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Joseph Dunford

Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. (born 1955) is a four-star general in the United States Marine Corps and the 32nd and current Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps.

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My view is that they will drain dollars aggressively. When?. When Joseph Dunford gets upset at Yellen.
My view is that Joseph Dunford is in close coordination with Turkish military to not allow Putin seizing more territory in Syria.
Joseph Dunford will never allow Janet Yellen to apply negative rates
Sooner or later Joseph Dunford will make an offer to Janet Yellen she can't refuse, if not already. Deutsche Bank decline is a sign of that
Congratulations to LTC Bleiler & 1SG Hawkins for being recognized by Joseph F. Dunford, General, U.S. Marine Corps.
WHAT AN IMPERIALIST MONSTROSITY IT IS ?/ General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of...
Carson: "None of us up here is a military expert." Somewhere Joseph Dunford just said, "Wait, really?"
From World War II to Afghanistan: USO Marks 75th Anniversary: Joseph F. Dunford Jr., chairman of the Joint Chi...
Joseph Dunford changed everything. Syria can no longer be fixed, but Ukraine is doable. Dunford said: Russia is Problem 1
Yes. Just as Generals Gabriel Olonishakin and Joseph Dunford are both Chairmen of Nigeria's and US' Joint Chiefs.
Make no mistake about it. Joseph Dunford will eventually override Obama's orders and tell the Federal Reserve to raise rates aggressively
Russia & Putin allies of average American:Zionist Jew Neocons the real enemy sucking our tax $ and blood for Israel
The average American needs to know that Russia is not the enemy. ENEMY IS US PENTAGON & CIA WAR CRIMINALS
THE DUNFORD EFFECT. May God bless Marine General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the United States Military
These people are so desperate @ this moment that they showed “footage of Russian airstrikes passed off as American
Hey check this out fights agents in region
apartments at White Dragon Society Triad leaders like Benjamin Fulford and Choudouin Daikaku and Alexander Romanoff and Joseph Dunford and
General Dunford on National Security: Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair General Joseph Dunford talked about national...
Gen. Joseph Dunford: US war plans are outdated.
The Joint Staff is likely to face reductions next year, according to JCS Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford.
Gen. Dunford: U.S. commands, war plans outdated this step for 3rd world war?
Chief of Rus Gen.Staff Valery had a tel. talk with Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph
It seems Marine General Joseph Dunford is what USA military badly needed...and received
Gen. Joseph Dunford says needs staff with a perspective of combatant commanders.
CJCS talks about recasting the UCP...big deal for the Pentagon...let's see what shakes out.
Gen. Joseph F. Dunford about the security environment and its implications on the force of the future
interview with Gen. Joseph Dunford about &
North Korea conflict could become 'trans-regional,' U.S. official says: Joseph Dunford, the Joint Chiefs of St...
Top US military chief 'not satisfied' with progress of anti-campaign
Joseph Dunford to update U.S. military's combat commands for 'fight of the future'
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Gen. Joseph Dunford selects CSM John Troxell to serve as next SEAC:
Gen. Joseph Dunford discusses how U.S. policy in the Middle East may change after the terrorist attacks on Paris:
Gen. Joseph Dunford: the balance of power in favor of the Syrian Arab Army now in Syria. if the mad man didn't spoil it. Syria need break.
Pres. received Gen. Joseph Dunford the new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
President finished productive meeting in Erbil w/ Joseph Dunford,chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.Commitme…
WATCH LIVE: Stream the CMC Passage of Command scheduled to begin in 30 minutes. Feed:
Let us hope that the new Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, leads US military better than Gen. Dempsey.
Obamas new Pentagon TopSoldier sayz quote "Russia is greatest threat to our nationl security" USMC Gen.Joseph Dunford
Dunford: Potent infantry essential to 'balanced' military portfolio
Carter wants the input of Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford in his new role as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,...
.officially starts as Chairman of today. Welcome aboard, Sir. Here's the new CJCS' bio
Russia the greatest threat to the U.S. and its behavior is nothing short of alarming,' Marine General Joseph Dunford.
Congrats to (F92) on being sworn in as Joint Chiefs of Staff! In early Sept he spoke w Dean
For Gen. Joseph Dunford, at apex of military, spotlight feels bright, power seems dim
MOTO MONDAY: 24 September 2015 - Passage of command from General Joseph F. Dunford Jr. to General Robert B. Ne...
I just interviewed the new chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen Joe Dunford, a Fletcher grad
Gen. Joseph Dunford Marine four-star takes over military CJCS "All US Military will run the CFT, or face discharge"
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Retires and hands power over to Gen. Joseph F.…
Gen. Martin Dempsey turns over his post to Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford
Marine General Joseph Dunford sworn in as US military's top officer
Ellyn Dunford, wife of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr., guides Marines from Marine...
In September Gen Joseph Dunford becomes the second Marine to serve as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Gen. Joseph Dunford will need a new senior enlisted adviser when he moves into his new role as chairman of the...
"July 2015: Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford, Obama’s nominee for chairman of the Joint Chiefs of…" — the_lion
The Hill Senate confirms new Joint Chiefs chairman: Senators on Wednesday confirmed Gen. Joseph Dunford to be ...
General Joseph Dunford, nominee for next chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff sees Iraq breaking into 2 separate Kurdish & Shiite states.
Joseph Dunford: Russia 'greatest threat to our national security'
UPDATE: Obama’s Joint Chiefs nominee agrees with Mitt
AA. The USA is taking Russia very very serious as a threat. Confirm their beliefs in this article:
Watching C-Span 2 for the confirmation of Gen. Joseph Dunford. stuff.
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John Kerry vs Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford - on whether Russia is existential threat to the United States.
Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., at his Senate confirmation hearing, pointed to the Russian government’s aggressive behavior and its nuclear
Gen Joseph Dunford is the best thing that has happened for our Military since January, 2009!
.may downplay threat, but at least the incoming Joint Chiefs Chairman doesn’t
the Obama v Romney foreign policy slam that wasn't
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry does not agree with Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford
Obama’s Joint Chiefs nominee agrees with Romney
CNN: Obama's Joint Chiefs nominee agrees with Romney
Check out this article! Obama's Joint Chiefs nominee agrees with Romney Article posted at... July 10, 2015 at 01:…
In a bizarre ironic twist, Marine Corps commandant General Joseph Dunford (slotted to take over the Joint Chiefs of…
Obama's Joint Chiefs nominee agrees with Romney
Russia's behavior "nothing short of alarming" according to Joseph Dunford in testimony to - read:
U.S. Gen. Joseph Dunford: must arm , keep military-to-military contacts with via
Russia is the greatest national security threat to the U.S., a Marine commandant said.
Joint Chiefs nominee: Russia greatest threat to U.S.
Joint Chiefs Nominee, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford says is the Biggest Threat to US via
New Joint Chiefs Chairman, Gen. Joseph Dunford says and are bigger threats to the U.S. than
"Russia is a bigger threat to US' security than ISIS" chairman or the Joint Chiefs chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford 😑...
Joseph Dunford: Russia greater threat to US than Islamic State
Russia poses the greatest security threat to the United States, Joint Chiefs pick Joseph Dunford says
Russia is greatest threat to the U.S., says Joint Chiefs chairman nominee Gen. Joseph Dunford
Gen. Joseph Dunford speaks during his confirmation to be Chairman of Joint Chiefs (Mike Morones/Military Times)
Gen. Joseph Dunford, Jr., Commandant for the meets with warrior athletes at the
Obama taps grad for Joint Chiefs post via
Is there an NCO Shortage in the Marines?:    Marine Commandant Gen. Joseph Dunford said recently that the Corp...
Leadership in action: Gen. Joseph Dunford, 36th Commandant of the Marine Corps, speaks in Okinawa, Japan.
Dear sr. Joseph F. Dunford, informed him that there are people who are supplanting their identity in Skype
Why Pres. Obama's decision to nominate Gen. Joseph Dunford as next chairman of is a very good move - T. Donnelly
Obama to tap general for top military post the prez made a great selection for Chief...
Congrats to USMC Commandant Joseph Dunford who reportedly will be named Tues by POTUS as chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff.
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Officials: Head of Marines, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, to be chairman of Joint Chiefs. Obama will announce on Tuesday
Obama taps Dunford for Joint Chiefs chairman - Military Times
Congratulations to General Dunford - Semper Fi Marine. Marine Corps Leadership at the highest level. Go get'em.
Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr. set for Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman nomination:
Obama to name Marine Gen. Dunford as Joint Chiefs chairman
CNN: Obama to tap Gen. Joseph Dunford as chairman of the Joint Chiefs
Marine Commandant, Air Force Cargo Pilot Tapped to Lead Pentagon: A former commander of U.S. forces in Afghani...
"Marine Selected to Head Joint Chiefs" by PETER BAKER and HELENE COOPER via NYT
Commandant Gen. Joseph Dunford to be next JCS Chairman. Now we're getting somewhere.
Obama to tap general for top military post
"Obama to tap Gen. Joseph Dunford to top military post". Surprised he didn't pick someone from Hamas
President Obama has found his new head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
this guy sounds like Gen Patton is baack!Obama taps Marine General Joseph Dunford as Joint Chiefs chairman
he get a hold of rape crisis? taps General Joseph Dunford as Joint Chiefs chairman
Obama to nominate Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr. as next Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman. | via AP
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Obama taps Dunford for Joint Chiefs chairman via
Obama picks Marine Commandant Joseph Dunford to head Joint Chiefs of Staff
Dunford tapped for Joint Chiefs chairman, Selva for vice via
Marine General Joseph Dunford chosen as Joint Chiefs chairman via the Android app
Seven years later, Dunford is nominated to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. By any standard, an astonishing rise:
Marine Corps Gen.Joseph Dunford revealed to House Armed Services Committee that Obama ordered our Marines to destroy their weapons
NHK World: General Joseph F. Dunford, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, was speaking before the Senate Armed...
Watch the CMC, Gen Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., USMC, speak LIVE at the Ground Logistics Awards Dinner within the hour:
Another reason to attend Sea Air Space. General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., Commandant of the United States Marine...
My dear Joseph greeting from Austria and hope your family is fine I help you for your box
Gen. Joseph Dunford takes over as new top Marine Corps general с помощью
What do you do with an APSIA degree? Become Commandant of the Marine Corps
. GREETINGS, Hello I'm General Joseph Dunford by name US Marine Corps, Can we chat and get to know each other more better?
General James Amos retires and General Joseph 'Fighting Joe' Dunford becomes 36th Commandant of the Marine...
ICYMI: General Joseph Dunford, Jr. (F92) sworn in as 36th Commandant of the Marine Corps. Report via
Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. takes over as Commandant via
I’m at 10am change-of-command cermny where I’ll proudly watch fellow alum Gen Joseph Dunford take command …
In case you haven't heard, we have a new Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. replaced Gen. James F. Amos Oct. 17.
Gen. Joseph Dunford is now officially in as Marine Commandant. Sadly, the man is hard-core Red Sox fan. Go Cubs! Good …
Gen James F Amos relinquished command of the Marine Corps to Gen Joseph F Dunford on 17 October.
"Throughout the last decade, Marines have enhanced their reputation as the Nation's premier force in readiness." ~ Gen. Joseph Dunford
Great picture of Gen. Joseph Dunford '73 during his swearing in ceremony as the 36th Commandant of the Corps.
239th Marine Corps Birthday Message from the 36th Commandant, General Joseph Dunford. Semper Fidelis...
New Commandant of the Gen. Joseph Dunford's letter to all Marines.
Sir: Sir and GEN: U.S.A. : Joseph F Dunford Jr. He Know the project.Thanks for your time Sir and GEN:Martin Dempsey.
Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. becomes the 36th commandant for the United States Marine Corps. Read more at:...
Congratulations 2 Gen. Joseph “Fighting Joe” Dunford! Marines are hopeful that he will Fight 4 Them unlike the 35th!
Gen. Joseph Dunford relieves Gen. James Amos and is officially appointed the 36th Commandant of the Marine Corps.
Congratulations to the new CMC, Gen. Joseph "Fightin' Joe" Dunford! We also want to thank Gen. Jim Amos for his faithful leadership.
Marine Corps, Gen. James Amos, handed the Marine Corps over to Gen. Joseph Dunford, Jr. Amos is retiring
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Gen. James Amos, the first (and possibly last?) aviator to be USMC Commandant. Handed over the reins Fri to Gen. Joseph Dunford at 8th & I.
Gen. Joseph Dunford takes ovr as new top Marine Corps general I reserve my critique after I see Dunford's ACTIONS>sir
Gen. Joseph Dunford takes over as new Marine Corps Commandant via
General Joseph Dunford, the outgoing Commander of International Security Assistance Force (Isaf), called on Chief...
outgoing chief of ISAF in Gen Joseph Dunford on Monday paid farewell call on Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif.
ISAF commander in AFG General Joseph Dunford arrived in Pakistan and met with Pakistan Army Chief Gen ,Raheel Sharif
The outgoing General Joseph Dunford has met with COAS General Raheel Sharif, discussed security situation at Pak-Afghan border
Top US commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Joseph Dunford, to lead Marine Corps - Washington Post
Congrats to alum Gen. Joseph Dunford, F92, the new head of the U.S. Marine Corps!
General: US hikes surveillance on Pakistan border, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford told The Associated Press in an interv…
Issues Await Next USMC Commandant: If Gen. Joseph Dunford is confirmed as the 36th commandant of the US Marine...
US hikes surveillance on Pak-Afghan border; not coordinating military operation with Pakistan: Gen Joseph Dunford
President Obama has nominated General Joseph Dunford Jr to be the next Commandant of the Marine Corps. If...
Marine General Joseph Dunford says that the US is not coordinating military operations with along the Afghan border
interview w/Gen. Joseph Dunford: increased surveillance of Afghan-Pakistani border not seeing any militants fleeing the latest offensive
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Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford told AP that the US was not coordinating military operations with .
US military commander in Afghanistan Joseph Dunford says US has increased its surveillance over the Pak-Af border since Pakistan's op in NWA
Commandant-nominee Gen. Joseph Dunford once took time to meet with a young Marine who defended a girl being harassed.
Editorial: Challenges ahead for CMC: Gen. Joseph Dunford's nod from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel as ...
Gen. Joseph Dunford (F92) nominated by Pres. to lead Marine Corps:
Gen. Joseph Dunford '77, proud tapped to lead USMC.
Legendary Gen. Jim Mattis on commandant nom Joseph Dunford: " Extremely well read and richly experienced, he is never caught flat-footed."
Fellow alum Gen. Joseph Dunford nominated as next commandant of
Hagel has picked Gen. Joseph Dunford, commander of allied forces in Afghanistan, as the next Marine...
The president has nominated Gen. Joseph Dunford to be the 36th commandant. Click the link to learn more:
Gen. Joseph Dunford has been named the next commandant of the Semper Fi!
“Joseph Dunford recently nominated by the President of the United States...
Joseph Dunford and James Cunningham both live in Kabul.
Beware, ladies: Gen. Joseph Donford is a fake. The REAL Gen is Joseph Dunford, and his images have been stolen by Donford -- who changed one letter in his last name to get women "friends" on FB and Google. Expect phony Generals on FB; I have been "friended" by 3 already! Who knows who this man Donford is? Don't be a fool and fall for any General who says he needs YOU as a "friend."
Gen. Joseph Dunford, commander, visited with troops earlier today in Balkh Province.
e incoming top commander in charge of the United States’ military efforts in Afghanistan made remarks to Congress on Thursday that suggest he sees a US presence extending overseas well past US President Barack Obama’s deadline of 2014. Gen. Joseph Dunford told members of the Senate this week that he envisions the US continuing its operations in Afghanistan indefinitely, dismissing the president’s long-standing promise to end America’s lengthiest war during the next two years. “[W]e’ll be there beyond 2014 to secure our objectives,” Gen. Dunford told lawmakers on the Hill early Thursday as he fielded questioning from Congress before they agree with Pres. Obama’s decision to make him the new commander of the Afghanistan war. Most recently the four-star officer has been tasked with serving as assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, a role that has made him responsible for directing combat forces in the now-defunct Iraq war. Despite pleas to soon end the war from Pres. Obama delivered throug ...
The top American commander in Afghanistan warned Wednesday the country would deteriorate quickly if the U.S. withdraws completely by the end of this year. Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee in a nearly empty hearing room, Gen. Joseph Dunford said the Taliban would view the withdrawal as a victory, Al Qaeda would be inspired to return, women would suffer, and the Afghan security forces would not be able to complete necessary training. "A withdrawal in my mind means abandoning the people of Afghanistan, abandoning the endeavor that we've been on for the last decade, and then providing Al Qaeda the space to begin again to plan and conduct operations against the West," Dunford said. He said Al Qaeda in Afghanistan is currently “fighting for survival,” but that without continued pressure over the next few years, it would "physically reconstitute" while boosting recruitment, fundraising and morale.He warned Al Qaeda in Afghanistan could once again "establish preeminence in the region and ...
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Top US commander in Afghanistan Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford says that if there is not an answer this month...
CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND THE DOUBLE TALK ! What Are We Fighting For? General Re-Explains What 'Winning' Means in Afghanistan Twelve years after the war began, General Joseph Dunford, the commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), says the American people “need to know exactly what we’re trying to do” in Afghanistan. In a recent speech in Washington, Dunford outlined “what winning looks like” for the international coalition that has been fighting the war for almost 12 years – at a cost of 2,124 American lives. He indicated that winning the war is no longer about defeating Al Qaeda. Dunford indicated that winning the war involves nation-building. At the end of 2014, if US troops can “effect security transition, effect political transition, and deny Al Qaeda sanctuary,” Dunford said – acknowledging that none of these goals has yet been accomplished – “we can look at the families and the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines that have served over the l ...
Who has been appointed as US Secretary of state on February 1, 2013 replacing Hillary Clinton?. 1] John kerry. 2] Joseph Dunford. …
Afghan President Hamid Karzai is accusing the United States of coercive measures to pressure him into signing a long-term security pact. Karzai announced last week he wants to continue negotiations on a deal to maintain U.S. forces beyond 2014. Karzai said the U.S. has cut military supplies, including fuel, to his government in retaliation. Tensions escalated last week after a U.S. drone attack killed a child and injured two women in Helmand Province. The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, General Joseph Dunford, called Karzai to apologize..
Afghanistan's Karzai stands alone in high-stakes game with U.S. Reuters By Maria Golovnina and John Chalmers Nov 28, 2013 KABUL - President Hamid Karzai's stubborn refusal to sign a pact that would keep thousands of U.S. troops in Afghanistan after 2014 is a high-risk gamble that Washington will give in to his demands, one that has left him isolated as the clock runs down on his presidency. Diplomats said he may have overplayed his hand, raising the risk of a complete U.S. withdrawal from a country where Western troops have fought Taliban militants for the past 12 years. It also risks a backlash at home by critics who believe Karzai is playing a dangerous game with Afghanistan's future security. If the bilateral pact is not signed, Western aid running to billions of dollars will be in serious jeopardy, and confidence in the fragile economy could collapse amid fears the country will slip back into ethnic fighting or civil war. "I don't know if he fully realises the risks," said U.S. Marine Corps General Jo ...
Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. told President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan that the
IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. NR-043-13 November 30, 2013 Readout of Deputy Secretary Carter's Visit to Afghanistan Spokesperson for the Deputy Secretary of Defense James Swartout provided the following readout: On his last foreign trip as Deputy Secretary of Defense, Ashton B. Carter traveled to Afghanistan November 28th - 30th to visit U.S. servicemen and women during the Thanksgiving holiday and thank them for their service. During his visit, Deputy Secretary Carter met with numerous senior U.S. military commanders, including International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Commander General Joseph Dunford. In these conversations, Deputy Secretary Carter discussed progress being made by Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), ISAF moving toward the responsible conclusion of its combat mission at the end of 2014, continued international advisory and enabling support to the ANSF, and ongoing U.S. retrograde efforts. While in theater, Deputy Secretary Carter traveled to several coalition operating locations, includ ...
Friends , there is some notes who can help you to the upcoming banking exam …best of luck ‘… • US Marine General who took over the command of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan- Joseph Dunford • Conference for South Asian Autism Network (SAAN) for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) was concluded on -11 Feb 2013 • Code name given to secret plan for executing Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist Afzal Guru in Tihar Jail on 9 February 2013 -Operation Three Star • The short range surface-to-surface missile launched by Pakistan on 11 February 2013 -Hatf IX (NASR) • The Person appointed as the chairman of Lalit Kala Akademi on 12 February 2013- Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty • Prime Minister of the Himalayan Kingdom Bhutan was on an official visit to India from 7 Feb. to 9 Feb. 2013- Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley • World Radio Day was observed on which day to raise awareness about the importance of radio- 12 February 2013 • The former Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court ...
Karzai threatens to drop pact with US Kabul: Afghan President Hamid Karzai said that he will not sign the military pact with the US if it continues actions such as this week's NATO drone strike resulting in civilian casualties. A Taliban commander and an eight-year-old boy died and two women were wounded Thursday by a drone attack in the southern province of Helmand, Afghan government spokesman Umar Zwak told the Pajhwok news agency. "For as long as such arbitrary acts and oppression of foreign forces continue, the security agreement with the United States will not be signed," Karzai said in a statement posted on his website. "This attack shows that American forces do not respect the lives and security of the people of Afghanistan and the loya jirga (council of elders) decision," the Afghan leader said. The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force confirmed in a communique that an air strike was carried out Thursday against an insurgent in Helmand and expressed regrets for the civilian casualties. ...
Susan Rice, National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama, and U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, commander, International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces-Afghanistan, visited Forward Operating Base Gamberi to spend time with Task Force Patriot to see the great things Patriot Soldiers are doing to advise and assist the Afghan National Army 201st Corps. Rice also came to express her and the President's appreciation for all their hard work.
KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghanistan's president and the U.S. delivered blunt messages to each other Monday that gave no indication of a resolution of their disagreements over a pact that governs the future of the American troop presence in the country. Hamid Karzai said he won't back down from his refusal to sign during the rest of his term in office, with National Security Adviser Susan Rice responding that this would mean the U.S. would then start planning to pull out all its forces after 2014. Their meeting in Kabul came the day after Karzai's surprise decision to ignore Sunday's recommendation by an Afghan assembly of dignitaries to sign the Bilateral Security Agreement, a refusal that cast doubt on whether American and allied troops would remain in Afghanistan to train Afghan forces after most foreign troops withdraw next year. According to Karzai's office, he told Rice during Monday's meeting that he wouldn't back down from that decision, deferring it to whoever succeeds him as president in April ele ...
[IHRO] Why US won’t leave Afghanistan chaudry to IHRO By Pepe Escobar November 23, 2013 We came, we saw, we stayed. Forever. That’s the essence of the so-called Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) to be struck between the Obama administration and Afghanistan – over 12 years after the start of the never-ending War on Terror. President Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry define it as a ‘strategic partnership’. If that’s the case, it’s one of the most lopsided in history; Afghan President Hamid Karzai is no more than a sartorially impeccable American puppet. Kerry announced the so-called BSA in Washington on Wednesday even before a Loya Jirga (‘Grand Council’, in Pashto) of 2,500 Afghan tribal leaders, clerics, members of parliament and merchants started their four-day deliberations in a tent on the grounds of the Polytechnical University in Kabul on Thursday. But then Karzai, probably in his last major speech as president, pulled off a fabulous stunt. He knows he is, and will be, acc ...
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CURRENT AFFAIRS FROM JAN TO JULY * JANUARY • The person who on 25 January 2013 became Czech Republic’s first directly elected President as per the Czech Republic Presidential GKelection results-Milos Zeman. • The Bollywood superstar who topped the inaugural Forbes India Celebrity 100 list- Shahrukh Khan • The renowned playback singer, who on 26 January 2013 refused to accept the prestigious Padma Bhushan Sreeramamurthy Janaki • The ballistic missile successfully test fired by India with a strike range of around 700 kilometres, from an underwater platform in Bay of Bengal-K15 • The Kannada author who was shortlisted among other ten authors for prestigious International Man Booker Prize for Fiction 2013-UR Ananthamurthy • The major of Rashtriya Rifles who was selected for Kirti Chakra for his extraordinary bravery efforts in counter- terrorist operations in J&K-Major Abup J Manjali • The mastermind of 26/11 terror attack who was sentenced to 35 years of imprisonment by the U.S. Federal Distr ...
Afghanistan – A Progress Report: Marine General Joseph Dunford arrived in Afghanistan and assumed command of t...
Kerry in Afghanistan to salvage US occupation treaty By Bill Van Auken 12 October 2013 US Secretary of State John Kerry made an unannounced trip to Afghanistan Friday in a bid to salvage negotiations on a long-term US occupation of the country. Talks between the Obama administration and the puppet regime of President Hamid Karzai have been stalemated over differences on a number of key questions related to the continued presence of US troops on Afghan soil. The war in Afghanistan entered its 13th year at the beginning of this week, with little notice taken by the ruling US political establishment or the media. The carnage continues, with civilian casualties for the first half of this year reaching 1,319 deaths and 2,533 wounded, a 23 percent increase over the same period in 2012, according to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan. US and other occupation forces also continue to be killed and wounded, despite the already significant drawdown from the peak in 2011 of 101,000 US troops, togeth ...
I met with ISAF Commander Joseph Dunford in Afghanistan and discussed our joint plans.
Current affair for FEBRUARY 2013: * Must Share * • The new communication satellite launched by NASA on 31 January 2013 to stay in touch with its space station astronauts- TDRS (Tracking and Data Relay Satellite) • The person who emerged as winner to the first direct Presidential elections held in Czech Republic on 25 January 2013 -Milos Zeman • The renowned painter of Bengal School died on 1 February 2013 following a brief illness at Kolkata hospital- Shanu Lahiri • The prominent Pakistani journalist died on 2 February 2013 in New York following 4-year long fight with cancer - Ayesha Haroon • World cancer day was observed on - 4 February 2013 • Solicitor-General of India, who resigned from his office on 4 February 2013- Rohinton F Nariman • The Australian cricket captain who won the fourth Allan Border Medal in Melbourne on 4 February 2013- Michael Clarke • President of Republic of Mauritius who visited India from 3 Jan 2013 to 10 Jan 2013 and was honoured with the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman ...
The conflicting expressions of the American Generals! Details Created on Sunday, 08 September 2013 12:07 Written by - Category: Weekly Analysis Hits: 255 1-ghLast week, two American generals made inconsistent expressions to one another inside Afghanistan. The chief commander of the American forces inside Afghanistan, Joseph Dunford, told the British newspaper, ‘The Guardian’ in an interview on 3rd September 2013, that the casualties of the so called Afghan forces has reached to 100 persons per week which is intolerable and painful for them and they are quite anxious about it. later, his deputy, General Marc Mille, while answering the queries of newsmen on 5th September 2013 in a press conference in Washington through a video conference from Kabul, said (contradicting the expressions of General Dunford) that circumstances are favorable to win the war in Afghanistan but the success has not been achieved yet and it cannot be said that the war has come to an end. . . . . . . The enemy is showing too much ...
Why do men push buttons?To the poiint you have to turn nasty?I hate WAR..The thought of someone dying bothers me.Isn't it bad enough we have diseases with no cure.Just a solution of to somewhat handle it.We have a WAR Monger President..Sorry but thats how I feel.And can I go through life with someone who believes like my dad did.But than again Japan bombed us..than invasion of did bin Laden..Now Putin with russia?Be aware NATO conference this weekend.Benko' holding it in Hungary.I hate war!With General Joseph Dunford. From other Nato Members
"Afghan forces suffering too many casualties, says top Nato commander, General Joseph Dunford"
No plans for complete withdrawal from Afghanistan, ISAF general says, KABUL, Afghanistan — The commander of NATO ground forces in Afghanistan says there has been no discussions that the coalition would completely withdraw after 2014, despite continued uncertainty in political negotiations over the future of the international military effort. U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, the No. 2 commander for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, calls the term “withdrawal” a misnomer. “We have no indication whatsoever of a withdrawal completely from Afghanistan,” he told Stars and Stripes in a Monday interview at his headquarters in Kabul. “We are going to change our mission, and we are going to reduce in size and scope.” Frustrated with negotiations with the Afghan government over leaving international troops in the country, U.S. officials floated the idea over the summer of removing all troops. For his part, President Hamid Karzai suspended the negotiations in June and said in August t ...
High-powered Pakistani delegation due in Kabul KABUL ( PAN): A high-powered delegation of Pakistani senators is due to arrive in Kabul this afternoon to discuss with Afghan colleagues and leaders, including President Karzai, crucial regional security issues, an official said on Monday. Press attaché at the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul, Akhtar Munir, told Pajhwok Afghan News members of Senate Defence and Defence Production Committee led by Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed would be meeting with Afghan lawmakers and leaders including President Hamid Karzai and his National Security Adviser, Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta. Pakistani media said the delegation was expected to have a meeting with NATO top commander in Afghanistan, US General Joseph Dunford. The visit follows President Karzai last month’s visit to Islamabad. The delegation includes prominent parliamentarians from all political parties including Senator Chaudhry Shujat Hussain, Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan, Maulana Mohammad Khan Shirani, Haji Adeel, Afrasiab Kh ...
Canadian troops to begin withdrawal from Afghanistan next month The Canadian Press By Murray Brewster September 4, 2013 OTTAWA - Canadian troops will begin a phased withdrawal from Afghanistan next month, leaving fewer than 100 soldiers on the ground by the time the training mission officially comes to end in March. But questions remain about whether the Afghan force Canadians have been training will be capable of fending off the continued onslaught of insurgents. Maj.-Gen. Dean Milner, who's in charge of Canadian troops and is deputy commander of the NATO training mission, expressed confidence the Afghan National Army and police will be able to meet the challenges. "The Afghans, as you know, are 100 per cent in the lead. So there's no doubt in my mind they're taking more casualties," he said in a conference call from Kabul. Despite that, he said, there is "nothing that is precluding them from defeating the Taliban." But U.S. Gen. Joseph Dunford, Milner's boss and the NATO commander in Afghanistan, said i ...
MT Massachusetts native General Joseph Dunford Jr. (F92) is guiding the war in to a close
General Joseph Dunford Jr., a son of a retired Boston police officer, is guiding the war in Afghanistan to a close
2013-07-CA-02 ISAF Commander Condemns Attacks Against Afghan Children and Public Servants KABUL, Afghanistan (6 July 2013) – The enemies of Afghanistan continue to kill innocent civilians, with children and public safety officials bearing the brunt of attacks in the past week. As reported by provincial authorities this week, eight children were killed by improvised explosive devices in Uruzgan, Paktika and Helmand provinces. In attacks against Afghan police, 22 officers were killed in two separate attacks at posts in Tarinkot and Spin Boldak. "These senseless acts of violence and the continued, indiscriminate use of improvised explosive devices tears at the very heart of Afghanistan's future-- its people, particularly its children," said Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, commander of the International Security Assistance Force. "As a father, I offer my sincere condolences to the families who have suffered losses this week," said Dunford.
Its official! I'm an American citizen! It was a great day from me! 1SG bought a coffee for me :) I got my citizenship today! Had a life time chance to talk with General Joseph F. Dunford! Thanks to my parents for support and love, my brother, my friends and leaders who got my back! Love you! Respect you and hate you as well lol
Nice! A Scammer with stolen Pictures from GEN. JOSEPH F. DUNFORD JR ;-) Ladies! It´s hard, I know ... Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. is married he is neither divorced - separated or widowed ...
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan on Sunday issued a statement marking four years that a U.S. solider has been held captive by the
ISAF - International Security Assistance Force, The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) is a key component of the international community's engagement in Afghanistan, assisting the Afghan authorities in providing security and stability while creating the conditions for reconstruction and…
Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, top US cmndr in Afghanistan, sends message 2 Bergdahl fam. on 4th anniv of Bowe's capture.
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"Never give up on what you really want to do.The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts" Dunford Joseph
By Barbara Starr Napoleon Bonaparte is credited with the battlefield adage: "An Army moves on its stomach." That, of course, means there's nothing like good chow. For the thousands of U.S.
Afghan bomb makers shifting to new explosives for IEDs Insurgents in Afghanistan are shifting to a new source of homemade explosives for the bombs responsible for two-thirds of U.S. casualties there: the substance that makes matches catch fire. Potassium chlorate has surpassed fertilizer as the explosive of choice for insurgents, Pentagon research shows. For years, U.S. officials sought to stem the flow of fertilizer from Pakistan. To an extent they succeeded only to see a new source of explosives emerge in what a top Pentagon official calls the "ruthlessly Darwinian conflict." The shift to potassium chlorate is significant because the material is easier to turn into an explosive than fertilizer, is nearly as powerful, and it costs even less. In recent years, U.S. officials have pressed Pakistan to stem the flow of ammonium nitrate fertilizer into Afghanistan. The sale of the fertilizer was banned in some regions bordering Afghanistan, helping reduce the supply available to insurgents. Now, bomb makers ha ...
Commandant: Marine Corps bracing to cut another 8,000 Marines. Source: Marine Corps times. The Marine Corps is bracing to lose another 8,000 active-duty Marines on top of what already had been planned as it faces deep, federally mandated budget cuts, the service’s commandant said Wednesday. The additional manpower reduction would drop the service to about 174,000 active-duty personnel, Gen. Jim Amos said during a breakfast with reporters in Washington. The Corps is currently drawing down from a peak of more than 202,100 Marines to 182,100 by fall 2016, but must plan to go deeper now as a result of sequestration cuts, the drastic budget reductions triggered March 1 by Congress’ inability to reach an agreement on a better way to reduce the federal deficit. Amos’ comments came following a new review of strategic choices conducted this spring. Courses of action have been presented by the services and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s staff, but the secretary has not yet made any decisions, the commandan ...
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Security Transfer Sparks Pride, Concern Among Afghans After more than 10 year NATO and US have started withdrawal of their equipments from Afghanistan, (File photo).Afghans welcomed their national forces taking responsibility of security across the country, ending 12 years of US and NATO-led control...
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NATO to discuss post-2014 Afghan war commitments, but not release final troop ...: Joseph Dunford told reporte...
"Afghan military and security forces have suffered heavy losses in recent weeks"
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PROFESSIONALISM VS INCOMPETENCE “The ANSF demonstrated exceptional professionalism and competence in response to the recent attack in Kabul." "On the other hand, these attacks highlight the poor training and incompetence of the insurgents. Not only are they continuing to deliberately kill innocent Afghans every day, they’re blowing themselves up, too." -Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, the ISAF commander. Since January 1, the insurgents have killed or injured over 1,500 Afghan civilians.
Dunford, Kayani discuss shared regional goals May 26, 2013 - 14:32 KABUL (PAN): ISAF commander in Afghanistan Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, who met with Pakistan's army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in Rawalpindi, has said communication and cooperation between ISAF, Pakistan and Afghanistan was critical to regional stability.
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YOUR IMPACT "Today, almost 8 million children are in school, some 40% of which are girls. Under the Taliban, only one million children were in school, almost all of them boys. In 2002, only 9% of Afghans had access to basic heath care; now 85% can reach medical facilities within an hour." -Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, ISAF Commander READ MORE:
The Hill General backs off call for more troops in Afghanistan than Obama has sought: Gen. Joseph Dunford said...
Speaking today to the Senate Armed Services Committee, Gen. Joseph Dunford, the current US commander in occupi...
US Gen. Joseph Dunford said Wednesday they had reached an agreement to pull U.S. troops out of province & replace them with Afghan security
More photos coming up today from around ISAF. For now, check out GEN Dunford's Nawruz Messages:
Video message from Commander General Joseph F. Dunford wishing our partners a Happy Nawruz.
Gen. Joseph Dunford will testify April 16 before the SASC on the situation in Afghanistan.
Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, commander of ISAF, wishes our Afghan partners a happy Nawruz.
reached an agreement with top US Commander in Gen. Joseph Dunford that US Special Forces will remain in most of Wardak province
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ISAF and Afghan government reach agreement on Wardak: Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, the ISAF commander, met with Pre...
Top US commander makes overtures to Karzai: Dunford also insists the eventual transition of U.S. special opera...
US G. Joseph Dunford, says his team is working fast to resolve issues of Bagram handover/withdrawal of special force from Wardak Afghanistan
Top US commander makes overtures to Karzai
Tensions between commander ISAF, Gen. Joseph Dunford, and Karzai who wants to break free from international influence
Top U.S. commander makes overtures to Karzai via
Top US commander makes overtures to Karzai -
Top U.S. commander makes overtures to Karzai
US/NATO commander Gen Joseph Dunford: Karzai's "remarks could be a catalyst for some to lash out against our forces"
General Joseph warns that comments may have put forces in in greater danger
Gen. Joseph Dunford puts US on Alert because of anti-American remarks by President Hamid Karzai
"I offer my personal apology and condolences to the family of the boys killed by our forces. "The Afghan boys who were tending cattle were killed when the coalition forces fired at what they thought were insurgence forces. Isaf takes full responsibility for this tragedy". ~ Gen. Joseph Dunford, Nato-led Isaf commander
Front Page / Obama Obama Fired Military Officers Because He ‘Fears a Coup’ Posted on January 25, 2013 by thetruthsoldier GUILT is trailing Obama like a shadow he can’t shake. Maybe because the military’s VOTES WERE NEVER COUNTED for the 2012 Election? Lots to feel guilty about. Firings always HELP Barack sleep better at night.. According to (shadowy anonymous blogger) Sorcha Faal the Russian military’s GRU foreign intelligence unit presented a report to Kremlin leadership late last month that said Obama removed one of the United States Navy’s most powerful admirals from his command (in the wake of Benghazi 9/11) specifically because he fears a military coup is being planned against him. Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette Photo Courtesy of USS Stennis/US Navy via BlackFive On 9/11/2012, that officer -Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, commander of Carrier Strike Group Three in the Middle East- apparently felt obligated to come to the aid of besieged US defenses at the Benghazi consulate, violating ...
If I could be Joseph Dunford jr. For 1 day my life would be complete
LtGen John Paxton will add a fourth star and become assistant commandant Saturday. Gen Joseph Dunford to take over ISAF in January.
Gen Joseph Dunford often called on during 35 years as Marine to step up and hit above his weight via
Gen. Joseph F. confirmed as commander of war in
Senate confirms Gen. Dunford to take over in Afghanistan next year
Pentagon says it is not pushing Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford to take over early because of scandal.
Gen.Joseph Dunford was confirmed by the Senate as the newest commander for ISAF in Afg. Have a nice time Gen. Allan.
Dunford earned the nickname "Fighting Joe" for his successful leadership in Iraq but some analysts worry he is too inexperienced for his new appointment in Afghanistan.
Incase u didnt know. Joseph Kamaru was the first Kenyan artist to play at the Carnivore Restaurant, then only hosting foreign artists in the late 80s Kamaru made breakthrough in 1967 with his hit Celina. According to Martin Dunford, the owner of the restaurant, Kamaru's vibrant performance opened doors for other Kenyan artist to perform at the venue.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford, who takes over as head of international forces in Afghanistan next year, faces the challenge of winding down a war in a country where he has
Gen. Joseph Dunford confirmed to replace Allen as Afghan commander.
WASHINGTON — The Senate has approved President Barack Obama’s choice to be the top commander in Afghanistan.
Gen. Joseph Dunford answering questions on Afghanistan war cmdr. confirmation hearing "Are we building a military in Afghanistan that can not be sustained over the next decade? America will be sending Afghanistan 800 million dollars/year because they can't afford to run it on their own." He will be looking into that. for more info: Also the 'Pakistan border issue' of sending IED bombs to Afghanistan was discussed and better armor for our soldiers protection. And moving forward with new innovation of current opperations. And dialing down old military programs to make way for the new elite ones. just taking notes here. Next "Fiscal cliff & the economy" UGH!
Senate Armed Services Committee confirmed Gen. Joseph Dunford as the United States' new top commander in Afghanistan.
Gen. Joseph Dunford, right, speaks with Sen. Jim Webb on Thursday before testifying before the Senate about the...
LIVE at 9:30a (w link): Sen Armed Svcs Committee will consider nomination of Gen. Joseph Dunford as cmndr
WATCH LIVE at 9:30a ET: Senate Armed Services Committee will consider the nomination of Gen. Joseph Dunford as commander of
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Looks like corruption.sacking military officers before they testify harms their credibility at any hearing.We are officially a Banana Republic!
If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck !
"Ah, the 'AROMA' of 'STENCH' that is coming from the 'HIGHEST' level of our government!!" OR, is there 'MORE THAN THAT' happening RIGHT IN FRONT of our eyes???" "And 'OLD SAYING' during war time, 'KILL THE HEAD, AND THE BODY WILL FALL!!" "COULD or DOES these events have the 'SMELL' of COUP to it???"
I find it very interesting that Petraeus resigns over an affair & it is readily accepted as the right thing.Clinton has a dalliance IN THE Oval Office & the GOP is mean spirited & playing politics for wanting him impeached. The House DID impeach him, he lied to the American people...yet he stayed in office & the Dems hail him as a hero. And they wonder why we don't compromise?
Post-election war note No. 1: Gen. Joseph Dunford is expected to testify before Congress next week on how he'll lead the war in Afghanistan.
Benghazi is on my mind! Obama still refuses to answer questions about the terror attack. The mainstream media is silent. In the meantime, Obama is relieving several military leaders of their command(s) (Gen. Hamm, Commander of Africom; Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette, Commander of aircraft carrier strike group in Middle East; Gen. Joseph Dunford, Asst. Commandant of Marine Corps). Did they cross him and attempt to go help those Americans in harm's way? Obama responded immediately to the Cambridge police, Trayvon Martin case & the SandraFluke debacle. Benghazi - nothing except the already discredited statements about the stupid video. I think this is a really big, bad scandal for Obama administration.
Obama nominates Gen. John Allen as Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, names Gen. Joseph Dunford as top commander in Afghanistan -
Quincy's Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr. nominated for top military post in Afghanistan
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