the *** well what I want to say "
On Thursday, June 28, Democratic U.S. Rep. John Barrow was one of 17 Democrats who voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt due to the Fast and F
All the prostitutes be on Joseph E. Lowery Blvd 😳 lol
John Barrow no doubt sent Rev. Joseph Lowery a note of appreciation after he rapped him as a "Republican."
In May I talked to Rev. Joseph Lowery at a National Day of Prayer breakfast. Today I ran into Martin Luther King III at Five Guys.
Home of civil rights icons MLK, Amb. Andrew Young, Rep. John Lewis, Rev. Joseph Lowery, ATL is best place for NCCHR, says Mayor Reed
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lol!! Here in Ga downtown everything is named Joseph E. Lowery or Peachtree street and one way. I needs it lol 😂😂
Dr Joseph Lowery speaking of the steady leadership of Pres Onama crowd chatting 4 more years
Voting is on my mind, this is a critical vote. Thank God we somewhat secured people's vote before we got to today. But stay awake, make sure you know how and where you'll be voting and bring everyone you know with you. If you know people who can't get out to vote, find someone to take them. Seriously. I received a report and some history on hate groups in America and the numbers of the Patriot and Malitia hate groups have risen from 191 in 2008 to 639 in 2009, 1154 in 2010 to 1608 in 2011. What do you think explains that - the fact that our President is a Democrat? Let's remember the true Patriots who lived, suffered, stood up and died for this country and our Constitution. The people past and present who demand America be true. Jimmie Lee Jackson, Rev James Orange, Medgar Evers, Rev James Reeb, Dr and Mrs Joseph Lowery, Doctor King and my Mom, Viola Liuzzo. VOTE, so many aren't old enough to remember those times but they are not so long behind us and they're trying to overcome us still.
if u in the A come to Listening party for "The Jiffy Cornbread Experience" (Hosted by DJ Scream) 7p | 981 Joseph E Lowery Blvd NW
Georgia – The Democratic Party of Georgia State Delegation has unanimously elected the Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery as Chairman to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.
Dr. Joseph Lowery speaks at the Rosa Parks funeral
The grand opening of President Obama's re-election headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia was splendid.Rev. Joseph Lowery, the Civil Rights Icon spoke as well as Congressman John Lewis and Congressman Hank Johnson.Kudos to the Georgia Democratic Party for a job well done. The office opened on historic Auburn Avenue. It was a "fired" up and ready to vote event.
Yesterday, both Jesse Jackson and Joseph Lowery (REAL civil rights heroes, from 'way back in the day') spoke out in support of full equality (yes, that means *** marriage" or "marriage equality" or whatever phrase we're parsing today). And now these words from John Lewis (something approaching a legend or a giant, in my book). Later today, I may search for Coretta Scott King's words on behalf of full equality, Mr. Lewis will suffice for now: "My position is very, very simple. That I fought too long and too hard against discrimination based on race and color, not to stand up and fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation. If you’re going to provide civil rights and equality for everybody, you cannot draw a line, you cannot build a wall. We must respect the dignity and the worth of every human being whether they are *** or straight." ~~ John Lewis
Video on Rev. Al Sharpton honors Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery as a leader of the Civil Rights Movement as he continues in “giving a voice to the voiceless” in supporting President Obama’s position on marriage equality. Lowery joins Politics Nation as he and Sharpton discuss marriage equality as...
Rev. Joseph Lowery, 90 yr old civil rights pioneer; "hard to top" being on stage. participating in inauguration of 1st Black POTUS
Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery on with the Rev. Al need I say more? Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere! -MLK
Amazing how times have changed I was watching The Jefferson's (Florence vs. Louise so6/ep10 1979) today and George called the man a *** on TV a National Syndicated Sitcom Now a days they are trying to strike the word down as if it was never written. And here during a time when everything that was did and said was under the watch of heavy hitters like Jessie Jackson, and Joseph Lowery. Why was this allowed?
Did anyone see Rev. Joseph Lowery on CNN with Don Lemon? What a cool interview!! This guys is a reverend and marched with Dr. Martin Luther King during the civil rights era and was speaking on *** marriage/rights. See if you can search it later online if you missed it!!
Rev. Al Sharpton along with other Civil Rights leaders, including Rev. Joseph Lowery, release open letter to Black America urging us not to fight over Obama's marriage equality decision and instead focus on battles we collectively believe in. What do you think, Newsone Fam? Can the differences be put aside -- specifically within the church?
I had the honor of meeting Rev. Joseph Lowery yesterday. WOW!
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Rev. Joseph Lowery Co-Founder and former president of the Black Leadership Forum, a consortium of black advocacy groups.
Sweet Auburn Legends,Heroes and Heroines Award Ceremony May 1o 236 Auburn Ave Honoring those who exemplifies the Spirit of Sweet Auburn. Joseph Lowery,John Lewis and more.
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