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Jose Tabata

José Nicolas Tábata (supposedly born August 12, 1988 in Estado Anzoátegui, Venezuela) is a professional baseball outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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I'm sure we will be thrilled to enjoy watching Jose Tabata Redux play for the Pirates soon
yes like that time the Pirates got Jose Tabata, Daniel McCutchen, and Ross Ohlendorf
When you hear the Pirates don't want to trade their top asset for ginger Jose Tabata.
I first thought you meant, “as in, that’s something former Pittsburgh Pirates’ lazy, out-of-…
I remember hoping Andy Phillips would be the next Giambi. Jose Tabata was going to be the Yankees' Manny Ramirez. 🙃
What if I told you Jose Tabata had red hair and couldn't even hit for average in the minor leagues. 30 for 30, the…
I'll also forever be jaded by Jose Tabata moving his armor-clad elbow down 6+ inches to get hit by Max…
Honestly the Nats should've brought Rivero in for the 9th inning of the first annual Jose Tabata Day game
Delwyn Young, Andy LaRoche, Ronny Cedeno, Lastings Milledge and Jose Tabata all were "key" contributors and played 100+ games.
Was at the games where Neil Walker & Jose Tabata hit their 1st HRs. And now Jordan Luplow gets added to that club
Marte is lackadaisical just like Jose Tabata was! He did not lose it in the sun!!!
I do. I also remember the Jose Tabata vs. Fernando Martinez arguments
What do you you mean? We are getting Donaldson, Gray, Lowrie, Hand and Britton.oh and Jose Tabata
Yeah tough to take. Ill call Jose Tabata and see if he can come fill in
H20thBD to one of my best friends hope it's as good as Jose Ramirez is at baseball😉 love ya brotha❤️🐐
Jose Tabata leaning into a pitch to ruin a perfect game is my favorite Pirates' loss ever
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Max Scherzer striking out Jose Tabata with the 0-2 Curveball to throw the perfect game. But instead Tabata wanted t…
Throwback to when I was fantasizing the Brett Gardner - Austin Jackson - Jose Tabata outfield
I think we all expect a trade with the Blue Jays for Jose Tabata, but only if Toronto will take both…
Last I checked, Barry Bonds is not playing for anyone else right now...and if that fails? Jose Tabata
Speaking of disgraced Pirates outfielders, what's going on with Jose Tabata?
Where have you gone, Jose Tabata. Pirates nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Wu wu wu. What's that you say, Mrs. Tabata. Neck lips has left &
So what's Jose Tabata doing these days?
Does this Marte suspension mean we can bring back the legend Jose Tabata? 🤔
Update: Jose Tabata (Undisclosed), Expected to be out until at least May 2
I thought Jose Tabata was in an old-age home...
@ T6-3o: Jose Tabata strikes out swinging.
@ T5-3o: Jose Tabata grounds out, SS Jordy Mercer to 1B David Freese.
What do you know, Jose Tabata broke up a perfect game AGAINST the Pirates. Doubled to right...then thrown out trying to make it a triple.
Jays finally manage a hit off of Gerrit Cole. Doubtle to the RF corner by Jose Tabata. He's thrown out at third trying for a triple.
@ B1-1o: Jordy Mercer doubles (2) on a line drive to LF Jose Tabata.
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@ B1-1o: Alen Hanson flies out to LF Jose Tabata.
If Jose "Neck Lips 💋" Tabata could convince the Bucs he was 23 I can coerce the gov into thinking I'm old enough for social security
Jose Tabata's coming to town! Playing left field for the Jays today
Jose Tabata will be in BlueJays lineup today v
do you have any updates regarding OF Jose Tabata or C Rafael Lopez - possible minor league deals but not in camp?
Whewww. Wouldn't want to deal the next Jose Tabata or Jesus Montero. 😃
Cubs add slugging OF Matt Clark and depth SP Travis Wood in the 2017 Winter Meetings Player Auction. RF Jose Tabata has been DFA'd.
Tabata basically wants to turn XV into a MMO.
i read it like Jose Tabata, who my friend told me today who played with him was awarded a fighting *** in Venezuela.
So basically Dan Nainan is the Jose Tabata of comedy: older than he claims and also terrible?
We're livestreaming exclusive gameplay with commentary by game director, Hajime Tabata. From 12pm PST 22 Nov
The White Sox have traded OF Jose Tabata & SP Hector Noesi to the Chicago Cubs for SP Chris Volstad & OF Alonso Jimenez.
Bill Raftery voice: "Jose Tabata with the kiss...from his neck"
Sean Rodriguez, Chris Stewart, even Jose Tabata and Corey Leubke have delivered for him when he used his gut.
Jose Tabata (.299/.345/.400 in 102 games) got votes. Ike Davis (.264/.351/.440) got votes. Jonny Venters, middle reliever, got votes.
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On the bright side "getting kicked off the 40 man to make room for Jose Tabata" would be a fitting way for the Alex Guerrero saga to end
Jose Tabata deserves the best performance for this incredible moment in "Jose Tabata leaned in"
I'm giving away something for you on 2014 Topps-Jose Tabata. Get it here -
Jose Tabata had the 9th highest average exit velocity in the majors last year?!?
Desmond Jennings has the same number of career homers as Jose Tabata in 621 fewer plate appearances.
OKC is Jose Tabata just grounded into a triple play for OKC.
Victory field in Indianapolis... also know as the house the Jose Tabata built.
At least Rizzo didn't do the Rudy Stein like Jose Tabata.
I guess that's one way to break up a perfect game. Jose Tabata approves.
Dodgers put two men on with 0 out in the 7th inning, but Jose Tabata hits into a triple play to end the inning.
They should bring Jose Tabata in as a guest, too lol
Touching tribute to Jose Tabata there by Rodriguez on the basepaths.
After acquiring Michael Morse from Marlins, Dodgers deal him to Pirates for Jose Tabata. (via multiple reports)
The Indianapolis Indians have confirmed that Jose Tabata is no longer in the Pirates organization and is, in fact in the Dodgers org.
It's been a rocky relationship with Jose Tabata. finally unload that 'potential'. Well done, Neil Huntington.   10% Off
Pete Kozma, Jose Tabata, and the entire SF Giants roster (exception Michael Morse)
because it's apparently acceptable for Yadier Molina to have an neck tattoo but Jose Tabata is a terrible person.
OF - Gorkys Hernandez and Jose Tabata, C+ serviceable is their middle name.
Minor league moves earlier: Jose Tabata outrighted to triple-A Indianapolis, John Holdzkom and Hunter Morris to the DL, Alen Hanson off DL.
Jose Tabata takes heat for lean-in that spoils perfect game in Pirates' 6-0 loss to Nationals (Saturday's MLB…
Jose Tabata, 6-0, heck why not bunt? Clown. Max Scherzer . Perfect Game
"Jose Tabata played to win the game, as Herman Edwards would say
Think that was a cheap play by Jose Tabata on Max Scherzer's pitch? Think again. on why it wasn't dirty: http:/…
Somewhere right now Bob Brenly is assembling a Jose Tabata voodoo doll for Max Scherzer.
Send all the Jose Tabata hate to me :) . Craig Biggio leaned into more pitches than anyone and he went to the Hall of Fame for it.
Jose Tabata should be exiled from baseball. Goes into the same category as the Cardinals and Jeffrey Loria.
Jose Tabata leans into a pitch to ruin Max Scherzer's perfect game with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th.
Jose Tabata doing whatever he can to get on base. Way to do your job and break up the perfect game
Jose Tabata better run HARD out of D.C. Bush league.
WOW! Max Scherzer loses perfect game when he hits Jose Tabata in the 9th with TWO outs and TWO strikes!
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Some day we will get the real story on Jose Tabata from a reporter with the guts to tell the truth. All we get are soft quips about attitude
Me and Jose Tabata have that connection cuz
Jose Tabata believes his life mission is to hit weak grounders with runners on base.
The fact that Jose Tabata plays in the major leagues makes me really sad. He's so bad.
Jose Tabata has been the 2nd out in three double plays tonight lol.
Jose Tabata would have been held to a single on a close play at 1st.
I remember when people said Jose tabata was fast
Do you remember when Jose Tabata was fast? He might legitimately be the slowest guy on the team. Seriously.
Jose tabata with a base hit and an rbi?!?
lineup changes, Josh Harrison at 2B, Jung *** Kang at 3B, Jose Tabata in RF.
Jose Tabata will start at RF and bat 6th vs Chicago White Sox on Monday.
Jose Daniel Carreno has confessed that the inclusion of Rodrigo Tabata in the national team is under consideration.
pit, 11, Jose Tabata reaches on a throwing error by shortstop Freddy Galvis. Neil Walker to 3rd. Jose Tabata to 2nd.
Neil Huntington should trade Cheese Chester/maybe throw inJalepeno Hanna and Jose Tabata for Hamels.thoughts
Starting today, the Pirates face a lefty starter in 4 of their next 7 games. So Jose Tabata and Sean Rodriguez should see a lot of starts.
A class to be more like Jose Tabata?
Man is Jose Tabata slow. Good combination of no speed and no power.
Jose Tabata: most likely to ride a camel around the bases.
Cole's day is done as Jose Tabata PHs for him in the 6th.
Dare I say it... Jose Tabata has been... USEFUL? !?!?!
Jose tabata gets a hit my dad says "best outfielder they got... 5 tool player" 😑
How many times has a good story started, "Jose Tabata will lead off the bottom of the ninth"? - I was typing as he hit a single
Jose Tabata pinch-hitting to lead off the bottom of the 9th. haven't had a walk-off win this season.
Jose Tabata will pinch-hit. Corey Hart and Chris Stewart the lone position players available for the Pirates.
Jose Tabata: Pirates looking to trade away Jose Tabata
It's 2015 and Jose Tabata is somehow still a thing
Up next on the sits down and chats with the great Jose Tabata! Listen:
Elaine reveals those are her lips tattooed on Jose Tabata's neck.
Vin Mazzaro vs. Jose Tabata matchup. Those who bought Lexus Club tickets are fired up that they're getting full value for their ticket price
Brent Morel has had himself a solid last few days. He hits a 3-run HR with two outs, and it's 10-4 Rochester. Jose Tabata and Romero score.
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Last time game ended on ball that hit runner was June 27 2010, when Pedro Alvarez was hit by ball hit by Jose Tabata. at
Jose Tabata game winning RBI on pirates playback
Fixed it for you lol "I personally would like to see none of Jose Tabata in 2015.
I personally would like to see very little of Jose Tabata in 2015.
There's a dude 10 feet from me at with a 💋 tattoo on his neck. It is not Jose Tabata though.
I'm thinking a good trade would be Beau Bennett and Jose Tabata for a proven cornerback.
Pirates should offer Jose Tabata and Jeff Locke for him. Amaro is probably stupid enough to do it.
Jose Tabata will probably replace the inferior Cutch in CF
Someone remind me what the deal with Jose Tabata is. Not on the 40-man, correct?
Snider was really useful down the stretch last year, but his money + Jose Tabata's money is a lot to have invested in bench outfielders.
Almost took a rest day but I pushed play with Tabata Strength. Maxed at 14:13. Prev best 10:14. Glad I pushed through.
Tabata Strength. Maxed out at 10:14. Last time 7:15 so big improvement! Getting better at the v pushups.
This guy for the Florida basketball team has 3 neck lip tattoos. this bro makes Jose Tabata look irrelevant.
Mini camp is over, but Jose Tabata is still at Pirate City working out and taking batting practice.
Liked the way expressed the risk the are taking with Kang in terms of Jose Tabata.
Charlie Morton and Jose Tabata will make 12 mil this year... Andrew McCutchen and Starling Marte will make 11 million... Seems about right
have now committed $36.5 million to four players in 2015, not including $4 million owed to Jose Tabata, arb or pre-arb players.
Except,as it turns out...Jose Tabata
Cervelli for Jose Tabata to complete the circle
agree w your first point, Rios is out of our salary range. Jose Tabata seems a more likely bet. Young, cheap, has upside
Hellickson and S. Rodriguez to for Jose Tabata and Gaby Sanchez?
The real question is will I ever know Jose Tabata's walk up song?
Justin Wilson out. Travis Snider out. Jared Hughes in. Jose Tabata in. Juan Perez running for Ishikawa
LHP Will Smith throws a slider over the outer edge to PH Jose Tabata, who fouls a pitch in the same area, 0-2.
Can Greg Brown finally use Neck Lips as his Jose Tabata catch phrase/nickname! This is long overdue and something I want to hear him say.
Jose Tabata not Andrew Lambo will replace Gergory Polanco on the roster.
.Shouldn't Barmes replace Jayson Nix? I was thinking either Andrew Lambo or Jose Tabata would be swapped for Polanco.
Jose Tabata is the most overrated player in the game of baseball. Next stop, Altoona Curve
Jose Tabata is a much better option than Michael Martinez when talking about a righty bat
Would Yanks be interested in Jose Tabata (again) and Gabbie Sanchez from Pirates for a relief pitcher?
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In case anyone still cares, Jose Tabata is 0-4 tonight. Hitting .204 for Indy.
In his first 50 AAA at bats, Jose Tabata is hitting .220 with three doubles.
And if your name is Jose Tabata it isn't even in the Pirate conversation
I miss Jose Tabata. 💋💋 He should be on roster over Michael Martinez.
And if you don't know, now ya know. Jose Tabata singles and tries for 2, but he hit it to Carlos Moncrief. IL best 19th outfield assist
Jose Tabata now swinging a bolstering .190 in Indy
Jose Tabata needs to come back&play LF this upcoming series. He can "catch" ball&wink vs.Dodgers. memories that last a lifetime.
When will the call up Jose Tabata, this Polanco isn't cutting it.
What about Jose Tabata for Mike Trout? Risky because Trout has 76 Ks to Tabata's 22, but I say it's worth it.
And ... Jose Tabata with a double over the center fielder's head. Yep, weird. Already meets the criteria.
Indians blogger sitting beside me just asked about eight questions about how Jose Tabata can be so slow. Two slow-motion GIDPs tonight.
I've seen epochs faster than Jose Tabata.
Pestano goes 2-0 to Jose Tabata. Works count to 3-2 gets him on great play by 2B Jose Ramirez. Still 0-0 in bottom of 7th.
Jose Tabata flies to Moncrief in right. Still 0-0 heading into bottom of 5th.
It is a different line up tonight with Jaff Decker, Andrew Lambo and Jose Tabata in there.
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Pirates 2B Neil Walker reinstated from 15-day DL; OF Jose Tabata to ...
Updated roster: 2B Neil Walker activated from DL, OF Jose Tabata outrighted to minors ...
Roster Move: The have reinstated Neil Walker from the 15-day DL and outrighted Jose Tabata to AAA Indianapolis.
Andrew McCutchen, Jose Tabata & Starling Marte might beg to differ. Tabata fell off after signing extension.
Curtis Granderson caught that because of Jose Tabata’s lack of hustle.
Am I the only one who noticed the hickey on Jose Tabata's neck?
I think Jose Tabata has a hickey. Can Mets True Detectives and solve this case?
If only, if only, Jose Tabata were rosterable. My fantasy team would be "Tabata Mornin Lads" so quick your head would spin, son!
Bucs following the Jose Tabata treatment plan for Austin Meadow's injured hammy. On schedule to resume bench sitting activities in 4 weeks.
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Mets cut ex-Tiger Jose Valverde after disastrous outing against Pirates Jose Valverde hands the ball to Mets manager Terry Collins in the ninth inning Monday. (Getty Images / Jim McIsaac)Valverde (1-1), the former Tigers closer, was booed off the field after allowing pinch-hitter Jose Tabata's tying single in the eighth. Valverde returned for the ninth and was even worse, yielding four runs overall. From The Detroit News:
PIT 5 12 3 NYM 3 8 1 NEW YORK (AP) -- - Pirates manager Clint Hurdle had good reason to call upon Gaby Sanchez to bat for Ike Davis. Sanchez tagged the Mets again, delivering a pinch-hit home run in the eighth inning and a tiebreaking single in the ninth that rallied Pittsburgh over New York 5-3 on Monday. Sanchez has a .324 average with nine homers and 34 RBIs vs. New York, matching or topping his bests against any NL team. He lost playing time after Davis was acquired in a trade with the Mets in mid-April. ''Ike's a good player and he's been swinging the bat really well. He's been one of the hottest bats on the team. So, he's going to play and I understand that,'' Sanchez said about Davis, who was making his return to Citi Field. ''My role is to keep that going whenever I get my chance, keep that going and help the team win.'' The Mets announced after their ninth loss in 12 games that they had fired hitting coach Dave Hudgens. New York also cut reliever Jose Valverde soon after he gave up Sanchez's ...
I need to see jose tabata sort of fist pump looking like hes shaking the crap out his drawlz more time like wandys ad
Never thought I'd say this but Jose tabata may be turning it around he has has some solid at bats the last few games
Yeah my boy Jose killing it who needs Polanco or just have Marte sit. I would wear my Tabata shirt more if it wasn't a large
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jose Tabata is the Pirates best SS. Just throwing that out there.
I think I've decided I like Jose Tabata. I want him to be my friend.
I'd be really surprised if there's not a Jose Tabata gif by the end of the day
LOL, Jose Tabata after the steal. Deserving of one more: 💋
LET'S GO José Tábata with a clutch RBI single ties the game up at 2.
Jakob deGrom's chance for a win ended by Jose Tabata's RBI off, who else, Jose Valverde
Tabata continues the rally, with single to right scoring Marte. Great piece of hitting by Jose.
Jose Tabata takes a slider to right field for an RBI single. Game tied 2-2.
Jose Tabata with the definition of a clutch hit. And now is off the hook.
Second game tying PH RBI for Tabata in his last 3 games. Go ahead there José.
Pirates have tied the game on a Jose Tabata single. Bullpen blows deGroms chance at his first MLB win.
Pirates tie score at 2 with Starling Marte double, and Jose Tabata RBI single off Valverde
Yup. RBI 1B for ex-Yankees prospect Jose Tabata and deGrom's deGem is deNied.
Jose Valverde cannot hold the lead. Jacob deGrom deprived of 1st MLB win. Jose Tabata RBI single. 2, 2, top 8
Hey it's Jose Tabata pinch hitting here in the 8th. 2-1 Mets with tying run on 2B.
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Lol Jordy Mercer now hitting .197 and getting PH for by Jose Tabata
Valverde gives up a double. And former Yankee legend Jose Tabata comes up as the go-ahead run.
Pirates rally to beat Nationals 3-2 - Harrison lined a two-out single to center after Jose Tabata tied the game...
In my 44 years of watching baseball I've never disliked a player more than Jose Tabata. He is freaking horrible
Jose Tabata bats for Liriano in bottom of 5th
have men on first and second with one out, Jose Tabata pinch-hitting for Liriano.
Jose Tabata will bat for Liriano in the 5th.
Pirates Injury Update: Jose Tabata remains out of starting lineup
Cole bests Strasburg in matchup of top picks: Josh Harrison had a tiebreaking, two-out single in the seventh inning after Jose Tabata...
Neil Walker homered, Jose Tabata & Josh Harrison drove in runs in the 7th to lead the over Stephen Strasburg & the Nats 3-2
TIE GAME! . Jose Tabata with a sac fly for the scoring Martin. 2-2 game vs the Nationals in the 7th.
The Pirates designated Wandy Rodriguez for assignment, glad they finally moved on from him. Hoping they bring up Brandon Cumpton and not go through the Jeff Locke experiment again. Or trade like Jose Tabata for Max Shertzer, lol.
Jose Tabata wants to be Kenyon Martin so bad with that lips neck tat
Tony Sanchez none-out, two-run Home Run (1) to right scored Jose Tabata. Wandy Rodriguez due up.
Pat Tabler on Jose Tabata, 25: "who would've thought that he'd be pushing 30 by now, we've been talking about him for a long time"
Pirates Jose Tabata crashes into LF wall at Great American Ballpark making a running catch this afternoon. Photo...
Noticias de MLB: Pirates' Tabata exits after colliding with wall
Originally posted on SI Wire:Jose Tabata was batting .274 378 hits heading into this season. (Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) Pirates outfielder Jose Tabata left Wednesday’s afternoon game in Cincinnati against the Reds with “mild”…
Someone tell me what happened to Jose Tabata!! I've been on a plane for 5 hours!!
ESPN: Pirates' Tabata exits after colliding with wall
Pirates' Tabata exits after colliding with wall
Jose Tabata / Jose Tabata diagnosed with mild concussion-like symptoms
Clint Hurdle had no immediate update on Jose Tabata's status. Tabata could be a candidate for the 7-day concussion DL
Does a Jose Tabata injury pave the way 4 a Gregory Polanco call-up? Looks like he injured his shoulder while catching …
Tabata makes lunging grab, exits with injury
Jose Tabata suffers possible concussion in Pirates' loss to Reds:
Pirates: Tabata makes lunging grab, exits with injury
There weren’t many highlights coming from the Pittsburgh Pirates bats in their loss to the Cincinnati Reds Wednesday afternoon, but Pirates’ left fielder Jose Tabata made a spectacular play with the leather. Tabata, who got the start in left field for Starling Marte, made a fantastic running catch r…
3 years ago José Tabata would have never even tried to make that catch that sent him running into the wall.
Pirates' Tabata slams into wall, helped off field: CINCINNATI (AP) Pirates left fielder Jose T...
Jose Tabata hit the wall so hard his lips tattoo said "ow"
Pirates OF Jose Tabata left game vs. Reds after colliding with outfield wall on running catch (ESPN) ...
Watch Jose Tabata make fantastic catch crashing into wall
Jose Tabata / Jose Tabata has been diagnosed with "mild" concussion-like
Official word is Jose Tabata left the game with ‘mild concussion-like symptoms’ after running into the left-field wall
Jose Tabata diagnosed with 'mild' concussion
Jose Tabata diagnosed with 'mild' concussion - Jose Tabata | PIT
Jose Tabata left the game after running into the wall to make a spectacular grab:
Jose Tabata was removed from the game today when he displayed mild concussion-like symptoms after his collision with the left …
Jose Tabata left Wednesday's game against the Reds after colliding with the
Pittsburgh Pirate OF Jose Tabata just earned my respect!
Jose Tabata just made a heck of a catch, hope he's okay!
Jose Tabata makes a great catch as he smashes into the wall. He has left the game.
Jose Tabata with an amazing catch! Not sure he knows where he is after smacking the wall.
Send Jose Tabata down, and please bring up Gregory Polanco, who is only hitting .465! We can't wait till summer!
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Jose Tabata will PH for Snider as Parra takes over for Leake.
SAN DIEGO -- Andrew Cashner is ''totally aware'' the San Diego Padres have never had a no-hitter in their mostly sad-sack history, which has now reached 46 seasons and 7,176 games. After throwing his second one-hitter in a span of five starts, the big Texan is the leading candidate to end that drought. ''That's one of my goals. I definitely want a no-hitter,'' Cashner said after allowing just one single and striking out 11 in a 6-0 victory against the Detroit Tigers on Friday night. ''I don't think there's any reason why I can't build off this. When you get late in a game and your pitch count's high, you've really got to bear down and grind through. I think this will build toward something down the road.'' Cashner took a no-hitter into the sixth inning before Rajai Davis hit a one-out flare single into center field, just past the glove of outstretched second baseman Jedd Gyorko. Davis stole second and third, and Ian Kinsler walked before Miguel Cabrera hit into a double play. Cashner ended his remarkable ...
The White Sox have announced their opening day roster. They will carry 13 pitchers and 12 position players into opening day with the roster breaking down as follows: Pitchers: SP Hector Santiago, SP Edwin Jackson, SP Hector Noesi, SP Ricky Nolasco, SP Joe Saunders, RP Matt Maloney, RP Philip Humber, RP Kyle Waldrop, RP Dylan Axelrod, RP Jose Arredondo, RP Gregory Infante, RP Rex Brothers, CL Jorge De Leon Position Players: C Jesus Flores, C Bryan Pena, 1B Kendrys Morales, 1B/DH Dan Black, 2B Emilio Bonifacio, 2B/3B Buck Britton, 2B/3B/SS Yamaico Narvarro, 1B/3B/OF Bobby Borchering, SS Osvaldo Martinez, LF Christian Yelich, OF Alberto Madrid, CF Franklin Gutierrez* (Gutierrez is currently on the DL but will be ready to return before Opening Day; OF Jose Tabata expects to be sent down to AAA) RF/DH Carlos Peguero will come off the DL within the first month of season and a further roster move is expected at that time. SP Hector Santiago will get his first career Opening Day start vs. the Minnesota Twins (Co ...
BRADENTON, Fla. — There were two notable things about Jose Tabata last season: the Pirates outfielder reported to spring training with a tattoo of a set of red lips on his neck; and he ended the year playing for a team in the postseason, albeit as a bench player, and did not make a peep about losing...
We've played two innings in Port Charlotte and it's still 6-1 Buccos. Jose Tabata, and Chris Stewart due up in the third.
Jose Tabata with an RBI single to make it 5-0 and still nobody out T1
Just like Elvis, the hits keep coming. A single by Jose Tabata makes it 5-0 Still nobody out in the first inning.
David Lough, Alex Presley, or Jose Tabata...round 23 folks. Help a brutha out.
Jose Tabata had a career year last year and was the starter for that team until Aug, 1st place
. Tabata: signed new deal/never saw em. Cutch: see Tabata, Jose. Pedro: see the trend?
Polanco seemingly has an opening with a Jose Tabata/Travis Snider platoon probably not going to make it through the season
Byron Buxton went 0-5 in one game this Spring. That's scary. We don't want any Jose Tabata's or Cameron Maybin's... .
.adds a run-scoring double and Pedro Alvarez' groundout brings home Jose Tabata to make it 3-0 Buccos in the third …
As of right now I think the Pirates biggest flaw is as follows: The lack of power at first bast and right field. Right now they have 4 platoon players in those positions. Last year the combination of Garrett Jones, Gaby Sanchez, Jose Tabata, Andrew Lambo and Travis Snider produced 31 home runs. 15 of those came from Garrett Jones who was so obviously inadequate that Marlon Byrd was able to come in and take his job - NO QUESTIONS ASKED. (One good thing about Marlon Byrd is he forever silenced the Garrett Jones fans on this page - of course Jones helped do that himself with his declining production). My point is we lost the one player who produced half of those home runs so unless some combination of the remaining guys takes up the slack the Bucs have a real BIG problem. Now if Tabata can establish himself as our leadoff batter with consistent production in the No. 1 spot and if Starlin Marte can improve his power numbers then he could move down to No. 5. That would be great. I have little faith tha ...
Only other hitters to originally sign with NYY since 2004 who got significant MLB time in '13: Jose Tabata (PIT) and Jesus Montero (SEA).
Wheeling News Register Pittsburgh Pirates Take Part in 'Shop With a Cop Program' at The Highlands WTRF Some big time baseball players spent their Thursday morning at the Highlands, along with members of the Wheeling Police department for the "Shop With a Cop" program. Jose Tabata, Charlie Morton,...
The sent Michael Brantley and cash to the for Tom Milone and Jose Tabata.
Dodgers eat 40% Kemp's contract, Pirates send Jose Tabata and Mark Melancon + pieces, move Kemp to 1B when Polanco up in RF.
Jose Tabata lines to RF for single Walker advances to second base. Andrew McCutchen is up
Jose Tabata draws a walk bases loaded for Andrew McCutchen here comes Bob Melvin and looks like we're going to have a pitching change
Its a playoff baseball night in Pittsburgh! Game 5 of Pirates vs Cards! Lets Go Bucs! Good luck to my boys Jordy Mercer, Justin Morneau, Gerrit Cole, Garrett Jones, Neil Walker, Charlie Morton, Justin Wilson, Tony Watson, Andrew McCutchen, Jose Tabata, Starling Marte and the rest of the team! Its do or die boys! No matter what happens tonight im proud of these boys and how far we came this season! Lets Go Bucs! We Believe! In Cole we Trust! Need me text the cell!
It's so nice to see former such as Austin Jackson, Mark Melancon, Jose Tabata, Jose Veras, Russell Martin & AJ Burnett in playoffs
The Pirates have quite a few ex-Yankees. Jose Tabata, Mark Melancon, AJ Burnett, Russell Martin. All who are big parts in this Pirates team
I will never say I told you so,because I hate to debate stupid people.But,guys like David Halpern and others,who scoffed at my suggestion in June that the Pirates were going to be in the race to the end,were extremely naive.Pittsburgh's pitching was much better.Russell Martin gave them great catching,a clutch bat and handled the pitching staff beautifully.Starling Marte gave them speed,Jose Tabata and Josh Harrison gave them depth.Jason Grilli and Mark Melancon,two setup guys,embraced the role of the closer this year.Two late season acquisitions,Marlon Byrd and Justin Morneau,made their lineup more versatile,and in the process,gave more depth to their bench.Those two really made life easier for Clint Hurdle,who is a very good manager.
Nice play by Jordy Mercer.I did not,however,think those were smart moves by Clint Hurdle in the previous inning.You waste Jose Tabata in a situation,which isn't desperate for you,and Clint Barmes always hit the Cardinals,as a Pirate and in Colorado.
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Manager Clint Hurdle has chosen a nine-man pitching staff that includes starters Francisco Liriano, who will get the ball for the 8:07 p.m. ET game against the Reds, and Gerrit Cole, who will be available if early relief is needed. The rest of the bullpen will include the seven relief mainstays: Jeanmar Gomez, Bryan Morris, Vin Mazzaro, lefties Tony Watson and Justin Wilson, setup man Mark Melancon and closer Jason Grilli. As expected, the Bucs are going with three catchers -- Russell Martin, John Buck and Tony Sanchez -- and a full complement of infielders, with both Garrett Jones and Gaby Sanchez available behind starting first baseman Justin Morneau. The other infielders include Pedro Alvarez, Clint Barmes, Neil Walker, Josh Harrison and Jordy Mercer. The only questionable call was on the fifth outfielder along with starters Starling Marte, Andrew McCutchen and Marlon Byrd, and No. 4 outfielder Jose Tabata. The club chose Travis Snider -- who has three pinch-hit homers this season, over another lefty-h ...
When Russell Martin and Jose Tabata are your 7 and 8 hitters, your lineup is pretty strong. Bring on October baseball.
1st inning by hip hip Jose Tabata on an infield single.
inning 1 by Jose Tabata. They will have struck out 0 times by then.
Swastika neck tattoo. And Jose Tabata thought he was badass.
Trevor. We went over this Friday. Keep em straight, Matt Adams went to SR ... Jose Tabata went to PR
BOOOM! Tabby!! Jose Tabata's oppo-bomb makes it 6-2 Pirates, Now there's a chance Gomez can get a 3-inning save, We'll see, -RI
Jose Tabata ties the game at 1 with a single that scores Barmes, who led the inning off with a base hit, -RI
If Greg Brown doesn't hate Jose Tabata, he, at the minimum, very strongly dislikes him in every imaginable, possible way.
I just don't get the Clint Hurdle love affair with Jose Tabata. 4 or 5th OF at best. Too few HRs, too many infield groundouts.
Jose Tabata will not see any more action and i am kinda bummed I like the guy
Carl Crawford slower than Jose Tabata getting to a ball in the OF.
This will be Lambo's MLB debut, He will bat 7th in place of Jose Tabata, who was scratched moments ago with flu-like symptoms, -RI
Stay with us,hoping to talk to Jose Tabata on the field for Pirates Post Game, -DP
A rocket shot for Jose Tabata into the ivy in left field ties the game at 2, Marte scores all the way from first on the double, -RI
Quote from about Jose Tabata's tatty of lips on his neck. Did someone actually tell him that looks good?
Jose Tabata with a clutch 2 out double its now 12-8 crazy game
Jose Tabata's bases loaded double makes it 12-8 and now a save situation as Edward Mujica makes his way in from the bullpen.
Jose Tabata with a 2-run double. Score is now 12-8. Somehow, the tying run is on deck. -RI
"Tabata Tabata." - Every time I hear Jose Tabata's name said in a game, I think this...
Nobody camps under a fly ball like Jose Tabata.
Thank you jose tabata for getting your bad swing of the game out of the way early this time
Jose Tabata has 14 hits in 35 ABs against the Cardinals in 2013, good for a .400 batting average.
Everytime my mom sees Jose Tabata, she says to me, "look he's got a big sucker bite on his neck"... and she is serious
Jose Tabata is hitting .314 (32-for-102) within the division this year; .400 (14-for-35) in 13 games against the Cardinals.
Jose tabata with a double and bucs at 2nd and 3rd with one out
Nice sliding catch by Jose tabata 2 -Redbirds 0 and onto the bottom of the fourth
Jose Tabata is going to be one of those guys where you wonder how good he could be if he tried on a consistent basis.
Thank you for that totally unnecessary sliding catch Jose Tabata
Garrett Jones hits a two-out double to right field scoring Jose Tabata and Neil Walker. out in front early 2-0.
Jose Tabata is an enigma wrapped in a baseball uniform. On a field.
I like jose tabata hes been nice like jhay
Lefty Justin Wilson in to pitch for the Felix Pie stays in game in LF, bats 9th; Jose Tabata out, Wilson in 1st spot
It looks like that thing that's tattoo'd to Jose Tabata's neck.
Sunday is kids day with Jose Tabata temporary Lip tattoo .
Jose Tabata ripped a triple off the Clemente Wall in right field
Defensive changes for the Clint Barmes in at SS, Felix Pie in LF, Jordy Mercer moves from SS to 2B, Josh Harrison, Jose Tabata out
Marlon Byrd has more production in this game then Garrett Jones/Travis Snider/Jose Tabata/Alex Presley/Andrew Lambo has this season
Does Jose Tabata have a neck tat that looks like a pair of lips? Because if I saw that correctly, geez.
Just noticed Jose Tabata's neck tattoo. What y'all think?
I have a love/hate relationship with Jose Tabata. Those are actually my lips on his neck.
Jose Tabata leads off with a triple, scores on an RBI single by Josh Harrison ... 3, 0, bottom 5
Jose Tabata triple, is this real life?
Trip, Trip, Triple for Jose Tabata and are in business!
Jose Tabata's pants were the best $75 I ever convinced Matt Brennan to spend.
Um...are we sure that was Jose Tabata?! He doesn't do things like that! Ever!
Don't look now, but Jose Tabata isn't a black hole in the lineup recently
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