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Joseph Kony

Joseph Rao Kony (born around about July/September of 1961) is the head of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), a Ugandan guerrilla group.

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Angelina Jolie 'volunteered' to snare warlord Joseph Kony in dinner honeytrap - The Times
other answers we'd have accepted instead of "goat in a tutu" are:. -Joseph Kony. -Adolph…
It remains a mystery that Joseph Kony cannot be found...
Ugandan troops who hunted Joseph Kony in CAR leave trail rape, sexual slavery and the exploitation of young girls:
The United States announced it will end a six-year Central-African hunt for Joseph Kony.
Uganda ends hunt for LRA leader Joseph Kony - Leader of rebel group notorious for kidnapping children no longer...
American special forces deployed in the Central African Republic (CAR) to support the hunt for Joseph Kony and his…
We sent Walter Washington to interview Michael Gira's pet iguana, Pain in Joseph Kony's summer home
How did the LRA abduct & indoctrinate children like One former child soldier tells his harrowing story…
Testimony of former highlights moral complexity of case at
You belong to Joseph : How and others became child soldiers
Did Joseph Kony give a trial to the children he slaughtered in war? Then why give him a trial? He's not Ed Gein, he's not crazy.
Your Joseph Kony example is shoddy one. You can't shape and/or shift world history without being influential. I dare you still!
Lol. Are you hiding behind 'influence'? Are you aware that people like Joseph Kony were also 'influential'?
“You belong to Joseph Kony”: first hand story of how a child became a child soldier for the LRA.…
just realized your name is Joseph Kony I'm dead
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“You belong to Joseph Kony”: Chilling account of child soldier of Lord Resistance Army via
Last *** to play me was Joseph Kony in 2012. Never again.
How Dominic Ongwen and others became child soldiers in via
trump is going to sign SOPA into law and bring Joseph Kony back to life
Beasts Of No Nation the movie is almost like Joseph Kony's LRA
Powerful testimony from former Ugandan highlights complexity of trial via
Wahhabism and brutal dictatorship is not at the heart of Islam. If you're a Christian you don't support Joseph Kony
“You belong to How and others became via
“You belong to Joseph Kony”: harrowing testimony from a child soldier highlights complexity of Ongwen ICC case
Harrowing testimony from a former LRA child soldier highlights the moral complexity of Ongwen’s case at the ICC https:…
Ok, but don't forget that there are Christian terrorist groups, as well. The KKK in the US & Joseph Kony's Lord's…
That Movember moustached nob Joseph Kony has ruined our mannequin challenge there by playing on Pokemon Go while eating a pulled pork bun.
Nurse: You've been in a coma since 2012. Me: we must stop Kony
And let's get Joseph Kony to chair the UN Security Council.
New edition, new series of a book titled, “When the Walking Defeats You: Joseph Kony’s Bodyguard,” authored by...
Good thing Joseph Kony stopped doing all that stuff
Does anyone know what happened to Joseph Kony?
ON THE BLOG: When The Walking Defeats You, by , shares the story of Joseph Kony's personal bodyguard.
Will Joseph Kony come out of hiding to do the
So is Joseph Kony still alive or...
Dems: careful--don't become polarized by 'othering' the oppositon moving forward. Trump: Joseph Kony's favorite TV show was SNL, coincidence?
.reviewed account depicting life in Joseph - "an important account"
what about all the Joseph Kony jokes
Last time I got finessed like that was in 2012 for the the Joseph kony movement 😭😭
Fr. Robert is from Uganda. His father was killed by Joseph Kony and he is no memory of his dad…
man joined the Lords Resistance Army , he up there raping children with Joseph Kony
if this was 2012 he would have stopped the play to talk about Joseph kony .
..Joseph Kony of rap the rest are my commanders/. Killed them with bars gat 'em burried under/. Rollin in my X6...
"You ever just look at pictures of Joseph Kony?"
. News headline:Joseph Kony arrested . Felix Kulayigye:Kony's Kawunda suit and guitar has been arrested
My review of fascinating account of the life of a foot soldier in Joseph Kony's for
One Book to grab is "When The Walking Defeats You" a tale by George Omona, an Ex Joseph Kony's bodyguard. Writen by Led…
Uganda: "Ugenda is Always frustrated for the non arrest of Joseph Kony"
At the delegation of expresses frustration that Joseph (Lord's Resistance Army) is still at large.
Life after Kony: how Uganda's women are rebuilding their lives
Joseph Kony sponsors trio . for lip-replacement surgery .
Kony Ealy with a near interception there. Third and goal at 8.
What are Ugandan and US troops doing in W Equatoria? Using it as a staging ground to fight Joseph Kony and LRA. (4/x)
He survived Joseph Kony and Museveni and fled to America only to be killed by California police. RIP Alfred Olango. https:/…
The ICC will try a top commander of Uganda's notorious Lord's Resistance Army this December. It's not Joseph Kony.
A Lords Resistance Army commander goes on trial but Joseph Kony still eludes justice via
plight of children in Uganda at the hands of the warlord Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA)
Former LRA militant: Joseph Kony sells ivory to Sudan government in exchange for arms
Tanner Harris killed Joseph Kony on his mission trip to sub-Saharan Africa in the summer of 2015.
It's 1:26pm and all I can think about is helping Invisible Children make Joseph Kony beyond famous
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By the way I know of Joseph Kony of the Lords Resistance Army he is Christian but we speak against him can u speak against ur imams?
And I follow the weirdest, the likes of Joseph Kony, Kibwetere.smh
Lol it's so weird that these references are dated now. I forgot about Joseph Kony
Okay but joseph kony truly murdered the glo up challenge
Why arent we asking the presidential candidates the real questions? Like when will we find Joseph Kony?
So Joseph Kony is still alive. That's a thing.
So Uganda warlord Joseph Kony claims he talks with angels. The problem here is they are fallen angels and demons sent by Satan!!!
If former Uganda warlord Joseph Kony continues his deception as a prophet and agent of God then I rebuke him as a false prophet!!
Many Thanks to Patricia Shupe and Don T. Grahn for having me on the show to announce the new mission to apprehend Joseph Kony.
14 year old George has given me the inspiration to return to the cause and catch Joseph Kony once and for all
LRA carried out more raids in CA in the first 2 months of 2016 than during the whole of 2015
How to stop the abducting children in via and
“If you run, we kill.” Our piece on new child abductions by in & what's needed
.OpEd by + still abducting children even after CAR votes for peace
Joseph Kony has been dead since the 1980s
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Going to be on the television show Call 4 Investigation to talk about Uganda warlord Joseph Kony and the Good Shepherd Orphanage
fuk u Uganda the only thing good to come from u was Joseph Kony.
BLOG/Joseph Kony's abducts scores of child soldiers in new wave of attacks.
“If you run, we kill.” Our editorial on recent child abductions in and how to respond:
Surge in LRA abductions of children in Central African Republic; excellent research by
Follow the heart thumping story of Dahr whose wife and son was abducted by Joseph Kony
Anyone know how Joseph Kony is getting on...? Obviously everyone was oh so interested in him, so presumably everyone has kept that up.
Joseph Kony's militia, the LRA, has abducted men, women & children in large numbers in the Central African Republic.
Great piece from & on Kony, the LRA, and child abductions in CAR via
Kony's LRA has abducted men, women & children in unprecedented numbers
Four years ago Kony2012 was released. Despite many joint efforts, Joseph Kony and the LRA are still active.
We broke the story on the surge in abductions. Here's & in on how to respond:
Why is Joseph Kony considered evil, when he fought against a corrupt government and employed thousands of poor children who needed work?
Powerful comments by and on how to stop the abducting children in
lol whatever happened to Joseph Kony?
How to stop the LRA abducting children in Central African Republic via and
I've decided Trump is actually Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army and international war criminal fugitive
I got tha kids behind me like I'm Joseph Kony
Oh you the kid ? I'm Joseph Kony. Chip off the block from puffy socks & my saucony's.
The pressure is still on to capture Joseph Kony & when we say we really mean it: y
Sure. Joseph Kony. Ever heard of him? Please, please tell me you are so stupid as to disagree.
What next? A pledge to support Joseph Kony and his minions, like in 2012?
I hope the republican candidates get asked about Joseph Kony tomorrow so they can truly weed out the bad apples at a bipartisan level
This life! That's how Museveni got power then abandoned Joseph Kony in the bush to continue deluding himself that he's a warlord!
Oh, you the kid?. I’m Joseph Kony. Chip off the block, it’s puffy socks in my Saucony.
Yet to see the point in spending 17 lakhs of rupees to study HR. Might as well fund the civilian army in Uganda to fight Joseph Kony.
The next signee to the Joseph Kony Basketball team:. Warner "One Hand Wonder" Lewis. 5'11. 165 lb. Forward
The first signee to the Joseph Kony Basketball team: . Michael "Big Mike" Rebbin. 6'10. 200 lb . Center
Joseph Kony all along he has been fight against the Economic marginalisation of Northern Uganda.-Dr.Arthur
Meanwhile, plucky and flatulent Corey Feldman just touched down in North Kivu and began the treacherous overland march to find Joseph Kony.
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Cool Cat pledges his entire 3 terms of the presidency and the entire U.S. army to fight Joseph Kony in the Ugandan jungle!
Parents these days should give their kids Bakulette not Joseph Kony
Extract from Evelyn Amony's book (edited by Erin Baines) about her time with the and Joseph Kony in particular:
does YG not know who joseph kony is? . o__O
Bash is Joseph Kony. If una like doubt me.
I drank too much coffee and im all hyped up and is the FBI hiring bc im p positive I could find Joseph Kony right now
And why can we act like saints coming to the rescue in Afghanistan. Iraq. Syria. Libie. ..which has all to do...
My husband the warlord: memoir of Joseph Kony's wife
"My husband the warlord": excerpt from memoir of Joseph Kony wife
Despite brutalized childhood as Joseph wife, she works for
Despite a childhood brutalized by Joseph Kony, Evelyn Amony survived to work for peace and advocate for women.
Tragedy in Uganda: Amoko massacre committed by Joseph Kony & survivors tell their stories (from Jan 2014)
My husband the warlord: an extract from the of Joseph wife
ICYMI here is my review of Evelyn's book for On LRA, Kony and her struggle to escape and survive.
A poignant excerpt from Evelyn Amony's book in The little boy crying is Salim, Kony's likely successor.
Y'all made Joseph kony famous buh cudnt find him
Identify and Weigh the Factors Involved in Joseph Kony Being Able to Evade Prosecution for Widely Alleged Human Ri…
Her message was in fact a coded call for mass murder,all in the name of God as Lord Resistance Army of Joseph Kony
An extract from the memoir of Evelyn Amony, a "wife" of Joseph Kony. Worth reading. .
Extract from memoir by Evelyn Amony, wife of Joseph
My husband the warlord:Joseph Kony's wife how is the hunt for going since 2012
Are Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite, and Joseph Kony the face of Christianity? Then neither should we paint Islam with such a wide brush.
Is it Tanita Tikaram and Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army?.
Remember the hype around Joseph Kony, great times
LRA leader Joseph Kony's top lieutenants plotted to kill him earlier this year:
Great article from - Joseph Kony and Mutiny in the Lord’s Resistance Army
'Joseph Kony and Mutiny in the Lord’s Resistance Army'. Excellent piece by
How a Texas Philanthropist Helped Fund the Hunt for Joseph Kony via
Excellent piece on Kony's dwindling control over the LRA, by via
Joseph Kony + Mutiny in the LRA: Interesting insight into attempted assassination earlier this year by
The unraveling of Mutiny in the by in
Joseph Kony I am coming for you. I'm your worst nightmare. You WILL be stopped.
Read on the disunity within the ranks of the LRA:
This brutality goes unchecked because the 54 Nation African Union is headed by no other than Robert Mugabi? Pointless
Joseph Kony's cruelty and brutality are rapidly diminishing his ranks.
I wrote this for the New Yorker on the unraveling of Kony and the LRA.
Defectors from the LRA speak about the time they almost killed Joseph Kony.
Defectors from the Lord's Resistance Army tell how they almost succeeded in assassinating Joseph Kony. …
US troops working w/Seleka in the hunt for Joseph Kony. Military official says Seleka "are playing us"
Desperate times or just desperate measures as US turns to Seleka mob in hunt for Joseph Kony
Interesting piece on the U.S. Special Ops forces in central Africa struggling to locate Joseph Kony
Pentagon opens new front in hunt for warlord Joseph Kony -- working w/ some unsavory groups. http:/…
U.S. military opens a new front in the hunt for African warlord Joseph Kony
US working with Islamists known as Seleka in Central African Republic to try and find Joseph Kony
Joseph Kony and his LRA gang touched the wrong kid,a true life story of courage -
domain names
because he feared Joseph Kony of Lords Resistance Army, a rebel group
Or indeed radical Christian leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, Joseph Kony, the Ugandan warlord.
They know he's sick, but can't find him?! “Joseph Kony said to be in poor health, due to diabetes:
Fugitive Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony is reportedly ill. Uganda military indicate Konye is struggling for his life
Time might be up for African war lord Joseph Kony who is unwell according to recent reports
Want to feel old? Joseph Kony still hasn't been caught
We finally did it. Great work everyone. Who's next?
Ill fugitive African warlord Joseph Kony “doesn’t have same willingness to fight”
Fugitive warlord Joseph is said to be sickly, possibly diabetic via
You can sleep happy finally after all these years.
Praying this drives into the public if true!! .
Rebel leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army Joseph is diabetic and is suffering from arthritis
Joseph Kony Sick . News reaching us is the war lord Joseph Kony is sick and ailing in his jungles. "He is...
Lord's Resistance Army Leader Joseph Kony Said to Be in Poor Health: ... has since exported its brand of viole...
defectors reporting Kony sickly, in hiding. Enough's comments
Fugitive Joseph Kony, on the run from U.S. forces, reportedly ailing, defectors say.
Breaking: African Fugitive WARLORD Joesph Kony is ill from a Chronic ailment, his Soldiers defecting.
Fugitive African warlord Joseph Kony is said to be sickly, in retreat from international hunt. …
Fugitive African warlord Joseph Kony reportedly in poor health .
Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony said to be in poor health:
I have just received leaked info that Bill Clinton, Margaret Atwood, and Joseph Kony will also be appearing in Taylor Swift's new video
It's been a week and people are still talking about Baltimore. That's twice as long as people cared about Joseph Kony
L. Ron Hubbard is alive and well and living with Joseph Kony on an island near Guam.
Interesting, nuanced story about Invisible Children (which has not, shd be noted, defeated Joseph Kony) via
Hard to believe I just walked in on Joseph Kony wanking in my shed,awkward af 😂
Name: Joseph Kony. I'm a pilgrim champion and I like tropical fish and farts.
Do people still remember Joseph Kony and the ugandan children?
Am I advise? Does Joseph Kony like to raid farts? Who are all these cocoa puffs?
We are not simply to bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice; we are to drive a spoke into...
My baby can't even fire a Nerf gun so hats off to Joseph Kony.
My little homies got me feeling like Joseph kony
They never found Congolese warlord Joseph Kony, who clearly inspired Roko Contee on tonite's "Hawaii 5-0."
by the time any of us heard of Kony2012 the LRA, the group Joseph Kony led, had all but disappeared.
So the whole Kony 2012 movement never actually led to the capture of Joseph Kony. He's believed to be hiding in South Sudan. Nice.
My family soldiers your gang full of kids like Joseph Kony
Joseph Kony, somewhere in the jungle, tomorrow: "Wait, what?"
How did Shannon help dismantle the Ugandan warlord's reign of terror? Meet the Mom Who Stopped Joseph Kony
It took more than a viral campaign to but LRA violence is down 93 percent since 2012
On the hunt for Joseph Kony: The Christian charity behind the strategic turnaround for fighting the LRA
Tantamount to involvement with Joseph Kony if you ask me.
the joke masters here laugh at Chris Kyle's heroics but none of you *** had the balls like him to actually kill Joseph Kony
Who was your favorite person in the prowl last year? Joseph kony.. 😂
Wait, what does Zuma mean? We shouldn't be in partnership with Congo until Joseph Kony is dead, what does he mean? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
The ICC separates Dominic Ongwen’s case from the main one involving his former boss Joseph Kony among other LRA war lords.
"We should have shown up a long time ago."
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remember how that guy went crazy and ran through LA wanking, then we all stopped caring about Joseph Kony. funny old world
correction you're Joseph Kony nobody will care
Oh, Joseph Kony? No, it's VITAMIN. Do you not speak English?
Wow, this mom may have actually helped stop Kony. Take that, Slacktivist naysayers!
I was in the sun for less than an hour and I feel blacker than Joseph Kony already.
The has begun the trial of a former child slave turned commander for Joseph Kony’s
Joseph Kony operates under the veil of Christianity, yet no one would ever blame Christians for the atrocities he commits
In case you forgot, Joseph Kony's dream was to make the 10 Commandments the constitution of Uganda. Lord's Resistance Army.…
You want a Christian extremist and you won't mention Joseph Kony?
'Meet the mom who stopped Joseph Kony.' via
Situation: UgandaCase: The Prosecutor v. Joseph Kony, Vincent Otti, Okot Odhiambo and Dominic OngwenDominic Ongwen, against whom the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant for crimes against humanity and war crimes, is currently escorted by an ICC delegation that has left Ce…
Commander in Joseph Kony's notorious militia says he surrendered so that he would not "die in the bush":
Are all christians responsible for Joseph Kony and the Lords Resistance Army?
Surrender of senior aide is a blow to Joseph Kony
The BBC has rare access to the US hunt for the warlord Joseph Kony, who has waged war in central Africa for more than two decades
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The legal issues involving Dominic Ongwen’s Surrender The lead story this week is the surrender/capture of a senior commander in the rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) movement, Dominic Ongwen. Ongwen is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The ICC became actively involved in Uganda after peace talks in 2003 failed between the government and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). In 2003 the Ugandan government referred situations of international criminal law committed on its territory to the ICC. The LRA had been at war with the UPDF since 1987 and has perpetrated mass killing, looting, abduction, and other forms of violence against civilians. The ICC then launched its investigations in Uganda in 2004, but to date is yet to arrest or hold a trial of an LRA combatant. In mid-2005, the ICC issued arrest warrants for Joseph Kony, the LRA leader, and four of his commanders. The commanders included Vincent Otti (deceased), Okot Odhiambo (deceased), Raska ...
Dominic Ongwen, a lieutenant for guerrilla leader Joseph Kony, surrendered (Guardian) to U.S. forces on Tuesday,...
Dominic Ongwen, a lieutenant of feared guerrilla leader Joseph Kony, in custody of US troops in Central African Republic
One of Joseph Kony's top commanders surrendered to the U.S./African Union
Atrocities committed by the Lords Resistance Army LRA of Joseph Kony Uganda, in the name of Jesus, should we blame Christianity.Ofcourse NOT
US says man claiming to be senior commander in LRA now in custody of its forces deployed in hunt for Joseph Kony.
If we can avoid equating all Christianity with Joseph Kony (for example), perhaps we can avoid conflating Islam with Terrorism. Just sayin.
Surrender of senior aide to Joseph Kony is major blow to Lord's Resistance Army
.How can you be worried about Kim Jong-un and North Korea when Joseph Kony is still on the loose???
Samuel L Jackson as Joseph Kony with John Cho Kal Penn for the "ha-ha's" Hollywood make this NAO !!
Oh you the kid? I'm Joseph Kony, chip off the block since puffy socks in my Sauconys.
Nick Kristof slaps a happy child's ice cream cone out of her hands—"How can you smile, when the evil warlord Joseph Kony is still at large?"
Bet this Ben lad who's just won X-factor disappears quicker then that Kony bloke did.
I leave everything to the last minute because i'm joseph kony
Uh, shouts out to joseph kony one time
Barack found Kony years ago and is waiting for his last day in office to release him and then "find" him in public in fr…
"If blue was a prince, I'm still Joseph Kony" fire
to when i thought Joseph Kony and the Invisible Children was an Indie Rock Band
What ever happened to African warlord Joseph Kony?
Prob easier to find joseph kony than it is to find a job
also he wanted me to tell you you're a failed abortion and your mom wants to sell you to Joseph Kony 😕
Have y'all heard about this Joseph Kony guy?
Just have to nip to Uganda and offer yourself to our lord and saviour Joseph Kony
TFW I send and Joseph Kony on a mission together to kill aliens
When Benezeri said "The way you caught my eye, you could've caught Joseph Kony"
then why haven't I heard one person in the "black lives matter" mention Joseph kony or the diamond trade in Africa?
What's Joseph Kony up to these days?
Joseph kony is black, what's the point? Americans, regardless of skin color will prevail
Wonder what Joseph Kony is up to at the moment
The Wizard of the Nile: The Hunt for Joseph Kony by Matthew Green
:( Jason... I was referring to the social movement everyone was consumed with in 2012 about Joseph Kony!
Umm soo.. Are we still going after Joseph Kony or nah?
Joseph kony and his kids(IG Haters) are after me when is dead you can find der Witz in…
I'm watching a documentary on Joseph kony man he was troubled
Y now it's time for the Joseph Kony show starring Michael Jordan. Oh, April Fools Day.
photos of my friends and Joseph Kony
I wonder what happened to Joseph kony
But Museveni referred Joseph Kony's case to the ICC o_O
"Museveni calls for mass pull-out of African states from International Criminal Court." Yet he wants Joseph Kony there.
They need to question him before quitting on Congo issues and what should happen to Joseph Kony!
Y now it's time for the Bonnie Hunt show starring Joseph Kony. Oh, thrifty.
Museveni says he is done with ICC. Joseph Kony must be looking for the like button.
VIDEO: On the hunt for warlord Joseph Kony
Joseph Kony slaughters elephants for ivory to pay for guns to slaughter people
Remember that time when some people thought Carl Weathers was Joseph Kony?
The unprotected African Villiage's are plundered and shattered by the evil one, Joseph Kony born 1961 Leader Resistance Army (LRA),
Africa’s forgotten scourge: Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army
Why are we getting junk snail mail addressed to Joseph Kony?
Remind me, what ever happened to Joseph Kony? Oh yeah, he's still at large, leading the LRA.
Is Alex from target the Lindbergh baby is Alex from target Joseph Kony do we really need to find him that bad when there is Ebola happening
Lool did Joseph kony force you to say that?
"Joseph Kony is getting it out there" Justin 2014
If I had a gun with 8 bullets, I'd use 7 of them on Stereo Kicks. The other would be a toss up between Joseph Kony or Steven.
New report tracks Joseph movements from 2005-present:
has also had brief dalliances with Ugandan rebel Joseph and Zimbabwean President Robert
"Every school board is a coalition of Mr. Burns, Rumpelstiltskin, Glenn Beck, Cruella De Vil and Joseph Kony."
Whatever happened to Joseph Kony? Remember how evil he was and everyone hated him?
Joseph Kony ‘shifts rebels top command to his sons’
Joseph kony will save us all Victoria oh my good god
'we never owned the Joseph Kony story, never owned and do presently not own the framing of the narrative of Ebola.'
I wonder how Joseph Kony is getting along.
“When necessary, Joseph Kony will discipline and even execute LRA fighters who anger him"-
Literally just saw Joseph Kony filling up his petrol at Asda. So close to getting a picture..
has issued 12 arrest warrants which remain outstanding, including Joseph al-Bashir and Saif
Whoa---> Joseph shifts top command posts to his sons: via H/T
Do people still Google joseph kony.lool
joseph kony, leader of ISIL, Corey Perry
We watched a really good movie on Joseph Kony today and it's pretty sad how physco people in this world are
*** that would've been the perfect Halloween costume. Joseph Kony...
Three days ago, I updated that Raila Odinga is in the league of Riek Machar, Joseph Kony, Omar Mwamunuadzi &...
I remember when my nickname in drumline was joseph kony the one and only
The UN emphasizes the necessity to arrest and bring the LRA leader (Joseph Kony) and his commanders to the International Criminal Court
S/O Sam Childers .. runnin the resistance again Joseph Kony and LRA in Northern Uganda.. Saving the keedz!!
if watching Parks and Rec over the shoulder of some rando on campus without them noticing is a crime, call me Joseph Kony
Joseph Kony's LRA has released hundreds of people it abducted, including women and children. But why now? featured in NBC s Science of Love
In Edula today we ask: Some MPs have opposed a plan by the Uganda tourism board to sale Uganda using names of Joseph Kony and Ex president Idi Amin but instead use names of president Yoweri Museveni and the late vice president Dr. Samson Kiseka. Do you think promoting Uganda’s tourism using particular names over others matters?
More US Troops to Aid Uganda Search for Joseph Kony and in Central African Republic, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Hunters head gear. UPDF soldiers in CAR hunt for LRAs Joseph Kony
For some reason was wondering: whatever happened to Kony? You, too?
Some of the biggest scams of our generation: fuel perks, Obamacare, "fat burning" supplements, underwear... WAKE UP PEOPE. Stop Kony.
"For almost 3 decades, Joseph Kony and his rebel army have gotten away with murder." Learn more at
Call me mr.steal yo girl like Joseph kony.
I just saw Joseph with 17 Lost Boys in line at the if anyone is still looking for him.
Wieseltier wrote this about Joseph Kony and his victims. "Sleep-deprived," my ***
Yall carin about tj lane when joseph kony aint in prison eiither
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