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Joseph Campbell

Joseph John Campbell (March 26, 1904 – October 30, 1987) was an American mythologist, writer and lecturer, best known for his work in comparative mythology and comparative religion.

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The big question is whether you are going to be able. to say a hearty yes to your adventure. - Joseph Campbell
If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you. - Joseph Campbell
Any booklist of life changing books with Joseph Campbell demands attention.
The only question in life is whether or not you are going to answer a hearty ‘YES!’ to your adventure ~ Joseph Campbell
The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. - Joseph Campbell
“The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves” . ― Joseph Campbell
And, would one of y'all please do a tribute song to the late, great, joseph campbell.
"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls." - Joseph Campbell
The privilege of a lifetime is... Joseph Campbell -
It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. -Joseph Campbell
The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek. - Joseph Campbell
A Fire in the Mind : The Life of Joseph Campbell by Stephen & Robin Larsen 1993
Sounds like she's ready for Joseph Campbell.
Joseph Campbell~ I dont believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.
When you are required to exhibit strength, it comes. -Joseph Campbell |
"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature." Joseph Campbell
We must be willing to LET GO of the life we planned... ~Joseph Campbell via
12/03/14 Wednesday-"The List" Newsletter Good morning all, = AMI CINE TEATRO on Saturday Dec. 6 at 2:00 P.M. Please join us for JOSEPH CAMPBELL & THE POWER OF MYTH “Dazzling and still potently relevant” —San Francisco Chronicle The Masks of Eternity (60 min.) + Post-Film Discussion (1987, Color, 60 minutes, in English SIN SUBTITLES) In the final program in the series, Joseph Campbell uses images from art to demonstrate the idea of spiritual unity giving birth to the world of duality. He also discusses the knowledge that ancient peoples held: that their images were not the god itself, but only a mask which was used to make the transcendent visible. He describes the failure of reading metaphor as fact, mistaking the mask for the real thing, and how this tendency has shaped the world around us. Don Murphy will lead the Post-Film Discussion this week immediately following the film. ***Admission is by donation. By coming out and supporting the theatre, you also support the Foundation AMI that cares fo .. ...
Anyone appreciate Joseph Campbell here? During Yom Kippour, before children, my husband and I would go up to the highest hill or mountain and read mythology from around the world regarding life and death. We even incorporated some stories communicated by Joseph and a native American poem into our wedding ceremony. I First became hooked after an English teacher televised an interview between himself and Bill Moyers. Such interesting deep discussions .
2 Joseph Campbell books: Power of Myth + Myths to Live By - Free Ship!
"If you really want to help this world, teach people how to live in it.". - Joseph Campbell
Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging. -Joseph Campbell
"The cave u fear to enter holds the u seek." - Joseph Campbell
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. -Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell defines a hero, and so does artist Dan Jurgens in this mashup meme.
When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness. - Joseph Campbell
Dan Harmon's take on the Joseph Campbell monomyth. The notion that any story can fit this structure:
. in this way, you will find, live, and become a realization of your personal myth.". Joseph Campbell, Pathways to Bliss
How do we begin to live out of a Space Age worldview? Let's hear from the voices of Joseph Campbell and Carl...
“If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.” - Joseph Campbell
I've been reading William Blake, Brenda Ueland, M Scott Peck, and Joseph Campbell. Who have you been reading?
Sad to hear of the passing of Saint Joseph's Hall of Famer and broadcasting legend Bill Campbell. A great Hawk. RIP
The adventurer leaves home, overcomes obstacles, achieves great things, then returns home to share his newfound wisdom. - Scholar, Joseph Campbell
Hi! Welcome to my Book Review! PARDON OUR MESS! THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION! I am fully prepared to admit that when I requested a review copy of 1995 by W. Joseph Campbell, out of University of California Press, part … Continued
Consider reading creative mythology by joseph campbell
There are people instantly and distinctively recognizable by their voice. Such was sportscaster Bill Campbell. He died tod…
“Suddenly you’re ripped into being alive. And life is pain, and life is suffering, and life is horror, but my god you’re alive and it’s spectacular.” –Joseph Campbell
A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself, - Joseph Campbell
“Where you stumble and fall, there you will find gold.” - Joseph Campbell
Follow Your Bliss Author Joseph Campbell often talked about “following your bliss.” I heard of a bus driver in Chicago who does just that. He sings while he drives. That’s right… sings! And I don’t mean he sings softly to himself either. He sings so that the whole bus can hear! All day long he drives and sings. He was once interviewed on Chicago television. He said that he is not actually a bus driver. “I’m a professional singer,” he asserted. “I only drive the bus to get a captive audience every single day.” His “bliss” is not driving a bus, though that may be a source of enjoyment for some people. His bliss is singing. And the supervisors at the Chicago Transit Authority are perfectly happy about the whole arrangement. You see, people line up to ride his bus. They even let other busses pass by so they can ride with the “singing bus driver.” They love it! Here is a man who believes he knows why he was put here on earth. For him, it is to make people happy. And ...
In which reviews a book called 1995 in a post styled to look like 1995.
I JUST NOW realized the article title is a "pop up video" reference, isn't it. I amLESS with-it than Bookriot editors
Your life is the fruit of your own doing. You have no one to blame but yourself. - Joseph Campbell . Good night and good morning!
This is the greatest book review that has ever existed or will ever exist:
…The Princess Bride and Coraline. I also love The Time Traveller’s Wife and anything by Joseph Heller.
In which becomes my favorite Book Rioter this week with his "1995" review
Fuel up your DeLorean, we're going back to 1995:
"I think the person that takes a job in order to live--that is to say, for the money--has turned himself into a slave." Joseph Campbell
Nothing perishes in the whole universe; it does but vary and renew its form. - Joseph Campbell
In which has written the greatest book review in the history of book reviews:
"Words are always qualifications and limitations." —Joseph Campbell
Love and the goddess, very interesting by Joseph Campbell
I'm studying Joseph Campbell " A Hero's Journey" . Quote from an article on the journey: Fate knows you’re home.
"Myth is about transformation...trials cause transformation." -Joseph Campbell, "The Power of Myth"
Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain. -Joseph Campbell
My favorite teachers about identity are Joseph Campbell and Eckhart Tolle. Allen Watts is okay too.
Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves.Joseph Campbell
"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over & over again."-Joseph Campbell =
"Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy.” - Joseph Campbell
All life stinks & you must embrace that with compassion ~ Joseph Campbell
"42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, waiting for the traffic light to change ~ Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces"
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In Falling Upward (2011), Rohr draws on the work of Robert Bly, Joseph Campbell, Pema Chodron & more
I want to ask if you would recommend the works of Joseph Campbell and Dr. Robert M. Price?
Who Ferriss studies: Joseph Campbell, the story seminar with Robert McKee. And John McPhee and The Princess Bride screenplay make him cry.
I always kind of had an open view of religion even though I grew up catholic, but Joseph Campbell and Alan Watts really hit me.
Read C.S. Lewis, Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts & N. Kazantzakis and get back to me & that's only a good start!
"Find your bliss, find where it is, and don't be afraid to follow it." - Joseph Campbell
I just realized that Joseph Campbell was the original Joseph... Creating Jesus... John. Disciples.john.paul.jesus. Another inception of "wu"
On the plus side one of the texts is Stephen King's 'On Writing'. Pretty wicked. Prof talked today about Joseph Campbell & Carl Jung too.
"Mythology may, in a real sense, be defined as other people’s religion. And religion may, in a real sense, be understood as a popular misunderstanding of mythology." Joseph Campbell, Thou Art That
The Cosmic Plenum: God-Imaging, Models, and Science Theory God-imaging has long been around, boasting a long history: through animism, matriarchy, hierarchical polytheism, tribal monotheism, universal monotheism to individuation. So one has to ponder far beyond superficial thinking about *why* we have so long clung to this seemingly eternal habit of ours to conjure and develop images of That which we call "God." So let's look a little at this phenomenon we call "religion." Freud considered religion to be the universal obsessional neurosis of humanity--he stressed that humans projected their wishes, especially his great need for a protecting father, into an all-powerful divine Providence. Whereas Jung took the view that the libido was simply psychic energy, and that the material form in which psychic energy presents itself is fantasy. As Jung's theories evolved, the transformer of libido became known as the archetype; the archetypes appear in dreams and fantasies as numinous images. Jung came to think of t ...
Finally got a Joseph Campbell book, I'm already like a quarter ways through lol
“The cave you most fear to enter contains the greatest treasure.” —Joseph Campbell
Practical wisdom of the ages demystified by Joseph Campbell. An excerpt from Campbell's, The Masks of God, Volume...
“Dream is the personalized myth, myth the depersonalized dream" -Joseph Campbell ( )
Can't wait for my first college visit to Campbell university.
All purpose parts banner
“Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” - Joseph Campbell
feeling left out dissolves once the illusion of separation is lifted. (: great job hosting the Joseph Campbell stuff btw
“The fates lead him who will. Him who won't, they drag.”. ― Joseph Campbell
I think so. I kind remember this is a "Hero's Journey" kind of thing in a Joseph Campbell way.
Just got accosted by two people from some religious organization. Referencing Joseph Campbell basically shut them down.
no, I don't want to do that. This is more of a Joseph Campbell-esque hero's journey for me. I don't see that in my future.
Thanks for the tag Prajwal Kumar Domalapalli I generally hate the idea of lists..but here goes..The Cat in the Hat by Theodor Geisel 2. Alan Moore's works, 3. The Average Indian Male by Cyrus Broacha, 4. Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, 5. Hannibal by Thomas Harris, 6. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson, 7. Dune by Frank Herbert, 8. Papillon, 9. On Anarchism by Noam Chomsky, 10. The inner reaches of outer space by Joseph Campbell, 11. Chariots of the Gods, 12. Inside the Divine Pattern by A.D Williams, 13. The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin, 14. Madness & Civilization by Michael Foucault, 15. Elephants on Acid, 16. Justine by Marquis De Sade, 17. Le Misanthrope by Moliere, 18. Choosing Death by Albert Mudrian, 19. The Island of Doctor Moreau by H.G. Wells, 20. Our Posthuman Future by Francis Fukuyama, 21. Contact by Carl Sagan, 22. H.P. Lovecraft's works, 23. No Logo by Naomi Klein 24. The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli. 25. An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen.
Hello, friends and other friends! I have been challenged by Carson Wright to list 10 books that have stuck with me in some form or fashion. Don't take more than a few minute to do this, and don't stress yourself out about it. They needn't be pinnacles of literature, just books that are meaningful to you. Tag a few friends afterward! Here are mine, in no particular order: 1. "If on a winter's night a traveler" by Italo Calvino 2. "House of Leaves" and "Only Revolutions" by Mark Z. Danielewski 3. "Labyrinths" by Jorge Luis Borges 4. "Midnight's Children" by Salman Rushdie 5. "Dubliners" by James Joyce 6. "The Odyssey" by Homer 7. "The Power of Myth" by Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers (it's a transcription of an interview. Deal with it) 8. "Pericles, Prince of Tyre" by William Shakespeare (Oh higgledy piggledy a play) 9. "Nineteen Eighty-Four" by George Orwell Let's see books for Audrey, Isa, Haley, Daniil, Dalton, Christie, and Mackenzie!
Picasso, Nietzsche, Faust, Jung, Joseph Campbell, Don Quixote. All in The Skeleton Key to As a Thief in the Night. http:/…
is so interesting to me. It was like George Lucas inverted and expanded Joseph Campbell's "A Hero's Journey" w/ Anakin Skywalker
Psychology and End-Times Mysticism August 14, 2014 BY: DR.DAVID CLOUD   The following is an excerpt from our new book The God of End-Times Mysticism:   Psychology has been permeated with mysticism since its inception in the 19th century.    Carl Jung   Carl Jung (1875-1961), the founder of analytical psychology, has been called “the psychologist of the 21st century” (Merill Berger, The Wisdom of the Dreams, front cover.” Jung (pronounced Young) has been influential, not only in society at large, but also in the New Age movement and within almost all aspects of Christianity. Jung has influenced both modernists and evangelicals. His writings are influential within the contemplative movement. He has been promoted by Paul Tillich, Morton Kelsey, John Sanford, Thomas Moore, Joseph Campbell, John Spong, Richard Foster, Agnes Sanford, and Gary Thomas, to name a few. Jung’s psychological typing provides the underpinning for the Personality Profiling part of Rick Warren’s SHAPE program, which is u ...
also the Clement Clarke Moore/Irving Berlin, Joseph Campbell and Shel Silverstein ones are also fantastic
A passage that reads loud and clear from The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers: "The story that we have in the West, so far as it is based on the Bible, is based on a view of the universe that belongs to the first millennium B.C. It does not accord with our concept either of the universe or of the dignity of man. It belongs entirely somewhere else. We have today to learn to get back into accord with the wisdom of nature and realize again our brotherhood with the animals and with the water and the sea."
Stream Artist Are the Myth Makers by Joseph Campbell w/ Bill Moyers on The First Storytellers for free on Grooveshark.
“People say that what we are seeking is a meaning of life. I don’t think this is what we’re really seeking. I think what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive.” Joseph Campbell, from Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers
On page 78 of 416 of The Hero With a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell
Hard to believe that Matt will be graduating from Riverside HS tomorrow. It has been great having just him home these past two years to entertain Dan and me. I know I will miss him at unexpected times when he leaves for Ohio State. He has chosen his friends well (I will miss them, too, so please stop by when you are in town!), worked hard and made time for fun. While he may not know precisely what he'll be doing, job wise, for the rest of his life, he will continue to have a myriad of experiences from which he can choose his path. I'm not the least bit worried. That competitiveness and work ethic will take him wherEVER he chooses to go! Choosing the path.I would tell Matt to "follow your bliss" as per Joseph Campbell. That has never failed me, but has gotten me into periods of "uncomfortable life" when I did not follow! The other thing I would tell him is that it's good to make your decisions with your heart and your head in sync--those are likely to be good decisions. Matt's heart is a big part of ...
BLUES FOR ALLAH: SHABDA-DRIVEN ROCK & ROLL (with audio link to the concert that changed my life) “They’re a band beyond description, Like Jehovah’s favorite choir. People joining hand in hand While the Music plays the band Lord, they’re setting us on fire!” - John Barlow/Bob Weir “Spirit is something that no one destroys.” - Traffic Ever since someone first banged two rocks together, we have been aware of the power of music to transform us and lift us into transcendental states of awareness. This transportative quality of music works both individually and collectively. The renowned scholar and mythologist Joseph Campbell noted on more than one occasion that collective musical experiences often fill the same function traditionally reserved for religious services – i.e. to give people a sense of unity with both each other and the Divine. As he remarked to Blair Jackson about his experience at a Grateful Dead concert: “(W)hen you see 8,000 kids all going up in the air together . . . ...
How to get Darth Vader (or what Joseph Campbell called "The Rescue From Without") to come to your aid in your time of need, and how to be a Darth Vader for others. Check…
yeah! I gave him a takeaway of Joseph Campbell, he gave me C. S. Lewis. We'll meet up next week after we both do some research.
Listening to Joseph Campbell and the power of myth in it's entirety and watching every Ken Burns doc - luckily I have them all I'm a dork
Just watched Mark Rydell's "The Cowboys" (1972) -- again. Grab your Joseph Campbell and follow the myth-making hero's journey, folks.
A love letter to classic Saturday morning cartoon serials as well as Joseph Campbell :)
''Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.''~Joseph Campbell.
Joseph Campbell [1904 -1987] Who did more to show us stories provide a psychological road map for th
This is an extract for one of the chapters from the book I am writing. An early draft and needs reworking. "Joseph Campbell in the “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” describes Gwion’s period in Caridwen’s womb as the “land under the waves.” This land is Bala Lake and where Caridwen and her husband Tegid lives. The can be found in Merionethshire, north Wales and is the largest lake in Wales. Bala was created from a well that overflowed cover the whole of the town of Bala. There is a strong similarity between Bala Lake and the Well of Segais. The Well of Segais is associated with the river Boyne in Ireland and the Goddess Boinne. The well was owned by Nechtan, in one version of the myth Boinne went over to the lake to gaze on it, by gazing on it would cause the well to burst, three spurts of water hit Boinne. Hitting one of her eyes, one of her feel and one of her hands. The well carried on flowing until it reach the sea creating the river Boyne. In another version he walks around the well three . ...
'The Power of Myth' by Joseph Campbell is phenomenal, as is 'The Mission of Art' by Alex Grey (his artwork is incredible too)
Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers compared it to the Biblical story of Jonah and the whale, a journey into the realm of the unconscious.
"If you're going to have a story, have a big story, or none at all. ". ~Joseph Campbell
good luck! will you be making any references to Joseph Campbell or Clarissa Pinkola Estes?
My heart is burdened with sorrow . for tonight a dear friend passed. Michael Barrett, JD,MD - a lawyer first and later a physician - was a true and long time friend. Although a lawyer for many years, it was clear that Michael was born to be a physician - a healer. He left the law and, following so many dedicated years of medical education, he reached his life's ambition ... and he was happy in the medical profession. Michael introduced me to the Joseph Campbell philosophy: " Follow Your Bliss". Such an unusual topic that always seemed to surround our time together. Michael found his bliss in his wife of 28 years - Kathy - and his daughter - Tessa Barrett - a world class runner. I recall so often being astounded by Michael's grasp of history and, in reality, of almost everything. Yet he imparted that intellect with great humor - another gift to us. I was with Michael two evenings ago. He knew his fate. And yet, he left me and another friend laughing. He simply would not allow us to share in sorrow in this ...
I watched Joseph Campbell in the early 1990s after I'd left religion behind. He and Carl Sagan were huge influences in my life.
Having a wonderful birthday steak with my son. Joseph Campbell and Anthony Campbell and Terry Campbell and Karen B Campbell
The good life is one hero journey after another. Over and over again, you are called to the realm of adventure. You are called to new horizons. Each time, there is the same problem: do I dare? And then, if you do dare, the dangers are there, and the help also, and the fulfillment or the fiasco. There's always the possibility of a fiasco. But there's also the possibility of bliss. Joseph Campbell
How wonderful to live in Wigtown, Scotland's Nation Book Town. Went in to the town today to see a good friend and have a cup of hot chocolate and a scone in his Beltie Books cafe. Had a wee browse round the books and behold come across some of the Greek Myths I need for my adaptation assignment and a copy of Joseph Campbell's 'Creative Mythology - The Masks of the Gods and was able to buy them all for the remarkably cheap price of £7. Not every day you can stuff your face with scrummy food and do the research for your next short story at the same time. My reading has sent me off on a completely different and much more interesting direction. Then bumped into the smashing Renita Boyle, poet and story teller walking her dog. Grand day.
Documentary: The Power of Myth - Interviews with Joseph Campbell, by Bill Moyers [xpost from r/mythology] -
Joseph Campbell's "Goddesses: mysteries of the feminine divine" check it out.
Old Craigslists ad.. We're starting a band in Portland. Cultural influences include: The Three Stooges, Captain Kangeroo and Joseph Campbell. Seriously, we all love Soundgarden. We also like Soundgarden, we mostly listen to Soundgarden. Those are a few of the bands we like. We like grunge alot, but honestly we're looking for someone who loves to sing, is inspired by singing and is ready to make the same commitment we are. We want to rehearse for the next couple months, begin writing, and have our first show by this summer. We have a rehearsal space, and gear in downtown portland. We are two guitars and drums. Open to jamming... Lets see what happens. Please send a note about your work as a musician and about yourself, along with an mp3, and we'll get back to you if we think you're a fit. Serious inquiries only - thanks for your interest. SRB Acoustic Alice in Chains a perfect circle queens of the stone age pj harvey chris cornell layne staley nirvana
i was into comparative mythology (Joseph Campbell) from early on, so this is pretty cool.
William T. Vollmann, Neil Young, Danica McKellar (a.k.a. Winnie Cooper), Joseph Campbell, Virginia Woolf, John Steinbeck, Idi Amin Dada, and William S. Burroughs and the rest of the Friday afternoon new arrivals crew are just kicking it old school style on top of our piano. Instead of letting them loiter all delinquent-like in our store, how about taking one of them home today? Take-out pizza, a couple 40s, some Philip Roth and Hermann Hesse—sounds like the perfect Friday night to me.
'Myths' are 'stories', but are not utterly false fairy-tales. Myths and stories have their truth. They are 'true', just not literally true. To see myth or story as utterly false is to miss the point of myth and story, and to ignore what it is pointing to. I would highly recommend reading Joseph Campbell's books, "The Power of Myth" and "The Hero's Journey" in order to reflect further on this idea. They are both excellent. They illuminate and appreciate the value and human richness of stories and myths and beliefs in a very balanced way.
Truth: “There is no way you can use the word “reality” without quotation marks around it.”. -Joseph Campbell.
My agenda for today is Adult Bible Study. I bring my insights from my studies of Hinduism, Judaism, ancient Greek philosophy and Celtic Christianity into the mix. I notice my vicar (priest in charge) is amazed at my insights and the others are very bright people. To those who have no interest in spirituality or are anti-religious or dislike Christians, I pity them. The whole thing is what life is about. Some are agnostics and cannot decide if the divine exists. Some are atheists and assume that divinity does not exist. I have no problem with those who think that way, but I know the divine exists because I can perceive it in everything around me and haev experienced what happens when I trust in the divine. Living in gratitude and love, opens doors, attracts love, attracts providence, attracts opportunities and wards off dangers. Ignoring the Divine, brings nothing. As Lennon said, back in the 1970s, "Love is the answer and you know that, for sure" and to paraphrase Joseph Campbell: every moment is eternit ...
The real is Joseph Campbell! The greatest roadie in rock history!
George Gilmore George Gilmore was born in Portadown. He grew up in Dublin where he joined the Irish Volunteers in 1915. Gilmore partook in the Easter Rising of 1916, the War of Independence and the Civil War when he was Officer in Command of the South County Dublin Battalion of the IRA. Gilmore, like his brothers Charlie and Harry, was imprisoned many times during 1919-1923 and once escaped from Mountjoy Gaol with Joseph Campbell. On November 25th, 1925 Gilmore lead an IRA unit who effected the escape of 19 republican prisoners from Mountjoy Gaol. He was arrested a year later and sentenced to eighteen months in Mountjoy Gaol during which time he refused to wear prison clothes in demand of political status. It is believed that Gilmore travelled to Russia to seek military training for IRA officers in 1930. A year later he was arrested in Dublin and sentenced to five years imprisonment under the Treason and Firearms Act but was released in the General Amnesty of 1932. Shortly afterwards, in August, 1932, Gil ...
I don’t have to have faith; I have experience. Joseph Campbell
Be who you is, 'cos if you is who you ain't, then you ain't who you is. Joseph Campbell - marinate on that why don't you.
Paul Masvidal of prog-metal band Cynic names his three top books, by Joseph Campbell, Pema Chodron, and Alan Watts.
Television suggestions: jan svankmajer (anything by him but particularly down the cellar, jaberwocky, and Alice) , mythic journeys, power of myth: interviews of Joseph Campbell by Bill Moyers, el topo, mirrormask, the matrix, cabeza de vaca,the shape of things, admission, goatman, Crystal fairy and the search for the mystic cactus, brothers quay, John dies at the end, the hobbit/lotr, painted skin: resurrection (you don't need to see the first one), the countess And if you need documentaries Maybe the Miami model, taking of patty hearst, or breaking the spell, gasland
A word of warning... I am giving a presentation to the second grade at Ozark North Elementary tomorrow. We'll be covering Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey. Hopefully it will be educational. Hopefully it will be entertaining. So, if your second grader comes home tomorrow telling you why Bugs Bunny is like the African god Anansi, or why Jesus is like Luke Skywalker, you'll know who to blame.
Words have power and I like to collect those which move me. This morning I took a little time and contemplated some of my favorite quotations. Maybe you might like them too. "Follow Your Bliss!" -Joseph Campbell "Only those who can laugh at themselves can laugh authentically." -Vaclav Havel "A genius is the one most like himself." -Thelonius Monk "Just because you can solve a crossword puzzle or build an atom bomb does not mean you know how to use your mind." -Eckhart Tolle "Never explain - your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway." -Elbert Hubbard "What we do in life echoes through eternity!" -Gladiator "I guess it comes down to a simple choice. Get busy living. Or, get busy dying." -Shawshank Redemption "Carpe Diem" "To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves." -Will Durant "There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience." French Proverb A half Truth is a whole lie. Yiddish Proverb To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people an ...
"Love is a friendship set to music."-Joseph Campbell. Happy Valentines Day!
Here are some interesting books in the Library i work at, and the reason i'm mentioning this is that i get to have 15% discount on them, so if anyone wants one of these books or other ones, lemme know, will get you the discount: - A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess. - Animal Farm, by George Orwell. - Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley. - Perfume: A Story Of a Murderer, by Patrick Süskind. - Memoirs of a Geisha, by Arthur Golden. - Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë. - Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen. - The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger. - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon. - Humans of New York, by Brandon Stanton. - The Power of Myth, by Joseph Campbell. - Orientalism, by Edward W. Said. - Thus Spoke Zarathustra, by Friedrich Nietzsche. - Beyond Good and Evil, by Friedrich Nietzsche. - The World As I See it, by Albert Einstein. - A Universe From Nothing, by Lawrence M. Krauss. - A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking. - A Short History of Nearly Everything, ...
Follow ur Bliss Young Luke, it's a new world, pick up what's yours for memories later, it's how finish kid! Joseph Campbell
Hi everyone, please take a few minutes to see if you might have contact information for the following list of classmates. I am unsure if they know about our class reunion because they have not joined our FB group. Some of them I have reached out to through FB with no response. Please message me if you know how I can reach them or feel free to contact them yourself. I am trying my best to make sure everyone knows about it and I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you! David Abramovitch, Mark Ajini, Saima Akbar, Laura Aldrige, Jon Ameel, Eric Anderson, Domenico Argentiero, Terry Artymovich, Karl Barrett, Chantel Baydoun, Carl Bayer, Julie Bedard, Michelle Belau, Jeanette Belus, Timothy Biernacki, April Bisby, Douglas Bowlin, Scott Budzen, Robert Burlingame, Dale Caddell, Amy Campbell, Joseph Campbell, Chris andela, Allison Carlsen, Angela Castiglione, Courtenay Charbeneau, Nicole Ciachella, Anthony Ciarmitaro, Chris Clark, Kelly Connelly, Eric Cooper, Melissa Corey, Thomas Cottrell, Jeffrey Crouc ...
Friends and readers, more of Joseph Campbell reflections... "It's what Goethe said in Faust, but which (George) Lucas has dressed in modern idiom- the message that technology is not going to save us. Our computers, our tools, our machines are not enough. We have to rely on our intuition, our true being." "One of the many distinctions between the celebrity and the hero, is that one lives only for self while the other acts to redeem society." "One of our problems today is that we are not well acquainted with the literature of the spirit. We're interested in the news of the day and the problems of the hour." "…This whole problem of the difference between the mystical experience and the psychological crack-up: The difference is that the one who cracks up is drowning in the water in which the mystic swims. You have to be prepared for this experience." (Discussing the Great Seal of the US Dollar Bill): "When you're down on the lower levels of this pyramid, you will be either on one side or the other. But wh . ...
Screenwriters: Join my webinar on story structure as I deconstruct Blake Snyder, Syd Fields and Joseph Campbell:
Screenwriters: join my webinar on story structure. We'll discuss Blake Snyder, Joseph Campbell and Syd Fields.
What Jared Diamond has done for geography can be favorably compared to Joseph Campbell's work on world mythology
Joseph Campbell on the Big Bang with Bill Moyers. Joseph Campbell is my ultimate hero. His view of the world and...
'Jump.' - Joseph Campbell. 'Jump.' - Van Halen. 'Those who don't jump will never fly.' ― Leena Ahmad Almashat...
“The part of us that wants to become is fearless. Joseph Campbell
"You've got to find the force inside you." - Joseph Campbell
and Nature is fallen. With 'the fall' in the Garden of Eden, Nature is corrupt, so we do not give ourselves to Nature. ~Joseph Campbell 2/2
Photoset: There’s a quote by Joseph Campbell that goes: “You must give up a life you’d planned in order to...
I think what happened in our mythology is that the mythological archetypal symbol became interpreted as fact. ~Joseph Campbell
The future can come from nowhere else but the energies of the psyche - Joseph Campbell RT
We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy~Joseph Campbell
The place to find is within yourself.". ~ Joseph Campbell
"Let the world be as it is and learn to rock with the waves." - Joseph Campbell
The legendary Joseph Campbell -- The man who wrote the book on heroes.
=) The Hero’s Journey is a pattern of narrative identified by the American scholar Joseph Campbell that...
Joseph Campbell was right. (Frodo, Harry, and Luke prove it.)Posted on January 13, 2014 by djroamAs I sign off on the color printing proofs for my new book, I keep thinking of the great stories we tell. Becoming familiar with historian Joseph Campbell’s classic “hero’s journey” brings the whole worl...
"Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths." ~Joseph Campbell
The only person you be better than, is the person you were yesterday By; Joseph Campbell
Books..Just finished Propaganda by Edward Bernays,before that,The Power Of Myth by Joseph Campbell & tomorrow I'll start Resurrecting..
Joseph Campbell says “We're in a freefall into future. We don't know where we're going. Things are changing so fast, and always when you're going through a long tunnel, anxiety comes along. And all you have to do to transform your *** into a paradise is to turn your fall into a voluntary act. It's a very interesting shift of perspective and that's all it is... joyful participation in the sorrows and everything changes.” unquote and finally - "Prediction" goes an old Danish proverb is hazardous especially about future... so enjoy present state :-)
What a great message by Pastor Joseph Campbell tonight at South Charlotte Baptist Church. It definitely challenged me to be a better husband and father.
Joseph Campbell--his story, his thought, and his impact on contemporary thought--at Mythos & Logos. With links galore!
“If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's.” ― Joseph Campbell
Quote of the day: “We're so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget the inner value, the rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it is all about.” ― Joseph Campbell
' A sacred place is an absolute necessity for anybody today. You must have a room, or a certain hour or so a day, where you don’t know what was in the newspapers that morning, you don’t know who your friends are, you don’t know what you owe anybody, you don’t know what anybody owes to you. This is a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be. This is the place of creative incubation. At first you may find that nothing happens there. But if you have a sacred place and use it, something eventually will happen..' -Joseph Campbell
The Joseph Campbell Roundtable presents... THE MYTH OF ALIENS We are the makers of myth. At at time when Bronze Age myths sound pretty stale, the UFO phenomenon has updated classic myths to the Space Age. Thomas Quinn will explore the history of flying saucers, aliens and crop circles, and their power as modern mythology. It’ll be fascinating and fun. And we promise…no anal probes. Friday, January 17 8:00 pm At the home of Joyce Alexson 4728 Aqueduct Ave., Encino 91436
Joseph Campbell observed that a society's values could be judged by the tallest buildings in a living area. In village times everything was one story and community had to unite just to be able to eat. As religion became the central bonding force in society it was displayed by large ornate cathedrals. Now the tallest buildings are banks and we have suffered for the worship of money. What I have noticed recently is that there is a TitleMax business on every corner and it is always a nicer building than the surrounding area. People now worship easy credit to ease them through their daily lives,
Joseph Campbell:"I have read somewhere of an old Chinese curse: “May you be born in an interesting time!” This is a very interesting time: there are no models for anything that is going on. Everything is changing, even the law of the masculine jungle. It is a period of free fall into the future, and each has to make his or her own way. The old models are not working; the new have not yet appeared. In fact, it is we who are even now shaping the new in the shaping of our interesting lives. And that is the whole sense (in mythological terms) of the present challenge: we are the “ancestors” of an age to come, the unwitting generators of its supporting myths, the mythic models that will inspire its lives. In a very real sense, therefore, this is a moment of creation; for, as has been said: “No one puts new wine into old wineskins; if he does, the wine will burst the skins and the wine is lost, and so are the skins; but new wine is for fresh skins” (Mark 2:22). We are to become the preparers, that i ...
Joseph Campbell Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation, is the official home of Joseph Campbell's legacy and works in the fields of mythology, comparative religion, cross-cultural communication, and self-awareness., biography
“In one of the Upanishads it says, when the glow of a sunset holds you and you say 'Aha,' that is the recognition of the divinity. And when you say 'Aha' to an art object, that is a recognition of divinity. And what divinity is it? It is your divinity, which is the only divinity there is. We are all phenomenal manifestations of a divine will to live, and that will and the consciousness of life is one in all of us, and that is what artwork expresses.” ― Joseph Campbell, The Mythic Dimension: Selected Essays 1959-87
"What's made up in the head is the fiction. What comes out of the heart is a myth." Joseph Campbell, The Hero's Journey
I first ran into Joseph Campbell in a purely accidental manner. I was with a friend who had business with a community house in town. We were on our way to the country and stopped off.
Mythologist Joseph Campbell talks about our connection to the universe adds perspective to our lives.
Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell discuss the common experience of God across cultures.
Joseph Campbell explains how ancient myths bring humans to understand and accept birth, growth and death.
Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell discuss where heroism can be witnessed in modern society.
Joseph Campbell explains why myths appeal to people across all cultures.
Enjoy the best Joseph Campbell Quotes at BrainyQuote. Quotations by Joseph Campbell, American Author, Born March 26, 1904. Share with your friends.
But if a person has had the sense of the Call -- the feeling that there's an adventure for him -- and if he doesn't follow that, but remains in the society because it's safe and secure, then life dries up. And then he comes to that condition in late middle age: he's gotten to the top of the ladder, and found that it's against the wrong wall. Joseph Campbell Joseph Campbell Foundation
Morgan Stout Joseph Campbell lmao jk jk u kno I love you guys
Joseph Campbell encourages the audience to discover what excites them, and to make that the basis for their personal journeys.
From bullfights to marriage, Joseph Campbell discusses symbols of sacrifice. This video is a brief excerpt from interviews filmed with Jos...
When folklorist Joseph Campbell urged us all to follow our bliss, he offered no instructions. Bliss fills in what’s missing. This strategy of clear, achievable steps, learned through writing exercises, was developed from “bliss-coaching” workshops and therapy sessions. Following your bliss means finding the activity or occupation that most fully expresses who you are. It means using your talents and gifts in a way that feels spiritually satisfying. Bliss offers exercises that help you to map your progress from confusion to clarity, and it illustrates how to use bodywork, intuition, dreams, immersion, and creative imagination for greater motivation. Finding bliss is the ultimate spiritual joy. Bliss covers common psychological blocks and facilitators, self-awareness exercises, your inner guidance system, mental agility, getting into “flow”, and creating your personal life vision.
Monomyth: Joseph Campbell held that numerous myths from disparate times and regions share fundamental structures and stages, which he summarized in The Hero with a Thousand Faces: A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.[3]
When you make the sacrifice in marriage, you're sacrificing not to each other but to unity in a relationship. - Joseph Campbell = Universal Life Church World Headquarters "Finding Jesus and Saving Lives" ©1996-2014
Bill Moyers on Joseph Campbell: In Japan for an international conference on religion, Campbell overheard another American delegate, a social philosopher from New York, say to a Shinto priest, “We’ve been now to a good many ceremonies and have seen quite a few of your shrines. But I don’t get your ideology. I don’t get your theology.” The Japanese paused as though in deep thought and then slowly shook his head. “I think we don’t have ideology,” he said. “We don’t have theology. We dance.”
Edward Joseph Campbell, Jr. "Ed", age 83 died on January 5, 2014 at his home in Pitman after a gallant 10 year fight with cancer. Ed graduated from Cape May High School in 1948, he received his
"If elected President in 2016, I am going to directly ask America's billionaires to make substantial contributions to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Imagine if productions of the caliber of Bill Moyers' interviews with mythologist Joseph Campbell were produced not once every 20 years but many times every year. Public broadcasting could become the catalyst to bring high quality educational content to America's schools. The goal would be to create multiple new cable TV channels and employ America's large cadre of underfunded filmmakers to produce educational content, especially oral histories of major artistic, scientific, social and political figures so that we can begin a trans-generational dialogue about how to better the human condition based on the life experience and insights of our most accomplished citizens. As someone who worked in the oral history field at UCLA for several years, I know that the wisdom of our elders in all fields is sometimes lost in America because we are under-investin ...
The Hero with a Thousand Faces ~ Joseph Campbell not only explains the origins of all religious stories and fables but also maps out most peoples lives and careers. I can slide his template over a typical tour players career and it is almost identical. The same old story has been told pre Christ by 1,000 year and therein after...
1883 Ad Joseph Campbell Camden Preserves Soups Jelly - Original Print Ad Some helpful details: also: I am dreaming, sadly dreaming : song with chorus ad lib, as sung by buckleys serenaders, dedicated to s. c. campbell, sheet music, 1883; 1883 ad joseph campbell camden preserves soups jelly - original print ad; Genera plantarum ad exemplaria imprimis in herbariis kewensibus servata definita: monochlamydearum, gymnospermearum et monocotyledonum ordines lxxiii, 1883... (latin edition); Memorial sermon preached in st. paul's cathedral, indianapolis, ind. on the evening of tuesday, the 6th day of march, a.d., 1883: before the convention of the diocese; Follow me: the life story of joseph d. campbell; Macrohistory and macrohistorians: perspectives on individual, social, and civilizational change; Plato and hesiod; Marquis sampler; In search of...the meaning of life; A history of the councils of the church volume 3; a.d. 431 to a.d. 451, tr. from the german, with the author's approbation, and ed. by the ed. of h ...
Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth The Hero u0027s Adventure Kahramanın Yolculuğu
"People feel panicky at the thought that we might all have something in common, that they are giving up some exclusive hold on the truth. It is something like discovering you are a Frenchman and a human being at the same time. That is exactly the challenge that the great religions face in the Space Age." Joseph Campbell, Thou Art That: Transforming Religious Metaphor
I became familiar with Joseph Campbell during what I call my 'terrible 20s'. That's when I came across Bill Moyers' PBS series The Power of Myth in 1988. Those were days when I was focused on 'where to look' rather than 'how to see'. Thank you for all your hard work, Mr. Campbell.
According to Carl Jung, the powerful forces of the unconscious appear, not just in clinical material, but also in mythology, religious, artistic and in all other activities humankind uses to experience itself. Jung advocated that the symbol as the psychological mechanism that transforms energy. Joseph Campbell tells us ".it is the artist who brings the images of a mythology to manifestation, and without images (whether mental or visual) there is no mythology." It is the artist within us who communicates our own mythology through our thoughts and feelings as expressed in paintings, sculpture, writing, music and dance. Quoted from Signs of Life by Angeles Arrien
Joseph Campbell was a great American writer and mythologist, who wrote about what he called the hero's journey. From Homer's 'Odyssey' to Luke Skywalker's story in 'Star Wars,' he recognized a theme that applies to our own lives: We are the heroes of our own lives. Jean Houston, a friend and colleag...
"Cultures are created, maintained and transformed by stories we often refer to as myths. Myths are neither true nor false but symbolic stories that give us meaning and teach us how to act." -- Joseph Campbell "We human beings tend to experience ourselves as something seperate from the whole we call 'The Universe'. This is actually an optical illusion of our consciousness. It's like a prison for us. Our task is to free ourselves from this prison by widening our Circle of Compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. This is the only true foundation for our Inner Peace and Security." -- Albert Einstein Indeed, the whole point of meditation or contemplation - whether it appears in the East or in the West, whether Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or Hindu - is to free ourselves from the "optical delusion" that we are merely separate egos set apart from each other and from eternal Spirit, and to discover instead, that once released from the prison of individuality, we are o ...
“Are you into Joseph Campbell? ‘Cause this is a meeting with the goddess if I’ve ever seen one.”
"The privilege of a lifetime is to be who you are" - Joseph Campbell
I nearly asphyxiated myself to death in irrepressible giggles upon reading the following by Joseph Campbell. Campbell in a footnote I originally passed over, provides a synopsis of the "experiential psycho-history of Christianity in the West" totally detached in Arctic Promethean pathos of distance and snarling contempt. No gushing liberality of pluralistic oceanic fellow-feeling, carefully worded to avoid offending others in utter delicacy of style, as modern denizens expect and desire in their opiate haze of postmodernist nihilist emptiness. Milky humanistic sentimentality is not here. Campbell just brutally rips apart social illusion and in terse violence states the progressively regressive way Westerners have..."followed"...Jesus Christ. "...(1) a period of literally following the master, Jesus, by renouncing the world as he did (Primitive Christianity); (2) a period of meditating on Christ Crucified as the divinity within the heart, meanwhile living one's life in the world as the servant of this god ...
"The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation.". -Joseph Campbell .
Millennial Minute 'Richard Rohr once said that when we fail to “mythologize our lives, inevitably we will pathologize them.” He is not alone in this conviction. More than sixty years ago the famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung predicted that the collective loss of our ability to see ourselves within a “meaningful narrative” would lead to an epidemic of mental health issues, namely depression, suicide and a startling increase in sociopathic behavior, a phenomenon now overwhelming our mental health and criminal justice systems. While this crisis is frustratingly complex, there is a simple place to start. In The Power of Myth Joseph Campbell advises us to find time to “read--and read and read. And read the right books by the right people. Your mind is brought onto that level, and you have a nice, mild, slow-burning rapture all the time.” The “purifying fire of a great story,” says C.S. Lewis, can teach us more about God and “the mysteries of life that consume and perplex us” than all of the .. ...
Joseph Campbell. “God and Buddhas in the Orient are not final terms like Yahweh, the Trinity, or Allah, in the...
Reading Hero With A Thousand Faces is a life-changing journey. Thank you Joseph Campbell
A little Joseph Campbell for your day.
..• sand art image taken from the works of Joseph Campbell.. The snake was believed to be the…
read em. Thought they followed Joseph's Campbell's model of the heroes journey a bit too closely, but overall I enjoyed em
“And just as Mary and Joseph did so did I. X Jamie Campbell Bower ! Xmas Pic
Also really appreciated the inclusion of Joseph Campbell. I've studied/used the Hero's Journey as a counsellor for years.
many dimensions to the story. He wrote it w/consult of Joseph Campbell
"A real artist is one who has learned to recognize and to render the 'radiance' of all things as an epiphany." – Joseph…
While Reading Tarek Wheibe Article something scratched my heart I remembered when Joseph Campbell said: "A hero...
"You are the hero of your own story." - Joseph Campbell. And like all great stories the hero goes through tests, trials an tribulations - and it is how we chose to use our experiences that makes all the difference. Every day is an opportunity to decide to emerge as your best self.
The 1987 biographical portrait of famed mythologist Joseph Campbell (1904--1987), directed by Janelle Balnicke and David Kennard. In the years just before his death, Campbell was filmed in conversation with his friends and colleagues, discussing his own life and career in terms of the myths that he…
Joseph Campbell said that in life you should "follow your bliss." Winston Churchill said "never give up." No matter how inept you are or whatever your circumstance, if you persistently follow your bliss, you can only win in life. Those were two of the most valuable lessons I've learned and I willingly share them.
~Wisdom 101: A Tale of Two Mindsets~ "As Joseph Campbell has pointed out, narrative myths and literature can provide excellent vehicles for deeper wisdom teachings. In modern times, there have been many popular books and films that point to an important understanding, highlighting the dangers of power seeking, fear generated mindsets and dualistic "us vs. them" thinking. In Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" we see how different characters react when tempted by the gravitational pull of the ring. Gandalf, Frodo and other central characters are all caring people, yet, if they touch the ring the desire for "power" rises up and twists their thinking. There's similar themes in the Harry Potter series, Wizard of Oz, Avatar and Spiderman. In Star Wars we see how the "dark" power of the force seduces Anakin Skywalker, transforming him into Darth Vader, and how that darkness is finally undone when he sees the emperor gleefully torturing and killing his son, Luke Skywalker. This tale of two mindsets (one compassionate ...
For Joseph Campbell, the study of myth was the exploration of the possibilities of consciousness.
It’s Mastin and I’m writing you today from Charlotte, North Carolina! I’m with Jenna and her whole family enjoying this special holiday time together. I feel so grateful for this time together because it was only just a few years ago I was couch surfing, single, not living my purpose, and wishing I had a family to be with and call my own. I yearned to make a difference in the world, but wasn’t quite able to do it yet. There were times that I even wanted to give up and end it all. But I didn’t. And I didn’t because I had a map of the world and of being human - that gave me hope. It wasn’t Google Maps or a map you can find on your iPhone, it’s a deep map of the cycles of life embedded within each and every one of us. It’s passed down in stories, religions, and all wisdom traditions. It’s invisible and yet we all know it and feel it. This map is called The Hero’s Journey and it was discovered by the late Joseph Campbell over 50 years ago. Knowing and applying this map eventually would t ...
"Folow your bliss" amazing message from Joseph Campbell...It was a beautiful night with friends with indian masala chai, indian food and huggings and the inspirational movie "Finding Joe". Life can be so extraordinary with no money at all or just very little.- as a friend would say...
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God is the experience of looking at a tree and saying, "Ah!" ~ Joseph Campbell
A Rare and Seminal interview with Joseph Campbell and Jeffrey Mishlove. Transcript of the conversation :::
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